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The Chapel at Riverside brings Fairytales to life and helps couples create memories that are priceless.




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Stand out in a crowd‌


706-291-7236 328 Broad St. Rome, Ga. 30161 www.GreenesJewelers.com

the RING


ith over 65 years of experience in creating memories for man and wife, family-owned Greene’s Jewelers (328 Broad Street, Rome) has perfected the art of helping gentlemen choose the perfect stone. Turning a sometimes intimidating selection process into a thoughtful and loving gesture is what they do best, ensuring the bride-to-be is absolutely speechless when she opens the most important little box of her lifetime. Elaine Abercrombie, manager of this downtown jewelry mainstay, is happy to walk the lucky guy through this his purchase, all while keeping the wishes of his lady in mind. She and Tammy Kelley, both graduate gemologists, are proficient in grading stones, designing ring settings, and creating the symbol of a couple’s lasting commitment to each other. When sitting down for a consultation, there are a few things Abercrombie would like her clients to know, especially since she often provides services for the people she considers family and friends. “We are trained by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and by the American Gem Society (AGS) in diamonds and colored gemstones,” she says. “We use special equipment like this microscope; with this, we are able to see all of the complexities and intricacies in diamonds and other gems. This way, you can be assured of the quality you are getting when you select one of our stones.” Greene’s uses the GIA system of grading imperfections in stones, flawless being the highest on the scale and imperfect at the lower end. However, a flawless diamond is rare and the high cost reflects their scarcity. Abercrombie and her staff are able to design a setting that still allows the stone to perform under the light as long as her most important requirements are met. “There is color, clarity, cut and carat, which are what we call the 4 C’s. The cut of the diamond can cause the light to not reflect inside the stone and come out the same way it goes in. This is what determines the brilliance of a diamond and, of course, the color, carat weight, and clarity will affect the beauty of the stone as well,” Abercrombie explains. “We always walk our clients through the stone selection process with all of these things in mind so that they know exactly the quality of stone they are getting. That’s why, here at Greene’s, we have added a fifth C. That C is confidence.” The next step is picking out a setting for the stone. Greene’s has a selection of ring designs that can be modified to fit the needs of the client. From accent diamonds around the center stone to engraving in the bands, Greene’s has you covered. “We are seeing a lot of young ladies who like

alternatives to diamonds for their center stone. We are now using a lot of sapphires as a result of the Princess Diana ring, and that trend has come back with Kate Middleton,” she says. “Also, the vintage look is coming back in a big way. We are seeing ring settings with a more antique look, like adding some filigree to give the ring a more lacy style. We just recently added pearls to a ring setting and it was absolutely beautiful. The very feminine look is a trend that has been growing in popularity for the last two years.” Payment options are available in store and via financing for those who qualify. This allows some breathing room in the budget for couples who are planning a wedding and gives the guys a little more confidence in choosing a ring that will truly express his love for his bride. The rest of the wedding party is not to be left out; Greene’s offers a long list of gifts, accessories and keepsakes in celebration of love. From pearls to match bridesmaid dresses to engraved pocket

watches for your groomsmen, Greene’s is a onestop shop of all things jewelry related. “Brides want their men to have done a little homework before choosing a ring. They want the romance and we try to provide that process here at Greene’s,” Abercrombie smiles. “We don’t want our clients to just come in and pick the first ring they see. We talk to them, ask what the lady wants and find the ring that is perfect for them both. Our selection includes many unique settings along with traditional styles. We don’t want you sitting next to a person with the same ring as you, so we really work hard to personalize your selection.” So, gentlemen, when taking the hand of the woman you will spend the rest of your life loving, be sure she will look down and see the effort you have placed in making her life eternally beautiful. Greene’s Jewelers is happy to help. V VV

Visit Greene’s Jewelers online at GreenesJewelers.com or call 706-291-7236.


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he feeling of a soft-lit fairytale finds its place in the nooks and crannies of every ceremonial union – suspended in the strands of glowing lights, wrapped in the aroma of fresh blooms, displayed in the wide smiles and happy tears. A bride dreams about those moments and, in every flash of that fantasy, she is adorned in the most resplendent gown imaginable, the perfect dress. That fantastical gown can, in fact, be found at Perfect Dress of Rome (2013 Shorter Ave.) Owner Alison Smith and her bridal consultants welcome their brides-to-be into a space that is solely focused on their satisfaction and their special day. “We encourage appointments,” Smith says. “That way, we are prepared and we have a consultant prepared to help our clients every step of the way.” Smith understands that picking out a wedding dress can be overwhelming for a bride; the picture that she fell in love with may not be the best fit for her. “It really helps to have

Alison Smith

GOWNS & Grooms


a person there who really listens to the bride and also knows what looks good on what body type,” she explains. Consultants at Perfect Dress cater to what the bride likes most, but are also able to pick out dresses that expand the bride’s possibilities, styles she may not have considered. Smith and her consultants put great emphasis on knowing their clients, so they aren’t just there to make a sale. They want their brides to fall in love with their choice. Whether a bride needs to try on three dresses or 30, the staff at Perfect Dress stands by until their bride is satisfied. “My biggest thing is to listen,” Smith smiles. “A bride may not even realize they’re telling us, but we pay attention to how they react to each dress, and then we go and pull from our inventory. Probably 85 percent of the time, we pull the dress that they buy just from listening to them.” As a full-service bridal boutique, Perfect Dress can outfit everyone in the wedding party, including mothers and fathers. When the time comes to accessorize, look no further because Smith also carries a sparkling stock of hairpieces, veils and jewelry. “We’re with them from beginning to end, so the dress, bridesmaids, tuxedos and even preservation after the ceremony … we can take care of it,” she says. As a 5-year-old little girl, Smith knew that she would one day own this very boutique and, since 2010, when she finally purchased the shop

from her aunt, Reesa Milton, business has treated her well. In July, Perfect Dress will switch places with Milton’s Perfect Home. Being that the two shops are conjoined in the same complex, the move won’t take her far, nor will it change her address. The move will, however, lend Smith a lot more space. “I’ll be going from four dressing rooms to 13 dressing rooms,” she says. “To my knowledge, we’ll be the largest local [bridal boutique] in the triangle of Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama.” With at least eight different lines of fashion-forward wedding gowns to choose from, including Essense of Australia, Mori Lee and Sweetheart, every dress in the shop is different. “I usually keep 200 different styles of dresses,” Smith says. “And then, of course, all of those can be customized. So, you’re talking about thousands of different options.” Having dressed brides from California to Maine, Smith goes above and beyond to keep her stock of dreamland dresses as fresh as possible and always in line with fashion trends, and since she spends roughly a year with each client, the wedding day is sometimes a tear jerker even for her. V VV

Visit perfectdressofrome.com or call 706-234-5532 to request an appointment.

