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Each year, Aquarium trustees hold an annual retreat to plan for the year ahead. This year we reviewed the progress we have made over the past 30 years by looking at the 1987 strategic plan. We have certainly come a long way since then! We continue to build our organization on the same tenets we used to create it in the early 1980s. The plan called for expanding programs, designing exhibits for more interaction, and developing a marine stranding program. Along the way, we pursued exciting cooperative ventures leading to our popular Sea Adventure boat programs and joint university research projects. In this report, you will see that now, as in the beginning of our organization, we are a community resource that connects people to the marine environment in fun and educational ways. The Virginia Aquarium is truly a learning facility for a lifetime – reaching across multiple generations to inspire us to care about the marine environment, no matter your age. Thank you for helping us celebrate 30 Years of Inspiration!

Lynn B. Clements

Delceno Miles

Executive Director

Foundation President


Board of Trustees Chairman of the Board Thomas E. Fraim, Jr. President Delceno Miles President Elect Lee Entsminger Vice President Andrew W. Vakos, Sr. Secretary Sal DaBiero Treasurer Shewling Moy General Counsel Wiley F. Mitchell, Jr. Executive Director Lynn B. Clements


Trustees Michael Benedetto David Burton Michelle Collins Bryan Cuffee Gary Finkbeiner Craig Grube Bert “Burr” Henderson Katherine Hines Andrew Hodge Ellen Keeter Esi Langston John Matson Cory Mayo Michael McCabe, Jr. JT McDonald Cheryl McLeskey

Virginia Aquarium Foundation July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Tom McNicholas Carolyn Robertson Chris Rusbuldt Kim Savage Bert Schmidt Jean Siebert John Settle Willie Shepherd Tina Sinnen Michael Standing Ray Toll Cathie France Vick Frank Wagner Michael Wagner Samantha Wetzler Kim Wheeler Nikki Williams Chas Wright

President’s Circle Rendy Adams Sara Miller Boyd Macon Brock Thomas C. Broyles Barbara Taylor Creech Nancy A. Creech Robert H. DeFord, Jr. John H. Fain William J. Fanney Morris H. Fine Bob Fort Thomas E. Fraim, Sr. Thomas R. Frantz William Hearst Dorcas Helfant-Browning Dr. Clarence A. Holland

Ann W. Host Elly D. Mladick Fred Napolitano, II Jane M. Purrington C. Mac Rawls Timothy B. Robertson Martha Kay Roland Dan Ryan Michael C. Savvides Edward B. Snyder Ned Williams Ken Wilson, Jr.

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08 Leading & Serving 10 Tomistoma 12 Research & Conservation 14 Cousteau 16 Stranded 18 Changing Exhibits 20 Wild Workshops 22 Attendance 24 Rudder 26 Dart Frogs 28 Husbandry 30 Financials 32 Sensible Drinks 34 Donors 36 Volunteers



Celebrating 30 years of inspiration In 1973, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center began as an idea to build a science resource room for the community. A dedicated group of visionaries led by C. Mac Rawls developed that idea and created the Virginia Marine Science Museum. The doors to the museum opened to the public on June 14, 1986 and welcomed more than 357,000 visitors in its first full year. These guests provided the benchmark for our growth over the past 30 years; growth that included three capital campaigns and two major expansions, the 1996 addition to the Bay & Ocean Pavilion and construction of the Owls Creek Marsh Pavilion and the 2009 creation of the Restless Planet gallery. The Aquarium’s attendance and outreach have increased dramatically since our inception, as well. We now welcome over 650,000 guests annually and engage over 50,000 students in marine science activities per year.



Leading & Serving Working for animals & leading the Aquarium

Government affairs is where Lynn Clements, our Aquarium Director, got started with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Lynn joined the AZA Board of Directors four years ago. She has served as its Chair of Government Affairs after zoos and aquariums were not awarded any economic stimulus funding from Congress. The Association has greatly improved its standing on Capitol Hill since then, and Lynn has helped lead the organization’s 233 accredited institutions in animal welfare, public engagement, and conservation of species. She served as board liaison to six committees and several task forces, helped hire the new AZA CEO, and worked to create AZA SAFE: Saving Animals from Extinction. AZA SAFE focuses on 10 Signature Species, including sea turtles, sharks, and rays, by combining our resources and engaging the public to increase our reach. The opportunity to serve at a national level on a prestigious board has widened Clements’ view of her profession, but also of her vision of what the Virginia Aquarium can accomplish.


