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THE NOURISHING THERMAL RITUAL Introducing Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Thermal Ritual With our exclusive Warming Stone massager, this ultra rich creme mask melts into your skin in a silky, oil-infused veil. Energized with concentrated Black Diamond Truffle Extract and advanced hydrating and firming ingredients, it caresses and nourishes every contour of your face. Skin looks more plumped, vibrantly awake and stunningly renewed. Free shipping with any purchase at

14-16 & 128-129 c ove r c eleb 封面人物

17-25 make up 美麗化身

20 c re at i ve tea m spir it 精誠協作

26-37 流行時尚

38-49 e l e gant lo o k s 奢華品味

50-71 de si gn, for m & c omf ort 舒適創意


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One p er fec t flower fused into two l u xu riou s par f u ms. R a d ia nt b y d a y. E legan t at n igh t. # A E R INBeau ty Free shipping with any purchase at

72-85 l ove of tr av el 津津悠遊

86-99 l uXurY dr ive 豪邁驅動

100-117 ne W de velo pments 高端住宅

118-127 探索健康



he alt h and We l ln ess

part i ng sh ot beautY captured 后会有期 捕捉美麗

Youth is timeless. Thanks to Double Serum.

It’s all about you.


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我們歷 來最強效 抗衰老 修護精華 雙重高效精華集於一身 嶄新革命性配方,配以 種植物精華, 其中包含以其卓越抗老化功效而聞名的薑黄 ( )。 針對各種肌膚老化跡象,深入解密年輕的要 訣,達至更佳效果。

7天之後* 肌膚更顯幼滑 肌膚更現神采 肌膚更感緊緻

適合所有年齡,所有皮膚類型,所有族裔, 包括皮膚敏感人士 *滿意度測試 - 362位女士 - 7天


It’s all about you.




























C OV ER CE L EB / 封面人物

VancouVer’s superstar By Catherine Tse


Linda chung Just Another Working MoM

溫哥華巨星,鍾嘉欣: 只是另一位在職母親

he’s considered a superstar: an actress, a model, a singer. But ask Linda Chung what her most meaningful roles have been and she’s quick to answer, “wife and mother.”

Those are two recent roles for Chung, a Canadian entertainer based - until recently - in Hong Kong. She’s starred in well over a dozen successful Asian television shows, best known for being cry-on-cue ingénues such as Seung Tsoi Sum in Heart of Greed (2007) and Kiu Chi Lam in Witness Insecurity (2012). Her fans are legion and she shocked them all with a wedding announcement in the fall of 2015 when she married Vancouver-based chiropractor, Jeremy Leung. A year later, they announced the birth of their first daughter, Kelly Leung.

在很多人心目中, 鍾嘉欣是一顆耀目的巨星,集演員、模特 兒、歌手於一身。若果你問她覺得哪個身份最有意義,她肯定 會很快告訴你,答案就是「妻子和母親」。 這兩個是鍾嘉欣現在的身份。她是加籍藝人,近期在香港發 展,曾經主演過十多部十分成功的亞洲電視劇,包括2007年在 《溏心風暴》中飾演楚楚可憐的常在心,及2012年在《護花危 情》中飾演喬子琳,都深入民心。她擁有大批影迷,2015年秋 天她突然宣佈婚期,與溫哥華物理治療師Jeremy Leung共諧連 理,著實令她的影迷為之愕然。一年後,他們宣佈首名女兒的 誕生,取名Kelly Leung。

As a native of Vancouver, Chung is thrilled to be back in her hometown. She left at the age of 19 after competing in a series of beauty pageants. Through the pageant circuit, she started receiving international offers and quickly found work as an actress, fulfilling a lifetime dream. “I didn’t even have an acting background!” admits Chung. “Everything happened so quickly at the beginning. Moving to Hong Kong and working right away, the culture shock [took me] years and years and years to get used to. There was no time to breathe: the first day off the plane I left my bags in the dorm and immediately met with producers and management teams. The second day was imaging. By the third day, I was acting.”


In contrast, Chung is happy to be back in Vancouver with its slower pace, friendlier people and healthier lifestyle. This homecoming was something Chung had all but abandoned as a possibility, given her professional trajectory. But since returning two years ago, she’s been amazed at the growth of Vancouver’s robust film industry and is cautiously exploring the viability of transitioning to a west coast entertainment career. She’s already performed three times since resettling, including a singing performance earlier this year at the “Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.” gala.


19歲的時候,她參加了一連串的選美活動,之後便離開溫哥 華。通過選美途徑,她獲得多個國際性合作機會的邀約,並很 快覓得演藝工作,達成了她的夢想。「當時我是完全沒有演出 的經驗 。」鍾嘉欣說:「剛抵香港便馬上工作,文化的差異 讓我經過很多年才能適應。開始的時候,所有事情都發生得太 快。甚至連喘口氣的時間都沒有,第一天剛下飛機,把行季丟 在宿舍,便馬上與監製和管理層開會,第二天試造型,第三天 就要演了。」 相對地,鍾嘉欣很高興可以回到溫哥華,重新享受這裡較慢的 節拍、更友善的民風和更健康的生活方式,但回歸故土意亦味 華的電影業如此蓬勃,亦仔細探討轉移到西岸發展娛樂事業的 可行性。回歸之後,她已經演出過三次,包括今年初在中僑星 輝夜擔任演唱嘉賓。




C OV ER CE L EB / 封面人物 While her Hong Kong fans and colleagues are missing her, none can fault her for the storybook romance that whisked her away to the other side of the world. Leung, whom Chung openly, frequently refers to as “Mr. Right” is the reason Chung has relocated, at least temporarily. Before this, Chung was constantly flying between Vancouver and Hong Kong - adding to the tabloid rumours of this whirlwind romance. But Chung and her Mr. Right are now both firmly rooted in a reality far from the paparazzi, focused on their new life together as a young family. “I’m learning to be a normal, working mom in Vancouver, like everybody else,” says Chung. “ I want to have no makeup [on] and be free. I love it here - people are really nice and supportive.” Unless she goes out into Richmond (full of Asian fans who watch her shows), she’s otherwise relatively unknown in Vancouver. Chung is taking advantage of this incognito status and simply enjoying life as a newlywed with a young daughter, reconnecting with a city after a 13-year absence.

雖然香港的影迷和同事都很捨不得她,但卻不會責怪她 選擇到世界另一邊去過她的童話浪漫生活。鍾嘉欣口中 經常提到的「理想丈夫」梁先生,就是她轉移陣地回到 溫哥華的原因,最低限度暫時是這樣。在此之前,鍾嘉 欣經常香港和溫哥華兩邊飛,引起了外界對這段旋風式 姻緣的謠言猜測,但鍾嘉欣和她的「理想丈夫」現在正 專注於二人共同建立的新家庭,紮根一個遠離狗仔隊的 牢固關係。 「我正在學習做一個溫哥華的在職母親,就像其他人一 樣。」鍾嘉欣說:「在這裡,我可以不施脂粉,自由自 在,每個人都很友善和樂於助人。」如果她不到列治文 (那裡有很多亞洲人看過她的電視劇),溫哥華很多人 根本不知道她是誰。她就利用這種隱世的狀態,簡單地 享受擁有一個女兒的新婚生活,與她睽違了13年的城市 重新接軌。



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MAK EU P / 美 麗 化 身

AdvAnced night RepAiR 雅詩蘭黛升級再生基因修護露

Stay Up Late and Still Look Great! 熬夜後仍然容光煥發!


Best-selling Anti-aging serum in Canada and Asia



More than bottles sold per minute around the world 全球每分鐘售出超過8瓶


patents and patents pending worldwide



more than beauty awards worldwide 榮獲超過125項全球美容產品獎項

MA K EUP / 美麗化身

Choosing the right Advanced Night Repair formula for you...



ith a full selection of top-notch Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair products lining the shelf, consumers are faced with the happy challenge of selecting the best solutions for the perfect skincare result.

The goal, of course, is to match skincare needs with night-

詩蘭黛皇牌產品升級再生基因系列齊全,面對 繁多的選擇,消費者在挑選完美修護成效的最 佳方案時,是一種愉快的挑戰。 目標當然是根據護膚需要配對合適的晚間修護 方案。以下是每種精華素的簡介,旨在協助女 士們選擇最適合自己的產品。

time solutions. Here’s a rundown of each serum, aiming to help women decide which products are best for them.

30ml $86.00


AdvAnced night RepAiR SeRum The Advanced Night Repair Serum features Chronolux CB™, which repairs the look of skin by addressing the effects of damage caused by the environment and lack of sleep. The skin feels instantly smoother, looks more radiant and becomes intensely hydrated. With regular use, this serum reduces the appearance of signs associated with aging, such as lines, wrinkles, dryness and uneven skin tone. This daily-use product is perfect for everyone — it’s a “must have” in every night care ritual. 升級再生基因修護露 的特點為Chronolux CB™基因排毒淨化協調技術, 針對因環境及缺乏睡眠而引致的肌膚損傷,並加以修復。用後即時感覺 肌膚更幼滑、更透亮及深層水潤。持續使用,此精華素能減少與老化相 關的跡象,例如細紋、皺紋、乾燥缺水和膚色不均勻。此產品宜早晚使 用,並適合任何膚質,是每晚護膚的 “必備品”。


AdvAnced night RepAiR eye concentRAte mAtRix $88.00 The Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix uses new patent 360° Matrix Technology — an innovative polymer matrix that blends visco-elastic polymer and a concentrated infusion of two types of hyaluronic acid. It dramatically reduces the look of all key signs of aging around the eyes, including the appearance of lines, wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and dark circles. This twice-a-day product is appropriate for anyone looking to combat the appearance of aging. 升級再生基因修護亮眼精萃 使用新專利科技 360° Matrix Technology™ 大眼修護抗壓技術–透過創新的聚合物結構,把粘彈性聚合物與兩種濃 縮的透明質酸混合。它能顯著減少所有眼部主要老化痕跡,包括細紋、 皺紋、眼袋浮腫及黑眼圈。此產品只需早晚使用兩次,適合任何有意對 抗老化跡象的人士。


AdvAnced night RepAiR intenSive RecoveRy AmpouleS Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules is Estée Lauder’s first nighttime, precision-dose intensive treatment that addresses every phase of skin irritation. Each Ampoule offers a single dose of 100 per cent active oil concentrate, helping “over stressed” skin recover from exposures associated with modern


living. With this intensive, two-week treatment, skin becomes significantly stronger, feels more supple and looks healthier. 升級再生基因瞬效修護膠囊是雅詩蘭黛首個精準含量的晚間深層護理 產品,有效針對每一階段的肌膚過敏。每夥膠囊蘊含100% 活性濃縮油 脂,能紓解因現代繁重生活而飽受過度壓力的肌膚。進行此強效的兩週 護理,讓肌膚顯著變得更強壯,感覺更水嫩,看起來更健康。


AdvAnced night RepAiR concentRAted RecoveRy poweRfoil mASK


The Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask is a unique, foil-backed sheet mask that delivers a potent repair technology and penetrates the skin 25 times faster than a traditional, cotton sheet mask. It instantly provides concentrated hydration and, used regularly as part of a skincare ritual, helps to visibly reset and renew a look of healthy, radiant skin. This weekly concentrated treatment is for anyone looking for extra care, repair and intense hydration. 再生基因雙層銀箔修護面膜是一種獨特的面膜,表層為金屬箔膜,能提 供持久的修復力,較傳統棉質片裝面膜滲透肌膚快速25倍。 能即時提供高濃度保濕,配合常規護膚持續使用,能幫助恢復及重現健 康透亮肌膚。此高濃度護理宜每週進行,適合任何需要加護、修復及深 層保濕的人士。

One-Stop Anti-Aging 一 站 式 抗 老 Dramatically reduce the look of key signs of aging: Lines, Wrinkles, Dryness, Dullness, Uneven skintone, Redness and Irritation. 顯著減少所有主要的老化跡象:細紋, 皺紋, 乾燥缺水, 暗啞, 膚色不均勻, 泛紅及過敏

See skin transformed every morning: Plump and hydrated skin, Even skin tone, Translucent radiance, Firmness and elasticity Suppleness, Youthful-looking skin, Stronger protected skin. 每天早上,見證肌膚蛻變:飽滿而水潤的肌膚, 膚色均勻, 膚色透亮, 緊緻有彈性, 水嫩, 看起來更青春的肌膚, 更強效保護的肌膚



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LINDA CHUNG: Makeup/ Louise Kim, Koeun Makeup Artistry; Hair Styling/ Monica, Luxor Hair Salon; Clothing Stylist/ Sarah D’Arcey; Clothing + Shoes/ Holt Renfrew Vancouver (Aldo, Alexander Wang, Blank NYC, Opening Ceremony, Oscar de la Renta, Philip Lim, Theory, Topshop, Zimmerman)



MAKEUP / 美麗化身



By Ana Viseroiu Translation by Jersey Li



he right colour—or the right shade, has the power to give your look an instant shot of radiance. Be able to recognize colours from your personal palette with ease, apply your seasonal colour palette to your daily wardrobe. Colour Selection can be grouped into two categories: warm and cool WARM (yellow based) and COOL (blue based). Then divided again into LIGHT or DARK. The result are 4 harmonized groups of colours which are named after the 4 seasons of the year. 選擇合適的顏色和恰到好處的光澤,有著讓你容光煥發的魔力。 讓我教你輕鬆地了節你的個人調色盤,找到專屬於你的季節色吧。 顏色的選擇可以分為兩大類:暖色(黃色為底)和冷色(藍色為 底)。其下又分亮色和暗色。這樣我們就搭配出了4種不同的季節色。 Image of Tara Teng, and Jewellery supplied by Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry

MAKEUP / 美麗化身


COLOURS SpRing = wARm + LigHt 春季色 = 暖色 + 亮色 Your hair: is usually LIGHT with a definite golden warm tone and elements of red or auburn. The brightness and clarity of your eye colour is one of the most obvious characteristics, clear blue or turquoise, sometimes green or topaz. Skin tone is fair through but always with golden/yellow WARM undertones. Spring types can wear light warm tone colours such as: Light warm beige, light camel and golden tan through to deep chocolate brown, warm greys and bright navy blue, shades of Peach and Apricot, Periwinkle and Light True Blue. Bring your colouring to life by using a peach tone blush! 你的髮色較淺,是明顯的金色暖調夾著少許的紅色或 褐色。你的特徵是你明亮清純的眼眸,純藍色,天藍 色,又或淺綠色,又或黃玉色。你的膚色白皙,並著 金色或黃色的暖色基調。春季色的你適合亮色系加暖 色調的打扮。顏色上建議選擇淡暖的米色,淡駱駝 棕,日曬色,深巧克力棕,暖灰色或明亮的藏青色。 色澤上建議選擇桃紅,杏黃,玉黍螺色或真藍色。最 後添上一抹桃色的腮紅,你的肌膚便春意盎然啦。

AUtUmn = wARm + DARk 秋季色 = 暖色 + 暗色

Your eyes: will be warm green, golden/amber or hazel, turquoise/teal - often with yellow flecks. Your hair is likely to be auburn through to a rich warm deep chestnut, sometimes even deeper. This colour palette allows you to re-create your natural colouring in the makeup that you wear. Fall types should select colours with golden undertones such as: Camel and coffee brown through to the deepest chocolate ginger and terracotta through to the deepest rust, warm grey or olive green. Every shade of Neutral from deep gold and oranges to brown looks great on this tone. 你的眼眸,暖綠色,金色,琥珀色,淡褐色,天藍色或蘭綠 色,且透著黃色的斑紋。你的秀發,很可能是褐色,深栗色, 或深褐色。如此的顏色搭配允許你通過美妝塑造你所鍾愛的本 色。秋季色的你建議選擇金色的基調,例如駱駝棕,咖啡棕, 深巧克力色,薑黃色,陶瓦色,深銹色,暖灰色或橄欖綠。你 的皮膚配上任何一種中性的自然色澤,從深金色到橘黃色到棕 色,都顯得很美。





SUmmER = COOL + LigHt 夏季色 =冷色 +亮色

Your hair: will be ash blonde through to fair, or light brown. Your eyes: will be light blue, blue grey, green grey, slate blue, even hazel - all softly greyed down - you may have a slightly darker rim around the iris. Your skin tone: fair to porcelain, ivory through to a medium beige. Avoid a true beige foundation, it will ‘flatten’ your colouring. Instead select a colour with a slight pink undertone. Summer types should choose pastels and soft neutrals with rose and blue undertones such as Lavender, taupe, powder pink and powder blue. Light rose pick tone lipstick looks great on this tone.

wintER = COOL + DARk 冬季色 = 冷色 +暗色 Your hair is always strongly coloured but it could be from mid to dark brown even black. Your skin is always Cool but it could be very fair like Megan Fox or it could be beige through to bronze or dark brown. Your eyes are always clear and strongly coloured. Winter types should wear colours that are sharp and clear. Black, charcoal and cool silver greys, royal blue, emerald green, rich true red, strong magenta, bold hot turquoise. Pure white will always be your best contrast, try adding highlight to your makeup in tones such as icy pink or pear white this will introduce COOLER tones to your overall look. 你的頭髮常染深色,也許是中等到很深的棕色,甚至是 全黑。你的膚色較冷,不過也可能白皙如同梅根福克 斯,又或是米色,古銅色或深棕色。你的眼睛很清澈且 眼神很深邃。冬季色的你適合單純並突出的顏色,如黑 色,炭灰色,冷銀灰,皇家藍,翡翠綠,真紅色,搶眼 的洋紅色和加重了的天藍色。純白色永遠是你的最好的 對比色。化完妝後試著添加一些高光,比如冰粉色或梨 白色。你整體的基調就感覺更酷啦。

你一头金色秀发,或灰金色或淡棕色。你的眼睛淡藍,或是藍灰色,綠灰 色,石板藍又或甚至淡褐色並著些許灰色。也許你眼睛虹膜周圍還有淡淡 的黑圈。你的膚色白皙,如瓷器,如象牙,又或是米色。你要避免米色的 粉底。它會讓你的色彩變得單調。選擇些許粉色基調的顏色。夏季色的你 應選擇多彩和淡淡的中性色,並著玫瑰色和藍色的基調,如薰衣草紫,灰 褐色,嬰兒粉和嬰兒藍。這類膚色的你最適合淺玫瑰色的口紅。





You’ll discover both at Abantu online and instore when you shop our exciting collection of extraordinary and innovative REMI HAIR EXTENSIONS from BOHYME – the preeminent creator of industry-leading hair. 光臨 Abantu 的網店和實體店,您會驚喜地 發現業界知名假髮品牌 BOHYME及其非凡 革新的 REMI 接發系列。

Clip-in Tape-in Halo Pro Tips Seamless Weft Ombre/Rooted Colours 卡子發片 膠帶發片 魚線發 簾 納米接發 無縫接發 漸變/根部染髮

Abantu is proud to be one of a handful of authorized retailers of Bohyme’s consumer and salon-exclusive remi hair extensions. We love what our customers love — the ability to shop with confidence knowing that Bohyme offers uncompromising quality across their entire range of 100% human hair products. Bohyme is unrivalled with its versatility of multi-application methods and range of styles from luxuriously silky straight to dramatic body waves, all in breathtaking collections of solid and ombre colours designed to meet every whim and desire. Bohyme is confidence in a box in regards to assured quality, the ease of application, and how you’ll feel the moment you’re done. We’re guessing...

beautiful !

