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Declaration of Support For Living Expenses Only All International Students are required to certify that they will have available the sum of $33,873.00 for EACH year of study at Valencia College. By living with a local host/sponsor, the living expenses of $20,487.00 may be waived (leaving the student responsible for Tuition & Fees, Books & Supplies, and Mandatory Insurance as stated on the Declaration of Finances/Affidavit of Financial Support form). The local sponsor must live within commuting distance to a Valencia College campus (as verified by the local host/sponsor’s address) and must certify, by completing the information below, that they will provide lodging, food, transportation, etc. (up to $20,487.00) to the student for EACH year of study. The Declaration of Finances form must show a minimum of $13,386.00 USD if this Declaration of Support form is submitted.

Local Sponsor’s Relationship to Student (circle one; for Other, write in sponsor’s relationship to student): Father Mother Brother/Sister Aunt/Uncle Other: Name of Local Sponsor (Please Print): Local Telephone Number:



Address of Local Sponsor (must be a street address; a P.O. Box cannot be used): STREET ADDRESS CITY





, reside at the above address and will be responsible for NAME OF LOCAL SPONSOR: Please Print)

the living expenses, of

each year he/she is attending (NAME OF STUDENT: Please Print)

Valencia College. I do hereby swear and affirm that the above information is correct and true. I understand that to make false or fraudulent statements within this document may result in disciplinary action, denial of admission, and/or invalidation of credits or degrees earned. Signature of Local Sponsor (must be signed in presence of Notary)

NOTARY: Before me personally appeared


on Name of Local Sponsor


who states


that he/she executed the above instrument of his/her own will and accord, with full knowledge of the purpose thereof. ID Presented: Florida Driver’s License # Passport # Signature of Notary:

Notary Stamp (required):


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