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2008 - 09

Inside you’ll find all you need to know about uwesu Freshers’ Festival / Societies / Sports / Volunteering / Hub Radio / Presidents / Western Eye / and much more...

AND reviews on all the best pubs, bars, clubs and more to help you settle in - PLUS money off vouchers From / Dominos / Finess First / Syndicate / Sony / @Bristol / Showcase Cinema / Aspects Leisure / and many more...

UWE Students’ Union

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12/08/2008 17:59:09

Commencing from 27 / 09 / 08


special event

Last Saturday of the month 27th Sept 08 / silent disco £varies


The Sunday Chill

Frenchay’s Pool Competition Wii Sports on the big screen Once a month open mic night


E AT V I R.a.m.p PR IRE H

Available for private hire (Look out for special events!)


club noche

Ibiza Themed Dance Party Every week / £3


Red VA presents RI E







Available for private hire (Look out for special events!)

Sponsored by Jim Beam Live music till midnight indie / rock club night after £free entry

UWE’s best student night Different theme each week £4 / £3 in themed fancy dress


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12/08/2008 17:59:12




We would like to thank Paddock Print Ltd for their help in printing this publication and their continued work with us.

Welcome to your guide; the gateway to an amazing year at UWE as a member of UWE Students’ Union (UWESU) and inhabitant of this wonderful city.

The Guide is produced from pulp obtained from sustainably managed forests. It also contains up to 20% recycled material.

Your student experience is literally everything that comes with this wonderful occupation: studying, socialising, partying, sleeping, living, spending, earning, eating and drinking. There really is a lot on offer and the Union is a great environment for you to get involved and ensure that you make the most of your time at UWE and in Bristol, both academically and...otherwise!

Please recycle

As a student you get thrown many an abbreviation: SU, AGM, SRC…to name a few. I want this publication to explain to you what your Union is and what this city can offer you in simple terms.

Make sure your voice is heard during your time at UWE. The student newspaper, student representatives, student presidents and the Union as a collective do all listen but the student voice must be loud enough to be heard before a difference can be made. There are many publications in this thriving city that try to tell you how to lead your life but this biblical publication is written by students for students. It shows you the thousands of doors available to you and hopefully gives you the confidence to head out and explore this wonderful city (with appropiate beer stops as you go). Thank you to everyone involved in the compilation of this publication, it has been a real team effort from a large group of students, SU staff and student staff. TP

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is accurate, UWE Students’ Union assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or out-of-date information. Viwes expressed within are those of the individual authors and not UWE Students’ Union


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12/08/2008 17:59:14

Contents Editorial / pg 3 Introducing UWESU / pg 8 What is UWESU? / pg 10 Freshers’ Fair / pg 12 Best Bits / pg 14 Your 08/09 Presidents / pg 16 SRC & SRC Vice Presidents / pg 18 Democracy / pg 19 Elections / pg 20 AGM / pg 21 Student Reps / pg 22 Ethics & Environment / pg 24 Sports / pg 26 Sports President / pg 28 Activities President / pg 30 RAG / pg 32 Volunteering / pg 33 Student Media / pg 36 Entertainment / pg 38 4

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SU Bars / pg 42 Jobshop / pg 44 Nursery / pg 45 SU Services / pg 46 SU Shops / pg 48 Advice Centre / pg 52 Bower Ashton / pg 56 Frenchay / pg 58 Glenside / pg 60 St Matt’s / pg 62 Hartpury / pg 64 contact - UWESU marketing e: / t: 0117 32 82096 Design & Layout - Rachel Shircore Editing - Thomas Pountney, Rachel Shircore Proofing - Clare Clark, Louise O’Brien, Rob Stroud & Sarah Pusey, Becky Bird Advertising - Sarah Hopper & Alastair Smart Reviews - UWESU Student & staff Media Contributors Photo Credits - Max McLure, Rachel Shircore, Sanjay Mistry & UWESU Student Media Photographers Thanks to all UWESU students & Staff that contributed 5

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12/08/2008 18:00:03

n What’s O the around s... campuse The answer’s Il Nosh Frank

Il what?

St Matts ’ GHT! QUIZ NI ay ednesd Every W r U Ba in the S m at 7.30p

Glenside The week’s ‘ Crunchie themed party every Friday with

DJ & drinks offers. Buy your Crunchie ticket at your campus and get a minibus to Frenchay included in your ticket price!!

IGHT! QUIZ N in dnesda7y.30pm e W y r e Ev U Bar at the S

I’m no b*!#^h!

