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Issue 25 H FALL 2016

STANDUP SHOWDOWN … live stand up comedy showcase in sarratt Cinema puts The slant on center stage … see page 2.

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several of your former staff members and classmates give a glimpse into their lives since Vanderbilt … page 3

Two new multimedia studios open … page 6 Lauren Mandel see page 2…


MYCOMMONS.LIFE NOMINATE ALUMNI FOR HALL OF FAME Student Media accepts Student Media Hall of Fame nominations on an ongoing basis. The selection committee typically reviews nominations and makes selections in the spring. Nominations may be sent to committee chair Paige Clancy (Hustler '98) at paige.clancy@vanderbilt.edu.

HALL OF FAME CRITERIA To be considered for induction in the Hall of Fame, candidates must meet the following criteria. Candidates are not required to be currently working in journalism or the media. • Last worked with Student Media as a student staff member at least 10 years prior to their potential Hall of Fame induction date; • Contributed in a significant way as a staff member to one or more of Vanderbilt’s print or electronic student media organizations; • Distinguished themselves through their work and acts at a level that merits recognition of the highest honor bestowed by Student Media.

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Take a rare look inside real dorm rooms on The Ingram Commons and you’ll see festive string lights, cool posters and sticker-covered mini fridges. First-year students showed off their college habitats in “Commons Cribs,” an instantly popular video series produced by fellow first-year Serena Hostetter for MyCommons.Life, the newest addition to Student Media at Vanderbilt. MyCommons.Life publishes news and features about The Commons that are produced by students who live on the residential campus for all first-year students. Videos, podcasts and articles are posted to the MCL website and shared on social media networks and YouTube. MCL content — covering events, featuring students’ talents, and profiling students and faculty — also is sent to thousands of recipients in a weekly email.

Dean of the Commons Vanessa Beasley (WRVU '88), said she is very pleased with the MCL “experiment,” which is slated to continue and has become a model for other Student Media projects. “I think it is terrific,” Beasley said. “I can see the student journalists learning and taking ownership, and I also appreciate how it is used to build community on Commons and promote events.” The staff of a dozen student media producers initially were recruited during Student Media’s annual Media Immersion workshop for new students. Media Immersion is held every August during the three days before the university’s Move-In Day, providing participants a unique opportunity for media training and orientation to campus before the rest of their classmates arrive on campus. The

workshop this year offered an optional “track” focused on launching MCL. It was so popular the work the students produced during Media Immersion was published to launch the website. The staff grew as the school year progressed, and the student producers met weekly with Student Media advisers Jim Hayes and Paige Clancy (Hustler '98) to discuss assignments, critiques and students’ story ideas. Advisers supported the students with website and marketing help while the students gained valuable experience working to create new episodic videos, shoot and edit video, record and edit podcasts, write articles and take photographs. Students often worked in teams, rotating in their roles to gain a variety of production experience. First-year student Thomas Villalobos, MYCOMMONS.LIFE, continued on page 7


Four alumni joined the Student Media Hall of Fame in October Four distinguished alumni were inducted into the Student Media Hall of Fame on Oct. 21 during Vanderbilt’s Homecoming weekend. Alumni, family and friends celebrated the inductees with a ceremony and reception at the John Seigenthaler Center on campus. The Hall of Fame Class of 2016 included: Andrew Maraniss (1992), Vanessa Beasley (1988), Pat Nolan (1973), and Wendell "Sonny" Rawls, Jr. (1970). Allison Cotton (2007) served as emcee, and current student leaders representing The Vanderbilt Hustler and WRVU presented the inductees with their awards.


Hall of Fame inductees Vanessa Beasley, Pat Nolan, Andrew Maraniss and Wendell “Sonny” Rawls, Jr. at the conclusion of the ceremony Oct. 21. photo by Clark Thomas.

tunnel vision


bright lights an alumni column…

From Sarratt to SNL VTV alumna launches career

Lauren Mandel (VTV '15) held the roles of Station Manager, Programming Director and Producer for Vanderbilt Television and served two years on the board of Vanderbilt Student Communications. Today Lauren works as the Writers' Assistant at Saturday Night Live. As an improviser, my default response is “Yes and …” However, when I was asked to reminisce on my time at Vanderbilt Student Media, I hesitated. The truth is, though it’s been 18 months since I left Nashville, I don’t feel so far removed from my time at Lauren Mandel Vanderbilt Television. The relationships I built and habits I developed at VTV are very much still a part of my life. The most foundational skills I began crafting at VTV have helped me to succeed on a day-to-day basis, first in the NBC Page Program and now in my current role as the Writers’ Assistant at Saturday Night Live. When I first joined Vanderbilt Student Media as a transfer sophomore, I already knew that I wanted to work in television and I was determined to make VTV a priority. Throughout my time, I experimented with a variety of formats including entertainment news (The Scoop), scripted series (A Midsemester Night’s Dream), sketch comedy (Laugh Out Live!) and even a short film (The Delivery Girl). I treated each show like a job and I sought out peers with a similar drive, because as we know, television does not get made alone. I was lucky to find creative partnerships in Julia Seales (’15) and Rachel Brittain (’15), among others. We each joined VTV with different goals and shifted the focus to and from one another depending on the project. It’s this type of collaboration I see at work between producers, cast members, and writers each week at SNL as the show is put together. What I remember most from my VTV days were the intense production schedules we made for ourselves, including location scouting downtown in between classes. We were relentless in making sure that everyone’s conflicts were accounted for, often resulting in shoots starting at 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. We were complete control freaks, production managers in the making. I laugh thinking about the things that as students we couldn’t control like the Nashville tornado sirens or the endless garbage trucks that parade loudly through the campus late in the night. I have vivid MANDEL, continued on page 6

