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Our Mission The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research and sustainable practices.

Welcome Letter INSPIRE! CONSERVE! ENGAGE! The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center team includes staff, volunteers and trustees who work together to provide scientifically sound exhibits and educational programs that are innovative, thought-provoking and focus on conservation of the marine environment. As a result of their work this year, young students were inspired to become scientists as they explored the oldest shark that ever lived, tagged and released butterflies, and investigated local marshes during summer camps. Young conservationists recycled electronics to keep them out of the waste stream, cleaned waterways and learned that even one person can make a difference. Teachers gained valuable knowledge and instructional techniques about sea turtles to share in their classrooms. College interns worked alongside staff scientists on important ocean and alternative energy research projects. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) recognized the Virginia Aquarium through their IMLS National Medal Award Program for innovation in

As a result of their work this year, young students were inspired to become scientists as they explored the oldest shark that ever lived, tagged and released butterflies, and investigated local marshes during summer camps.

conservation, promotion of lifelong learning and civic engagement and services that help our community thrive. They especially commended us for reaching underserved audiences with hands-on experiences. Thank you for the role you have played in bringing our conservation through education mission to life for 27 years. Sincerely,

Lynn Clements

Fred Napolitano

Executive Director


Welcome Letter | 01

Table of Contents Mission Statement Inside Cover Welcome Letter pg. 1 Table of Contents pg. 2 Board of Trustees pg. 2 Marketing pg. 3 Social Media pg. 4

Economic Impact pg. 5 Volunteer pg. 6 Access Aquarium Program pg. 7 National Medal Finalist pg. 7 Sea Turtle Workshops pg. 8 Sensible Seafood pg. 9

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Board of Trustees VIRGINIA AQUARIUM FOUNDATION July 2012 — June 2013

Frederick J. Napolitano, II President

William A. Hearst Vice President

Don Goldberg Treasurer

Wiley F. Mitchell, Jr. General Counsel

Thomas E. Fraim, Jr. President Elect

Shewling Moy Secretary

Dorcas Helfant-Browning Chairman of the Board

Lynn B. Clements Executive Director

Rendy Adams

William T. Greer, Jr., PhD

Harry R. Purkey

President’s Circle

Jane M. Purrington

David Arias

Dr. Richard V. Gregory

Richard Ray

Robert W. Berry

Timothy B. Robertson

C. Max Bartholomew, Jr.

Craig Grube

Kim Savage

Sara Miller Boyd

Martha Kay Roland

Thomas Barton, III

Katherine Hines

John Settle

Thomas C. Broyles

Dan Ryan

Michael Benedetto

Al Hutchinson

Willie Shepherd

Barbara Taylor Creech

Michael C. Savvides

George H. Bowles

David Kaufman

Tina Sinnen

Nancy A. Creech

Edward B. Snyder

Macon Brock

Ellen Keeter

Michael Standing

Robert H. DeFord, Jr.

Ned Williams

James G. Carlson

Marina Liacouras

Andrew W. Vakos, Sr.

John H. Fain

Richard Cheng

Gene Loving

Frank Wagner

William J. Fanney

Kenneth Cummings

John Matson

Michael Wagner

Morris H. Fine

Sal DaBiero

Cory Mayo

Brad Waitzer

Thomas E. Fraim, Sr.

Franklin P. Earley, Sr.

JT McDonald

Samantha Berlin-Wetzler

Thomas R. Frantz

Lee Entsminger

Cheryl McLeskey

Kim Wheeler

Dr. Clarence A. Holland

Bob Fort

Delceno Miles

Nikki Williams

Ann W. Host

Cathie J. France

Dr. Chris Platsoucas

Ken Wilson, Jr.

Elly D. Mladick

02 | Board of Trustees

Marketing Kid-Friendly This year the Aquarium launched a fun and interactive initiative to engage young children. The “Soak It Up” campaign features illustrated Aquarium characters Fin, Navy, Spike, and Shelby in digital and print ads. The campaign, directed towards moms with small children, encourages children to soak up knowledge, fun, and unique experiences at the Aquarium. The campaign included development and launch of the Aquarium’s first mobile application. The Soak It Up app uses play to engage the imagination, allowing a child to create a unique environment for each of the Aquarium characters. Helping young children relate to these aquatic animals as friendly and full of personality, the characters can be accessorized with capes, jewelry, glasses, and more. Once the transformation is complete, they are added to an animated aquarium screen. Download the FREE app on your smart photo through the iTunes or Google Play app store.

Marketing | 03

Social Media


The Aquarium uses social media to create connections that extend beyond its audience of members, visitors and fans to their friends and followers. With posts that promote events, celebrate achievements and share news and information about Aquarium animals, engagement has continued to grow.

Social media channels:

Increase in Facebook following

35000 30000


25000 ium 20000 15000 / VirginiaAquarium /VAAquarium



5000 0 July 1, 2012

Within the first week of the blog’s launch, had over 100,000 page views, appeared on major websites like Reddit, Tumblr and BuzzFeed, and made international news. 04 | Social Media

June 30, 2013 was launched with the arrival of the newest North American river otter at the Aquarium. The blog was used to host the naming contest of the young otter and provide updates until he could appear on exhibit. Over 13,000 votes were cast and the name Sheldon was selected.

Economic Impact The Virginia Aquarium is more than a nationally recognized Aquarium and Marine Science Center; it is an educational innovator, a conservation pioneer and an economic contributor. As an employer, contractor, business leader and major tourist attraction with direct and indirect impact, the Aquarium is a powerful source of economic activity in the City of Virginia Beach, the Hampton Roads Region, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. In FY13, the Virginia Aquarium continued to support local and regional economic development.

