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Powering Our Communities The Northwest region is home to some of the state’s most vibrant communities. In our continued efforts to help it thrive, we’ve partnered with local chambers, development authorities and elected officials across the state to stimulate growth and invest in its future. Our commitment to the communities we’ve served for more than 90 years has contributed to strategic partnerships that led to the addition of nearly 140,000 jobs and $30 billion in capital over the past decade alone.

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It's All In Our Name...

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JIM ALRED reflects on what he has learned from covering and playing sports, and he says that in looking back he found that those lessons have very little to do with a ball.




With the increasing threat of online hackers looming over every keystroke, CASS HIGH SCHOOL has decided to train their students to lead the charge in CYBER SECURITY.


Adding a member to your family can be a little less stressful with the help of a HARBIN MIDWIFE who guides parents to the first little breath and beyond.


LUMINA COFFEE is open for business and their hope is to light the path to quality ingredients and a better cup of morning Joe.


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Publisher's Note EVERY NOW AND then life likes to throw you a curveball,

showing you the road you might have traveled based on one decision or the other. At the beginning of February, I packed up the car and took my daughter on a tour of three colleges, with the final school being an honors college weekend that allowed her to interview for additional scholarships O W N E R & C E O Ian Griffin while spending the night on campus, talking to current students and potential professors, and getting a general feel for the town the school resides in. That college, just so happens to be in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, which was the last city I called home before deciding to move back to Rome and start a business with my two good friends. My daughter wants to study marine science and the College of Charleston happens to have a respected program in that course of study. So when she received the invitation to visit, my wife suggested that I take her while she stayed home with our sons. We managed to squeeze in two more visits on the way and enjoyed both stops. But in my mind, I knew neither would be able to hold a candle to the urban, historic campus where we were headed. I never took a class at COC, but I lived and worked in the town during in my early to mid 20’s. Let’s just say I spent some of my prime years immersed in everything the town had to offer. I wasn’t, and still am not, rooting against the other schools on her list but I’m definitely not keeping my preference silent. She and I went to the initial information meeting together and then she went off to begin two days of interviews, essay writing and activities designed to show her what the school and city had to offer. Her busy schedule left me with nothing more to do than take a trip down memory lane, which included eating at as many of my old favorite restaurants as humanly possible…if you’ve never been, the food in Charleston is amazing! I got a room on Folly Beach, which with traffic, is about 20 minutes from downtown. I lived on that beach for the majority of my five years in the area so that’s where I wanted to be for the weekend. I drove past my old houses (four in total). Some looked completely unchanged, while a few looked the same but had been surrounded by new construction that changed the old landscape completely. Fourteen years changes a lot of things, but in a lot of ways it still felt like home. In other ways, not so much. The main reason for this empty space had nothing to do with the places, but could be attributed more to the lack of familiar faces. I managed to meet up with some old friends who still remained and enjoyed visiting with them, but for the most part I was free to walk the beach and downtown area by my lonesome. I couldn’t help but play the “What If” game. My wife and I debated over Rome or Charleston when we got engaged and our decision to settle here has been confirmed as the best, time and time again. But…what if things had been different? I was a free-spirited restaurant worker and musician so my best guess is I would still be in one or both of those industries. The culinary scene was vibrant when I left in 2005, but it has absolutely exploded since then and my former employers are fairly big players in that space. Talking with them, I could have definitely seen myself going along for that ride, but at the same time, I didn’t find myself wishing I had. That part of my life is a perfect little bubble and as much as I love that town and the people in it, my trip left me certain I have made the right choices. After a nice walk through the battery and market I arrived for the closing session of the honors weekend and listened as my daughter gushed about her experience. She still has a decision to make, but Charleston is definitely a front-runner and just because I’m happy where I am, doesn’t mean I won’t look forward to visiting my former home more often.

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It’s not your standard funeral home, it’s The Standard for funeral homes.

“Rome’s Locally Owned Funeral Homes” Barry R. Henderson

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LESSONS IN THE LINES For the Love of the Game with Jim Alred

LIFE LESSONS. The other day I had a long talk with a couple of high school buddies. During the conversation, we began discussing the importance of the some of the classes we took in high school and how they apply to our current professions. After about 20 minutes, we figured out many of the things we did learn, we don’t use anymore. The notion got to me thinking about life lessons and things I’ve learned or gleaned over the past couple of decades from sports. BE SURE TO HAVE FUN. During the pro-am portion of the Franklin Templeton Shark Shootout many, many years ago, I got to spend a good bit of time walking the course and talking with professional golfer Fred Couples. For those who don’t know, Couples is a big college football fan. He spotted my Auburn hat, got a big grin on his face and then asked me to compare my Tigers to Penn State. Before I spoke, Couples warned me his caddy at the time was a big Penn State fan. I said both teams were good but said my Tigers were better. Couples’ thought my analysis was dead on and also funny. His caddy not so much. Over the next 12 holes, between him making shot after shot and interacting with the crowd, we kept talking college football and college sports. At one point, I asked him what the key to being a professional athlete was. He paused for several moments, drew in a deep breath and stretched out both of his arms as if trying to take in the golf course. “Have fun. I’m lucky enough to make a living playing a game and doing something I love,” he said before



