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From Hooking Up to Head Over Heels How to make him fall in love with you


Formals, football games and everything in between

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The Best Bangs for Your Buck The top three hair salons in State College

PSU’s Underground Scene New music, Fun drinks, Great bars

She Means Business

Why Kristin Schappell isn’t just a pretty face FALL/WINTER 2008


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Letter from the Editor Ask the Staff: Who is the Valley Girl?


Subtle Weight Loss Secrets Fast ways to loose weight before you see your friends from home this Thanksgiving. Worth the Splurge Beauty must-haves that are worth a paycheck or two. The Best Bangs For Your Buck The top three hair salons on campus.

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34 PSYOU, YOU, YOU 35 16 Welcome to my Life The Blue Sapphire off the field. 17 Dating Hot Spot 36 2000 Degrees 18 From Hooking Up to Head Over Heels How to make him fall in love with you. 37 19 The Naughty List Gifts for the people on your list that even Santa has a hard time buying for. 38 21 NetWORK IT Land your dream job without a Dean’s List GPA. 40 DECORATING 101 24 25


Retro Chic An East Halls dorm with lots of flair. DIY Dorm Décor Resist movie posters in 5 simple steps.

PSU Nightlife What do Penn Staters really do on a Friday night? Rock on Penn State! Three student bands that will knock your socks off. You’re Invited: Throw a black and white party Q&A with Schooled author Anisha Lakhani

Outfits They Wore The best dressed in the Valley Workout Wear Sophisicated looks for class and the gym. The Perfect Outfit for Traveling It is possible to look ravishing after a six hour flight. Runway to Valley’s Way From New York Fashion Week to Pollock Road. What to Wear Formal, football games and everything in between Trend Report Get inspired for winter with these accessory trends.

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The Single Files Eye Spy Sexy nightime eye looks She Means Business Why Kristin Schappell isn’t just a pretty face


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L Devin and our cover girl, Kristin Shappell, at her Valley shoot.

ast year was all about getting our feet off the ground. This semester, for our second issue, we had the luxury of focusing entirely on creating a magazine full of fresh, stylish ideas for Penn State women. We’ve spent a lot of time really thinking about what deserves to be on these next fifty or so pages. Our answer? Valley magazine is all about celebrating you.

Our cover girl, Kristin Schappell, is conquering the financial world faster than it’s falling into a recession. She told us how she landed one of the most sought after internships in the business world, and how she maintained a social life while doing so. We hope to feature a successful Penn State woman in every issue, so work hard and maybe you’ll be next. You may not know exactly who Kristin is until you get to page 52, but you might know about our “Welcome to My Life” feature, PJ Maierhoffer, otherwise known as the Blue Sapphire who dazzles us during the half-time show at every home football game. She told us about her life off the field…something I was especially excited to hear about since I’m one of her biggest fans! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! We know it’s scary to let someone else cut your hair for the first time after moving away from home. That’s why we found the top three hair salons on campus – and they don’t charge more than your college budget can afford. Turn to page 12 to read all about them. We’ll show you where to find the best holiday gifts for the hardest people to buy for on page 19, and we’ve scoured the boutiques along College Avenue for local trends mistakable for runway material in “Runway to Valley’s Way” on page 37. We love fashion, but we don’t stop there. Turn to page 22 for a groundbreaking piece on outsourcing in America, and how you can avoid it when it’s time to job hunt. We’ve even added a new section, Decorating 101, where we feature a space that looks more like a movie set than a plain old dorm room. While you’re getting ready to celebrate the holidays, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Take a break from studying, and use this issue to bring out the best in you. After all, you go to Penn State! What’s not to celebrate?

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Who is the

A Valley Girl comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and isn’t afraid to challenge herself. -Stephanie Raposo, Writer

A Valley Girl is someone who will survive in any city, but her home is always Happy Valley.

-Jeannine Labik, Assistant Photographer

She is an intelligent woman who manages to juggle her ambitions while being fashionable and classy in her own way.

-Jen Hoffman, Fashion Editor

A Valley Girl is someone a guy wants to take home to mom.

-Ashley Mannings, Writer

She sets trends and will move the world.

-William Colsher, Assistant Photographer








we are...beautiful

5 WAYS TO PREVENT HEART DISEASE Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the country. How can you protect yourself? Dr. Joel Goldberg, M.D. F.A.C.C., senior partner of a private practice located in New York and a graduate of Penn State, tells you how.


Quit smoking, or better yet, never start. Especially if you have been prescribed birth control pills, smoking cigarettes can exponentially raise your risk of prematurely contracting heart disease.


Commit to 50 continuous minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week. By doing so, you should achieve an ideal body weight according to charts, not your peers, which is very beneficial for your blood pressure.


Check your blood pressure occasionally. People in their teens and twenties rarely have high blood pressure, but make sure to check your blood pressure at regular intervals during yearly check-ups.

SUBTLE WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS Fast tips to feel fabulous…even during the busiest parts of the semester. Walk it out. If you walk about 15 to 20 minutes per day, you can burn anywhere from 400-800 calories a week. Snack smart. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and low-fat yogurts are yummy and low in fat, sugar, and calories. Your Body 101. If you can’t seem to make it to the gym, enroll in a fitness course for credit. Penn State offers a variety of physical activity courses for everyone ranging from yoga to power skating. Go green…tea. Green tea helps increase metabolism, inhibits fat absorption and has less caffeine than coffee. Sleep right, sleep tight. Going to sleep at a decent hour will prevent you from late night snacking, which attributes to college weight gain. By Ashley Mannings


Enforce healthy eating habits. Avoid saturated fats and sugar-packed carbohydrates including alcohol. These are wasted calories that have a tendency to increase your weight and blood pressure to unhealthy levels.


Know your family history. If females in your family have a history of heart attacks before menopause and/or a history of diabetes, inform your family doctor of these concerns during yearly check-ups. By Abby Foust


You’re past the years of school picture day and prom, yet you still get pimples the night before a big event. You could slather on some concealer and hope it doesn’t wear off, or you could pop the zit. By Samantha Nicholson Step 1: Examine your zit. Only certain

types of pimples can be popped without causing scars or infection. Reserve pimple-popping only for whiteheads. These are pimples that are white and raised above the surface of the skin.



Step 2: Prepare to pop. Open your

pores by taking a hot shower or washing your face with a warm cloth. After the skin is clean and free of oil and make-up, take two tissues and wrap one around each of your index fingers.

Step 3: Relieve the skin. Place pressure

around the zit using a down-and-out motion. If the pimple is ready, it will pop. If not, let it be. You should stop if clear fluid or blood begins to leak out. If there is intense pain, that is also a signal to stop.