Your "perfect" day starts here the RING

PERFECT DRESS OF ROME Designer gowns • Bridesmaid dresses • Tuxedo Rentals Flower girl dresses • Accessories & Gown Preservation 2013 Shorter Avenue ~ 706-234-5532 ~ PerfectDressOfRome.com ~ Appointments Recommended v3 magazine



www.bloomingtwigs.com 706-859-2266 Rome, Georgia 8

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Planning for Perfection



hen the wedding date is set and the excitement is high, planning doesn’t seem like such a process; pick out favorite colors, try on pretty dresses, and find a venue big enough for family and friends, right? Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, firsthand, how quickly all of the little details can become overwhelming. For some, it may be best to hand it over to an organized professional like Janice Winterboer, owner of Twigs (104 Etta Lane, Rome). Twigs opened in 2008 as a gift shop downtown, where Winterboer imported European furniture and created and sold floral accents. Little by little, Twigs grew and extended its services to provide interior and floral design, as requested by clients; Winterboer’s friends and patrons knew she had an eye for arrangement and style. As Twigs evolved and expanded into design services for weddings, the owner loved what she was doing enough to get proper training. Today, she has completed every program offered at the BloomNet Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, Fla., where she focused on floral and event design. With confidence in her skills, resources, and an eye for design, Winterboer has allowed Twigs to branch out even further into event planning. “We can set the whole room,” she says, referencing her top-ofthe-line vendor resources and membership to the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) and International Special Events Society (ISES). “We can get absolutely anything, from lighting and DJs to bands and stages. Anything needed to produce an event.” Flawlessly designing a dream wedding is exactly the kind of task Winterboer lives for, and keeping

track of all the details, vendors, and schedules is where Twigs puts the icing on the cake for a busy bride. Twigs can take care of all things arrangement, from the layout of dinner tables to the placement of floral accents. “I can arrange for everything from the carpet runners that go up the aisle to the petals that go down the aisle,” Winterboer says. “We can do all the decor for the wedding itself and for the reception.” Rehearsal dinners and after-parties can also be dressed in the sought-after design flare of Twigs. “We probably do 80 weddings a year, but they’re not all big and they’re not all small,” Winterboer says, adding that Twigs can handle any size of event or celebration.

the PLANNER Maintaining high standards and functioning to the fullest of capabilities keeps Twigs’ business approach on a high-end caliber; however, Winterboer maintains a work load small enough to be handled thoroughly and with personal care. “I don’t do more than one [event] per weekend,” she says. “I don’t want to be that big. If someone is paying me for my expertise, then I need to be there.” But don’t let this commitment to high-end quality scare you even if you are working within a tight budget; Twigs is equipped to work with any budget. “Everybody’s got a budget,” Winterboer says. “Whether it’s big or small, it really doesn’t matter to me. And once we know the budget, then I say ’Okay, what is your dream?’ And we’ll do the absolute best we can, within any budget, to bring that event, that dream, to life. “I think that I can give my clients more of the total look that they are hoping for,” she adds. “I can give them more of a total package.” Couples need not stress the mechanics of their sacred celebration. From design and layout, to vendor relations, to timeline structure, Twigs is fully prepared to handle the demands of the day. V VV

To contact Twigs, visit www.bloomingtwigs.com or call 706-859-2266.

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Got You Covered



or the new couple who envisions a slow dance beneath the sparkling stars, a café setting with a canopy aglow, or a dance floor to rival any music hall scene, there is one place to find any or all of the aforementioned. With more than 40 solid years of envisioning, crafting and installing an ambiance never to be forgotten, Reece Tent Rental (1393 Cobb Industrial Way, Marietta) can provide anything and everything needed to set an event up and then set it off. From tents, dance floors, lighting, and drapes to tables, chairs, and restroom facilities, Reece Tents can cover the ceremony, the reception, and anything desired in between. This year, Reece Tents is hitting their 2015 wedding calendar with more than a handful of new features. They invite the reception to mingle and be merry under the translucent canopy of their Tidewater Sailcloth tent. “It’s the latest and greatest in tenting,” says Christopher Reece, director of operations. “It’s made out of a much lighter material, allowing the natural sunlight to pass through as well as any artificial light, including color and design, to glow underneath."


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If a bride dares to dream outside the tent, so to speak, Reece has her covered there as well. “We’ve recently starting getting into doing what we call outdoor cafe reception areas,” he says. “Basically, doing lighting over tables and chairs without a tent.” With a client list spanning Paramount Pictures, MTV, American Cancer Society and Atlanta Steeplechase; Reece Tents takes each and every event seriously and with complete creativity and compassion. “We love hearing somebody’s vision and just trying to bring it to life as much as we can,” Reece says. “I love coming together with other professionals in this business and putting our heads together to try and create something from nothing.” A space on which nothing once stood can be completely transformed into a setting that will stay forever in the hearts and minds of guests as Reece Tents’ well-trained crew provides a flawless installation of first-class fantasy. Whether the setting demands the deep, rich, tone of fruitwood or the light, classic look of white resin folding chairs, Reece has it covered, along with every look in between.

“We have a bunch of brand-new tables, also, all ready to go,” he says. “From hi-boys all the way to eight-foots and estate tables … everything you’re looking for.” Everyone knows that the party doesn’t start until someone gets on the dance floor. Whether the guests specialize in doing the Time Warp, the Sprinkler or the Cupid Shuffle, Reece Tents has something special that will work well with all dance moves. “We now have a new indoor/outdoor Plank Wood dance floor,” Reece says. “We are one of only two companies in the entire Southeast that have it.” He adds that this particular dance floor can not only stand alone without cover, but can also be laid down without a protective flooring system underneath – less burden, more boogie. When it comes to pulling a fantasy wedding out of the pockets, Reece says, consider your budget, but don't lose sight of your dream. Reece Tents doesn’t mind getting creative to make a vision a reality. “I want to make sure that we are going to be able to achieve the look and the dream that you have without breaking the bank,” he says. “We always try to stay conscious of brides’ budgets, even when they’re not conscious of it themselves.” From the site planning and installation to the break down, the team at Reece Tents will go the distance to ensure a memorable event, making certain that their brides get their moon dance or their canopy of stars. And they genuinely love what they do. “That’s going to make the experience of working with us that much better,” Reece says, “because you have someone who is truly enthusiastic about your event. At the end of the day, when you get to see that bride’s face when she walks in and sees everything that she’s been dreaming about become a reality, that makes it all worth it.” VVV

Call Reece Tent Rental at 404-355-1392 or visit www.reecetents.com.