Partnerships Using our collective voice for change

Formally initiated in 2016, the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) is a pilot project whose mission is to enhance the ability of public aquariums to collectively accomplish meaningful policy-related conservation goals and add value to the overall conservation impact of the member organizations. The Virginia Aquarium has joined with 17 other national organizations to form the ACP. For its first several years, the ACP plans to focus on four primary conservation concerns: reduce the sources of plastic pollution in ocean and freshwater ecosystems; increase protection of important ocean and freshwater ecosystems; increase protection for threatened global shark and ray species; and improve the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture. Since its inception, the ACP has already been involved in supporting meaningful conservation actions such as the Micro-Bead Free Waters Act to eliminate plastic micro-beads in personal care products and the U.S. Seafood Traceability Program to combat illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing activities and support seafood sustainability.


Tomistoma A monumental first for the Aquarium

Through the first permitted import of false gharial (Tomistoma schlegelii) from their native country since 1974, the Virginia Aquarium acquired two juvenile Tomistoma crocodiles on October 31, 2015. These Tomistoma were born and raised in a Malaysian crocodile farm and represent one of only six breeding pairs of this species in North America.


A New Home Ralf and Sommer, named after German crocodilian specialist Ralf Sommerland who spent his life working to study and protect these animals, moved into Gloria’s previous habitat inside the Restless Planet gallery. Gloria retired to a crocodile farm in St. Augustine, Florida in mid-October. She is still within the viable breeding age, and through this move, it is hoped Gloria will be matched with a suitable genetic mate. Ralf and Sommer have adjusted well to their new home in the time since their arrival. They enjoy their habitat, and have been displaying positive behaviors, which give staff hope for future breeding.

UNIQUE SNOUTS Tomistoma have one of the thinnest snouts of all crocodilians.


Research & Conservation

An important tenet of the Virginia Aquarium’s mission is research and conservation. Thanks to generous philanthropic support and grant funding, the Aquarium’s team has funded projects including large whale photo identification and offshore aerial surveys, bottlenose dolphin diet studies, sea turtle tagging and tracking, sea turtle nest monitoring and beach lighting surveys, marine mammal and sea turtle stranding response, hooked sea turtle fishing pier response with our pier partners, osprey nest monitoring and tagging, and coast-wide surveys of marine debris. We have also supported conservation of Komodo dragons, Tomistoma crocodiles, Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, freshwater and terrestrial turtles, ospreys, marine mammals, fishes, corals, and other wild animals and wild places, through philanthropic giving.


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Government Agencies | Private Funds

Financial support is provided to the following conservation efforts:

Sea turtles NOAA Fisheries Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries United States Navy Dominion Foundation Virginia Aquarium Foundation (Batten Marine Research Fund, Conservation Donation Fund) Waitt Foundation Birds Virginia Aquarium Foundation (Batten Marine Research Fund, Conservation Donation Fund) Marine Debris Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (NOAA Funds) Stranding Network NOAA Fisheries Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (NOAA Funds) Marine Mammals NOAA Fisheries United States Navy Floyd E. Kellam Jr. Family Fund Virginia Aquarium Foundation (Batten Marine Research Fund, Conservation Donation Fund) Wind Energy Environmental Survey Maryland Department of Natural Resources Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (NOAA Funds)

Marine Mammal Conservation AZA Vaquita SAFE Program CA Sea Lion Emergency Stranding Response Crocodile Conservation Agata Staniewicz (PhD Candidate), Tomistoma Research in Sarawak, Borneo AZA Crocodile Advisory Group CrocFest Fundraising Events IUCN Crocodile Specialists Group Tomistoma Crocodile Task Force Turtle Conservation Kemp’s Ridley Bi-National Project Turtle Survival Alliance WIDECAST Other Reptiles & Amphibians AZA Komodo Dragon Species Survival Plan FrogWatch Citizen Science Program Bird Conservation Osprey Nest Monitoring Program Fish Conservation AZA Seahorse Species Survival Plan Rising Tide Marine Fish Sustainability Project Coral Conservation Project SECORE Field Workshop

Water Quality Community Water Quality Monitoring Program General Conservation Support AZA Conservation Grant Fund The Ocean Project Virginia Conservation Network Virginia Recycling Association

UNIVERSITY PARTNERS Old Dominion University Cornell University Virginia Wesleyan College Center for Conservation Biology (College of William and Mary, Virginia Commonwealth University)

Stranding Highlights Utilizing a network of dedicated and talented staff and volunteers, the Aquarium’s Stranding Response Program works around the clock to rescue and rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and sea turtles.