Want the job done professionally? Ask your

dermatologist for a cortisone injection. A few hours after receiving a cortisone injection, the pain will disappear and the pimple will flatten out. As an added bonus, cortisone helps pimples heal quickly by preventing the buildup of scar tissue under the blemish. Cost: between $20 and $40

we are...beautiful

Diorshow Mascara ($24, Sephora) One coat is all you need to make your eyes pop. It’s available in four different colors as well as a waterproof formula.

Worth the Splurge

Nars Blush ($25, Sephora) Available in 25 shades, Nars has created the widest range of flattering colors for all skin tones. From the bright raspberry “Crazed” to the favorite shimmery pink “Orgasm,” there is a shade for you.

If you want to perfect your beauty collection, here is the crème de la crème of the fall By Erin Mawe beauty loot. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($19, Nordstrom) The protective cushion protects your eyes and is designed to give a maximum curl to your lash. Instead of just curling the base of your lashes, pump the curler all the way to the tips for a lush, doe-eyed look.

Pronto Dry Shampoo by Oscar Blandi ($19, Sephora) This powder shampoo soaks up grease, so you’ll never have to settle for a messy ponytail again.

Stila Lipglaze ($22, Sephora) The fantastic click pen style (that won’t leak!) is only one of the reasons why it’s so popular. The gloss goes on smooth without feeling too thick.

T3 Straightener ($119-$200, This straightener immediately reduces frizz. The additional curved plates available for T3 irons are perfect for creating ringlets or waves in addition to sleek, straight styles. FALL/WINTER 2008


3 Campus

we are...beautiful


Salons on

BEST BANGS FOR YOUR BUCK Euphoria Hair Salon is a fabulous place to get a style and cut at a reasonable cost. Located downtown on Calder Way, the salon is easily accessible for students living on or off campus. Euphoria offers a shampoo, blow-dry and style starting at $33. This deal also includes complimentary bang and maintenance trims in between cuts. Euphoria is a full-service salon, that offers coloring, nail therapy, cosmetic services and waxing, making it easy to afford a chic look this semester. By Michele Mendelson



Euphoria Hair Salon WHERE: 213 E. Calder Way PRICE: $33 and up

we are...beautiful


Designer’s Denn Salon WHERE: 212 E. Calder Way PRICES: Varied

Designer’s Denn Salon and Spa has hair stylists that have been in the styling industry for more than 30 years. Each stylist caters to your individual needs and will give you specific guidance on how to get the best look. Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, an up-do for a formal, or just a new hairstyle, Designer’s Denn is the perfect place to ensure the satisfaction you deserve. In addition to hair styling, Designer’s Denn Salon and Spa also features nail care, makeup applications, massage and skincare therapy, and full-body By Jen Robinson treatments.



we are...beautiful

PS... You Ought to Know

91 percent of Penn State women say they haven’t tried getting their hair cut on campus because they feel

more comfortable with their stylist at home.


JCPenny Hair Salon WHERE: Nittany Mall PRICES: Relaxer: $60 Treatment: $15 Trim: $10 14

For course or multi-textured hair, JCPenney Salon will cater to your hair needs. The salon offers consultations as well as a comprehensive overview of the products they use, allowing you to choose the type of product you are most comfortable with. The salon visit feels more like a spa visit because their stylists massage your scalp gently while thoroughly cleansing the hair at the same time. Special JC Penney is offering a 20% discount if you tell them you were referred by Valley Magazine!

By Jen Goune

VALLEY MAGAZINE “PS…U Ought to Know” facts are based on informal polls of 100 students. They do not represent any statistical value.






psyou, you, you

Welcome to my

Life: PJ Maierhofer

VALLEY: How do you feel about being a campus celebrity? PJ: I don’t think like that. I go to class, people stare at me, and I forget why they’re staring. I don’t have time to get caught up in the celebrity factor. Sure, it’s a big honor to be recognized, and I play a large role on football Saturdays, but every other day of the Claim to Fame: PSU’s Blue Sapphire week I’m a college student just like everyone else. "I love this handbag because it’s adorable and its functional. It was, also my first designer bag." "I twirled at a Marc Jacobs fashion show Freshman year. The gift bags had a bottle of his perfume in them. I always keep a bottle for special occasions. It was one of the best nights of my life."

"It's one of those books where you can read any page and be inspired."

VALLEY: Aside from being the Blue Sapphire, what else are you involved with on campus? PJ: I’m an entertainment captain for THON 2009, and I judged a part of Homecoming 2008. I try to get involved as much as possible. VALLEY: What’s your post-college plan? What’s the next step? PJ: My dream job would be an event coordinator for Marc Jacobs or sports management. As Blue Sapphire I’m constantly going. I’m not sure where I belong, but I’m willing to try new things to find out. VALLEY: Do you still get nervous when you perform? PJ: Sometimes when I’m waiting in the tunnel to run out onto the field I get nervous. But I just say to myself, “Ok, PJ, get it together. Don’t worry about the 110,000 people. Worry about you.” VALLEY: What’s the creepiest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention? PJ: Last year some kid came over to me during warm-ups at a basketball game. He introduced himself as my future husband. I laughed and said, “Ok, see you, hubby!” But later that night he sent me a Facebook message explaining every detail of our “wedding” in Hawaii over Spring Break.

"Every girl needs a pair of Uggs. I couldn't do the boots, but I love how these are a mix of style and comfort."

VALLEY: What’s the one thing you want people to know about you? PJ: It’s really important that I’m just me. It’s cool that I have 3,000 friends on Facebook, but I do have a group of friends here. I’m just like you! By Kaitlyn Marchek

Meeting the Parents The time has come. Just when you and your man have finally gotten over the awkward stage of first dates, and you finally feel comfortable around each’s time to meet the parents. Here’s how to win them over. Make conversation. Make yourself useful. Does his mom love to cook? Does his dad love the Steelers? Ask questions beforehand and make mental notes. This way you can strike up conversation if an awkward silence tries to sneak its way in during dinner.

Dress appropriately.

If you are joining the family for Thanksgiving, a halter-top or low-rise jeans may not be the best decision. You want to make a good first impression, so dress yourself in something classic and sophisticated.

Avoid PDA.

His parents want to get to know you, but not while they’re watching you caress their son’s leg. Even if your honey says it’s ok and that his parents don’t mind, making out on the couch while his dad watches the evening news across the room won’t give the best impression. 16


Ask his mom if she needs help making dinner or offer to wash the dishes afterward. Does he have siblings? Playing dress up with your boyfriend’s younger sister will not only win points with the parents, but it will also touch a soft spot in your guy’s heart when you let his sister paint your nails “princess pink.”

Don’t try too hard.