the RING

Reece Tent Rental, LLC | 404.355.1392 | www.ReeceTents.com | 1393 Cobb Industrial Way, Marietta, GA

the FLOWERS Each weekend, the design team caravan heads out to create a fantastical vision for their next lovely bride. “We do the personal flowers that people either carry or wear. We do the ceremony decorations, which would involve the altar and the aisle,” Mansfield explains. “Then, we go to the reception and we’ll do table centerpieces, food table arrangements, and other little appointments here and there based on the venue’s uniqueness.” The first consultation is free of charge; Mansfield encourages her brides to bring their ideas, a list of desired flower needs and an open, creative, mind. “We don’t talk money at that consultation because my goal as a designer is to give them their heart’s desire,” she smiles. Mansfield wants her brides to know that they should never be intimidated by budget; she deals with all financial situations because, in the end, the important

she says, “They’re bringing pretty back.” She is noticing a slight shift from the DIY weddings, where burlap and mason jars set the scene, into a phase of romantic elegance, where bridal bouquets are tightly ribbon-wrapped and blush blooms soften the air. For Mansfield, part of the job is getting to know her clients. “Like my fluffy brides, and my fun brides, and my classic brides,” she says. “ … you spend time with them, you get to know them and then you go to work. It’s fun and it’s a challenge.” And when happy tears and smiles arise from her work, it makes the challenge and the process worthwhile. Last year, Flowers of Rome handled 83 weddings; whether on short notice or far in advance, Mansfield and her team never turn a bride down and always maintain their passion. “Life events are celebrated with flowers,” she smiles, “and that’s what we’re here to do. Every day is a new adventure, and it just feeds my soul.” V VV

Find the perfect bouquet by visiting flowersofrome.com, liking them on Facebook or calling 706-378-3221. For after-hours requests, call 706-506-3862.



hether tenderly cradled by the hands of the bride, accenting wedding party lapels or cascading in chandeliers across a candlelit room, few decorations portray the emotion of the moment the way fresh flowers do. Denise Mansfield, owner of Flowers of Rome (177 Old Freeman Ferry Rd.), has spent 38 years in the floral industry making sure that her arrangements effectively capture that specific sentiment that her clients seek. Celebrating her third year in business in Rome and her 10th year at her Centre, Ala., location, Mansfield is thrilled with her growing clientele and her crew of seasoned designers. Business in Rome has treated them so well, in fact, that Flowers of Rome has completely outgrown their previous Spider Webb Drive location. While construction continues on a new-and-improved design studio slated to open this summer, Mansfield and her team of floral artists haven’t skipped a beat or a bloom.

thing is that the bride’s vision for her wedding day becomes a reality. Whether the vision is elegant black and white, romantic pink and blush, or vibrant teal and fuchsia, Flowers of Rome takes on every challenge with creativity. From silk arrangements outdoors (because they photograph better) to flowers on the bathroom vanity (even if they weren’t ordered), Mansfield and her team think of the smallest details so that the bride doesn’t have to. No guest book is too large or too small. From simple and sweet to extravagant celebrations, Mansfield has dressed and decorated them all. This year,

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the CAKE




he iconic symbol of a wedding ceremony, usually photographed as much as the bride and groom, is the cake. Towers of colored icing, fancy flowers and sugary ribbons often take center stage at the dessert table, waiting for the newlyweds to cut the first slice. It is important for each cake to look fabulous, but if it tastes great, the parents of the bride may have some trouble saving the coveted top layer for couple’s one-year mark. The artists at Honeymoon Bakery (228 Broad Street, Rome) have no problem making a wedding cake beautiful, and the fresh flavors of their creations make it difficult not to devour every last crumb. Kate White, decorating manager at Honeymoon Bakery, has been designing wedding cakes in Rome for 10 years. However, her love for creating delectable treats existed long before her move here. Eight years ago, Honeymoon commissioned her skills with frosting and a knife. She signed on as one of two designers at the fledgling business and has been happily designing for them since. “I trained in Southern California, in the Los Angeles area,” White says. “I have taken some classes with different instructors in Atlanta, but my experience in the kitchen has been invaluable. You really have to learn this business by spending time in a bakery.” Now, White and her crew get plenty of practice making brides’ dreams come true, creating more than 150 wedding cakes per year at Honeymoon. “We’ve delivered cakes as far as Lookout Mountain and Dahlonega to Chateau Elan, Peachtree City, the Fox Theatre and Loganville,” she says. “We have a really good reach, and we are really proud of what we’ve all been able to build.” There must be a reason why folks are coming to Downtown Rome to order their wedding cake, especially from the Atlanta area where cake shops must be a dime a dozen. White says they are gathering steam in the biz due to their attention to the small things a couple wants. “Every cake is custom made, which means that you can come in and design your cake from start to finish. Every detail can be something you select and this makes your cake unique,” she explains.


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“You can request something very traditional, or you can be different and select something outside the box. Our goal is to make each cake that leaves our bakery a realization of a client’s vision.” As White flips through a photo album as thick as a New York City phonebook, she points out multi-tiered, buttercream-iced cakes with cascading lilies and airbrushed golden sparkles. On the next page is a 1980s-inspired creation, complete with Pac-Man chasing Blinky, a cassette tape leaning against the middle layer, and a Rubix 3 Rivers Photography Cube topper. And last, but certainly not least, she describes a three-layer, white lace design accented with a Stadium, complete with landscaping and parking chocolate flower that looks as if it were picked lots. It seems that no design is out of the realm of from the garden that morning. possibilities for Honeymoon Bakery. “We make everything from scratch here “Also, we don’t just make the cake and expect of at Honeymoon,” White says. “The majority the family to finish the job. We handle any set up bakeries out there are using mixes, and we don’t of the table and we will put any fresh flowers – do that here. When we bring a cake into a room, ordered from the florists – on the cake when we people can really smell the freshness and well as arrive on site,” White says with a smile. “We will taste the freshness in our cakes. even take the champagne glasses out of the box “If you want chocolate, red velvet, white and ask the caterer where the serving pieces are cake or strawberry cake, it does not make the to make sure your table is perfect for pictures. “Here, we feel that we are only as good as our cost of your cake change, which is nice,” White last job. No matter how small or big the order, continues. “Many bakeries will charge you more each cake is important to us,” she adds with tears per slice if you add fresh fruit or things like that, in her eyes. “We have an amazing owner here at and we do not. We recommend that couples go Honeymoon Bakery, Kevin Dillmon. His investonline and print out our wedding cake brochure. ment in us makes us want to put that same care It is a list of everything we offer; if we don’t have into every cake that leaves our bakery. He allows something you would like, we will certainly try us to feel like what we do is the most important to find it for you.” And men, fear not. Groom’s cakes are just thing for our clients, and that will always come as important to the staff at Honeymoon. From through in our work.” VVV college team logos to 3-D busts of a prized deer, To schedule a tasting and Honeymoon can create your cake to match your consultation, call 706-232-0611 personality. For a University of Tennessee fan, or visit honeymoonbakery.com. White and her staff fashioned a replica of Neyland

creative photographer specializing in weddings and engagements I want to document a couple over a ceremony and a relationship over a reception. 678-863-9793 www.ChristianDavidPhoto.com ChristiandDavidPhoto@gmail.com facebook.com/ChristianDavidPhoto

