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Wisconsin Film Festival Outreach

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Arts Research

Awards in the Creative Arts & Arts Business Competition

2018–19 Contributors

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

WELCOME, MISSION & VISION The Division of the Arts is pleased to share our annual report for the 2018–19 academic year. Our mission and vision are to harness the power and potential of artistic explorations and expressions for the benefit of the university, the state of Wisconsin, and the world. We believe that designers, artists, architects, performers, and creative scholars are essential to solving complex problems and advancing society. Creativity not only enhances our culture, it broadens our perspective, deepens our understanding, and enables us to innovate, grow, and change. We advance the arts as a vital platform to inquire about the world, illuminate and address injustices, challenge points of view, and to celebrate all aspects of humanity. We remain steadfast in our mission to embrace all members

of our diverse community and to promote civil discourse and freedom of speech as guiding principles and values in arts education.

other activities bringing together the work of UW–Madison’s community of students, faculty, and staff.

We advance our mission and vision by:

In July 2018, we launched our new name and started operating as the Division of the Arts. We expanded our arts recruitment efforts, including the new Creative Campus Tour, a walking tour of arts spaces at UW–Madison. We celebrated our longstanding role in the community with the 21st Wisconsin Film Festival in April and the 20th Madison Early Music Festival in July. We engaged with students through The Studio Creative Arts Community and the Arts Business Competition as well as with campus through the Arts Agôn: Arts Research Forum.

1. Engaging Students in the academic disciplines that constitute the field of interdisciplinary creative arts, design, and performance; 2. Supporting Arts Research and increasing its role in interfacing with other disciplines; and 3. Furthering the Wisconsin Idea through the creative arts. As this annual report shows, these three areas of focus are the basis on which we continue to support initiatives, programs, residencies, and

Pictured: Close-up of a chalk drawing at the Creative Placemaking Summer Workshop. Photo by Marissa Sugrue.



University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

BY THE NUMBERS The UW–Madison Division of the Arts provides a number of resources to its community and campus partners. The following facts and figures highlight achievements during the 2018–19 academic year.



Attended, followed, and participated in Division of the Arts’ specific & sponsored programs

As part of the Madison Early Music Festival and Wisconsin Film Festival

110+ Partners

Number of campus and community partners we supported


Guest artists brought to campus


30,415 Subscribers E-news

Media 16,740 Social Followers

51,200 YouTube Views


$1.7 Million

Amount distributed to 3 students and 5 faculty/ staff as part of the Division of the Arts’ Awards in the Creative Arts

The 2018 economic impact report of the Wisconsin Film Festival – determined by Destination Madison


Faculty & staff affiliates



Media mentions

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

THE STUDIO: CREATIVE ARTS COMMUNITY The Studio is a residential learning community located in Sellery Hall which hosts academic and co-curricular programming for 64 first-year students with an expressed interest in the arts. It is co-sponsored by the Division of University Housing, the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement, and the Division of the Arts.

In the spring, students in the seminar class “The Studio Presents…” worked with interim Faculty Director, Associate Professor Carolyn Kallenborn. The students created, produced, and performed “Breaking and Centering” with live music, poetry, video, and narratives in the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Play Circle.

The Studio offers residents access to art and performance spaces and provides numerous opportunities to attend cultural events. Residents participate in seminar courses and use their artistic skills and talents to serve the greater UW–Madison community through projects, performances, collaborations, and exhibitions.

The Division also sponsored two Creative Arts Awards for arts research to current residents.

In the fall, students in the “Mapping Your Creative Practice” course worked with Studio Faculty Director Associate Professor Faisal Abdu’Allah to explore a wide range of arts across campus. The students created an immersive multi-media installation, “A Night to Remember,” presented at the Chazen Museum of Art in conjunction with their Southern Rites exhibition.