MARCH 2019

walking to the ball, striking it and landing it within inches of the hole. We may not all get to be pro golfers or pro athletes, but we can find ways to make our jobs and life fun. HEART AND FIGHT GO A LONG WAY Joe Hampton remains one of my favorite high school football coaches. He happened to be the man at the helm when the Estero High School Wildcats made an improbable run to the Florida Class 5A State Title game in 1998. More than likely, I’ve mentioned the team in my V3 columns before. The team consisted of 23 players when at the time most Class 2A teams in Florida boasted somewhere around 60 to 70 kids. The opposing team in the finals, Kissimmee-Osceola, had six times as many players on the sidelines as the Wildcats. That season, Estero lost only once, a onetouchdown defeat to arch rival Fort Myers before embarking on the improbable run to the state finals. Along the way, the Wildcats topped several state ranked and even a nationally ranked team to reach Gainesville. Each team they played had far more players. Each time it didn’t matter. Estero’s players dug deep, fought hard and managed to outlast each opponent. Those kids might have been overmatched, but no one on the sidelines or in the stands could tell it. Each one played as hard as possible, and each one had several moments during the season when they stepped up and helped win a game. Estero didn’t win the state title, dropping a close contest on a December night in Gainesville, but they proved time and again how much hard work, heart

and desire can overcome long odds. We may not always be on the team stacked with superstars and a deep bench, but if we do the work and believe, we can achieve some crazy things. Find ways to work harder than everyone else Finding examples of this in sports isn’t hard, but a story from several years ago sticks in my head. On one particular New Year’s Eve afternoon, Lance Armstrong, in the middle of his seven straight Tour de France titles, spent about five hours on his bike in a Texas rainstorm with the temperature having in the low 50s. I know Armstrong cheated often and turned out not to be a nice guy, but he didn’t win just because he cheated. He also worked his tail off. Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly was along for the ride and documented it. During the middle of it, one of Armstrong’s contemporaries, who would have a few top 10 Tour de France finishes, phoned him. The story goes that Armstrong answered the phone to hear his inebriated friend ask him what he was doing. Armstrong replied talking about the ride and the weather. His friend’s response went something along the lines of, “Bloody hell man. Do you ever take a day off?” The answer in short was no. Armstrong didn’t. Yes he cheated, but he also worked super hard each and every day to be the absolute best at what he did. He could have taken the day off and rang in the New Year like his friend. Instead he took to the bike, battled the elements and put the time and energy into not only maintaining himself but getting better as well. I don’t advocate cheating or performance enchaining drugs, but a lot can be learned and gleaned from the way Armstrong prepared even when he was at the top of his game.

FOLLOW YOUR SHOOT I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said this to myself while watching or covering a basketball game or soccer match. For those unfamiliar with the saying, old-school basketball coaches told players time and again that after taking a shot they needed to follow it to the basket. Odds were if they did this and the shot missed, they then had great chance of getting the rebound and a chance to score. While it’s not the exact same thing in soccer, it’s close. Often times if a player takes a shot and keeps tracking toward the goal, they find themselves in a great position if the ball rebounds off the keeper, another player or one of the posts. Simply following said shoot most times gives them an even better chance to get an easy tap-in goal. However, if you watch basketball or soccer at any level, you won’t see players doing this often. Instead, you’ll see the basketball player watching their shot to see if it makes it sometimes with their hands in the air hoping to celebrate a good shot. The soccer player too often stands flat footed, rooted in the spot where they took the shot watching to see if they score. If they do, great. But if they don’t, the chance of them getting the ball back and having another shot to score is slim at best. Applying this one to real life might be a stretch. When you do manage to score a big client or have a great presentation or just overall crush it on the job remember to follow your shot. Don’t just stand there basking in the glory, instead look for the next opportunity to do it again. *The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

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HISHING <intro> with cyber criminals waiting to steal your personal information, it helps to know new waves of security experts are joining the ranks TEXT ASHLEE BAGNELL PHOTOS JASON HUYNH

MARCH 2019




WENTY-FIVE STUDENTS start their morning at Cass High School in White, Ga. in class with Coach Matt Thompson and Mike Foster. This isn’t an ordinary class, but a course dedicated to training the students in cyber security. What makes this course unique, you may ask? By the time these 25 students graduate from high school, they will have three certifications and an internship. This will give them experience in the field needed to succeed in the workforce after high school, oftentimes more than most students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree. This educational course was born of one senator’s desire to give students from every background a chance to succeed. State Senator Bruce Thompson is responsible for the birth of this tech-based program. He formed the idea when he had his identity stolen four years ago. Senator Thompson delved into cyber security to try to solve his problem and to understand how it happened. At the time, he chaired the Science and Technology Committee in the Georgia State Senate. Through a series of study committees, he and his colleagues decided to support a Cyber Innovative Center in Augusta, Georgia and initiated the GBI center. They also convinced the state to adopt cyber insurance. These steps lead to the committee realizing that there were, the time, around 200,000 unfilled cyber security jobs in the country. Discussions with the colleges and technical schools about the programs in place to train students in cyber security revealed that there was a desperate need for the training to start earlier. Realizing that there was an opportunity to help the students who couldn’t attend college right out of high school, Senator Thompson turned his attention to the public-school system in hopes of finding a solution. With the help of the man who developed the National Initiative for Cybersecurtiy Education (NICE) – the framework for cyber security in the United States – Colonel Robin Williams, Senator Thompson came up with a game plan to help his community. Williams had set up a similar program in Las Vegas that ran for 90 days but Senator Thompson wanted to do more than just teach the students this particular skill; he wanted to give the students who had few chances in life the opportunity to change their lives. The target was a school with free and reduced lunch, which means that of the students attending the school, a significant percentage struggled financially.