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magine a perfect little church, bathed in romanticism, where the wedding you’ve always dreamed of comes to life. Outside the mahogany hue of the vintage chapel doors is a two-person rope swing blowing gently in the wind. The seat beckons for a couple in love as the branches of a mature oak tree let just enough light through to sprinkle the scene with dancing shadows and dots of twinkling daylight. A split-railed fence flanks the right side of the chapel, met at one end by a beautiful wooden arbor. The green backdrop would be the perfect place for a photographer to capture a kiss between a newly wedded pair. Inside, a long aisle is hugged on either side by two rows of pine pews. Stained-glass windows reach to the ceiling and wrap the room in a warm glow. Then there is an altar, where you will stand before your family and friends to say the most meaningful words of a lifetime, “I do.” Now imagine that all of this – and so much more – will only cost around $1,500. The Chapel


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at Riverside (42 Ash Street, Rome) has opened its doors to couples who want to make priceless memories without breaking the bank. Mark Brewster, owner of Garden Lakes Realty, jumped at the opportunity to offer an affordable option to brides and grooms who want to save money for the honeymoon. “I was approached by the owners of the church, St. Luke’s Methodist, for help in selling the property,” Brewster explains. “We quickly realized that it was going to be difficult to sell because the layout was not ideal for congregations who may be interested in buying it. I asked the owners if they would like to market the church as a wedding chapel because I really saw potential for this property. They decided to go forward with this idea, and I believed in the proposal so much that I decided to just open the venue myself. St. Luke’s has been very helpful in the transition and they are excited to see the wonderful things we have done with The Chapel.”

After Brewster purchased the property in 2014, he immediately opened the back section of the church by removing walls that once served as meeting rooms and Sunday school classrooms. This allowed for a large space that is ideal for receptions, showers or any other get-together. “We haven’t made any additions,” he says, “but we did open the space up to create a ballroom setting for our guests to enjoy. We have also converted the old pastor’s office into a bridal suite, where two full-length mirrors are inside for the bride and bridesmaids to use for dressing.” Two large cherrywood French doors open to views of the arbor outside the bridal suite. A freshly remodeled restroom facility is located in the newly renovated section of The Chapel as well. “Our entire thought process when designing The Chapel was to create a place that would have excellent photo opportunities so that, at the end of the day, a bride would have a great day

the VENUE and a great wedding album,” Brewster explains. “We wanted to let folks be married at a special place and not have to spend a fortune doing so. “Rome, I think, is very lucky that it has some really spectacular wedding venues,” he continues. “We are not competing with the owners of other places, who are offering a much higher level of venue. What we hope to offer is a little bit more of a hands-on venue. We researched pricing and found that the average wedding costs around $25,000, and some people spend even more than that. Those are fantastic weddings, but we are offering a place for people who are outside of that range because those people didn’t have a place that was affordable near Rome. We want people to be able to go all in at about the $4,000 to $10,000 range.” The Chapel also offers additional spaces for wedding parties to explore before putting down a deposit. “Our Groomsman Lounge is downstairs, and we have equipped it with a ping-pong table, pool table, leather couches and a flat-screen TV,” Brewster says. “This is the area where our men get prepared to get married, or maybe they just

meet to get the pre-wedding nervousness out with a game of pool.” There is also a full caterer’s kitchen on the lower level, equipped with everything a caterer may need to prepare a meal. “We can accommodate around 150 people comfortably, but up to 175 can fit inside our venue. All of the tables and chairs are available on site, which is included in the rental price,” Brewster says. “We also have a piano that is tuned up and ready to go, as well as, plenty of parking for guests. Anything a bride and groom may need is available, or we have a list of referral services we offer to the couple during the tour. The list features caterers, bartenders, bands, DJs, wedding planners and florists that we recommend. Of course, there are no restrictions on who you can hire to work your wedding. We have really left it wide open for you to design the wedding of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.” The Chapel does not upcharge any of the services they refer, so your venue cost does not change. “We want couples to look back on their wedding after 10 years and see a beautiful venue

where they enjoyed celebrating their love and the joining of two families. We have had some great events at The Chapel, and we are lining up more, so be sure to call ahead for booking.” Brewster says. “We take care of all the big elements of a wedding venue so that you can come in and really make the space your own.” V VV

For more information about The Chapel at Riverside or to set up a tour, call 706-234-9421 or visit www.thechapelatriverside.com.

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Call or visit our professional makeup artist and

Call or visit our professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician at licensed esthetician at Stella Blu to schedule Stella Blu to schedule your pre-wedding consultation.

your pre-wedding consultation.

2 0 0 B R O A D S T R E E T, R O M E , G E O R G I A 3 0 1 6 1 • 7 0 6 . 2 3 4 . 7 9 0 0

the LOOK


Lori Kitchens and Vannah Kitchens


s the wedding day draws near, brides will want to make sure they look absolutely perfect for the moments they will cherish for a lifetime. Planning is in order, especially when considering the wide range of cosmetic products ladies can choose from as they prepare to pose for the camera. For the past seven years, Stella Blu Cosmetics Boutique (200 Broad Street, Rome) has been helping brides select the right make-up for the occasion. And because every product has a specific purpose, it is wise to seek the knowledge of professionals who know which applications photograph best. Vannah Kitchens has worked as the lead make-up artist in this sassy-chic establishment for the past seven years. She and her mother, Emily Kitchens, purchased the business three years ago, giving them full creative control of the shop and products. Together, they have built a reputation for providing high-quality cosmetics, unmatched service and a space where brides transform into the princesses they have dreamed of becoming since they were little girls. Stella Blu has some new and exciting changes they wish to announce. Vannah is bringing in new leadership to help provide the same incomparable care they are known for giving brides before and during their special day. “We have a new manager, Laurie Kitchens, as well as a new team of certified make-up artists,”

she explains. “I have kind of stepped back and allowed our new staff to be the artists for most of our bridal clients. We are moving toward focusing more on the make-up rather than being a full-service spa.” Brides can be sure that the focus is now solely on providing peak-performing cosmetic products, streamlining Stella Blu’s process for helping brides photograph well in front of the lens. “We are switching our focus to lessons in applying make-up, special event preparation, prom make-up and, of course, weddings,” Vannah adds. “We are bringing everything back to the core of who we are, a cosmetics boutique.” And what still remains special about Stella Blu is the space provided for brides to assemble with the rest of the ladies in their party and prepare for the ceremony. Vannah has made room in a loft area overlooking the store so that bridal parties can have hair services, make-up applied and dress together. With plenty of room for stylists to come in and work, dressing rooms and a comfortable atmosphere, the bride-to-be can celebrate with a glass of champagne as she watches her dream unfold. “We have made room for them all to get ready here so that they don’t have to go to 17 different places to prepare,” she explains. “They can all relax and enjoy being together.”

