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Donor Support Promotes World-Class Pediatric Care at Valley View

Through the incredible philanthropy of our community, Valley View promotes and provides incomparable patient care for children and their families in our region and beyond.

Funding initiatives at Valley View offer a unique way for patient care teams to receive funds for projects that elevate the treatment of their patients. Through an internal application process, members of any department at Valley View can submit a proposal requesting funds to benefit the care of patients.

Many of the approved funding initiatives in 2022 promote pediatric wellness, education, and safety in our neighborhoods. One such initiative provides life-saving resources for new families in financial need. The Family Birthplace at Valley View provides educational resources and Safe-Sleep cribettes promoting infant sleep safety for low-income families who want to give their babies the best start in life. Combined with additional resources demonstrating proper infant safe sleep practices, these supplies help reduce the risk of SIDS and equip families with tools to keep their baby safe. This initiative not only helps Valley View maintain its status as the only Safe Sleep Certified Hospital in the state of Colorado, it helps protect the infants in our community by providing families in need with a safe place to sleep for their baby.

Funds raised from donor support also enable care providers to supply pregnant patients receiving treatment at Women’s Health with resources to test for Gestational Diabetes, completely free of charge for those unable to afford them. This project eliminates the financial obstacle for pregnant patients at risk for Gestational Diabetes, helping to prevent adverse outcomes for the patient and their baby.

The annual Valley View Kids Safety Fair is another integral project supported by generous donors in our community. Philanthropic support provides children at the Fair with free bike helmets to keep them safe while they’re having fun, and parents with education on promoting a safe environment at home.

Each of these initiatives is made possible through the support of our community. Funds from generous donors enable Valley View to improve patient care in strategic areas identified by Valley View’s incredible care teams. Join philanthropists in our community making a difference for patients at Valley View by contacting Caroline Olin at 970.384.6628 or at to make a gift today.

Children at the Kids Safety Fair have fun while staying safe with free bicycle helmets made possible by donors.

Welcome Spring 2023!

So many changes in nature occur in Spring… Often we experience changes in our lives and we embrace and welcome the longer days, the warmer sun and sometimes the constant change that life continues to challenge us with. At Valley View there is constant change to respond to; both challenges and opportunities. I am in awe of how our CEO, Dr. Brian Murphy, and his team navigate change on a daily basis and I thank them for their service and dedication to our community.

At Valley View Foundation we are also experiencing change as we welcome Brian Leasure, Dr. Steven Mayer and Doug Pattison to the Valley View Foundation Board of Directors. We are excited to have them join us in supporting the family of Valley View services. Like all of our Foundation Board Members, they will work to support Valley View and our community both with their service and philanthropic support.

A BIG Thank You to our departing Board Members who left in 2022: Andrea Palm-Porter, Dr. David Marcus, Gino Rossetti and Jon Warnick. We admire their dedication and we know they will continue to support the care that Valley View provides to our community.

Please know that Valley View recognizes all of the community support that it receives, both in volunteer efforts and in philanthropic support. We are so thankful to all of our philanthropic supporters and those who have recently joined our Summit Circle. With the support of our community Valley View will continue to offer great care in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. Moving into other areas of Colorado with the exemplary care offered at Valley View has given us recognition outside of our valley. The new Valley View Surgery Center at Basalt just opened….more changes! Embrace Change!

We look forward to working together, with your support, to allow Valley View to remain independent and a leader in rural healthcare.

2023 Valley View Foundation Board Members


Patti Miely, President

Nancy Peterson, Secretary

John Stelzriede, Treasurer

Board Members

Leslieann Gallagher

Konnie Krahn-Prosence

Brian Leasure

Stephen Mayer, MD

Doug Pattison

Marianne Virgili

Donn Willins


Dr. Brian Murphy, Valley View CEO

Cornerstone Employee Giving Spotlight

Valley View employees go above and beyond, changing lives and making a positive impact each day. Every gift made by a staff member supports comprehensive, personalized care to patients. A portion of each employee donation also benefits the Silver Lining Fund, which provides financial assistance to Valley View employees facing financial hardships. Thank you, team!