The Aquarium welcomed:

620,000 visitors

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) reports the cumulative impact of the

212 zoos and aquariums AZA-accredited in the U.S. includes:

$16 billion in economic activity

$4.7 billion in personal earnings

A majority of whom come from outside Hampton Roads


Hampton Roads


BEYOND Hampton Roads

142,000 jobs

Economic Impact | 05

Volunteer The support of volunteers continues as a fundamental

Whole Foods selected the Aquarium as their day of service

element in the daily operation of the Aquarium. In FY13,

site. 66 Whole Foods employees helped the Aquarium with

volunteers had an overwhelming presence in daily tasks,

projects to prep for the summer crowd. They completed a

participated in special events, represented the Aquarium in

major campus clean-up, pressure washed the Otter Snack

off-site events such as Virginia Beach Mayor’s Commission

Bar, replaced a filtration system in the aviary, re-tarped the

on Aging and supported Bonus Experience activities. In

animal quarantine area, painted benches and removed

addition, several groups and organizations chose to support

debris from Discovery Woods.

the Aquarium on their day of service.

With an eye on continuous improvement, the Water Quality Lab and Guest Services welcomed their first group of youth volunteers. The service of trail volunteers extended beyond

1,129 volunteers

served the Aquarium, donating slightly over

76,400 hours valued at $739,699

Volunteers participated in

12 Aquarium sponsored cleanups and collected more than

150 pounds

of trash and recyclables

the summer and supports visitor enhancement activities in the Marsh Pavilion. Three new volunteer positions were created: registrar assistant, scout program assistant and toddler program assistant. Online training courses are now available to volunteers. Docents can access online classes to receive recertification credit. Volunteers interested in receiving more information can also access classes.

37 interns 3,631 hours

7 groups and 210 individuals

were added to the volunteer roster

26 volunteers were honored for extended service to the Aquarium:

One for

10,000 Hours

Fifteen for

20 Years of service

06 | Volunteer

One for

12,000+ Hours

Nine for

25 Years of service

The Volunteer League awarded four college scholarships totaling $6,000 to junior volunteers.

Access Aquarium Program Marine science for all The Access Aquarium Program is a private and corporate donor-supported fund that provides enrichment experiences to those who may not be able to afford a visit to the Aquarium. These generous donors allow the Virginia Aquarium to subsidize the cost of field trips and programs for schools and United Way organizations, making marine science education accessible to all. The fund typically benefits preK-12 students considered underserved because of financial status; however, others demonstrating need (intellectual, behavioral, physical, and ESL) also can gain access to the learning environment at the Aquarium.

National Medal Finalist The Virginia Aquarium was selected by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as one of 33 finalists

These groups receive complimentary or reduced-cost

for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service,

admission and may request to participate in a standards-

the nation’s highest honor conferred on museums and

based program offered at the Aquarium or through an

libraries for service to the community. The Aquarium’s

outreach visit to the school. Access Aquarium is focused on

positive reputation locally and in the aquarium community

serving those in the seven cities of Hampton Roads. However

nationwide has been earned by:

in the 15 years since it’s inception, the fund has assisted students in New York, Maryland and North Carolina. It has also benefited students from “sister-schools” in China, Ireland and Germany, as well as Nepali/Bhutanese refugee families. Groups wishing to apply for the program are required to submit an application describing their status, including a demographic description and how their visit will allow them

• Providing excellent animal care • Offering high quality, family-friendly experiences • Developing engaging interactive programs and exhibits • Research and conservation of sea turtles and marine mammals • Community outreach, particularly to underserved audiences

to meet Virginia Standards of Learning or other required

• Expansion of Access Aquarium funding field trips for low income students

national academic standards. There were 8,284 individuals

• Expanding outreach services to schools

who benefitted from the program in FY13, and the Aquarium

• Developing more STEM-based school programs

has received many thanks for the opportunity Access

• Increasing behind-the-scenes experiences

Aquarium provides year after year.

• Installation and expansion of play areas • Expanded educational opportunities for early learners • Hosting free science and conservation lectures by guest experts

National Medal Finalist | 07

Sea Turtle Programs Three Sea Turtle Science & Stewardship Workshops were offered for both formal and informal educators during the fiscal year. The first, attended by 430 educators, was held in February as part of the 2013 International Sea Turtle Symposium in Baltimore, MD. Additional workshops were conducted for 20 educators at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD, and 16 educators at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, VA. During the workshops, Aquarium education staff provided information on current sea turtle research and conservation issues, explored how facilities can engage visitors in sea turtle conservation, and highlighted program activities for family audiences to foster stewardship. Sea Turtle Action Kits were distributed to educators from

“I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade science, 6th grade math and see activities I could include in my life science, environmental protection, probability, average, measurement . . . so many lessons!” – Feedback from 2013 Sea Turtle Workshop participant

participating schools, scout troops, 4 H clubs, and other youth

information about proper disposal. The action kits promoted

organizations in Virginia and Maryland. These kits included an

environmental stewardship by encouraging youth groups to

informational binder, hands-on activities, and a reference CD

create displays at school fairs, Earth Day events, and local

with digital materials and service project ideas focusing on the

parks to educate the public on how individuals can make a

danger marine debris poses to sea turtles. Also included were

difference. Through the Sea Turtle Action Kits, youth groups are

supplies needed to create a sea turtle conservation display,

helping to increase awareness about the impact of marine debris

and posters about non-biodegradable debris as well as

on sea turtles and sharing ideas for reducing these threats.

