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Syllabus MAT 0018C: Developmental Math I

Semester: Fall 2011

Class Information •

CRN 17042

Class meets:

o Semester begin/end dates:

August 29 to December 12

o Days of the week:

Monday, Wednesday

o Time:

10:00 am – 11:15 am

o Room:


Lab meets: o Days of the week:


o Time:

9:00 am – 9:50 am

o Room:



Yasir Khan

o Email:

o Phone:

(407) 536-9368

o Office Hours:


Course Description MAT 0018C is an entry-level course in mathematics emphasizing the fundamental mathematics operations with application to Beginning Algebra. This is the first course in a two-course sequence designed to prepare students for first-year college-level mathematics. Significant time will be devoted to connections between mathematics and other academic disciplines and to applications outside education settings. Credits earned in this course do not fulfill any college-level mathematics requirements nor do they apply toward any college-level credit requirements. There are two requirements for passing this class and gaining entry into MAT0028C: 1. Scoring an 80% or higher on the final exam (24 of 30 questions correct), and


2. Maintaining at least a “C” average in the rest of the class.

Required Materials The following materials may be bought bundled from the bookstore: •

Prealgebra, 5th edition by Elayn Martin-Gay (Valencia Custom Version)


MyLab Access Kit for Pearson (

CourseID: khan03694

Final Exit Exam on Blackboard(

Labs •

You will attend lab twice a week, it is a requirement for this course and attendance is mandatory. The activities done during lab are to enhance the learning of the material. The same policies that apply in the classroom apply in lab as well.

Policies Class Attendance You are expected to attend every class and arrive on time. You are responsible for all material covered and any announcements made, even if you don’t come to class, or are tardy, or if you leave early! Your instructor may withdraw you from the course if you have excessive absences without an adequate and timely excuse.

Classroom Courtesy It is courteous to arrive to class on time, pay attention, participate in class discussions, and respect others’ opinions and learning styles. If you are disruptive, you may be asked to leave the class and will be responsible for all material covered in your absence. Please place your cell phones on vibrate or turn them off and refrain from using them or sending/reading text messages during class. Do not bring any friends/family to class.

Electronic Communication This course relies heavily on the use of technology to aid in your learning. You are expected to check Blackboard and your ATLAS email at least once before each class to ensure that you have the most current information. Computers are available on campus if you do not own one (see Resources section). If you experience any technical issues, call the support numbers below.


Blackboard Help Desk: (407) 582-5600 or

MyLab Tech Support: 1-866-548-2276

Academic Honesty You are not allowed to work together on quizzes or tests. All work on tests should be your own without any outside assistance, except any assistance furnished by the instructor. Receiving information from as well as giving information to another student is considered cheating!

Withdrawal Policy Per Valencia Policy 4-07 (Academic Progress, Course Attendance and Grades, and Withdrawals), a student who withdraws from class before the established deadline for a particular term will receive a grade of “W.” A student is not permitted to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline (November 4). A student that does not withdraw prior to the withdraw deadline, and fails to attend classes thereafter, will not be withdrawn by the instructor, and will be assigned a grade of “F.” A faculty member MAY withdraw a student up to the beginning of the final exam period for violation of the class attendance policy. A student who is withdrawn by faculty for violation of the class attendance policy will receive a grade of “W.” Any student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a class during a third or subsequent attempt in the same course will be assigned a grade of “F.” For a complete policy and procedure overview on Valencia Policy 4-07 please go to: RecordID=75.

Evaluation and Grading Scale Component Labs & Activities Homework Portfolio Tests and Quizzes Final Exit Exam Total

Weight 20% 10% 10% 50% 10% 100%

Percentage Grade 90-100% A 80-89% B 70-79% C 60-69% D <60% F

There are two requirements for passing this class and gaining entry into MAT0028C: 1. Scoring an 80% or higher on the final exam (24 of 30 questions correct), and 2. Maintaining at least a “C” average in the rest of the class.