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Center stage for The Slant by Mary Beth Schatzman, Editor-in-Chief, The Slant Junior Alex Wolfe developed an idea for a new event for humor and satire publication The Slant that also would benefit the broader Vanderbilt community: a standup comedy night featuring performers from across campus. Her idea spurred months of planning and discussions over the scale, content, and form of the event, culminating in the Standup Showdown on Nov. 17 in Sarratt Cinema. Alex said she drew inspiration from professional comedians. "Over the summer I was listening to a lot of standup comedian specials, and I realized that Vanderbilt, despite its many performing arts opportunities, did not have an outlet for students interested in writing and performing stand-up,” Alex said. Over the course of the semester, Alex and I, along with other members of The Slant board, including Managing Editor Kahan Modi and Features Editor Katie Means, worked to iron out a proposal to VSC for funds to host the event, design and coordinate publication materials, and publicize auditions and the performance. Alex spearheaded the event, reaching out to friends she knew in the performing arts community to audition.

Kahan and I oversaw auditions in late October, and performers came from all parts of campus, from student improv comedy troupe Tongue ‘n’ Cheek to The Commons to The Slant itself. Twelve performers were to grace the stage at the Standup Showdown, and they auditioned with stories about everything from manatees in Florida to Yelp reviews of the Taj Mahal. After weeks of promoting the event, the big night finally arrived. For The Slant board, it was the culmination of months of work and planning. For the performers, it was a new creative outlet or something they might not have done since high school. And for the audience, it was a unique event compared to the screenings and concerts usually held in Sarratt. We were all holding our breath, and from the moment the first comedian walked on stage to the final bow of the last comedian, enthusiasm ran high. More than 160 attended, and by far the best measure of our success was when the attendees and performers excitedly asked if the event would happen again. Our answer is yes! We hope to make the Standup Showdown a Slant tradition for years to come, and we cannot wait to see how it grows. H

Issue 25 • FALL 2016

distant voices


alumni updates…

A glimpse into a few lives that helped shape student media at Vandy 1958


David Halpern H B.A., 1958 (WRVU) Halpern lives in Santa Fe, NM, and said: An exhibition of my photography, entitled The Essence of Place: Celebrating the Photography of David Halpern opened on November 22, 2016, and will be on display at the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art (commonly known as The Gilcrease Museum) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, through December 31, 2017. For complete information, please visit https://gilcrease.org/exhibitions/ essence-place-celebrating-photography-davidhalpern/. The museum houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West.

Paul Kurtz * B.A., 1968, J.D., 1972 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Kurtz lives in Athens, GA, and said: I am retired, but recently Chaired an ABA Accreditation Site Visit at Indiana-Indianapolis Law School. I have also been named the recipient of the University of Georgia's President's Medal. The medal recognizes "the longstanding, extraordinary contributions of former employees who have supported deserving students and meaningful academic programs, advanced research that creatively explored solutions for the challenges of the times and inspired community leaders to engage in enhancing the quality of life of Georgians through their support of the university." The Award was presented on Founder's Day in January, 2017.

"After a Day of Rain, Bryce Canyon National Park, UT, 1991". Halpern.


Hamburger and wife Deedee

1964 G Marc Hamburger H B.A., 1964 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Hamburger lives in Atlanta, GA, and said: Marc Hamburger, BA ’64, is a former Associated Press writer, corporate globetrotter (The Coca-Cola Company), vintage car collector and an active member of several nonprofit boards. He retired recently as board vice chairman of The AIB Network, a cable TV station based in Atlanta. Marc reports that he and his wife, Deedee, are fortunate to have all their four children and six grandchildren within a few miles of each other in Atlanta. When not engaged in the delights of grandparenting, they love to travel and renew old acquaintances. Marc hosted a 50+year Vanderbilt ZBT reunion at his home last April. Marc credits his Hustler/Commodore experience as a pivotal factor in his post graduate studies and business career.

1965 Joanna Foley H B.A., 1965 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Foley lives in Berkeley, CA, and said: While working on The Vanderbilt Hustler, I was a most private writer, usually producing my copy in my dorm room ahead of the Wednesday night production deadline. I still do an occasional guest column for my hometown newspaper. Oddly enough, my writing now trends toward performance pieces-homilies at my Unitarian Universalist church and a wry monologue for Storytelling hour at the Reunion of the Class of '65. Go figure

The photo is Bev with his youngest grandson Paxton, who we affectionately refer to as "Little Papa" for obvious reasons.