Many were from recreational pier fishermen as part of Pier Partner Program.

Southern California had a mass stranding of young California sea lions.


4 WEEKS IN MASSACHUSETTS New England Aquarium received numerous coldstunned sea turtles. Virginia Aquarium rehabilitated & released 12 sea turtles from other faciliites.



An inspiring oceanographer When your father is the inventor of the selfcontained underwater breathing apparatus (more commonly called SCUBA), your life on the water seems an unsurprising turn. That was the case for Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of worldrenowned diver and aquanaut Jacques Cousteau. Jean-Michel visited the Aquarium in support of his movie, Secret Ocean 3D, which was shown in our National Geographic 3D Theater. He spent time interacting with both staff and animals.



How it affects our water sterilization methods As more summertime guests and locals visit the Aquarium, more sunscreenprotected hands dip into the touch pools. Intern Alexis Papariello wanted to know if the main ingredient in most sunscreens, oxybenzone, could affect UV light sterilization in aquarium systems. Through funding provided by the Batten fellowship, she added a single concentration (1mg/L) and a double concentration (2mg/L) of oxybenzone to water samples from Owls Creek. After exposing each sample to a UV light, she counted the surviving bacteria and repeated the process 26 times. The results showed that the bacteria was four times more likely to survive in samples with a double concentration of oxybenzone. All of the bacteria survived in samples with even higher concentrations (5mg/L) of oxybenzone. While oxybenzone protects our skin, it also protects bacteria againt UV light and can be detrimental to water decontamination processes public aquariums so often use.



Making our visitors a part of the team In September 2015, the Virginia Aquarium opened our newest permanent exhibit: Stranded. Stranded showcases the on-going work of the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, and highlights some of the recent successes with our patients.


Engaging the Public

Located at the entrance to the Sharks and Sea Turtles gallery, the exhibit teaches guests about everything from the number of rescued animals that our Stranding Response Program has rehabilitated to what types of transmitters we use for each animal, including models depicting the tags. Another highlight of the exhibit is the interactive table, created and programmed for the Virginia Aquarium. The table gives guests a more comprehensive look at featured animals in our local waters. Guests are also invited to take a pledge to protect our oceans and animals in them, identifying actions they can take to help. One of these actions includes discontinuing balloon releases because the balloons end up in our oceans and waterways, and can potentially be ingested by sea turtles or other marine animals.

THANK YOU A special thank you to the Hansen Family Foundation, the Aquarium Connection, and the Floyd E. Kellam Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation for supporting this exhibit.



A prehistoric blast from the past


Dinosaurs! roared into the Aquarium’s Changing Exhibits gallery right in time for summer. These animatronic animals kept guests entertained as they learned about the prehistoric past. Guest favorites included the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, the friendly Apatosaurus family, and the protoceratops couple watching over their new family. And, for those who saw Jurassic World, which came out in the middle of our exhibit’s run, there was even a mosasaurus that swam the prehistoric seas.

Smokey Bear

Into the forest with old friends In the second half of the year, the Aquarium hosted Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl: Home Sweet Home in our Changing Exhibits gallery. This popular exhibit brought children into Smokey Bear and Woody Owl’s forest home while introducing them to ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. These green practices were encouraged when kids visited the pretend house and campsite and put them into use.


Wild Workshops Trying new ideas & reaching new audiences

The rise in popularity of Paint Night events gave Aquarium staff an idea: offer guests a new painting experience and provide a little education, too. Talented staff illustrator Catherine Miller brought a concept that involved painting a sculpture and discussing the scientific reasons for coloration and design. The first event was a dino paint night, and guests learned how scientific illustrators reconstructed long-extinct species using modern relatives. During the second event, guests painted a sculpture of the Aquarium’s resident octopus after a discussion on the cephalopod and its unique characteristics. Guests were so wowed with their experience that more Wild Workshops are already in the works.


Valentine’s Day Dinner A unique experience for a special evening

One of the Aquarium’s newest offerings in 2016 was a special Valentine’s Day dinner. Capped at only 21 couples, this exclusive experience allowed guests the opportunity to dine in front of one of three exhibit areas: the Red Sea Tunnel, the Light Tower exhibit, and the Norfolk Canyon Aquarium. Tickets sold out in less than two days, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.