08 | Sea Turtle Workshops

Sensible Seafood with Barton Seaver Chef, author and ocean sustainability leader Barton Seaver kicked off the 2013 Sensible Seafood week on May 19th as the guest speaker for the Eleanor and Henry Watts Conservation Speaker Series. Newly appointed Director of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Program at Harvard’s School of Public Health, he pioneered unique approaches to sustainability as an executive chef in Washington, D.C., by preparing and serving fresh local fish not normally found on menus. Seaver spoke about choosing local fishing and aquaculture operations as part of a larger fellowship humans have with the ocean. Whole Foods sponsored a reception and book signing following the presentation. Seaver was also the celebrity guest judge for the 4th Annual Sensible Seafood Fest held on May 23rd, 2013. After mingling with guests and tasting 30 dishes from participating restaurants, he selected a Chesapeake ray pastrami dish as the winning entry for the evening, created by Virginia Aquarium’s own Robbie Delaney of Sodexo.

Sensible Seafood | 09

Conservation Research and Conservation Grant-Funded Projects

Virginia Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Stranding Network

During FY13, the Virginia Aquarium’s Research and

The Aquarium’s Stranding Response Program receives

Conservation staff managed more than a dozen grants and

annual support from federal and state agencies to conduct

contracts, totaling nearly $1 million for research activities in

sea turtle and marine mammal stranding response throughout

support of the Aquarium’s conservation mission. Research

the tidal waters of Virginia. In the past 25 years, the program

and Conservation staff worked in collaboration with many

has responded to more than 6,000 strandings.

partners to continue advancing scientific knowledge and conservation of marine animals and habitats. The following projects exemplify the Aquarium’s ongoing commitment to research and conservation.

Stranding response involves field examinations, recovery of animals, live animal rehabilitation, necropsy examination of carcasses, morphometric and tissue sampling, reporting and database management. During FY13, the team responded to 93 marine mammals, 204 sea turtle strandings, and successfully rehabilitated and released 20 sea turtles.

10 | Conservation

Conservation National Science Foundation Grant: Impact of Climate Warming and Ocean Carbonation on Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Virginia Aquarium staff and scientists from Old Dominion University (ODU) have been working together on a project designed to predict how climate warming and ocean carbonation will affect the eelgrass that grows submerged in shallow coastal waters of Virginia. Both organizations participated in developing the proposal for a National Science Foundation grant, the first-ever major research collaboration between the Aquarium and ODU. The four-year project is examining the potential effects of rising CO2 on one of the Chesapeake Bay region’s most important underwater grasses. The Aquarium’s role includes constructing and maintaining a small experimental aquaculture facility along the Owls Creek Path and providing outreach services to educate the public about the scientific studies. The experimental facility includes 20 flowing saltwater aquariums and a portable laboratory housing the data logging systems space for on-site processing, sample analysis and experimental measurements. ODU scientists are growing eelgrass test beds in saltwater from Owls Creek at varied temperatures and carbonation levels that simulate potential future climate conditions.

Conservation | 11

Conservation Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Initiative in Chesapeake Bay and Adjacent Ocean Waters This project to study sea turtles and develop educational programs represents the first NOAA Fisheries Section 6 Species Recovery Grant ever awarded to Virginia. The Aquarium’s Research and Conservation staff submitted this proposal in conjunction with the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF). The project team is conducting a comprehensive three-year study of sea turtles in the Chesapeake Bay, looking at abundance and distribution, health assessment, diet and threats. A significant component of the project includes development of outreach education materials and programs related to sea turtle conservation. As part of the project, Virginia and Maryland will develop sea turtle conservation plans for the Chesapeake Bay and regional ocean waters. This collaborative project includes partners from VDGIF, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, University of Central Florida, the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University and Old Dominion University.

12 | Conservation

Conservation Whale Migration Corridors for Marine Spatial Planning This project to study how whales use offshore ocean waters is supported by a grant from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program for the NOAA Section 309 Projects of Special Merit. The project involves aerial and vessel surveys to document whale species and distribution in ocean waters around the Virginia wind energy area that has been established by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. This data is vitally needed to understand the use of Virginia offshore ocean waters by marine mammals such as the critically endangered northern right whale. Understanding large whale distribution spatially and seasonally will be important for the marine spatial planning process and for ongoing monitoring of the impacts of offshore wind energy development.

Purchase of Navy Site for New Mid-Atlantic Marine Animal Conservation Center After many years of concerted effort, even requiring an Act of Congress, the Virginia Aquarium accomplished a major step in the development of a new Mid-Atlantic Marine Animal Conservation Center (MACC). In August 2012, the City of Virginia Beach completed the $128,500 purchase of 2.57 acres from the Navy and set the stage for the realization of

The MACC will also provide office and technology support for Aquarium research staff and collaborating scientists. The center will enhance the ability of the Aquarium and its research partners to develop innovative proposals with potential to generate significant grant funding and corporate support.

Though not a publicly visited building, the new MACC will

A significant milestone in support of the Aquarium’s conservation mission.

provide operational support for the Aquarium, including

With architectural and engineering design set to begin fall

facilities for outreach education programs, aquatic animal

2014, the 18,000 square-foot MACC is projected to open

holding and quarantine for exhibits. The new facility will be

in mid-2018 and estimated to cost $13.7 million. The City

designed to provide response, recovery and rehabilitation

of Virginia Beach will fund construction, while the nonprofit

services for marine mammals and sea turtles, house the

Virginia Aquarium Foundation will provide funding to equip

Aquarium’s nationally recognized Stranding Response

the facility through a capital campaign. The MACC will be

Program and provide support during environmental

designed and constructed to meet “green building”

disasters such as the recent Gulf oil spill.

standards and achieve sustainable building certification.

this significant new addition to the Aquarium. The property is across Owls Creek from the Aquarium. The site was selected because of its proximity to the Aquarium, a natural seawater supply and the Owls Creek/Rudee Inlet waterway.