Abantu非常自豪地成為Bohyme 為數不多的授權零售商之一, 提供普通及沙龍專屬的REMI 接發系列。愛顧客之所愛, 我們選擇並信賴100%採用真 發、Bohyme高質量的產品。 Bohyme提供了前所未有的多樣 選擇,從接發方法到髮型風格, 從高貴柔滑的直發到戲劇性的大 波浪,從令人驚艷的純色到漸變 色,Bohyme旨在滿足客戶所有 的突發奇想和願望。 Bohyme對於每一份產品都充滿 自信,確保品質上乘、易於操作 及使用者完成造型時的滿意度。 相信您的新造型一定很美! Abantu – 自1993年為您提供美髮產品

3596 Kingsway Vancouver 604.431.8008 established 1993


Image supplied by Abantu Beauty



ancouver’s fashion scene is undergoing a massive rethink, as to the definition of luxury design, with the launch of Leisure Center at 950 Homer Street. At the edge of Yaletown, this boundary-pushing retail platform offers a modern-day interpretation of ‘leisure time’ with a specific focus on fashion by name designers and obscure upstarts, art and literature, home decor, music, beauty, and beverages.

Co-founder Mason Wu and MuYun Li are lovers of fashion and in-love with fashion as a concept. Inspired by Vancouver’s forward-thinking fashion reputation, they have created the Leisure Center as a visual representation combining luxury and leisure in one place with hopes to elevate the city’s cultural identity.

Wu and Li describe the space as, “A boundary-pushing physical platform. A new definition of leisure time. A brave new world beyond luxury retail.” Formerly the abundantly stocked and lushly decorated Chintz & Co, the 1930’s heritage building of 22,000 square feet, has been transformed into an environment of curated minimalist adventure of brands, artists, and luxury concepts. The space was designed by London- and Berlin-based Casper Mueller Kneer architectural firm which has designed award-winning spaces for arts, fashion, and culture, including retail concept shops for Phoebe Philo at Céline.

By Helen Siwak Publisher of BLUSHVancouver Magazine

溫哥華時尚界正掀起重新定義奢華設計的思潮。 Leisure Center位於950 Homer Street,這個前 衛的零售平台坐落於耶魯鎮的邊界地帶,為人們 詮釋了何謂現代的“休閑生活”。該店特別關注 知名設計師和初出茅廬的設計新貴,並涵蓋藝術 和文學、家居裝飾、音樂、美容和飲品。

聯合創始人Mason Wu和MuYun Li都是時裝愛好 者,熱愛時尚概念。溫哥華前衛的時尚聲譽賦予 他們創造Leisure Center的靈感,在視覺表現上 Leisure Center將豪華、休閑融為一體,渴望提 升城市的文化氛圍。 Wu和Li將這個空間形容為:“一個推動時尚前 沿的實體平台,一個重新定義‘休閑生活’的地

方和一個超越奢侈品零售的新世界。” Leisure Center位於一個2.2萬尺的20世紀30年代 的遺產建築中,前身是擁有大量展品和花俏裝飾 的Chintz&Co。Leisure Center為客戶提供了涵

蓋品牌、藝術家和奢侈品概念的精緻極簡的前衛 體驗。 這個空間由總部設在倫敦、柏林的建築公司 Casper Mueller Kneer設計,該公司曾斬獲藝 術、時尚和文化空間的獎項,獲獎項目包括 Phoebe Philo為Céline開設的概念零售店。





The ground level walls are aluminum paneled, décor is just as artistic as it is functional, and the lower level has black glass with dedicated gathering areas, including a seminar room, a stylized children’s play area, a Presentation Capsule, VIP Pods, and a Visual Studio for photography. Luxury shoppers will be familiar with Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Sonia Rykiel, and Vetements, though more avant-garde labels are also racked with even heftier price tags. Sustainable products from John Alexander Skelton, Petrucha Studio and STORY mfg. are beautifully displayed alongside natural beauty and cosmetics by Haeckels, L:a Bruket, and others. Homewares by Tom Dixon injects the space with an aspirational vibe, and throughout the space, curated music by local artists provides an ever-evolving soundtrack by Johnny Nash. Next to an eclectic library by UK based Donlon Books is a tonic bar stocked with intriguing concoctions sourced from New Yorkbased apothecary The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which uses plants for health and healing. Leisure Center is a destination for forward thinkers from all over the world, a place where clothing, art, and inner wellbeing can be experienced in a wholly new way. “Life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”

Leisure Center一樓的牆壁由鋁板嵌成,室內

Tom Dixon的家居用品為空間注入了蓬勃的





設計的兒童遊樂區、演示區、VIP區和可供攝 影的視覺工作室。

Alchemist's Kitchen有趣的草藥組合,這些草

Balenciaga、Rick Owens、Sonia Rykiel和



Leisure Center是全球前沿思想家的 目的地,這是一個可以用全新方式體

來自John Alexander Skelton、Petrucha


Studio和STORY mfg.的可持續產品與


Haeckels、L:a Bruket等天然美容化妝產品和 諧的擺放在一起。



奢侈品消費者對Comme des Garçons、 Vetements都不陌生。不過越是前衛的品牌,


Donlon Books英國折衷主義書店旁是一

Images supplied by Mason Wu and MuYun Li; Leisure Center

I N FA SHI ON / 流行時尚

Ori g inal Art


Origina l Women

NoMiNoU AthleisUre DiscoveriNg the origiNs of creAtivity 了解創意的根源 sometimes from the deepest pain comes the greatest beauty.



hroughout her life, Jullianna Charlton felt blessed to be surrounded by a community of creative people and positive energy. Away from the pressures of conforming to mainstream society, she had nature to keep her grounded. “I feel that my bliss, the foundation of my being, was placed there in my soul with care by my mother and her unorthodox ways.” It was after her mother Naomi’s passing, that Jullianna found sheets of expressive and colourful artworks hidden within the drawers her mother’s home. She believed that the bond the two shared in life would continue through the images and she began to broaden her creative outlet from designing interiors to creating fashion. The treasure trove of drawings, paintings, and sketches, proved to be a life-changing catalyst for Jullianna who took the imagery and created her brand NoMiNoU.


ullianna Charlton感恩自己的生命裡常常被一群富有創意的人和正 能量環繞。大自然讓她保持樸實,遠離順應主流社會的壓力。「我 覺得我內心的幸福,源於母親以她那非正統的方法悉心撫養我,而 這幸福感成為我存在的基礎。」

在母親Naomi逝世之後,Jullianna在母親家中的抽屜裡發現藏著一些栩栩如 生和色彩豐富的藝術品。她相信二人在生命裡建立的深厚感情可以通過這些 圖案延續下去,於是她開始從室內設計的領域拓寬到時裝創作。Jullianna以 這些圖畫、畫作和素描藏品,創造出她的品牌NoMiNoU 事實證明,這成為 改變她生命的催化劑。

This line of activewear blends Julianna’s love of mind-centering yoga and her mother’s artistic vision. Created locally in Tsawwassen, this fresh and innovative eco-friendly collection consists of hoodies, tops, bottoms, scarves, and swimwear. All garments are printed and manufactured entirely in Canada of spandex, recycled polyester (made from post-consumer recycled water bottles), and treated with ChitoSanté. NoMiNoU is more than beautiful garments; it is a philosophy of unity and celebration of art and culture from around the world. Jullianna is collaborating with a variety of international artists and most recently she has started working with an artist from India, two First Nations artists, and a Polynesian artist, in a bid to acknowledge beauty in all cultures. This lifestyle brand embodies a unique west coast spirit, and captures a zest for originality, openness, strength, and purpose. “NoMiNoU is a gift created by my mother, designed by me and inspired by women everywhere.” – Jullianna

Local Founder, Jullianna Smith

此運動裝系列融合了Jullianna對平衡心靈的瑜伽的熱愛和她母親的藝術視 野。這個既新穎又創新的環保系列在Tsawwassen本地創造,有連帽衛衣、 上衣、褲子、圍巾和泳裝。所有成衣全部在加拿大印製和生產,以spandex 彈性纖維及再生聚酯(由消費後循環再造水瓶製成)製造,並加入甲殼質 天然抗菌劑(ChitoSanté)。

家,兩位原住民藝術家和一位波利尼西亞藝術家合作,努力確認所有文化中 的美麗。

NoMiNoU不僅是美麗的成衣,它是團結的哲學,並頌讚世界各地藝術和文 化。Jullianna正與多位國際藝術家合作,最近她開始與一位來自印度的藝術

「NoMiNoU是一份禮物,它由我母親創造,由我設計,並受到世界各地女 性的啟發。」 – Jullianna

這個生活品牌體現了獨特的西岸精神,捕捉了創意、開明、堅毅與目標的精 髓。

613 – 5000 Canoe Pass Way, Tsawwassen Mills, Delta, BC V4M 0B3 l 604.383.0027 l l



I N FA SHI ON / 流行時尚

S I N c l A I r c eN tr e

up Sc A le SHO p p IN g IN tHe H eA rt O F d OwN tOw N




inclair Centre, an upscale shopping mall located in Downtown Vancouver at 757 West Hastings Street between Granville and Howe is comprised of four buildings that were restored by Henriquez Partners Architects and joined together by a beautiful glass atrium rooftop.

Sinclair Centre是一間位於溫哥華市中心的高端購物商場,地址是喜士

Sinclair Centre has a wide range of shops and services to serve you! Whether you are shopping for luxury brands, exploring unique travel options, looking for holistic care or getting your passport photo taken, the stunning architectural heritage and history of Sinclair Centre will make it a memorable experience!


• Leone – leading fashion retail destination • Perfume Shoppe – purveyors of luxury niche fragrances • Sinclair Wellness Centre – helping you… Body, Mind & Spirit • Diamond Deals – creating custom pieces of jewellery that can be enjoyed for generations to come • Sinclair Travel – the experience to get you anywhere you’re heading • Gastown Photo – for all your photographic Equipment and Photo

定西街757號(在Granville和Howe街之間),它由四幢建築物組成,經 Henriquez Partners Architects重新修復,用美麗的玻璃在中庭屋頂把四 幢建築物連成一體。 Sinclair Centre購物商場內有大量店鋪和服務行業,隨時為您服務。無 忘記來我們的正宗意大利餐廳坐一坐,嘆一杯由我們咖啡吧精製的美味 卡布奇諾。

• 高級時裝店,附設小型咖啡室 • 高端及珍罕香 • 按摩及水療 • 有折扣優惠的鑽石商店 • 旅遊代理 (代理一般行程及安排獨家行程, 並不適用於所有代理商)

• 護照相片,相機及照相器材 • 郵箱、印刷及郵寄服務 • 購物商場

Finishing needs • UPS Store – helping small business with business printing, mail services, packing, shipping & more.

757 West Hastings Street, Vancouver | | Mall Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm, Closed: Sunday and Holidays 營業時間:週一至週六:上午10:00—下午5:30,週日和假日休息。




I N FA SHI ON / 流行時尚

S te FA N O r I ccI


MerGer O F tA S te A N D eL eG A N c e 合并与表现

heart-moving encounter completes a match made in heaven. Manuel Bernaschek had always managed a business in luxury Italian pianos in Vancouver. Ten years ago while on a piano-buying trip in Rome, Italy with his newlywed wife, he discovered Stefano Ricci products on display in the lobby of his hotel and was deeply mesmerized by its unique designs and delicate details. Every fine product was ingeniously crafted: from the choice of materials to every stitch and thread, everything was done with so much care and attention to detail that he could not help but fall in love. In the end, he bought a single tie that was more expensive than his entire suit put together, and decided to bring this prestigious brand into Vancouver.



次傾心邂逅,成就天賜機緣。Manuel Bernaschek 一直在溫哥華經營意大利高級 鋼琴生意,十年前他與新婚太太於意大利羅馬選購鋼琴時,在入 住的酒店大堂發現Stefano Ricci的展示產品,深深被它的獨特設 計和精緻細膩所吸引,每一樣精品皆匠心獨運,由選配材料以至 一針一線都如此考究,令他愛不釋手,結果買下一條比他全套西 裝更昂貴的領帶,並下決心將這個尊貴的品牌引進溫哥華。

In January of this year, Stefano Ricci officially arrives in Vancouver, becoming the first Stefano Ricci store in Canada. Located in Downtown’s West Georgia Street and situated amongst the world’s top brands, Stefano Ricci is particularly outstanding. The store’s high quality, solid-wood cabinets with inlaid gold are all custom-made from Italy and put together in Vancouver by experts, upholding the headquarters’ rigor and persistence in paying attention to every fine detail. The store is elegant and glamourous. Every product in-store is magnificent, refined and touches the soul. Entering the 2,600 square feet Stefano Ricci store located on West Georgia Street is akin to entering a royal closet brimming with regal style – a merger of taste and elegance. Sales managers and associates alike are dressed in royal blue suits and don white gloves when showcasing each fine product to customers, as if inspecting fine jewels. An experienced master from Italy is especially invited to be stationed in the store, with the sole task of creating made-to-measure garments for customers. Every tie and even every fine piece here is a unique work of art, because every fine detail is created by hand, paired with the finest materials – from the softest silk, to the most expensive wool, to the highest quality leather. 本年一月,Stefano Ricci正式登陸溫哥華,成為加拿大第一間 Stefano Ricci的專賣店。選址市中心喬治亞西街,躋身於最頂級 名牌林立地段,Stefano Ricci顯得格外出眾,店內優質實木鑲金 櫥櫃,全部由意大利原廠訂製,經專人在溫哥華鑲嵌,秉承總店

一貫對每一細節的嚴謹和執著,氣派典雅華麗,店內精品瑰麗精緻, 動人心魄踏進喬治亞西街佔地2,600平方呎的Stefano Ricci店舖,彷 如進入了一個充滿氣派的皇室貴族衣櫥,融匯著品味和典雅。營運經 理和銷售員一身寶藍色西裝,載上白色手套為客人展示每一件精品, 就像鑑賞珍寶一樣。駐店特聘一名來自意大利的經驗師傅,專為客人 量身訂制衣物。這裡每一條領帶,甚至每一件精品都是獨一無二的藝 術品,因為每一個細節都是人手製造,搭配最頂級的材料,最輕柔的 絲、最貴重的毛線、最優質的皮革。

1139 W Georgia St, Vancouver | 604.559.7800 |




EL E G A N T L OOKS / 奢華品味




s the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection sails into international boutiques, there is perhaps no better herald to announce the arrival than British actor Eddie Redmayne. On land or at sea, he seems perfectly at home with Omega’s newest watches. Befitting his role as an Aqua Terra ambassador, Redmayne embodies a dashing edge of classic style. It was Redmayne’s multi-faceted portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’ that earned him the 2015 Academy Award for Best Actor, a BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Redmayne is equally as admired as an actor often gracing the top of the global best-dressed lists, thanks to his sharp sense of style and sophistication. As with the Aqua Terra, he favours timeless design, while embracing fine tailoring, bold colours, and slick combinations.

米茄海馬系列Aqua Terra腕錶正在入駐世 界各地的精品店,相信沒有人比英國演員 埃迪·雷德梅尼(Eddie Redmayne)更適

合宣布其新成員的隆重登場。無論身處海洋還是陸地,他都與 歐米茄新腕錶的特質不謀而合。作為海馬Aqua Terra的形象大 使,雷德梅尼瀟洒詮釋了該腕錶的經典魅力。 雷德梅尼在《萬物理論》 (The Theory of Everything)中對史 蒂芬·霍金(Stephen Hawking)一角的傳神演繹,令他斬獲 了包括2015年奧斯卡金像獎、英國電影學院獎、金球獎、美國 演員工會獎在內的最佳男主角獎項。在服裝搭配上,埃迪·雷 德梅尼同樣擁有出眾品味,他兼顧風格及細節的敏銳時尚感令 他成為全球最佳着裝榜單的常客。海馬Aqua Terra腕錶經典的 設計、精巧的細節、大膽的配色渾然一體,成為雷德梅尼心儀 的腕間臻品。




EL E G A N T L OOKS / 奢華品味



The Aqua Terra timepieces are known to blend city chic with ocean ingenuity to create pieces with features that are reminiscent of the Omega designs of the 1960s. These pure lines give the Aqua Terra a distinctively timeless feel, while the crisp, clean dial with its triangular hour markers, is modern yet traditionally comfortable.