The biggest mistake you can make is to try too hard. His parents can pick out a fake smile just as quickly as you can. Just remember that your significant other chose to be with you because of who you are, and his parents aren’t likely to feel disapprove if they get to know the real you. By Megan Waldron

psyou, you, you

You Guys Ask Answer: WHAT HIS FACEBOOK BEHAVIOR REALLY MEANS We all do it. We sit in front of the computer, on Facebook of course, wondering whether that poke really means he thinks we’re cute or reading the same message he sent 1,000 times over, trying to decode its meaning. Our male staff writer, John, gives you the real deal on the way guys use Facebook. By John Dubosky

He <3’s U


What time did it happen? If you were poked at 3 a.m., it might have been a drunken occurrence that won’t be remembered the next day. But, if you are the sole pokee and were poked at a time when this boy was thinking clearly, then he may be trying to tell you something.

If, after a party or a night out at the bar, you check Facebook only to see that the guy in question has removed his tag from your picture, don’t jump to any conclusions. If the picture is of six inebriated people huddling around a table of flip cup, then he simply may not want to be portrayed that way online.

Take a look at his personality. Is this a playful interaction that this person would engage in at the drop of a hat? Does his wall suggest that you’re not the only girl he’s into? If so, think nothing of it. This is a friend who was bored behind his computer screen between classes.

He <3’s U Not PS... You Ought to Know


If this happens in more than one picture, especially with pictures of just the two of you, take a hint. He could be telling you something, or covering his tracks so that he appears more available to other Facebookers.

Messaging Keep in mind– this is as intimate as Facebook gets. A note for your eyes only. If this is received in combination with a poke, things are looking good. Congratulations, you’ve got male.

Once again we run into the privacy issue. Check the level of detail in your note. You may not be the only one receiving these messages.

99 out of 100 women polled on campus said they would rather date a guy on a sports team than a guy in a frat.






he weather in State College is unpredictable, but there is still one way to heat things up on a date - without undressing. Regardless if it’s your first date with a longtime crush, a bold blind date or just a new approach to an otherwise routine Saturday night with your boyfriend, this date is definitely worth a shot.

reveal a lot about him. A date who boasts about sponge painting and ignores your stenciling technique is probably a red flag for down the road. But a guy who lets you spend 15 minutes picking out your favorite shade of green paint is definitely a keeper.

2000 Degrees, located on 202 W. College Ave., may look modest from the outside, but you won’t be disappointed after you make your first step into this pottery retail studio. How it works: You walk in, pick a piece of pottery to paint and begin your masterpiece as a team or solo. Your date’s attitude toward his choice of pottery, color and technique can

Even if your date’s creation looks like a third-grader’s art project, if you’re digging him, encourage to him to keep practicing. There’s nothing sexier than a gal who tries to uplift her man. If the date turns out to be an art-filled mistake, don’t worry. Remember that dating is like picking art. Only take home the one you connect with the most.

“PS…U Ought to Know” facts are based on informal polls of 100 students. They do not represent any statistical value.



psyou, you, you


Him toGo

From Hooking Up to Head Over Heels



[ ] You’ve been hooking up all semester, but his Facebook status still says “single”. Here are ten bold ways to show him that you’re “in a relationship” material.

There’s nothing wrong with texting in English, but every once in a while use a different language to say “I love you.” Send it while he’s in class or at the gym so he can’t look up what it means right away. The curiosity will make him go nuts, and the first thing he will do when he gets home is FOR HIM run to the computer to translate what it says. Get your guy to reveal his favorite home cooked meal. Whether it’s his mom’s lasagna, barbeque chicken or steak and potatoes – try to make it one night. Even if it isn’t the most delicious meal he’s ever tasted, he’ll be pumped that SUPPORT HIS you took the time to make it. Try to support him no matter what his ambitions are. The next time he talks about pursuing his WATCH THE GAME WITH HIM childhood dream of becoming an astronaut for Whether he’s a fan of the Steelers or the Eagles, show an NASA, brainstorm different ways he can accominterest in the team he loves. Ask him questions about plish it and get excited along with him (even if you things you don’t understand during the commercials, or, think he’s crazy). if you’re sports savvy, bring up stats about his favorite team (or yours!). When you show an interest in his “Sports Center” lineup, he’ll know he scored big. FLAUNT YOUR

6 Cook





Ask your guy what his favorite part of your body is. Better yet, decide what your favorite part of your body is. If you love your legs, wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans the next time you’re with him. Change with the lights on instead of off the next time you sleep at his place. He’ll love how comfortable you are around him.



There are always going to be times when your guy wants to hang out with his friends, and you don’t exactly get the invite to join. Don’t stress. Let him have a guys night at least once a week. Not only will he thank you for it, but he will return the favor the next time you want to go out with the girls.



Log on to his computer and open a blank Word document while he isn’t looking. Write how much fun you had hanging out with him that day and that you’ll be thinking of him all night. Save it to his desktop as “Read Me,” and let him find it after you leave.




WEAR A signature PERFUME



Find out which perfume of yours he likes, and wear it every time you are together. Whether he’s standing next to a tall, blonde woman in the elevator or sitting beside a new girl in class, he’ll think of you every time he smells your scent on someone else.

One night, tell your guy you want to stay in and watch a movie. While you’re relaxing on the couch, slip away for just a few minutes and put on your new outfit. When you come back, he’ll be bursting with excitement.



It’s expensive to be a guy sometimes. Buy your man his favorite beer when he gets up to say hello to a friend or hits the men’s room. Leave it in front of his seat at the bar or hold it for him until he gets back. He’ll love the fact that you know his favorite beer, but he’ll also be thrilled that he’s not doing all of the buying. By Stephanie Nassib




Naughty List

psyou, you, you

Stressing over your holiday shopping list already? We’ve found gifts for the people on your list that even Santa has trouble shopping for. By Monica O’Donnell

The “Almost” Boyfriend If you are casually dating someone, gift shopping can become somewhat complicated. What if you get him too much…or too little? How much money can you spend without sending the wrong message? Here are some suggestions: Allposters. com: Find a variety of posters from modern sports and entertainment to black and white vintage photography. You can even get your poster framed and shipped, without spending a fortune. ($8.99-$59.99)

The Boyfriend’s Parents

The Boss It never hurts to buy your boss a gift during the holidays. Since you are dealing with a workplace setting, try to avoid a gift that could come off as inappropriate or unprofessional. Save the gag gifts for your friends! Try these: Starbucks Coffee Card: You choose the initial amount, and they can reload it as many times as they want. It is the coffee gift that keeps on giving. Digital Photo Key Chain: Allow your boss to carry car keys and family photos on the same key chain. ($29.99, Best Buy)

People’s Nation T-shirt: Choose from a selection of graphic tees or have one made custom for him. ($15-$25)

Wine Tasting Party Kit: This is a fun and affordable gift for their next dinner party. ($24, The Roost) Coffee Cup Warmer: This gift is a great way to keep coffee or cocoa hot at the office. ($25, Brookstone. com)

PS... You Ought to Know “PS…U Ought to Know” facts are based on informal polls of 100 students. They do not represent any statistical value.