MARCH 2019

ABOVE Matt Thompson

“ Without the leadership of Senator Thompson and Dr. Page, the program would not have been successful. They worked to bring this program to our school.”

“I want the students who have never been chosen for something in their lives,” said the Georgia Senator. Resistance came from the schools due to the uncertainty of the program and lack of funding. This didn’t stop him, not even for a moment. He decided to look for ways to fund the program. That is when he met Phillip Page who is the new Superintendent of the Bartow County School System.

Page was interested in the program and now the legislator knew that Bartow County was the place to start. The initial funds were provided by the state and the class was ready to be set up. Cass High School was chosen, and a signing day was organized (hats and contracts included) for the inaugural cyber security class.

A broad variety of students are currently attending the course. Coach Matt Thompson confirmed, saying, “We are teaching all abilities and all backgrounds of students in this program. Kids who never would have been able to go to college or even want to go to college are in our classrooms and I’ve got a kid who wants to work on robots and be an engineer.” Matt continues by explaining that college may not be for everyone, and sometimes the pressure to enroll is overwhelming. However, if students want to pursue a path that has career potential, why not take this opportunity and be competitive in the job market. A major component of that success is passion. The students have to buy in and want to be successful in the class. They have to be engaged for this program to be successful. The class began when the students returned from winter break in January of 2019. Mike Foster teaches the class remotely from Las Vegas with the help of Matt who teaches Business and Technology and Business Communications at Cass. The school is led by Principal Stephen Revard. Revard and Matt gave V3 a look at what happens on their end of the process. “Without the leadership of Senator Thompson and Dr. Page,” says Revard, “the program would not have been successful. They worked to bring this program to our school. Of course, Senator Thompson worked on a federal and state level and Dr. Page on a district level, both of them helping to bring a program that would normally take about 12 months to bring to a district, only took three.” Revard also pointed out that without the right teacher in the classroom, this class wouldn’t work at all. He chose Matt because he was confident that he could form the relationship with the kids and be competent in the material as well. According to Matt, the curriculum that he teaches to the 25 students comes from a company called CyberTech. The kids start by learning the hardware for the first half of the semester before shifting into software. Through this process the students will earn their first certification: the CompTIA A+. This is the base certification needed to work in technology. Next fall, the students will then learn networking and earn another certification called Networking +. They will then finish out this portion of the program with a Security + Certification. Finally, the students will complete an internship that will give them real-world experience and be qualified for a job as soon as they graduate from high school. The greatest benefit the administrators said that they have seen from this program is the kids now have a purpose; students have a reason to be motivated. When they graduate, they will be able to contribute to the local economy. This opportunity is rare, and is not found it in many other high school programs. But the hope is that this won’t be rare for long. Senator Thompson is hoping that with the success of Cass

High School’s program, more funding will available and there will eventually be at least one class of this kind in every school district in Georgia. This program gives hope to students who might not have had much for their future before now. But it also provides an opportunity to prove that it doesn’t matter where you come from, with passion and hard work achieving success is not out of reach. Because this course is the first of its kind, the community has a chance to witness what programs like this one might do for the students. The success of the program lies solely in whether the students were positively impacted or not.

So far, those involved will tell you that they see a change in the students and their attitudes about education, that they know what they are doing is important. Now, more than ever, the students in that classroom need to know that their community is rooting for them and standing behind them. Every student should be encouraged and supported or their accomplishments, whether they are scoring touchdowns, making All-State band or learning information that will keep our online homes safe and secure. In a few semesters, these 25 students will hopefully be making history and setting an example for all schools to follow.

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By MySide Birthing trends are changing, but midwives are going strong.



E’VE ALL SEEN IT PLAY OUT IN OLD MOVIES. A woman goes into labor and the midwife begins barking orders. “Quick! Get me some twine, scissors, clean cloth and boiling water!” Thankfully, over the years medicine has advanced. With more sophisticated methods, childbirth is safer than ever before. However, across the country, women are having far fewer babies than they used to, and they are now more likely to wait until they are older to do so. Janet Adamy, news editor at the Wall Street Journal covering demographics, discussed the trends on WBUR’s On Point program. She finds the numbers to be pretty striking. “We did a chart going back a hundred years. The 2017 birth rate was 60 babies per 1,000 women each year. That's about half of what it was in the 1960s. So it's a pretty dramatic drop.” But before we go all “The Handmaid’s Tale” on you, research shows the decline in fertility isn’t biological, but based in economics. Since the 2008 recession, many families have found themselves feeling more cautious about adding the cost of a child to their budget, and have been choosing to wait until they feel more financially stable. Also, many women are completing college and pursuing careers in order to secure a middle-class wage before deciding they are ready to start a family. The current overall average age of first time mothers in the United States is 26, while the average for women with a college degree is 30.