A hton Bower As

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12/08/2008 18:00:36

don’t forget your su card

le d .. .. to b e re v e a e u n e v se su rp ri

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..


kets £2 Advanofcspeortst, ic socs or reps

for any member

r fore 12 / £3.50 afte £3 on the door be k ee

Different theme

each w

10pm - 3am

n 7

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12/08/2008 18:00:49

Introducing... UWESU!!! The Students’ Union is run for students by students, and here to represent YOU! Remember that phrase “It’s the experience that counts”? Well, that’s what University is all about. There is more to getting a degree than just lectures and it’s the Students’ Union that offers all the fun alongside representation and support. The Union is for all those vital things you need at Uni, and ultimately it is the fun part of the experience. You automatically become a member of the SU when you start UWE and this gives you the opportunity to join an endless list of sports clubs and societies, be part of some wicked nights in the SU bars and get loads of discounts, and who can resist a bargain?! Of course there will be times at Uni when life can be tough, (not just when you run out of food, and your dinner becomes the remains of the peanut butter jar and a pop tart), but there are people in the Union who can give you tons of help with advice on tricky landlords or help you to find a job when you realise you spent all your loan on ‘books and food.’ So if you have ever wanted to free-fall 12,000 feet out of a plane or present a radio show to 30,000 people, then read on to find out what the SU can do for you.


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12/08/2008 18:00:58



The UWESU Membership Card


You should have been sent a new GREEN 2008-2009 UWESU membership card. If you haven’t received one, please visit your SU office. You must confirm your membership number that you add to your card by logging on to:

The UWESU membership card can act as your student identity for many student discounts. However for more Keep your card safe. If you lose your card you can pick up a discounts you can replacement, but there is a £3 charge. buy an NUS Extra card for £10. Only NUS Extra Sports and Societies Membership Societies the card will give you A UWESU card and online registration are required for access to exclusive your membership of Sports and Societies at UWE. You can discounts with the join Sports & Societies online and pay your membership likes of Amazon & fees, then details of your membership can be added to Ticketmaster. the back of your card by your Students’ Union office. The For further info card becomes your proof of being a paid-up club or society see: member. For more information about UWE’s Sports Clubs www. and Societies see:



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13/08/2008 09:20:03











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12/08/2008 18:02:02




VARSITY 27th April 2009 - 7th May 2009

who said it’s the taking part that counts,

embrace the rivalry 11

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12/08/2008 18:02:05

Freshers’ Fair


ers’ f resh


Frenchay Freshers’ Fair: If you’ve been before you’ll know what a lively, massive, loud and exciting event Frenchay Freshers’ Fair is. It dominates the campus and last year’s attendance was over 8,000 each day. The event got so big that we had to split it over 2 days, so you now need to put both dates in your diary as these are two days not to miss out on.


uwesusection.indd 12

Day One

Day Two

Thursday 25th sees the large UWE Students’ Union marquees full of all the best Bristol has to offer to you. City bars and clubs will be there giving away freebies and VIP cards, and cinemas, restaurants, banks and jewellery stands will also be offering some amazing offers. To keep you entertained, the fair will have a whole range of attractions including a climbing wall and a gaming area plus many more.

Friday 26th is your chance to come and find out what the Students’ Union is all about. With over 60 Sports clubs and Societies fighting for your attention you are bound to find something to fill in those spare hours around your course. You’ll also see sports demos in the main arena, live music sets on the stage, and be able to find out about the other opportunities on offer: from getting involved with RAG and Student Reps, to getting your work published in Western Eye or holding your own show on our radio station. You’ll also be able to get information on the services we can offer such as our Job Shop and Advice Centre. Plus there will be plenty of freebies on offer and chances to win some fantastic prizes throughout the day. Sarah x (Freshers’ Fair team)

12/08/2008 18:02:06


ers’ f resh



ers’ f resh

Campus Fairs: There are mini-fairs on each campus that give you an introduction to sports and societies as well as campus based activities, local and more specialist course focused stalls. These are also a great way to get to know your campus and be introduced to loads of people who know exactly what being at uni is all about.