They invite you to family dinners and take you on summer vacations. Whether you like them or not, your boyfriend’s parents play a huge role in supporting your relationship by including you in their family functions. Show them they are truly appreciated with:

Valley polled 100 students on campus and 34 said they’ve had a one-night stand.

The Friend Who Has Everything Everyone has a friend who is impossible to shop for, mainly because she already has everything. You can only buy so many picture frames before things start getting repetitive. How about these instead: •

Decorative Cocktail Glasses: Find all sorts of colorful glasses by Momo Panache. Who couldn’t use some artsy glasses for their apartment? ($14 each; The Roost)

Miniature Crystal and Rod-iron Chandelier: A unique light fixture will stand out from the typical girly gift. ($50, The Roost)



20 4


psyou, you, you

NETWORKIT Start close to home.

“Don’t underestimate the relationships you’ve developed in the past, like the connections your family has,” said Trahey. “All contacts can come in handy.”

About 80 percent of jobs are secured through networking, so it’s never too early to start thinking about who you know in the biz. Michelle Trahey, the president of Penn State’s Women in Business club, and Megan Volk, the vice president of corporate relations, revealed their top five tips to land your dream job or internship… even if your GPA isn’t Dean’s List material yet. by Maggie Stuart

Maintain good connections. “Any time I go to an event or get a business card, I send a follow up email and thank them for their time. This keeps your contacts available in case you need to ask for something someday,” Volk said.

PS... You Ought to Know

64 percent of Penn State students think their vote will count in the election!

Use Penn State’s (huge!) network. Talk to professors, other students, guest speakers, and of course, alumni. “Lion Link” is a professional networking Web site created especially for contacting PSU alumni. Visit

Get Involved. “Join something! Pick whatever student organization interests you. You never know the opportunities that will create or the people you may meet,” said Trahey.

Go to the career fair. Volk suggests, “Come prepared and do your research so you can be the one to start the conversation. Always have a résumé that’s updated.” Be confident, assertive, and don’t forget to wear something professional.

“PS…U Ought to Know” facts are based on informal polls of 100 students. They do not represent any statistical value.



psyou, you, you

“Radiologists and other technicians are losing their jobs because doctors are sending labs and X-rays via e-mail to professionals in India, who can read and interpret the results for half the salary.”




study done by Forrester Research projects that 3.3 million U.S. wages will be outsourced to other countries by 2015, and almost all career fields will be affected in some way. This may sound impossible, but considering the digital world we live in, it is becoming a serious threat to college students. Technology allows us to communicate with people around the world in an instant, and it has created a Third Industrial Revolution, meaning increased outsourcing for American companies. Information-service jobs that can be delivered electronically are at most risk. Basic computer coding, legal research, accounting, financial analysis, customer service call centers and medical transcription services are all jobs that do not require any type of face-to-face contact and can easily be completed from other countries over the phone or through the Internet. Michelle Mancosh, a former Penn State student who majored in accounting felt the effects of outsourcing first-hand when she entered into the job market.



“I applied to so many accounting firms, but most of their basic accounting jobs were outsourced to other countries. At all my interviews they asked me if I took a foreign language or if I had experience with reputable internships. The only reason I even got hired was because I took German in college. I didn’t even minor in it, but because they saw that I took it for a couple semesters they hired me. I have been working on an accounting project with a German company and will get to travel abroad with the company in the next couple weeks to complete the assignment,” she said. Science-based professions are at risk too. Basic engineering jobs are outsourced to people in India who draw up a design, scan it into the computer, and send it to American engineers through the Internet. Radiologists and other technicians are losing their jobs because doctors are sending labs and X-rays via e-mail to professionals in India, who can read and interpret the results for half the salary. Now India is even outsourcing medical work sent from American labs to China where the Chinese do it for a fraction of India’s wages. College students in particular will feel the effects of this revolution, especially when it comes time to join the workforce. What can the Penn State student do to avoid losing their future jobs to outsourcing? Develop your people skills. Although a basic knowledge of how to navigate through the Internet is imperative in this day and age, personal service skills are where the future of the U.S. job force is headed. Fields like child-care, nursing, psychotherapy and lobbying require personal skills and cannot be transmitted effectively through a wire. So get out there, network, and use your people skills along with your Penn State degree to prove to the job force that you are more valuable than a computer overseas.











Dorm DIY Décor


By Annie To

Dorm decorating may sound like a pain to some Penn State students, but for freshmen Jordan Tates and Leighanne Alger, decorating their East Hall dorm room inspired a summer’s worth of planning and fun. “We were going to be living in here for a year,” Tates said. “[And] since we’re going to be stuck here, we figured it’s better if it’s decorated.”

The pair didn’t know each other before coming to Penn State, but they befriended one another through Facebook. They compared descriptions of their comforters through the Web site and text messaging and found a common ground: the colors blue and green.

Their color scheme evolved into a ‘70s inspired mix of furniture and decorations. It’s not just the colors that make the room — though it gives it a central theme — but several individual pieces that show off new ways to save space and display personal mementos, such as a white, floral earring frame on Tates’ desk. Adorned with wire netting, the frame was specially made for Tates and given to her as a gift. Her only addition was adding a light blue painting to the backboard to give it a retro feel. “We call it our one-room apartment,” Alger said. The roommates also decided to have their beds lofted through Bedloft. com when they arrived. The lofts gave them a living area complete with a lounge chair, a futon sofa, a TV, and a trunk, serving as both a coffee table and a storage unit. The entire room has a certain glow to it, from the bright blue lava lamp to the painted wooden letters hung at the entrance, almost like a floating welcome mat for any guest who just happens to drop by.

Tired of staring at walls plastered with posters of movies, bands and alcohol? It may be time to upgrade your décor. When decorating your apartment or dorm room, you have two things to consider: limited space and a limited budget. Here’s just one way to revamp your room for less. Shopping List 3 small sheets of wrapping paper 1 20”x28” piece of poster board 1 8”x10” photo, printed in color, black and white, and sepia Double-stick tape

Where to Shop: Michael’s Arts & Crafts, 44 Colonnade Way, located off of Atherton St. Approximate Cost: $7-$15 Step 1: Create three vertical panels by attaching each piece of wrapping paper in sections on the poster board with double-stick tape.

Step 2: Pick your favorite photo. Choosing one that was taken vertically with two or three people in it will work best for this project. Print three 8”x10” copies: one in color, one in black and white, and one in sepia tone.

Step 3: Place the tape in each corner of your photos. Place the color photo in the center panel, and the sepia tone and black and white copies on either side.