Modern-Day Midwives

In spite of the decline in births, midwives are enjoying a noticeable rise in popularity. Certified nurse midwife Macie Goff at Harbin Clinic Women’s Center Cartersville has seen the use of nurse midwives increase dramatically over her two decades in the field. “People are becoming more familiar with how a midwife actually works,” Goff said. “Most people used to imagine a home birth with lots of chanting and kneeling on bricks. We are actually in the office and in the hospital, providing complete care for women in all of their OB/GYN needs.” Goff is the newest member to the team of certified nurse midwives on staff at Women’s Center Cartersville. The other midwives are Susan Nelson

ABOVE Valerie Smith (left) Macie Goff (right) MARCH 2019



ABOVE From left Kim Millsap CNM, WHNP; Macie Goff CNM; Steven A. Spivey, MD; Valerie Smith, CNM

“ The most rewarding part of what we do is being able to empower women to make well-informed choices as they navigate profound transitions in their lives.” Crisp, Kim Millsap and Valerie Smith, and according to Harbin Clinic OB/GYNs Dr. Ben Warren and Dr. Steven Spivey, more and more women are choosing to include a certified nurse midwife in their pregnancy care plan. “Midwives are also an important resource for women well beyond pregnancy,” said Dr. Warren. “They’re available to support our patients for all stages of obstetric and gynecological care.” 26


MARCH 2019

The midwives at the Center are board-certified nurse midwives as well as certified nurse practitioners. This means that they can provide a full range of care, including primary care, gynecologic and family planning, preconception care, prenatal care, childbirth and postpartum care. “I feel that the contribution that we midwives provide is greatly appreciated by our doctors and patients,” says Smith. “The most rewarding part of

what we do is being able to empower women to make well-informed choices as they navigate profound transitions in their lives.” “Our patients can be assured that our nurse midwives are well prepared to address high-risk pregnancies and other pre and post-natal concerns,” says Dr. Spivey. “This makes them an invaluable addition to the care our patients receive.”

A Different Kind of Care

When Ashley Mitchell and her husband Lee got married, they were young, fresh out of school, and he was joining a team for the Florida Marlins baseball franchise. “We knew we wanted to wait to have children,” Mitchell said. “As a semi-pro player, Lee wasn’t making much money and was spending a lot of time on the road. It didn’t make sense for us to start a family anytime soon.”

Imagine their surprise when they discovered she was pregnant at 25! Mitchell’s cousin recommended that she start seeing nurse midwife Macie Goff, and Mitchell liked her straight away. Now, three babies later, Mitchell says she would drive to Texas if she had to for Goff to deliver her child. “After our first daughter was born in 2008, we knew it would be a while before we tried for another,” Mitchell said. “When we did decide it was time, we went through three miscarriages before we had another baby girl. Macie was

RCB_EquityLoan2_V3ad.indd 1

there for every bit of it, encouraging us to keep the faith that we could get pregnant again.” The Mitchell’s added a third daughter in 2017 and say their family is complete, but Mitchell will continue to see Goff for all of her gynecological needs. Goff has been Mitchell’s only medical provider for eleven years, and she is thrilled with the relationship they have developed. She knows she can trust Goff to help her through anything. As a birth photographer, Mitchell has the interesting perspective of having been present at many more births than her own, at multiple hospitals and with varying care providers. “Midwives are able to spend more time and focus on the mother and the process, and to respond to the family’s desires more flexibly,” she says. Mandie Mansfield, a patient of Susan Nelson Crisp’s echoes Mitchell’s sentiments, adding that she feels very supported by her midwife. “Susan has been there for me not just physically, but emotionally, too,” Mansfield said. “She is always available for my questions, and even once spent 30 minutes on the phone with me when I needed a lot of advice.”

Comprehensive Medical Support

Proof of the benefit of nurse midwife involvement goes well beyond the personal experience. Studies show that women who involve a nurse midwife in their prenatal care are less likely to require

MARCH 2019

V3 MAGAZINE 27 5/21/18 9:28 AM

interventions such as electronic fetal monitoring, epidurals, episiotomies and cesarean sections. This means healthier outcomes for mothers and their babies, and an easier recovery time. Allie Startup has been a patient at the Women’s Center for about seven years and has used the nurse midwives for all three of her births. Breathing complications with her last child made for a frightening and fast-paced situation that nurse midwife Kim Millsap handled with wisdom and a calm, capable approach. Millsap has developed quite a reputation in the region for her excellent care. She was recently named a top Atlanta-area midwife by Atlanta Baby magazine. “Kim’s style of keeping things light, even in the midst of a stressful situation made all the difference when things got scary,” Startup said. State-of-the-art services round out the complete care at Women’s Center Cartersville. In-office ultrasound services provide convenient prenatal care. The Harbin Clinic midwives — along with Drs. Warren and Spivey — are well prepared to address high-risk pregnancies and special deliveries at Cartersville Medical Center. The clinic is equipped for testing for all prenatal concerns such as diabetes, chromosome anomalies and spina bifida.

Ashley Mitchell said that of all the births she has witnessed, she would choose the Harbin Clinic Women’s Center Cartersville midwives at Cartersville Medical Center, every time.

“I love the nurses and facilities there, and I know from experience that I can count on the best care from the providers at the Women’s Center.”