Photocredit: Dave Haycox


Aquarium Admission

Attendance & memberships are growing every year Attendance this year was near record breaking, coming second only to FY97 when the Phase II Expansion opened to the public. With new programs and events added every year, our numbers are growing and more conservation ambassadors are created.


9,179 2,147

OTTER ($80)



CRAB ($125)








SEAL ($650)

DOLPHIN ($850)

WHALE ($1,000)






A happy new addition to the Aquarium family A juvenile seal that stranded in Deal, New Jersey, on Valentine’s Day 2015 with lacerations on its neck and puncture wounds on its back became the Virginia Aquarium’s newest harbor seal when he was deemed non-releasable.


Rescue Ambassador

Rudder, named by the public through a contest, was rescued by the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, New Jersey. He was rehabilitated and eventually traveled to Virginia Beach in mid-September 2015. He spent a little over a month in quarantine before beginning to interact with his new brothers. Rudder has enjoyed learning new behaviors and loves his trainers, often showing off his newest skill for them. His personality began to show early on, and he is thriving in his new home at the Virginia Aquarium.

HEALING INJURY Visable reminders of Rudder’s injury can be found along his lower back. He was deemed non-releaseable due to partial paralysis in his hind flippers.


Dart Frogs

Furthering the conversation about habitat destruction From the Amazon to the Aquarium, three species of poison dart frogs now reside in the Restless Planet gallery. The colorful new residents serve as excellent ambassadors for dart frogs, which face habitat destruction in the wild. Amphibians are also considered indicator species, that help scientists gauge the health of the ecosystem because they live in two environments: water and land. This dual life makes them especially sensitive to exposure to any harmful chemicals or diseases, both on land and in the water.

ACTUAL SIZE The green and black poison frog can grow up to 1.5 inches and its only natural predator is the fire-bellied snake.


Listening Closely

Emphasizing the importance of amphibians, these poison dart frogs further our conversation with guests about participation in FrogWatch U.S.A., a program where citizen scientists listen for the calls of local frog species and record the frequency and location. This information is then returned to researchers who map local populations and determine the overall growth or decline of keystone species.


Our Animals

Ambassadors for their wild counterparts

The Aquarium is home to over 10,000 resident animals, including several species listed on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List. Endangered False Garial (Tomistoma) Loggerhead Turtle Green Sea Turtle Malaysian Giant Pond Turtle Critically Endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Malaysian Painted River Terrapin VA State Endangered Canebrake Rattlesnake Eastern Tiger Salamander



ANIMALS 1,577 SNAILS Hundreds of our snails serve to provide natural algae clean up in the coral exhibits.

167 SPECIES OF FISH These species represent a cross section of fish worldwide.


That’s more than any other AZA institution!

6 ZEBRA FINCHES These finches were rescued from a hoarding case in 2012.

509 MARSH MAMMAL PROGRAMS Marsh Mammals include hedgehogs, rats, rabbits & otters.


The overall health and happiness of our animals leads to successful mating and births. Utilizing environmental cues and external stimuli, our animal care team welcomed these new animals.

16,476 MOON JELLIES So where are all the jellies? Some don’t make it, some are sent to other facilities, and some are fed to the sea turtles (a special treat).


Financial Overview Fiscal Year 2016



Education Programs


Facility Use & Concessions


Federal/State/Local Grants & Support







5% Fed/State/Local Grants & Support

33% Admission Revenue

5% Membership

41% Contributions

12% Facility Use & Concessions




Contractual Services




Other Charges





4% Education Programs

5% Depreciation 5% Other Charges 12% Supplies

25% Contractual Services 53% Employee Costs



Moving Forward Building new opportunities

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center embarked on a $43 million capital campaign in March 2015 to propel the Aquarium to even greater levels of impact and engagement for our 650,000+ annual visitors. The City of Virginia Beach made a $28 million multi-year commitment to the campaign and $9,762,056 has been raised by the Foundation to date. Key components include upgrading the 20 year-old Marsh Pavilion with extensive indoor and outdoor exhibits, adding a new Veterinary Care Center dedicated to the care of the 10,000 plus animals in our exhibit collection, and building the new Darden Marine Animal Conservation Center. The new Darden Center will include a state-of-the-art animal response and rehabilitation center to house the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, replacing an aging, inadequate center. The capital campaign also includes funding to increase our endowment to ensure our long-term viability.