“I choose to donate to Valley View because when I went through orientation, it was apparent their values and passions aligned with my own. As I've continued working here, I have realized these donations allow Valley View to treat its patients and staff, not as monetary assets, but as members of the community. Since Valley View is an independently financed hospital, donations allow them to uphold these ideals and focus on the patient's well-being.”


On behalf of Valley View and all of our incredible team members, please allow me to extend my deepest gratitude for your support and generosity in the past year. Your philanthropic gifts enable Valley View to embody our mission to care for you and your family, one patient at a time.

Thanks to you, our patients benefited from additional support and new advanced technology. For example, our cancer patients received complimentary integrated therapies and participated in support groups. For those in need, emergency assistance such as groceries and lodging was provided for patients receiving treatment. Those needing spine surgery accessed leading-edge robotic care with our new MazorX Spine Robotic Guidance Platform. You also helped Valley View acquire two rapid blood infusers to respond to the needs of our hospital patients experiencing trauma.

Your generous gifts truly make a difference in the care of our patients, and, in turn, the health and well-being of our community. Thank you for all you do to help Valley View.

With heartfelt gratitude,

What Can Your Donation Do?

Across the Valley View network of care, your gifts make a difference for our patients. Take a look below at a few examples of what your donation can support:

• Your gift to the Spine Center can help patients experiencing chronic back pain return to their normal lives. Your donation supports the purchase of a Medtronic spine surgery navigation system, including an O-Ring CT scanner. This technology, combined with the Spine Center’s state-of-the-art MazorX Spine Robotic Guidance Platform, will enable Dr. Wade Ceola and his team to offer spine surgery patients a faster recovery time, decreased risk of infection, and less pain by performing ever more minimally invasive procedures.

• Your donation to support cancer patients makes an incredible difference for those receiving treatment at the Calaway•Young Cancer Center. Your gift provides patients in need with access to a variety of invaluable resources such as support groups, integrated therapies, overnight lodging, gas and grocery cards, and more, which can help address some of the most challenging aspects of the treatment process. If you would like to contribute to the endowment providing sustained support for cancer patients in perpetuity, please contact John Quinn at 970.384.6627 or

• Unrestricted donations allow Valley View to respond to the ever-changing needs of our patients and our community.

Inspired to make a gift? Simply scan the QR code below, visit and click on “Donate Now” to make a gift online, or send a check in the amount of your choosing payable to “Valley View Foundation” at PO Box 1970, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 and indicate what you would like your donation to support in the memo line. Alternatively, you can contact Caroline Olin, Annual Gifts Associate, at 970.384.6628 or for assistance.


What Will Your Legacy Be?

The Legacy Society is a group of individuals and families who have made a future gift to Valley View as part of their will or estate planning. You can support the future of healthcare in our community when you include Valley View in your legacy planning.

“Valley View Hospital is near and dear to my heart. I worked for Valley View for 44 years, first as an RN and later as a recruiter in Human Resources. Though I’ve been retired for 6 years, I still talk about ‘we‘ or ‘us’. I started when we were a very small community hospital with about 50 employees and we’ve now grown to be a great medical center. Many people have invested a lot of work, time and money in making little and big improvements and I’m proud to have been part of that… Now that I’m older, I, and friends and family, will be taking advantage of Valley View Hospital care. I think we all should do what we can to support Valley View Hospital and its commitment to excellence.”