海馬Aqua Terra腕錶因將城市的現代感與海洋的深邃完美融合而

With 40 models offered in four different sizes (41 mm, 38 mm, 35 mm and 28 mm), the first Aqua Terra line delivered a contrast of style and innovation that fit an active lifestyle yet worked perfectly for daytime business all the way through to night-time socializing.


聞名,令人回想起歐米茄20世紀60年代的經典設計。簡練的線條 賦予海馬Aqua Terra腕錶傳世的魅力,清爽簡約的錶盤與三角形 小時刻度的設計頗具現代感,但依然符合傳統美學。 海馬系列Aqua Terra腕錶有40款之多(有41毫米、38毫米、35毫 米及28毫米四種尺寸可供選擇),首發系列的完美設計與創新工 是夜晚,歐米茄海馬系列Aqua Terra契合了日常商務與休閑社交 的需求。




ELE G A N T L OOKS / 奢華品味

As the singular Omega location on the west coast, the Vancouver boutique, located at the Fairmont Hotel downtown, is where you will find the stunning new collection. Initially launched as an 800 square foot pop-up (which became permanent), the boutique celebrated its’ December 2009 opening with a breakfast and ribbon cutting ceremony featuring members of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games organizing committee with special guests Olympian Steven Podborski and Paralympian medallist Karolina Wisniewska. The boutique blossomed to 2,400 square feet in 2011 and is home to an annual Watchmakers event. Recently held and hosted by boutique manager Calvin Pow and Assistant Manager and Marketing Specialist Jorge Luna, the two-day event welcomed VIP Hospitality members with warmth and familiarity as all members of the invite-only club are considered part of the Omega family. Each attendee engaged with Victor Garcia, Omega Senior Watchmaker for Canada, over a threehour appointment which had them carefully deconstruct and reconstruct a master co-axial watch movement using an Omega Kit which included a loupe, brush, and cleaning cloth. Being invited to attend the any of the sessions held worldwide is indeed an honour and one of the perks of being part of the Omega family. Depending on where loyal collectors live, other advantages of the VIP Hospitality Club may include attending The PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament, the America’s Cup (Sailing), and future Olympic events.

歐米茄精品店坐落於溫哥華市中心的費爾蒙特飯店(Fairmont Hotel),整個加拿大獨此一家,您將在那裡找到令人驚艷的新 系列。該店最初以800平方英尺的快閃店的形式運營,後來發 展為永久店面。該精品店在2009年12月慶祝開幕,舉行了早餐 會和剪綵儀式。2010年奧運會和冬殘奧運組委會的成員均有出 席,特別嘉賓有奧運會選手Steven Podborski和殘奧會獲獎者 Karolina Wisniewska。 2011年精品店的面積已擴大至2400平方英尺,一年一度的“鐘 錶製造商”(Watchmakers)盛會也在這裡舉行。近日,精品 店經理Calvin Pow與經理助理兼市場營銷專員Jorge Luna熱忱地 為VIP 至尊會員舉辦了兩天的款待盛會,所有被邀請參與嘉賓, 都視為歐米茄大家族成員的一份子。每一位與會嘉賓都和加拿大 歐米茄高級製表師Victor Garcia進行了三小時的互動,他們使用 歐米茄套件(包括放大鏡、刷子和清潔布),仔細地解構並重組 了一支大師同軸計時手錶(Master Co-axial Watch)。 受邀參加世界各地的任何一屆盛典都是一種榮譽,也是作為歐米 茄至尊會員的特權之一。根據忠實收藏家的居住地點,VIP至尊 會員的其他特權可能包括出席PGA高爾夫球錦標賽、萊德杯高爾 夫錦標賽、美洲杯帆船賽以及未來的奧運活動。



This year marked OMEGA’s 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster collection. In 1965 NASA chose Omega’s Speedmaster as its official chronometer and four years later, on the surface of the moon, Neil Armstrong took his giant leap for mankind with the wristwatch strapped to his spacesuit. Fellow astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin has been an Omega ambassador since 2009. Omega watches have been on countless missions, six lunar landings and are even the popular choice for astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station.


For collectors of Omega timepieces, the experience within and outside of its stunning boutique walls is surpassed by none in the industry. Omega prides itself on providing the top boutique experience in the luxury horlogie market which is exemplified by the personalization of services, the extensive and historical knowledge of staff, remarkable annual events, and an unparalleled VIP Hospitality Program.


國家航空航天局(NASA)選擇了歐米茄超霸作為其官方計時錶。四 年之後,在月球表面,尼爾·阿姆斯特朗(Neil Armstrong)邁出 了“人類的一大步”,他的腕錶當時就被綁在他的太空服上。宇航員 巴茲·奧爾德林博士(Dr. Buzz Aldrin)自2009年以來也一直擔任歐 米茄大使。歐米茄手錶已經進行無數次任務,包括六次月球登陸,如 今仍獲得太空站上現役宇航員的青睞。 對於歐米茄鐘錶的收藏家來說,精品店提供的全方位服務在業界獨一 無二。歐米茄為提供奢侈鐘錶市場上的頂級精品店體驗而自豪,例如 與倫比的VIP會員活動。

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver | 604.681.8266




el e g a n t l ooks / 奢華品味




tep through the glass doors and immediate you are in the midst of the finest gold and jade collections in the western hemisphere. A world of unsurpassed luxury immersed in a rich and lengthy heritage. All pieces are exquisitely crafted embracing the symbols of Chinese culture and creating permanence in jadeite, nephrite, 24k gold, diamonds, cultured stones, and the eternal pearl. Launched in 2015, the boutique on Alberni Street is sleek, elegant and discreet with knowledgeable staff who will guide you through the selection process to help realize your dreams. While Lao Feng Xiang may have been founded in tradition, it has built a reputation by offering an unwavering commitment to technical innovation, cuttingedge design, and the most exquisite craftsmanship. Visit LFX in Vancouver’s ‘Luxury Zone’ and delight in the incredible collections of pendants, bracelets, and unique art objects. If you desire a more personalized experience, private VIP showing is available.


過兩扇玻璃門,您立刻會被西半球最上等的金玉臻品所包圍, 感受一個沉澱於厚重綿長的歷史長河中的無上華殿。 所有的作 品皆為精工細作,擁抱中國元素,老鳳祥將永恆鑄造於翡翠、 軟玉、24K金、鑽石、有色寶石及傳世珍珠之上。

位於Alberni街的精品店於2015年開業,這裡整潔、優雅、精緻,還有知識淵 博的員工為您提供導購服務,助您夢想成真。雖然老鳳祥擁有悠久的歷史, 但她因致力於持續的技術創新、尖端的設計和最精湛的工藝,而為人稱誦。 請光臨溫哥華老鳳祥這個奢華的空間,欣賞巧奪天工的吊墜、手鐲和獨特的 藝術品。 如果想要更加個性化的體驗,您可使用VIP私人展示服務。

1016 Alberni Street Vancouver BC | 604.629.9688 | / /lfxjewelry_ca INDULGE



EL E G A N T L OOKS / 奢華品味




散發神秘氣息 的時計

A stunning new watch from Mido celebrates mystery, romance and the architecture of London’s Royal Albert Hall. A feminine timepiece with a delicate air of mystery, the Belluna Mysterious Date is described as “the essential accessory for secret rendezvous.” Revolutionary for the Le Locle-based Mido watchmaker, the Belluna Mysterious Date features a new date display system on its silver wave, guilloché-style dial. The passing of the days is visible through the openwork dial which reveals 31 apertures: the current date is shown in black while other days appear in pink. Twelve diamonds, set around the dial’s circumference, add a 0.093-carat sparkle. The dial itself is protected by a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides for enhanced readability. A cutting-edge Caliber 80 automatic movement system provides up to 80 hours of power reserve — perfect for a “secret rendezvous,” says the watchmaker. This finely decorated, Elaboré-grade movement also features an oscillating weight — graced with Geneva stripes and the Mido logo — and can be seen through a transparent case back. Mido watches are architecturally driven in design by the great buildings of the world, and the Belluna Mysterious Date is no exception, echoing London’s Royal Albert Hall in shape and an inspiration. Inaugurated in 1871 to promote the arts and science, the Royal Albert Hall is now one of the most famous concert halls in the United Kingdom. Described as “a true symphony of shapes and materials,” the Belluna collection reflects the architecture of this famous building, with pure and harmonious lines that reveal classic, timeless elegance.

格度表全新腕錶向神秘、浪漫與倫敦皇家 艾爾伯特音樂廳的建築致敬。 布魯納神秘日期窗女裝腕錶,散發神秘氣 息,被喻為“神秘約會的重要配飾"。 布魯納神秘日期窗系列是力洛克製錶工匠 美度表推出的革命性腕錶,特色為璣鏤銀 色波浪紋錶盤上的全新日期顯示系統。錶 盤的開放日期窗有31個小孔:當日的日 子以黑色圓點顯示,其餘日子則顯示為粉 紅色。 錶盤的12時標鑲嵌了12 顆共0.093 卡拉 的鑽石,為腕錶增添閃爍光芒。錶盤本身 以圓拱型藍寶晶石保護,兩邊有防眩目塗 層,增強可讀性。 另外,腕錶搭載先進的Caliber 80 全自 動上鍊機芯,提供達 80 小時動力儲存, 根據錶匠的說法,此腕錶最適合 “神秘約 會” 時佩戴。此精雕細刻、進階級別的機 芯,配置了擺輪錘齒,還有日內瓦條紋與 美度表標識的機芯潤飾,透過其透明背底 清晰可見。 美度表的設計靈感源自世界各地的地標建 築,而布魯納神秘日期窗腕錶亦不例外, 其外型和靈感與倫敦的皇家艾爾伯特音樂 廳互相呼應。 皇家艾爾伯特音樂廳是為推廣藝術和科學 而設,並於1871年啟用,時至今日,已成 為英國最著名的音樂廳之一。 被形容為 "形狀與材質的真正交響曲",布 魯納系列乾淨俐落而和諧的線條流露永恆 經典的優雅,正正是此著名大樓建築特點 的寫照。



W W W . M I D O WAT C H E S . C O M


D eSig n , FOr M & cOMFOrt / 舒適創 意



modern, stylish sustainable


ScanDeSignS, MuSe anD Merchant






Designs and Muse and Merchant are situated side by side—specifically, on a de-

sign-centric stretch of United Boulevard that could easily pass as Coquitlam’s Armoury District—aesthetically, they’re worlds apart. “ScanDesigns has a contemporary, European look,” explains company president Gert Knudsen, “whereas Muse and Merchant is…” “Very eclectic,” chimes in Muse and Merchant’s retail

高貴林Armoury區的傢具設計一條街United Boulevard,ScanDesign緊挨着姊妹店Muse and Merchant,但她們擁有截然不同的風格。 公司總裁Gert


展現的是現代的歐洲風格,而Muse and Merchant則......”

manager and buyer, Anita Tiernan. “There’s a lot of live-

“非常混搭”,M u s e a n d M e r c h a n t 零售經理兼買手Anita

edge wood, a lot of fabrics, a lot more rich velvets. Scan-

Tiernan接著說道。“Muse and Merchant擁有大量原木桌和豐富

Designs is a lot cleaner.”


Founded in 1976 as a premier purveyor of Scandinavian teak and rosewood, ScanDesigns has expertly weathered industry shifts and trend forecasts throughout the years to effectively cater to the tastes of B.C. residents. When the family-owned business launched as a tiny

潔得多。“ ScanDesigns成立於1976年,是斯堪的納維亞柚木和紅木傢具的 主要供應商。多年來ScanDesigns憑藉經驗,經受住行業變動、 趨勢變化的考驗,成功贏得卑詩居民的青睞。這個家族企業在列 治文市開業時,店面僅有3000平方英尺,但已是該地區少數幾 個柚木傢具零售商之一。八十年代末和九十年代初,在流行更光

3000-square-foot store in Richmond, it was one of only


a handful of retailers in the region where teak furnish-


ings could be found. Luxe Italian marble then captured the hearts of consumers in the late ’80s and early ’90s, relays Knudsen, before shoppers began favouring a

智能真皮沙發、漆面電視櫃以及帶有光滑金屬元素的時髦酒吧凳 都會在ScanDesign六間展廳中向公眾展出。在精心策劃的展廳 里,忠實客戶和目光敏銳的人能感受到ScanDesign 41年的歷史

sleeker, more streamlined feel.


Think smart leather sofas, lacquered TV units, and slick


bar stools equipped with polished-chrome and steel


legs—all objects that are generously displayed in Scan-


Designs’ six showrooms around B.C. Today, long-time


and keen-eyed clients will also notice nods to ScanDesigns’ 41-year history in the meticulously merchandised spaces: teak beds and dining-room sets—many of them boasting curvy mid-century lines and a distinct Danish sensibility—are showcased proudly alongside plush leather recliners and walnut dressers, for example, while scratch-resistant ceramic dining tables, their glossy tops mimicking the natural veining of crisp white marble, shine next to minimalist armchairs.




D eSig n , FOr M & cOMFOrt / 舒適創 意

“We started importing those from Italy and we now have them available from other countries,” Knudsen says of the ceramic tables, which he counts as some of his favourite products among ScanDesigns’ extensive stock. Working closely with Tiernan, the veteran furniture provider regularly attends tradeshows in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, bringing home high-grade, impeccably crafted home items that are as beautiful as they are functional. By sourcing directly from suppliers and eliminating wholesalers—“middlemen” who typically take a cut of sales— ScanDesigns is also able to offer its modern furnishings and home accessories at more affordable price-points than its competitors. “People come to our stores for the quality, for the pricing, and for the overall good service,” explains Tiernan. “So that’s what our main priority is.” Muse and Merchant, which opened in 2012 as ScanDesigns’ younger, more varied sister, follows the same model. There, customers will find everything from custom made local upholstery, tufted linen beds and beautifully unique accent chairs. However, it’s the shop’s dramatic, live-edge desks, consoles, and dining tables that steal the show— even in the massive 68,000-square-foot retail space that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. Constructed from sustainably sourced monkey-pod wood, the sculptural, one-off objects serve at once as art, furniture, and a captivating conversation piece. They’re also a great starting point for clients who are interested in marrying the pared-down aesthetic of ScanDesigns next door with the more rustic, industrial, or antique feel of Muse and Merchant but are unsure of where to begin. “We have a lot of customers who will buy a live-edge table or something very unique from Muse and Merchant and then come into ScanDesigns to combine it with something very, very contemporary,” explains Tiernan. “So it’s great that we work right beside each other, so the customer can bring both looks together.” The design-savvy buyer recommends pairing one of Muse’s live-edge dining tables with simple, Scandi-chic seats from ScanDesigns, for instance, while Knudsen is a fan of placing a monkey-pod console in an uber-modern space to create both interest and contrast. “I’ve done the same thing at home,” he says. “We have a very contemporary house overlooking the ocean…and then we have a piece like that and it looks fantastic. When people come in, they go, ‘Wow, look at that.’ ”








和ScanDesign的簡約美感與Muse and Merchant的質樸工業或

這個經驗豐富的老牌傢具供應商與Tiernan緊密合作,定期參加 美國、歐洲和亞洲的展會,兼顧美感和功能,為客戶帶回高品 質、精工細作的家居用品。ScanDesign直接從供應商處採購, 跳過批發商(通常是從銷售額中提成的“中間商”),因此

復古風,如果不確定從哪裡着手,這些原木桌就是一個很好的 起點。Tiernan解釋說:“很多客戶會從Muse and Merchant購 買一張原木桌或者獨特的單品,然後搭配以ScanDesign極其現 代的產品。 “這兩家店距離很近,方便客戶混搭兩種風格。”



具和家居飾品。 Tiernan解釋說:“客戶最大的訴求就是質量、




遵循同樣的模式,作為ScanDesign更年輕、更多樣化的姊妹 店,Muse and Merchant於2012年開業。從本地定製的大膽 內飾、簇絨亞麻床到美麗的創意沙發椅,這裡應有盡有。不過

說:“我的家就是這麼布置的。在一個俯瞰大海非常現代的房 子里,我們放置了一個類似的單品,它看起來太棒了。人們進 門時一定會感嘆:哇!看那兒。”

這裡的主角絕對屬於各式原木桌案、邊桌和餐桌。甚至在這個 68,000平方英尺的空間里,它們能成功吸引所有人的眼球。




D eSig n , FOr M & cOMFOrt / 舒適創 意

The two agree that it really comes down to striking a harmonious balance among the differing styles. Kind of like what both ScanDesigns and Muse and Merchant manage to do on the daily: present a diverse selection of one-of-a-kind furnishings and décor objects that walks the line between the classic and on trend. “We’re always looking for something different, something exciting,” states Tiernan. “We want to move along with the times. But the most important thing for us is that, when people come to our stores, they’re absolutely wowed and blown away by the product.”

Knudsen和Tiernan都認為,真正重要的是在不同風格間創造和 諧與平衡。就像ScanDesign和M u s e a n d M e r c h a n t 一直在做 的,呈現出多樣的獨一無二的傢具和飾品,遊走在古典與流行之 間。Tiernan說:“我們一直在尋找獨特的令人興奮的產品,确保 自己與時俱進,但是最重要的是,當人們走進店裡,要被我們的產 品所震撼、驚艷。”






DE SIG N , F ORM & COM FORT / 舒適創 意

INSTRUMENTAL ROYALTY 是什么成就了“钢琴之 王”施坦威?

For more than a century and a half, STEINWAY has handcrafted pianos in New York City, passing craftsmanship down through the generations.

