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Outward Mobility As a student or staff of Cardiff Met there are many opportunities to participate in Outward Mobility. Students and staff can study or work at over 1,000 universities across six continents. Opportunities are available from a variety of sources; for example, European Commission funded projects, Cardiff Met Short Term Mobility Funding, Santander Scholarships and to Cardiff Met’s Transnational Education (TNE) Partners.

Wales based partners:  Acorn Learning Solutions  Bridgend College  Cardiff and Vale College  Coleg y Cymoedd

Cardiff Met has many global connections and is associated with high-calibre partners in the UK and internationally. Cardiff Met degree programmes are available to study in a variety of locations around the world. All of Cardiff Met’s collaborative programmes are thoroughly vetted and are subject to regular and on-going checks to ensure the quality and standards of approved programmes offered are of the highest standard. Below is a list of our TNE partners:

Above: Cardiff Met alumnus Luke Evans volunteering at a Sport Cardiff event in Cardiff Bay.

WORKING WITH OTHERS TO STRENGTHEN HIGHER EDUCATION This key strategic objective of the University continues to be under-pinned in a number of ways through collaboration and partnerships. Examples include the popular public and inaugural academic lectures held through the year, and the hosting and organising of a wide range of public events. The International Association for Food Protection's (IAFP) European Symposium has long been shaping the future of food safety by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas with colleagues from across Europe working within industry, government and academia. These included hosting of the 11th IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety. The University's Food Industry Centre was responsible for managing this prestigious event, which was attended by several hundred food industry professionals.

The Service Design for Public Services (SPIDER) conference, organised by the University and Cardiff Council, brought together more than 140 staff working within public services from across the UK and the Continent of Europe to debate how design can make public services more efficient, innovative and simple to navigate. The event funded by the European Commission, sought to stimulate new ideas, projects and connections which can contribute to tackling youth unemployment, to enhancing health and social care and to developing a culture of innovation across Europe.

A joint venture agreement with Cardiff City Council has seen Cardiff Met Sport assume responsibility for the delivery of Sport Development for the City, strengthening the University’s relationship with key stakeholders such as Sport Wales and Cardiff City FC. The project will boost the sporting lives of 60,000 schoolchildren in 22 secondary schools and 101 primary schools. The initiative will also link with 400 community clubs and manage the hundreds of volunteers who have registered to help at major events.

The Cardiff School of Education (CSE) is working with the Welsh Government to undertake further work in developing materials for schoolchildren in Wales to improve the country’s performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Following a 2012-13 project within CSE’s Department of Initial Teacher Training, the Welsh Government have now commissioned CSE to produce a variety of classroom materials for KS3 and KS4 addressing the science skills pupils’ need to perform well both in PISA and at GCSE.

Cardiff Met has been shortlisted in the Research Councils UK & PraxisUnico Impact Awards for its Knowledge Innovation Technology Exchange (KITE) project, in the ‘Outstanding Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Initiative’ category. KITE has increased sales of Welsh-based food and drink products by £75m, seven times above the target set and two years ahead of schedule.

Global Partners

Cardiff Met Erasmus students in Denmark

International TNE partners:  Applied Science University (ASU), Bahrain

Transnational Education

 Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST), Egypt  City Unity College (CUC), Greece and Cyprus

Cardiff Met Overseas Offices

 CTI Group (CTI), South Africa


Omani National Day at Cardiff Met

 East Asia Institute of Management (EASB), Singapore

ANNUAL REVIEW 2014 - 2015

 Gulf College (GC), Oman Overseas offices

European funded projects

Cardiff Met’s India office is in Delhi. It opened in April 2012 and plays an important role in supporting the University's activities in India. It offers enhanced support for students, forging wider and deeper relationships with in-country partners, and provides further opportunities for educational partnerships in India.

Erasmus+ funded projects (formally known as Erasmus Mundus and Tempus) are an integral part of Cardiff Met’s Internationalisation Strategy.