Donors interested in leaving a legacy gift to Valley View should be aware that the minimum age for Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) has been raised to 73, and that, as of 2023, charitable gift annuity rates will increase based off the age of the annuitant. For more information about how to include Valley View in your estate or will planning, please contact John Quinn at 970.384.6627 or

Valley View is eager to announce and welcome our newest Legacy Society Members:

Summit Circle’s Newest Members

We would like to recognize the Summit Circle

'Class of 2022' and to note those current Summit Circle members who have ascended to the next level of giving within the Summit Circle. Those listed below have made a personal commitment to help provide superb, local, independent health care to their family, friends and community. Please join us in recognizing and thanking them all!

Summit Circle Class of 2022

Judy and David Baum | Carol Craig | Dr. Alexandra Donovan*

Anne D. Easterly | Richard and Susan Finkelstein

Holy Cross Energy | Dick and Marianne Kipper

Joe and Sue Lake | Gary and Daylene Lichtenwalter

Dr. Katie Mang-Smith and Paul Smith*

Dan and Tita McCarty | Jack McGary | Barbara Neal

Margo and Tom Pritzker | Dr. Mark and Kelley Purnell*

John and Kathleen Schoenecker

Robert and Karen Shepherd | Matt and Michelle Spidell

Carol Wells-Federman

Ascending Summit Circle Members:

Mount Sopris

$50,000 to $99,999

Laura and Bruce Anderson | Sandy Jackson

Sunlight Mountain

$20,000 to $49,999

Jack and Diane Kennedy | Diane and Timothy Parks

Drs. William and Ginny Weathers*

Rhize Tech | R.S. Wittrig Construction | Anonymous

Mary Boyd

Patricia Yount

Kenneth and Patricia Miely

*Names with asterisks signify 2022 Valley View employee donors.
Crystal recognition awards awaiting the newest Summit Circle and Legacy Society Members

2022 Impact

Philanthropy drives innovation and plays a vital role in providing cutting-edge, world-class care for our community. Thank you for making a difference in 2022!

Donor support is the mechanism that allows Valley View to provide the leading, independent healthcare that our community relies upon. Read about a few of the ways your generous support made a difference for patients at Valley View in 2022:

• Funds raised by generous community and Valley View staff donors supported the purchase of two rapid blood infusers for use in the Valley View Emergency Room and Family Birthplace. These sophisticated militarygrade infusers provide an added level of emergency care for patients experiencing severe blood loss, serving as a life-saving tool to assist patients in critical need.

• Last year, generosity from donors in our region made an incredible impact for spine surgery patients at Valley View. With support from our community, Dr. Wade Ceola and his team at the Spine Center were equipped with a state-of-the-art MazorX Spine Robotic Guidance Platform. For patients experiencing chronic back pain, successful spine surgery can bring a return to normal activity; donor support of this technology truly helps spine surgery patients get their lives back.

• Family, friends, and loved ones made a difference for patients of the Calaway•Young Cancer Center and celebrated the resiliency of survivors at the final Rally the Valley. 100% of the funds raised at the event directly support cancer patients at Valley View,

providing key resources such as gas and grocery cards, overnight lodging, and integrated therapies during treatment. Though Rally the Valley has retired, to continue providing funds towards these integral resources and to create permanent access to these services, an $8 million endowment is planned to contribute earnings to sustainably support these efforts in perpetuity. To join the generous donor who has already contributed $2 million towards the endowment to support cancer patients at Valley View, please contact John Quinn at 970.384.6627 or

Save the Date for Nurses Week 2023!

Join Valley View from May 6 - 12, 2023 in celebrating the nurses who take care of us when we need it most! Celebrate National Nurses Week with Valley View to honor the incredible nurses who work so hard to care for us. To learn more or receive information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Caroline Olin at 970.384.6628 or

Thank you so much to the amazing donors in our community who have moved mountains for the patients at Valley View. We are so grateful for your support!
Nurses at Valley View come together to celebrate National Nurses Week
Valley View employees lead a crowd of community members celebrating the final Rally the Valley event in 2022