“每一架施坦威钢琴就像新生的婴儿一样,独一无二、充满潜力, 令人震撼的不只是她最初的声音,更是她日臻成熟的艺术表现力。”




HEY DON’T MAKE THEM like they used to,” goes the refrain. But it cannot be said about STEINWAY pianos. While most pianos today are mass-produced out of expedience, STEINWAYS are still handcrafted to ageold standards. The process of nineteenthcentury methods and twenty-first-century technology, feels almost as organic as the trees that make up some eighty-five percent of STEINWAY’S instruments. The American source of this alchemy is located in the Astoria section of Queens, in an old urban area that was mostly farmland when the facility was first laid out in 1870. First used as a sawmill and foundry — logs were floated down the nearby East River to STEINWAY’S lumberyard — the facility became STEINWAY’S lone New York production house in 1956. It takes a year to create a STEINWAY grand, which is made up of twelve thousand parts. The soul of the instrument isn’t just in the hard-rock maple from the Pacific Northwest that goes into making the rim or the Sitka spruce from Alaska used for the soundboard; the factory’s atmosphere is part of the piano, President Losby insists: “Environment matters, especially when making a handcrafted product.

坦威钢琴公司首席执行官 罗恩 • 罗斯彼先生说:“ 我们一直在追求卓越的创

造和革新,也正是这样的精神,才使得施坦威 实验室里每一个所得的成果最后都成为了钢琴 制造行业的标杆。” 其实诸多施坦威的制作工艺,甚至可以追溯至 十九世纪。施坦威在1878年发明的琴壳一次 成型技术一直沿用至今,几乎没有丝毫改动。 制琴师需要在模具上将木材进行弯折,该模具 是一个钢琴形状的巨型老虎钳,工匠们还必须 在不到20分钟的时间内,在胶水变干之前完成 琴壳的制作,这一道工序不仅需要力道,还需 要灵活的巧劲,可谓是一场和时间赛跑的高难 度竞赛。 在钢琴制作完成后,施坦威的调音师们通过最 专业的调音技能和方法,使88个琴键在经过人 工逐个调整后弹奏出连贯又和谐的音律,将施 坦威钢琴由机器变成乐器。作为调音部门的负 责人,Mark Dillon已经在施坦威工作了30年之 久,他说:“恰到好处的琴音就像铃铛一样清 脆悦耳,我们不仅用耳朵聆听,更是用心去调 试每一架施坦威钢琴。”

Tom Lee Music, 728 Granville Street, Vancouver | 604.685.8471





優雅華麗生活之極品 Photos: Schonbek Chandeliers by Swarovski Lighting, left to right: Milano, Sarella, Genzano


THE LIGHTING WAREHOUSE D E F I N I N G T H E E P I TO M E O F LU X U R I O U S L I V I N G The Lighting Warehouse has Western Canada’s largest selection of lighting products on display – invariably, a lighting utopia incorporating the very latest trends, styles, colours and technology, second to none and competitively priced. The essence of lighting in today’s fast changing world encompasses not only style but also realizing how different types of lighting can affect one’s living space. Whether one is using LED, incandescent or halogen, each will have a different lighting effect in one’s home. At The Lighting Warehouse, each staff member is American Lighting Association (ALA) trained to ensure that customers receive the industry’s best knowledge when it comes to selecting the appropriate lighting for their projects. Indisputably, The Lighting Warehouse has Western Canada’s largest inventory. In most cases, shoppers can take their purchases home the very same day. The Lighting Warehouse provides the best full refund policy on both regular and sale merchandise. With today’s advanced lighting technology, there is a chance that something could go wrong. At The Lighting Warehouse, the sales team is only a phone call away to help. The Lighting Warehouse – we have what you are looking for.



The Lighting Warehouse 擁有加拿大西部最豐富的燈飾選擇,這裡也是集最新燈具趨勢、風格、色彩和技術為一 體的完美燈飾店,為消費者提供最具競爭力的價格。 在當今瞬息萬變的世界中,照明的本質不僅局限於外在風格,用家亦意識到不同類型的照明為居住空間能帶 來的不同影響。無論是使用 LED 燈、白熾燈還是鹵素燈,它們都會為家居帶來截然不同的照明效果。在 The Lighting Warehouse,每位銷售員都經過美國照明協會(ALA)的培訓,以確保顧客在挑選適合自己的照明產品 時能獲得最專業的建議。 The Lighting Warehouse 無疑擁有加拿大西部最大的庫存,顧客通常當天就可以提貨。The Lighting Warehouse為 普通商品和促銷商品提供最好的全額退款政策。當今的照明技術已越來越先進,萬一出現問題,顧客也只需致 電 The Lighting Warehouse,銷售團隊樂意為你提供恊助。 The Lighting Warehouse–你的選擇盡在這裡。

12420 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, B.C. 604-270-3339 Western Canada’s Largest Lighting Selection. No One Even Comes Close. INDULGE



DE SI G N , F ORM & COM FORT / 舒適創 意



Relax & Recline in style


nown for their contemporary Scandinavian teak and rosewood furniture, ScanDesigns has evolved into so much more since opening 42 years ago. Owner Gert Knudsen has adapted the ScanDesigns showroom floors to accommodate the changes in the west coast markets and through the newer concept store Muse & Merchant Home Collection, has expanded to satisfy its most discerning customers. At ScanDesigns they believe in strong customer service and possibly have the most passionate sales associates in British Columbia, to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing shopping experience. All locations carry large selections of on-trend furniture from Europe, North America and Asia for the bedroom, living room, dining room, office, and also outdoor spaces. Although they carry selections from some of the world’s most renowned designers, there are three collections that have proven irresistible to those who love the west coast lifestyle. The ScanDesigns purchasing team travels the world seeking the most innovative products designed to meet the functions of everyday life. Visit any of our six locations – Coquitlam, Richmond, Langley, Kelowna, Nanaimo, and Victoria – to build the beautiful rooms you and your family deserve.


canDesign以斯堪的納維亞柚木 和紅木現代傢具而聞名,自42

年前開業以來,已經演變成更為全面的傢具 店。店主Gert Knudsen改造了ScanDesign 的展廳,以適應西海岸市場的變化;並擴大 翻新了Muse&Merchant Home Collection 概念店,來滿足那些講求品味的顧客。 ScanDesign重視優勢的客戶服務,并擁有 加拿大卑詩省最熱情的銷售團隊,致力於為 客戶提供舒適放鬆的購物體驗。 ScanDesign各地店面均有大量來自歐洲、 北美和亞洲的時尚傢具,供卧室、客廳、餐 廳、辦公室以及戶外空間使用。這些傢具挑 選自最富國際聲譽的設計師作品,對於喜愛 西海岸風格的人來說,其中三個系列具有不 可抗拒的魅力。 ScanDesign採購團隊在全球範圍內尋找 滿足日常生活需求的創新產品。請光臨 ScanDesign在高貴林、列治文、蘭里、基 隆拿、納奈莫及維多利亞的六個店面,來打 造您和家人值得擁有的美麗房間。

Coquitlam | Langley | Richmond | Victoria | Nanaimo | Kelowna | 604.524.3444 /scandesignsfurniture @scan_designs @scandesigns_furniture +ScandesignsFurniture




D E SIG N , F OR M & C OMFORT / 舒適創意

50 Years of qualitY sleep 50 年專注,品質之美 62   INDULGE




ven if the name “Airland” doesn’t sound familiar, if you’ve ever traveled to Asia, you’ve probably already slept on one of their mattresses. A Hong Kong-based, family-owned mattress and bedding company since 1966, Airland has finally opened its first Canadian retail store in Richmond. Airland supplies mattresses to over 2,000 hotels in Asia and the Middle East including Conrad Hong Kong, MGM Grand Macau and Iniala Thailand. Their hugely popular hotel series, Mrs. President, is now available to Vancouver consumers to bring that “hotel feel” into their own homes. This series features a unique double layer of coils, so even the pillow-top is coiled to ensure maximum support and comfort. “One of the biggest differences [about Ariland],” says Kenneth Lo, Airland CEO “is that customers are dealing directly with the brand and the manufacturer. We know the bed inside-out and our warranty is way more comprehensive as there’s no middleman.” Airland is best known for its spring coils, which are made from carbon steel and are high-heat treated. They’re extra firm, last longer and come with a 10 year warranty. “The coil is like the backbone,” says Lo. “In order to have a good bed, you have to have good coils. It’s not about the number of coils, but the quality of the coils.” Queen size mattresses range $600 to $6,000 (Mrs. President queen, $3,488).

使您對“雅蘭”(Airland)這 個名字還不熟悉,但如果您曾 去過亞洲,您可能已經體驗過 雅蘭床墊了。雅蘭床墊是一家

總部位於香港的家族企業,這個成立於1966年的床 墊和床上用品公司終於在列治文開設了第一家加拿 大零售店。 雅蘭為亞洲和中東地區的2,000多家酒店供應床 墊,其中包括香港港麗酒店、澳門美高梅酒店和泰 國英尼亞拉酒店。雅蘭非常受歡迎的酒店系列── 第一夫人(Mrs. President),現可供溫哥華消費 者將“酒店的感覺”帶回家中。這個系列內置獨特 的雙層彈簧,連最上面的軟墊層也帶有彈簧,以確 保最大的支撐力和舒適性。 雅蘭床墊首席執行官Kenneth Lo說:“雅蘭與其他 產品最大的區別之一就是客戶能直接與品牌及製造 商打交道,我們對產品有透徹的了解。因為沒有中 間商,我們的保修範圍也更全面。” 雅蘭床墊因其彈簧而聞名於世,這種彈簧由碳鋼製 成並經過高溫處理,極其堅固耐用,還帶有10年的 保修期。Lo說:“彈簧就像脊樑一樣。一張優質的 床必須配有優質的彈簧,這與彈簧的數量無關,重 要的是質量。” 女王尺寸床墊價格約為600加元至6,000加元 (第一夫人女王尺寸床墊,3,488加元)。

#110-6080 Russ Baker Way, Richmond BC | 604.247.1888




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Inspiration Furniture


Supreme Contemporary nspiration Furniture is Vancouver’ go-to source for contemporary, on-trend pieces. 2018 is all about texture, says store manager, Hesen Zhang.

Velvet furniture is irresistible - colourful, plush, inviting. Its association with mid-century classic furniture appeals to more mature clients, while its colourful options is very attractive to younger buyers. Velvet also naturally complements almost every other texture so it’ easy to introduce into existing decor. On the other end of the spectrum, ceramic’ cool, smooth texture is hot again. Ceramic emulates marble’ mottled patterns but requires far less maintenance (marble is porous and suceptible to staining and cracking). Beautiful and durable, ceramic is also considerably less expensive than marble, making it an ideal topper for dining and occasional tables.



果想在溫哥華尋找現代新潮的家居用品,那麼 Inspiration Furniture就是必去的傢具店。店面 經理Hesen Zhang預測,2018年將是注重質感 的一年。

天鵝絨傢具色彩鮮艷、富有絨感、吸引眼球,具有不可抗拒的魅 力。它與中世紀的古典傢具頗有淵源,吸引了更成熟的客戶,而其 豐富多彩的式樣也深深打動了年輕買家。天鵝絨可以搭配幾乎所有 其他紋理,所以它很容易融入現有的裝飾。 另外,陶瓷因其冰涼光滑的質地,再次受到熱捧。陶瓷可模仿大理 石呈現斑駁的花紋,但所需的維護大大減少(大理石是多孔材料, 容易染色和開裂)。陶瓷美觀而耐用,價格也比大理石便宜得多, 使其成為餐桌和其他桌子的理想選擇。

For those looking to balance tones and textures, glass and wood-mixed pieces provide a stunning combination - cool and warm, hard and soft. This look fits particularly well in Vancouver, with our modern glass highrises set against our lush, forested parks and mountains.

如果想要尋求色調和紋理之間的平衡,玻璃木質傢具是一個令人驚 艷的組合,它冷冽而溫暖,堅硬而柔軟。這個異材質的搭配特別具 有溫哥華特色,好似溫哥華摩登大廈的玻璃幕牆與鬱鬱蔥蔥的森林 公園、山脈遙相呼應。

1275 W 6th Ave, Vancouver | 604.730.1275 | /inspirationfurniture @InspirationBC




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Creative solutions you Can rely on. Furniture and design by Diane Leong of Paramount Furniture

13331 Vulcan Way Unit 10, Richmond, BC


CREATIVE S O L UTIO N S YO U C A N R ELY O N . 您可以依靠创造性的解决方案

WindowWorks被公認為加拿大西部定 製窗帘專家,其業務已超越國界,延伸 至香港、舊金山和達拉斯。 “我們與 很多高端住宅合作,通常客戶會將其第 二套或第三套房產也交由我們負責,”WindowWorks 總裁Terry Jorgensen說。


indowWorks is known as the custom window coverings experts in Western Canada but their projects extend as far as Hong Kong, San Francisco and Dallas. “We work with a lot of high-end homes so these are usually a [client’s] second or third property,” says Terry Jorgensen, president or WindowWorks.

他的客戶特別青睞全自動百葉窗和窗帘。 “有一些住宅 擁有60-70個窗戶,客戶可以通過Wi-Fi在世界任何地 方進行控制。即使屋主已經出門,這些房子看上去也像 是有人居住在內,安全性得到大大提高。客戶還能通過 Nest和Echo等系統界面來進行操作。” 對於小型和預算較少的項目,Jorgensen確信許多簡單 的方法仍能營造明顯的效果。與百葉窗相比,目前的趨 勢更偏愛皺褶窗帘。在圖案方面,正如時裝趨勢,現在 流行大型、大膽和花俏的設計。

His clients especially love the ability to automate operation of their blinds and curtains. “Some of these homes have 60-70 windows and they can all be controlled from anywhere around the world through Wi-Fi. It offers security so their home looks lived-in even when they’re away. They can interface with systems like Nest and Echo.” For those working on a smaller scale (and budget), Jorgensen assures that there are still plenty of simple ways to make a big impact. Trends currently favour drapery (vs. blinds) and, similar to what’s coming off the catwalks, patterns are big, bold and floral.

– SINCE 1987–

Unit 10 13331 Vulcan Way, Richmond | 604.231.1433 | /WindowWorksBC





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o realize your perfect outdoor space, Sun Gallery Patio Furniture has dozens of design lines, hundreds of products, and over 30 years experience, to make your dreams a reality.

By working closely with homeowners, suppliers, and the world’s top designers, Al Cameron and his staff have envisioned and furnished some of BC’s most prestigious residential and commercial properties. Whether the project is an intimate balcony, outdoor courtyard, or commercial patio at a restaurant, hotel, or golf course, know that Sun Gallery is your first and only stop.

建造夢寐以求的戶外空間,Sun Gallery Patio Furniture擁 有數十種設計方案、數百種產品和超過三十年的經驗,助 您夢想成真。

通過與房主、供應商和世界頂級設計師的緊密合作, Al Cameron及其員工設計並打造了卑詩省最負盛名的住宅和商業建築。不管 是私人陽台、戶外庭院,還是餐廳、酒店或高爾夫球場的露台,Sun Gallery 都會成為您最初和最優的選擇。



From their 6,000 square foot retail showroom in Tsawwassen Mills Mall, Sun Gallery offers elegant and functional pieces crafted out of all-weather wicker, teak, resin, cast aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. Accessorize your furniture with fire tables, umbrellas, outdoor carpets, and planters. Sun Gallery Patio Furniture designs and creates comfortable, well thought out areas that will beautifully complement any residential or commercial space.

在位於Tsawwassen Mills Mall 6000平方英尺的零售展廳內,Sun Gallery提供 各式優雅而實用的家居產品,可選的材質包括能應對各種氣候的柳條、柚木、 樹脂、鑄鋁、不鏽鋼和鐵材。除此之外,您還可選購燃氣火焰桌、遮陽傘、戶 外地毯和花盆等配飾以搭配傢具。 不管是住宅,還是商業空間,Sun Gallery Patio Furniture都能錦上添花,為之 設計打造舒適精緻的一隅。

Sun Gallery Patio Furniture Sales Tsawwassen Mills 313-5000 Canoe Pass Way, Tsawwassen | 604-382-4271 INDULGE



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eautiful from a distance, spectacular up close, and the musician still has yet to rest his practised and talented hands on the soft coloured, perfectly balanced keys. This was an experience in beauty and harmony. This, was the latest Fazioli, commissioned for Westbanks’ Fight For Beauty from the Fazioli factory in Sacile, an hour outside of Venice, Italy perfectly illustrating the philosophy of artistic collaboration by Ian Gillespie, president of Westbank Corporation. This recent commission, resting at the Fight for Beauty display presently at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, will eventually find itself in the latest iconic development Gillespie is building in Vancouver in his quest to make this jewel of a city as beautiful as its world-class surroundings.