Cardiff Met’s China office is in Beijing. It opened in June 2014, and provides Cardiff Met students, sponsors and partners with professional help and advice. The Office also hosts Cardiff Met strategic partners - Cardiff and Vale College and Cardiff Business Council, which helps promote the Cardiff and Wales brand in China.

Cardiff Met is the leading UK University in the coordination of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Projects. This success brings Cardiff Met’s overall funding to circa €27 million, and a portfolio of 6 coordinated Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Projects, 12 partner Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Projects, and 2 coordinated Tempus Projects.

 Hong Kong University (HKU), China  International College of Business and Technology (ICBT), Sri Lanka  London School of Commerce (LSC), London (and overseas campuses)  Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS), Lebanon Dancers at ICBT graduation ceremony in Sri Lanka

Rotary Club international dinner, Cardiff

 Perrotis College (PC), Greece

ICBT Cardiff Met team in Sri Lanka

 Planet EDU/QAI, India

Cardiff Met is also involved in the new calls for Erasmus+ and has been awarded new EU and International credit mobility funding. This year the University has secured funding of more than €600,000 for student and staff international exchanges with Brazil, China, Egypt, Europe, India, Indonesia, Lebanon and Morocco.

 Renmin University (RMU), China  Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI), South Korea  Superior Institutions for Science and Technology (SIST), Morocco  Universal Business School (UBS), India Graduation ceremony celebrations at MUBS in Lebanon

Lynn Davies and Lord Sebastian Coe at Cardiff Met's China office

 Varna University of Management (VUM), Bulgaria

Cardiff Met students and staff visit Renmin University in China

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From left to right, The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Cardiff Councillor David Walker, Honorary President & Pro-Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University; Barbara Wilding, CBE, QPM, Chancellor & Chair of the Board of Governors; and Professor Antony J Chapman, President & Vice-Chancellor.

CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE Chancellor and Chair of Governors Barbara Wilding, CBE, QPM In common with my colleagues past and present on the governing body, I acknowledge the responsibilities bestowed on us as governors since incorporation in 1992 to determine the University’s vision, mission and strategic direction and ensure its sustainability and development as an autonomous, vibrant and innovative institution. The success of any governing body is dependent to a large extent, of course, upon the support of the executive. In this regard I am pleased to acknowledge and applaud the work and support of the Vice-Chancellor, the executive and all members of staff as we work together to maintain an institution focussed on academic excellence, employability, widening access and equality of treatment and opportunity for all. Since 1996 the Lord Mayor of the City of Cardiff has been appointed each year to the honorary position of President. In more recent years the institution, as UWIC, achieved research degree awarding powers, seceded from the University of Wales, gained university title and in 2011 adopted its current name. Having taken stock of these achievements, essential to the University’s autonomy and independence, the Board of Governors became increasingly conscious that Cardiff Metropolitan University was the only University in Wales and one of very few in the UK that did not have a Chancellor. In July this year, therefore, the Board of Governors resolved to establish the position of Chancellor, an honorary position that will play no part in governance but rather will lead in matters ceremonial and ambassadorial, working in partnership with the Lord Mayor as Honorary President and Pro-Chancellor. It is my great honour to have been invited to be the first Chancellor and to have been installed in that position. I wish to record my gratitude to all those who have given freely of their time and skills as governors over the years and have contributed to the institution’s development into a modern and successful university. The Board of Governors and Executive are pleased to recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of staff and students in the past year, as well as looking forward to exciting prospects in the next academic year.


VICE-CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE This has been an exceptionally important year for Cardiff Metropolitan University as the University celebrated its 150th anniversary. A wide number of events were held to mark this landmark, one highlight being a dinner at Cardiff City Hall attended by hundreds of our stakeholders and friends, including over a hundred international partners. That event saw Barbara Wilding, Chair of the Board of Governors, installed as the University’s first Chancellor.


Cardiff Metropolitan University marked its 150th anniversary with a series of celebrations throughout the year. These included a service at Llandaff Cathedral, a dinner at City Hall to celebrate the University’s relationship with the City of Cardiff and a series of high-profile public lectures.