James Beverly Akin H B.A., 1963 (Commodore yearbook) Akin lives in Denver, CO, and said: After twelve years in semi-retirement positions of condo managers in Vail, we finally retired in the spring of 2013 and returned to our beloved home town of Evergreen, CO, a mountain bedroom community of Denver. Retirement is as we had hoped; plenty of time to do as we please. We travel more frequently now with visits with family and friends in Virginia, Nashville and our adopted holiday home near Anna Maria Island, FL. When not on an airplane, Bev keeps busy with house/ yard projects, exercising/biking and church choir while Jane is busy around the house, socializing with her Evergreen hen friends and keeping up with our daughters Kim and Kelly and their activities. Kim lives in Denver and is Sr. Clinical Research Associate with Curis, Inc. a biotechnology company. She travels extensively managing new drug trials. She is still enjoying singles life. Kelly is a stay at home mom with three children, Nicholas-10, Allison-7 and Paxton-5, all in school now. Her husband Jeff is a software engineer with Comcast Cable. They live in Parker, Colorado, which is south of Denver and about an hour’s drive from us. Life is good as we have been richly bless by the hand of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Roy Blount Jr H B.A., 1963 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Spectrum) Blount Jr lives in Mill River, MA, and said: Inducted into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame.

A scenic tour of Havana in a vintage American convertible! Apr. '16

1966 Hugh Moore H B.A., 1966 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Moore lives in Chattanooga, TN, and said: At my class reunion this fall I enjoyed the chance to spend some time with former Hustler editor Bob Thiel, former Hustler business manager Ed Turner, and Professor Vereen Bell. Dr. Bell chaired the VU Publications Committee while we worked on The Hustler.

Dr. Vereen Bell, Ed Turner '66, Bob Thiel '66, Hugh Moore '66

1967 Tom Lawrence H B.A. J.D., 1967 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Lawrence lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Retired attorney


1970 Bill Livingston H B.A., 1970 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Impact magazine) Livingston lives in North Olmsted, OH, and said: Busy year as Cleveland Plain Dealer sports columnist. Cavaliers coverage including NBA Finals. Indians/Cubs Series. Ohio State in College Football Playoff coming up. Plan to retire in July 2018 after what would be 47 years in what was a wonderful, raffish profession and is well not so much anymore!


Mary Margaret and Joe Peel in New Orleans at a wedding on Dec. 10, 2016

Mary Margaret Alsobrook Peel H B.A., 1971 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Peel lives in nashville, TN, and said: After graduating from Vanderbilt, Mary Margaret (Alsobrook) Peel, VU ’71, trained as a professional medical illustrator. Her illustrations have been published in books and numerous medical journals over the years. She retired in 2016 after working for over 30 years as both a medical illustrator and as head of the Medical Media department at the VA where she directed graphic design, photography, and other visual support for the medical teaching programs affiliated with Vanderbilt. Throughout her career, she has continued her study of portrait painting with internationally known painters. In 2015 she went to Italy to study portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2016 she was included in the “Top Ten for Tennessee” online competition of portrait painters for the Tennessee Chapter of the Portrait Society of America. She is married to fellow VU grad, Joe Peel BA ’65, MAT ’69. Their daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Peel, is an Episcopal priest in Virginia. Dick Stelzer H B.A., 1971 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine) Stelzer lives in Los Angeles, CA, and said: One of the cool things about my time at Vanderbilt was having the Hustler and, particularly, Versus, provide me an early platform for my longform interviews/profiles with such people as Gloria Steinem, Mike Wallace, Erich Segal, Burt Bacharach and Dick Cavett. Following Vanderbilt, I picked up a Master's in Journalism

from the University of Missouri. I then moved to L.A., wrote, worked for a giant ad agency, and, at 25, was under contract to write my first book, "The Star Treatment," an interview-based look at celebrities and their experiences in psychotherapy. Later there was "How to Write a Winning Personal Statement for Graduate and Professional School," an outgrowth of my work as a strategic consultant. We had a nice run with that book: three editions and 20 years in bookstores. In between there was a stint as a publicist for another Vanderbilt alum named Dinah Shore. Besides consulting, I've also been busy as an investor. Just back now from a sweet trip down to Peru, where we trekked in the Andes, hiked the Inca Trail (a daunting 6.8 miles of it) and visited Machu Picchu. Magical!

1973 Jim Cash H B.A., 1973 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Cash lives in Wilson, NC, and said: I had one assignment at the Hustler as a reporter at the Hustler and that was to attend and write a summary of a talk given by Pauline Gore, at that time the wife of Senator Al Gore Sr (and mother of future Vice President Al Gore Jr). When I brought back my summary of her talk and our conversation afterwards the editor Neil Skene said thanks and don't bother to come back. The good news is that my less than illustrated career in journalism did not prevent me from becoming a successful pathologist. My best to all more successful members of the Vanderbilt Student Media graduates.

1974 Jamie E Jennings H B.A., 1974 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Jennings lives in Hot Springs, AR, and said: My husband, George Lee, and I moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, this year! A major change from Dallas! We are surrounded by lakes and the Ouachita National Forest. We have our two dogs with us, Bogie (10 yr old Newfoundland rescue) and Wilbur (6 year old Clumber Spaniel rescue). We are all enjoying the cooler weather and actual change of seasons! I am still in the oil and gas business as Jennings Production Company, and travel back and forth a couple of times a month to my office in Dallas. George continues with his online company, Ambry, and also travels back and forth to Dallas as required. Luckily it's only a 4 1/2 hr drive from Dallas to Hot Springs! I am still active in book collecting, specializing in modern 1st Editions of fiction, specifically science fiction. I also collect bespoke bindings, focusing on modern British binders as well as French bindings from the Art Deco period. One of my great pleasures is attending courses at Rare Book School at UVA in the summers. Life has slowed down since our move to Hot Springs, and we are enjoying all that Hot Springs has to offer including its natural beauty. Old friends are always welcome! Bo Turner Carter H B.A., 1974 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Carter lives in Carrollton, TX, and said: Bo Carter has joined with the late Gene Kirby and Mark S. McDonald to publish the new book about Dizzy Dean - “Dizzy – Dean of Baseball & My Podnah” – Cool Cat Communications, October 2016 U.S. $24.95; Canada $27.95. To order, please contact Bo Carter via Facebook or Cool Cat Communications, Box 701713, San Antonio, TX 78270-1713, email: Email: Coolcatcomm@att.net, ph: Bo Carter phone: 214-418-6132. There is an additional $10 for shipping and handling.