Margot & Thomas Pritzker

Dr. Mark & Kelley Purnell*

Rhize Tech

Drs. William & Ginny


Carol Wells-Federman


$5,000 - $9,999

Bobbie Brazzell

Gary & Pam Brewer

Carbondale Wild West

Rodeo Association

Robert & Linda Cutter

Fred & Fran Davies

Wally & Terry Durham

Falcon Plumbing & Heating

Glenwood Insurance Agency

Ken & Laura Jackson

Jameen & Jon Jacoby

Richard & Debbie Jelinek

Robert J. McGill Anonymous

Barbara Neal

Path Forward IT

Robert & Karen Shepherd

Sandy & Stephen Stay

Harold Isaac Sutton Trust


$1,000 - $4,999

Harvey & Donna Allen

Julie Ashinhurst*

Aspen Community Foundation

Aspen Valley Hospital

Nettie & Bryan Avery

Steven & Nancy Beckwith

Susan Bergren*

Jo & Stephen Bershenyi

Daniel & Connie Biggs*

Jaydee & Nancy Billington*

Jennifer L. Butterfield, MD & Sheri L. Brinker, MD*

Patty Buxman

Margo A. Calvetti

Caribou Club

Kurt & Julie Carruth*

Tony & Kate Comer

Steve & Cathy Cournoyer

Carol Craig

Louis & Carol Dodo

Dr. Brandy Drake*

Hilary & Angus Drummond*

Bill Spence & Sue Edelstein

Dave Eisele*

Susan & Norris Ewalt

Marcia & Don Flaks

Beverly & Joe Forsman

Golda & Shelly Friedstein

Marty & Lynette Gaither*

Garfield & Hecht PC

Stacey Gavrell*

Linda & Mark Giesecke

Barbara Gold

Ernestine Goodnough

Elida Gutierrez*

Barbara & Peter Guy

Philip & Brooke Halliwell, DO*

Mark Harris

Pamela & Clark Heckert

Roger & Molly Hoey

Andrea & Eric Hollerbach

Holy Cross Energy

Edgar & Socorro Hunt

Susan Hussemann

Keith Ikeda

Lynn Imel

Melissa, Rob & Tess Jankovsky

Michele Johnson

Carol & Adam Juul*

Aashish Kabra, MD*

Jack & Diane Kennedy

Konnie Krahn-Prosence & Matthew Prosence

Joe & Sue Lake

Chris & Monica Latkiewicz

Susan Lauck

Richard & Jean Leety

Gary & Daylene


The Liebmann Family

The David & Leslie Marcus


Dr. Travis & Robyn Martin*

Stephen Mayer, MD*

The McBride Family

Dan & Tita McCarty

McClanathan Family


Stewart & Stephanie


John McGary

Kenneth & Patricia Miely

Mary Beth & Gregg

Minion, MD*

Morrison Management


Annette & Brian

Murphy, MD*

The Nesbit Family

Thomas & Bernadette


Doug Pattison & Ginger


Nancy Peterson

Ross Peterson & Judy Pendas*

John & Beth Quinn*

Adrian Rippy-Sheehy & Jim Swartzendruber

Gino & Donna Rossetti

Dr. Michael & Tracey


Mark & Lesa Russo*

John & Kathleen


Mark & Dawn Sculco*

Greg & Ann Smith

Dr. Lauren & Nick Sontag*

The Spidell Foundation

Sandy & Stephen Stay

Eleanor Steiger

John & Tara Stelzriede*

John & Carleen Sweet*

John & Connie Thorsen

George & Dana Trantow*

David M. Turner*

Gail & Warren VanDerbeck*

Patti & Jay Webster

Western Colorado

Community Foundation

Bobbi Wiescamp

Donn Willins

John & Johnne Winter

Tim & Cheryle Wise

Marti & Tom Wolfe*

Sarah & Robert Woods

