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2/3 - 2/10, 2011

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Hamlet Has No Legs By Mark Stouffer

Code Camp @ CSUF’s Mihaylo Building By Mark Stouffer

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thrilling re-imagining of “Hamlet” as a puppet show is currently being staged at the Maverick Theater. Shaun Michael McNamara’s production of “Hamlet Has No Legs” is a fun, funny, and charming retelling of Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece.


Puppets take the stage, narrate and perform a somewhat condensed version of the story of the Danish prince and his family, and even heckle late-comers. It is to the actors credit that the they actually dissolve from the story and the stage. After a minute or two it is the puppets that you watch and listen to.

110 sessions were presented by people like Woody Pewitt and Brian Loesgen, who help design the systems and user interfaces we use every day.

In it’s long form “Hamlet” is a tragic masterpiece, but this is it’s short-form. Shaun has edited it down to 1:15 min. He brought in master puppeteer Danny Mantooth to train the already

skilled actors at the art of the puppet show. The result is a tightly woven fabric of cloth characters and carefully knit words. The actors thread their way through a dense stage, stepping carefully over props and puppeteers, all the while wearing black mesh masks. The play opens with Rosencrantz (McNamara) and Guildenstern (Nathan Makaryk) introducing the play from behind a balcony wall looking distant, flat, and very puppet-like, but within moments the actors and action are flowing across the stage and up to the audience. A host of other characters are played by McNamara, Makaryk, and Mantooth (or his understudy Evan Green), but you won’t be able to tell. Lighting effects and powerful sound effects accentuate the performance. King Claudius (Glenn Freeze) and Queen Gertrude (Kalinda Gray) are the parents around which Hamlet’s life uncoils. It is for their benefit, in one of the highlights of the show, that Hamlet asks some visiting players to stage… a puppet show!

nce a year a large group of coders descends upon Fullerton. They don’t just telecommute or attend a virtual meeting but actually assemble in their corporeal bodies at the CSUF campus to talk about system building.

You see the results of many of these people’s work in your everyday life as these systems run your cell phones, computers, web sites, kiosks, game consoles and juke boxes. We live with their mistakes for years. The current generation builds on the previous generation’s successes. With systems being used by millions of people many times a day and taking months or years to develop these coders must think long-range. They, and those before them, have developed a strategy of best-practices, that you now may hear politicians talking about. Best practices are collections of easy to remember principles. My favorite presentation was from Mike Vincent at MVA Software. It was on Managing Self-Organizing Teams and some of it lead to the development of our Common Ground blog. It was a great pleasure to witness even more tools come out of the enormously productive software development industry… and all right here in Fullerton.

Mulberry Street Ristorante By Mark Stouffer


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The mirth of the puppets and puppeteers prevents the play from ever becoming to profoundly tragic, but professional acting of the talented cast certainly succeeds in entertaining. The show continues through Feb 12th. 714.526.7070

Fullerton City Council Meeting By Alex Stouffer


arking permits were approved for the residents living near CSUF off Almira Avenue, Melody lane, Princeton Circle East, Princeton Circle west, and Sycamore Avenue. They were the last residents in their neighborhood to be approved for permits and the residents showed up to the council meeting in full support of approving permits. Not a single person spoke in opposition. Despite the overwhelming support, Bruce Whitaker and Pat McKinley were in opposition because of the limitations placed on these public streets. Sharon Quirk-Silva stated that she was worried about a possible domino effect that could occur, but since most other neighborhoods around the college were approved (including Sharon Quirk-Silva’s), the decision was a no brainer. Pat McKinley recommended designating the streets as no parking from 7 AM to 9 AM, but was told by the city engineer, Don Hoppe, that it was not an alternative that would be considered. Bankhead was quick to point out that residents would also be prohibited from parking at these hours. McKinley was quick to defend his principles that these streets are meant to be public, but with classes at CSUF starting from 7 AM to 7 PM those two hours would be insignificant. Full Story Online

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315 N. lemon Street • Fullerton, California 92832

Tel: 714.870.7500 Fax: 714.870.7700


ith a charming and intimate setting Mulberry Street is an excellent place to dine any night of the week. White table cloths and clean white shirts with ties set the theme. The wait-staff is very professional and helpful. We dined on last Friday night and the place was hopping. All the seats were taken at the bar and most of the tables were full, but we had made reservations and they sat us right down. We were waited on by long-time Mulberry server Eusebio, perhaps the most professional server in Fullerton. I used to go in there with a different woman every night and he never batted an eye. He never skipped a beat, and he never asked me why. The bread comes hot and folded in cloth. It’s has a mild sourdough taste and a pleasant, hearty texture. Butter comes in small scooped balls.

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Performances At The Muck Jude Narita

Thursday . February 10 . 7:30 PM . $10 Jude Narita is internationally renowned for her first award winning play, Coming Into Passion/ Song For A Sansei. 1201 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton, CA (714) 738-6595

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Dive Bar Review: No Jungle At Tropics Lounge By Morse Cleaver

Pre-Historic Fullerton

Coming Soon To Fullerton Museum


xhibit Preview- Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 12:00-2:00 PM

Open to the public through May 8, 2011 Learn about prehistoric animals, suprisingly diverse ecosystems, and how early human residents made use of the natural resources around them. Fossils, archeological artifacts, and historic maps and documents reveal this little-known story of the land we call home.


aving the whole bar to your self can be quite entertaining. There’s no wait to shoot pool or put money in the jukebox, but if you’re going solo, you’ll wish you just stayed at home and polished the revolver. Luckily, my cohorts were out for the trip.

Late Nights At The Office Art by Taco Comics Story adapted by Alex Stouffer

The GM of Tropics Lounge, Dennis (shown above), was very welcoming and showed us some love with a round of Jager shots. Dos Equis October bottles are only $2 and well drinks are $3. Tropics looks like a small house that was converted into a bar, and thirty people would make this place feel crowded. Apparently Mondays are the best night to go. Pitchers of Bud and Bud light only cost $5. It’s a nice getaway from the downtown and the price is right.

Mulberry (Cont’d)


he meal opened with a house salad with Caesar dressing. They toss your salad for you so the dressing is thinly and evenly spread. Always try the fish plate, if you can. There is usually fish on the specials. This night we had the salmon. It comes in a light herb/butter sauce and is cooked to perfection, the farthest thing from dry. The fillet had a slight glazed crusting at the ends but was tender and juicy throughout. I was not disappointed. The cream-sauce fettuccini it came with was perfect. The vegetables were also fresh cooked and had a light sheen. The clam chowder is worth going there for. The lasagna is serious. It’s mostly well seasoned meat, rich sauce, pasta, and cheese, but not much ricotta. It’s real authentic lasagna and so a little heavier than what we have become used to in California, but the taste is delicious. Mulberry Street has the feel of a Little Italy, NY ristorante and all the decor to match… everything but the accents. 714.525.1056

w w w. m a x b l o o m s c a fe n o i r. c o m

Factoid: Malden Avenue is named after Malden, MA. It is the town that city founders George and Edward Amerige came from. Malden stopped using tea in 1770 to protest the Revenue Act of 1766, and has the reputation of being the first town to petition the colonial government to withdraw from the British Empire. Malden was incorporated in 1882, only 22 years before Fullerton.

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