The staff at Stella Blu advises you to come in beforehand to perfect your look. “Our consultation is included in the package, and I would recommend they come in on a day they are getting their picture made before the wedding,” suggests Vannah. “We can apply the products before a bridal party, engagement pictures or maybe a shower they are doing together one day. This way, we can see the photographs and make adjustments using those photos. “If they are using a professional photographer, their lights are usually much brighter than normal cameras, so we use Smashbox cosmetics, which is formulated for professional photography,” she continues. “There is a liquid and a powder that assists in high-definition finishes. It photographs really nicely because it doesn’t reflect the flash. It also doesn’t look lighter or darker than the rest of the body; it looks very natural.” She adds that the make-up isn’t heavy on the face, so it is a comfortable wear for the big day. Vannah suggests that ladies bring a picture in so that they can match the look they wish to have for the occasion. “We can accommodate any style, from natural to glam, so we have a really good range of products to help us design your look,” she says. After the formula is right, the artists at Stella Blu record the process, making sure they can replicate the application in less time on the day of the wedding. Stella Blu is also a great place to fill gift baskets for the bridesmaids and, for the gentlemen, they carry a product called Jack Black. Beard lubes, aftershaves and lotions are perfect for the groom and Vannah is particularly fond of one element in the men’s line. “All the women who have bought it for their men say it smells really good and I agree!” Be sure to stop by Stella Blu and allow the newly assembled team help make everyone in your wedding party beautiful before they walk down the aisle. VVV

For an appointment, call 706-234-7900, stop by the shop or like “Stella Blu” on Facebook. v3 magazine




s the big day nears, the bride and groom will feel their newfound celebrity as they endlessly smile for the camera. From the Instagram of “will you?” to the paparazzi exit of the reception, these moments will be captured and treasured forever. Everyone celebrating with you – with the possible exception of the ring bearer – will spend the months before the wedding watching what they eat, hitting the gym, tanning and highlighting their hair to look their very best for the photos. But how often do people overlook their smiles? Fortunately for the citizens of Northwest Georgia, Dr. William Bennett and his team at Foundations Orthodontics (317 Redmond Road SW, Rome) specialize in perfecting your greatest asset. Like a highly recommended wedding coordinator, they wish to take the stress out of planning your special day. Weddings have been central to the business since its inception. Dr. Bennett made a secret detour through Indiana – in the move from his residency in Denver to Rome – to ask for Mary’s hand, and the office name comes from a popular Bible verse often used as a wedding devotion, 1 Corinthians 13. Faith, hope, and love are their foundation, and together with a knowledgeable staff, this husband-and-wife team makes it their mission to help patients love their smiles. Even if you have had braces before, wouldn’t consider treatment with metal brackets, think you are too old, or don’t think there is enough time, today’s technologies can transform your appearance and improve your confidence quickly and discretely. In fact, there is a product for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their appearance without plastic surgery. One very popular option is Invisalign, which gives people the opportunity to correct crooked teeth without braces. Dr. Bennett explains why this alternative may be the best choice for couples who are planning to walk down the aisle in the near future. “Invisalign is exactly as the name implies, invisible,” he says. “You can slip the trays out anytime you like, such as at a bridal shower or during engagement photos. Patients are often amazed how fast we can give them the smile of their dreams with Invisalign. Many times, we can perfect a smile in six months or less.” Invisalign is a system of clear plastic trays that are customized to each patient’s needs. Appointments are very short and are often spread three months apart, a must during this hectic time. The Invisalign system allows you to quickly move through your smile correction while deadlines for photos, parties, and the ceremony are at hand, taking the stress out of wedding plans.


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FOUNDATIONS ORTHODONTICS Mrs. Bennett, who is part of the team at Foundations Orthodontics, has a few things she always suggests as she meets new patients and runs down their options. “Consultations are super easy to set up. You can call us, email us, visit our website or just stop by our office,” she explains. “Our new patient visit is very thorough and lasts about 90 minutes. We take complete records, including photos and X-rays; have a detailed exam with Dr. Bennett; and we do a financial consult. This gives the patient a complete understanding of the investment involved in perfecting their smile. We also file insurance claims for you and answer all questions. All the information you want is provided at this appointment, and the appointment is free.” After Dr. Bennett and his team develop a plan for treatment, the process can start within two weeks. “We want to invite your entire guest list in for a consultation. Perhaps the mother of the bride, who may not have taken time to think about herself in the process, can use Invisalign to highlight her beauty,” Dr. Bennett says. “We can help improve appearance without being showy or ostentatious. Your smile is one of the most

important features to your attractiveness, and folks who wouldn’t dream of having a facelift or having their lips or eyes done can have us help them with Invisalign. Friends and family will look at you and ask, ‘What have you done? You look great!’ You can get that reaction with none of the risks associated with surgery, and certainly with nowhere near the cost.” There are no age restrictions for Invisalign, adds Dr. Bennett, as he shares his experience with a 72-year-old woman who came to him for help with her smile. And during a hectic wedding schedule, if one of your Invisalign trays is lost, there is a program offered by Foundations Orthodontics that will replace the tray at no extra cost. This option is extremely attractive to teenagers as well. Dr. Bennett is offering a special discount to wedding party members who mention this article, so be sure to tell him how you heard about this new and convenient way to make sure you look great before jumping the broom. V VV

Call 706-291-2901 or visit Foundations Orthodontics at www.orthodonticsromega.com to schedule an appointment.

the RING


Foundations YO U R B I G D AY D E S E R V E S A B I G B E AU T I F U L S M I L E ! ORTHODONT ICS The Office of Dr. Jeffrey Crews & Dr. William Bennett



F O U N D AT I O N S O R T H O D O N T I C S We specialize in creating smiles and recognize those that make our community smile. The Office of Dr. Jeffrey Crews & Dr. William Bennett • 317 Redmond Road NW • Rome, Georgia 30165 706-291-2901 • foundortho@gmail.com • www.FoundOrtho.com

The Bridesmaid dress you will wear again. INTRODUCING JM Bridal

By Judith March Dresses and accessories for your special occasion made to order and customizable by color and fabric choice.