Key Highlights 40+ arts and cultural events ff Themed Welcome Week events ff Regular Showcase multi-media events ff Inaugural Drag Night ff Collective show at the Chazen Museum of Art ff Alumni-led storytelling, sound design, and video production workshops

The Studio Creative Arts Awards

ff “Project Thrift” fashion event

Research Award

ff Trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Heron Splinter, (Theatre and Drama) in support of an interactive street performance.

Service Award

2018 Photos | 2019 Photos

Sam Eklund (Industrial Engineering), Godwill Oke (Psychology and Neurobiology), and Deryk Gonzalez (Electrical Engineering) in support of creating a local music space.

ff Noname, Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, Smino, and Aminé performances


Pictured left to right: Showcase group performance; “A Night to Remember” response exhibition; Showcase performance; “Breaking and Centering” performance. Photos by Mats Rudels and Liang Jing Zeng.



University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM Funded through the Office of the Provost, the Division of the Arts’ Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program (IARP) brings innovative, world-class artists to campus for semester-long residencies. Artists teach an interdisciplinary course, present public events, and participate in community outreach. The program gives students exposure to working artists, provides course credit, and strengthens programmatic ties across disciplines.

Stuart Flack Fall 2018 Stuart Flack is a playwright, producer, social entrepreneur, and policy researcher. His awardwinning work includes productions at many of the leading theaters in the United States. He has worked with The Seldoms, a Chicago-based dance/theatre company, on two full-length works which examine power, politics, and social action. As a producer, he ran the Chicago Humanities Festival from 2007 through 2012. Flack’s residency was presented by the Division of the Arts and sponsored by the Bolz Center at the Wisconsin School of Business with Angela Richardson as residency lead. Co-sponsors included the Design Studies Department, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), and Wisconsin Union Theater. The Wisconsin Institute of Discovery was also a partner for the final event.

Guest Artists ff Adrian Danzig ff Jacob Mills ff Marcia Miquelon

Residency Highlights During the fall residency, Flack taught “Performing Information: Exploring Data Through Live Performance.” The course combined analysis of data to create information-driven performance in a workshop setting through collaborative and experimental trial and error. Flack presented at the Bolz Center Lunch & Learn Series. He offered two playwriting workshops at the Wisconsin Union Theater and hosted guest artists for the Dance Department’s Friday Forum. All of the guest artists interacted with students in the course. Flack also took part in the 2018 Wisconsin Science Festival, coordinating an interactive project and presentation with UW–Madison Associate Professor Kevin Ponto and Assistant Professor Karen Schloss. The “What Color Is…?” statewide community project used LEGO® blocks to represent answers to over 25 questions. The semester culminated with a free and public event in the Discovery Building on December 8. The final event featured students sharing data in surprising ways, using dance, clowning, and theater along with Solo® cups and LEGOs. Photos Video

Pictured clockwise from top: “What Color Is…?” interactive installation with LEGO® blocks; Stuart Flack at Lunch & Learn; Children participating in the “What Color Is…?” installation. Photos by Maryam Ladoni and Liang Jing Zeng.

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

Rashaad Newsome Spring 2019 Rashaad Newsome is a multidisciplinary artist who combines a variety of practices including collage, sculpture, film, dance, performance, and computer programming to examine how communication in popular culture distorts power. Newsome’s work highlights the contributions of marginalized communities and questions the social hierarchy. He has exhibited and performed in galleries, museums, institutions, and festivals throughout the world, sharing works in performance, video, paper collage, and more. Newsome’s residency was presented by the Division of the Arts and sponsored by the Art Department with Professor Stephen Hilyard as residency lead. Co-sponsors included the First Wave Learning Community, the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, and the Dance Department. The Chazen Museum of Art was a partner for the final event.