1975 Julie Dewberry Oliver H B.A. M.S., 1975 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Oliver lives in Dallas, TX, and said: After 35 years in Special Education, I am finally retiring in August, 2017 and will spend time travelling the world with my husband. We have five grandsons under the age of 3 spread about the country, and will visit them as well. Life is good!


UPDATE vandymedia.org

tunnel vision


alumni updates… 1977


Beth Raebeck Hall H B.S., 1977 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Versus magazine, Commodore yearbook, VSC Board member) Hall lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Beth Raebeck Hall Hall serves as a Mentor/ Program Advisor for Project Music, a technology based accelerator of Nashville's Entrepreneur Center. In addition, she serves on the Advisory Board of RECORDGRAM, a Miami based music technology company which has developed a mobile recording studio within smartphones. Hall, a Grammy nominated songwriter/ artist who founded Tin Pan South as well as creating the brand. Celebrating it's 25th anniversary, TPS is the world's largest songwriting festival. Hall is the founder of MusicRow411, newest venture which will launch in early 2017.

Gardner Landry H B.A., 1985 (VSC Board member) Landry lives in Houston, TX, and said: Over the past year, Gardner Landry's creative nonfiction has appeared in Cream City Review, The Helix, and Qwerty. Another essay is forthcoming (in early 2017) in BorderSenses.

1979 Roger David Hyman H B.A., 1979 (WRVU) Hyman lives in Powell, TN, and said: Attorney (J.D. Univ. Tenn. 1984); Founder and Managing Shareholder of General Knox Law, P.C., with offices in Knoxville, Nashville & Birmingham. Hyman Also President of Tennessee Railway Services, Inc., Performance Truck, Inc., Fashion Boutique USA, Inc. and Hearthstone Title, Inc. After a brief career in commercial radio (following graduation) at WKDA/WKDF (Nashville), & WBIR-FM/Knoxville, attended Law School (1981-84). Married since 1997 to Elsa; children Cristina (25), James (15), Julia (8). Active with Boy Scouts (Scoutmaster for 6 years), and still playing (adult league) soccer! Several years as a Youth Soccer Coach and Referee.


Janet Farrar Worthington H B.A., 1985 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Worthington lives in Prescott, AZ, and said: I'm Senior National Correspondent for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which means I get to interview scientists from all over the world, which I'm loving. Also starting the 4th edition of my book on prostate cancer with Patrick Walsh, writing/editing three medical magazines for Johns Hopkins, and I have two blogs, one for men's health: vitaljake.com, and one that I hope is more like the writing of Erma Bombeck: janetfarrarworthington.com. My second nonmedical book is coming out: Where's the Wine? And other questions. Feeling extremely blessed. Mark and our three kids are doing well, and our oldest just got married!



Thomas Hodges H B.A., 1986 (WRVU) Hodges lives in Hong Kong and said: Thomas Hodges began serving as the Deputy Consul General of the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong in June 2016.

Thomas Rowe H B.S., 1981 (Commodore yearbook) Rowe lives in Cary, NC.

1983 Daniel H. Monroe H B.A., 1983 (Versus magazine, The Vanderbilt Review) Monroe lives in Birmingham, AL, and said: Cayenne Creative, the branding and communications firm I cofounded back in 2004 Monroe continues to grow like poorly managed bamboo. For that I'm grateful. More importantly, my son, Sam, is (as of this writing) halfway through his junior year on a thus far successful mechanical engineering track at Vandy. My dad was an ME. I'm convinced that gene must've skipped a generation. You better believe I'm proud of him. Anchor down.

1993 Cory Koslin H B.S., 1993 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Commodore yearbook, Vanderbilt Television) Koslin lives in College Grove, TN, and said: Cory picked up his family of six and headed to the country, building a house in the small community of College Grove - even more rural than Mount Juliet, where he lived since 2005. The Koslins were the first residents of a new neighborhood, Hideaway At Arrington, which has its own golf course and is just a stumble down the road from the local winery.

Beverly Salhanick H J.D., 1986 (VSC Board member) Salhanick lives in Las Vegas, NV, and said: I was just elected General Chair of Las Vegas Elks Helldorado which is a city-wide fundraiser for the Las Vegas Elks. Helldorado has been put on since the mid-1930's and has raised millions of dollars for charity in that time. Come visit us in May and participate in our great event.

1988 Daniel Gehr H B.A., 1988 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU) Gehr lives in Hamilton, OH, and said: After 18 years as solo, private general practice attorney, I was hired as a full-time Magistrate in Butler County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas, handling most nonjury civil matters assigned to my judge's docket.



