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MADE BY: Alina SaftaSafta-Romania EtemEtem- Turkey BarbaraBarbara-Poland NataliaNatalia-Poland ValentinaValentina-Bulgaria

Alina Safta Teacher of Romanian literature School Tudor Vladimirescu, Târgovişte, DâmboviŃa

contest contest And the second prize for creativity with mz book at an international festival contest

About my activities Results of projects: The Book; magazines; exhibition; on line collaboration; international contest. The first two are written by Children.

SOME OF MAGAZINES made with pupils You could find them on: Slava versului romanesc Pasii copilariei Suflet de roman Reviste scolare Slava versului romanesc (Tudor Vladimirescu, Targoviste)revista aparuta in cadrul proiectului Suflet de roman, in urma activitatii literar-artistice Dor de Eminescu SLAVA VERSULUI ROMANESC





(1943k) Martie La ceas aniversar


FESTIVAL DE POEZIE, colaborare internationala 2009

Din activitatile noastre


(3168k) Revista activitatilor literare iunie 2009 dedicata unui dambivitean iubitor de cultura Mihail Vlad




OUR FIRST Magazine


Children Steps 2009 - June - 30


Pasii copilariei, Nr. 3

2009-01-31 (492k) Revista "Pasii copilariei", Nr. 6, Aprilie 2009 2009-

04-29 (1259k)

Revista Pasii Copilariei, nr. 1 / 2008 2008-11-28

Revista Pasii copilariei, Nr. 2 2008-12-31



Revista "Pasii copilariei", Nr.4 2009-02-26

Revista "Pasii copilariei", Nr. 5 2009-03-31



Revista "Pasii copilariei", Nr. 7, Mai, 2009

ETEM Hi... I would like to talk about the educational concept of my school at our magazine: Beykoz Doga Campus is situated on fifty hectares. The Doga educational system is based on a concept of natural education, and the Beykoz Doga Campus offers ample opportunities for students to discover and develop their abilities in a natural atmosphere. From it’s horse-riding facilities to it’s zoo, and from trekking courses to camping grounds, the natural environment of Beykoz Campus provides students from both the Beykoz Campus and other Doga Campuses with the opportunity to experience nature-based education.

Education Model With Doğa Concept Natural and relaxed, there is no pressure at Doga. Everything flows with a positive attitude. The system is versatile with the least amount of fuss. Doga provides fine examples of teaching in a natural environment with excellent teaching staff. When started educating a Doga generation we agreed the best way to provide the finest education for our students was to involve nature. We wanted our students to take full advantage of nature.

And what is the Doga Concept? This model is based on a mentality, which takes the fact that each student is an individual. It is a mentality which observes the world through a different perspective and expands its horizons with this different point of view because Doga’s principal is innovation. Innovation shows itself in all the approaches of Doga Schools. Naturally, our students, who are growing alongside us, are looking at life with this innovative, ever-developing and progressive mentality. Based on multiple intelligences, in this system the education is given through (logical-mathematical, verbal-linguistic, musical-rhythmic, bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist ) intelligence areas in a balanced way. Thus, our students are not restricted to dominant intelligence areas the method is also used to activate recessive intelligence areas.

This model embraces an approach that in which nature and the love of nature is in every part of the education. It is not restricted on the idea that education should only be within the four walls of our schools but the one that uses nature and the love for nature in all aspects of education at all times. Mathematics, painting and music are not imprisoned within the classroom or workshop anymore. DoÄ&#x;a is the best teacher in all areas. In the education of the Doga concept the student is not an object anymore but rather the subject of the education.