Guest Artists

Residency Highlights During the spring residency, Newsome taught “The Gesture of Collage as Practice,” a studio class that engaged a wide range of collaging strategies in order to explore current discourses on race, sexuality, gender, performance, and art history. During the fall planning visit, Newsome presented at the Art Department’s Visiting Artist Colloquium and met with The Studio residents. Guest artists Frances Yuan Wang and Hitmakerchinx interacted with students in the course. On March 1, KitKat and Soup taught a Flex Dance movement workshop to MG21 high school students. Later that evening KitKat, Soup, and Hitmakerchinx led a sound workshop and Flex Dance demonstration that was open to the community. For the final event on April 18, the students had multi-media exhibitions and performances at the Chazen Museum of Art. Photos

ff Hitmakerchinx ff Jamar “Soup” Campbell ff KitKat ff Frances Yuan Wang

Pictured clockwise from top: Final residency event “The Gesture of Collage as Practice;” KitKat and Soup leading a Flex Dance demonstration; Rashaad Newsome at The Studio. Photos by Maryam Ladoni.



University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

ARTS RESEARCH The arts are key to the creation of new knowledge through research, whether it takes the form of arts practice as method of inquiry, historical research through curation, arts in science research, arts educational research, or arts impact studies. In 2018–19, the Division of the Arts hosted a series of events to recognize and grow arts research. The Arts Agôn: Arts Research Forum series encouraged arts researchers to share their work to create connections and encourage dialogue. The October 11 forum featured arts researchers from the University of Porto, Portugal and research on the history and practices of prairie restoration expressed through comics. The April

12 forum focused on undergraduate research as part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium, highlighting student research through dance, textile and fashion design, and cartooning. On November 19, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) presented a town hall to discuss their 2018 report “The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education.” UW–Madison presenters highlighted arts integration practices including theatrical improv training for medical professionals, science research expressed through cartoons, and humanities coursework for STEM students.

Pictured: Undergraduate Research Symposium. Photos by Kate Hewson.

The Division also maintains memberships in national and international organizations dedicated to furthering arts research. Staff attended conferences hosted by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) in Athens, Georgia and the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The 2020 national a2ru conference will be hosted by UW–Madison, and principally organized by the Division of the Arts. Arts Agôn Video NASEM Town Hall Video

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19


Arts Business Competition

Each year the Division of the Arts recognizes students, faculty, and staff achievements and professional service along with providing support for future creative endeavors and research. Sixteen outstanding students, faculty, and staff were recognized for awards totaling $88,500. The ceremony was held at the Chazen Museum of Art on May 7 to celebrate the accomplishments of these recipients.

The Arts Business Competition is a campuswide competition to encourage new thinking and innovative ideas and to provide support for student-driven arts-related projects. The three top proposals were presented to the judges and attendees in a public event on April 26 in the School of Education’s building. The prizes were $2,000 for Emeka, $1,000 for Clay It By Ear, and $500 for I Am Here.

Click here for the list of winners and committee members.

Click here for more information on the winning projects.



Pictured clockwise from top: Arts Business Competition winners and judges; Awards in the Creative Arts invitation designed by Cathy Sheets featuring artwork by Carolyn Kallenborn; Awards in the Creative Arts and The Studio Awards honorees. Photos by Junlin Ou and Marissa Sugrue.


10 University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL Key Highlights ff 30,245 total Festival attendance ff 156 screenings, 8 days ff 60+ film industry guests ff 2,500+ volunteer hours, 178 volunteers ff 2,605 attendees for field trips E-communications: 15,445 subscribers : 10,045 followers : 19,200 views Photos Videos

The 21st annual Wisconsin Film Festival screened over 150 films in five venues, on and off campus. Industry professionals from around the country introduced their films, participated in audience Q&As, and mingled with festival attendees at the many satellite events. Guests included Academy Award winning editors Bob Murawski and Chris Innis, writer/director Phil Johnston (alumnus), Vice President at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Rita Belda, and filmmaker Robert Clift, whose documentary examines the life of his famous uncle, Montgomery Clift. New this year was the addition of digital 3D equipment installed in 4070 Vilas Hall by the Department of Communication Arts. Audiences were thrilled by Phil Johnston’s Ralph Breaks the Internet in 3D and voted the 3D screening of Creature from the Black Lagoon as “Audience Favorite Restoration.” In this location, audiences also had the unique experience of seeing silent films with live piano accompaniment. The Wisconsin’s Own competition received 158 submissions this year. Films and filmmakers with Wisconsin connections competed for the Golden Badger awards. This year’s winners were

Pictured: Sold-out Opening Night Celebration at Shannon Hall. Photo by Marissa Sugrue.