Step 4: For extra flare, personalize with hand-written notes or mementos from when the picture was taken. By Alicia Dinkel













The Bar-Hopper

“My friends and I have been going to Tony’s Big Easy on Saturday nights. G-Man has good specials on Tuesday nights and is also fun on football Saturdays. Lulu’s on Thursday nights is something to look forward to after a long week. It’s only a dollar cover and drink specials run until midnight. We always go with a big group of friends and everyone ends up dancing. On Fridays or any day after class, Mad Mex is nice because from 5-7 p.m. there are half price margaritas and appetizers. If you like drinking outside, Café 210 is also perfect and good for people watching.” – Bridget Gallagher, Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders

“playlists ” The boys always

make great for the social

The Non-Drinker

“ dancing ”

We always go with a big

group of friends, and everyone ends up

The Sorority Girl

“When I go out on the weekends, I typically go to a social with my sorority and one or several fraternities. This is a great way to de-stress in a relatively safe environment. The boys always make great playlists for the social, and there’s nothing sorority girls love more than a good dance party. Once they are 21, people in Greek life like to go to the bars with their sorority sisters, especially for events like homecoming and THON night out. G-Man Tuesdays are particularly popular with the Greeks!” – Jen Hoffman, Senior, Journalism

“Even though I don’t drink, my weekends are generally pretty similar to many Penn Staters that do drink – only I’m sober. My friends and I go to on- and off- campus parties, I love dancing to my favorite songs. I’m also a movie fanatic, so I like going to the movies. We also like to eat out at restaurants around town. I live on-campus, and it’s always nice to try some non-commons food. Hang out sessions at friends’ dorms or houses are always fun. We watch movies, gossip and sometimes cook. I watch friends play drinking games (which is honestly a lot of fun to observe).” - Eka Obaigbena, Junior, Journalism



We watch movies,

gossip and sometimes


ROCK Penn State! entertainingu


While most Penn State students walk down College Avenue with Chris Brown and Rihanna blaring on their iPods, they’re missing out on all of the local bands playing right around the corner. Valley hunted down the hottest student bands on campus, and tells you where to find them. By John Dubosky


You can’t graduate from PSU without making it to the Phyrst once or twice. While you’re there, check out Lemonsoul which plays weekly at the downtown bar. Formed by State College High students, this alt/rock band has been years in the making. The band features Dan Vidmar, lead vocals/guitar; Ingmar Carlson, lead guitar; Landon Evak, drums; and Austin Arrington, bass guitar. This year the band is also incorporating organ player Dominic Misja. If you’re a bar-hopper, you will ultimately run into these guys. Give them a listen.


If you’re looking for a local mix of hip-hop and reggae, check out Atlas’ Soundtrack. The 7-man group was formed just last year, but they’ve known each other since high school. The band features two emcees, Mani Jersey and Drew Jackson. The musicians of Atlas’ Soundtrack are Matt Savereno, lead singer/guitar; Kenny Heron, bass; Steve Faubel, pianist; Kyle Dornich, percussion; and Josh Parker on drums. After winning the 2008 Café 210 Battle of the Bands, Atlas’ Soundtrack has been playing at Café 210, Zenos and The Darkhorse Tavern.


This is the closest PSU will get to a ho-down. The three piece string group, composed of two PSU students and a PSU graduate, plays country and blue grass. The band features Dave Pfister, lead singer/ mandolin/guitar/accordion; Andrew Herman, guitar/back-up vocals; and Ryan Alford, guitar/mandolin/banjo/back-up vocals. Traveling throughout Centre County, they dole out hefty portions fine southern twiddling. Not a show to be missed. You can catch them frequently at The Red Horse Tavern in Pleasant Gap.



ThrowA Black & White Party

A normal party at Penn State means loud music and Natty Light. But we’re not a normal university. We are Penn State! That’s why we are featuring a classy way to hang out with your friends in every issue. This time we thought we’d start with the basics, and threw a black and white party for our staff to hang out and get to know each other. We had so much fun that it would be impossible for you not to!

By Marissa Lanich


Devin Tomb, Editor-in-Chief, and Morgan Means, Managing Director

For a black and white party, the food, the attire and the decorations are all pretty self explanatory – everything is black and white! We loved lilies on the table from Woodrings, black and white printed tablewear from Best Event Rental, and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate from Wegman’s.

The Valley staff dancing the night away

Almond Joy 1/2 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum 1 oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur 1 oz. Dekuyper Créme de Almond 2 oz. Cream – Fill 14 oz. glass with ice – Add coconut rum, chocolate liqueur and créme de almond – Fill glass with cream – Shake and serve



with Anisha Lakhani, author of Schooled

Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are “Gossip Girl”’s version of teen Manhattan socialites. Author Anisha Lakhani tells us what it’s like to teach the real ones. By Devin Tomb

Lakhani at her Manhattan book signing in August

Valley: Schooled is based off of your encounters as a private school teacher at The Dalton School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. How long did you teach, and how long was it before you began to tutor?

Valley: Bettina LaVera hires Anna for different reasons than some of the other mothers in this book, specifically to “level the playing field”. What does that mean and what does it speak about the competition in private schools?

Anisha: I taught for ten years, and my first tutoring job was given to me about mid-way into my second year. After living in a five-floor walk up (with a rat and at least two not-so-friendly roaches as my roommates) making $150 in an hour was like the skies literally started pouring money.

Anisha: I created Mrs. LaVera based on parents to whom I was very sympathetic. Even parents who don’t believe in tutoring are finding themselves in the position of “having” to hire a tutor. As one such parent told me, “My seventh grader is highly capable and loves to write. However, her assignments just can’t compare with the children in her class who are getting their compositions polished by a private tutor.” Mrs. LaVera hires Anna as “self-defense” because she feels as if her daughter will ultimately be competing for the same colleges as the other children in her class, and she believes that the ones with tutors have a clear-cut and unfair advantage.

Valley: What was tutoring like when you first started, and what changed as you spent more time doing it? Anisha: When you begin working with a student, the first few weeks are about getting to know the student and the family. It’s a little like dating – everyone is on his or her best behavior. After the “honeymoon period,” however, the students were less and less prepared when I arrived. For example, “I have a paper on the Bolshevik Revolution tomorrow and here is my blank Microsoft Word screen. What do you think my first sentence should be? And the next one…” Unsurprisingly, at some point the fatal “What the hell was the Bolshevik Revolution” followed... Valley: How would you compare your portrayal of privileged teenagers in Manhattan to the hit TV show “Gossip Girl”? Anisha: I have not missed a single episode of “Gossip Girl.” The show has me absolutely riveted. However, the show is TV and, as absurd as some of the situations I portray in Schooled seem to be, I think my book is a little more realistic. The students in Schooled don’t ride around in limousines like Chuck Bass, but cheating is certainly prevalent in both worlds and the idea that everything – even homework – has a price – is raised in both the show and my book.



