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Colin Foley 0403 574 500 or Gus Martonhelyi 0429 106 596

Maxwell & William The Bush In n J A Dodd Ltd

Schweppes Rigby Cooke Lawyers

South Yarra Sports Centre JB's Purified Water Goldpats Accountants HydroChe m

The Kitchen Place Williams & Co The Frame Shop Spitting Image Caterin g

Elastoplast Sport Club Vt'arehouse Gary McBean Meats Royal Hotel Queenscliff Bell's Hotel & Brev.ery Keith's Pie s Moods Consulting Pty Ltd

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EDWARD J LYNCE :^`. Consaita ntforatf Corporate Promotional Products Conference and Convention

Marketing, Company Promotional Products Incentive Marketing 8 1 'A;rsiage Road Brighton Vic 3 1 87 Telephone or Fax (03) -0592 0340 ~ .' Mobile 0418 544 38 3

This year we want to make MHSOBFC a more cohesive place, both on and off field, whereby players, supporters and sponsors see the club as a great environment in which to be involved . With this in mind, we have developed the MHSOBFC Players and Supporters Assistance Network, whereby club members can access a list of dub members and sponsors who have provided contact details and areas of expertise in which they can help others within the club. For example, if someone is needing an accountant, the network provides access to the details of people in the club skilled in accounting . This initiative also provides sponsors with better visibility amongst the MHSOBFC community, thus supporting those who support us. Further, with the development of the, ' 3Ibourne Unico rn s

junior club, comes the opportunity to consolidate a terrific talent pool for the future . Given this network, the junior players will have access to people within the club who can provide assistance with anything from homework help, tutoring or mentoring right through to carpooling . If you are interested in being involved in the network, please email me at j_anderson4l @hotmail .com or call me on 0419 303729 . Jamie Anderso n Player & Committee Membe r

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Thanks for 200 - and farewell to Robert 'Chief' N ewto n What a great career at MHSOBFC for the Chief! 200 games up today against Monash Blues and soon to depart for Fiji with Pauline and Timmy. Never beaten in the ruck . Great clubman . All at MHSOBFC wish the Newton family all the best in their new and exciting family venture in beautiful Fiji . They will be sorely missed . Perhaps tickets back for September a possibility!


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The Amateur Footballer, Week 3, 2004  

The Amateur Footballer, Week 3, 2004

The Amateur Footballer, Week 3, 2004  

The Amateur Footballer, Week 3, 2004

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