Elephant Path by Todd McGrain (alumnus), Life on the Mississippi by Bill Brown, and Played Out by James Runde (alumnus). Winners of the Steep & Brew Audience Awards are found at Programmers and some film guests were interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television, and other local media outlets. Programmers and Festival staff also showed trailers and answered audience questions at “First Look at the Fest” at AMC 6 Hilldale and “Sneak Peeks” at various public libraries in Madison, Middleton, and McFarland. Over 5,600 people attended screenings in the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Shannon Hall including full houses for the opening night screening of Woman at War and the inspiring documentary Knock Down the House. The Wisconsin Film Festival is presented by the Division of the Arts in collaboration with the Department of Communication Arts and was held April 4–11, 2019. Numerous campus and community partners helped bring international films, documentaries, children’s programming, and other genres to Madison.

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19


Screens for Teens

Additional Outreach

With generous support from SSM Health and Dane Arts covering ticket and transportation costs, Big Screens, Little Folks saw a 25% increase in attendance from school field trips. About 2,600 students watched a program of international shorts (grades K–2) or the featurelength animated film from Japan, Mirai (grades 3–5). Teachers received a study guide to assist with integrating film studies into their curriculum.

Screens for Teens brought 8 screenings of Wisconsin Film Festival (WFF) films to seven high schools and middle schools across southern Wisconsin. Each program offered post-screening Q&As (in person or Skype) with the filmmaker or relevant guest speaker. This year’s programming was expanded to address specific curriculum. ff Bugs was shown to biology and ecology students at Shabazz High School (Madison). A UW graduate student then discussed insects as a sustainable food source.

The Division continued to collaborate with the Madison Public Library’s Bubbler program and Crestwood Elementary School’s film program for the free “Stop-Motion Animation” workshop at Union South for 50 children and adults. To strengthen the relationship with local film educators, WFF staffed tables at the “Explore Arts Night” in the fall of 2018 at Crestwood Elementary and the “Madison Elementary Animation Festival” in June 2019 at Sequoia Library.

ff Los Lecheros screened during Edgewood High School’s (Madison) “Arts Week.” Coburn Dukeheart, the film’s producer and from the Center for Investigative Journalism, led the post-screening discussion.

For the third straight year, students from the Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) Film Committee participated in the WFF Wisconsin’s Own selection committee and helped with

ff Rwanda & Juliet was shown to 560 students at Cardinal Heights Middle School (Sun Prairie). A whole day was dedicated to curriculum and topics related to this film.

various festival operations. For a second year, films were featured from past festivals for the Tuesday Night Movie Club, a series of free public screenings at the Marquee in Union South.

To celebrate World Cinema Day, the Division collaborated with UW–Madison Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) to screen two films. The documentary feature film, Midnight Traveler (Afghan Persian with subtitles) was shown to high school students. An animated feature from Brazil, Tito and the Birds (Portuguese with subtitles) was shown to middle school students.

Pictured left to right: Big Screens, Little Folks field trip; World Cinema Day attendees; 3D screening at Vilas Hall. Photos by Junlin Ou and Marissa Sugrue.


