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Course Outline SLS 2940 Service Learning

General Course Information Common Course Number: SLS2940 Course Title: Service Learning Prerequisite(s): **See below Co-requisite(s): None Contact Hour Breakdown: CR 1-4



Discipline: Career Development Catalog Description: SLS 2940 - SERVICE LEARNING Satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in reading, mathematics, English, English for Academic Purposes; min. 2.0 institutional or overall GPA; and 12 credits. The Program Dir./Program Chair/Prog. Coord. or IPO has the discretion to provide override approval as it relateds to the waiver of req. prog./discipline-related courses. This is a planned service learning experience that focuses on three hallmarks: service, leadership and scholarship. This course provides students with faculty-directed practical service experiences in an educational or community service setting. Each credit earned for Service Learning Experience requires a minimum of 20 hours of community service. Multiple credit course. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits, but grade forgiveness cannot be applied.

Major Topics/ Concepts/ Skills/ Issues Demonstrate an understanding of the types of services available via community-based organizations. Understand the challenges and opportunities of the target group the organization serves (if applicable). Understand the importance of establishing a network of contacts for future service and employment.

Major Learning Outcomes with Evidence, Core Competencies and Indicators Students will research the services offered via community organizations to identify the one that best matches their passion for service and academic objectives. Corresponding Evidence of Learning Student will be able to Student will interview and select organization that matches their passion for service.

Students will learn the types of groups served and develop a service learning plan to outline their contribution to the mission of the organization. Corresponding Evidence of Learning Student will be able to Student will successfully perform tasks as developed between student and agency representative and approved by faculty coordinator.

Students will develop a list of contacts for future service or employment. Corresponding Evidence of Learning Student will be able to Students will demonstrate skills required to establish employer contact lists during job search activities

Addenda SLS 2940H Syllabus

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4/28/2011 3:33 PM


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