Valley: Obviously Anna’s character is based off of your experiences as a teacher. Did you have a friend like Bridgette when you first started teaching? Anisha: Bridgette is not based on one particular friend, but rather a group of my girlfriends who went on to get jobs in banks and law firms. We all graduated from Columbia, and while I certainly didn’t go into teaching to make the big bucks, it does sting a little when you cannot afford to socialize with your friends. It takes a will of steel to come to terms with the fact that educating children somehow makes what you do less valuable than managing other people’s money. Valley: Will you write another book after this? What are you working on next? Anisha: I hope to – that’s the dream. I am working on it right now, and all I can tell you is that it exposes another world in Manhattan that is just as glamorous (and dangerous!) as Schooled! But there’s no homework in this next one – I step out of the educational world entirely. The only other thing I will admit is that I am having WAY too much fun with it. . .






Outfits They

Penn State events. Penn State students. Penn State style.


Liz Smith and Amanda Sipala tailgating for the Illinois game.

By Jen Hoffman

Ilana Grumer, Jami Lubetkin and Brittany Resnick on the Sigma Delta Tau floor.

Eryn Elkin, Sam Kumer, Kayla Renz, Jess Parness, Courtney Gushue, Mallory McClosky, Jess Gundling, Sydnee Bursik, Nicole Campion, Sam Osdoby and Elisa Pegher before the Oregon State game.

Want your event in Valley Magazine? Send us your photos at valleymagazine@ Nicole Pitts and Alex Gold ready for a night out.

Sydnee Bursik, Nicole Campion and Elisa Pegher 34 before VALLEY MAGAZINE a night out.

Sam Hill, Abby Perschon, Kaitlin Keeney, Cory Johnston, Nicole Iannucci, Tricia Blacker, Maggie LoManto, Emily Sher and Dani Kominsky at Centre Court during syllabus week.

Haylli Weintraub, Sam Charleston, Allie Brudner, Liza Dabrow, Mallory Shore and Jayne Greenwald at a social with Delta Chi.





A Penn State sophomore who was raised in Puerto Rico, Yarelis Colon undoubtedly has a style all her own. The pre-med student stands out from the crowd by letting her warm weather roots and her love of dance and acting shape her style. By Johnie Emma Gall

Valley: Who is your biggest style inspiration? Yarelis: I don’t think I follow the style of a certain celebrity or anything like that. I do like fashion a lot, but I don’t wear something because it’s in style or on sale. If I see something I like, I just go for it. Valley: Name an item in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without. Yarelis: My heels. I love heels. Actually, it’s between my heels and my dresses. I do have this pair of bluish-gray metallic heels that my parents bought for me in Italy. They are just the bomb. Valley: Have you ever worn something you are embarrassed by now? Yarelis: I can honestly tell you that I don’t look back and feel embarrassed by anything. I have these multi-colored Converse shoes that some people might think look crazy, but I like them so I don’t care. I’ll wear a bright yellow skirt and those shoes, and I think it’s very Mambo-style. Valley: Are there any trends on campus that you wouldn’t mind seeing the end of? Yarelis: I don’t really like the whole leggings with a long shirt style. I saw the trend for the first time at night, and I thought it was cute. Then I saw it every day during class, and I’m just not a fan.



Squeezing the gym into your schedule is hard. That’s why many students fit it in between classes. Dressing to go from class to the gym and still looking like you have a sense of style; however, is not as tough as you may think.


Instead of:

Fitted sweatpants

Gym shorts

Solid color t-shirts

Cotton t-shirts from high school

Shoes that are easy to remove in the locker room, like ballet flats, moccasins or flat boots

Cruddy old sneakers

Cover all coats, like a belted trench

Your boyfriend’s oversized sweatshirt

Layered necklaces

An obnoxious sports bra

A loose, side-swept bun (perfect for floor workouts!)

A messy ponytail

Jazz Orginal Sneaks by Saucony, $49.95, Barefoot

Drawstring black trench by Tulle Twill, $88.90, Mr. Charles







or college students, any time is prime time for traveling. Whether you are going to see friends, visiting family over Thanksgiving or studying abroad next semester, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort while you are on the go.

Traveling Outfit For

By Taylor Larouche

Pair this fashionable scarf with a simple v-neck shirt to keep your neck warm. You can even use it as a blanket for long trips. (CoCo International, $18, Metro) V-neck shirts are a travel wardrobe staple. It’s the perfect choice to keep you warm and cozy as you brave fluctuating airplane temperatures. (Ambiance Apparel, $24, Connections)

Don’t pile on the make-up. Keep it simple by wearing tinted face moisturizer, mascara and lip balm. Leave the rest of your make-up in your carry-on for when you arrive.

These yoga pants are fitted, but they have a little stretch to them. They’re perfect if you’ll be sitting down for a long period of time. (Hardtail, $65, Metro)

Earplugs and a pack of gum are traveling essentials.



Oversized sunglasses add instant glamour while also hiding any signs of jet-lag.

Fill a leather hobo with carry-on essentials, such as an iPod, snacks and reading material. (Big Budda Groupie Bag in Brown, $89.95, Barefoot; Sunglasses by A.J. Morgan, $14.95, Metro)

Avoid wearing clothing that wrinkles easily. It could leave you looking sloppy when you reach your destination, and who knows who will be there to greet you!






New York may be a four-hour drive from campus, but who says it can’t be Fashion Week everyday right on Pollock Road? By Jen Hoffman

Don’t be afraid to... Don’t be afraid to... layer loose fitting favorites. play with color after dark.

Dove necklace on gold chain $100, Mr. Charles; Heart lock on gold chain, $100, Mr. Charles; Gold bracelet by Chan Luu, $190, Mr. Charles; Laura reversible bag by Hayden-Hartnett, $520, Mr. Charles; Claudette blouse in cream by BB Dakota, $44, Mr. Charles; Wide-leg jeans by JBrand, model owned; Black vest by Juicy Couture


Gold earrings by Chan Luu, $100, Mr. Charles; Cobalt clutch by Abas, $160 Mr. Charles; Green

high-necked dress, $17, www.; Boots, $300, Steve Madden Luxe

Moschino Cheap & FALL/WINTER 2008 37 Chic



WHAT TO WEAR Fall semester means one event after another. Your schedule may be busy, but with this guide we know you will look stunning everywhere you go. By Jen Hoffman and Tiffany Yuh



