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SOTL 3371- Action Research: Project Design Independent Study Approval Form COURSE DESCRIPTION An independent study course where participants will design an Action Research Project that articulates a research question, measures a learning outcome, and implements innovative teaching strategies. Note: Part 1 of a 2 part sequence. Successful completion of this independent study course is dependent upon submission of the completed Action Research Project Plan (pages 1-4), approved by the faculty member's Dean or Director. This approval is documented using the SOTL 3371-Independent Study Approval Form. STEPS FOR COMPLETION Please complete the following steps for independent study course approval and award of 20 professional development hours. 1. Submit the Action Research Project Plan for your Dean/Director’s approval. 2. Complete the SOTL 3371-Independent Study Approval Form information (below). 3. Interoffice mail the completed Action Research Project Plan (pages 1-4) and SOTL 3371Independent Study Approval Form to the Office of Faculty Development at mail code 3-30. 4. If you have any questions, please contact Wendi Dew at 407-582-2416 or SUBMISSION INFORMATION Faculty Member Name


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I have reviewed the faculty member’s Action Research Project Plan, pages 1-4. Signature:____________________________________________

Faculty Development 9/11