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Why Join? AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, paragraph 3.1.8. directs junior Airmen to "join professional organizations (for example, base advisory and enlisted councils) and participate in organization and community events through volunteerism." To Join Email KMC1stfour/

Mark your Calendar! Details on P. 5-6 Columbus Day!

14 Oct

“Winning With People” PDF. USAFE Conf Center-Mathias RM

17 Oct 08001600

Ramstein Rabbits PT Pace-Setters meeting

17 Oct 1600 SSFC Soccer Fields

18 Oct CCAF Graduation @ Ramstein 1300 O-Club

Indoor GoKarting with KMC 1st Four!

18 Oct 1900 See Pg 1

24 Oct PDF. USAFE Conf 0800Center Mathias Rm 1600

“Power of One”

NATO Prof. 30 Oct Development 0830Seminar @ NCOA 1630 Auditorium

KMC 1st Four Newsletter October 2013 Edition

Combined Federal Campaign is in Full Swing! It’s a long way un l tax season is upon us, but when that me comes, one tax deduc on that many people probably miss, is the one for dona ons to charity. Well, here’s your chance to give back to the charity that you choose! CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non‐profit organiza ons that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. Since the military is one of the largest contributors worldwide, they make it very easy to donate. You can actually donate via paypal, straight from MyPay! If you log into your MyPay account, you can click on “Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)” and it will let you make a dona on right there. One of the great things about the CFC is it allows you to choose where your money goes! (Unlike paying

taxes….) If you go to this link, you can see a list of all the different chari es that you can donate to. h p:// If you don't have a specific charity in mind and would rather keep the money in our local KMC area, you can choose to donate to FSYP (Family Support and Youth Programs). If you prefer dona ng via the paper method, you can contact your units’ CFC representa ve and they can give you the informa on to do that. Tax season may be far off, but

Ar cle by A1C Valerie Lloyd

Next General Membership Meeting:

November 6, 2013



KMCC Food Court meeting room by Kids Playland

(New meeting Place!)

Come Go-Carting with Us! The KMC 1st Four does a lot of hard work, hours of volunteering, and countless hours of meetings, so to let off some steam and just have fun, we’re inviting everyone in the KMCC to come indoor go-carting with us! The village of Erfenbach has some extreme indoor go-carts at the “Go! Indoor-Kart” and more people should know about this hidden treasure of a spot. Complete with a restaurant and bar, this place is fun for single service members

the holidays are close, so take part in the me of giving, and donate to a charity in need.

and service members with families. Prices are very reasonable, where you pay for the amount of time that you want to drive on the 650m long track. We’ll be there on October 18th starting at 1900, or 7 PM; and they’re open until 1 AM for the real party animals. This can be a very fun event, and we’d like to do many more, so be responsible and have a Designated Driver (Except on the track, duh!).

The address is: GO! Indoor-Kart Carl-Denk-Str. 2 67659 Kaiserslautern They have a website, it’s all in German, but you can easily Google translate the entire website if you’re interested. Hope to see you all there!!

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KMC 1st Four Stories Why Join? AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, paragraph 3.1.8. directs junior Airmen to "join professional organizations (for example, base advisory and enlisted councils) and participate in organization and community events through volunteerism." To Join Email KMC1stfour/

Newsletter Content Cover Stories Pg 1 and Information

October 2013 Edition

Help Make the KMC 1st Four a Guinness World Record Holder! What better way to raise money for charity than by breaking a world record doing something we’re all used to in the military? Doing push-ups is something we all do multiple times a week or at minimum, once a year for our PT test. So why not set a record for the most people doing push ups all at the SAME TIME?? The current record for : The most people performing push ups is 352, achieved by Laboratorios Silanes S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) at Bosque de Tlalpan Park in Mexico City, Mexico, on 20 October 2012. That seems like a very small number, and one we could easily break with all the people located in the KMCC! SrA Zachary Bach has applied the KMC 1st Four to break the record of “Most people performing push ups at once.” This event is still in the works, and the KMC 1st Four needs

your help to organize it. A1C Frank Molina is currently the POC for the event, but a huge event like this needs plenty of publicity and volunteers. As of right now, the KMC 1st Four has the event date pending for November, in one of the Hangars on Ramstein. But again, we need YOUR help to make this date and time more specific, and to spread the word. If interested in volunteering please contact A1C Audrey Denisyeva at ASAP. Not only would this event be making the KMC 1st Four and ALL participants a Guinness World Record Holder, but it would also raise funds for the St. Nikolas Orphanage.

All interested Volunteers, please contact A1C Frank Molina at

Additional Stories & Photos

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Additional Stories & Photos

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What is the KMC 1st Four?