419 Broad Street | Rome, GA 30161 | 706-234-1122


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hard work paid off when he was ranked the top destination wedding stylist for two years. Independently contracted with downtown Rome’s Desoto Beauty Shoppe (311 Broad Street, Rome), Hays is able to cater to his brides in the shop or on site. He encourages his brides to consult with him, browse his portfolio, and share their desires and ideas. Whether a bride knows exactly what she wants or is a bit indecisive, Hays has no problem exercising his skill and creativity, as well as his honesty. “Some will come in with a specific image and we’ll see if that works for them or not, but most of the time they just show me their dress, give me a ballpark idea of what they want (hair up or down), and let me do my thing,” he explains. While taking a much-needed minute to relax, a bride needn’t worry because her hair is in good hands with Hays. “When it comes to hair,” he says, “I take a more natural approach, keeping [the process] as healthy as possible. I don’t have a problem letting someone know if I think something will be damaging.” Hays goes above and beyond – and across borders – to keep in time with new trends and eclectic styles. “I read any magazines I can get my hands on to keep up with trends, and I attend hair shows and conventions,” he says. “In my free time, I travel around a lot. I try to take notice of what’s going on in different cities and take a little bit back home with me.” “I’m here to offer quality service,” Hays says, “and create a style that is something different.” VVV

Find Ian Hays at the Desoto Beauty Shoppe on Broad or call him directly at 770-276-4356 for a consultation.


n the day of “I dos,” between the frantic running of errands and time-sensitive preparations, no bride should have to worry about whether she has enough bobby pins or if she remembered to unplug the curling iron. In fact, taking a seat to have her hair done may be the most relaxation she will get before the final drop of champagne has been poured and the last dance has been danced. With nearly 14 years of experience, stylist Ian Hays offers brides a chance to unwind, if only for a moment, and let him create the perfect wedding-day ’do. “I do formal styling, color services, thermal straightening services and, of course, cutting and styling,” Hays says. Specializing in weddings, proms and pageants, Hays is well seasoned in the area of formal styling with focus on flawless presentation. With his education spanning Plaza Beauty School in


Memphis, Tenn., and Vogue Beauty and Barber School in Hiram, Ga., Hays not only offers a full educational background but he brings experience that is well traveled. Hays spent two years working with Sugar and Spice Artistry in the Virgin Islands, soaking up the fast-paced experience of a stylist/makeup artist in a highly desired wedding locale. His work spanned the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Lucia and Jost Van Dyke. Sometimes, Hays says, they worked up to eight different weddings in a day, often taking ferries or seaplanes to and from. Rated by leading online wedding and event resources like WeddingWire.com, Hays says his

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hen it comes to catering, there is one group of local professionals who pride themselves on being the go-to team, providing delectable dishes and service beyond the norm. Whether it’s the engagement party, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, La Scala Mediterranean Bistro (413 Broad Street, Rome) has a broad range of mouth-watering dishes to choose from, offering far more than cannelloni and cannoli to brides and grooms who are planning to tie the knot. And this year, they have added some special additions to their all-things-food-inspired repertoire, further elevating their reputation for providing some of the best eats on Broad Street. Anthony Barba, owner of the popular, highend eatery and bar, has enlisted the help of a trusted staff member to book and organize his catering gigs. Now, he can focus on the food that leaves his kitchen, resting assured that every event catered by La Scala will be perfect. “With the very talented Erica Ferguson helping me out, we have really streamlined the process of how we book events,” Barba explains. “When I was handling the bookings myself, it may have taken me three or four days to get back to a client, but now we can cut that to around a day. She really pays attention to details and goes over the top with service, which is what we love.” Ferguson, the newly appointed event specialist, handles the specifics of what a couple may want on the menus offered at their wedding or event. And since La Scala is a mobile operation,


v3 magazine

With Taste & Class LASCALA MEDITERRANEAN BISTRO they are able to provide the same quality you experience sitting at one of their dining room tables at any off-site location. From table linens and flatware to serving dishes and kitchen equipment, Barba and his team have the ability to meet the demands of any food-associated need. “Moving forward, we have a few new and wonderful things in store for our guests,” Barba continues. “Building owners Greg and Diane Lewis have been renovating the floor above the restaurant. They are using part of the space for a residence but are also including a banquet hall upstairs. There will be an entrance from Broad Street and an entrance from inside of La Scala. We will be able to accommodate many different kinds of events up there, from a 20-person shower to 150 people seated or 250 people standing. We will be the exclusive caterer for the space.” Broadening the options available to wedding parties is what La Scala aims to achieve. The new addition also includes a rooftop terrace that could become available if given proper notice, adds Barba. Dining under the stars for a rehearsal dinner is certainly an elegant way to treat family and friends who share your special moment, making your entire wedding experience truly memorable. “We’ve already started booking for October events in the banquet hall, so I would encourage people who want to use it to gives us a call pretty soon,” Barba says. And as far as the food is concerned, Barba and his kitchen staff strive to provide any type of cuisine the occasion requires. Catering options range from picnic-style foods and low country boils to 25-pound whole black grouper and filet mignon.

“Even when we prepare food for large groups of people, we still show attention to each plate as if you were ordering off the menu in our restaurant,” explains Barba. “And we won’t just show up, drop off food and leave. We stay and set up, and we clean up afterwards. Our standard is to leave the venue looking better than it did when we arrived. That’s the level you can expect each and every time you book us for an event.” Special tastings are always available in the restaurant, but Barba and his kitchen staff also offer a unique and more intimate way to taste and choose your menu items. “Before we lock anything up with the deposit, we offer the bride and groom – or a set of parents – the opportunity to come in and sample several items they request. We can send up a dozen to 15 petite portions for them to sample,” Barba says. “More recently, we have offered a special service where we can come to a private residence and cook for a few people in their home. This is a special chance for us to meet the family and get a really good idea of what kind of foods they would like served.” Barba asks that events be booked as soon as a date is set so that the process can be finetuned beforehand, allowing less opportunities for hiccups, and so guests can take advantage of all the new things La Scala has to offer, which are sure to take their meals to a whole new level of elegance. V VV

Visit La Scala online at lascalaromega.com or make a reservation by calling 706-238-9000.

