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If you pursue the specialized Americas MBA for Executives, during your second year you’ll be part of an international cohort of no more than 60 executives—up to 15 students from each of the four prestigious business schools in the Americas Alliance. Instead of meeting every other Saturday as in Year One, you’ll be part of a “traveling classroom” throughout Year Two—with 10-day immersions in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States. You’ll be put on new C-Teams with representatives from each of our partner schools. The curriculum is uniquely relevant to each country; you’ll

learn from the exceptional faculty of our partner schools who know these countries best. Meanwhile, a member of the Vanderbilt faculty will oversee your group Capstone Strategy Project, in which you will work with a multinational company to help solve specific business challenges in the Americas. Throughout the immersion experiences, you’ll learn firsthand the culture, business practices and consumer perceptions and behaviors of these four nations and economies. And you’ll do it among peers from those countries whose own insights and experience will be invaluable throughout your career.

During the second year of the Vanderbilt Americas MBA program students have the unique opportunity to develop invaluable “soft skills” that can only be attained through a crosscultural learning environment. Building on the heavily quantitative nature of the first year of the program, students can apply these skills while experiencing firsthand the need for patience and flexibility that exist in a cross-border professional environment, including working across time zones and international regulations. Undoubtedly, the global component of the Vanderbilt Americas MBA leaves each student with strengthened perseverance, communication skills and self-awareness that will endure long after graduation. Chadwick Conn, Vanderbilt Americas MBA 2015 Vice President of Operations, Eco-Energy, Inc.

In addition to a Vanderbilt MBA, Americas MBA graduates receive a certificate jointly issued by the four Americas Alliance schools.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Mexico City

São Paulo

Nashville, Tennessee

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Americas and Executive MBA Viewbook  

Americas and Executive MBA Viewbook

Americas and Executive MBA Viewbook  

Americas and Executive MBA Viewbook