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Valencia College Dual Enrollment Quick Reference Guide

______________________________________________ Admission You must meet the following requirements to be admitted to Dual Enrollment (DE):  Have at least a 3.0 unweighted (state) cumulative GPA for high school;

Students must submit test scores for Reading, Writing and Math. See the required college-level placement scores below.

The college-level placement scores are: 


Demonstrate college readiness in Reading Writing, and Math. Be a resident of and enrolled in a high school (or home education program) in Orange or Osceola County;



Must maintain a minimum unweighted high school cumulative GPA of 3.0, as well as adhere to Valencia’s academic standards. If you fall below the requirements, you will no longer be allowed to participate in the program.


Be a rising junior, 16 years of age;

The Dual Enrollment application is available:  At ;  From your high school guidance counselor;  From the DE Office, located on the West Campus (Bldg 5, Rooms 220-221).

The application and qualifying assessment scores must be received in the DE Office by the following deadlines: Summer Term – April 13 Fall Term – July 13 Spring Term – December 14

Reading 104 Writing 99 Math 123 Reading 20 English 17 Math 21 Critical Reading 480 Math 500 Reading 83 Sentence Skills 83 Math 90

(See the Assessment website: for policies on retesting).

Setting Up An Atlas Account Once you have been admitted (received your letter of acceptance) to the DE Program, you must establish an account with Valencia’s online portal, Atlas. 

You will use Atlas to register for classes, print schedules and request transcripts. Also, you will use your Atlas e-mail account for communications with the DE Office and the College.

To set up your Atlas account, go to Select “Set up an account” and follow the online instructions.

Assessment Orientation/Advising You must provide assessment scores as part of the application process. 

If using SAT or ACT scores, you must request that official scores be sent to Valencia.

If testing at a Valencia Assessment Center, you must first submit a completed application to the DE office; take your VID along with a state or federally issued picture ID (i.e., driver’s license or passport).

You are required to attend a New Student Orientation Program prior to the first term of enrollment. You may register online at Prior to selecting college-level courses, you are strongly encouraged to contact your high school guidance counselor for academic advising. You can follow up with the DE Advisor if additional information is required.

____________________________________________ Registration DE courses may be taken at any Valencia campus or at the high school you attend, where available. 

Courses at Valencia: Register via your Atlas account.

Courses on a high school campus: Register through your high school guidance counselor.

DE students are not eligible for developmental courses, PE skills courses or courses less than 3 credits.

Course Schedule/ID Cards 

You may obtain a copy of your course schedule through your Atlas account.

ID cards are available in the Student Development Office on each campus after the first registration for classes, at no cost.

Fees Fees (application, matriculation and laboratory fees) are waived by Valencia for approved DE courses for all eligible students. (NOTE: Fees for DE courses will post to your Atlas account when you register. The College will waive fees for approved courses before the course deletion deadline for the term.)

General Information 

Parking decals may be requested through Atlas and picked up from the Security Office on any Valencia campus. You must have your course schedule to obtain a parking decal, at no cost.

Public transportation is provided by Lynx bus service to all Valencia campuses. Schedules are available in the Student Development Office.

Books To obtain books for classes taken at a Valencia campus, you must do the following: 

Print your course schedule from Atlas and show it to your high school guidance counselor.

Obtain a book voucher from the counselor.

Take the book voucher along with a photo ID to the Valencia bookstore to pick up your book(s). Only the STUDENT can pick up books with a voucher.

Pick up books within the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the course.


Private school and home education students purchase their own books.

Contact Information 

Valencia College Website:

Dual Enrollment Website: 

Dual Enrollment Email:

Dual Enrollment Fax Number: (407) 582-1901