Sweeten up your wedding with treats from Sweet Bar, your local bakery. 874 Spider Webb Drive Rome, GA Facebook.com/SweetBarRomeGa 706.295.7113 Closed Sun & Mon Tues-Fri 6a-2p Sat 7a-2p v3 magazine


Riverside Retreat HAWTHORN SUITES


Dress: Perfect Dress | Hair: Ian Hays Bouquet: Twigs

or couples planning a wedding, lodging is one of the many important items to be checked off their to-do list, and Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Rome's most distinctive hotel, wants its guests to be swept away by the hotel's rustic yet refined atmosphere. Located in the heart of Rome's historic downtown, the Hawthorn Suites has firmly solidified its reputation as a charming, upscale boutique hotel and graciously invites wedding parties to enjoy its top-notch service, attention to detail and growing list of amenities, allowing the celebration of love to be the couple's primary focus. One draw for many guests is their first impression of the historic 1907 warehouse, the former Battey Machinery Company, now transformed into a uniquely stylish hotel. Recently, an adjoining 1880's steam locomotive repair barn was redone, adding 28 additional rooms for a total of 65 rooms. "It's the ambiance of the place that our guests seem to love." said hotel manager Gay Nichols. "When they walk through the door, wedding parties are treated with care from the moment they arrive before the wedding until they depart after." The three-story brick building once housed apartments from a previous conversion and the hotel owners kept some parts of the original layouts, giving rooms a homey feel. With 12 room configurations from which to choose, couples are assured of comfortable sleeping arrangements for their guests. All rooms have kitchenettes with a refrigerator and microwave as well as pillow-top mattresses and large plush bath towels. One two-bedroom suite can accommodate up to six people. If connecting rooms are booked, doors can be opened to allow families to gather together. Some rooms include balconies facing the river. All rooms are designed to showcase original architectural details such as old beams, rafters and brick walls.Â

the LODGING The lobby's ivy-draped, three story atrium has its original wood floors and natural light, making it a wonderful backdrop for brides who wish to take photographs onsite. If they need extra space for preparations and pre-wedding parties the hotel has four attractive meeting rooms. The cozy Evergreen Room accommodates up to 35 people while the airy, high-ceilinged River Room can hold up to 65 people. Both are ideal for showers, rehearsal dinners, receptions and brunches. The Hawthorn Room and Walnut Room are both lovely conference rooms that hold from 12 to 20 people. The hotel's attentive staff make it a priority to fulfill a bride's special requests such as presenting gift favors to her guests as they arrive. Some grooms request scattered rose petals in their hotel room along with chocolates and champagne to surprise their new bride. A full-service beauty salon, massage therapist, jewelry shop and small art studio line the lobby while a state-of-the-art fitness center, business center, self-service laundry and mini-market are also at a guest's disposal. The delicious, complimentary homestyle hot breakfast also offers fruit, waffles, sweet rolls, yogurt and much more.  Off Broad, the hotel's' elegant but cozy new bar, is the perfect retreat for guests and local Romans to meet after a busy day. All will appreciate the benefits of its full bar, coffee, tea, plus a light food and dessert menu. So when considering a home-away-fromhome during this exciting time of life, remember the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, where all are ready and waiting to welcome the happy couple with exceptional comfort and personal service, making their stay unforgettable. V VV

Off Broad, a perfect gathering place for hotel guests and local Romans.

For booking information call 706-378-4837 or visit online at www.hawthorn.com

100 West 2nd Avenue Rome, Georgia


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the HOME



fter the last grain rice of swept from the floor, the last photo is snapped, and the bride and groom return from the honeymoon of their dreams, there are certainly plans to settle into a home. Home is the place where husband and wife will build the foundation for a family, so the decision need not be made without the guidance of a trusted professional. Joseph Willingham, founder of the Willingham Group at Keller Williams Realty (1903 Turner McCall Blvd., Rome), has made his love of helping people the primary focus in his home-buying expertise. Very early on, Willingham discovered his passion for buying and selling real estate. “I bought my first piece of land when I was 14 years old and I made payments on it for six years,” he recalls, “I, then, bought my first rental house when I was 22. Real estate always fascinated me, but I never thought of it as a job. I thought that when I got older – and had a little more money – I would be able to really have some fun with buying and selling properties.” With a career in his sights, Willingham would graduate from Kennesaw State University with degrees in psychology, sociology and business as well as a leadership certificate, giving him an edge when brokering transactions that require attention to details. “I understand and enjoy working with people, even more so than the sales aspect of real estate,” he says. “All of my buyers and sellers get weekly follow-up phone calls – even if there are no changes in the status of their properties. We really pride ourselves in our communication, and that’s why we have a team.” Willingham (team lead), Amber Park (buyer’s agent) and an executive assistant make up the team for the Willingham Group. With three points of contact, Willingham ensures that his clients get top-notch service when they need help with any real estate solution. Here, he passes on important things to consider when buying a house for the first time or structuring a joint investment after saying “I do.” And his unique experience in the construction world gives him another edge that benefits his clients. “I worked for an electrical company for 10 years while I was in college and for a few years after college, so you can imagine how many

homes I’ve been inside in Northwest Georgia,” he says. “I also worked for a national real estate investment company in Atlanta, so I know what problems to look for in homes because I use to fix them.” Willingham encourages newlyweds to consider their budget and try to find a home well under their pre-qualification limit. If renting is something you are considering, he has a pleasant surprise that may sway you toward home ownership instead. “If it’s a couple’s first home, they really need to be conscious about how much they spend because home ownership is much different than renting,” he explains. “If something goes wrong, you don’t call a landlord. You have to go to Home Depot and buy what you need to fix it. We are always available, even after the sale, to walk them through this process. “But, the upside to owning a home is, oftentimes, I am able to save a couple money,” he continues. “We are able to negotiate the purchase prices of homes so that the owners are spending less money per month in mortgage payments than they would be if they were renting.” After all, there is certainly nothing wrong with stashing a few bucks aside for that second honeymoon, new furniture for a nursery or an unexpected water heater leak.

Because of his concentration on networking and building relationships with people, Willingham and his team have gathered a large pool of agents nationwide and across the globe who are willing to help when operating outside of Northwest Georgia. “I certainly have friends who are agents in other Keller Williams offices, but I have also made really solid business friendships with agents in Africa, Spain and even in South America,” he says. “I literally just pick up the phone and I can refer you to a great agent in your area.” This service is particularly helpful to couples who have homes that need to be sold in other areas before they can settle down together for a fresh start. Willingham and his group can literally open up a world of options to their clients. “I can assist anywhere in the State of Georgia but I know great agents all over the globe,” he says. This is likely among the reasons it has only taken Willingham one year to become ranked as one of the top agents in the area. A home purchase is a big decision and one that requires a little more than a few minutes with an agent. Schedule a consultation with the Willingham Group, where getting to know you is just as important as helping you find the home of your dreams. VVV

Visit www.josephwillingham@kw.com or www.willinghamgroup.com to schedule an appointment, or call 706-252-0909.