看迷人,近看更美,鋼琴家熟練靈活的手指依然跳 躍在那柔軟的黑白琴鍵上。這是美麗與和諧的體 驗,是Fazioli最新款鋼琴帶來的。它從Fazioli位於意 大利薩奇萊(距威尼斯一個小時路程)的工廠來到 西岸置業“美.無止境”的展覽上,完美地詮釋了這 場由西岸置業總裁Lan Gillespie所發起的藝術跨界合作。現在,這架 美麗的鋼琴就立在位於Fairmont Pacific Rim酒店的展覽場上;最終, Gillespie正在溫哥華興建的最新藝術建築將成為它的新家。

Manuel Bernaschek, owner of Showcase Pianos in Richmond and Vancouver has been part of the driving force to create these beautiful once in a lifetime masterpieces, mesmerizing to hear and see. As the music forms, you cannot take your eyes off it, it is like a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies metamorphosizing into an instrument of ultimate perfection. Pearl white curves virtually swaying in your mind as the pianists hands dance over the keys to create a sound so unmatched as to leave an observing listener with the wholely anticipated feeling of warmth and awe. It must be simply what happens when “architect meets craftsman” of the highest levels of talent and inspiration. Showcase Pianos的老闆Manuel Bernaschek,也是這件一生難 得一見的藝術品誕生的推動力量之一。當音樂響起的時候,你無 法不目不轉睛地凝視它,它就像一個美麗的蝴蝶萬花筒,變幻成 一件完美的樂器瑰寶。當鋼琴家的雙手在琴鍵上舞蹈,它珍珠白 的玲瓏身影也飛舞在你的腦海中。它的聲音是那麼美,讓傾聽 者感受到無與倫比的溫暖與驚喜。這就是當“建築師遇到能工巧 匠”所產生的創意與才華最高級別的碰撞。

VANCOUVER 1128 W Broadway | 604.437.5161 RICHMOND Aberdeen Centre 3480-4151 Hazelbridge Way ACADEMY 604.270.8861 PIANO STORE 604.270.8883 | /Showcase.Pianos /FazioliCanada INDULGE






SOOTHED, SOUND & SATED Too Good To pass up

By Catherine Tse



NEw YOrk

The small buzzer on the table starts to vibrate and I quickly grab it, walking across the room to the service counter. I exchange my buzzer for a small tray topped with bowls of freshly steamed shrimp dumplings and fragrant dan dan noodles. My intentions were to have just a little snack before taking off but the delicate dumplings and chewy, saucy noodles are a rare treat in this environment; I place another. It’s a rookie mistake, filling up on lounge food before a flight with food service. But this is too good to pass up. I’m on my way to explore the new New York, so decide I’m justified in ordering seconds as means to explore an interesting new noodle bar. The 5, 500 square-foot lounge I am in opened up last year and as far as airport lounges go, is spectacular. It feels more like a well furnished home, with its bespoke chairs, Cherry wood walls, delicate glazed screens and enormous panoramic windows showcasing Vancouver’s mountains. It’s a very civilized way to spend a few hours before boarding.

全新的紐約之旅 桌子上的小蜂鳴器振動起來,我迅速抓住它,穿過房間走到服 務台。將蜂鳴器交還後,我領到一個小托盤,上面放着一碗新 鮮蒸制的蝦餃和香氣撲鼻的擔擔麵。我原本只是想在起飛之前 吃一點零食,但是在這個環境里,精緻的餃子和彈牙惹味的麵 條實在是難得的享受,所以我又點了一份。我犯了新手才會出 現的錯誤,那就是在航班起飛前,先在休息室內將肚子吃飽, 但是這裡的食物真是太美味了,讓我沒辦法錯過。 我正準備對紐約進行新一輪探索,這個5500平方英尺的休息室 於去年開放,在所有的機場休息室中,算是非常氣派的。這裡 像是一個傢具齊全的家,配有定製椅子、櫻桃木牆壁、精美的 玻璃屏幕和能看到溫哥華壯美山脈的全景窗戶。登機前在這裡 待上幾個小時也不為過。







Even with a flat bed and a nightcap from a Business Class drinks cart, short overnight flights are difficult. But landing in a new metropolis at the start of the day is glorious. Arriving at JFK Airport at 7am, the city’s energy is palpable as we drive through morning rush hour traffic and across the Brooklyn Bridge to arrive at the new Four Seasons Hotel in Lower Manhattan. A city that never sleeps, is a city in constant transformation. The historical resonance throughout Lower Manhattan is evident at every turn as cathedrals, monuments, skyscrapers - built centuries apart - mesh seamlessly into a cohesive cityscape. However, there’s no denying that the skyline has a new crown: the One World Trade Center. At Ground Zero now stands a collection of 9/11 landmarks: the One World Trade Centre (Freedom Tower), The Oculus, 9/11 Museum and 9/11 Memorial. First stop had to be the 9/11 Memorial, which features two massive, sunken waterfalls and reflecting pools, each about an acre in size and set within the footprints of the original Twin Towers, ensconced by a perimeter of over 400 white oak trees. The waterfalls empty into a seeming void, reflecting the absence of the 2,982 people no longer here. It’s a deeply healing, meditative space that was designed to convey a sense of hope and renewal. Do yourself a favour and spend a good amount of time here especially if you’re planning on visiting the 9/11 Museum. You’ll need the emotional preparation.

嶄新的一天登陸一個新的都會城市著實令人振奮。航班於上午 7點到達肯尼迪機場,當我們開車穿過早高峰時段的車流,駛 過布魯克林大橋,到達曼哈頓下城新的四季酒店時,我們真切 地感受到了這個城市所蘊含的能量。 這是一個不眠之城,也是一座不斷變革的城市。歷史的痕迹在 整個曼哈頓下城區隨處可見,諸如散布在各個角落的大教堂、 紀念碑和數世紀前建造的摩天大樓,它們已與城市景觀融為一 體。然而,不可否認的是,現在的天際線擁有了一個全新的王 冠:世界貿易中心一號樓(the One World Trade Center)。 現在的世貿中心擁有許多9/11標誌性建築:世界貿易中心一號 樓(自由塔)、Oculus車站、9/11博物館和9/11紀念館。我認 為旅行的第一站一定是9/11紀念館,原雙塔的區域內有兩個巨 大的下沉式瀑布和倒影池,每個大約佔地一英畝,周圍有400 多棵白色的橡樹。瀑布流水消失於空洞之中,象徵著2982人 的消逝。這是一個深度療愈、適合冥想的空間,傳達著希望和 重生的寓意。 我建議所有人在這裡待一會,特別是如果你打算參觀9/11博物 館,你可能需要做好情緒準備。




First class venues for all your event needs FOOD BURNABY 604-297-4883 Riverway Clubhouse

9001 Bill Fox Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5J3

Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse 7600 Halifax St, Burnaby, BC V5A 4H2

LOVE OF TRAVEL / 津津悠遊 Everybody told me the 9/11 Museum would be more intense and heartbreaking than I could possibly imagine, and they were right. The first exhibit I encountered was a sensory overload: recorded voices from that day - of horror and hopelessness - played as soundtrack against a rotation of images and text projected onto various surfaces, including staggered panels of a world map as a reminder of the global reach of the attacks. Starting in 2016, for the fifteenth anniversary, the museum moved beyond its role as historian and opened up its special exhibits gallery to host temporary art exhibits. They’re an emotional reprieve from the rest of the museum and introduce new perspectives to 9/11, including glimmers of optimism and peace. Walking over to The Oculus was further emotional relief, until I got closer to this odd and beautiful building. The curved white ribs running vertically along the exterior made me think of a giant whale. From afar and from inside, it’s gorgeous. But as I neared, something fascinating happened. The curved ribs made for overlapping curved shadows that became sharper as I got closer while my gaze was seemingly forced upwards. The effect was total discombobulation and I was immediately transported to Berlin where I had a similar experience walking through the Jewish Museum, which was deliberately designed in zig-zag formation with sloping floors in an attempt to keep visitors off balance as a physical reminder of the never-ending discomfort Holocaust prisoners endured. Was The Oculus designed with the same intent in mind? Inside, The Oculus is dizzying only due to its sheer grandeur and sweeping skylights. Part shopping mall, part exhibition gallery, part transportation hub, this expansive space opened just last year and is definitely worth exploring. Retail tenants are a mix of mid- and high-end, but definitely skew towards upscale (Zadig & Voltaire, Diane von Furstenberg, John Varvatos, etc.).






Diane von Furstenberg、John Varvatos等。

恐怖而絕望的音頻,看着滾動的圖像和投影到 各個平面上的文字,我還在多個界面看到標示 全球襲擊範圍的世界地圖。為了紀念9/11十五

The One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower, is now the country’s tallest skyscraper with “skypod” elevators whisking visitors 1,250 feet up to the observatory, revealing 360 degree views of the city. From this great height, it’s easy to figure out the five boroughs and was where a guide taught me a simple mnemonic for remembering the order of the three main bridges: “BMW” (from south to north) = Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg.


For an entirely different view, I went to Governors Island, possibly NYC’s best kept attractions secret. Most locals have never even heard of Governors Island - despite being smack in the middle of New York Harbour - let alone visited. This 172 acre island is a former military outpost (and played a role in the War of 1812) and is easily accessible by ferry from Brooklyn and Manhattan (seven-minute ride). It’s now a seasonal destination, with the season growing longer each year as new arts and cultural attractions and food services are added. From the island, I saw amazing views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and One World Trade Center.


及歷史知識,還開闢專門的展覽館以舉辦臨時 藝術展。這些展館緩解了參觀者的情緒,向他 們提供看待9/11的全新視角,並帶來樂觀與和 平的曙光。 走到Oculus車站時,我的情緒得到了進一步的 緩解,直到我接近這個奇特美麗的建築。建築 外部擁有朝上延伸的白色弧形肋骨,就像一條 巨大的鯨魚。遠眺或從由內向外看,這個建築 變化。彎曲的肋骨變得更加清晰、陰影重疊變 形,似乎迫使目光上移,產生了混亂的視覺效 果。我立即聯想到類似的經歷:柏林的猶太博 物館故意採用鋸齒形設計,傾斜的地板試圖使 遊客失去平衡,這都是為了直觀地表現大屠殺 囚犯遭受了永無止境的苦難。不知Oculus的設 計是否擁有相同的意圖。

世界貿易中心一號樓也被稱為自由塔,是美國 目前最高的摩天大樓。大樓配有“skypod” 電梯,讓遊客直達1,250英尺高的天文台,可 360度俯瞰城市景觀。 在這個高度,很容易 找到五個行政區。導遊教我一個記住三座主 要橋樑的簡單口訣:“BMW”,從南到北 依次就是布魯克林(Brooklyn)、曼哈頓( Manhattan)和威廉斯堡(Williamsburg)。 為了體驗完全不同的景觀,我去了總督島( Governors Island),這可能是紐約市最不為 人知的秘密景點。儘管總督島位於紐約港的中 心,但大多數當地人從來沒有聽說過該島,更 別說去過了。這個172英畝的島嶼是前軍事哨 所(並在1812年的戰爭中發揮作用),從布 魯克林和曼哈頓出發,乘坐7分鐘的渡輪就可 輕鬆到達。作為一個季節性旅遊目的地,隨着 新的藝術文化景點和食品服務的增加,總督島 每年的旅遊旺季都變得越來越長。在島上,我 欣賞了曼哈頓下城、自由女神像、布魯克林和 世界貿易中心一號樓的美景。

在Oculus內部,陡峭宏偉的結構和傾瀉而下的 日光令人目不暇接。這個廣闊的空間自去年開 放,由購物中心、展覽館和交通樞紐構成,絕




Golf Burnaby EnjoYYable Golf for EverYYone


Golf Burnaby, with its facilities nestled within the heart and spectacular natural beauty of the Lower Mainland, offers many of the luxuries experienced within a private club setting.

Burnaby Mountain Golf Course & Driving Range in North Burnaby

This popular golf course boasts natural tree lined and gentle rolling terrain offers blend of charm, character and serenity. 604-280-7355

Riverway Golf Course & Driving Range in South Burnaby

One of the premier golf courses in the area. With imaginatively designed links-style fairways, lined by sweeping mounds of wild fescue, this course has an array of white tan bunkers and water hazards that are strategically placed to make every shot exciting. 604-280-4653


Throughout the week, my home base was the new downtown Four Seasons Hotel (at the crossroads of Tribecca and the Financial District). From here, everything mentioned above was within easy walking distance, as were Brooklyn, Wall Street, New York Harbour, city hall and Chinatown. By the second or third time I returned to the hotel, it started to feel like home. This hotel features custom-designed room fragrances diffused throughout the property and while the scents were subtle, my scent-memory was strong. The ability to associate so quickly to home, an unknown space, truly helped anchor my busy, sometimes frenetic, trip in the kind of relaxation that comes from familiarity. But even this scent will change (five times a year, actually) because this is a city under constant transformation. It wouldn’t be New York any other way.

在紐約的一周里,我的大本營便是市中心新開的四季酒店 (位於特里貝克區和金融區的十字路口)。從這裡出發,上 述的景點都在步行距離之內,還可步行到達布魯克林、華爾 街、紐約港、市政廳和唐人街。 我再次回到酒店時,有一種 回家的感覺。我的香味記憶力很強,這家酒店擁有定製的房 間香氛,在整個酒店都能聞到淡淡的香氣。一個陌生的地方 如此迅速地能讓我聯想到家,確實幫我卸下了勞累和狂熱, 這種熟悉感讓我擁有了一段放鬆之旅。 但是酒店的香氣其實會改變(實際上是每年五次),因為紐 約是一個不斷變化的城市,否則她就不是紐約了。 欲了解更多信息,請訪問;




l ov e of tr avel / 津津悠遊

C h ina airlin es introduC es new


a350 liv er i ed ai r C r af t o n ta ipe i-vanCou v er r ou t e China Airlines is introducing the new Airbus A350 aircraft on the Taipei-Vancouver route from August onwards. The latest addition means that all North American destinations including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco will now be flown by new 777 or A350 aircraft, a new milestone for the NexGen strategy. China Airlines began introducing its new long-haul fleet of NexGen 777 and A350 passenger aircraft in 2014. All ten 777 aircraft have now been delivered while all fourteen A350 aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in 2018. China Airlines Chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho said that all European destinations including Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vienna and Rome are now flown by NexGen aircraft. In North America, Vancouver joins Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco on the list of destinations served by A350 as well. The latest move means that the last piece of the puzzle in China Airlines’ grand plan to operate NexGen aircraft for all North American destinations is now finally in place. To improve the quality of service for jet-setting passengers, China Airlines will begin operating the A350 passenger aircraft on the Taipei-Honolulu route from October 29, 2017 this year, as well as the Taipei-London and Taipei-Sydney route from December 1, 2017 onwards. The London route will have 4 flights a week while the Sydney route will be increased to 2 flights a day. Code-sharing with Sky Team and other partner airlines is also being used to improve the convenience of connecting flights. Travelers flying to Vancouver for example can continue on to Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Georgetown, Terrace and Victoria with Canada’s Westjet. The 8 inland Canadian destinations with 55 flights a week will strengthen the China Airlines network making it more attractive to business travelers and tourists. China Airlines’ new A350 passenger aircraft is configured for 306 seats. The three cabin classes are Premium Business (32 seats), Premium Economy (31 seats), and Economy (243 seats). The cul-

tured ambiance rooted in Oriental aesthetics enhanced by youthful stylish elements as well as cabin mood lighting that simulate natural surroundings will make travelers feel at home the moment they step aboard. Awards received by the China Airlines A350 since its launch include Japan’s Good Design Award which is one of the top 4 international design awards, “Best Business Class Seating” from the renowned U.S. travel magazine Global Traveler, as well as “The Design Air Readers Poll Awards 2016” and the “The Design Air Awards 2016” from the international aviation design website The Design Air. These reflect the praise and support of the industry and passengers.

中華航空台北-溫哥華航線自 8 月起啟用空中巴士A350 新機服務,加上 洛杉磯、紐約、舊金山等地,北美地區所有航點全部以777或A350新機飛 航,新世代客機布局邁向新的里程碑。 華航於 2014 年起陸續引進新世代客機777及A350,成為長程機隊主力機 種,其中10架777已完成交機,14架A350預計2018年交付完畢。華航董 事長何煖軒表示,華航歐洲航點包括法蘭克福、阿姆斯特丹、維也納及羅 馬等,已全部由新世代客機派飛;北美地區繼洛杉磯、紐約、舊金山之 後,溫哥華也以A350飛航擴大旅客服務範圍,此舉象徵華航新世代客機 執飛北美市場的最後一片拼圖正式完成。 華航為提供旅客穿梭各地更優質的服務,A350客機將於2017年10月29日 起執飛台北-檀香山,2017年12月1日起飛航台北-倫敦與台北-雪梨,其 中倫敦航線每周4班,雪梨增為每日 2 班往返。同時也與天合聯盟及其他 合作夥伴共用班號提升接駁便利性,例如前往溫哥華的旅客,可利用與加 拿大西捷航空延伸航段,轉接航班飛往卡加利、艾德蒙頓、多倫多、蒙特 婁、渥太華、喬治王子城、特勒斯、維多利亞等地,一共8個加拿大內陸 航點,每周55個航次,強化航網吸引更多商務與觀光客。 華航A350新機客艙配置共306席,包括32席豪華商務艙、31席豪華經 濟艙及243席經濟艙三艙等,東方美學為底蘊的人文空間加入年輕時 尚的設計元素,以及模擬自然光景的情境燈光,讓旅客踏上旅途那一 刻,體會如同家一般自在氛圍。華航A350推出後榮獲四大指標性設計 大獎之一的日本Good Design Award,美國知名旅遊雜誌《環旅世界》 (Global Traveler)「最佳商務艙座椅設計」、與知名國際航空設計評鑑 TheDesignAir「2016讀者年度票選大獎」、「2016 航空設計大賞」等獎 項,深獲業界與旅客肯定與讚賞。

L OV E OF TR AVEL / 津津悠遊



n the hearts of Kerrisdale and Richmond City Centre, Forero’s Bags and Luggage is a feast for travelers seeking top-of-theline and high quality products for everyone from the occasional traveller, to those whose business keeps them on the go all year round.

In 2010, Mabel Forero opened the doors of her business in Kerrisdale with the help of family and friends, watching it grow a reputation for quality products and customer service. The experience was intensely gratifying and in 2016, Forero’s expanded its operations to the emerging bustle of CF Richmond Centre. Forero’s is proud to carry the top lines from brands such as Rimowa, Tumi, Samsonite, Delsey, and Briggs & Riley, hailing from around the world. The top-seller at Forero’s is Rimowa, a superstar in the travel world, setting the standard for lightweight, hardside luggage. By incorporating intelligent details, durable zippers, and the best wheel and handle systems, Rimowa strives to make travel comfortable, effortless, and fun. The Rimowa Electronic Tag allows travellers to use their smartphone to check in their ‘smart’ bag from the convenience of their own homes. Aimed to replace the typical paper tag, the digital screen is integrated into the side of the suitcase and allows the airline to display the tag directly on the bag. This new technology will allow travelers to check in with the tap of a button, letting them bypass the check-in line to enjoy their trip sooner.