Frenchay Fairs Thurs 25th Sept 10am - 4pm Fri 26th Sept 10am - 4pm



ers’ f resh


Where / when Bower Ashton Fair Mon 22nd Sept 10am - 3.30pm Foca Bar St. Matt’s Fair Tues 23rd Sept 10am - 3pm Sports Hall Glenside Fair Wed 24th Sept 10am - 3pm Glenside Student Centre Hartpury Fair Wed 1st Oct 11am - 3pm Old Sports Hall 13

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12/08/2008 18:02:25

The Best Bits Hi, I’m Alex, this year’s Entertainment Co-ordinator. Now I know it’s impossible to attend every single event that we’re laying on, so I’ve decided to sum them up for you…



ers’ f resh


I’ve listed my best picks, but don’t think you can attend all of them! Do try and go to a good handful of these though, it’s the ones we’re putting our heart and soul into! Remember, that everyone who’s coming to Uni will be in the same boat of ‘not knowing anyone who is going,’ so remember new friends are everywhere, just saying ‘Hi, fancy going to this event’ will get you a lovely companion! So, with that in mind, start circling the events which stick out for you. Everyone should put a heavy mark next to THE ALLSTARS PARTY which we’re having instead of a Freshers’ Ball (so 1990’s). It’s where you’ll find big name acts and has been tipped to be ‘Bristol’s biggest party in years!’ (find me, I’ll tell you who said that!) I have to give a special mention to the Gorilla Audio Launch Party. Set aboard the legendary Thekla (it’s a nightclub on a boat), this weekly event kicks off in a big way. Last year, Hub Radio (UWESU student radio) set the event up and we worked extremely hard to pack it out each week! It’s an alternative to a commercial night in town, expect music from Indie to Electro. The Welcome Party: 20/9 It’s free and will have some big names there!

THE ALLSTARS PARTY: 22/09 You’ll feel left out otherwise!

Glenside Pyjama Pub Crawl: 23/09 Seriously funny times & the most comfortable ever!

Club Noche… Fresh from Ibiza: 24/09 If you missed your holiday in the sun

Live Wire: 25/09 A huge choice on offer, show your support to live music

Crunchie – School Disco: 26/09 New faces galore, absolutely everyone can enjoy this night

Special Event: Silent Disco: 27/09 Wicked fun and all the festivals are doing it!

Gorilla Audio Launch Party: 29/09 Close to my heart, get there early before it sells out

RaG Crawl: 30/09 Aimed at the Frenchay lot that can still party hard! (all for charity too!)

UWEDNESDAY Launch: 1/10 Joining a team or society? You don’t want to miss this!

Crunchie – 999 Services: 3/10 Standard practice for your friday night!

a T




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12/08/2008 18:02:48

u w e sluy proud





22/09/08 | 8pm - 3am | ÂŁ15 | Loaction : Oceana : BS1 5UH

En te r ta in in

g 25 0 0 u w

live music /e students djs

advanceD TICKETS only


bt ig names ransport o p t io n s ava i l a b l e


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12/08/2008 18:03:33

Your Student Representation My name is Dom Passfield and I am your re-elected Student Representative President! Well if I’m honest I have been described as a bumbling, emotional, extravagant, scatty, driven, surreal and passionate guy! I guess that’s true, but what I can say is that I plan to carry on (for a second year) working my rocks off for all you UWE Students. That is why I was elected last year, that is why I got re-elected this year and that is why I am here FACT. I will never forget that, you have my word.

16 6

uwesusection.indd 16

12/08/2008 18:03:44

Hey I’m Katy, your Student Representative Vice President! What this means is I (along with the other presidents) sit on all sorts of committees discussing pretty much everything from transport to learning, teaching and assessment. We’re here to ensure your student experience is the best possible, so make sure you use your SU if you have any issues, or you just want to come and say hey! Get involved, our door is always open! Hi, I’m Alice, your re-elected Activities President for 08-09! I’m responsible for campaigns, environmental issues, Societies, entertainment, commercial services (the UWESU bars and shops) Student Media (the newspaper, magazine and radio) and RAG, which stands for Raise and Give. The RAG team will no doubt be organising various fun events to get you to part with some cash for a good cause! If you fancy getting involved with any of the above please get in touch! It’ll help you to have the ultimate Uni experience! Hi, I’m Lily, your re-elected Sports President for 08-09! I overlook the sports club accounts and encourage and support development of UWE sport, the clubs and their members. I coordinate the Varsity series, Sports Awards Dinner and UWEdnesday nights. I’m part of the Disability Working group and the UWE Federation group. And last but not least I’m a trustee - so I get to sit on the committees that make Union wide and budgetary decisions.

