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Frequently Asked Questions Valencia Community College’s Transition to the Postsecondary Education Readiness Testing (PERT) What will be the placement scores for the PERT? The following are the interim placement scores provided by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) PERT Mathematics

50-95 96-112 113-122 123-150

PERT Reading


PERT Writing

84-103 104-150* 50-89 90-98 99-150*

MAT 0012C – Pre-Algebra and Lab (Take CPTM for possible placement in MAT 0020C) MAT 0024C – Beginning Algebra and Lab MAT 1033C – Intermediate Algebra MAC 1105 – College Algebra MGF 1106 – College Mathematics MGF 1107 – Mathematics for Liberal Arts MTG 2204 – Informal Geometry (Take CPTI for possible higher placement) REA 0001 & REA 0001L or REA 0001C – College Preparatory Reading I & Lab (Followed by REA 0002 & REA 0002L or REA 0002C) REA 0002 & REA 0002L or REA 0002C – College Preparatory Reading II & Lab ENC 1101 – Freshman Composition I ENC 0010 & ENC 0010L or ENC 0010C – College Preparatory English I & Lab (Followed by ENC 0012 & ENC 0012L or ENC 0012C) ENC 0012 & ENC 0012L or ENC 0012C – College Preparatory English II & Lab ENC 1101 – Freshman Composition I

*Enrollment in ENC 1101 requires college-level placement in both the reading and writing subtests.

What is the score scale range used for the PERT? The scale is a 100-point scale with a range of 50-150.

If the scores are considered interim, are any changes expected soon? The Division of Florida Colleges (DFC) expects that there will be enough data resulting from PERT administrations available by the end of the 2011 summer term to establish final cut scores. Once the data is analyzed and cut scores identified, the Division will initiate revisions to State Board Rule 6A-10.0315, F.A.C. to include the PERT scores.

How many questions does the PERT have? Each of the sub-tests (mathematics, reading and writing) is comprised of 30 questions.

How long will the PERT take to complete? It is estimated that students will take 45 minutes to complete each sub-test. A student taking the full battery would need to plan on 2 hrs. 15 min. to 2 hrs. 30 min. to complete the test in one sitting.

Will students be able to retake the PERT? Valencia’s retake policy currently in effect for the CPT will also apply to the PERT. Students will be required to undergo a review of the subject area(s) they want to retake, and they will have to pay a retake fee of $ 10.00 per sub-test.

Will the PERT be allowed for college-level academic skills (CLAS) purposes? Yes, the Division of Florida Colleges will work with McCann Associates to designate appropriate scores for CLAS purposes after the initial implementation is underway.

Will there be concordance with CPT, SAT and ACT for the PERT? Yes, the Division of Florida Colleges will work with McCann Associates to identify concordant scores after the initial implementation is underway.

Will the PERT be included on the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) list of eligible tests for federal financial aid ability-to-benefit (ATB) purposes? Yes, McCann Associates and the Division of Florida Colleges are working with the USDOE and it is possible that the PERT will be ATB authorized as soon as spring 2011. The Division of Florida Colleges will share new information as it becomes available.

Will placement testing procedures for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) change as a result of PERT? Valencia students needing EAP placement will continue to be tested using the Accuplacer™ ESL test, a.k.a the LOEP.

Will Valencia continue to accept CPT scores? Yes, the CPT, SAT and ACT will continue to be authorized placement assessments as indicated in State Board Rule 6A10.0315, F.A.C.