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ADJUNCTIMPORTANTINFORMATION Atlas Account –Goto, Atlas Login, and create a new account, if you have not already done so. This account will be your email account for Valencia. 2. ID – Go to Building 5, Room 212, to have a Valencia ID made. No charge. 1.

3. Parking Decal – Go to Security, Building F. You must have current car registration and ID. No 4. 5. 6. 7.






charge. Classes - The Math department will assign classesto you. Once those classesare assigned, you may obtain textbooks and relevant materials from the Math office. Mailbox – You have a physical mailbox in the faculty/staff lounge in building 7, room 163. Building 7 is open every school night until 10:00pm. Supplies - Any supplies that you need for the classroom are available in the Math office. After hours, you may obtain supplies from Word Processing. Pleasecheck WP for current hours, ext. 2258. Absences - If you need a substitute for a class, pleaseemail the Math office (see below) with the classesby CRN,times, and room numbers, along with the material to be covered. We will forward that email to the full-time and part-time faculty. Pleasebe exhaustive with your email. You will be docked for hours missed. Substitute paperwork will need to be completed with the department office. Classrooms - If you are assigned to a “smart” or “bright classroom”, classrooms in building 2 or 8, you will need to obtain an accesscard from Security. The Math office will send an email to Security requesting a card for you. You will need go to Security and sign for the card. All other classrooms require keys. These classrooms should be opened already. If you find that a classroom is habitually locked, you may go by Plant Operations and obtain a key for the classroom. Also, you may receive training for the smart or bright classrooms from Audio Visual. , 407-582-2422. Salaries – The pay scale per semester for adjuncts is as follows: Bachelor’s Degree - $501.00per credit hour – i.e. 3 credit hour class - $501 * 3 = $1503.00 Master’s Degree - $547.00per credit hour – i.e. 3 credit hour class - $547 * 3 = $1641.00 Earned Doctorate - $599.00per credit hour – i.e. 3 credit hour class - $599 * 3 = $1797.00 Contracts – Your contract will be mailed electronically to your Atlas account. Click on the Employee Services tab, Electronic Personnel Action Forms, EPAFApprover Summary, and review your contract. If correct, click on Approve, and it will be forwarded to the Dean; if incorrect, click on Return for Corrections, and it will be returned to the Math office. More information - The following web site contains sample syllabi and other course information: . Also, contains information as to how to accessyour classroom information, obtain copies from Word Processing, and other important information. For Word Processing, the account is “Math.” Staff - The Math department office is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30-5:00 in 7-142. The staff in the office is listed with pertinent duty assignments: Sande Staaf – personnel items 407-582-2366 Diane Vargas-class scheduling 407-582-2438 RoseLester-books 407-582-2451 Dr. Maryke Lee, Dean of Mathematics 407-582-2309