President & Vice-Chancellor Professor Antony J Chapman

The results of the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework were published in December. 80% of the University’s submission was ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) or ‘world leading (4*), placing Cardiff Met as the highest ranking ‘post-1992’ University (and 41st overall) in the ‘Times Higher Education’. The institutional ranking based on ‘impact’ placed Cardiff Met 50th overall and second highest ‘post-1992’ UK University.

150th Anniversary Service at Llandaff Cathedral

The University has its roots in technical drawing and design, following the establishment of Cardiff School of Art and Science in 1865, but it was not until after 1992 that our stakeholders began to speak of us as “Cardiff’s New University” (or as “Cardiff’s Post-’92 University”). We were into the latter stages of these 150 years before we qualified for ‘university title’. These days we are accountable to very many in society (locally, in Cardiff, Wales, the UK and more globally), but in governance terms we are an autonomous body. Very important to us, our Cardiff ‘parentage’ continues to be recognised and celebrated through successive Lord Mayors having served as the University’s Honorary President and now, with the inauguration of the role of Chancellor, as the University’s ‘Pro-Chancellor’. Cardiff is developing as a world capital, and we play a strong role in its International agenda. We do that through internationalising our curricula (and so preparing our students for a global market-place), and through strong international partnerships. Cardiff Metropolitan University now has around 5,000 full-time students from over 125 countries worldwide studying at centres across the world. We have developed a splendid Beijing Office, near Tiananmen Square, which we are pleased to share with the Cardiff Business Council and with Cardiff & Vale College, and we also have an office in Delhi. We have partnerships in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Cardiff Met attained Wales’ first Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) accredited FabLab, a stimulating base for Cardiff School of Art and Design’s public engagement, research, enterprise and teaching activities.

The Most Reverend, Dr Barry Morgan Archbishop of Wales, leading the 150th Cathedral Service

David Emanuel opens the new Cardiff School of Art & Design building


Enjoying the fun at Cardiff Met Fest

The University has achieved a number of successful outcomes as it focusses on the delivery of a high quality learning and teaching experience.

The Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD) building on the Llandaff Campus is a significant capital investment by the University, improving the environment and facilities for students in this School.

We are now the UK’s top ‘Post-’92 university’ in research quality, and 94% of our home students are in employment or further study inside six months of graduation.

An evening with John Cridland, Director General of the CBI

Since its formation, the University has been committed to a belief in the maxim, adopted many years ago, that “the most valuable possession is knowledge”. Our vision emphasises high-quality student-centred provision and internationallyrelevant curricula. I am extremely proud to reflect over the University’s many achievements this year, and I look forward to what is yet to come for the University, its students, staff, global partners, friends and alumni.

Above: Cardiff Met honours the six programmes which received 100% overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey. (Left to right): Professor Jacqui Hare, Deputy Vice Chancellor Cardiff Met, Malcolm James (Programme Director BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance), Dr Jane Dorrian (Programme Director BA (Hons) English and Contemporary Media, Julie Duffy (Programme Director BSc (Hons) Complementary Healthcare (with Practitioner status), the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Cardiff Councillor David Walker, Honorary President & ProChancellor, Professor Antony J Chapman, President & Vice-Chancellor, Denise Parish Programme Director BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Sofia Santos (representative for the BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching and BSc (Hons) Sport Development.)

The new CSAD building, which was opened by alumnus and fashion designer David Emanuel, provides a centre of excellence and high performance in research and teaching. It was awarded a Royal Institute of British Architects Award at a reception hosted by the Royal Society of Architects in Wales.

Cardiff Met now has the greatest number of National Teaching Fellows in Wales.

The 2014-15 academic year saw Cardiff Met win a number of awards and accolades that reflect its achievements.  Cardiff Met’s Centre for Student

Researchers in the FabLab created prosthetic hands using its 3D printing facility for a five-yearold boy born without fully-formed fingers on his right hand and an eight-year-old girl born with rudimentary digits at the end of her left hand. The prosthetic hand designs were downloaded from the ‘Enabling the Future’ project – a global network of volunteers who promote the “amazing potential” of 3D printing for children without limbs – and the various parts were then 3D printed in the FabLab at Cardiff School of Art and Design. The assembly took two hours and the device cost just £60.