Final Exit Exam Retake Prerequisites In the event a student does not pass the final exit exam (with a score of 24 or better), they will be allowed to attempt the exam a 2nd time provided the following prerequisites are met: 1. A score of at least 18 or better on the first attempt. 2. At least a 70% “C” overall average in the class. 3. A 80% “B” average on the homework. All 3 prerequisites must be met in order to qualify for a retake. *Failure to take the final exit exam will result in an automatic grade of “F”

Resources Below is a list of tutoring centers by campus. You’ll also find a list of testing centers. Your instructor may use the Testing Center on your campus for makeup exams. Make sure you have a Valencia ID or you will not be allowed into the Testing Center.

Osceola Campus The Math Depot •

Location: 2-142

Phone: (407) 582-4856

Web site:

Testing Center •

Location: 1-125

Phone: (407) 582-4149

Web site:

West Campus Math Center o Location: 7-240 o Phone: (407) 582-1720 or (407) 582-1780 o Web site:

Testing Center •

Location: 11-142 4

Phone: (407) 582-1323

Web site:

East Campus Math SPA: Specialized Preparatory Area o Location: 4-102 o Phone: (407) 582-2865 o Web site:

Testing Center •

Location: 4-123

Phone: (407) 582-2704

Web site:

Winter Park Campus Math Support Center o Location: Room 138 o Phone: (407) 582-6817 or (407) 582-6912 o Web site:

Testing Center •

Location: Room 104

Phone: (407) 582-6086

Web site:

Competencies of a Valencia Graduate •

Think. Think clearly, critically, and creatively. Analyze, synthesize, integrate, and evaluate in many domains of human inquiry.

Value. Make reasoned value judgments and responsible commitments.

Act. Act purposefully, reflectively, and responsibly.

Communicate. Communicate with different audiences using varied means.


Office of Student Disability Statement

Any student who feels he/she has the need for special adaptation to the learning environment due to a disability is asked to schedule an appointment with the Office for Student with Disabilities (OSD). Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a letter from the OSD and discuss specific needs with the professor, preferably during the first two weeks of class. The OSD determines accommodations based on appropriate documentation of disabilities. OSD locations by campus: o Osceola: 1-140A / Ph: (407) 582-4167 / TTY: (407) 582-1222 o West: SSB-102 / Ph: (408) 582-1523 / TTY: (407) 582-1222 o East: 5-216 / Ph: (407) 582-2229 / TTY: (407) 582-1222 o Winter Park: 1-212 / Ph: (407) 582-6887 / TTY: (407) 582-1222

Important dates September 5, Labor Day (college closed) October 6, Faculty Work Day (college closed) November 23-27, Thanksgiving Break (college closed) November 4, Withdrawal Deadline December 12, Final Exit Exam (10:00 am to 12:30 am)

Disclaimer Your instructor reserves the right to change the evaluation procedure or the syllabus at any time. He or she will notify you if this occurs.


Syllabus Acknowledgement Form: (sign and bring to next class)  I understand that this is NOT a self-paced course.  I understand that there are deadlines for each Assignment, Tests, and Final Exam.  I understand the Time Commitments and Course Requirements and Semester Schedule for this Course.  I understand the Policy for SUBMITTING WORK PAST THE STATED DEADLINES. 7

 I understand that Plagiarism (the unacknowledged use of information discovered and reported by others or the use of their exact words, copied verbatim) is a serious offense and can result in failing this course; I will submit my own original work for this course.  I understand that it is fully possible for a student to complete all work on time and still receive a failing grade for this course if the work submitted is not college-level.  I understand that it is my responsibility to withdraw myself from this course. I understand the Withdrawal Policy.  I understand the Grading Policy for this class.  I understand that there are NO "Incompletes" given for this course.  I understand all of the Policies in the course Syllabus and that I am responsible for all Valencia Community College Policies that apply to this course.  I understand that I can find all the Valencia Community College Policies that apply to this course in the current College Catalog.  I understand that all provisions in this syllabus are subject to revision by the instructor. Such revisions, if any, will be sent to me via e-mail or presented in class. It is my responsibility to make note of all such announcements concerning syllabus revisions and assignments.  I understand that by signing and submitting the "Syllabus Acknowledgement Form” to my instructor that it becomes a "Contract" between the two of us.

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