Conservation | 13

Exhibits Aviary Netting Renovation The Virginia Aquarium Aviary received a long-awaited major

the upper portions and ceiling were hung to complete the

renovation in Spring 2013. To increase habitat protection

process. Two smaller enclosures housing a Great Horned Owl,

and improve the experience for visitors, efforts to replace

a ­Pileated Woodpecker and small birds of prey were also

nylon netting, installed in 1995, with 5/8� stainless steel coil

renovated with new stainless steel netting.

netting began with engineers testing all support structures. To prepare for handling the weight of much heavier netting, local companies JES and North Landing Electrical completed structural improvements. The half-acre Aviary closed in late March to allow bird staff to

As netting installation was completed in early June, Aquarium staff readied the Aviary for birds to return. Doors were painted, the decking was power washed, new substrate was put down and a new system was installed outside the Aviary netting to keep predators from gaining entry.

begin collecting the more than 80 birds housed there, removing

The new netting not only improves the visual appearance

them to holding areas in other parts of the Aquarium.

of the Aviary but also provides a much safer environment,

Salvageable old netting was donated to a local rehabber for

weathers better and keeps smaller birds from coming in.

use in constructing enclosures for rehabilitating animals. As

Food costs and time spent repairing the netting significantly

Aquarium staff met daily with contractors, new netting was

decreased. Additional bird species are now exhibited, such

soon in place on the main Aviary sides, with pieces precisely

as green herons, smaller shorebirds and songbirds. The

cut, hung and sewn together with stainless steel wire. Bottom

Aviary opened to the public on July 1st to positive response

portions were securely buried in three-foot deep trenches and

and many compliments on the new netting.

Major improvements keep our birds safe and secure.

14 | Exhibits

Exhibits Jude, the Komodo Dragon On September 27, 2012, the Aquarium received a new addition to its reptile collection. At a modest five years old and weighing 14kg, Jude, the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), was shipped from San Antonio Zoo to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center on an overnight flight. She arrived safe and sound, as expected, and quickly grew accustomed to her new surroundings. The event was featured in an article in the September 29, 2012 edition of the Virginian-Pilot, ­noting Jude’s importance to the Virginia

Virginia Aquarium welcomes the future of the Komodo dragon species with the arrival of Jude.

Aquarium and to the Komodo dragon species as a whole. Jude joins the Aquarium’s two male Komodo dragons: nine-year-old Teman and seven-year-old Sanchez. Teman, larger of the two males, was handpicked as the most genetically compatible male to breed with Jude, by the Lizard Taxon Advisory Group according to the Komodo dragon AZA Species Survival Plan (SSP). Jude is one of only 12 breedable females in captivity within the United States. Because of low genetic diversity, and the desire to create a captive, selfsustaining population, breeding programs such as this are vital to ensure the success of the species. Introducing male and female Komodo dragons can be a dangerous process for the animals, as they can be very aggressive if the introduction is not handled properly. Jude will play a vital role in the furthering of Komodo dragons in captivity, and is currently healthy and preparing for the journey ahead.

Exhibits | 15

Exhibits Backyard Butterflies Exhibit To coincide with the IMAX® movie Flight of the Butterflies 3D, which was sponsored by Monarch Bank, the Aquarium transformed the Upland River Room into a butterfly haven for 12 weeks in summer 2013. The Lee and Helen Gifford Foundation and Anne W. Host sponsored Backyard Butterflies, which allowed guests to walk among multiple species of butterflies and the special plantings that sustain them. Preparations for the exhibit began with temporarily relocating birds from the Upland River Room to a holding area, pruning


trees to allow increased sunlight and promote butterfly activity

As Aquarium staff worked to overcome a nation-wide

and increasing the humidity in the room. Loren Tafoya,

shortage of Monarch butterflies by rearing the species

manager of the Butterfly House at the Norfolk Botanical

in-house, visitors witnessed the life cycle of 11 native

Gardens and a member of the Butterfly Society of Virginia,

species throughout the summer. Interested guests learned

provided training for staff and volunteers. Aquarium staff

about conservation at education carts, received pamphlets

built a chrysalis emergence box and installed native milkweed

on designating backyards as Monarch way stations and got

and other blooming plants along with supplemental feeding

up-close in a caterpillar nursery. Emerging butterflies were

stations to provide nectar.

released every day during the “Meet the Keeper” program.



Exhibits Megalodon Exhibit The Aquarium’s changing exhibits gallery wowed visitors with a walk-through replica of the extinct 60-foot long Megalodon, which could figuratively be called the mother of all sharks. Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived dispeled myths, confirmed facts, examined its culture and inspired lessons for science and shark conservation today. This traveling exhibit was produced by the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville with support from the National Science Foundation. The exhibit showcased fossil and modern shark specimens as well as full-scale models from several collections. Visitors entered a full-size sculpture of Megalodon through massive jaws to discover the shark’s history and the world it inhabited, including its size, structure, diet, lifespan, relatives, neighbors, evolution and extinction over two million years ago. Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived also featured a conservation message, with information on improving the health of our oceans and survival of threatened species whose recent worldwide declines are attributed to commercial and sport overfishing. Guests wondering why we need sharks were asked to consider the domino effect overfishing creates on the marine food web. The continued fascination that elevates Megalodon to near cult status was also explored. From biker jackets to postage stamps, the exhibit explained the many ways Megalodon remains a part of our culture through art, literature, music and film. In conjunction with the themes of the Megalodon exhibit, the Virginia Aquarium IMAX® 3D Theater offered Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World.