Roxy floral dress by Vena Cava, $472, Mr. Charles

Katrina black clutch by HOBO, $98, Barefoot

Steve Madden 'Beauti' pump, $89, Barefoot


Football Game

Friday Night

Contour pants hooded vest by Sans Souci, $48, Metro

Blue aviators by A.J. Morgan, $14.95, Metro

Black dress, $48, Metro

Dark grey jeans by Cheap Monday, $68, Metro

Navy blue converse sneakers, $49, Barefoot

Vintage football tee, $18, Old State Clothing Company

Tulip boots by Anne Michelle, $58, Metro





Christian Louboutin Bebel High Boot, $1,295,

By Jen Hoffman

Christian Dior Extreme Cutout Sandal, $780,

Boots, Boots, Boots

Sam Edelman Electric Blue Utah Boots $195,


Pietro Alessandro small convertible bag in eggplant, $128, South Moon Under


Michael Kors “Delancy” Croco large shoulder tote $548, Macy’s

Medal Studs Warrior, $3,195,

Hobo Bags 40



Thin Belts Skinny braided leather belt, $20, Ubran Outfitters

Studded double-wrap, Streets Ahead

Gold Jewlery

Foxy Originals Vine Earrings, $34,

Nordstrom Textured Layer Cuff, $138,

Ettika Gold Plated Peace and Love Leather Bracelet, $62.50,

Yochi Reptile Bangles, $38


Yochi Silver Plated 12 Strand w/Charms Necklace, $98




Single Files 42





From Opening Picture: On Kelly: (Clothes from Metro) Double zero plaid shirt, $48; Bamboo brown heels, $48; White tank, $32; Green hat, $45; LBT skinny jeans, $79.95 On Claire: (Clothes from Metro) Bamboo black boots, $48; LBT skinny jeans, $79.95; Free People scarf, $28; Free People white long sleeve, $78; Free People tank, $44 On Kat: (Clothes from Mr. Charles) Graham & Spencer leather jacket, $800; Chan Luu red scarf, $150; James Jeans, $198, Jerome Dreyfuss billy bag, 814-2383042; Tory Burch Boots, $295 44


Best friends Kat and Kelly catch up over lunch. On Kelly: Free People olive sweater, $108; LBT skinny jeans, $79.50; Anne Michelle heels, $48; Havannah white thermal tank, $18 On Kat: Free People skinny jeans, $68; Free People black tank, $38; Anne Michelle heels, $48, Vintage triangle scarf, $18; S line purple coat, $79.95

Just a dash of make-up, some great boots, and she’s ready for class. (Clothes from Metro) Madison Marcus grey tank, $282; James hero pant skinny jeans, $190; Tory Burch brown boots, $495; Necklace, $18; Hayden-Harnett bag, $520 FALL/WINTER 2008


Now this is Kelly’s idea of a pre-game. Basix 2 purple dress, Mr. Charles, $450





Clothing owned by models

Sorry, dude. It’s girls only tonight. Cheers!

- Combined 40 years experience -



Men, Women & Children!



Redkin, Matrix, ISO, Giovanni, Framesi, ICE

Walk-Ins ď ˇ By Appointment



329 East Calder Way ď ˇ State College PA 16801




It may seem impossible to uncover the tricks behind the flawless eye makeup you see on the red carpet. But with step-by-step instructions revealed by our beauty detectives, a gorgeous evening look is absolutely do-able! Here are three ways to apply evening eye makeup that will have everyone’s eyes on you. Editor: Marina Matteo

Smokey Eyes_

Trend: Navy blue shadow

1 2 3 4 5

Sweep a light, skin-tone eye shadow from the lash line to the brow bone. This will act as a base and will help blend the eye shadow in the crease with the shadow on your brow bone. Apply a gray shadow to your lid from the lash line to the crease. (Try M.A.C Eye Shadow in Forgery, $14.50, sold at select Macy’s and Using a brush for precision, apply a navy blue eye shadow to the outer corners of the eyelid and blend in an upward, semi-circular motion into the crease and to the inner corner of the eyelid. To complete this smokey look, take a narrow brush and line the bottom of your eye with the navy shadow. (Try Smashbox Single Eye Shadow in Ink, $16, sold at Sephora) To make the eyes pop, apply the skin tone shadow to the center of the lid, right above the lash line, to highlight the entire eye. Apply black eye liner to your upper lash line and your inner rims. Begin at the outer corners and slowly make the line thinner as you draw inward. Finish with a thickening mascara for a dramatic effect. (Try Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara in Blackest Black, $7, sold at CVS Pharmacy) FALL/WINTER 2008


Tip: If you really want to be up on the fall trends, complete your “Glam Look” with a burgundy lip gloss or lipstick.

Glamour Girl_ Trend:Liquid liner

1 2

Apply a skin-tone eye shadow from your lash line to your brow bone. This color should be matte, and will act as a base to polish the look. (Try M.A.C Eye Shadow in Bisque, $14.50, sold at select Macy’s and


To prevent mistakes, first line the upper lash line with a black pencil. To create “wings,” pull the outer corner of the eyelid gently and use the tip of the pencil to draw from the outside in, slightly extending past the corner of the eye at the starting point. This should create a “wing effect” with the pencil. Now simply trace over the line with black liquid eyeliner.


Next, sweep a slightly darker shade from the lash line to the crease. Again, this color should be matte and only a shade or two darker than the first. (Try M.A.C Eye Shadow in Malt, $14.50, sold at select Macy’s and maccosmetics. com)

Finish off the eyes with dramatic mascara to define the lashes. If you are feeling daring, try gluing on a few individual eyelashes prior to step one. (Try Make Up For Ever Eyelashes-Individual, $14, sold at Sephora) 50falseVALLEY MAGAZINE

Funky & Free_


1 2 3

Sweep a neutral shadow from the lash line to your brow bone. This shade should be similar to the one used in the “Glamour Girl” look. Apply an iridescent shadow with purple undertones from the lash line to the crease. (Try M.A.C Eye Shadow in Vellum, $14.50, sold at select Macy’s and Using the same application method that was described in step three of the “Smokey Eyes” look, apply a bright purple shadow to the outer corners and blend into the crease. If you prefer dark eye makeup, dust dark brown or black shadow over the purple in the outer corners.


Next, dust a small amount of shimmer powder on the inner corners of the eyes. If you are feeling adventurous, try dusting the tiniest bit of bright pink eye shadow right below the crease, towards the outer corner. (Try M.A.C Shadow Pigment in Fuchsia, $19.50, sold at select Macy’s and


Top off this colorful look with jet-black eyeliner and a thickening mascara to balance the brightness of the eye shadow. FALL/WINTER 2008


She Business Means


ipping a caramel macchiato in Starbucks on a warm Wednesday afternoon, Kristin Schappell appears to be the epitome of a Penn State sorority girl. Tall and thin with natural platinum blonde hair and clear blue eyes, based off of looks alone, she is undeniably every guy’s dream girl.