Ashley & Wes Worthington*

Patricia Yount

Mic Zywiec* & Nikola Sanic



Anne Austin-Clapper

John & Wendy Bergstrom

Jo & Stephen Bershenyi

Anne & Clarence Blackwell

Elizabeth Brew, MD & Bob

Van Wetter


COHN Marketing

Caroline Cochener

Sally Cole

Jonathan & Barbara Daniels

Alexandra Donovan, MD*

William Douglas

Kristine Gardner

Lindsay & Tom Gorman

Grand River Health

Meg Haynes

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Herrington

Joe & Ann Kasparek

Robert & Dori Libson

Bill & Carol Lightstone

Ron & Berdean Madsen

Brandon & Susan Mays*

Shirley McCabe & Greg


Drs. Rob & Nicole McDermott*

Dr. John & Amanda Murray

Robert Newby

Leonard & Nancy Nordell

Jack & Sis Olson

Pajwell Foundation

Steve & Linda Pawlak

The Phaneuf/Benedict

Family Trust

James R. Pitts

Lisa Price

Dr. Nancy & John Schneider

Sopris Elementary School

Paul Smith & Katie

Mang-Smith, MD*

Tom & Roz Turnbull

US Bank

John & Marianne Virgili

Bonnie & Kevin Wasli

Doug & Lynda Weiser

Tina Xu

Frederick Young



Tammy Baxter*

Janette M Bean

Beta Chi

Harry & Colleen Colborn

Alma Cornejo*

Charlie & Caron Crevling*

Floyd & Lavonne Diemoz

Sheila S. Draper

Langdon Dresser

Julie Dunn*

Evelyn Ellis*

George & Susan Fesus

Sistie Fischer

Jay French & Shana Foley*

Linda Geiss*

Aubrey & Mark Glenn*

Ed Grange

Jan Carla Halperin

Prentice & Lori Hubbell*

Susan Inscore, MD*

Sean & Greg Jeung*

Jen Jurmu*

Maury & Gerry Kaplan

Laura King*

Sandy & Michael Klein

The Leasure Family

William & Marianne Lederer

Heidi & Michael Levey

Douglas & Marjorie


Julia Marshall

Tammy Mattson*

Marion & Jo Ann McMillan

Sarah Moore*


Buzz Patten & Judy Wender

Richard A Pierce

Pauline & John Reohr

James Rothschild

Carol Schneider*

Robert & Amy Smith*

The Stinson Family*

Kevin & Laura Sweeney*

Laurie Taylor

David Thickman

Laura Thielen & George


Rebecca Urquhart*

Mary L. Valencia*

Lisa Wilson*

Jeff & Gay Wisch

Mary Alice Wood*



Clark Addington

Dave & Suzy Alcott

Marjorie Anderson

Aspen Handyman Service

Jens Bach

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Tyler Benton

Courtney Berg*

Misty & Dave Betts*

Julie Bjurstrom*

Bob & Lori Brandon

Gary & Pam Brewer

Lynette & Guy Brickell

Kimberly Caparrella*

Linda & Leighton Carmichael

Veronica Ceballos*

Susan Cheney*

Kathy Cleator*

Coal Ridge High School

The Colorado Trust

Will Comerford

David Corbin

Corky's Gas & Car Wash in Eagle LLC

Mark & Lexina Cose

Dereck & Tina Cox*

Valerie & Michael Curry*

Nancy Deveno

Irene Diaz*

Maria Diaz*

Charles & Penny Donelan

Kim Doose*

Bridgid B. Dunlap

John H. Dunn, Jr.

James Easton

Nancy Eide*

Thomas Elder

Kathy Falkenberg*

Phyllis Figueira*

John & Marlene Fisher

Don Fleisher

Nancy Frizell

Tom F.