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Leadership Development Council Creates Trained Leaders

Upcoming Events List

Pg 5

Events Calendar

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Events Flyers

Pgs 7 and below

We’ve all seen this situation before, admit it: A1C So-and-So is the POC for a blood drive on base. He soon becomes a pro at organizing a blood drive, but then he PCS’es and nobody has any idea how to organize a blood drive and they must start from scratch and re-learn how to organize a blood drive. Yikes. The KMC 1st Four is starting a new program to prevent that

situation from happening any more. The Leadership Development Council is an up-and-coming group of Airmen who will essentially train each other on how to POC large events. The usual events that the KMC 1st Four tends to POC are: blood drives, USO Wounded Warrior Dinners, and AADD. So people who are really knowledgable on how to

Article by A1C Valerie Lloyd

organize these events would train others on how they do it, and vice versa. So then we would have a rotation of Airmen becoming professional POC’s for large, recurring volunteer opportunities. Anyone interested in more information, or becoming a part of the Leadership Development Council can contact A1C Bradley Garwood at

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KMC 1st Four Stories Con’t October 2013 Edition

Good-bye Oktoberfest….Until Next Year! Oktoberfest in Munich wrapped up on the 6th of October as thousands of people drank their final liters of beer….until it comes again next year that is. Munich’s Oktoberfest began as a wedding for the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig to Princess Therese on October 12, 1810. Obviously it’s now celebrated for the beer, tents, costumes, carnival rides, food, culture, and a great experience. With literally millions of people attending each year, one of the greatest aspects of Oktoberfest is the chance to meet people from all over the world. For many people, going to Oktoberfest is just a chance to drink ridiculous amounts of beer, eat bratwurst and ride rollercoasters (Not in that order, hopefully). But actually, Oktoberfest is a huge part of Bavarian culture, and it is a MUST DO while being stationed in Germany. It was a cheap and easy straight shot by train from Kaiserslautern, which allows you a designated driver, and no

hassle with Munich traffic or a stau. If you missed this year’s Oktoberfest, you should try to go next year, or settle for the “little brother” of the Munich Oktoberfest and check out the Stuttgart Volksfest which is going strong until the 13th of October, and it’s much closer to the KMCC than Munich is. If you tend to avoid large crowds, then the Stuttgart Volksfest may be a better option for you than Oktoberfest. It still has the same atmosphere ast the one in Munich, with tents, carnival rides, delicious and varied food stands, costumes, music, and of course beer. Kids are also very welcome here, and Wednesdays are especially designated as “Kids Day.” Don’t miss out on this important part of German Culture!

A typical view inside one of the tents at Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Article by A1C Valerie Lloyd

Airmen Helping Airmen Needs YOUR Help. This is a great opportunity for Airmen that have been stationed here for a reasonable amount of time and would be willing to help new airmen just arriving here at Ramstein AB. This new organization, that’s attached to the KMC 1st Four will be lookin for people to recruit and eventually be assigned a new airman; you will be

tasted to be their mentors. This is similar yet different than sponsoring someone in your unit. This is an opportunity to help someone with any questions, or advice that you can give them. For example, what are good bullets toward BTZ, information about the KMCC, or any questions regarding the military. Is this something you

Have knowledge on and would be interested in helping with? If yes, please contact your Personal Development Committee: A1C Albert Marquis, A1C Alexander Collins, or A1C Andrea Williams at

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What is the KMC 1st Four? KMC 1ST FOUR

KMC 1st Four Officers: President: Nicholas Goldstein Vice President: Javar Graham Secretary: Ashley Corkins Treasurer: Charles Davis KMC 1st Four Committee Chair Head Positions Ways & Means: Publicity & Historian: Valerie Lloyd Membership & Outreach: Courtney Graffius Anthony Martinez Volunteer & Recognition: Audrey Denisyeva/Bradley Garwood Webmaster: Lauren Lamotte & Team Professional Development: Albert Marquis/Alexander Collins/Andrea Williams

The KMC 1st Four is a private organization and is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components, and it has no governmental status. It is a group of Service Members ranks E1-E4 who meet up on a monthly basis to discuss volunteer opportunities, career development, professional development, educational opportunities, and upcoming events for young service members to better themselves. It also provides the opportunity to network with other career fields and other private organizations in the area which can come in very helpful during ones military career. We are here to support service members ranks E-1 through E-4 and to make your military career the best it can be while here in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. Check us out!

Contact Us: Facebook: KMC 1st Four @     Sharepoint: sites/KMC1STFOUR/default.aspx    Council Email:  KMC1stfour/ 

Ambassador: Kayla Huntley/ Porfinio Corrales Sharepoint: https:// KMC1STFOUR/default.aspx

We’re on Facebook! KMC 1st Four

Check us out!