12 University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Key Highlights ff 2,845 total Festival attendance ff 44 classes ff 7 concerts, 10 lectures, and 1 dance event ff 51 guest artists, faculty, and lecturers ff 105 workshop participants ff 24 work-study positions E-communications: 2,320 subscribers : 1,285 followers

The Madison Early Music Festival (MEMF) was created in 1999 to provide an opportunity for musicians, scholars, teachers, students, and music enthusiasts to study medieval, Renaissance, and baroque music in its social, cultural, and political contexts. Acclaimed early music artists perform in the concert series throughout the week. Since 2015, the Division of the Arts has presented MEMF in partnership with the Mead Witter School of Music. The 20th annual MEMF Workshop and Concert Series featured The Grand Tour: A 20th Anniversary Celebration from July 6–13. This year’s theme was an homage to the 300-year tradition of young English aristocrats trekking through Europe in search of art, adventure, and the roots of European history. To kick-off the 2019 Photos Videos

season, a fundraiser was held on May 10 where attendees enjoyed an evening of early music and a tour of the Chazen Museum of Art. MEMF welcomed 105 participants, faculty, and guest artists for a week of workshop classes, lectures, and concerts that explored music, history, and culture. Participants performed with award-winning faculty for the All-Festival Concert, Musical Postcards from the Grand Tour, featuring music inspired from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Guest Artists ff Alchymy Viols ff Calmus ff Dark Horse Consort ff HESPERUS

July 6-13, 2019 | 608-265-ARTS Detail: Michele Giovanni Marieschi (attrib.), The Square of Santa Maria Formosa, Venice, ca. 1745-1750. Chazen Museum of Art, UW–Madison.

MEMF19-4x6 postcard-v2.indd 1

Pictured left to right: Advanced Loud Band workshop; “The Grand Tour” marketing piece designed by Cathy Sheets featuring artwork from the Chazen Museum of Art; All-Festival Concert; Viol technique workshop. Photos by Maryam Ladoni. 5/14/19 8:55 AM

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

ARTS RECRUITMENT & ARTS ON CAMPUS Arts Recruitment The Arts Recruitment Initiative was launched in 2017 with the goal of boosting student enrollment numbers in the fine arts. The Division of the Arts continued and built on the multi-platform “Arts at UW” campaign to promote the vibrant community of creative excellence. Through coordinated online and printed materials, social media, tabling (including at SOAR), promotional items, email campaigns, and direct mailings, the Division connected with students at all points of their decision process. In partnership with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, the second Admitted Students Day for the Arts was held on April 6 with informational sessions and panels for 68 admitted students. This year, the Division piloted new ways to support departmental recruitment efforts. Targeted recruitment event funds allowed seven departments to defray the cost of attending and marketing their programs at 12 discipline-specific recruitment events. The Division of the Arts secured scholarship funds through the Office of the Provost to provide $5,000 each for five departments to boost new majors in their units.

Creative Campus Tour

The tour is an introduction to the fine arts programs on campus and is supported by numerous campus partners. The Division contracted with Museum Hack, a consulting company that seeks to reimagine and inspire new adult museum experiences around the world. The goal of the tour is to showcase all the arts offerings on campus and to attract new students to campus programs. The tour engages with and appeals to prospective and incoming students. This project marks the first cross-campus collaborative effort to highlight the creative spaces on campus. Sixteen energetic and interactive tours with 120 participants were led by student tour guides.

Arts on Campus Arts on Campus is the gateway to arts units, events, and news on campus. During the 2018–19 academic year, the Division of the Arts collaborated with and promoted numerous campus units through student recruitment and increased awareness of the arts at UW–Madison via communication channels on campus and throughout the state including advertising, marketing, outreach, and resource fairs.

The Division of the Arts presented its inaugural Creative Campus Tour on September 1, 2018. Pictured: Participants on the Creative Campus Tour. Photo by Maryam Ladoni.