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midst the mingle of friends and family and the glow of soft white lights, a party has begun and the newly wedded couple smiles upon their ceremonial celebration. Satin-draped tables showcase fine dining delights, and wine glasses toast to the couple and their day. In its finest attire, accented in the most delicate of blooms, the dessert table patiently waits, with silver tiered trays of soft pastel cakes and perfectly arranged assortments of rich, cream-filled pastries. For the wedding reception with an insatiable sweet tooth, The Sweet Bar (874 Spider Webb Drive, Rome) has literally got the dessert table covered. Owners of The Farm, Lee and Dixie Bagley, bought the business that was formerly Hana’s Bakery in June of last year and have been providing delicious treats for wedding parties ever since. Dixie’s vision for The Sweet Bar was one where each pastry, cake and doughnut would relay an old-fashioned feel to its patrons – a vision that has come to complete fruition. Before the break of dawn, a golden warmth arises from the bakery; there’s a sugary-sweet taste in the air, and colorful treats and fresh pastries beckon early morning customers beneath the curved glass of the vintage bakery display case. “They get here at 1 a.m. and roll the doughnuts,” Dixie says. “They do it all by hand. It’s a job; it takes a lot of time and long hours.” But The Sweet Bar is so much more than doughnuts. “We do cannoli, cream horns, and petit fours, and we always have cupcakes,” Dixie says. Keeping it simple and yet full of variety seems to be the goal for Dixie and her three employees. From honey buns, to lemon bars, to homemade pralines and fried pies, The Sweet Bar can quench any thirst for culinary confection. When it comes to weddings, Dixie has noticed a shift from spending large amounts on grandiose cakes. “Weddings aren’t traditional anymore, so people are definitely veering off of having the traditional cake that your parents had,” she explains. “Everybody wants something different now and it’s nice to have a variety out there for all price ranges.” Whether a bride envisions a spread of various homemade pies or a multi-tiered cheesecake bar, The Sweet Bar owner and her team are more than happy to take requests and get creative. Dixie embraces her southern roots and admits that she loves the idea of a table full of desserts. “It reminds me of going home for holidays,” she smiles, “where there were more desserts on the table than food.” The Sweet Bar fills weekends with a sugar


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rush of wedding splendor; your request is their mission. Jody Robertson, a 13-year veteran of the bakery, serves as Dixie’s right hand, and is usually the one to attend to the desires of the brides-to-be. “We do a tasting of whatever they want so that they know what they’re getting, and then they get to taste the different fillings and icings,” Robertson explains. The Sweet Bar will then bake a small sample of whatever the client decides on for their approval. “Most of the time, thanks to Pinterest, brides usually already have something in mind and then they go over it with Jody,” Dixie adds.

Robertson says she has had requests for everything from doughnut towers for breakfast weddings to Twinkie cakes for lovers of Little Debbie. Whether the couple requests an old-fashioned favorite or something completely outside the box, The Sweet Bar rises to the occasion and always brings something a little different to the dessert table. They hope to help couples find something yummy, something unique and something for everybody. V VV

Like “The Sweet Bar” on Facebook or give them a call at 707-295-7113.

the BAR

A Tip of The Glass ACROSS THE BAR

desired spirits and cocktails, and establishing how much to have on hand according to the number of projected guests. “We try to recommend things that are seasonally appropriate or event appropriate,” Dowdy explains. Glasses, koozies, straws, and garnishes are determined, and depending on the level of customization, some touches can be provided by Across the Bar. Vodka martinis, grapefruit margaritas, mojitos and Washington apples have graced the menu for some of Dowdy’s events. The creative ladies and gents of Across the Bar have even been known to add their own flair, oftentimes mixing up customized cocktails for brides and grooms.

Check out Across the Bar on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @acrossthebarromega.


ying the knot, getting hitched, jumping the broom; the clever phrases for wedded matrimony are multifold. But when it comes time for the reception – and that long-overdue adult beverage – no matter your choice of words, the language is the same for Across the Bar. Passion and experience were the fueling factors when Sabrina Dowdy began her bartending service, Across the Bar (706-680-7814), in August of 2013. With a resume boasting roughly eight years of bartending experience, Dowdy knew that she was more than qualified to offer beverage services for weddings and events, and that she would have a blast doing it. Dowdy and her staff of six bartenders invite guests to relax and enjoy themselves; their drinks are in good hands. And don’t worry; Across the Bar is all about the class. “I like to be honest, classy, and kind, and that’s what we like to put out there,” Dowdy smiles. “All of my bartenders are very professional.” From selection and setup, to serving and breaking down, Across the Bar, stays by their clients’ side to make sure that the planning is in order and the guests stay happy. A full consultation with Dowdy includes building a menu of

Dowdy has taken baby steps, so to speak, to staff her mobile cocktail mixer, choosing her bartenders meticulously. She wants her clients to know that her employees are trained and seasoned, each one capable, confident and inclined to remember your drink of choice. Along with a knowledgeable team, Across the Bar also brings style to their events. Dowdy can dress her bar to suit any theme or ambiance. “Themes are really not an issue,” she says. “We can go with anything from rockabilly, to the rustic look, to a very clean, classic event or just a backyard barbecue. We’re only going to get more options as we grow.” In its years of operation, Across the Bar has spread its business throughout the Northwest Georgia area. “We’re not afraid to travel and, at this point, who knows where it will take us?” she says. “For the most part, 50 to 100 miles from Rome is where we stay our busiest.” With at least 50 appointments on the books so far this year, Dowdy has the utmost faith in her team. “Our main goal is for people to relax, have a good time and let us take care of it. We are capable. “I try to learn new things all the time,” she adds with a smile. “This is what I love to do, and I have a great time doing it.” V VV

Given her experience in the bar and restaurant industry, Dowdy does not limit her bartenders to staying behind the counter; they are constantly maintaining a full-service feature, picking up empty glasses and making sure the guests are happy. “We try to make sure that clients don’t have to worry about the bar; I want it to be taken care of for them,” she says.

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All-in-one venue&&reception reception All-in-onewedding wedding venue hallhall

Chapel seats Tables/chairs included Chapel seats150+ 150+ •• Tables/chairs included Groomsmanlounge lounge w/ w/ ping-pong table andand TV TV Groomsman ping-pong table Reception space• •Caterer’s Caterer’s kitchen dressing roomroom Reception space kitchen• Brides • Brides dressing

••• •••

www.TheChapelAtRiverside.com www.TheChapelAtRiverside.com Chapel located at 42 Ash Street, Rome, Georgia 30161 located at 42 Ash Street, Georgia 30161 Call us atChapel 706-234-9421 or stop by our office atRome, Garden Lakes Realty located at 2400 Lakes Blvd, Rome, check and make your reservations today! CallGarden us at 706-234-9421 orGA stoptoby ouravailability office at Garden Lakes Realty located at


2400 Garden Lakes Blvd, Rome, GA to check availability and make your reservations today!

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