Sensible Drinks

A new way to talk about conservation The Sensible Seafood Program saw two exciting partnership opportunities come to fruition this year. The first was a Sensible Red and a Sensible White, two special wines from the Williamsburg Winery sold exclusively at Farm Fresh. Unique labels with art by local artist Reba McConnell at Reba Arts increase awareness of the programs’ mission to promote seafood that makes sense for a healthy marine environment. The second was a Sensible Kolsch, a special beer from Norfolk microbrewers O’Connor Brewing Co. and sold exclusively at Farm Fresh. Utilizing new avenues for promotion, these Sensible drinks brought a portion of their total sales back to the program.


Event Sponsors 2016 Golf Classic Title Sponsor Monarch Bank 19th Hole Sponsor Hoffman Beverage Company Beverage Carts Sponsor ABS Technology Chipping Game Sponsor ESI Closest to the Pin Sponsor Optima Health RK Auto Driving Range Sponsor Tidewater Home Funding, LLC Golf Cart Sponsor PRA Group, Inc. Goody Bag Sponsor Summs Skip and Collateral Solutions Putting Green Sponsor The Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Dolphin Sponsors American Stripping Company Atlantic Bay Mortgage Coastal Hospitality Associates, LLC Dewberry East Coast Repair and Fabrication Lee Entsminger & Dick Gregory Farm Fresh Geoenvironmental Resources Gregory’s Fleet Supply Corporation Hall Automotive LifeNet Health Marathon Consulting, LLC MASA Corporation McCoy Plumbing and Heating Palladium Registered Investment Advisors PNC Financial Services Group Pool Scouts RK Auto Siska Aurand Landscape Architects, Inc. Beaven Smith Southern Trust Mortgage

Suburban Management Group, Inc. Tymoff+Moss Architects Bill & Judy Urwin Web Teks Xylem Tree Experts Hole Sponsors 360IT Partners Coastal Grill Brian & Tracy Horan Thomas O’Hara Olympia Development Corporation Onhaizer Harris King Group - Merrill Lynch Kathleen Reed Reynolds Landscaping, Inc Sinnen-Green & Associates Tidewater Fleet Supply Wolcott, Rivers, Gates Hole in One Sponsors Beach Ford Norfolk Marine Company

2016 Sensible Seafood Fest Title Sponsor PNC Financial Services Group Diamond Sponsors Farm Fresh Platinum Sponsors Bob & Leslie Fort PRA Group, Inc. Gold Sponsors Hoffman Beverage Company Williamsburg Winery Silver sponsors Capital Concrete Hap & Becky Chalmers Clear Springs Foods, Inc. Fraim Family Foundation Gold Key/PHR Hotels & Resorts H.M. Terry Co., Inc. High Liner Foods Anne G. Kellam Noah Enterprises, Inc. Sam Rust Seafood Whole Foods Wild River Outfitters

Bronze Sponsors Thomas & Kathy O’Hara The Vakos Family Media Sponsor Inside Business Gift-in-Kind Sponsors Double Tree Hotel Billy Edwards – Whitlock Natural Organic Process Enterprises, NOPE Oceanfront Inn ProFish Sodexo TFC Recycling Restaurant Partners Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant Big Island Aquaculture Bonefish Grill Burtons Grill Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant Catch 31 Cherrystone Aqua-Farms Culinary Institute of Virginia Distinctive Gourmet at the VBCC Lucky Oyster Seafood Grill Mahi Mah’s Seafood McCormick & Shmicks Seafood & Steaks Murphy’s Irish Pub Rajput Indian Cuisine Rockafellers Sysco Hampton Roads Tautog’s Tradewinds Restaurant Waterman’s Wickers Crab Pot Education Partners Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads HR Green Lynnhaven River Now Virginia Institute of Marine Science Virginia Marine Products Board

Commotion in the Ocean Presenting Sponsor Capital Group Gulf Stream Sponsors BB&T Gold Key/PHR Hotels & Resorts Chesapeake Bay Sponsor Williams Mullen Rudee Inlet Sponsors Abatement Technical Services ABS Technology Architects Beach Ford Checkered Flag Motor Company Coca-Cola Refreshments Farm Fresh Charitable Foundation FCI Towers First Team Automotive Hoffman Beverage Optima Health The Port of Virginia PRA Group Sam’s Club SB Ballard Construction Tidewater Home Funding Wells Fargo Bank Owls Creek Sponsors 360IT Partners Andrew Kellam – Southern Trust Mortgage Burton Lumber Cape Henry Associates Sander & MaryAnne Dukas The ESG Companies Fraim Family Foundation HAV, Inc. Ironclad Technology Services Kotarides Developers Krista Costa and Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Mass Mutual Financial Group McLeskey Family Foundation McPhillips, Roberts & Deans Noah Enterprises, Inc. The Opus Group of Virginia Palladium Registered Investment Advisors