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LUMEN IS THE MEASURE OF LIGHT. Light brightens and ensures there is no darkness when it is present. This idea is the inspiration for the name of the now open establishment of Lumina Coffee Company (640 Braves Blvd NE, Rome) here in Rome. Three and a half years ago, young Matthew Schieffer was brainstorming about his life and what he wanted to do with his future. He was in college at the University of Florida as a pre-med student simply yearning for a purpose. The more he thought about his future and the things he wanted to accomplish in life, Schieffer realized that he wanted to do something entrepreneurial, “so I changed my major from pre-medicine to business.” Matthew wanted to be a beacon of a community, to make a place better than it already was. He wanted to help shine a light. “I came home and consulted with my father about changing my major and starting my own business,” says Schieffer. “I asked what he thought I should pursue, and it was basically right under our noses.” Matt’s father, Mike Schieffer, worked for the Starbucks Corporation for nearly 18 years, consequently labeling Matt a coffee junkie who has been around the coffee business for nearly his entire life. Matt also worked at Starbucks growing up, playing a part in the coffee industry as well. “I was drinking coffee at a very young age, probably too young at that,” laughs Schieffer. “So really, when it came down to what business to start, it was right in front of my eyes. I wanted to start a coffee company.” Lumina is the plural of Lumen, the measure of light,” he continues. “That name is about being a bright light to the community. We want to lighten people’s day. “Our purpose is to be a positive light in the community. We want to be in the community and be for the community. We will not be a coffee company serving people; we will be a people company serving coffee,” continues Schieffer. “We as a company will stand out, as we wish to run our company in a way other people do not. We will differentiate ourselves. How we plan to do this can be broken down into four parts: People, Product, Environment, and last but not least, Customer Service.”


The Lumina Coffee Company plans not to simply have employees or customers. “We will have team members and guests” says Schieffer. “From the top down, our company will care for people and be about people. “Our team members will be compensated fairly, as you cannot be a company for the people, if you don’t



MARCH 2019

pay and treat your people right. And when you treat your people right, it helps them treat people right.”


Schieffer says Lumina Coffee wants to change the coffee game. “We want to offer organic, local ingredients when possible in our coffee and food selections,” says Schieffer. “We want to have products that are fresh, never frozen, and we will never use artificial flavors or colors.”

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MARCH 2019

“Pretty much every single item has been vetted to make sure it fits into this ethos of organic, local when possible, healthy, nutritional and preservative free, fresh product” create fresh to order items. “We have our kitchen, or ‘back of house,’ set up under the concept of Mise en Place, which is a French culinary term that means ‘everything in its place.’ All back of house team members have everything they need to serve their products effectively. “We wanted our production area to be industrial, modern and clean. Our epoxy floors go four inches Lumina will also offer original coffees using their full lineup of homemade syrups. “It was two years ago, I received a box of samples from some of the biggest syrup manufacturers. They all tasted like chemicals. I decided that this is not who we are, nor who we will be. So in the past two years, I have created a full lineup with real fruit extracts and real fruit juices, all homemade,” explains Schieffer. Being the health-conscious man that he is, Matt wanted Lumina to reflect his lifestyle and offer something more to his guests. “We have lined out everything in our products, whether it be our coffee beans, flavors and whatnot, to the foods that we serve,” says Schieffer. “We will serve a small menu which will consist of a combination of salads, breakfast sandwiches, paninis, pastries and syrups. Pretty much every single item has been vetted to make sure it fits into this ethos of organic, local when possible, healthy, nutritional and preservative free, and fresh,” explains Schieffer.


Lumina Coffee Company was designed with space in mind. “You cannot be in the community or a part of the community if members of our society cannot find a seat in your establishment,” explains Schieffer. “Our financial advisors initially recommended to us that we’d never see a return on investment with that much space.” Inside the building, the restaurant hosts plenty of guest tables, as well as prep tables in the back to

up the wall so that they can be easily cleaned and there aren’t crevices to hold dirt and grime,” explains Schieffer. “We selected our location based upon being able to serve the community. Being within a few miles of Berry College, Shorter College, Rome High School, the Braves Stadium and sitting directly on the Armuchee Connector provides us ample opportunity

April 12, 2019

Stonebridge Golf Course Check in: 9:00 a.m. & Shotgun Start: 10:00 a.m. $400 per team (foursome) includes breakfast, lunch & beverages

Cash Prize for Top 3 Teams 1st $500

2nd $300

3rd $100

Call 706.506.1597 for hole sponsorships and team registration

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to do so,” Schieffer explains. “We also have the space set up to separate our drive thru and ‘front of house’ into two different entities.”

Customer Service

How many times have you walked up to a restaurant’s front counter and were the only customer in sight, yet you weren’t served quickly, because every team member’s focus was on the drive thru? Lumina Coffee Co., by separating the front and back of house, is eliminating that situation for customers. With duplicated equipment in the front and back, the drive thru will service its guests and the front will service its guests separately. “When a guest comes to the front counter, they will have the undivided attention of the team member(s). There will not be any distractions from drive thru, noise included,” says Schieffer. “Our team members will be given the opportunity to care about the guests, in order to provide a fantastic experience. We want our team members to learn our guests, so that they may know what the guest is going to order as soon as they hit the doors.”

For more information, visit luminacoffee.co or visit the shop, Mon-Sat 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.



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CALHOUN 136 West Belmont Dr. SW (706) 625-0662

CEDARTOWN 1566 Rome Hwy (770) 749-0250

CHATSWORTH 1422 Green Road, Suite N (706) 695-9699

SUMMERVILLE 11638 Highway 27, Suite 1 (706) 857-6366

JASPER 620 J.L. White Dr., Suite 110 (706) 692-9080

ROCKMART 1081 Nathan Dean Pkwy (678) 757-1899

ROME 224 Shorter Ave (706) 235-2727

(706) 234-2244 • www.theseasonevents.com Photography: Katherine Birkbeck

STUMPS? GOT STUMPS? GOT STUM REASONS TO CHOOSE US: FULLY INSURED & 36” GATE ACCESSIBLE “A friend recommended Grinders and I’ll have to highly do the same. The stump was taken care of and he even followed some roots to ensure they were out of my way. Great job!”

