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6/24 - 7/1, 2010


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Mark Stouffer

Producing and marketing the Fullertonian gives us the chance to speak to many of the small business owners in this transit hub of North OC. That is where we get our strongest encouragement from. Contrary to what the government is professing during their “Recovery Summer” sales are down, employment is down, things are drying up.

But here in Fullerton, in the shops and in the bars, the mood is not one of resignation, or of wait-and-see. The mood is a quiet but determined self-reliance. Costs are cut. Processes are streamlined. Values are promoted.

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If you ask yourself a simple question, “how was the first market created?” you might find solutions to the stagnation of today. If you think you know what the “oldest profession” is you must ask “what was she paid in?” There you would find the products of earlier labors and therefore an earlier profession.

You would also have a hard time imagining a governing council guiding “fair trade” or arguing for regulations. Trade regulations start to look kind of silly when there is no trade to regulate. One of the benefits or “teachable moments” of an economic crisis is that it makes one fact abundantly clear: Production is more important than equalization. America is great not because of it’s regulations, but because of it’s prosperity. The later allowed the former. The Fullertonian celebrates of the resiliency of this small town as it sits within the LA/OC megalopolis. It celebrates Fullertonians.

Mullahey Defranched Mullahey Chevrolet has had it’s franchise status severed by changes at GM. A new, large GM center in Buena Park might be the cause. “With a new, large outlet going in in BP they don’t want other local mom-and-pop dealerships competing with them”, our inside sources speculate.

Cyber Fullerton Tuesday, June 29th at the City Council chambers Fullerton will present its formal location in the Web. The Downtown 3D project will establish the Fullerton data-model as a location that all other location-based data models can be tied to. Pictures, historical information, building plans, Youtube videos will all be able to link themselves, through open standards to the new data-model. Efficiencies will be extended, and maybe costs will be cut.

Local Art

Treasure Sought

Word is out and the date has been set. Hundreds of people will be heading downtown soon to compete in the greatest treasure hunt in Fullerton and, perhaps, the world. More on this soon.

Priscilla Moreno has recently become an artist whose style has been compared to Ralph Steadman, and director Tim Burton. Moreno will be attending FCC in the fall.

Beer Gardeners of Old

50% Off All Penthouse Items Memorial Day - July 4th

129 W Commonwealth


Mark Stouffer

When people first started farming one of the first things they invented was beer. Possibly the greatest product of the agricultural revolution, along with permanent dwellings and burying the dead, and beer has been a hot seller ever since. Fullerton Museum Center will be reviewing, and some would say celebrating, the long history of this wonderful product. Look in some of the most ancient writings known to man and you will find beer shipments. In the middle ages monks fasted on beer. The Mayflower had a ration of just a gallon of beer per day for every man, woman and child.

But that was then. Now we can drink as much as we can afford on the patio outside the Museum while rock-a-billy bands play to our delight and children run through the fountain. The Museum will be featuring advertising art, drinking implements, brewing and pouring fixtures and... BEER! if it’s Thursday and the Garden of Beer is open. Opens July 30th.

CSUF Alumnus Spearheads Gulf Cleanup While the federal government and British Petroleum go into CYA mode over the continued mismanagement of the Gulf oil eruption a former CSUF student is doing something about it. Through careful planing and foresight Kevin Costner (class of ‘78) has positioned himself to turn a profit, although it has taken him 24 years. While making money he is also turning back the tide of largest oil spill in history. While governments form committees Fullertonians get things done, Son. Ask BP what they think of the small people now.


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Th e 50% Off All Penthouse Items


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Memorial Day - July 4th

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life of the town

In a world wide web of connections, a sense of place.


Alex Stouffer

The economy is rough, but many politicians and economists agree that it will be small businesses that make most of our nation’s jobs available to the people. On June 16th at Capitol Hill; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…[Small businesses are] the engine of job creation and capital creation in our economy and in our country. Small businesses have created two-thirds of new jobs, over the last 15 years”. Small companies can sometimes get caught up in the mistake of micro-managing every piece of the business operation, but we at The Fullertonian believe that the only way to thrive is to constantly get more people involved. That’s the essence of job creation! I mean we’re hard workers, but sometimes we just want to kick back and be a vegetable for a few hours. That’s where the jobs trickle in.

* Sales - We have sales jobs available for those looking to make a little cash on the side. Reps will be selling ad space on our paper for commission only, but speaking from personal experience it’s a lot nicer than selling time share vacations for skeezers like Welk Resort. Ideal candidates would already be working in a sales position that deals with other local businesses in Fullerton. Email to request more info on this position. * Contributors – Unfortunately contributors are not paid at this time, but with our current projections some people should be getting paid to contribute for our print by the end of this year. With that being said, there are still reasons to join as a contributor now! WTF are internships for really? You want to be a journalist, photographer, film maker, or cartoonist? Don’t pay for a college course and work in LA to be somebody! Gas is expensive. Be somebody here and get published! Then again, maybe you’re just a hobbyist trying to express themselves between the daily grind. A sensitive artist will never be found. Let us see what you have to offer. Email for more info.

Answers from Cristal

Cristal Drake

Q: How are housing prices being affected by foreclosures?

A: Prices are not really affected because not much foreclosing is going on! The foreclosure process can be extremely long and distressed home owners typically go through various stages.

Loan Modification – Most owners start here. This is where an owner will negotiate with the bank to reduce a mortgage payment and/or balance. If this doesn’t work out, next up might be short sale. A short sale happens when the lien holder (bank) agrees to settle for less than the seller actually owes. If that doesn’t come together, they may end up in foreclosure. This is a long process and banks are overwhelmed. I often see people stay in their homes up to two years without making a mortgage payment. It is taking banks longer than ever to foreclose and when they do, it can take six months for the occupants to be forced to move.

There are a lot of layers in this onion but with so many cash buyers, low interest rates and the time it takes for a property to be foreclosed on and hit the real estate market there can be dozens of offers on a property ultimately driving the price up, not down! It all boils down to supply and demand! For more information, visit

Planting tips from the Guy on the Couch Hey ya’ll this week we are looking set above the third node. You for a forth set of nodes, or leaves. should have two nice sun leaves Now from the highest point of left. You are now going to have the plant, look to the next lowest two stalks growing instead of set of leaves. Now with a sharp one. Stay on the watering and set of scissors cut off the top well see ya’ soon.

The Happy Horticulturist

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