Kelli Staples Burns H B.A., 1992 (Commodore yearbook) Burns lives in Tampa, FL, and said: I'm an associate professor of mass communications at the University of South Florida. My second social media book, Social Media: A Burns Reference Handbook, will be published in early 2017 by ABC-Clio. I am excited to be teaching abroad for the first time this upcoming summer in our study abroad program at the Florence University of the Arts. My time on the Commodore yearbook remains my most memorable and pivotal college experience, and I appreciate how it set me on a course for graduate study and a career in academia.

Mark Aaron Widerman H B.S., 1992 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine, Vanderbilt Television, The Vanderbilt Review, Slightly Amusing) Widerman lives in New York City, NY, and said: I continue to write, record and perform under the stage name Mark Aaron James. My next project will be the first nationally released album solely distributed on a USB stick. (The music will also be available for download and streaming at all major online outlets). I will be on tour for most of 2017 supporting "My Mighty MAJic Stick." (Yes, that’s the title. So many puns, so little time). The stick will also contain a "Greatest Hits" from my previous 8 studio CDs. My last CD, “Play Harder,” led to tours through Europe and Asia, along with a full holiday concert at the White House, in Washington D.C. I hope to see a lot of Vandy friends while I’m on the road. Please give me a shout if you’d be up for hosting a house concert, (my favorite way to perform), if you have contacts that can help get the word out about the new project, or if you need music for one of your upcoming projects. I love to collaborate with friends working in the arts and media. Stop by and say hello at MarkAaronJames.com, YouTube or Facebook.

Me (Rosenberg) 'n Jay

2001 Michelle Zimmermann Donahue H B.A., 2001 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook, The Vanderbilt Review) Donahue lives in Frederick, MD, and said: After launching a successful writing and editing business in 2014, Michelle interned for the Smithsonian Institution as a science writer throughout 2015. She continues to write on science and technology for the Smithsonian, and freelances for numerous national outlets, including National Geographic News, Smithsonian.com, PC Mag, Audubon, Wired and Popular Science. She juggles deadlines and child-rearing duties together with her husband in the wilds of Maryland. Not content that the remainder of her sparse free time isn't also filled with words, she's also currently working on her first novel.

2002 Parag Gupta H B.E., M.Eng., 2002 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Gupta lives in New York, NY, and said: I have taken a position at Columbia University in the City of New York as an Advising Dean!

2005 The Koslins

1994 Jon Bonnell H B.S., 1994 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine, Commodore yearbook) Bonnell lives in Fort Worth, TX, and said: I've just opened my 3rd restaurant in Fort Worth after earning a Culinary Degree from The New England Culinary Institute in VT. All of my restaurants can be found under the bonnellsrestaurantgroup website. In addition, I'm now the Celebrity Chef of the TCU Stadium for all home football games. I also just completed my 2nd 140.6 race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Caroline Collins McKenzie H B.A., 2005 (Commodore yearbook) McKenzie lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Caroline McKenzie relocated from Birmingham, AL, where she was executive editor at Country Living, to pursue a freelance writing career in Nashville. Her work has recently appeared in Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Real Simple. Caroline is also the proud mother to Mac (5), Virginia (2), and Tripp (1). Joe Bass H B.A., 2005 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Versus magazine) Bass lives in Nashville, TN, and said: After eight years working for public education, Joe has made the Bass move to the private sector. He now works as a communications strategist for Pinnacle Financial Partners. He still lives in Nashville with his wife and two young children.





Diego Rosenberg H B.S., 1995 (WRVU, Versus magazine, Slightly Amusing) Rosenberg lives in Los Angeles, CA, and said: My first book, "Selling the American Muscle Car: Marketing Detroit Iron in the 60s and 70s", debuted in October 2016.

Martin Wilson H B.A., 1995 (The Vanderbilt Review) Wilson lives in New York, NY, and said: My second novel, We Now Return to Regular Life, will be published in August 2017 by Dial Books for Young Readers. I'm currently a publicity manager at Ecco, a division of HarperCollins.

Smithwick and husband, Brett, in England November 2016.

Madeleine (Pulman) Smithwick H B.A., 2008 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, InsideVandy.com, Commodore yearbook) Smithwick lives in Acworth, GA/Franklin, TN, and said: Wow - what a year! Still with Nissan North America, I took a job at the Americas Headquarters in Franklin, TN. It was bitter-sweet to leave the Southeast HQ after being based out of that office for over 8 years, but I am really enjoying my new

Issue 25 • FALL 2016


environment. My current role, Senior Manager, National Sales Operations, has me working with Regions Nationwide, as well as Global HQ in Japan. It is fast paced, challenging and lots of fun! Our family home is still in Acworth, GA, so I spend four days a week in Franklin and then head back to GA for weekends. In my (limited) free time you can find me kayaking on a nearby lake or doing CrossFit. I've never felt fitter or healthier and I'm excited to see what 2017 brings! Meredith Casey McPhillips H B.A., 2008 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) McPhillips lives in Washington, D.C., and said: Meredith Casey McPhillips was recently promoted to Senior Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at POLITICO. In this role she is leading advertising, brand journalism, and live programming relationships with corporations, associations, and non-profits that aim to engage influential political and policy leaders, legislators and decision-makers across the country. Meredith enjoys working within the business side of a thriving news organization. Tyler J Zimmer H B.A., 2008 (Orbis) Zimmer lives in Chicago, IL, and said: Tyler completed his Ph.D in philosophy at Northwestern University in 2015. He currently teaches in the department of philosophy at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. His paper, "Gentrification as Injustice" will appear in the January 2017 of Public Affairs Quarterly. He has also recently published non-academic pieces in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Jacobin and In These Times.

