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SLS 2940 – SERVICE LEARNI NG IN THE DOMIN ICAN REPUBL IC Summer 2011 Time: July 2-12, 2012 plus orientation & debriefing meetings Location: La Cucarita, Dominican Republic Professors: Christie Pickeral Room 1-163, Osceola Campus 407-582-4092 or 407-299-5000 ext. 4092 Kevin Mulholland Room 1-222, Osceola Campus 407 582 4109 or 407 299 5000 ext. 4109 Pleasefeel free to contact either instructor with any questions. If you need to contact someone between June 28 and July 2 you must contact Kevin Mulholland. Course Description: This is a planned service learning experience that focuseson three hallmarks: service, leadership, and scholarship. This course provides students with faculty-directed practical service experiences in a community setting. Each credit earned for Service Learning experience requires a minimum of 20 hours of community service. Multiple credit course. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits, but grade forgivenesscannot be applied. Specifically, Valencia students will design, develop, and implement the science camp for the youth of La Cucarita, Dominican Republic while learning about the lifestyle of a mountain community. Course Outcomes: Academics: Students will improve their higher order thinking skills; analysis and understanding of complex problems related to poverty in the Dominican Republic. Civic Engagement: Students will gain understanding for daily lives, strengths, and similarities. Personal: Students will experience personal growth through challenges and will develop new skills Pre-professional: Students will connect service to future career possibilities

Class Policies: Students will be expected to conform to the Valencia Student Code of Conduct and respect all the rules and restrictions of being part of a service learning project. Course Requirements: Students will attend all the orientation and debriefing sessions listed below and spend 10 days in the Dominican Republic Dates 5/13

Location Valencia

Learning Activities • Orientation & Overview

Instructional Format • Lecture/Discussion/Reading



• Discuss& Develop Service Plan

• Discussion/Small Group Work



• Finalize Service Plan

• Discussion Small Groups


Mission Office

• Pre-Departure Orientation

• Lecture/Discussion


La Cucarita

• Travel to village

• Discussion & reflection of transportation methods

7/4 to 7/7

La Cucarita

• Conduct Science Camp for youth

• Student lead camp activities

• Interact with community members

• Daily journal

• Informal conversations • Daily reflection discussions


Santo Domingo

• Tour Santo Domingo to gain historical perspective of current conditions

• Tour/lecture/discussion



• Final Reflection

• Discussion

Students will plan and deliver elements of a science curriculum to the students of La Cucarita. While they are in the Dominican Republic, they will write a daily journal and a daily discussion/reflection. On their return, students will write a final paper to include sections on: 1. Learning about poverty in La Cucarita, 2. The lives of the residents 3. Personal growth experience by the participant 4. Connections of this experience to future career/service opportunities.

This paper will be due on July 22.