於Kerrisdale心臟地帶的 Forero’ s Bags and Luggage是 追求頂級和高品質產品人士的天堂,無論是旅客,又或 者是經常出差的人士,在這裡都能找到合意的產品。 2010 年,Mabel Forero與身邊的親朋好友開設了這盤新

生意,看著它日漸壯大,並贏取了發售優質產品與提供細緻客戶服務的良好 信譽,感到非常有滿足感。2016年,Forero’ s擴充營業並於列治文中心開設 第二分店,同樣大受顧客擁戴。 Forero’s一向以其齊備的世界頂級品牌而著名,並以發售獲高度評價的產品 系列為榮,有售的品牌包括Rimowa、Tumi、Samsonite、Delsey 及 Briggs & Riley等。 Forero’ s 的皇牌暢銷產品,非行李界的超級巨星Rimowa 莫屬。品牌大大提 升了硬身輕便行李箱的質量標準,探用了最佳的滑輪及把手系統、最堅固的 拉鏈,並融入智能細節,Rimowa 致力令旅遊更簡便,更舒適。 Rimowa的電子行李標籤讓旅客可以安坐家中使用智能手機辦理 “智能” 行 李箱托運手續。透過數碼科技,電子行李標籤直接與置於行李箱的版面連 接,取代由機場發出的紙質標貼,提供數碼行李標籤,上面載有乘客所預訂 的航班日期。



Another luggage powerhouse is Tumi, offering rugged, utilitarian, perfectly organized suitcases and travel bags. The Tumi V3 and 19 Degree lines are ideal for longer business or leisure trips, or luggage sharing. Samsonite caters to the sophisticated traveller who wants a bag that is durable and roomy, but that also matches their own sense of style. One example of this is the Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX, a chic, deluxe suitcase collection that accents the sleek shimmer of its polypropylene shell with leather trim and stitching in a warm caramel colour. This highly stylish, extremely lightweight case also comes with the option of an interior organization system. Those who prefer soft-side luggage will adore the Briggs & Riley cabin bags in rich merlot, olive, black, and slate, and their compact totes for daytrips or casual shopping. For rugged every-day backpacks in colours to meet any style, look to Jansport, a customer favourite. The more business-oriented should look no further than Derek Alexander for smart and sophisticated organizers, wallets, and bags. Practical and stylish leather accessories are Osgoode Marleys’ specialty, coming in various luxurious colours and finishes, as well as those from Mancini. Whether preparing for a vacation, business trips, world-travel, or just a new accessory for your favourite outfit, Forero’s is the place to be. Expert staff are ready to answer any questions in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, and Spanish. Whether you prefer four wheels, two wheels, or no wheels, Forero’s will do their very best to provide you with great value and service for every step of your journey, no matter where life may take you.

Tumi提供的專業旅行袋,非常堅固而且實用,尺寸適中,能容納手提電腦、相機及流動辦公室。 Tumi V3 和19 Degree系列最適合較長的商務出差或休閒旅遊,或二人結伴旅行時使用。 Samsonite為資深的旅客提供耐用、收納容量大,並能同時延伸個人風格的行李箱。例如Samsonite Lite Cube系列為一款奢華行李箱,金屬鋁製外殼飾以太妃色皮革及針部,是一款時尚、超輕身的行李 箱,另有內置分類間隔系統選項。 對於喜歡軟身行李箱的朋友,Briggs & Riley的酒紅、橄 欖、黑色和灰藍色手提行李袋,以及適合日常購物或短程 旅遊使用的大肩背包定能討您歡心。 至於適合日常使用的旅行背包、手袋或其他時尚與多用 途的款式,Jansport備有齊全的選擇,有不同的圖案和尺 寸,色彩鮮明;另有商務型的Derek Alexander時髦間隔行 李箱,亦有入時且實用的Osgoode Marley皮革配飾。 無論您正為悠閒假期作準備、籌備海外婚禮、到世界各 地深度遊歷,或者在最後一分鐘選購 “那最重要” 的單 品,或者選購日常所需的包,Forero’s 資深的職員能以英 語、廣東話、國語、法語及西班牙語解答顧客的疑問。 無論您喜歡四個滑輪、兩個滑輪或沒有滑輪,Forero’ s將 致力助您選擇最合適的方案,並在過程中的每一步,為您 提供物超所值的服務與產品。

KERRISDALE: 2186K West Minoru E R R I 41st S D AAve L E Vancouver • 2 1 8 6 W| E604.569.2020 S T 4 1 S T A V•ERICHMOND , V A N C O UCENTRE: V E R B C2102-6060 , V6M 1Z8 • 6 0 4Blvd 5 6Richmond 9 2 0 2 0 | 604.284.2024 R I C H M O N D C E N T R E • 2 1 0 2 - 6 0 6 0 M I N O R U B L V D , /forerosbagsandluggage RICHMOND BC, V6Y 2BC • 604 284 2024




Owned & Operated by the Lummi Nation • I-5 Exit 260 • Ferndale, WA

L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動

a timeline of success


hether it is the irresistible lure of power and speed, the desire to own a legendary marque, or the safety and comfort of family that guides your decision, Dilawri will place you behind the wheel of the vehicle that is perfect for you. “It is the goal of our sales team to provide customer service excellence to everyone who walks into a Dilawri dealership. Understanding the unique needs of each customer and delivering the best choice based on those needs is at the heart of the Dilawri difference,” says Brad Laviolette, Regional Marketing Manager

可抗拒力量與速度的誘惑,或是渴望擁有傳 奇品牌,亦或是為了家庭做出安全舒適的選 擇,Dilawri都會助您找到完美的座駕。

“我們銷售團隊的目標是向所有光臨Dilawri的人提供卓越的客戶 服務。了解每個客戶獨特的需求並根據這些需求提供最佳選擇便是

As a leader in the automotive industry, Dilawri Group of Companies is Canada’s largest automotive group operating 64 franchised dealerships from British Columbia to Quebec, staffed with 3,500 employees, all offering new and pre-owned luxury vehicles. The company is respected in all areas of business for their continuous innovation, the development and operation of state-of-the-art automotive dealerships, and unsurpassed customer service.

Dilawri出眾服務的核心”,區域市場經理Brad Laviolette表示。

With 18 of their franchised dealerships in BC, Dilawri offers an incredible range of vehicles and all locations have dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians that will ensure your auto shopping experience is fun, easy, and financially advantageous.


Enjoy the benefits of the Dilawri Rewards program with your purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle. Simple and easy to get rewarded, program membership comes standard with every vehicle purchase and the rewards can be used at all Dilawri locations across Canada.


Dilawri Group of Companies is not only a leader in the automotive industry, is they are also a leader in the communities in which they serve. In 2002, founders Tony, Kap, and Ajay Dilawri established The Dilawri Foundation with the vision of making positive change in the areas of healthcare, medical research, and family services. The Dilawri Foundation is proud to have contributed tens of millions of dollars throughout Canada supporting a variety of charitable causes and touching the lives of thousands.

基 金 會 , 希 望 在 醫 療 保 健 、 醫 學 研究 和 家 庭 服 務 領 域 取 得 積 極 變

“Not only is Dilawri committed to offering world class products and customer service, we are also dedicated to giving back to our communities across Canada.” Laviolette shares, “The philanthropic culture is evident in our dealerships and through the many local and national charities which we support.”


作為汽車行業的領導者,Dilawri公司集團是加拿大最大的汽車集團, 從卑詩省到魁北克省,Dilawri共擁有64家特許經銷商及3500名員工, 所有經銷商均提供全新及二手豪華座駕。公司因不斷創新開發、管理 運營最先進的汽車經銷店、提供無與倫比的客戶服務,在各個領域都 備受尊重。 驚艷。所有Dilawri經銷商都有專門的銷售人員和最專業的技術人員, 以確保有趣、方便且實惠的汽車購物體驗。 在購買新車或二手車時,您可享受Dilawri Rewards計劃帶來的福利。 標準獲得獎勵積分,並能在加拿大各地的Dilawri經銷商處兌換。 Dilawri集團公司不僅是汽車行業的領導者,還是他們所服務社區的 佼佼者。2002年,創始人Tony、Kap和Ajay


革。Dilawri基金會為在加拿大貢獻數千萬元、支持多樣的慈善事業、 影響觸動數千人的生活,而感到自豪。 “Dilawri不僅致力於提供世界一流的產品和客戶服務,我們還致力於 回饋加拿大各地的社區。”Laviolette分享道:“在Dilawri經銷商及眾 多我們支持的本地、國家慈善機構中,慈善文化是顯而易見的。” 當您走進Dilawri經銷店時,要記得正是這種熱情促使彼此朝着終生忠

Know that when you walk into any of the Dilawri’s dealerships, it is this passion that forges the first step in building a life-long relationship.




L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動



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L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動

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L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動



AnnuAl suMMeR Meet Docksteader Subaru




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luxuRy CAR suPeRCAR WeekenD Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

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l u xury dr ive / 豪邁驅動


BMW i8 The BMW i8 is the most progressive sports car on the market. This plug in hybrid deliver an entirely new concept with lightweight construction with carbon and aerodynamic design. This car brings together electric innovation with combustion technologies. The result is an extraordinary driving experience.

BMW i8是市面上最前衛的跑車。這部 插電的 混合動力車輛,揉合碳與空氣動力的全新設計 概念,呈現輕巧結構。帶出創新的電子揉合燃 耗科技,結果是卓越非凡的駕駛體驗。


rian Jessel BMW, with their new car location at Boundary and Lougheed and their Pre-Owned location at 1515 Boundary Rd, is Vancouver’s first choice, when selecting a BMW. For over 30 years, Brian Jessel BMW has specialized in large inventory selection and is open seven days a week. Our service departments include: comfortable customer lounges, complete with snacks, coffee bar, TV and fireplace. Our lifestyle store offers the latest in BMW fashion and accessories for you and your BMW. Whether you are considering a new BMW or a pre-owned BMW, you can expect that special “Brian Jessel BMW Service” that is, second to none.

Brian Jessel BMW全新汽車銷售中心位於Boundary及Lougheed交 界,而二手汽車銷售中心則位於1515 Boundary Road。當您選擇 BMW時,這便是溫哥華的BMW所在。今年是Brian Jessel慶祝30週 年紀念,我們特別精選大量的車款,一星期七天恭候您的光臨。我 們的客戶服務部的舒適豪華休息室,設有壁爐和咖啡吧、電視和點 心。我們的時尚生活商店內,有BMW最趨時的產品及配置,適合您 和您全新或二手的BMW。無論您是購買全新或二手的BMW,您都 會享受到Brian Jessel無與倫比的特別服務。 選擇Brian Jessel BMW,皆因它所提供的服務、價值以及選擇。30 年來始終如一。請光臨參觀選購。

Choose Brian Jessel BMW for the SERVICE, the VALUE and the SELECTION. It’s been that way for over 30 years. Visit Us Today!

BRIAN JESSEL BMW 獨一無二的 2311 Boundary Road, Vancouver | 604.222.7788 | /brianjesselbmw







L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動

2018 Lexus LC500 and LC500h Discover the exceptional 2018 LC500 and 500h! Sharply-angled sheetmetal and a meshed grille hint at a serious performance car, and the LC delivers. Under the hood beats a 471-hp 5.0-liter V-8 driving the rear wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission. A LC500h hybrid with 354 hp is also available. Our award-winning OpenRoad team has been serving Lexus owners for over 20 years and remain committed to providing you with quality Lexus experience. Visit us at the Richmond Auto Mall today!

2018 雷克薩斯LC500 和LC500h 快來體驗非凡的 2018 LC500 和500h!LC型號性能卓越,配備棱角分明的金 屬片及網狀水箱護罩,引擎蓋下是471 匹馬力、5.0升V-8後驅引擎及10-速 自動變速箱。另有354 匹馬力的LC500h 全混合動力型號可供選擇。 我們的獲獎團隊服務雷克薩斯車主超過 20年,致力為您提供優質的雷克薩斯 產品體驗。請親臨我們位於列治文汽車城的陳列室!


t OpenRoad Lexus Richmond, we are here to provide you with the very best Lexus experience. We have been the #1 volume Lexus retailer in B.C. every year since 1991.

Why is this important? Because it means that we have the best selection of Lexus vehicles to serve your needs.

治文雷克薩斯 (OpenRoad Lexus Richmond) 為您提供最佳 的雷克薩斯汽車體驗。自1991年起,我們每年都是卑詩省 雷克薩斯銷售量第一的零售車行。 這有什麼重要性?因為這代表了我們有最佳的雷克薩斯車 款供您選擇,定能滿足您的需求。

Our two-storey 69,000 sq-foot luxury dealership in the Richmond Auto Mall is designed to capture the spirit of Lexus with OpenRoad Auto Group flair.

我們兩層共69,000 平方英尺的豪華經銷店面位於列治文汽車城 (Richmond

Avoid the Pacific Northwest weather and shop in comfort in one of the largest indoor Lexus showrooms! Enjoy our numerous amenities including our Lexus Café and our VIP guest lounge while your Lexus is serviced in our 28 vehicle Lexus Service Lab.




Auto Mall),其設計旨在透過OpenRoad Auto Group的風格把雷克薩斯的精神 呈現。 太平洋西北氣候!此外,當您的雷克薩斯座駕在我們可容納28 部汽車的服務 室進行例行保養時,您可以享用眾多的貼心設施,包括雷克薩斯咖啡廳以及 貴賓休息室。

5631 Parkwood Way (Richmond Auto Mall) | 604.273.5533





L U XURY DR IVE / 豪邁驅動


penRoad Audi Boundary is the largest in Western Canada. Whatever your needs are, be it an SUV, sedan, coupe, or convertible, we have the best selection available!

Located on at the corner of Boundary Road and Lougheed Highway in Burnaby, our 113,000 sq-ft, fourstorey features an expansive showrooms with space for up to 68 new and pre-owned vehicles, allowing you to stay out of the rainy Pacific Northwest weather. OpenRoad Audi Boundary also features a state-of-the-art service centre with 24 high tech service bays. To get you on your way as quickly and comfortably as possible, we employ multilingual staff that provide you with the best quality service possible. Finally, OpenRoad Audi Boundary also indulges you with fast Wi-Fi, gourmet coffees, and pastries at our two customer lounges. Come visit us today, or visit!



溫哥華奧迪 (OpenRoad Audi Boundary) 是加西規模最大 的奧迪車行。無論您的要求為何,四驅、房車、兩門或開 薘,我們都有最佳的選擇! 位於本那比Boundary Road 與Lougheed Highway 交界,我 們113,000 平方英尺共四層的陳列室開闊寬敞,能同時容納

最多 68部全新及二手汽車,讓您避開太平洋西北的多雨氣候。 溫哥華奧迪的另一特色是其先進的服務中心,內有24個高科技服務站。為使 服務更快捷、更舒適完善,我們僱用會說多國語言的員工,致力為您提供最 佳的服務。 最後,溫哥華奧迪的陳列室有兩個客戶休息室,內有高速Wi-Fi、精選咖啡與 甜點供您享用。請即親臨參觀或上網!

2018 Audi A6 Quattro / Audi A7 Quattro

2018 奧迪A6 Quattro / 奧迪 A7 Quattro

If you’re looking to indulge at our OpenRoad Audi Boundary, start with the handsome Audi A6, or stunning A7 Sportback, both with Audi’s famed Quattro all-wheel-drive.


Sharply creased bodywork and a refined cabin make the A6 a well-tailored sedan option. The fastback roofline gives the A7 both flair and hatchback practicality while its luxury cabin pampers.


Sportback入手,兩者皆為奧迪著名的Quattro全時四驅車。 車身的動感線條勾勒出分明的輪廓,車箱內飾精緻,令A6成為量身訂製房車之 供舒適的乘坐享受。

3701 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby | 604.293.2834






Life at its finest River Green waterfront luxury community

因為珍視所以矜貴 RiveR GReen 豪華水畔社區


he waterfront lifestyle at the River Green Community is one based on a vision to create something unique which, until now, has not been available in Richmond. The River Green development is located along the tranquil Fraser River in a serene natural environment with unobstructed views facing the snow-capped North Shore Mountains. Built along expansive landscapes, water features and parklands, this is where residences provide a sought-after level of sophisticated living. Aspac Developments began with Vancouver’s revitalization of Coal Harbour and its reputation as a world-class developer has continued to be unsurpassed. After having successfully transformed Coal Harbour into one of the most prestigious waterfront neighbourhoods in the world, Aspac continues the legacy of excellence by developing another world-class community at River Green in Richmond.


iver Green 社區為列治文提供了前所未有的水 濱生活方式,實現了建立之初的願景與渴望。 該社區位於菲莎河悠靜的一側,置身寧靜的自

然環境,將面前寬闊的河流和白雪皚皚的北岸群山一覽無遺。 這是加拿大最重要的水濱開發項目,毗鄰廣闊的景觀和綠地。 對於渴望體驗精緻生活的居民來說,這是他們一直夢寐以求的 家園。 Aspac Developments 的開發項目始於溫哥華高豪港 (Coal Harbour),這個世界級的傳世項目在業界的地位依然無人能 及。在開創蜚聲國際的高豪港住宅群後,Aspac 將香港新鴻基 地產主要股東郭氏家族強大的房地產背景、專業技術和成功經 驗傳承於另一個世界級的社區 ── River Green。





The Towers in the River Green development are located on 27-acres of property along 1.1 kilometres of waterfront trail, spanning the entire length of the community.