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12/08/2008 18:03:49

Presidents 08/09 Student Representative President As President I get involved in everything and anything that affects you as a UWE Student. I am here to make your time as a member er of the UWE community y, socially and and the Students’ Union the best it can be academically, tudent you in all other parts of the student life, whatever kind of student ed and may be. I am here to consult with you, keep you informed represent you so I can hold your University to account. I fight cessful, for your rights, to take us all forward so we have a successful, g at enjoyable and fulfilling time in whatever we are studying ents’ University. I want us to be a proud and successful Students’ Union and University, moving forward together to make sure we are both working for the modern UWE student and no one else. So rything you enjoy this guide. Enclosed in these glossy pages is everything y. It gives you need to know about your Students’ Union and your City. ything an honest, non biased and widespread opinion of everything you need to know. Enjoy it, and enjoy your University p experience! Dom Passfield

Student Representative Vice President

118 8 18

uwesusection.indd 18

Hello!!! Welcome to one of the best places to be a student ever (in my opinion anyway!) I hope you’ve all had an amazing summer and now you’re ready to get 100% stuck in to being a student and enjoying all the festivities we have planned for you. Freshers’ Week is a feast for the senses but after the hub has died down we still want you to be having the best time possible, which is what your Presidents are all about. Dom and I are here to ensure your student experience reaches and surpasses expectations. As YOUR Vice President my job is to represent you, regardless of age, gender, campus or background, your views matter and I look forward to meeting many of you when I’m out and about next year. So if you see me around come and say hello, or pop up to the SU. Your union is student run, and all about you, so get involved!! Katy Phillips

12/08/2008 18:03:51

SU Democracy A key principle of UWE Students’ Union is that it is a student led and run organisation – it belongs to you. On a day to day basis, the four elected Presidents run the Union, but there are countless opportunities for all students to be involved. The Students’ Union works democratically, so all students have the power to influence the direction and policy of the organisation regularly throughout the year – in the past student influence has ranged from deciding what brands the shop should and should not sell, to directing the Presidents on running educational campaigns – and everything in between! UWE students are at the very heart of the Students’ Union, and no matter whether your interest is in your educational experience, a particular hobby and society, or a particular sport that you enjoy, then UWESU has clear channels that can help you get involved. UWESU’s well respected Student Rep system allows students to have their voices heard on all the things that affect their education – the quality of their teaching, the number of books in the library, and their access to innovative learning spaces. Each school within the university has a School Student Council, which is chaired by a student elected from that school – the Council process allows student input and feedback on their experience.

The Presidents are here to support and represent your views to the University and external organisations; however they are always looking to encourage other students to be involved in all sorts of activities such as running campaigns or organising events to name just a few. There are just hundreds of opportunities for you to be involved, just come into any SU office to find out more.

UWESU’s sports clubs and societies are also student run, each with their own committees and democratic structures. This means that students can really control the direction of the groups that interest them by planning and organising their own activities, social outings, and having a say in how each club and society spend their money.


uwesusection.indd 19

12/08/2008 18:04:22

Elections As we’ve already mentioned, a core principle of the Students’ Union is that it is run by students, with both full and part time positions available. Each year the Students’ Union holds an election process where the student body gets to decide who they want to lead and run the Union for that academic year. Every registered UWE student gets a vote, and in the 2008 elections the Union had a record number of students taking part in the process and voting for their Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Campus Chairs. The full list of elected students can be found on the right. Election week is a very special time where campuses are transformed by candidates’ posters and banners, with candidates attempting to convince students to vote for them, discussing their policies and manifestos, and generally trying to be as visible as possible. All the voting is done online, which means that during the week students can vote at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world – ensuring that wherever a UWE student is based at that time they get the opportunity to have their vote count.

online from 3rd - 7th march

online from 3rd - 7th march

online from 3rd - 7th march

uwesu electi ns

uwesu electi ns

uwesu electi ns

The 2009 elections will take place between March 9th and 13th, with information on the posts that are available, and how you can put yourself forward as a candidate from January 2009. Even if you don’t stand in the election, it’s really important to use your vote as the students that are elected have the responsibility of representing your student interests, both within the university, and further afield! Student Representative President: Dom Passfield Student Representative Vice President: Katy Phillips Sports President: Lily Priggs Activities President: Alice Bouquet

Campus Chairs:

Part-time posts Frenchay: Edidiong Essiet St Matt’s: Stephanie Dyer & Neil Wallbank Glenside: Aled Osborne & Joanna Hamilton Hartpury: FREE! Katy Berrill eye ye y este est es estern e ste sttte ster s tern e errn ern rne Sports Vice President: Paul Fleming Activities Vice-President: UWE students Elizabeth May voted to smash the previous record of Volume 6 Issue 9


7th April 2008

UWESU Student Newspaper

Friday March 7rd was the Culmination of Voting Week 2008...