Exhibits | 17



Admission Revenue $6,037,893 | 52% Employee Costs $6,164,912 | 53% Contributions / Corporate Grants / Membership $1,855,909 | 16%

Contractual Services $2,378,005 | 21%

Facility Use $1,785,712 | 15% Supplies $1,436,020 | 12% Fed / State / Local Grants & Support $1,240,508 | 11%

Other Charges $928,829 | 8%

Education Programs $500,502 | 4% Depreciation $674,705 | 6% Investment Income $271,881 | 2% Total Operating Expenditures $11,582,771 | 100% Total Operating Revenue and Support $11,692,405 | 100%


6% 16%


21% 53%





Total Operating Revenue and Support

Total Operating Expenditures

8% 12% 52% * The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is a public/private partnership between the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Financials include City and Foundation revenue and expenditures.




Event Sponsors 2013 Sensible Seafood Fest

Additional Natural Organic Process Enterprises, (NOPE) The Oceanfront Inn, The Vakos Family Premier Events, Patti Ritzi Sam Rust Seafood TFC Recycling The Schooner Inn, John Uhrin Virginia Marine Products Board, Mike Hutt Whitlock Group, Billy Edwards

Title PNC Bank

Platinum Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy Sodexo at Virginia Aquarium

Gold High Liner Foods, Inc. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.

2013 Sensible Seafood Fest Participants

Silver Hap & Becky Chalmers Bob & Leslie Fort Hoffman Beverage Anne Randolph Schmudde & Eric Schmudde Norfolk Southern Tidewater Home Funding

Bronze H.M. Terry Company Dr. Thomas J. O’Hara, DDS

Wine Ste. Michelle Wine Estates SeaGlass Wines

Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant Atlantic Shores Retirement Community Burton’s Grill Carolina Cupcakery Croc’s 19th Street Bistro Distinctive Gourmet Hot Tuna Seafood Grill Jody’s Popcorn Lucky Oyster Seafood Grill Passion the Restaurant Rockafeller’s Restaurant Salt Sodexo at Virginia Aquarium Sodexo at Virginia Wesleyan College Surf Club Ocean Grille Swan Terrace Restaurant

Tautog’s Restaurant Terrapin Trade Winds Restaurant Waterman’s Surfside Grille Wicker’s Crab Pot

Sensible Seafood Business Partners Ballard Fish & Oyster Co. T/A Cherrystone Aqua-Farms Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy High Liner Foods, Inc.

2013 Sensible Seafood VIP Dinner Title Whole Foods Market, Virginia Beach

Additional Distinctive Event Rentals H.M. Terry Company The Oceanfront Inn, The Vakos Family Premier Events, Patti Ritzi Sam Rust Seafood Sodexo at Virginia Aquarium Ste. Michelle Wine Estates The Schooner Inn, John Uhrin Virginia Marine Products Board, Mike Hutt

A special thank you to celebrity chef Barton Seaver for sharing his time and talent at all of the Sensible Seafood events.

Event Sponsors | 19

Event Sponsors Womens’s Golf Classic 2013

State Farm Insurance, Brett Pendergast Tidewater Home Funding

Beverage Carts


Divaris Real Estate, Inc.

Golf Carts McLeskey Family Foundation

Goody Bags Merrill Lynch, Tami Aloisa

19th Hole Hoffman Beverage

Lunch Q’doba

DJ Ladybug Productions, Elizabeth Nash

Beverages Mid Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Foursome Plus Coastal Dermatology J.D. Miles & Sons MASA Corporation Moe’s Southwest Grill Monarch Bank Monarch Mortgage Julie Rekant ROWDYDOW bbQ State Farm Insurance, John White 20 | Event Sponsors

Beach Ford Jeffrey Marks, Esquire Coastal Dermatology Incredibly Supply & Logistics Lendy’s New York Style Deli Monarch Mortgage Ocean Consulting Oceanfront Dentistry Old Virginia Mortgage Precision Door / Precision Windows Scotty Quixx Sun Trust Investments, Don Ebner Tidewater Chimney Sweep Tidewater Home Funding Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service Waterman’s Restaurant Wave of Life Chiropractic, Dr. Carly Swift

Prize and Goody Bag ALSCO Bank @LANTEC Bikini Hut Cavalier Yacht & Golf Club Dance Sport Delightful Digs Dog Stuff The Full Cup

Giovanni’s Hoffman Beverage Inlet Fitness Kangaroo Jack’s Laser Quest Robin Kassir Personal Gym 79PT The Lemon Cabana Lululemon Luna Bars Meg’s Swimwear Modern Maternity Moe’s Southwest Grill Motley Mutts Mrs. Bones Nectar Oceanfront Dentistry Ocean Eagle Pigtails & Crew Cuts Pilates Fitness Club Please & Thank You Pure Barre Ragged Robin Ruth’s Chris Simply Selma’s Skin Ranch Sprout Children’s Boutique Steller One Bank Walmart Wareings Gym Wheeler REIT

Men’s Golf Classic 2013 Title Sponsor Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc

Beverage Carts ABS Technology Architects

Chipping Game ESI

Driving Range Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate

Putting Greens The Fain Family

19th Hole Hoffman Beverage

Golf Carts Portfolio Recovery Associates

Hole in One Beach Ford Norfolk Marine

Closest to the Pin Optima Health

Lunch Sodexo at Virginia Aquarium

Dinner Black Angus Restaurant

Goody Bag Merrill Lynch, Tami Aloisa

Foursome Plus American Stripping Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Capital Concrete Chartway Federal Credit Union Checkered Flag Motor Co. East Coast Brake Rebuilders East Coast Repair & Fabrication Farm Bureau Live Premium Seats Dept. First Team Auto GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc. Hobbs & Associates LifeNet Health MASA Corporation Monster Energy Old Virginia Mortgage On Call Holdings Palladium Registered Investment Advisors PNC Bank Sinnen Green & Associates Walmart Wells Fargo Bank Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Wolcott Rivers Gates, Attorneys at Law