2010 Jacquie Berger H B.S., 2010 (InsideVandy. com, Vanderbilt Television) Berger lives in Charlotte, NC, and said: I'm relocating from NYC to Charlotte, NC, to work on The SEC Network within ESPN's Sports Marketing Berger department. I'm excited to be back working with the conference office and Vandy! Go Dores!

of clients. Some notable brands he’s done work for include Chevrolet, XFINITY, Quicken Loans, ADT, and NATIVE magazine. And since February 2016, he’s worked as a copywriter and content strategist for the $100 million company Allconnect, which is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Outside of his paid work, Justin has had his written poetry published in RATTLE, The Five Hundred, The Vanderbilt Review, and other journals. He has also performed his own original spoken word poetry for thousands of folks all across the United States, in venues such as the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and the National Civil Rights Museum. Samantha McDonald and her brother, Ross McDonald: the creators and hosts of Mountain Bike Mania on beIN Sports

Olivia Kupfer H B.S., 2011 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Kupfer lives in New York, NY, and said: Olivia graduated with her MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business in May 2016. She returned to New York in August 2016 to work at Diageo, a British alcoholic beverages company, in the Brand Management group.

Samantha Raya McDonald H B.A., 2010 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, InsideVandy.com, Vanderbilt Television) McDonald lives in Santa Monica, CA, and said: Samantha McDonald (BA 2010) and her brother, Ross, teamed up in 2013 2013 to create, produce, and host a television show, called MountainBike Mania. Kevin McDonald (BA '78), their father, serves as business Rachel Abeshouse H B.A., 2013 manager. The show features professional (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Vanderbilt Television) downhill mountain bike races all over the USA. Abeshouse lives in Brooklyn, NY. Mountain Bike Mania airs on national cable network beIn Sports, and national broadcast Kristen Webb H B.A., M.Ed., 2013 network American Sports Network, reaching (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, InsideVandy.com) about 25 million people. The show also airs on Webb lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Kristen national broadcast network American Sports and Augie Phillips (BA '15, Vanderbilt Hustler, Network, reaching about 15 million people. RVU Records) are excited to announce their Check us out on social media: wedding in March 2017. Kristen and Augie met http://mtbmania.net at VSC's Media Immersion in 2011. https://www.facebook.com/MTBmaniaTV https://www.instagram.com/Mtbmaniatv/ 2014 https://www.youtube.com/user/ mountainbikemania Cierra Lockett H B.A., 2014


Justin Barisich (photo by Dwayne Boyd)

Justin Barisich H B.A., B.S., 2011 (The Slant, The Vanderbilt Review) Barisich lives in Atlanta, GA, and said: Since founding his own freelance writing company – Little Writing Man – in 2013, Justin has written creative and engaging copy for a wide variety

(The Vanderbilt Hustler, InsideVandy.com, Vanderbilt Television) Lockett lives in Los Angeles, CA, and said: After taking two years off for some real-world experience, I am continuing my journey breaking into the entertainment industry by attending film school in Los Angeles. I am pursuing an MFA in Writing and Producing for TV. This program will help me hone my skills to become a screenwriter and media scholar, with opportunities in writing, teaching, and development for networks.

2015 Kathryn Williams H B.A., 2015 (The Vanderbilt Review) Williams lives in Washington, DC. Scott Head H B.A., 2015 (Vanderbilt Television, VSC Board member) Head lives in Los Angeles, CA, and said: Scott is an Associate Producer in the TV business. He just wrapped up a celebrity game show, and worked on the Mr. Robot after show, "Hacking Robot," and "Syfy Live from Comic-Con" earlier in the year. He plans to continue producing reality/competition/game shows and exploring everything LA has to offer.


Lauren Mandel H B.A., 2015 (Vanderbilt Television, VSC Board member) Mandel lives in New York, NY, and said: Lauren completed the NBC Page Program in August 2016 and has since been working as the Writers' Assistant at Saturday Night Live.

Savanna Walker H B.A., 2015 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Walker lives in Nashville, TN.

2016 Viktoria Hallikäär H B.A., 2016 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, InsideVandy.com, Vanderbilt Television, VandyRadio) Hallikäär lives in Johnson City, NY, and said: Viktoria is working in upstate New York as a newscast producer. She is in charge of her own show from picking content and writing to Still finding time to do graphics and making fun things like Estonian sure the show runs on Folk Dancing! schedule. As a city girl, she's enjoying getting to know her home state in a whole new way.