River Green 的水岸豪邸坐落於 27 英畝的土地上,獨佔 1.1 公里

The graceful design elements have created an elegant architectural skyline that blend seamlessly with the signature water gardens. Each tower has direct access to the dike path, parks and lush green spaces with public art for all to enjoy. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the opportunity to fish and boat on the public pier and floating dock is also available.

通過預先整體規劃,Aspac 全面的設施最大限度地提高了社區的

的水濱長廊,並享有五星級物業設施。延續高豪港開發案的成功 篇章,享譽全球的開發商 Aspac 將一貫的高品質帶入列治文。 宜居性。Aspac 預估這些設施將成功吸引家庭入駐,居民除了能 享受這個水濱社區,更能享受無憂無慮的生活方式。 源於開發案的精巧設計,庭園緩緩流水完美呼應了優雅天際線。 每座 River Green 華廈都與樹蔭小徑、公園及鬱鬱蔥蔥的綠地相 連,周邊設有可供觀賞、放鬆的公共藝術作品。居民還可以於水 濱的公眾碼頭享受釣魚及划船等戶外活動。







The community’s latest development – 2 River Green at 6688 Pearson Way offers luxury homes ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms, to two-level penthouses and garden homes. Each home is equipped with air conditioning, nine-foot ceilings, exclusive to River Green – Italian kitchens designed by Cesar as well as a state of the art Miele appliance package including fully concealed Miele refrigerator, stainless steel gas cooktop, convection oven and custom integrated multi-function dishwasher. To further enhance the living experience, the Beolink gateway system by Bang & Olufsen provides a full integration of a smart home, giving you more time and freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your home. BeoLink Gateway



River Green 社區最新一期項目2 River Green 6688 Pearson Way 的 戶型由一睡房到雙層的頂樓及花園城市屋,每戶都配置冷暖空調、至少 9 英呎的層高、頂級意大利 Cesar 櫥櫃、全套先進的德國 Miele 廚房家 電包括嵌入式冰箱、天然氣灶台、對流烤箱和多功能洗碗機。同時也與 世界知名品牌 Bang & Olufsen 合作,於 2 River Green 6688 Pearson Way 每個單位裝豪華智能家居系統,引領加拿大房地產項目的新指標, 為主提供最舒適的豪華無憂生活。





With 24-hour concierge to ensure highest level of personal service and security, as well as a private shuttle bus to connect residents to Canada Line stations, peace of mind and convenience are both attainable.

River Green 樓盤內的每座大樓都配有專業的 24 小時禮賓接

The residents can also enjoy an array of exclusive 5-star amenities including a full length lap pool with whirlpool, sauna and steam room, a fully equipped fitness centre, a large, functional club room, yoga / dance room, study / meeting rooms as well as an arts and crafts room plus music room.

River Green 住戶專享五星級物業設施,奢華體驗延伸至生活

Moreover, residents will be invited to join the Aspac Club which offers exceptional purchasing benefits, services and privileges from our Lifestyle Partners.


Richmond is continuing to lead the way in Greater Vancouver as one of the fastest growing, greenest, most well-managed and livable cities in Canada. River Green was awarded the Best Master Planned Community by the Urban Development Institute in 2014 and it is not only changing the City Centre but also the very essence of the city.


The River Green Community is a development of unprecedented luxury and opulence. It is a legendary community designed to elevate today’s lifestyle and that of future generations.



待服務、嚴密的安保系統監控兩層地下停車場,以確保住宅 安全。River Green 還為業主提供直達至交通樞紐的專屬穿梭 巴士。 中的每個細節。物業設施包括一個設備齊全的 25 米游泳池, 臨近有桑拿房和蒸汽房、健身中心、檯球室、音樂室和宴會 廳。此外,社區業主將自動成為 Aspac Club 的會員,可在一 系列合作夥伴處享受優惠、服務和尊貴特權。 善、最宜居的加拿大城市之一。 River Green 於 2014 年被城 市發展協會(Urban Development Institute )授予“最佳總體 表彰。 River Green 開發案彰顯了前所未有的奢華尊貴,是一個旨在 提升今天和後代生活品質的傳奇社區。

River Green Presentation Centre, 5111 Hollybridge Way, Richmond BC | 604.233.2633 | /Rivergreencommunity /

Illustration reflects artist’s interpretation of the product and may be noticeably different than what is depicted. This advertisement is not an offering for sale. Such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. E. & O. E.




An idyllic setting like no other. Located in Vancouver Westside, McCleery & Magee is a prestigious collection of 8 semi-custom ďŹ ve bedroom single family homes surrounded by a unique fusion of equestrian country charm, luxurious estate homes, and urban conveniences.


OR C AL L 604 .2 55.3 838



Sales & Marketing by Icon Marketing Inc. This is not an offering for sale. The developer reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein. E.& O.E.

n e w d evel o p ments / 高 端 住 宅

Southlands 罕有顯赫府第 系出名門

Relax in McCleery & Magee’s master ensuite oasis featuring a Victoria + Albert free standing soaker tub with satin brass faucets, convenient double-vanity with custom cabinetry, finished with traditional white marble flooring and floor-to-ceiling marble surround.


he prestigious collection of eight single-family estates comprising the new McCleery & Magee development by TCD Group is Vancouver’s last subdivision, and represents an unprecedented opportunity for homeowners to experience the freedom of a simpler, quieter life-style – one that is alive and available in Southlands.

McCleery & Magee’s five bedroom estates offer homeowners a custom home experience second to none. TCD Group Partner Rob Chetner says, “We appreciate the enormous popularity of custom-built homes, and we’ve used our expertise to give each McCleery & Magee home a distinct, customized appeal – saving buyers the time, money and hassles associated with building a custom home. Owners also have the opportunity of observing how the homes are constructed, to understand how quality drives every aspect of the process.”

貴顯赫的八間極品豪宅,座落溫哥華最後一個豪華小 區,由著名發展商TCD集團策劃興建的 McCleery  &  Magee 項目,為置業人士在優美怡人的Southlands 社區享有清幽寧謐,閒逸舒泰的生活。

McCleery & Magee的貴族府第全部為五睡房住宅,設計匠心獨運,鉅 細無遺,為置業人士提供罕有的選擇。TCD集團合夥人Rob  Chetner表 示:“我們了解到市場對定制設計的房子趨之若鶩,而這正是我們的專 長,每間McCleery & Magee的華宅都與眾不同,反映屋主獨特的風格和 品味,置業人士無需花大量時間和精神自行找建築商設計和建造房子。 選購McCleery & Magee的房子,他們可以觀察整個建築過程,清楚了解 我們如何以最優質的建材及最優秀的人才,為他們打造夢想之居。 ”




n ew dev e l opm ent s / 高端住宅

The architecture at McCleery & Magee fits with the heritage and history of the Southlands area yet boasts modern elements. Designed by Peter Rose Architecture + Interiors.

Building a home requires seamless communication and meticulously collaboration between numerous contractors. Homeowners at McCleery & Magee are assured that their home is in the hands of the best team: custom home architect Peter Rose of Peter Rose Architecture, industry-leading construction team TC Construction, and award-winning interior designer Karin Bohn of House of Bohn – all led by an experienced and quality-driven developer, TCD Group, with over 20 years of experience on the Westside of Vancouver. Each contemporary craftsman-style estate is unique with its own architectural appeal and exclusive floorplan design tailored to different lifestyle needs. McCleery & Magee is an additional masterpiece to TCD Group’s vast portfolio of custom homes on the Vancouver Westside.

建造房屋需要與大量承包商妥善配合和溝通。在McCleery  &  Magee 置業大可放心,因為這裡匯聚最卓越的專責團隊,負責不同範疇:專 門設計定制豪宅的建築師Peter  Rose  Architecture的  Peter  Rose;業 內首屈一指的建築團隊TC  Construction,以及屢獲殊榮的House  of  Bohn  室內設計師Karin  Bohn。而整體的領導和統籌則由享負盛名的 TCD集團負責,這集團在溫哥華西區擁有超過20年的豐富經驗,一向 以質量贏盡口碑。 匠心獨運,巧奪天工的McCleery & Magee豪宅,在建築上充滿美學藝 術,加上獨特的佈局設計,配合不同生活風格。McCleery & Magee為 TCD集團在溫哥華西區創建的名門系列再添精彩傑作。

Karin Bohn of House of Bohn at McCleery & Magee sales gallery.



Winning Best Vietnamese Restaurant in 2017, Anh + Chi is a vibrant, cultured hip hub to eat, drink, and connect. Interior designed by House of Bohn.

All estates at McCleery & Magee feature a dedicated space for a customizable wine cellar. Designed by House of Bohn.

Leading the McCleery & Magee’s interior design is Karin Bohn of House of Bohn, an innovative firm with a successful portfolio both internationally and locally. She is the Georgie Award Finalist and Winner for multiple projects and one of her recent masterpieces include one of Canada’s most expensive penthouse at Three Harbour Green in Coal Harbour. Karin’s interior design success expands beyond premium private residences. Frequently seen in the media spotlight are Virtuous Pie, Anh + Chi, Q Shi Q, Supernova Salon and Spin Society, just to name a few. Her cutting edge creativity is not only perfectly exemplified in every McCleery & Magee estate but also in every corner of the development’s sales gallery. From the beautiful entryway marble inlay to parquet hardwood flooring reminiscent of a European ballroom with 5-tier statement chandelier above, the gallery gives aspiring homeowners a luxurious yet relaxed purchasing experience.

McCleery  &  Magee的室內設計師是House  of  Bohn的Karin  Bohn,在業內 居領導地位,在國際和本地都有傑出的作品,享譽設計界。她的作品屢獲殊 榮,當中包括Georgie  Award入圍及其他多個獎項,近期傑作包括  加拿大最 昂貴的頂層單位  —  位於Coal  Harbour的Three  Harbour  Green。Karin的室內 設計成就超越高尚私人住宅的範疇,廣受媒體報導的還有Virtuous  Pie、Anh  + Chi、Q Shi Q、Supernova Salon 及 Spin Society 等。她的尖端創意不僅在  McCleery&Magee豪宅中完美體現,即使在展銷中心的每一細節,都表露無 遺。從雲石鑲飾的入口通道,至硬木鑲格地板,配合五層華麗吊燈,令人想 起歐洲昔日的豪華貴賓廳,令前來參觀的置業人士體驗豪華舒適的選購環境。

Q Shi Q offers a modern twist on traditional Japanese kushiyaki. Interior designed by House of Bohn.

One of Canada’s most expensive penthouses: Three Harbour Green, Coal Harbour. Interior designed by House of Bohn.

McCleery & Magee is now previewing. Please visit for more information or call 604.255.3838 for inquiries. Sales Gallery located at 3 - 1151 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver McCleery&Magee現已開始優先預覽。詳情請瀏覽 或致電604.255.3838查詢。  McCleery & Magee 展示中心位於 3 - 1151 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver  Sales and Marketing by Icon Marketing Inc. This is not an offering for sale. The developer reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein. E.&O.E





FREE EXHIBITION FREE EXHIBITION on the fights that build cities and culture on the fights that build cities and culture OPEN DAILY OPEN DAILY OCT 14 — DEC 17 OCT 14 — DEC 17 at the Fairmont Pacific Rim at the Fairmont Pacific Rim FIGHTFORBEAUTY.CA FIGHTFORBEAUTY.CA

美 · 无 止 境

一 个 城 市的文化 求 索 細 節 打造 城 市與 文代 大 型 展 覽 1 0月7日-1 2月131日 7日 周日至 周 四 上午11 時 - 5 時 周五 及 周六 上午11 時 - 8 時

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一 个 城 市 的文化 求 索


As if by design, Nate Burkus’ noted career was well established when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2002. The rest is history. She projected his expertise… audiences across the world saw his personal magic and professional genius. Medina meets World Class Design. Culmination of setting precedent, provoking impact. Propelling us forward: ‘4 segment stone parasol’ interior court. Gallery surfaces for a considered collection; Leather~wrap and concrete basinpedestal; Milk glass and nickel; Raw oak juxtaposed against Herringbone. Cashmere walled Master Suite; Culinary fusion: metals, stone, high polish planes, slab marble, subway tile. ‘Tony interior’ screening room. A Theatre of exquisite grounds.


WENDY M LISTER OFFERED FOR $7,560,000 425-283-8858 - COLDWELL BANKER Bain GLOBAl LUXURY 美国房产经纪人Wendy Distinguished by the Wall Street Journal ~ In Nation’s Top 250 Coldwell Banker Previews ~ International Luxury Ambassador Th e i n fo r m at i o n co n t a i n e d h e re i n h a s be e n o b t a i n e d t h ro u g h s o u rces d e e m e d re l i a b l e b u t ca n n o t be g u a ra n t e e d a s t o i t s acc u rac y . A n y i n fo r m at i o n o f s pe c i a l i n t e res t s h o u l d be o b t a i n e d t h ro u g h i n d e pe n d e n t ve r i fi cat i o n .

7 $2.7 Million cash Grand Prize choices including




eLgIN eStateS

SOrreNtO eaSt

OceaN park

Pinnacle living aT caPSTan village, #614-3333 SexSmiTH road, ricHmond

3078 144TH ST, SouTH Surrey

1569 130TH ST, SouTH Surrey

NOW OpeN daILY 11aM-5pM

NOW OpeN daILY 11aM-5pM

Worth over $3.3 MILLION

Worth over $3 MILLION


#2201 1618 Quebec STreeT, vancouver + #610 38013 THird avenue, SQuamiSH Not open for viewing

Not open for viewing


OkaNagaN LIfe


ParaDise esTaTes #10 – 3745 WesT Bay rD, WesT keLoWna

SookePoinT ocean coTTageS reSorT, Sooke SurfSide yacHT SuiTe #31e

Worth over $3 MILLION

Worth over $3 MILLION

OpeN tueSdaY tO thurSdaY 1-5 pM

Not open for viewing

hOuRs subjEcT TO changE. nO TickET saLEs aT This LOcaTiOn.

50/50 jackpot can grow to over


Worth over $3 MILLION


VaNcOuVer + SquaMISh

Worth over $2.9 MILLION


$2.2 MILLION! 604-602-5848 | 1-888-445-5825 TOLL FREE

Winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

63 Days of Winning WORTh OVER


Buy Early, Win More!



TickeTs 1 for $100 | 2 for $175 | 3 for $250 | 8 for $500 50/50 PLUs™ 2 fOR $15 | 6 fOR $30 | 16 fOR $60 DaiLy cash PLUs™ 1 for $20 | 3 for $40

Chances are 1 in 117,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize.

BC Gaming Event Licence #98921

Chances are 1 in 482,000 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 prize. Chances are 1 in 90,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a Daily Cash Plus prize.

BC Gaming Event Licence #98922 BC Gaming Event Licence #98923

Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111

Know your limit, play within it.

19+ to play!



his is the top grand prize mansion of this year’s VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Millionaire Lottery, worth over 3.3 million dollars. The main floor is 2140 square feet and to the right of the front door is the drawing room, with its light-coloured sofa, black gas fireplace, and massive west-facing glass windows that allow the golden-coloured sun to shine in during the afternoon and early evenings

On the half floor that leads to the second floor, is my favourite place in the entire house – the study room. Dark maple wood envelops the entire space – maple wood panels and maple wood bookcases give off an antique flair. Turn to the master bedroom. It’s also large and comfortable here. The fireplace is situated next to a chaise longue, and a door next to it leads to an outdoor terrace. Crystal chandeliers on the wall reflect beautiful and interesting light and shadows, and is the only décor on the walls.

這是VGH & UBC醫院基金會百萬富翁彩 票(Millionaire Lottery)今年的頂級大 獎豪宅,價值逾330萬。

主 層 達 2140平 方 英 尺 , 入 門 右 手 邊 是 會客室,淺色的沙發,黑色的燃氣壁爐,大大的玻璃窗朝 西,下午和傍晚,金色的陽光會灑滿這裡。 通向二層的半層中間,是我整套房子裡最愛的地方——書 房。整個空間全部被深色楓木包裹,楓木牆板、楓木書 櫃,一派古色古香的味道。書櫃上的畫依然是馬的主題, 兩隻灰色的沙發以及一盞碩大的落地燈構成了一個舒適的 閱讀區。 還是先說主臥。這裡依然是寬大舒適的,壁爐依著一個美 人榻,旁邊有門通向一個戶外平台。水晶吊燈在牆上投射 出美麗有趣的光影,成為牆面獨特的裝飾。

MASTERPIECE TEAM 精品團隊 Sandra Hurtley After working 20 years in the travel hotel industry doing sales, in 2008 I decided to end it all and entered Portland USA’s Heritage School of Interior Design to learn interior design and start a new career. My first big residential project was in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Then, I moved to Canada and in 2011 started up Positive Space Staging + Design. 我幹過20年旅遊酒店業的銷售工作,2008年我決定結束 這一切,進入美國波特蘭的Heritage School of Interior Design學習室內設計,開啟我新的職業之路。這是我做 過的最棒的決定!我的第一個大型住宅項目是在舊金山 灣區,那之後我搬到加拿大,在2011年開創了Positive Space Staging + Design。

Vic Sanghera The owner of Red Tree Creative Homes Company. Red Tree Creative Homes Company has 10 years of house building experience, mainly in mansion-building, and have built grand prize homes for many children foundation lotteries, such as BC Children Hospital’s Dream Lottery, Hometown Heroes Lottery and others. Red Tree Creative Homes公司的所有者。 Red Tree Creative Homes公司具有10年的建房經歷,主打豪宅的建 造。曾為BC兒童醫院的夢想大彩、Hometown Heroes 大 彩以及其他多個兒童慈善組織的大彩機構建造獎品房。 604.602.5848 | Toll free 1-888-445-5824 INDULGE






By Catherine Tse

By Nadine Frame


Genetic testinG; A lifestyle tool 基因檢測: 改變生活方式的工具

s our lifespan increases, healthy aging becomes more important than ever. Aerobic exercise helps maintain heart and brain health. Pushing weights helps maintain healthy bones and muscles. Many people try to take supplements, antioxidants and fish oils hoping to live longer or better. Unfortunately, most supplements have very little evidence of benefit and may even cause harm. How do we know which supplements will work for us? The answer may be in our genes. Personalized information about you is hiding in your body. Unravelling the code is a fast developing science in the medical world. Information about your family’s history and your current medical status with risk factors can be read in our individualized gene codes. Today there are many professional companies drawing information from blood and saliva samples, that can offer us useful medical insights. These are exciting times because we can alter our medical health with a little knowledge hidden in our individualised gene codes.