Hole Altmeyer Funeral Home Bank of America Brad Kasinger Kathleen & TR Reed Karen Moyer Nestle Nesquick Oceanfront Inn Dr. Thomas O’Hara, DDS Smoke Detector, Inc. Tidewater Fleet Supply

Total Business Solutions Virginia Spine Care

Prize ALSCO Cahoon Plantation Chicks Oyster Bar Chops Coastal Edge Coastal Grill Croc’s 19th Street Bistro Cypress Point Golf Club Dan Ryan’s for Men Frito Lay Golf Headquarters Gordon Biersch H&L Toms Heron Ridge Golf Club Hoffman Beverage Lambert’s Point Golf Course Mid Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling Co. Nansemond River Golf Club Owls Creek Golf Course Princess Anne Country Club Riverfront Golf Club Rudee’s on the Inlet Sleepy Hole Golf Course Sonoma Wine Bar & Bistro Trilogy Bistro Virginia Aquarium Foundation VB National Golf Course Walmart Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Wolcott Rivers Gates, Attorneys at Law

Event Sponsors | 21

Event Sponsors Commotion in the Ocean 2013 Title Amerigroup TowneBank Williams Mullen

Gold BB&T Capital Group Endurance IT Services

Silver ABS Technology Architects Beach Ford Farm Bureau Live – Premium Seats First Team Auto Fulton Bank Hoffman Beverage Maersk Line, Limited Mid Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling Co. Monarch Bank Tidewater Home Funding

Bronze BCF Burton Lumber Corporation Cheryl P. McLeskey Dollar Tree Sande & MaryAnne Dukas East Coast Appliance Farm Fresh Foundation 22 | Event Sponsors

FCI Towers, Inc. The Franklin Johnston Group Ironclad Technology Services, LLC Marathon Consulting MASA Corporation McPhillips, Roberts & Deans, PLC Old Virginia Mortgage Pungo Strawberry Festival Sam’s Club SL Properties Holding LLC & Consumer Recovery Associates LLC Southern Trust Mortgage TFC Recycling Waller, Todd & Sadler Architects, Inc. Waypoint Advisors Wells Fargo Bank

Supporting Altmeyer Funeral Home Atlantic Bay Mortgage Bank of Hampton Roads CB Richard Ellis Goodove Oral Surgery Hot House Yoga J.D. Miles & Sons Roofing Kotarides Builders Mayo Insurance Agency McGuire Woods LLP Palladium Registered Investment Advisors Q.E.D. Systems, Inc. Rutter Mills L.L.D. Summit Group – Ashley Dorroh Galler

In-Kind Beach Ford H.M. Terry Co. Hoffman Beverage House of Printing Lynnhaven Oyster Company Lucy Newman Norva Plastics Todd & Kim Savage Whitlock – Billy Edwards VAR#619

Auction Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant Addison Weeks Agio USA Albano Cleaners Aldo’s Ristorante Altmeyer Funeral Home Aqua at Kings Creek Marina & Resort Atlantic Paddle Source Baker’s Crust Restaurant Bay Creek Resort and Club Beach Bagel Beach Eye Care Beach Gallery Beach Hardware Bean There Beecroft & Bull Blue Crab Bay Bryce Burton Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club Chesapean Outdoors

Chick’s Oyster Bar Chops Dr. & Mrs. Chupka Coastal Dermatology Coastal Edge Conte’s Bicycle & Fitness Dan Ryan’s for Men David Limroth Doc Taylor’s East Coast Appliances Eco Trends The Egg Bistro Farm Bureau Live Fat Frogs Ferguson Enterprises Firehouse Subs Green Mountain Coffee Hoffman Beverage Hot House Yoga / Your Personal Trainer Ideal Fitness Il Giardino’s Inlet Fitness Inman & Strickler Gregory J. Montero, Esq. Jarrett Chiropractic Jules Reid Kazam Balance Bikes Courtney Kellam Larry Ward Basketball Camp Lemon Cabana Lionheart Limited, Sal DaBiero Long Jewelers Marcus Holman Photography

Matthew Fine Sculptures McCormick & Schmick’s Metamorphosis Salon Sherri Miles Motley Mutts Motor World & Shipwreck Golf Nawab North End Crossfit Oceanfront Dentistry Pampered Chef Papa John’s Pizza – Outer Banks PHR / Gold Key Planet Pizza Princess Anne Country Club Rodan & Fields Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Rockafeller’s Restaurant Salon 3200 Short & Sweet The Signature Golf Course Sonoma Wine Bar & Bistro Southwest Airlines Sprout Children’s Boutique Starr Hill Stella & Dot Stoley’s Tangled Up Salon Taste Tidewater Tours Tautog’s Restaurant Taylor’s Do It Center Tempt Restaurant Lounge Bill & Cindy Terry Total Wine

Twigglettsmom VB Homes Virginia Beach Restaurant Association Virginia Mystery Writers Basket Virginia Spine Care Waterman’s Restaurant Wave Works West Marine WRV Virginia Wesleyan Marlins Lacrosse Team Willis Furniture

Event Sponsors | 23

Aquarium Society The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation established the Aquarium Society to recognize individuals and couples who have made provisions in their estate plans to provide a gift to the Virginia Aquarium. These planned gifts are a meaningful way to give because they will help ensure the future of the Virginia Aquarium for generations to come while providing their estates with significant tax benefits.