Experts at Cardiff Met have helped design and bring to market an innovative new child sun safety product, after two parents approached Cardiff School of Art and Design for help in developing a solution to children's safety in the sun at school. The University engaged undergraduate and postgraduate students in the product development, as well as offering world-class support from its MITaccredited FabLab.

The outcome - Solar Buddies - is a refillable touchfree sun-cream applicator. It features a chunky, easy-grip bottle, a roller ball to control the flow of the lotion and a sponge to help rub the lotion into the skin, making it easy for children and teachers to apply. The venture has been supported by Melanoma UK.

Graduation at Wales Millenium Centre

City of Cardiff 150th celebratory dinner

9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000

Research into helmet safety in cricket carried out by Dr Craig Ranson, a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Cardiff Met, has led to the British Standard being updated for World Cricket. Dr Ranson, who is part of the International Cricket Council Medical Panel, is working with other experts in Cardiff Met to develop protective clothing for players, umpires and batting coaches, which aims to limit head injuries within cricket and certain other high impact sports.

4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000





The University has had a UK patent granted for the design of collapsible obturators for Laparoscopic Trocars. The designs were produced by Ben Mazur, an Access to Masters student at Cardiff Met. Laparoscopic procedures offer huge patient benefits including reduced post-operative pain, infection and scarring. Research and Enterprise Services at Cardiff Met is working with Ben Mazur to take the innovation to market.

Cardiff Met has re-signed a three year partnership agreement with Spanish banking group Santander, which will see staff and students benefit from £143k during 2015 - 16. The funding will support a range of activities including student and staff projects both within the UK and overseas, entrepreneurship education and student placements within local businesses.










Trans National Education (TNE) TNE countries include: Bangladesh Bulgaria Cyprus Egypt Greece Hong Kong India

Lebanon Malaysia Morocco Serbia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka

Bahrain, China and Oman are planned to start in 2015 - 16.

Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education survey 94% of our graduates secured employment or entered further study within six months of graduation, according to the latest data. This is the highest figure of any modern university in Wales.

Entrepreneurship was awarded the National Guardian University Award for Entrepreneurship. The awards showcase best practice and achievement in higher education throughout the UK.  Cardiff Met was once again rated as one of the

British Universities & Colleges Sport

Women’s Rugby 1st Women’s Squash 1st Netball 1st Women’s Indoor Cricket Championship Women’s Rugby 2nd Men’s Rugby 1st

Championship Championship Championship

Trophy Vase

National Student Survey (NSS)* In the National Student Satisfaction survey for 2014-15, 83% of our students said they were satisfied with the quality of their course. This was the highest figure of any modern university in Wales. Six of our courses received 100% satisfaction: • Accounting and Finance • English and Contemporary Media • Complementary Healthcare • Human Nutrition and Dietetics • Sport Coaching • Sport Development

55% Undergraduate 2% Research

most environmentally-friendly higher education institutions in the UK, according to the People & Planet University League table.

Cardiff-based students including South Wales based collaborative partnerships 10000

within the nationally-recognised league table's 'First Class' category.  The University has also retained the Gold

Corporate Health Standards Award for a further three years.


Knock out Finalists 2014 - 2015

 The University was ranked second in Wales

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) has awarded the Cardiff School of Education’s Gary Beauchamp and the Cardiff School of Art and Design’s Ingrid Murphy with National Teaching Fellowships, recognising outstanding achievement in learning and teaching in higher education.

Historic Cost Surplus 2002 - 03 to 2014 - 15 £

Above: Five-year-old Cian Morris and eight-year-old Emilie Riddell with their new prosthetic hands from Cardiff Met’s FabLab.

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Total Students 20000

43% Taught Postgraduate

Total Students 20000 London-based and overseas-based students 10000

English Annual Review 2014 -2015  
English Annual Review 2014 -2015