- Rich K.

www.GrinderzStumpGrinding.com MARCH 2019



Lofty Living

This stunning new addition to Broad Street checks all of the boxes for homeowners who wish to spend their days enjoying the heart of Rome and their nights gazing at the stars. text ELIZABETH BLOUNT photos CAMERON FLAISCH renderings PROVIDED BY HARDY REALTY


ising from a place of history in Downtown Rome, The Lofts on Third & Broad is the newest addition to the Broad Street skyline. Featuring street level specialty retail boutiques, covered onsite parking and stunning panoramic views, the Lofts provide a new option for those seeking a living space that combines the ease of renting with the pride of ownership. The private entrance for residents entering from Broad Street is located just off of 3rd Avenue, and is accessed by a key code entry. From there, guests catch the first glimpse of the hardwood floors with inlaid tile and thoughtfully placed chandeliers that create the rhythm of the building’s many hallways. Just off of the elevator to the third floor sits an indoor lounge that serves as a common area for residents, complete with television and L-shaped wet bar. Step inside one of the building’s 26 total units and you will be greeted by soaring 12-foot ceilings and wide- planked wood floors soaked in sunlight. Upon purchase of their unit, residents will have the opportunity to fully customize their home, from kitchen counters and cabinets, paint colors and textured carpet options, down to the tile in the oversized walk-in showers. One step outside to each unit’s balcony will bring all of the energy of Broad Street into the owner’s home, giving them a personal box seat for downtown concerts, festivals, parades and more.


The Lofts offer a variety of bedroom options, ranging from two bedrooms that offer the owner the flexibility of an additional bedroom or a private study, to one bedroom units that boast stunning views of the heart of Rome. In addition, residents will enjoy the luxury of a secured parking garage located just below their home that is also accessible by elevator, joyfully banishing the days of schlepping groceries from street parking. This area also houses private storage units and bicycle parking. Just above the on-site community workout facility is the true gem of the building, the rooftop deck. From here, residents can relax on the outdoor sofa and chairs, watch a game on the wide screen television, exercise their green thumb in the community raised garden beds or, best of all, soak in the views that surround them. “This is my favorite place,” says listing agent Kimberly Prusakowski. “Look at this fantastic view. You’ve got steeples, the Clocktower, and Historic Downtown Rome as a backdrop.” Beyond the beauty and luxury of The Lofts and their surroundings, downtown living also provides a lifestyle that is the perfect balance of both involvement and ease. Just steps away from endless shopping and restaurants options, this location truly provides an opportunity to live, work and play downtown, all without ever needing to start your car. “The Lofts are unique in that this is the only condo-style residence on Broad Street,” says Prusakowski, “and your first chance to really have that loft-style living without the responsibility and the maintenance expense of buying an entire 100-year-old building on Broad Street.”



MARCH 2019


MARCH 2019




For those on either stretch of adult life who are looking for the convenience of maintenance free living, The Lofts provide the perfect solution. “You could step out, lock your door and be away for six months and not worry about the exterior of the building. Someone else is handling that maintainence for you,” says Prusakowski. Hand in hand with the worry free benefit of the building, owners will immediately notice the cost efficiency of eliminating potential maintenance costs from their budget. As the movement towards downtown living continues and residents search for a place to call home that offers luxury, convenient locations and beautiful surroundings, they won’t need to look any further than The Lofts on Third & Broad. While units are currently still available for sale, any wise gambler could bet that this opportunity to live in this country-chic location will not last for long. For additional information about the property or to schedule a showing, please contact Hardy Realty at 706-291-4321.



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CREATING THE MENU OF YOUR DREAMS IS WHAT WE DO. WE TAKE YOUR VISION AND MAKE IT A REALITY. 413 broad street, rome, ga 30161 lascalaromega.com 706.238.9000 706.238.9011 MARCH 2019



SUITED FOR YOU Save the return labels and leave what you think you know about fashion at the door. These local clothiers are well-versed in what looks good on you.




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ABOVE Left: Hal Richards MARCH 2019





MARCH 2019

ABOVE AND LEFT Lodge 210 Interior

MOST FASHION FANATICS have an idea of what they may think looks good on them after staring at picture-perfect models scattered amongst our social media feeds day after day. Many tend to find themselves shopping directly from the looks of the Instagram influencers they follow, ordering this dress and those shoes, all while randomly guessing at which size fits. Sometimes, online shoppers are disappointed when they arrive. This season’s new colors, fabrics and that posh new pair of pumps may look perfect on a laptop but may not suit the wearer once they have opened up that shiny new package sitting outside of the front door. The substandard cycle of online shopping begins again. With shopping malls becoming the retail dinosaurs of the not-so-distant past, Amazon and other online sites have become the new go-to’s when consumers realize they need a new pair of pants or a new blouse to go with that skirt that fits just perfectly. While online shopping may be the most convenient of all shopping methods, when ladies are struggling to return that beautiful dress that barely zipped up the back and showed all of their goodies,they often wish they had found a boutique or clothing store that is local and actually tried on the garment. Many of the boutiques and specialty clothing stores here in Rome and Bartow County realize this and dedicate their life’s work to making sure you look your absolute best.