Political journalism: Close-up in Washington, D.C. Student Media hosted its third trip to Washington, D.C., to provide students unparalleled exposure to political journalism and connect them with distinguished alumni journalists. Twelve Vanderbilt students traveled to D.C. to tour CNN, NPR and The Washington Post where they were hosted by Student Media alumni Sam Feist (Hustler '91), Bridget Kelley (Hustler, 88) and Dan Morse (Hustler '87), respectively. The Oct. 13-14 fall break trip was co-sponsored by the Vanderbilt Career Center. At CNN, students stood on the set of a live broadcast with Wolf Blitzer and stepped inside the buzzing control room down the hall. While taking a tour of NPR, the students observed behind-the-scenes production of All Things Considered and met with several employees, including show co-host Audie Cornish. At The Washington Post, Executive Editor Marty Baron met with the students and answered questions about the newspaper and his view of the rapidly changing news business. The students expressed gratitude for this unique opportunity. Senior Lottice Taylor said walking through the offices was awe-inspiring. “It was motivating to hear from Vanderbilt alumni who really crafted their own journeys and careers. In each position we saw, each individual worked their way up from the bottom, so it was encouraging to see success despite very unpredictable careers fields,” Taylor said. Sophomore Dallas Shatel said he enjoyed seeing people working in real time during the tours. “It gave me a much clearer picture of what journalism really looked like during a typical day and provided me with something to contrast my own experience with,” Shatel said.


Sam Feist hosts students at CNN.

Bridget Kelley hosts students at NPR.

Marty Baron and Dan Morse host students at The Washington Post.

Claire Barnett

Student Neal Song photographs NPR's Tiny Desk. Photo by

tunnel vision


MANDEL, continued from page 2

Lauren Mandel, Rachel Brittain and Julia Seales celebrate their short film "The Delivery Girl" at the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival.

Lauren Mandel, left, and Willie Geist, right, perform at "Night Late" at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York.

memories of hearing the sounds of a helicopter propeller over my footage in the edit bay and deciphering that Vanderbilt Hospital had a helipad, my sworn enemy. For a moment these obstacles seemed make-or-break, but they taught me the importance of adaptability in this profession, which is crucial for anyone working in a production-driven environment. When I think of Vanderbilt, I think not only of the three amazing years that I spent there, but also of the continuing positive impact that the connection to Vanderbilt has afforded me. Less than a year ago, I met up with Julia, Rachel, and members of our cast and crew in Hollywood to celebrate the success of our short film The Delivery Girl in the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. Watching the film, surrounded by Vanderbilt student media graduates, I couldn’t help but think about the futures successes of our collaborators. Vandy alumni are everywhere! In this industry,

where jobs can be freelance and short-term, staying in touch with alumni contacts is critical. I am so appreciative of the help and support that student media alumni gave me in finding internship experiences and applying for jobs after college. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Vanderbilt alumni in other, less conventional ways. Last February, Vanderbilt Hustler alum, Willie Geist (’97), hosted the monthly late night talk show that I produce (“Night Late”) at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, and brought along Megan Colarossi (’97) to play his sidekick. Working with Willie to build his show entirely from scratch felt just like being back on campus because we had so much fun producing the content! I feel very fortunate that I regularly use the words “fun” and “work” in the same sentence. Every day I wake up excited to go to my job. It’s the same excitement that motivated me at VTV. If it weren’t for the tools and resources, and the opportunity to experiment, fail, and

try again in the VTV Studio, I’m not sure how I would have found my way to Studio 8H. As an aspiring producer, I am humbled to continue learning while surrounded by such talent and history at SNL. I truly appreciate the incredible network of inspiring alumni that all Vanderbilt media students join upon graduation. They have taught me the importance of staying connected, so I try my best to keep in touch with current Vandy media students and their incredible advisors. I encourage my classmates and other alumni to keep in touch with student media and to be mindful of LinkedIn messages or emails from current students. As a student I would read every edition of Tunnel Vision looking for token words of wisdom from those who came before me. So for the current students reading, my advice for you is this: reach out to alumni to initiate a professional conversation, just not over Facebook!


Facility upgrades add to student experience Student Media opens two multimedia studios Students now can record, edit and post podcasts and video in two new multimedia studios on campus. During the summer, Director of Student Media Chris Carroll and Assistant Director Jim Hayes oversaw the construction of a new multimedia studio in the Student Media newsroom in Sarratt Student Center. Hayes also outfitted a twin multimedia studio in new Student Media space in the John Seigenthaler Center on the Peabody campus, not far from The Commons Center. As a result, students on main campus and on The Commons have convenient access to studios with microphones, cameras, teleprompters, backdrops, computers, editing software and mobile video equipment they can borrow to use outside the studios. H

VTV adds new control room, lights Summer construction in Vanderbilt Television’s studio added a contained control room that allows production personnel privacy and separation from talent in the studio. Also, a new lighting grid was hung in the studio to provide built-in lighting positions for various studio setups. Eight professional studio lights were added during construction. The VTV project was managed by Director of Student Media Chris Carroll and Assistant Director Jim Hayes. H

Sophomore Cutler Klein records a sports podcast in the new multimedia studio in Student Media’s Sarratt newsroom.

Issue 25 • FALL 2016



Given by Associated Collegiate Press


Finalist: Online Pacemaker, collegiate journalism’s preeminent award


Given by College Media Association


First Place: Four-Year Weekly Newspaper of the Year Second Place: Best Feature Story


Second Place: Best TV Entertainment Program


Second Place: Best Podcast Third Place: Four-Year Radio Station of the Year Third Place: Best Radio Sportscast



Third Place: Four-Year Literary Magazine of the Year

MYCOMMONS.LIFE, continued from page 1

Claire Barnett, Cole Crownhart, Clay Leddin, Thomas Villalobos and Serena Hostetter look on as Cortez Johnson works on MyCommons.Life.