Thai Arroy Restaurant Waller, Todd & Sadler Architects Waypoint Advisors Lake Wesley Sponsors Altmeyer Funeral Home CB Richard Ellis JD Miles & Sons Mayo Insurance Agency New Deal Production Services William D. Sessoms, Jr. Technical Services Sponsors Cox Communications Whitlock Group, Billy Edwards Media Sponsors Beach Ford Inside Business Auction Sponsors 21st Street Art Gallery 344 Beauty Bar & Face Salon The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium Agio AV Metalworks Baker’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts Balance Massage Bay Local Eatery Bayville Golf Club Beach Movie Bistro Sonja Bicanic Bill’s Prime Seafood & Steaks Blue Pete’s Restaurant Bravo! Cucina Italiano Bryce Burton Chesapean Outdoors Chick’s Oyster Bar Dr. & Mrs. Paul Chupka Citrus Jorge Dabul and David Limroth Diana M. Davis Donkey Dawgs Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge Eurasia Freedom Surf Shop Golf Galaxy Island Creamery Java Surf Café KaZAM Kellam and Dorroh Families

Lubo Lululemon Margie & Ray’s Seafood Restaurant Marlin Lacrosse Summer Camps Kara McCaa Reba McConnell Ryan McGinness Studios Michael Folck, D.D.S., Mollie Gioffree D.D.S., Kristen Maddux D.D.S. Mosquito Joe Norfolk Southern Ocean Breeze Old Dominion Athletic Foundation Party Lite Posh Designs Premier Designs Princess Anne Country Club Refuge Inn The Royal Chocolate Sassy Frass Photography Sonja Bicanic Sleepy Hole Golf Course Soccer Shots Sodexo at Virginia Aquarium Southwest Airlines Sumatra Salon & Spa Surfrider Restaurant Taste Tidewater Tours Bill Terry Trader Joe’s Tradewinds Restaurant Tupperware Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center Virginia Zoo Walmart Wareings Gym Wessex Hundred Whiskey Kitchen Chip Wilkinson Williamsburg Winery WRV YNOT Pizza Zoe’s


Donors Capital Campaign Donors $1,000,000 & Above Jane Batten Macon F. Brock The Dreyfus Family Foundation Roy Hendrix $500,000 − $999,999 Hampton Roads Community Foundation TowneBank Foundation $250,000 − $499,999 Commonwealth of Virginia The Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation $100,000 - $249,999 Aquarium Connection Mr. & Mrs. Frank Batten, Jr. Lee & Leslie Entsminger Dominion Foundation Craig & Susan Grube Floyd E. Kellam, Jr. Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation McLeskey Family Foundation Norfolk Southern Foundation The Oceanfront Inn/Vakos Family PRA Group The Patricia and Douglas Perry Foundation $50,000 − $99,999 Bradley Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation


Tom & Betty Broyles Bob & Leslie Fort Fraim Family Foundation The Helen G. Gifford Foundation of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation Ann W. Host Mike & Mariah Standing Williams Mullen Foundation $25,000 − $49,999 Dorcas Helfant-Browning Capital Group Hoffman Beverage Company Family of Chris & Courtney Graves John F. Malbon Siebert Realty TFC Recycling Perks Dr. & Mrs. William B. Warden Eleanor & Henry Watts $10,000 − $24,999 Beach Ford Dr. Clarence A. Holland Cory D. & Allison K. Mayo The Miles Agency Napolitano Family Foundation Audrey & John E. Settle, Jr. Midge Tinney Frank Wagner The Windward Foundation $5,000 − $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. David C. Burton Michelle Collins Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Cuffee Sal & Maureen DaBiero Lin & Susan Earley Morris H. Fine

Tom & Dianne Frantz GEICO Direct Mr. & Mrs. Bert Burr Henderson, IV Pete Leddy & Otto Design The McNicholas Family John P. Matson Shewling Moy Jane & Charles Purrington Mac & Jean Rawls Rev. & Mrs. Robert J. Robertson, III Shirley Shepherd, In Memory of John Shepherd Tina E. Sinnen Charlene & Russell Turner AGL Resources/Virginia Natural Gas Michael & Elizabeth Wagner Esi Waters Doctors Samantha & Kurt Wetzler Glen & Nikki Williams $1,000 − $4,999 Liz & Max Bartholomew Gary Finkbeiner Andrew & Kirsten Hodge Ellen & Kenny Keeter Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. McCabe, Jr. JT & Dawn McDonald Anne & Chris Rusbuldt Kim & Todd Savage Bert & Missy Schmidt Willie & Kim Shepherd Beaven & Mary Walker Smith Mark & Lucy Swingle Ray & Kathryn Toll Cathie J. Vick