“An obvious fact is that the internet is sort of a one-dimensional approach to shopping,” explains Hal Richards, owner of The Lodge (210 East 2nd Ave Suite 106, Rome). “On the contrary, if you approach a store where someone has made it their life’s direction to helping others in this way, you have got to appreciate that they will know more about it, and can guide you and direct you into the style you are truly looking for.” Personalized customer service can make or break a clothing store, whether that boutique is online or not. As Mimi Weed from mel&mimi (203 E 8th Street SW, Rome) candidly puts it, “You don’t get one-on-one customer service online. The end.” Weed owns the boutique with her business partner Melanie Morris. The one-on-one personalized customer service essentially helps to give shoppers the feeling of complete comfort. With the help of a professional, they know they will walk out with exactly what they visited for. How many of us can say we make use of that luxury every time we go out (or stay in) to shop? As Morris and Weed are busy helping customers find jewelry for a dance, it is hard not to notice how involved they are in the entire process. The owners of this popular boutique act as if they have been friends for years. You can tell that their customers are their number one priority. “Building a relationship with a customer is important to us. Just like the last customer that we had in the store. Not only do we know her, but we

have developed a relationship with her daughter, her daughter’s daughter and now her great grandsons,” smiles Morris. “We work really hard to develop that connection here, and you most definitely can’t get that online.” The other great thing about searching out the best places for personalized customer service is that you, our treasured readers, are centrally located to boutiques that hang their hat on their level of customer service. At The Lodge, Richards searches out unique things to offer his clients. With around 25 unique lifestyle brands like Peter Millar, Joe’s Jeans, Barbour and Alan Payne, gentlemen are sure to find the perfect additions to their wardrobes. Richards also offers a Made to Measure service, which is a tailoring service using a physical pattern made from your measurements and a garment is cut accordingly. “I have a great tailor who I have had a relationship with for years, and we work together to dial in on our customers’ wants and needs,” explains Richards. “But honestly, it comes down to a customer needing a top and a bottom. It’s as simple as that. Is it a solid, a plaid or a check? So, it is wise to keep a variety on hand.” According to Richards, when you find a store that has enough variety, you tend to develop a relationship with that person and it becomes very easy to get the shopping done. Searching through pages online can sometimes take more time than visiting a clothing store with you in mind when they purchase their goods.

MARCH 2019



“I have customers who have shopped with me for on customer service) is how they feel about the years, and I will go to Market with them in mind,” use of social media and the internet to purchase clothes easily. adds Richards. “I get it. It’s convenient to pull out your phone and It’s this type of care and attention that makes search for a gift that is delivered straight to your door. shopping in-store much more dependable. However, if you are trying to find a fit that works for “One of the things I am very particular about is customer service,” says Jody Brandon, owner of Woodford Clothing (13 East Third Avenue, Rome). “We go to the ends to take care of all of our customer’s needs with pleasure. Whatever you need, we are here. “In fact, a gentleman here in town was getting ready to go to Europe on a trip and at the last minute, he noticed that he needed a tuxedo shirt. We were able to get it shipped overnight and delivered to him before he left the next day,” continues Brandon. “We want all of our customers here in Rome and surrounding counties to experience that kind of service.” Brooke Nolan, owner of Snazzy Rags Boutique (419 Broad Street, Rome) always makes sure to let her customers know they are the priority when they walk through her doors. They also offer exclusive and unique pieces for women who are in search of different styles. “Everything we do is to please our customers, and that is the way we’ve built this business to where it is today,” smiles Nolan. “The items we have here are unique,” adds Molly Oakes, sales associate at Snazzy Rags. “Everyone in the world can go online and shop on Amazon, but not everyone can come to Rome, Georgia and shop at our store. There are times that we only carry six of one item, and when those six are out, they’re gone. Those people who bought one of those six items are lucky because they essentially have a unique item that no one else except those five other people who had the chance to buy.” Aly Phipps, owner of the Spool of Dreams (15 East Main Street, Cartersville) agrees wholeheartedly. What she offers at Spool of Dreams is a “personalized, all hands-on deck care experience, and we do that to create a more personalized shopping experience.” Perhaps the one thing that most of the boutiques and specialty clothing ABOVE & RIGHT Snazzy Rags Interior. Molly Oakes (left) and stores have in common (besides a focus Brooke Nolan (right) 48


MARCH 2019

MARCH 2019





MARCH 2019

you, or a gift for someone it is always best to come in store,” says Nolan from Snazzy Rags. One way specialty boutiques work to change this culture is by getting to know their inventory, as Richards mentioned earlier. “When you come to our boutique, we are supposed to be able to guide you in the right direction and have knowledge of our inventory so that we can say, ‘this garment runs large’ and so on,” explains mel&mimi's Weed. “We regularly have customers come in and say, ‘Well, I ordered three dresses online, but I decided to come here because they didn’t work.’ And that is so common.” Supporting local businesses is also a key component in utilizing in-store products instead of browsing online at other stores that may or may not be benefitting from our hard-earned cash. “Have I ordered something online? Yes. But is that my go-to? No.” says Weed. “We always ask ourselves is there anywhere in Rome that we can get what we are looking for?’ Even outside of mel&mimi, we try to be mindful of other boutiques and stores because we would rather support Rome and our community here,” explains Morris. According to mel&mimi, if you don’t support it, more can’t come. And that is true. “I’m a Rome girl, I have been here my entire life,” says Weed. “I have watched it grow and watched it go from a few local shops to a bustling little town. If you want more here, you have to get out and support your community.” Through supporting our community and enjoying the personalized customer service, shopping in-store is already looking more appealing than shopping online. So, as the seasons change and you begin to realize those shorts from last year aren’t your style anymore, take a trip to mel&mimi, Snazzy Rags, The Lodge, Woodford Clothing or Spool of Dreams in Cartersville, along with the plethora of other boutiques in both downtown areas and see if you can find something fit for you. At the least, you won’t have to go through the million hoops to return an online purchase gone wrong. And trust us, that is worth a million bucks.