Paulina & Brian Gardner*

Chet & Jill Garling*

Victor & Dedee Gerdin

Ellen Gobbo*

CJ Gredig*

The Harju Family

Jamin Heady-Smith & Caitlin Carey

Cindy Hester

Virginia Humphries

Jamie Hunt

Kay & Bob Jacobson*

PJ Jaycox

Lindsey A. Johnson

Judos Investment, LLC

Ken & Colleen Kranz


Ann & Bruce Lewis*

Shana Light*

Zulema Lujan*

Katie Mackley

Ivan Marin Soriano

Cam McNair

Stephen P. Morris*

William J. Murphy

Mary Jo Murphy

Emily Murray*

Terry Nightingale & Mark


Steven A. O'Brien, MD

Lanea Orgill*

Victoria Lynn Ortega*

Nancy & Willy Powell*

The Price-Hadley Family

Vali Pulis-Wilcox

Rebecca Quimby

Melissa Salazar

Michael Sawyer

Rachel Schlepp

Jessie & Doug Schreier

Peggy Sconce*

Marty Silverstein & Kathy Webb

Julia Smith*

Ken & Gwen Smith

Sharlene Smith

Sharon Sommers

Lori & Kim Spence, MD*

Leslie Strawbridge*

Ted & Martha Stude

Dave & Linda Sturges

Paul & Connie Taddune

Nancy & Bill Thomas

Dorothea D Thomson

Tindallskye Designs, LLC

Vilma Trejo*

Valley Vision

Ashley Vincent*

David & Jackie Wagner

Pete & Gina Waller

Cynthia Wallis*

Terri Nightingale & Mark Weller*

Michael & Dorothy Wells

Lissa W.*

Scott & Stormie Werking

Roger & Barb Wilbur

Lucille Wolff

Frances & Bill Woolley

Joseph Wright

General Donations


Bill & Katherine Albrecht

Dr. Noel & Jessica


Meredith Batterman*

Emma Camerale

Lynn Cary & Bill Childs

Father Bert Chilson

Nolan & Misty Cumings*

Chris Dennett*

Rich & Patti Downing

Stacey Flynt*

Esperanza Gallardo*

Wolf & Nancy Gensch

Global Standards Management

Angelina Godinez*

Pam & Cory Hitchcock*

Kimberlee Horst*

Kate Hugo*

Bob & Eilene Ish

Angela Jaworksi

Celsea Killian*

Adam Kliebert*

Katiebeth Kozera*

Dan & Lynne Levinson

Linda & Lee Loeschen

Maria Luz Garcilazo*

Cynthia Mainhart*

Marina Majano*


James and Renee Mason

Kara McMahon*

Susan Metcalf

Kirsten Morey

Richard & Kay Morgan

Ellie Moser

Caroline Olin

Andrea Palm-Porter

Nicole & Roger Patterson*

Ryan Picchini

Carrie Podl

Nancy Ponce*

Autumn Porter*

Joyce Preston

Teo & Carolyn Prinster

Renee Ramge

Rick & Karen Rossi

Yolanda Sanchez De Amezquita*

Martina Skenderova*

Jay & Katey Spry*

Jennafer Tryon

Matt Vickers

Melissa Welker

Sarah Whetsone*

Lisa White

Barbara Wilson

Przemyslaw Wisniewsk

In Kind Donations

The Little Nell


1906 Blake Avenue | Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601

Summit Circle Donors Make Valley View Extraordinary

The Summit Circle is a leading group of philanthropists who have donated or pledged at least $10,000 to support Valley View in providing superb, local and independent healthcare.

“I am proud to be a supporter of Valley View Hospital and our greater Glenwood communities. Valley View’s excellence in healthcare is critical to the sustainability of mountain communities and our coveted lifestyles.”

Each year, the Valley View Foundation celebrates the incredible generosity of our Summit Circle members at an annual reception. This year, the reception will be hosted on August 9th. Reach out to Autumn Porter, Gift Officer, at 970.384.6624 or at to join the Summit Circle today and receive information about attending the exclusive August reception.

If you do not wish to receive future fundraising solicitations from the Valley View Foundation, please contact us directly at or 970.384.6620.

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