Kim Wheeler Ken & Nancy Wilson Chas & Anne Wright PNC Financial Services Group Signature Family Wealth Advisors Under $1,000 Rendy Adams Marianne & Gentry Childress, In Honor of Susan Barco & Peter Weed Robert Leipold Kieran & Christopher Poulos Price Wheeler Campaign Contributors Planned Gifts Robert H. & Nancy T. DeFord Craig Grube Wiley & Marshale’ Mitchell Thomas E. & Sharon Fraim Karen Hines Lynn & Carl Clements Mr. & Mrs. Kirk V. Brammer Deborah Connor Donna J. Ellis Michelle & Allen Joyner Page H. Kiniry Joan & Bill Barns Lisa Renz Cynthia W. Spanoulis

$49,999 − $20,000 Anonymous Donations Hansen Family Foundation $19,999 − $10,000 Floyd E. Kellam, Jr. Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Geico Philanthropic Foundation The Oceanfront Inn/Andy Vakos PRA Group $9,999 − $5,000 Association of Zoos & Aquariums/ Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union Lee & Leslie Entsminger Bob & Leslie Fort Lee A. & Helen Gifford Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Norfolk Southern Foundation PNC Financial Services Group SAIC Siebert Realty Waitt Foundation Eleanor & Henry Watts Youth Foundation Service Club of Virginia Beach

Annual Fund Donors

$4,999 − $2,500 B.M. Stanton Foundation

$50,000+ Batten Fund for the Virginia Aquarium of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation City of Virginia Beach

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation James & Mary Anne Carlson Claiborne W. Gooch, Jr. Charitable Trust

Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Farm Fresh/ Supervalu Inc. Hoffman Beverage Company Cheryl McLeskey R. & C. Dickerson Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Whole Foods Market $2,499 − $1,000 Betty G. Barco Bruce Bradley Macon & Joan Brock Mr. & Mrs. David C. Burton Carrie S. Camp Foundation, Inc. Citi Payment Services The Clark-Janis Foundation Lynn Clements Michelle Collins Columbia Sportswear Company Combined Federal Campaign of South Hampton Roads Cortina Productions, Inc. Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) Sal & Maureen DaBiero ExxonMobil Foundation Gary Finkbeiner Tom & Dianne Frantz Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association HDR, Inc. Helfant Realty, Inc., Realtors Katherine Hines Industrial Economics, Incorporated Shirley Jones Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Klemanowicz Peter Leddy & Otto Design John P. Matson

Wiley F. Mitchell Elly & Richard Mladick Napolitano Family Foundation New England Aquarium Dr.Thomas & Kathy O’Hara Allan Parker Richard H. Puckett Rev. & Mrs. Robert J. Robertson, III Martha K. Roland Rotary Club of Cape Henry Rotary Club of Norfolk Savor, LLC Audrey & John E. Settle, Jr. Justine Shields Signature Family Wealth Advisors STIHL Inc. United Way South Hampton Roads Vakos Family Virginia Beach Garden Club Frank W. Wagner WalMart #3216 Esi Waters Wells Fargo Bank Ohio - Foundation (MN) Chip Wilkinson Mr. & Mrs. Watson H. Wright $999 − $500 Sara M. Boyd Alexander J. Campbell Chesbay Distributing, LLC Mary Crozier The Douglas and Marianne Dickerson Foundation Lin & Susan Earley Eurasia Cafe Claire Floege Fraim Family Foundation Gold Key/PHR Hotels & Resorts William W. Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Bert Burr Henderson, IV

Paul Hirschbiel Robert Hosick Gerald C. Jaffe John Jay & Ola Hill Krueger Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Anne G. Kellam Andrew Mathis Morgan Stanley Jack D. Neal Malcolm L. Nunn Jane & Charles Purrington Chris & Anne Rusbuldt Bert & Missy Schmidt Tallwood High School Robert Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Toll, Jr. Kelly Van Aken Verizon Foundation Vogt Oyster Company, LLC Walmart Corporate Giving Ken & Nancy Wilson $499 − $150 Rendy Adams Rhoderick Alejo Jason Baker Susan G. Barco Matthew F. Bassett William R. Bohrer Patrick Bonar Bonefish Grill Christine O. Bridge Linda Y. Brown Kimberly Bryant Cape Henry Woman’s Club Mr. & Mrs. N. W. Chalmers Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) San Diego Travis D. Connors Robin Cotton