ABOVE & LEFT Spool of Dreams, Bartow Interior

Coosa Valley Home Health Care, an Amedisys company, is in the business of helping our patients maintain and improve their quality of life-at home. Home is the place where family, friends and familiar surroundings make patients feel most comfortable - and recover faster. With more than two decades of experience in the health care industry, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality services to patients in their homes. Choose Coosa Valley for all your home care needs.



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Quality of Service & Customer Satisfaction are Our Top Priority LANDSCAPE DESIGN, INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE SINCE 2003

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We offer professional services such as: • • • • • •

Landscape Design and Installation Full-service Lawn Maintenance Hardscapes Custom Swimming Pools Irrigation Systems Landscape Lighting

Authorized Dealer

4617 Rockmart Hwy Silver Creek, GA | 706-528-4963 | www.acwlandscapes.com | Find us on Facebook 52


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Northwest Georgia’s Premier Furniture And Home Decor Store Specializing In:

• Rustic • Farmhouse • Industrial Design • Quality Leather Furniture 3144 Martha Berry Hwy Rome, GA 30165 706.233.1769

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313 Clean is a full service residential, commercial & construction cleaning company.

Specializing in:

• biweekly, monthly cleanings • move in/out turn key cleanings • hoarding cases • renovation clean up & more.

Open Mon. - Fri.: 7:00am - 6:00pm (706) 234-0800 • 16 O’Neill Street Rome, GA

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Openings Available for Children 6 Weeks - 4 Years MARCH 2019



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Kindred’s nationwide network of transitional care hospitals are designed for medically complex patients who require continued care and extended recovery time. We specialize in ventilator weaning and management, complex wound care, short-term rehabilitation, dialysis and IV antibiotic therapy.


28 S Wall St, Car tersville, GA 30120 • 470-227-7049 54


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304 Turner McCall Boulevard • Rome, Georgia 30165 706.378.6800 • GA TDD/TTY# 800.255.0135 www.kindredrome.com © 2013 Kindred Operating Healthcare, Inc. CSR 176719-02, EOE

The Dish bistro











Hours: Sun-Thu: 11am - 10pm

Hours: Mon-Thur: 11:00am-9:00pm

Hours: Mon - Sat: 6:00pm - 10:00pm 400 Block Bar & Lounge: 4:00pm-1:30am

101 West 1st Street Rome, GA 30161

Fri- Sat: 11am - 2am

Moe’s Original BBQ is a Southern soul food revival where great food is served in an atmosphere that is relaxed, spontaneous, yet civilized….well, sometimes.


1204 Turner McCall Blvd • Rome, GA 30161 2300 Shorter Ave • Rome, GA 30165 3110 Cedartown Hwy • Rome, GA 30161 104 S Tennessee St • Cartersville, GA 30120

706.291.2021 Hours: Mon-Sat: 5:00am-10:00pm Sun: 6:00am-10:00pm

We’re known as the place to go for juicy, delicious charbroiled burgers & made from scratch biscuits. Because if you’re gonna eat, you should Eat Like You Mean It!

406 Broad Street Rome, GA 30161

Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Sun: 11:30am-3:00pm

413 Broad Street Rome, GA 30161

Live music each weekend.

24 W Main St Cartersville, GA 30120

Hours: Mon - Thurs: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Fri - Sat: 11:00am - 10:00pm Sun: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Schroeder’s menu includes sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads, potato skins, nachos, wings, and more. And don’t forget our pizza! It’s the best in town... and for a sweet treat, try our Cheesecake Calzone! (Draft and Bottled Beers & Wine also offered) Famous for: Their Roast Beef Relief!

La Scala offers both first-rate service and terrific Italian Cuisine in an upscale casual atmosphere. 50% off cafe menu from 4:00-6:00 p.m.







Hours: Mon-Sat.: 11:00am-3:00pm

Hours: Sun -Thu: 11:00am-9:00pm

Hours: Mon - Tues: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Jamwich - Serving distinctive sandwiches, salads, and soups. Sandwiches built with the finest ingredients: Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, premium Boars Head thick cut bacon and farm-to-table produce.

Fuddruckers catering can help you feed just about any size group, anytime, anywhere. Our menu will please the most discerning tastes and meet the high standards you require. We know how to make your event spectacular with the WORLD’S GREATEST CATERING.

510 Broad Street Rome, GA 30161

595 Riverside Parkway Rome, GA 30161

Fri - Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm

At Maine Street Coastal Cuisine, in the heart of historic downtown Cartersville, we pride ourselves on sourcing seafood from sustainable fisheries. Our passion is to provide a restaurant free of artificial flavors and ingredients.

5 E Main St Cartersville, GA 30120

Wed - Sat: 11:00am - 8:00pm Sun: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Casual counter serve offering sandwiches, salads & American comfort food such as shrimp & grits.

Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia.

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my mother my aunt my father my sister

my uncle

I may perform complex surgeries, but my philosophy is simple: I treat my patients as though they are family. As your cardiothoracic surgeon, I’ll do everything I can to get you back to your own loved ones. At Harbin Clinic, I care completely for you.



504 Redmond Rd Rome, GA 30165