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11/11 - 11/18, 2010

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Art Walk

Equus Premiere Fullertonian vs. Philadelphian

Peep Show

Art Walk Bonanza Written by Alex Stouffer

Review written by Mark Stouffer


he city of brotherly love has established an outpost in downtown Fullerton. Philly’s Best Cheesesteak & Hoagie Shop recently opened at 133 W Chapman. My friends have been telling me that I need to try it. I don’t know why. Their cheesesteak sandwiches look pretty plain so I ordered something more adventurous. I got the Philly Pizza Steak sandwich. Honestly I expected something more for almost $10 with fries and no drink. It’s a medium pile of Steak-umm-like meat on a hoagie with a few grilled onion slivers. They don’t even put the “pizza sauce” on the sandwich for you. It comes in a plastic cup. I suppose you are supposed to dip it or something, but I poured it all on the sandwich and still couldn’t taste it. Maybe that is how they do it in Philadelphia. But, as I told my server, “This isn’t Fullerdelphia. This is Fullerton, son.” Their fries where pretty good, though. They were golden brown, crispy, and served piping hot. They lightly salt them so you may want to pick up a couple of salt packets unless you are combating hypertension.

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here’s always an amazing turn out for the art walk, even though much of it’s attendees are spread out between the downtown venues featuring local art. Currently there’s over 26 spots that participate monthly, so many people don’t even see everything going on in town. The first stop was Hibbleton gallery as they held their ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their grand opening. This is an amazing venue in part because PAS, Violet Hour, and Hibbleton gallery are all interconnected. The three venues combined bombard visitors with a plethora of various artists and subject matter. On a downside, it’s easy to overlook certain pieces because there is so much to look at. PAS is currently featuring a collection of button pin art. Featured above is a button mosaic of

Backstage Pass: Equus @ CSUF Written by Alex Stouffer

Mega man, designed by artist Shawn Sandfer.


remiering this Friday at CSUF’s Clays Performing Arts Center is Equus; written by Peter Schaffer. Director, Patrick Pearson, gave us a sneak peak to check out the show on Monday’s dress rehearsal, and there’s much to boast about. The story, based on a true event, is about a young man named Alan Strang, played by Ryan Jones, who blinds six horses in a town outside London. A court magistrate assigns the case to a psychiatrist named Martin Dysart, portrayed by Brian Rickel. It becomes Dysart’s task to uncover the religious/sexual connection that Strang has with the horses that he blinded, and to uncover why committed the violent act in question.

Over at Weavver was new art featured by Jacek Lazuka (featured above), and Sean O’Brien. Lazuka had many people interested in his art partially because of the finish that he applies to his pieces consisting of a two-part finish that give his art a glossy look. You can see all of our photos online under our art walk blog posting. Mitchell Constantin breathes fire in a parking lot.

Peep Show For Children Only Written by Alex Stouffer

Although I don’t consider myself to be an expert on UK dialects, the cast pulled them off very well. The thrust stage, similar to a cat walk, is a

O great change from the typical proscenium stage that most people have come to expect when they think of plays. This format provides each seat in the house with a unique perspective while they watch the story unfold. The cast of Equus consists of: Brian Rickel, Ryan Jones, Eva Dailey, Keiko Suda, Jason Oles, Lindsey Kelly, Michael Martinez-Hamilton, Grace Ann Murphy, Nick Waaland, Mark Bartlett, Joshua Bross, Chris Hayhurst, Blake Prentiss and Donald Russell.

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Tickets - $10. November 12th to December 5th.

C People for animals provided vegan food to attendees at Violet Hour Gallery during the monthly art walk in last Friday. This provided me with the chance to meet Dave Warwack (shown above). Warwack is an animal rights activist who lost his job teaching art to 8th graders in 2008 at Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois. Controversy lies over whether Warwak had the right to inform his students on the benefits of a vegan diet. The debate stems from Fox River Grove Middle School’s decision to display milk advertisements showing the benefits of drinking milk. Recent peer reviewed scientific studies have shown contrary evidence that increased milk consumption can contribute to higher risk of breast and prostate cancer in adults.

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Fu llertoni a n Backside

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Drunk Enough To Say I Love You Playing at MWC till - Dec. 5th


am wants Guy. Guy loves Sam.Sam loves himself. Should Guy stay or should he go?

WARNING: The play contains nudity, sex, and politics. Directed by Dave Barton Starring: Christopher Basile and Alexander Price. Showtimes: Saturday nights at 9 p.m., Sunday nights at 5 p.m. All seats are $10.

Performances @ The Muckenthaler

Cabaret Series Christopher Yates - New Vaudevillian: November 18, 7PM, $10 he wavey haired wonder from down under delivers a world class, fast paced, family friendly comedy show that is an eclectic mix of stand up and variety with a hilarious contemporary edge. See a range of red hot comedy performances including dubious juggling, silly magic, dangerous diabolo and preposterous props. Christopher Yates shares his crowd pleasing acts with zest and great originality!


NUFF Forums:

“Changes & Challenges in Fullerton”


eighbors United For Fullerton are providing residents with a public forum to discuss local issues with city officials. Guest speaker Joe Felz will soon be taking Chris Meyer’s place as acting Fullerton City Manager on Dec. 31. This event includes a Q&A with the audience. Admission is free. According to a recent article published by Erin Haselton of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, “Meyer began with the city in 1976 when he was hired as an administrative intern in the City Manager’s Office. In 1983 he was appointed to the post of assistant to the city manager.” Osborne Auditorium, Fullerton Main Library, 353 W. Commonwealth

Drake’s Cristal Ball Written by Cristal Drake hen a Fullerton home owner asked me, my opinion on where house prices will go in the next six to twelve months, I thought that would be the perfect topic to write about this month.


The answer depends on so many factors; a major one being foreclosures, or lack there of. Many banks still don’t seem to be foreclosing. Between the loss the banks incur (when the home is actually sold), home owners working to stay in their homes, bankruptcies and lawsuits are just some things keeping the banks at bay. We have been anticipating that they will start foreclosing for years now but so far we really haven’t seen it happen. If the banks DO start taking these homes, it will increase inventory. That is bad news for sellers because the more homes that are on the market, the more competition your home will have and the prices will continue to decline.

w w w. m a x b l o o m s c a fe n o i r. c o m

Rates – If rates remain low this is great news for buyers AND sellers! When money is cheap (and right now it is), buyers can afford are higher priced home. Some economists predicted in 2007 that 2008 would yield higher prices and we know how that turned out. Some say that we will stabilize in 2012, others say 2014 and some say it could take 10 years. So much depends on factors that are just completely out of our control. Home prices escalated so furiously from early the early 2000’s that some say we still have a lot more correcting to do, yet some say that we may see interest rates near 1%. The bottom line is that no one really knows. While we can try to make educated guesses, one thing I do know is that the future is uncertain. Will home prices go up or down in the next year? No one really knows. You can guess or speculate, but at the end of the day we are all in this together. Do what is right for your family and home values WILL increase…sooner or later.

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That’s F’n Teamwork

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special thanks to all of the people who helped us out this week: Cristal Drake, Dave Warwak, Nice Galindo, Michael MartinezHamilton, Patrick Pearson, and the rest of the amazing cast performing in Equus.

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