Founding Members Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grube Mary Reid Barrow Dorcas T. Browning Christine C. Bosher* Roy Hendrix Dan H. Brockwell* Dr. Clarence & Mary A. Holland Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Broyles Ann W. Host Lynn B. Clements Patricia Johnson Barbara Taylor Creech Ellen Keeter Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore J. DaBiero Mr. & Mrs. Gene Loving Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. DeFord, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wiley F. Mitchell, Jr. Claire Floege Don* & Beth Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Fraim Judy Shields Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Fraim, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ned Williams Marcial Garcia Mr. & Mrs. W. Kenneth Wilson, Jr. (*deceased)

24 | Aquarium Society

“Our decision to make annual contributions to the Virginia Aquarium and to include them in our estate planning is our way of supporting the outstanding work in education of our citizens to our location and to conserve the marine environment. We want to be sure that our grandkids enjoy the Aquarium as much as we do today.” – Clancy and Mary Holland

Annual Fund Donors Annual Gifts

Received July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013

*A special thank you to Order of the Turtle donors who contributed an unrestricted $2,500 or more to the Annual Fund this fiscal year.

$25,000 + Mrs. Jane Batten Hansen Family Foundation Floyd E. Kellam, Jr. Family Fund Portfolio Recovery Associates Jon & Kim Wheeler

$10,000 - $24,999

$1,000 - $4,999

Lee A. & Helen Gifford Foundation of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation GEICO Direct The Oceanfront Inn, The Vakos Family Roy Hendrix* Whole Foods Market, Virginia Beach

Judith Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Macon Brock Mr. & Mrs. William K. Butler, II Carrie S. Camp Foundation, Inc. James Carlson Checkered Flag Motor Co. Lynn B. Clements Kenneth E. Cummings Sal DaBiero Robert H. DeFord, Jr. Exxon Mobil Foundation Tom E. Fraim, Jr. Thomas E. Fraim Thomas R. Frantz Anne Gassett Christian C. Gooch, Claiborne W. Gooch, Jr. Charitable Trust Craig Grube Dorcas Helfant-Browning Katherine Hines Dr. Clarence A. Holland T. Parker Host IBM, International Business Machines Robert & Mary Keiter Marina Liacouras John P. Matson Albert E. McCants, Jr. JoAnne & Jim McClellan Minnesota Zoo Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Wiley F. Mitchell, Jr. Elly & Richard Mladick Susan M. & Platte B. Moring Shewling Moy Napolitano Family Foundation North American Sea Glass Association Ike & Dawn Prillaman The Hon. Harry R. “Bob” Purkey Jane M. Purrington Richard T. Ray

$5,000 - $9,999 Canon ITS Columbia Sportswear Company Lee & Leslie Entsminger John H. Fain & the Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation* Robert C. Fort* Hoffman Beverage Company Ann W. Host Norfolk Southern Foundation Eleanor & D. Henry Watts Youth Foundation Service Club of Virginia Beach

Annual Fund Donors | 25

Annual Fund Donors (cont.) Inc Audrey & John Settle E. Marcie Shields Scholarship B.M. Stanton Foundation Mrs. Midge Tinney Andrew W. Vakos, Sr. The Virginia Beach Garden Club Frank W. Wagner Wawa Samantha Berlin Wetzler

Gifts to $999 Jeff & Kristen Abney Ann L. & Thomas Ackiss Rendy Adams AIGA Hampton Roads Chapter Michelle Alexander Mr. & Mrs. James Altmeyer Loreen & Arvil Anderson Anonymous Robert & Sara Atherholt Beverly Baird Jason & Dana Baker Karen A. Baldwin Sharon H. Banks Beth Barber Susan G. Barco Betty Barco Genevieve Barnes Eduarda & Lee Barthold Theodore Bartlett W. Thomas & Janie Bass Batchelder & Collins Baylake Pines Private School BCF 26 | Annual Fund Donors

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beasley Candy Berlin Jo Ann Bisbach L.L. & Ann Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Richard Blessington Tanya Bowers George H. Bowles Sara & Bob Boyd Beverly & Wilbur Boyer Barbara & Stanley Bradley Charles & Meridith Brady Martha & Allen Brantley Ray & Susan Bratten Lynda & Jim Briggs Mary Jane Brockwell Harry Brothers Joelle Buffa Mr. & Mrs. Verne Burlage James & Nicole Burton Ed & Cathy Busbee Shawn T. Butela Harry & Gerri Bybee Patrick Callahan Christopher J. Campbell Ellen & Gary Campbell Mary Jane Candaux Cape Henry Woman’s Club Raymond & Linda Carlile Terrie O. Carroll The Cartledge Foundation, Inc. Carolyn Castano Rebecca Catlin Janice & Brian Cavolt Mr. & Mrs. N.W. Chalmers Nancy C. Chandler

Michael & Kelly Charles Marian & Gentry Childress Sue Christian Lisa Cines Angela & John Clemens Toni Coleman Mary Michael C. Compton William & Anne Corley Louise L. Costenbader Mr. & Mrs. Page Cranford Nancy & Stan Crockett Betsy & John Cromwell Louis & Becky Cullipher Catherine & Warren Curd Stanton Cutter Francis & Susan Daniel Harold & Cherry Davidson Scott C. Davis Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis, P.C. J. Blaine & Mary Denny Douglas & Marianne Dickerson Anne Hilliard Donahoe Joshua & Christel Dyer Franklin P. Earley James & Susan Eilberg Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ellis Rebecca Ellis Bonnie & Russel Emerson Jo H. Engels M. Richard & Lynn Epps Gene & Jennifer Estes L.W. Everett Martha G. Everton Exxon Mobil Foundation