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12/08/2008 18:05:32

UWESU AGM Each year in November, the Students’ Union holds an Annual General Meeting – this is a meeting that is open for all registered UWE students to attend to hear about what the Union has been doing in the last year, ask the Presidents questions on their work, and to discuss and debate issues that are affecting students. The 2008 AGM is planned for 5.30pm on the 27th November, and will be held at the Frenchay campus. There will be a lot more information nearer the time available on

Motions can also be submitted to other Union meetings throughout the year – the Student Representative Council, Activities Council, and Sports Council all consider and Every student that attends the AGM holds speaking and debate motions, voting rights in the meeting. In the past few years AGMs have debated a number of things that affect students and and each of these the debates are always interesting to observe and consider, meets five times in each academic even if you don’t want to speak yourself. year.

Thursday November 29th 2007



Any student can submit motions for debate at the AGM, but this always has to be done in advance of the meeting. If you are interested in submitting a motion then it’s a good idea to speak to people within the Union beforehand who can advise on the format and style of motions before you submit it – just come in to any SU office and ask for some information on submitting motions. You could also contact one of the Presidents or other elected students within the Union to discuss submitting a motion – they can give you ideas about what to include, and you can ask them to provide you with information.


ass debate

love it. hate it. debate it. Annual General Meeting 2007 Thursday November 29th 2D67 Frenchay Campus 1.00pm Registration 1.30pm Start


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12/08/2008 18:05:50

Student Reps Student Reps are students who act as a link between the students and the University. They represent students at University level meetings and Students’ Union meetings. Here at UWE we have one of the strongest and most active student rep systems in the country, something which we are very proud of. Many of our student reps work together to campaign on issues from buses to lecture times or on many other issues they feel are affecting their student experience. Over the past few years reps have made some fantastic changes at the University such as 24 hour library opening on Frenchay Campus. What would I use my student rep for? The student reps are your voice at the University. They will be the ones the University asks when they want student opinion, so it’s important to tell them what you think. Every course at every level should have at least one student rep. If you have an issue specifically about your course or the University in general you can take it to your student rep. Student reps sit on a wide variety of meetings from course level meetings to discussions with Faculty Executives. They also have regular contact with Students’ Union presidents so whatever your issue or query, they will be able to help. If you don’t know who your rep is, then you can contact us at the email address shown on the next page. What does a Student Rep do? Being a student rep is about representing the views of UWE students to the University and the Union. This is mainly done through meetings held by both the Union and the University. There are only about two or three meetings a term so it’s really easy to do along with your studies and other commitments. If you are interested in getting more involved you can sit on more committees from top University meetings sitting alongside the Vice Chancellor to being a member of the Students’ Union meetings, giving you a direct say on how the Students’ Union is run. Attending meetings is just a small part of being a student rep. Being a rep offers you loads of exciting opportunities to get involved with things such as organising events and working on national student campaigns. If you are interested in improving the University, you are bound to find something you can be involved in!


uwesusection.indd 22

12/08/2008 18:05:58

Why become a rep? Becoming a rep is a great way to learn new skills and make new friends. It also gives you the chance to get your voice heard and have a say on how the University is run. It may be a long time before you start actively thinking about your career but being an active student rep can give you a lot of valuable skills and experiences, such as meeting skills & public speaking. All of these will look great on your CV. Being a student rep at UWE is an experience where you will get to meet loads of other people. Reps often work closely with other reps on problems and issues. Reps also celebrate in style with the annual Student Rep Awards, where certificates and prizes are awarded in a variety of categories. As a rep you also get the chance to receive an attendance allowance of £6.27 per hour for time spent in meetings. However the best thing about becoming a rep is getting the chance to speak out and change things for the better! How do I become a rep? Reps for each course and level will be elected in your faculty in the first few weeks of term. If you don’t know who is arranging this, then you can either ask a module or programme leader, or get in touch with the Students’ Union using the details below, and one of the dedicated Rep Coordinators will be able to point you in the right direction! Once you have become a rep then you can receive training and support from the Students’ Union and get involved with lots of different aspects of the Union like writing articles about student reps for the Western Eye or helping with the Student Rep Hour on Hub radio! We are looking for student reps from any background and with any experience – so get in touch!