The Doğa Concept targets its students to be tied to local values, to be open to universal values and to have an international vision. Each Doga generation representative is one of the architects for an enlightened future. They reflect the virtuous behaviors obtained at Doga to everyone around them. We are sure that the students of Doga will be the enlightened leaders of the world, which, as we all know is at peace with nature in all its’ glory. “We produce with our disabilities”

Doğa College and Physical Disability Foundation worked together and came hand in hand. “We produce with our disability” is a Project which not only enables and creates job opportunities in a suitable envoirement,education and work experince for the disabled but provides the disabled labour force for the employers who are aware of socialresponsibilities to provide the most effective contribution in the process of production. Doga College is exceedingly sensitive to the employment of the disabled and currently employs a large number disable personel within and continues this as a part of this “We produce with our disability” Project. We are very happy to be one of the partners of your Project. I will talk about the the festivals which we organize at Doga in the coming issue. Bye for now. We love you..

Valentina Marinova Bulgaria Hello, Kindergartens in Bulgaria are available for toddlers from three years onward until they start primary school – 7 years. There are partpart-time , fullfull-time and boarding public and private kindergartens.Our kindergarten is public,fullpublic,full-time and with lott individual budget.This one is new about our education system.A lo of Bulgarian kindergartens and schools are at state expense.But expense.But during last few years our goverment began attempt to change this one. In the Kindergarten there are 6 groups (one which is preparatory and another that is independent located in the the village Beli Osam). It is located in a quiet and peaceful place in the the center of Troyan.The Troyan.The Kindergarten is 35 years old. In the course of past few years there were done a lot of ameliorations, which have converted the Kindergarten into a prestigious prestigious and wanted place for the youngest kids and their parents. I was graduate at Veliko Tarnovo university with three subjects:kindergarten and primary teacher and librarian.I am a teacher at kindergarten�Sinchec� already 15 years.I love my work work and my sweet little pupils. I am a member of etwinning from September 2008.I met there a lot of great friends and we did effective projects projects with good results and usefulness about our pupils.I would like to be part of some comenius project,travel project,travel more and I would like to apply new interesting experiences of my colleagues to my work at kindergarten. My e-mail

So small and simple things make up our life, small people, simple tasks but whoa, when you look back, isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with small and simple things. We hope to find a way to make a dent in the world for good, even if it's pathetically small and simple. In the process of trying, the effort has changed us and helped us see how amazingly lucky we are to have it so good...


Barbara Chodnicka Poland I am an English teacher. I teach at Gimnazjum which is in Stawiguda, in the north-east of Poland.I teach students aged 13-16.My school is not big and employs 34 people. There are 136 students.

This is my school:

s *

I am a guardian of the student government. At school I organize a lot of events with my students. I am going to how some of them: This is an assembly on Teacher’s Day which is on the 14th of October

We also organized Halloween, Santa Claus Day.

We are a member of Unicef school club. We organized an action concerning children’s rights. This project was called „A school with children’s rights”

More photos you can see on our website:

I don’t live in Stawiguda. I live in a city called Olsztyn which is the capital of the Warmia and Mazury Region.

My interests are: visiting new places and meeting new people, taking part in different projects, learning new things, reading, going to the cinema.

This is my e-mail address: If you want you can always write to me. Greetings!!

NATALIA RYPLEWSKA Julisusz SĹ‚owacki Primary School in Lodz, Poland Poland

I am an English teacher in my school. I teach studensts aged 7 – 13. Our school is in the centre of Lodz, a big city in the centre of Poland.

The school is public and not very big, we have about 400 students and there are 12 classes of students. My school and students are very nice.

Apart from teaching English I am also a tutor of my class VB.

These are my students, I look after them and try to solve any problems they have – this is very difficult sometimes ☺ We also have a lot of fun when we decorate our class, go to the cinema or theatre. In my school I am also responsible for students’ government. Together with my friend, a Polish teacher, we organize many parties, competitions and events for our students. Last month we organized a Carnival Party and we had a lot of fun! My hobbies I love reading and I try to read a lot when I have free time. My favourite writers are: Stephen King, Mario Vargas Losa, Charlain Harris and J. K. Rowling ☺ I also enjoy watching funny serials like „Friends”

And this is my cat Basil:

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