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Survivors & Dependents Assistance This chapter of benefits is for spouses and children of veterans who passed away, or are 100% disabled as a result of a service connected situation to include MIA (Missing In Action) and POW (Prisoner Of War). Chapter 35 benefits can provide up to 45 months of full time benefits. If you are a spouse of a qualifying veteran you have 10 years from date of eligibility to use the benefits or 20 years if the veteran passed away while on active duty. Children may use the benefit from the age of 18 to 26. If there are any issues with these time constraints you may be able to have them extended by contacting the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

Applying for Benefits Now that you are ready to attend Valencia Community College there are a few steps that need to be completed so that your transition to the college is as smooth as possible. The first step is to complete the application process for your benefits. Here are the steps to complete the VA Online Application (VONAPP):  Apply online at o If you have never used this site before, you will need to create a user name and password. o Completing the 22-5490 application online allows you to sign it electronically, as well as submit it to the VA electronically. As a result, the application process is more streamlined and is usually processed quickly. o The result of completing the VONAPP is a Certificate of Eligibility. This letter is sent to your address, indicates what benefits you qualify for, and will be used to process your VA paperwork at Valencia Community College. Applications are available at VCC as well. Please be aware that if you fill them out on campus, they are sent via US Postal service and it can delay your approval. If by the time you have registered for classes you have not received your Certificate of Eligibility, we strongly encourage you to stop in at any of VCC’s campuses with your 22-5490 application so that we can start the process of certification for you. Please keep in mind that although your enrollment will be sent to the VA, it does not mean the VA can process it. Your application must be approved by the VA before your certification can be completed. If you have already registered for classes, please DO NOT wait for your certificate of eligibility to arrive in the mail. This will delay the certification process at the school as well as with the VA. The Veteran’s Affairs Office at Valencia Community College’s primary goal is to set up each student’s benefits as soon as possible.

2011/2012 Rates Less than 1/2

1/2 Time

3/4 Time

Tuition fees only



Full Time $957.00

Credits for Full Semester Less than 1 / 2



Full Time

1 thru 5

6 thru 8

9 thru 11

12 +

Credits for Half Semesters Less than 1 / 2



Full Time





Requirements to be certified at Valencia College

Certificate of Eligibility 

NEW STUDENTS  22‐5490 Application  OR  (VONAPP)          


TRANSFER STUDENTS  22‐5495  Certificate of Eligibility (if you still have a copy)    




TRANSIENT STUDENT paperwork  Certificate of Eligibility (if you still have a copy) 

 The above items should be brought to a VA Representative at any of our campuses after you have registered for classes.  The rest of your requirements will be provided to you by a VA Representative after the above documents have been received and reviewed. As a new student you are entitled to a VA deferment for your first semester at Valencia Community College. This deferment will allow you a 60 day extension for payment of your tuition and fees. If you are interested in utilizing the VA Deferment, please ask the VA representative at any of the VCC campuses after you have completed the registration process.  Please be aware that while using VA benefits, tuition and fees are due to the school by the scheduled due date unless you have the deferment in place with the business office. If tuition is not paid by that scheduled date, your classes will be dropped.  Chapter 35 recipients are still eligible to apply for Financial Aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( In fact, we strongly encourage that you apply in the event that you need additional financial assistance while at Valencia Community College. Applying for Financial Aid can also serve as a backup for payment at the college in the odd event that your benefits are delayed.


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