Arts at UW Blog In January 2019, the Division of the Arts launched the Arts at UW blog. Nine blog posts offered an insider’s look at the Arts at UW–Madison and highlighted some of the latest arts news and events happening on campus. We featured each of our partner arts units in an effort to better connect and engage with the Arts on Campus audience. The blog was distributed through the division’s email communications and on social media. E-communications: 12,650 subscribers : 5,410 followers : 32,000 views


14 University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19


(as of June 30, 2019) * denotes part-time staff

Office of the Director

External Relations

John Baldacchino, Director

Aaron Granat, Videographer*

The Studio – Creative Arts Community

Rachel Niles, Assistant to the Director

Kate Lochner, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Faisal Abdu’Allah, The Studio Faculty Director*


Heather Owens, Communications Specialist

Dominique Haller, The Studio Program Coordinator*

Renee Cowles, Development and Finance Associate Staci Francis, Associate Director Jennifer Harper, Event Program Coordinator, Division of the Arts; Operations Coordinator, Wisconsin Film Festival Lisa Spierer, Assistant Director for Media and Technology

Curriculum and Programs Kate Hewson, Assistant Director for Academic Programs Marina Kelly, Student Programs Coordinator*

Cathy Sheets, Senior Art Director* Marissa Sugrue, Digital Marketing Assistant*

Outreach Programs Cheryl Bensman-Rowe, Madison Early Music Festival Artistic Director* Terry Kerr, Wisconsin Film Festival Volunteer Coordinator* Sarah Marty, Madison Early Music Festival Program Coordinator* Ben Reiser, Wisconsin Film Festival Outreach & Community Engagement Manager*

Additional staff who worked for the Division for at least six months of the fiscal year were Sarah Chapeau, Anna January, and Mallory Murphy* along with Carolyn Kallenborn*, Interim Studio Faculty Director. For a current list of staff, including student assistants, visit:

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

COMMITTEES The Division of the Arts supports and develops its community by sponsoring committees and working groups. They encouraged more connections within the arts community, created broader engagement with the division, and advanced impactful interdisciplinary initiatives.

Arts Recruitment Working Group The Arts Recruitment Working Group members collaborated on initiatives that boosted the numbers of prospective fine arts student applications and of admitted students, as well as encouraging greater arts involvement of all incoming students.

Academic Affairs Committee The Academic Affairs Committee members oversaw the Integrated Arts course subject listing, reviewed proposals for the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program, and consulted on shared academic concerns impacting the arts across colleges.

Pictured: Aerial view of the UW–Madison campus along Lake Mendota. Photo by Jeff Miller.


16 University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19


(July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019)

The Division of the Arts appreciates the support of the contributions that make our programs and initiatives possible. To help support excellence in arts teaching, research, and public service contact:

*In-Kind Gift ** Partial In-Kind Gift

$25,000+ Office of the Provost ARTS RESEARCH Emily McKay and Ruth and Hartley Barker INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM Office of the Provost MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL William J. Wartmann Endowment

$10,000-$24,999 MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Jane Graff Bequest WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL AMC Independent* The Brittingham Trust Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Great Dane Pub & Brewing** Isthmus* Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club* Steep & Brew Coffee**

$5,000-$9,999 ARTS RESEARCH Anonymous Fund The Joyce J. & Gerald A. Bartell Family

INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM The Brittingham Trust MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Anonymous Fund The Evjue Foundation, Inc. Springhill Suites** WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL Anonymous Fund Hilldale** SSM Health Wisconsin Union Theater*

$1,000-$4,999 ARTS RESEARCH David & Edith Sinaiko Frank Suzanne & Roberto Freund Lyman S.V. Judson & Ellen Mackechnie Judson Glenn & Edna Wiechers INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)* MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL A-R Editions* Carol Adams & David Fraser Anonymous Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission (Dane Arts) Margo & Perry Franscisco James & Jennifer Lattis Alan & Katherine Muirhead Robert Perry Sharon & Walter Tiffany

Patricia Weiler William Stark Jones Foundation WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL African Studies Program Café Hollander** Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission (Dane Arts) Destination Madison* DNA Music Labs* Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program The Livingston Inn* Madison College Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) Foundation Madison Public Library Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies Wisconsin Humanities Council Wisconsin Public Radio* Wisconsin Public Television* WUD Film Committee*

