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Mark Stouffer

Fullerton is hopping. On a recent outing the Fullertonian stopped by the Back Alley on a Tuesday night at about 10:30. The place was bumping and the vibe was groovy, everybody getting along. The band, Dig, is a power trio and they were on fire (not literally).

I was kind of sad that I was only there to take pictures. The F:M ratio was 1:1 and the crowd was peppered with cuties. Some girl was celebrating her birthday and in recognition of that fact got on stage with the band to cover a hip-hop song. She spat verse like she was waiting her whole life for this, but she wasn’t. She was just walking around and dancing with here friends, but when asked, answered. This scene is typical of many nights in downtown Fullerton. The proximity of live music shows any night of the week is one of the highest in the county because you can walk between all the bars. But what makes Fullerton so special? Is it the bands? The food? The historic buildings? What makes a town a town? What makes Fullerton the hub city of North OC? Join the online life of the town at and you will be able to discuss this with others.

Find out why another city, with the sinister initials of BP, is calling itself the “Center of the Southland”. And find out why they are wrong.

Leisure League

MUCKENTHALER LEISURE LEAGUE: The Orange County Chapter of Recreational Lawn Sporting. Pack a picnic and lounge with friends while playing bocce ball and croquet. SUNDAY, JULY 11: 12-4 PM

Local Artist Spotlight

Bottoms Up World What is the City’s Effect on Business? How would you rate the city’s performance on nurturing growth in local business prosperity? Bankruptcies have gone from around 15,000 in 2005 to almost 150,000 this year. Is it important to have local, profitable businesses? Is the current economic climate good time to make sure new kitchens close by midnight and that no lines are longer than 25 people? Central banks world wide are in crisis mode. Our federal government is spending more than it has on the space race and several wars to pump the economy. Is now a good time, as some have suggested, to ensure that restaurant staff wear the same uniforms throughout the day? Join the discussion online at

William Zdan

Born in Detroit, but now living in Orange County, I retain much of my industrial city sensibilities and illnesses. Some of the imagery in my work is drawn from the dark, the oily, the cold, the ugly and the fearful aspects of Detroit. These elements are an unlikely comfort that harkens to the backdrop of my childhood… and finds a home in the undercurrent of my work. I often depict modern industry, politics, and contem-

porary cultural references in my work which creates an interesting clash with classical styles and iconography.


“Vanity Drone”

I suppose that my work sometimes takes a harsh stance on the themes depicted and can seem dark or dreary. When people see my work, though, I’d like them to see it with a sense of underlying hope… while also understanding the murkiness of promise.

50% Off All Penthouse Items Memorial Day - July 4th

129 W Commonwealth


William Zdan’s exhibit “Piece Be With You” will be on display at Graves Gallery in Fullerton from July 2-30. Prints by William Zdan are available at Hibbleton Gallery. Check out his work at:


F u l l e r t o n i .ac onm Backside

Th e 50% Off All Penthouse Items


on the web


What’s New Online

Memorial Day - July 4th

129 W Commonwealth

life of the town

In a world wide web of connections, a sense of place.


The Fullertonian is partly modeled after the Boston NewsLetter. It was a single sheet, two sided. It was a weekly, published on Thursdays.

Two brother came from a city in Massachusetts to Fullerton. The city they came from was one of the first involved with the Revolution. The city was Malden and the brothers were George and Edward Amerige.

First Pitch of Campaign With this pitch Marty Burbank throws the first pitch for the OC Flyers produced Army vs. Marine game, and throws his hat into the race for City

Happy Independence Day! The economy is rough, but many politicians and economists agree that it will be small businesses that make most of our nation’s jobs available to the people. On June 16th at Capitol Hill; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…[Small businesses are] the engine of job creation and capital creation in our economy and in our country. Small businesses have created two-thirds of new jobs, over the last 15 years”. Small companies can sometimes get caught up in the mistake of micro-managing every piece of the business operation, but we at The Fullertonian believe that the only way to thrive is to constantly get more people involved. That’s the essence of job creation! I mean we’re hard workers, but sometimes we just want to kick back and be a vegetable for a few hours. That’s where the jobs trickle in. * Sales - We have sales jobs available for those looking to make a little cash on the side. Reps will be selling ad space on our paper for commission only, but speaking from personal experience it’s a lot nicer than selling time

Mark Stouffer

Council. Marty is a local businessman and says he would help to make the city more business friendly. The game tied at six innings (12,12).

Mark Stouffer

Stouffer share vacations for skeezers Alex like Welk Resort. Ideal candidates would already be working in a sales position that deals with other local businesses in Fullerton. Email to request more info on this position. * Contributors – Unfortunately contributors are not paid at this time, but with our current projections some people should be getting paid to contribute for our print by the end of this year. With that being said, there are still reasons to join as a contributor now! WTF are internships for really? You want to be a journalist, photographer, film maker, or cartoonist? Don’t pay for a college course and work in LA to be somebody! Gas is expensive. Be somebody here and get published! Then again, maybe you’re just a hobbyist trying to express themselves between the daily grind. A sensitive artist will never be found. Let us see what you have to offer. Email for more info.

Made from new, original style VW bug and bus interior quality upholstery. Drive home with a Volks-Baggin Seat Bag Tote today!

Planting tips from the Guy on the Couch So last week we decapitated set of nodes, we’ll be looking our poor little plant @ the 3rd @ another set of toppings. set of leaves. Don’t worry its Stay on the watering. You will OK. By now where you cut, two notice as it gets bigger, the more separate new leaf stalks will be watering is needed. Feed and popping up. Your plant should water generously but don’t over be looking a touch fuller and saturate. Sun all day and we’ll your leafs bigger. Soon when be fine. Stay tuned. Back on the those two stalks get to there 3rd couch!

The Happy Horticulturist

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