But Schappell is anything but the typical sorority girl. In fact, she’s about as well-rounded as they come. The senior finance major spent her summer in Manhattan as an intern with what was then one of the nation’s top investment banking firms, Lehman Brothers, before the recent stock plunge. The Delaware County native admitted that, when it came to Wall Street, her beauty often worked against her. As an intern, Schappell said she had to work harder than her peers to prove that she’s got brains to go with her beauty, sometimes not leaving the office until 4 a.m. “I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl with a tan,” Schappell said. “In college that’s great. But in the working world, it’s really hard to get rid of the dumb blonde stereotype.”



By Arianna Davis

But Schappell doesn’t stop at prestigious internships. She is the vice president of recruitment for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, as well as an athlete. Schappell plays four intramural sports for Penn State: soccer, basketball, racquetball, and tennis, a sport she competed in on a state level in high school. So what does the student/finance intern/sorority officer/ athlete like to do in her spare time? Help others. Schappell recently teamed up with friend and Blue Band member Steve Sharer, a sophomore IST major who created a Web site called Volunteer @ Penn State (www. Besides Schappell’s experience volunteering at the Penn State Tennis Center and her community service involvement through her sorority, including THON, Schappell wanted more opportunities to volunteer. But after looking on Penn State’s Web site and not finding a central place where students could go to find volunteering options, she learned about Sharer‘s initiative to create a place where students could easily get involved in community service on campus.



“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have nights where I had rough sleep. I’m a worrier, and I don’t like to let people down.”

“The Web site was really to spearhead a movement to increase both the number and type of volunteer events in the State College area,” Sharer said. “Kristin has been great to work with. She’s incredibly positive and driven. We’ve been able to really grow the site because of her ideas and her help getting the word out to different organizations.” Schappell hopes that the Web site will get other Penn State students as interested in volunteer activities as she is. This past summer she volunteered with Lehman Brothers at a shelter for men who have AIDS, an experience she called life changing. “Those men were so amazing and full of life,” Schappell said. “They were such an inspiration. I figure if they can go on with their lives, then we all have no reason to complain.” Schappell said her desire to be involved in everything and to achieve the highest goes back as far as she can remember. Her love of tennis comes from her family, who all play 54


the sport too. This includes her sister, who Schappell says is her complete opposite, although people sometimes mistake them for twins. Schappell and her father, a computer programmer, share a special relationship, which is where she says she gets her love of classic rock music and football. Schappell also said she’s very close with her mom, who is a Penn State graduate, and they talk at least twice a day. Sometimes, though, the calls to mom aren’t always happy ones. Though Schappell may seem like she’s got it all, she acknowledges that nobody is perfect. “Everybody has their ups and downs,” Schappell said. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have nights where I had rough sleep. I’m a worrier, and I don’t like to let people down.” And just like Schappell has her down moments like every other Penn State student, she also spends her free time like one. “I’ve never missed a [Penn State] football game since freshman year,” Schappell said, grinning. “This summer I forgot to pre-register for football tickets and I thought my life was over. Thankfully I found someone to buy tickets from. Football games

are when everybody at Penn State comes together, and it’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.”

Despite her slim physique, Schappell said her diet consists of Italian food– pasta, cheese, and carbs. Schappell, who is of German heritage, said she has a “fear of nonfat foods,” which aren’t eaten a lot in her family. Her favorite places to eat in Happy Valley include Rotelli’s, Gumby’s, Dee’s, and her guilty pleasure, Insomnia Cookies. Her best friend and sorority sister, Abby Perschon, said on the weekends she and Schappell like to go to bars together and out to eat. Over the summer, while Schappell worked at Lehman Brothers, they spent a lot of time walking around New York City. “When you first meet Kristin, she looks like a Barbie doll. She’s very pretty, and the stereotypical girl that wouldn’t be taken seriously,” Perschon said. “But when you hear her speak, it’s like–wow. She’s not the stereotypical blonde, and she probably stuck out like a sore thumb this summer at Lehman Brothers because in finance looks can work against you.” Through everything – the sorority world, sports, her internship, and volunteer activities – Schappell said if there’s one thing she can do for others while she’s at Penn State it would be to inspire people. “When I graduate, if I’ve influenced just one person, then that makes a difference. I want to show people that you shouldn’t put any limits on what you can do. Just put your mind to it.”

Are You Addicted to Facebook? 1. On a typical day, I check my facebook profile a. Every hour! b. Once or twice, before I leave for class and after I come home. c. I don’t check my profile every day.

6. When my roommate asks if I know someone she met on campus a. I can tell her the person’s name, network, major and favorite movie, song and book. b. I look through my Facebook friends. c. I say yes or no depending whether or not the name sounds familiar.

2. I upload new pictures a. The same day I take them. b. Often enough to make a new album every month. c. How do I upload pictures onto Facebook?

7. I’ll send a guy a friend request if a. His profile picture is hot – whether or not I know who he is! Then I start poking him daily. b. We meet at a bar one night and hit it off. c. I’m his relative; otherwise, I let him friend me.

3. I stay in touch with my friends by a. Writing on their walls. b. Talking to them on the phone. c. Hanging out with them after class.

8. A company I interviewed with for a job said I didn’t get hired because of my inapporiate facebook account. It’s probably because a. I’m doing a kegstand in my profile picture. b. I asked them not to look me up on Facebook. c. I ignored their friend request.

4. The amount of applications on my profile a. Takes my friends ten minutes to scroll through before they finally find my wall. b. Includes the bumper sticker application and one or two others. c. Includes only the basics, my wall and interests. 5. I write on my friends’ walls a. After every time I see them. b. When something funny happens. c. Only on their birthday.

Mostly A’s: FA: Facebookot ics Anonymous If you aren’t stalking your ex-boyfriend’s wall, you’re stalking his new girlfriend’s pictures. Move AWAY from the computer and spend time with your friends, not their profiles! It’s okay to check Facebook once in a while, but instead of looking at someone else’s pictures, get out there and take a few of your own!

9. I change my profile picture a. Every week. it takes me a while to decide whether I want to keep it in color or make it black and white. b. Every month or so. c. I’ve never changed my Facebook picture. 10. If I really like a guy, I’ll a. Ask him to be “in a relationship” with me on Facebook. b. Flirt with him on his wall. c. Respond to his poke.

Mostly B’s: end-ly Facebook Fri You check your profile at the end of the day to see if the guy you met at Mad Mex accepted your friend request, but you don’t let Facebook rule your life. To you, Facebook is just a way to meet new people. You get to know your friends by actually hanging out with them in person! Keep it that way.

Mostly C's: What Book? You hardly know what Facebook is, let alone have an addiction to it! Facebook is a great networking tool, so spend a little time getting to know how to use it. Your profile is a great way for people to see what they have in common with you, such as your favorite books and movies.