$500-$999 ARTS RESEARCH Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)* INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM Chazen Museum of Art MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Diann & J. Michael Allsen Anonymous John Devereux & Lynn Harmet Gail Geiger

Gordon Flesch* James & Ina Heup Deborah Malamud Thomas & Lynne Martin-Erickson -in memory of William Peden Thomas Neujahr & Julie Underwood Jean Olson Karen Owen Carol & Dean Schroeder Ellen Louise Schwartz Judyth & Richard Swingen Anton Ten Wolde & Marcia Smith Judith Walker -in memory of George Hunter Wisconsin Public Radio* WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL Anonymous Robert Conlin Gender and Sexuality Campus Center Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic Kohler Fellows at Wisconsin Institute of Discovery Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies* Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia Wildwood Productions*

$250-$499 MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Alan Attie & Jean Feraca John & Margaret Barker Jeffery & Elizabeth Bauer Carol Brandt

University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts | Annual Report | 2018–19

Linda & Keith Clifford Neal Deunk Renee & Timothy Farley Wendy Fearnside & Bruce Meier Karen & Gregory Fischer David & Nancy Good Gregory Higby & Marian Fredal Benjamin Johnston Theresa Kelley & Thomas Baylis Roderic & Diana Lakes Barbara Martin Stefanie Mortiz & Vincel Jenkins Daniel & Judith Nystrom Susan Richter Jane & Glenn Watts Max Yount WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL English Department Goethe-Institut Middle East Studies Program Tyson Mueller

$100-$249 Dorla Mayer MADISON EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL Mary Ellen Bell Michael Bell & Diane Mayerfield William & Karen Benton Anna Bourdeau Chelcy Bowles Don & Carola Breckbill Barbara Broerman -in honor of John Patcai Faye Bruggink Kay & Nicholas Cahill

Betty & Stephen Cohen Earl & Mary Cooper Nicholas Damiano Christina & Michael Drouet Sandra Erickson Kennedy Gilchrist & Heidi Wilde Mary Grinde David Grindrod Don & Ruth Guthrie Magdalene Hagedorn Joan & Richard Harmet Peter Hoff & Paul Patenaude Marika & William Hoyt -in memory of Kathryn & William Hoyt Frances Ingebritson Monica Jaehnig & William Schrader Andrew & Cynthia Johnson Joan Kimball Teresa Lau & John Yin Carol & Gary Moseson Peter Panfili Ernest Peterson Reynold Peterson Monroe Rosner & Ronnie Hess Dianne Sattinger & Randall Wilkins Toby & Stephen Schlein Ann Schmoisch Andrew Sigel Reeves Smith & Glenna Carter Melissa & James Sosman Glenn Steffen Molly Rose Teuke & Michael Murphy -in memory of Lorraine Teuke Donald & Joanna Thompson Elizabeth & James Westgard Daniel Wolfe

Pictured: Close-up of Stephanie Rink’s art for Badgers Chalk the Block. Photo by Jeff Miller.

Joyce Zweifel WISCONSIN FILM FESTIVAL Department of African Cultural Studies Agatino Balio Capital City Hues* Duane Hansen Ronnie Hess & Monroe Rosner Jean Holzhueter Marilyn & Craig January James & Renee Knight Joseph Lloyd Susan Lloyd Lyman & Kathryn Lyons Larry Martin & Martha Cranley Kathleen Massoth & Marshall Edmondson Colleen McCabe Michael & Diane McCarthy Thomas & Julia Nicholas Diane Reiser -in memory of Gene Reiser Marsha Stewart

Thank you to all financial and in-kind partners.

17 | |

Pictured front cover (main image): Students in The Studio’s spring seminar course perform their culminating event “Breaking and Centering.” Photo by Mats Rudels. Pictured below: Brette Olpin and Dequadray White at the Arts on Campus table during SOAR. Photo by Kate Hewson.

: @uwmadisonarts

Profile for UW–Madison Division of the Arts

UW-Madison Division of the Arts Annual Report 2018-2019  


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