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Results from the Valencia Employee Wellness Program Survey: WE”RE LISTENING!! THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE ASKING FOR………Here are the top answers from some of the Wellness Survey questions. Preferred Days to Work Out 1. Thursday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday Preferred Times to Work Out 1. 5pm – 7pm 2. 2pm – 5pm 3. 6am – 8am Type of Exercise Preferred 1. Walking 2. Strength Training 3. Stretching 4. Personal Training 5. Dancing 6. Yoga Preferred Topics of Education 1. Weight Management-Weight Watchers-Nutrition 2. Education/Screenings- blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, fitness 3. Stress Management Heart Healthy Topics 1. Dietary planning 2. Cholesterol screening 3. BP screening Family Topics 1. Relationship building 2. Caring for the Elderly 3. Marriage Enrichment Maturity Topics 1. Retirement planning 2. Budget planning 3. Living Will

Chronic Disease Topics 1. Back Pain 2. Arthritis 3. Diabetes Screening Topics 1. Fitness Assessment: Body fat, body measurements 2. Blood Pressure 3. Bone Density 4. Blood Sugar Disease Prevention 1. Weight Management 2. Stress Management 3. Nutrition Mental Health 1. Emotional Challenges 2. Depression 3. Caring for the Elderly 4. Anger Management Most Common Comments: 1. Request for extended fitness center hours-offerings on all campuses 2. Stress Management-meditation-tai chi 3. Massage 4. Healthy Meal Planning 5. Group programs: walking, running, roller blading, flag football, biking, hiking, bowling 6. Addiction and substance abuse 7. CPR training for faculty/staff 8. Smoke-free area enforcement 9. Fresh fruit and salad bar in cafeterias Most Common Incentive Choices 1. Gym Membership discounts 2. Healthy food and snack choices 3. Work out during the work day 4. Support groups for nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation etc 5. Comp time


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