SrA Dennis B. Ellison Jr, a native from Savannah, Ga, entered the Air Force in 2009 and completed Basic Training at Lackland AFB, Texas. He received his technical training as a Network Integration Technician at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. SrA Ellison has held 2 positions in his military career. His assignments include: Network Integration Technician , 6th Communications Squadron, MacDill AFB, Florida, 2009-2012; Broadcast Maintenance Technician, AFN Europe, 2012-; SrA Ellison has one deployment serving 8 months on a Joint Expeditionary Tasking to Kirkuk, Iraq. He served as a Help Desk Specialist supporting major combat units in the AOR. SrA Ellison received the Army Achievement Medal during his time in Iraq. SrA Ellison is currently working to finish his CCAF in Electronic Systems Technology and his Bachelor’s in Information Security. SrA Ellison awards include 2010 Amn of the 4rd Quarter, 6th Communications Squadron, MacDill AFB; 2011 Amn of the 1st Quarter, 6th Communications Squadron, MacDill AFB; 2011 Information Dominance Winner, 6th Communications Squadron, MacDill AFB; 2012 AFN Amn of the 4th Quarter, AFN Europe, Ramstein AB, Germany; 2012 Amn of the Year, AFN Europe, Ramstein AB, Germany; 2012 DMA Junior Enlisted Airman of the Year, DMA, Ramstein AB, Germany. His awards and decorations include the Army Achievement Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, and Joint Service Commendation Medal.

SrA Ellison receiving the Joint Service Commendation Medal from AFN Europe Commander, Lt. Col. Sherri Reed.

October 2013 Edition

Page 5

Detailed Event List: Volunteer Opportunities: 

Ramstein AB Airman’s Attic needs Volunteers every Tuesday through Friday from 11-1300. Volunteers would be sorting goods and greeting patrons. To volunteer contact A1C Audrey Denisyeva at or just show up during those times!


Volunteer to Help coordinate the KMC 1st Four Guinness World Record Push up Contest happening tentatively in November on Ramstein. To help out, contact A1C Frank Molina at


Mothers of Preschoolers or MOPS needs volunteers to help care for local children while their parents are at work. If interested, contact the MOPS Coordinators at Background Checks will be done for volunteers.


The Landstuhl Fisher House is always looking for volunteers to help with general cleaning of the two houses at LRMC. To volunteer, contact Doria Rey at


Airmen Helping Airmen is looking for people stationed in the KMC to help other airmen with questions, advice, etc. If interested in helping form this new group contact A1C Albert Marquis or A1C Andrea Williams at


The Ed Office is looking for volunteers for their October 18th CCAF Graduation taking place at the Officer’s Club at 1200 in service dress. This is an excellent EPR bullet. To volunteer contact


The KMC 1st Four is looking for volunteers to be the following committee chair positions: Ways and Means, Publicity, Volunteer & Recognition. If interested in volunteering contact the KMC 1st Four Council at KMC1stFour/

Local Events: 

Ramstein Rabbits PT Pace Setters Meeting and Run on 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Oct 3 and 17th at 1600 at the Ramstein South Side Fitness Center. See Flyer on Page 7.


The TFDC is hosting the “Winning With People” Professional Development Course on 17 October from 0800-1600 at the USAFE Conf Center-Mathias Room. To register, email


Come congratulate those who are furthering their education goals. The CCAF Graduation is on October 18th at 1300 at the Officer’s Club on Ramstein.


Come Go-Karting with the KMC 1st Four!! A night of fun on October 18th at 1900 at the “Go! Indoor-Kart” Carl-Denk-Str. 2 67659 Kaiserslautern.


The TFDC is hosting the “Power of One” Professional Development Course on 24 October from 0800-1600 at the USAFE Conf Center-Mathias Room. To register, email


The NATO Professional Development Seminar is happening on Wednesday, October 30th from 0830-1630 at the Kisling NCO Achademy Auditorium. If you have questions, email To RSVP, use this link:


The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 military scholarships for Service members, veterans, and their spouses pursuing a career in professional counseling. These scholarships provide financial support to students who are currently enrolled in a CACREP-accredited, master's-level counseling program; are active duty, have served in the military within the past five years or are a military spouse; and who commit to serving military personnel for a minimum of two years upon graduation. Five scholarships in the amount of $5,000 are available. The deadline for applications is Nov. 1, 2013. For more information, or to apply, visit


“Five Levels of Leadership” Professional Development Course. 8 November from 0800-1600 in the USAFE Conference Center– Mathias Room. To register, email

Week of June 30th— July 7th 2013 Calender of events for October 2013

Page 6

October 2013 Sun











18 CCAF Graduation. Volunteers @ 1200. O-club


Ramstein Airman’s Attic 11-1300







General Membership Meeting 1500-1600 KMC Food Court Conf. Rm.

Ramstein Rabbits @ 1600 SSFC Fields


10 Ramstein Airman’s Attic 11-1300


14 Columbus Day!



17 Ramstein Rabbits @ 1600 SSFC Fields

TFDC Course 0800- Indoor Go-Karting @ 1900. see Pg 1 1600 USAFE Conf Center





24 TFDC Course 0800-1600 USAFE Conf Center





31 NATO PDF 0830- Halloween! 1630 @ NCOA Auditorium



KMC 1st Four Weekly Newsletter

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1st Four Newsletter for October  

Volunteer Opportunities, Upcoming events, and articles for the month of October coming to you from the KMC 1st Four!