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COURSE AND PROGRAM OUTCOMES “Program Assessment” by Janet Fulks. This user-friendly module is part of a set of modules on Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education and focuses on SLOs in the context of a program assessment. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines, Counselors “Program Outcome Cover Sheets” from the University of New Mexico Valencia campus. Examples of program and student learning outcomes for AA, AS, AAS degrees and certificate programs. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines “College Guide for Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes” from Diablo Valley College. This guide provides a strategic model for assessment at institutional, program and course levels in certificate, AS, and AA degrees as well as student services. It also includes a variety of formal and informal methods for assessing SLOs and specific examples for several AS degree programs. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines, especially AS faculty “A Handbook on Outcomes Assessment in Two-Year Colleges” by Edward A. Morante. This ERIC document was funded by the California Community Colleges Fund for Instructional Improvement. This handbook describes assessment in terms of direct and indirect measure of student learning outcomes for the following: general education, programs/majors, basic skills, and student/academic service areas. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines, Counselors “Learning Outcomes Assessment in Student Services: A Statewide Initiative in Maryland’s Sixteen Community Colleges” This PowerPoint presentation, originally presented at a 2007 conference, provides examples for student services areas (See screens 11-54). Audience: Counselors “Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Community Service” from the American Association of Community Colleges. This report summarizes a study of service learning in terms of learning outcomes through the use of quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups with both faculty and student groups. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines “Student Learning Outcomes Assessment” from the University of Virginia. Examples of program level and general education learning outcomes. Audience: Faculty in all disciplines


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