隨着人類壽命的延長,在衰老過程中保持健 康比以往任何時期都來得重要。有氧運動有 助於保持心臟和大腦的健康,重量訓練能讓 骨骼肌肉維持良好狀態,許多人試圖服用保 健品、抗氧化劑和魚油,希望活得更久或讓 身體更好。但是,大多數保健品對健康都沒 有实际效用,反而有可能造成傷害。如何知 道哪些補品適合自己?答案可能在我們的基 因里。 這些個人信息就藏在您的身體里,在醫學 界,解讀身體的密碼是一門快速發展的科 學,有關家族病史、當前醫療狀況與風險因 素的信息都可以從基因代碼中讀取出來。當 今有很多專業公司可從血液和唾液樣本中提 取信息,為人們提供有價值的醫學洞見。通 過解讀基因代碼中的隱藏信息,我們可以主 動改變醫療保健方法,這是一個多麼激動人 心的時代啊。





With genetic testing you can test for the genes that control metabolism. These genes control enzymes that metabolize certain vitamins and medications, determine disease risk, and a variety of concerns. You can test for things from skin cancer risk to balding potential. Your genetic testing results can inform healthcare professionals which vitamin supplements, exercise programs, and medications that would work best for you and which could cause side effects. You can collect saliva and have a doctor send it to to a company that specialises in hormone and lifestyle panels. An example is ManageneDx in Toronto.



通過這項技術,您可以檢測到控制新陳代謝的基因,它們控制 着某些酶從而影響維生素和藥物的代謝。從皮膚癌的風險到禿 頂的可能性,基因檢測可確定患病風險和各種憂慮。專業醫保 人員通過了解檢測結果,能推測出最適合您的維生素補充劑、 運動計劃和藥物,以及可能導致副作用的因素。您可以收集唾 液,並讓醫生把它送到例如多倫多的ManageneDx這樣專門研 究荷爾蒙和生活方式的公司。

The cost of the actual testing will vary depending on how many panels you choose to do. The cost ranges from $500 to $5000 and may include a consultation with a geneticist to understand your results. There are direct-to-consumer tests that cost less, don’t include genetic counselling. Before you commit to a genetic testing, make sure you are only asking questions you really want to hear the answers to. You need to consider how having this information could affect your life and what you will do with the information? You too can look into the glass ball and maybe you will discover your genetic family or some medical information that will change your life.

測試的實際成本取決於檢測種類的數量,價格從500元到 5000元不等。5000元的檢測可能包括遺傳學家對檢測結 果的諮詢服務,而直接面向消費者的測試花費較少,但不 包括諮詢費。 在您進行基因測試之前,確保只問真正想了解的問題。您 需要考慮這些信息將如何影響您的生活,以及您將如何處 理這些信息。 通過基因檢測,您也許可以看到過去、現在和未來,發現 家族遺留的痕迹或能改變生活的醫療信息。







ike many of you, we try to make ourselves look as good as we can. I style and coloured my hair, I wear make up, I had my eyes lasered, and had laser hair removal. These treatments helped me look better and saved me time every day. Would some Botox and filler really change who I am? Would I be perceived as a fraud if I get treatments? (Wouldn’t keeping it a secret be less sincere?) As a friend said, “Why not give it a try?” I met with Nadine Frame at AntiAging Vancouver on West 4th for a consultation. We chatted and got to know each other. She leaned in close and squinted at me as she asked about my concerns and considered how she might augment my looks. Nadine recommended: • A little filler in my earlobes to make my earrings show better (I didn’t even know that was a thing!), • A bit of Juvaderm filler in my lips to smooth out my lips, • Selphyl filler under my eyes and in the smile lines near my nose, • Sculptra filler in my cheeks and temples to round out my face a bit, and • Botox in my forehead, chin and crow’s feet. I decided to take all the recommended treatments. Within a little over an hour, Dr. Gidon Frame injected my face with more needles than I thought possible. At first I had a bit trepidation about having filler injected into my face, but once we got into it, I relaxed and just noticed the process. They started with injecting Sculptra into each cannula in my cheeks and temples, and then one of the nurses massaged the area to distribute the product. The Botox had the smallest needles and felt the least invasive. The most disconcerting was the Juvaderm in the lips. Dr. Frame made a few Juvaderm injections that seemed to create some large bubbles in my lips and then proceeded to massage the product into place. Afterwards, my lips looked slightly plumped with a bit more contour. What I’ve noticed: I like the look of my face. My eyes are more open. My friends say, “You didn’t need anything, but you look great now.” I look great with just a bit of mascara and a sweep of blush, and I spent less time getting ready to go out. My lipstick goes on smoother – when I even brother to wear it.

像許多人一樣,我們試圖讓自己的外貌呈 現最好的狀態。我給頭髮做造型、染髮, 化妝,做了眼部激光手術,還做了激光脫 毛,這些護理令我看起來更好,並為我節 省了日常打理的時間。肉毒桿菌和填充

物真的會改變我是誰嗎?如果做了整形,我會被當做騙子嗎? (如果保密不說,豈不是更不誠實嗎?) 就如我朋友所說的,“為什麼不試一下呢?”我在西4號路的 Anti Aging Vancouver諮詢了Nadine Frame。我們在聊天中加 深了對彼此的了解,她靠近並眯着眼睛看着我,問我有什麼顧 慮並思索如何改善我的外表。 Nadine對我提了一些建議: • 在耳垂注射一些填充物,使耳環更亮眼(我甚至不知道有這 樣的方法), • 在嘴唇注射一些喬雅登玻尿酸(Juvaderm),以平滑我的 嘴唇, • 在眼下和鼻子附近的微笑線處,注射富血小板纖維蛋白基質 (Selphyl), • 在臉頰和太陽穴注射塑然雅(Sculptra)填充物。以及, • 前額、下巴和眼角可以注射肉毒桿菌。 我決定採取所有的推薦方案。在一個多小時的療程里,Gidon Frame博士注射的針數比我想象的多。起初,我對在臉上注射 填充物有一點遲疑,但當療程開始時,我便放鬆了,只察覺到 注射進行的過程。塑然雅被注射到臉頰和太陽穴的每個插管 中,然後一名護士開始幫我按摩注射區域,以促進吸收。肉毒 桿菌的針頭最小,也最溫和。最令人不安的是嘴唇里的喬雅登 玻尿酸。Frame博士做了幾次喬雅登注射,一開始我的嘴唇似 乎鼓出了一些大氣泡,隨後博士將玻尿酸按摩到位。最後,我 的嘴唇看起來豐滿了一點,並顯現出了一些輪廓。 我發現自己的眼睛變大了,療程後的效果令我很欣喜。我的朋 友說:“你原本就不需要怎麼打扮,但你現在看起來很棒。” 現在一點睫毛膏和腮紅就能令我看起來很好,我出門的準備時 間變少了,口紅塗得更順滑,有時甚至不用塗口紅。 療程改變了我的生活或者改變了我是誰嗎?不!我對結果很滿 意,我會繼續嗎?當然!

By Alexa Loo

Have treatments change my life or who I am? No. Am I happy with the results, and will I continue to get treatments? You bet!

2200 W 4th Ave, Vancouver | 604.261.9121 | /antiagingvancouver /antiagingclini1




g r Ac E fE rT i L i T y Tog E THE r , L if E 格蕾絲生育中心


race Fertility Centre was founded by Dr. Anthony Cheung, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of REI*, Department of OB-GYN, UBC, former Medical Director of the UBC IVF Program and Chair of the REI Committee of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) to name but a few of his credentials. The Centre, with its boutique approach, offers a caring environment with emphasis on continuity of care and individualized treatments that are evidence-based and cost-effective for patients, and a state-of-the-art facility for high-quality, innovative and tested technology.



蕾絲醫學中心由 张秉贤Anthony Cheung博士創 立。张博士是UBC大學婦產學系、生殖內分泌和 不孕分部(REI)的臨床副教授,曾經擔任UBC 大學試管嬰兒項目的醫學主任,以及加拿大婦產

科醫生學會生殖內分泌和不孕症委員會的主席等職。 格蕾絲醫學中心擁有貼心舒適的環境,醫生會根據客人不同情況制 定個案,咨詢和治療從頭至尾連續、統一,信息跟蹤及時,從而根 據科學依據隨時修正治療方案。在備具最先進的設備、高質量、創 新的測試技術的同時,格蕾絲生育中心的費用是相當划算。

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. C. Everett Koop

“在生命中,沒有什麼比孕育下一代更加具有特權和責任感的事情了。” ——查爾斯﹒埃弗瑞特﹒庫伯 We offer IVF with PGS and PGD, egg freezing and egg donor together with Natural and Mini IVF, though less efficient than regular IVF, are safer options due to minimal medications, have significant cost savings and better for older women.


Recently added is another service for vulvovaginal regeneration with laser (MonaLisa Touch®) for perimenopausal women, breast cancer survivors or those who cannot tolerate estrogen replacement for

另新增設MonaLisa Touch® 激光內外陰道回春技術, 尤其適用於臨近絕

包括胚胎植入前基因篩選(PGS)和胚胎植入前基因診斷(PGD);我 們提供卵子捐獻者项目;自然和最低限度的治療週期,和傳統的試管授 精(IVF)技術相比,第三代PGS和PGD檢測技術具有絕對的價格優勢。 經婦女,乳腺癌倖存者或患有更年期泌尿生殖器綜合症狀(GSM)而 不能承受雌激素替代者。

symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).

Suite 210-604 West Broadway, Vancouver | 604.558.4886 |





False Creek HealtHCare Centre


elebrating 20 years in Vancouver, False Creek Healthcare is one of Canada’s most renowned independent medical providers, and part of Centric Health’s nationwide network of patient-centred, world-class, medical facilities. Patient-centred means we empower you with education, choice, and expedited options. With over 120 doctors, leading edge technology, and a variety of services under one roof, we help you take control of your health. We offer the most comprehensive range of medical services: Surgery & Specialist Consultation (orthopaedic, spine, hernia, urology, sinus, gynaecology, veins, podiatry, neurology, pain management, dermatology, cardiology and more) Diagnostics (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram) Primary Care (Family Medicine, Health Assessments) Weight Loss (Lap-Band) and Cosmetic (Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa).



溪健康護理中心 “對你的健康悉心照顧,就是我們的工作使 命。”——福溪健康護理中心在溫哥華已經有 20年歷史,是加拿大最負盛名的私人醫療機

構,它是遍佈加拿大的醫療機構Centric 健康中心的合作夥伴醫院, 服務宗旨是以病人為中心,用世界一流的醫療診斷設備,向您提供 一流醫療服務。在這裡,我們告知你與你的疾病相關的醫學知識、 給你充分的知情權和選擇權。 我們有120個醫生、先進的技術和多樣化的服務項目,包括:外科 手術及專科醫療咨詢(整形外科、脊柱、疝氣、泌尿科、靜脈竇、 婦科、靜脈問題、足部問題、神經學、皮膚科、疼痛、心血管問題 及其他);醫學診斷(核磁共振、CT、超聲和超聲心動檢查);基 層護理(家庭醫生、健康評估);減重療程(腹腔帶)以及整形外 科和水療。

VIP patients love our Family Practice membership. It’s ideal for individuals or families desiring quick access to personal, continuous health care from a family doctor they get to know and trust. Care is improved when physicians have time for longer appointments, to document family history, listen to concerns, and monitor changes, so problems are dealt with proactively and quickly. 我們的VIP病人對於我們的家庭醫療會員制很讚賞, 因為它提供了個人及全家的快捷的、連續的、個體 化的醫療服務,醫生和病人之間建立起長期的、信 任的關係,有助於醫生了解家族病史、更加耐心細 心地傾聽病情、及時跟蹤病情變化。 福溪健康護理中心是BC省內科和外科醫生學院認可 的醫療機構。

take Control oF your HealtH

GET rApiD, ExpEDiTED cArE iN A STATE-of-THE-ArT, pATiENT-cENTrED HEALTHcArE fAciLiTy. No WAiT LiSTS. 555 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver | 604.739.9695 | /falsecreekcare




C OV ER CE L EB / 封面人物

VancouVer’s superstar cont. “Oh my god, I love Costco,” exclaims Chung, when asked about her favourite discoveries in Vancouver. “I love that you can even get organic food there... and the prices!” Not a surprising reaction at all when considering Hong Kong’s cramped, pricey real estate situation. She also loves Vietnamese pho here. “We have pho in Hong Kong, but it tastes like Chinese food. In Vancouver, it actually tastes like Vietnamese food!” And her very first picnic - ever - was here in Vancouver after she got married. Eating outside, on real grass in wide-open park spaces is still a novelty for Chung who could never imagine this in crowded, smoggy Hong Kong.

「我的天!我真的太愛Costco了!」當被問及她在溫哥 華最喜歡的發現時,鍾嘉欣興奮地說。「我甚至可以在 那裡買到有機食物,而且價錢便宜。」其實當考慮到香 港擠迫而昂貴的地產市道,這實在不足為奇。她也喜歡 這裡的越南粉,「雖然香港也有越南粉,但味道就像中 國食物,只有溫哥華的越南食物才有真正的越南風味。 」她人生的第一次野餐,也是婚後在溫哥華真正嚐到。 在綠草如茵的廣闊戶外空間享受食物,對於人煙稠密的 香港來說,簡直是超乎想像。



There’s a strong, palpable energy to Hong Kong. But at this stage, when Chung is reconsidering work-life balance, that drive and spirit that makes Hong Kong a beacon for aspiring, young talent can, within a career’s decade, turn into an exhausting, demanding machine. Chung loves her Hong Kong fans and dearly misses her extended family and colleagues there, but Vancouver is where she calls home. “I’ve always identified myself as a Vancouverite. Vancouver has always been in my heart.” For now, she’s happy to be out of the limelight, able to focus on her new family. As an artist, she also welcomes the chance to recharge. “Working in Hong Kong in intense; rather inhumane. In Vancouver, I sleep regular hours, I have time to look at ingredients, I have more time to focus on my health and well being.” Few people know that it was actually her big sister who encouraged her to enter her first beauty pageant, Miss Crystal Cover Girl (Crystal Mall, Burnaby, 2002), which eventually led to her massively successful career in Hong Kong. Even fewer know that it was the same sister who, more than a decade later, introduced her to Leung, which led her back to Vancouver. This poetic cycle is undeniable - just another chapter in Chung’s ongoing storybook life - and proof to her that she is exactly where she needs to be right now.

香港的動力是顯而易見的,但在這個階段,當鍾嘉欣重 設工作和生活的平衡,那令香港充滿希冀的一股衝勁和 精神,在十載的事業生涯中,往往令年青藝人變成耗竭 與苛刻的機器。鍾嘉欣熱愛香港影迷,亦十分懷念那裡 的親人和同事,但溫哥華始終是她的家。「我一直認為 自己是一個溫哥華人,溫哥華永遠在我心中。」 現在,她很高興能暫別人們的聚焦,專心照顧家庭。作 為一個藝人,她同時珍惜充電的機會。「在香港工作真 的十分緊張,甚至有點不人道。在溫哥華,我可以有正 常的睡眠時間,我有時間查看食物的成份,有更多時間 關心自己的健康和幸福。」 相信很少人知道,其實鍾嘉欣第一次參加選美,是受到 她長姊的鼓勵,那是2002年在本那比麗晶廣場舉辦的《 麗晶活力新星大賽》(Crystal Cover Girl),最終將她引 至香港,事業得到莫大成功。但更少人知道的是,十多 年之後,同一位姊姊將她介紹給梁先生,亦由此將她帶 回溫哥華。 無可否認,這個充滿詩意的循環,只是鍾嘉欣生活故事 的其中一章,亦證明了她的抉擇是正確的。





Beauty captured 捕捉美麗

Linda chung Ka-yan 鍾嘉欣

Linda Chung Photography by Alfonso Arnold



Proudly presenting works from the National Gallery of Canada

Proudly presenting works from the National Gallery of Canada



Inspired by paintings in the National Gallery’s A European T R I B U art T E collection, T O T HOakridge E M A SisTproud E R S to . present these stunning masterworks in a new way. In this fi rst edition of the series, we present a Inspired by paintings in the National Gallery’s work by Gustave Doré (1832–1883), one of the most European art collection, Oakridge is proud to successful and prolific artists of the 19th century.

Doré’s imaginative illustrations of the great literary classics have forever changed the way we see the world. Despite his success as an illustrator, his driving ambition was to succeed of as athe painter, Doré’s imaginative illustrations great and his landscapes are among his most innovative literary classics have forever changed the way we paintings. In 1873–74 he travelled to the Highlands see the world. Despite his success as an illustrator, of Scotland and later captured in paint the vast his driving ambition was to succeed as a painter, scale and wild beauty of the region.

and his landscapes are among his most innovative present these stunning masterworks in a new paintings. In 1873–74 he travelled to the Highlands way. In this fi rst edition of the series, we present a of Scotland and later captured in paint the vast work by Gustave Doré (1832–1883), one of the most GUSTAVE DORÉ, SOUVENIR OF LOCH LOMOND, 1875. NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, OTTAWA. PHOTO © NGC scale and wild beauty of the region. successful and prolific artists of the 19th century.






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