Brittany Creech Antoinette Croly Dahlgren School SAF Dale Darr Hunter Dorroh April Ellenberger M. Richard Epps Joshua A. Fontanez Angela Fuentes Brian Gallatin Michael T. Galvin Girl Scout Troop #468 Ian P. Goodwin Donald & Lisa Grigolite Craig & Sue Grube Sanci M. Hall Jennifer M. Healy Charles Horton June J. Hoye Warren G. Karesh Hank Kellam Tina Kotarides Anne Kramer Kroger MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation Gregory Marshall Max & Erma’s Restaurant Denise McNiel Julius S. Miller The Milton & Ron Kramer Family Fund of the Tidewater Jewish Foundation Michael D. Minter Jeff Moore John Munford Jessica Nelson Andrew Newton Norfolk Southern Corporate Trust Jasmine Norris

Ocean Park Civic League Inc. Rosaura Paredessuarez Craig Petrie Kari Rapine Brian Reynaldo Eric Seeland Kathy A. Shield Michael Shoebrook Sis Nash Memorial Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation Beaven Smith Ryan Smith Deborah Stein Talbots, Inc Taste Tidewater Tours The Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund, Inc. University Corporation For Atmospheric Research Cathie J. Vick Scott Waitzer Christina Westnedge Keri Whitfield Wild River Outfitters Sandra Yon


Volunteers 12,000 − 14,999 Hours Marian Childress Joan Redfearn Sandy Wood 10,000 − 11,999 Hours Shirley Jones 7,000 − 9,999 Hours Whit Christman William Dieffenbach Ennis Johnson Mike Nickelsburg Kathryn O’Hara Janet Schroeder Shirley Shepherd Midge Tinney Peter Weed Paul Winfield 5,000 − 6,999 Hours Dustie Bourgeois Roseann Fitzpatrick Jim Given Michael Peele Buddy Redfearn Sr. Cheri Swofford Sandra Yon 3,000 − 4,999 Hours Douglas Beckman Polly Brasher John Corley Paula Demosthenes Barbara Dieffenbach Peter Fitzpatrick Claire Floege


Mary Hayworth Dave Hinkle Charles Horton Roberta Lemburg George Matt Mentoring Young Scientists Linda O’Connor Kathleen Reed Terry Ritter Cathy Roberts Holly Smith John Spillane Ron Spitalney Josephine Sprague Neil Stamm Barbara Van Heest James Weatherall Sheryl Whitney Ron Wood Norma Zinn 1,000 − 2,999 Hours Charles Aiken Melanie Allen Gary Ambrose Bill Anderson William Bernstein Betty Binford Gerald Bloom Sean Bourgeois Gregory Brown Linda Brown Phyllis Butler Celia Calderon

Laurie Camp Harold Campbell Becky Catlin Eileen Cobb Joyce DeGuzman Carol Dobbins Nancy Dodge Joy Dortch Terrence Duffey Max Fetterman Richard Fields Elaine Foley Maricela Fundalewicz Ashley Garnett Peg Goodman Craig Grube Dan Heigl Joanna Herlan Robert Hosick David Hunt Eric Jabs Jessica Johnson Alex Josey Bruce Kastel Nancy Kemether Tim Kennedy Nancy Lang Linda LaPean Monroe Lentz Patricia Lickun Shannon Lockhart Rosalyn Lubash John Martin

Maggie Mathwig Michael McCarthy Troy McQueen Kearney Medley Dennis Meligonis Norma Meligonis Joseph Michaels Alison Morin Navy Marine Intelligence Training Center Helen Novelli Constance Owen Joan Palombo Gary Parsons Earon Payton George Pilgrim Richard Pound Robert Pullinger Thomas Reed Juanita Rein Kate Rooney Sharon Ross Patricia Rozanski Leon Ryder Jean Schroy Lori Sherwood Margie Smith Breeze Stewart Jeff Stewart Drick Ward Anne-Mary Werne John Young



inspiring conservation




30 Years of Inspiration | Virginia Aquarium Annual Report 2016  

Virginia Aquarium Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

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