Martin Farkash John W. Field, Jr. Marty & Jim Field Donna J. Finnegan George & Joyce Fischer Jeffrey & Daniel Fishman-Carter William R. Fitzgerald Rhonda Floasin Genevieve Forsyth Cathie J. France Mara Fredrickson David & Lucinda Fuller Mr. & Mrs. F. Dudley Fulton Kathryn L. George Yolanda & Charles Gerard GFWC Kempsville Woman’s Club Najwa Ghazale Adrian Kellam Glatt D. Oliver Goode III David B. & Elizabeth L. Goode Lisa & Kent Gore Caryl T. Gove James & Janice Grant William T. (Billy) Greer, Jr., Ph.D. Hui Mei Grove Ben Hager Jill R. & Joseph D. Harris Jack Hasten Laurie Hasten Mark C. Heinrich Sarah Hemmings Robert Steven Herbert Karen L. Hines Kent & Linda Hinnant Lee Hinnant Annual Fund Donors | 27

Annual Fund Donors Gifts to $999 (cont.) Edythe H. Hoffman Marcia Hofheimer John Hoggan W. Bogart Holland Nancy Hollomon-Peede Dr. Harold Horden Robert & Wendy Hosick May Hou Mr. & Mrs. Steve Houfek E. Todd Hyman Integrated Logistics 2000, LLC Irene H. Halle Gerald Jaffe Denise Jernigan Davis & Cathy Johnson Ennis O. & Phyllis W. Johnson Patrick Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Jones Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Jones, III Mr. & Mrs. Griffith Jones Anne Talbott Jordan Oliver & Margaret Joyner R. Joy Kaps Ellen Keeter

28 | Annual Fund Donors

Kempsville Ruritan Club Diana Khalil Barbara King Mr. & Mrs. James L. Kitchin Rudolph & Betty Koch Edward Kohinke Jacqueline & Larisa Koppens Anne & Edward Kramer John Jay & Ola Hill Krueger Fund Jean & David Kucy Dawn Lacey Lee David Lampos Ruth Lane Leland Real Estate Corporation Michael & Pam Levinson Errol & Barbara Lifland Paul & Catherine Lindner Elizabeth & Adam Long Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lyons, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Magula Dr. John A. Mapp Patricia Matthews Tim & Fran Matulenas, Sr.


Cory & Allison Mayo James Mayo Alice & Jim McCalla Mary Jean McCoy Margaret P. McGeorge Alice & Smokey McKnight Julia & Jeff Meade R. Boyd Melchor Ronald J. Menia Judith Midgett Elizabeth Miklos Elisabeth Miles Sherri L. Miles-Foley Marilyn & William Miller William & Joan Miller Adam & Leslie Morgan Alison A. Morin Tomoko Morinaga Peter Moyer Sondra & Michael Mulkey Evelyn Munden Christopher Munk Stephen & Claire Murphy Richard Murray Sis Nash Memorial Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Charles Nash Leonard Nason Jack D. Neal, Jr. Helen & Kenneth Nelson Nancy R. Nelson Mildred S. Nici Mike Nickelsburg Norfolk Academy Norfolk Southern Charitable Match Trust North American Sea Glass Association Robert C. Nusbaum & Linda Laibstain Lesley O’ Brien

Oakland Christian United Church of Christ Linda & William O’Connor ODU Institute for Learning in Retirement Dr. & Mrs. William L. Old, III Christine Ordonez Timothy & Judy O’Rourke Beth & Donald Oznick Elsa L. Parli Mark Pawley Jerry Penix John E. Perry Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Perry Mr. & Mrs. Richard Peterson Drew Evan Petzold Phyllis Pownall Cameron & William Poynter Elizabeth “Betsy” W. Price Richard Puckett Erin & Sheryll Queary Debbie Query Ramon & Kathleen Redford Bill & Margaret Reed Kathleen & TR Reed Dawn Rittner Jane & John Rosenman Jane & John Rossman Kathy Dillon Rountree Renee Marie Russell A.J. Russo & J.A. Russo Dawn Safford Nancy Salyer Kim & Todd Savage Dena & Sean Sawyer Laura & Jim Schmidt Judy Schooley Charles Seidel William D. Sessoms, Jr.

Willie C. Sessoms Dr. & Mrs. Walker W. Shivar Winthrop & Jane Short Suzanne & Roger Shull Gabrielle Shumate Hunter & Marcy Sims Michael Sizemore Kenneth N. Skoug, Jr. Julie J. Slobodnjak Lawrence I. Smiley Harold & Cheryl Spicher Ronald Spitalney Joan & James Spore Josie Sprague Linda & Steve Spruill Tom & Brenda Stahl Mr. & Mrs. Mills Staylor Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Steinberg Jessica Stewart April & Steve Strickland Alice Striffler Eric Stringfield Joan & Jack Stumborg Mr. & Mrs. James Styron Superior Air Freight William F. Sutton William & Charlotte Swingle Frances Sykes Phyllis B. Daniels Tatman Tautog’s Restaurant Michael & Tracey Taylor R. Dawson Taylor Robert Taylor Mr. & Mrs. E. Bradford Tazewell Jr. Gladys Tease George M. & Carol F. Temple

TerraCycle Mr. & Mrs. Ammon C. Tharp Amanda M. Tierney Kathleen Tornatore Lois Turnbull Travis Turner Judy Urwin Peter & Barbara Van Heest Verizon Foundation Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission Virginia Master Naturalist, Tidewater Chapter Michael Tod Wagner Dr. & Mrs. William B. Warden Dan Wasserman Peter Weed David & Ann Westerlund Joyce Whitaker Cynthia Whitbred-Spanoulis Dr. & Mrs. Henry I. Willett, Jr. James G. Williams III David & Jennifer Williamson Ray & Helen Williamson W. Kenneth Wilson, Jr. Mark & Jessica Wilson Matthew & Margo Winans Ann Wright Jennifer Wright Dr. Tracy B. Wright Mr. & Mrs. John O. Wynne Sandra Yon Norma Zinn Norman Zwahlen

Annual Fund Donors | 29

717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 |

Virginia Aquarium FY13 Annual Report  
Virginia Aquarium FY13 Annual Report