Cortez Says… Cortez Johnson, a member of MCL since its launch who created the series “CortezDoes,” produces podcasts, and hosts “MCL News Minute,” shared the following as a letter to alumni: “Student Media is an organization without which I would not be able to accurately describe my collegiate experience. It Cortez Johnson is so fundamental to the fabric of campus that supporting it is equivalent to

supporting the healthy development of the university's environment. Student Media allows me the freedom to express myself and provides the skills to do so intelligently, artistically and powerfully. I know that my voice is not only heard, but is respected and valued. I feel validated and supported as a member of Student Media. My creativity and personality have not been stunted by the pressures of adapting to college life. The staff cultivate an atmosphere that challenges us not to give up on ourselves. Their understanding, patience, and encouragement make being human not so bad. Student Media is not only a fun organization, but an irreplaceable, invaluable asset to the community. I am privileged to be a member.” H

Want to keep up with MyCommons.Life?

sign up for weekly emails from mCl by visiting MyCommons.Life Follow us @mycommonslife: Facebook H Twitter H YouTube H Instagram

an MCL producer, said being part of MCL changed his life by giving him a crash-course in working with other people and getting things done. “There is a true sense of team spirit in our media group. They are a great bunch of guys and girls, and I am honored that I have had the chance to do various media projects with them over my freshman year,” Villalobos said. MCL student staff members held meetings and produced content in the John Seigenthaler Center, next door to The Commons Center. Student Media leases studio space in the Seigenthaler Center (see story on p. 6), and the close proximity to first-year students’ residence halls is a convenient option for them - the MCL staff also worked in Student Media’s newsroom and studio in Sarratt Student Center on main campus. Claire Barnett, an MCL producer, said the experience gave her an opportunity as a first-year to put her hands on the equipment and start producing her own video series. “The fact that they gave us, as freshmen, a chance to develop our own concepts and then see them to fruition is amazing. I think it's a testament to the way that Vanderbilt, and specifically Student Media, are dedicated to providing a unique, hands-on experience for all curious students." H

MyCommons.Life series MCL News Minute - quick coverage of campus happenings Commons Cribs - dorm room style Podcasts - interviews with students and faculty Commons Covers - student vocalists cover popular songs First Year First Person - a student’s experience, vlog-style Intellectual Questions - students answer tough questions CortezDoes - adventures of student Cortez Johnson Humans of the Commons - photos, brief student profiles Top 5 - curated lists just for first-year students Uncommons Talent - students show their unique talents

Issue 25 H FALL 2016

tunnel vision the alumni newsletter for student media at vanderbilt university


Student Media groups host events Concerts, events promote groups and raise awareness Turkey Jerky Jam Host: WRVU, college radio station Thursday, Nov. 3 at The End on Elliston Place

Scott Hermo in the local band Boyscott performs at WRVU's concert.

“This concert featured local acts and was sponsored by WRVU so everyone was able to get in for free. About 200 people attended, including 50 WRVU members. Among the five bands that performed, three -- Born Animal, Wax Mistress and Spirit Week -- each included at least one Vanderbilt student. Students were able to see their friends perform on stage and see some talented local acts as well. Our website featured written profiles on each band and filmed the concert, so this was a great learning experience for our writing staff. The WRVU executive staff learned valuable skills in event planning, promotion, and dealing with contracts and negotiations between multiple parties. WRVU was able to make its presence felt in the music scene in Nashville: We've already seen an increase in the number of bands that want to do in-studio interviews and other collaborations.” -Roshan Poudel, station manager

VAMP (Vanderbilt Amplified) Host: RVU Records, recording studio Friday, Nov. 4 at The 208 House on 24th Ave.

Student recording artists play at VAMP.

“VAMP was a showcase of Vanderbilt student bands and musicians who are recording material in RVU Records this year. More than 150 students attended to see three bands and two solo acts. All the acts will be featured on our upcoming studio compilation CD. Students who attended got a chance to be excited for the Vanderbilt music scene and an opportunity to see students making music on campus in person. RVU's student executive staff organized the event, planned the lineup and got everyone there for soundcheck times. Our staff also promoted the event with posters and social media, moved equipment, took attendance and emceed. It was a fun night.” -Allan Boudreau-Fine, director

Create-a-Thon Host: The Vanderbilt Review, literary and arts journal Friday, Nov. 4 at the Towers 1&2 Lounge “Our second annual Create-a-Thon went off without a hitch, drawing about 350 students from all over campus and featuring acts ranging from singer-songwriters and ballet dancers to stand up comedians and more. We munched on burritos, painted, wrote poetry, created board games, juggled, knitted, and colored. Passersby were drawn in by the ambience of the room and the bustling atmosphere within. We ended the night with an open mic that had us in stitches one moment and in tears the next. There's nothing quite like it on our campus, as demonstrated by the enthusiastic attendance two years in a row. It's a point of connection for creatives of all types, and it gets the word out about the Review. Cheers to many more!” -Lisa Muloma, editor


Franklin, TN Permit No. 357

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

Students paint, draw and socialize at Create-a-Thon.

creating the future Did you know? Vanderbilt Student Communications is a separate non-profit corporation, providing students with the greatest amount of unfettered editorial control of content. The downside is that this means we cannot share in the Vanderbilt University fundraising and endowment.

That is why your gifts are so very important! To make a donation or gift, please contact Emily Maggart, BA’03, M.Ed’11 (emily.maggart@Vanderbilt.Edu or 615-322-7166) or visit vandymedia.org.