Tel: 0117 3282580 / Email: / Web:


uwesusection.indd 23

12/08/2008 18:06:22

Ethics & Environment At UWESU we are committed to improving our position on ethical and environmental matters. Large and small changes can make a big difference to our environmental impact and awareness of issues within the student body. As a union we are affiliated to the NUS (National Union of Students) and as such are part of NUSSL (NUS Services Ltd) which is their commercial section. NUSSL sorts out (amongst other things) the beer deal, and also helps us to become more environmentally friendly. They believe strongly in constructive engagement with companies who are known to have issues, such as CocaCola. Because we join forces with other unions to make bulk purchases through NUSSL, we actually have a strong voice when trying to improve companies’ practices. We have also taken part in NUSSL’s Sound Impact awards, which is essentially an audit of our practices. Amongst other things, we’ve looked at our carbon footprint and ways to reduce it. Last year, we achieved ‘Working Towards’, this year we’re going for Bronze or Silver! Our UWESU shops have recently started charging for plastic carrier bags, in an attempt to deter use. All profits from this are going towards environmental campaigns, as part of our commitment to improve. To complement this, we are selling ‘bags for life’ at a reduced rate. UWESU shops also do not stock Nestle products, as there have been various problems with this company promoting powdered baby milk in countries where the families cannot afford the financial burden. The mother soon becomes unable to breast feed, and the formula is mixed with polluted water, causing sickness, and ultimately death. More information can be found at UWESU shops stock “One water”, a bottled water project, set up where all the profits fund water pumps in Africa. It’s not just the commercial activity though…A few years ago the Student Council voted to not reimburse any petrol bought from Esso petrol stations due to issues with the company, which affects all trips undertaken on UWESU business, including society and sports trips. 24

uwesusection.indd 24


12/08/2008 18:06:41

t your cash e l c y c e R

When you buy a drink from the bar or buy something from the shop your money goes directly back into enhancing your student experience. 25

uwesusection.indd 25

12/08/2008 18:06:52

Sports How to join a Sport or Society... 1. Join a sport or society online at: (if you registered last year click on update) 2. Either pay your membership fee online, at Freshers’ Fair, or at a UWESU Site Office. 3. Get your membership details added to the reverse of your membership card and access the Sports and Activities Code of Practice. This can be done at the Sports & Activities Centre, Frenchay Campus or any UWESU Site Office. To be covered by UWESU insurance it is essential that you complete your membership online, including next of kin details and have paid the membership fee in full before taking part in any activity.

How can you get involved?


uwesusection.indd 26

Your first port of call is UWESU Freshers’ Festival where all of our sports and activities will be showcased for you to sample, either through Freshers’ Fairs across all sites or specially planned events. All of the sport and society members will be at the UWESU Frenchay Freshers’ Fair to tell you all about their activity and show you what is involved through various demonstrations. If you miss any of these then just come and speak to any member of staff in the Sports and Activities Centre (5th floor of F-block, Frenchay campus), visit the websites or go to your UWESU Site Office. It’s never too late to join any activity so when the Freshers’ festivities are over and you realise that all your housemates are part of the Ultimate Frisbee team. Pop into the UWESU Sports and Activities Centre for details on how to join.

12/08/2008 18:06:54

Go to: or /activities How can you set up a new Sport or Society?


UWESU Sport in conjunction with How about starting a ‘We love Neighbours’ society? the University Or get your friends together to introduce a table tennis provide leagues club. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the and tournaments current list then we will support you in establishing in several the activity. To start up a new sports club you need sports offering 25 people interested and at least three committee a competitive, members; for a society you need three committee fun and relaxed members and have 15 people interested. Once the opportunity for sport or society has been ratified through the Sports or all UWE students Activities Council, committee members need to attend irrespective of committee training and then you’re away. ability. We’ll provide you with just about everything you need from free first aid training to free official’s courses. So sign up on your own and we’ll put you in a team or come prepared with a group of mates.


uwesusection.indd 27

12/08/2008 18:06:57

Sports Athletics American Football Badminton (Sports Club of the Year 2008 & Club Volunteer Award 2008) Basketball Men Basketball Women (Most Improved Club of the Year 2008 ) Boat Boxing Canoe Climbing Cricket Fencing Football Men Football Women Golf Gliding Hockey Jiu Jitsu Kickboxing Mountain & Hillwalking Mountain Bike Netball (Firsts: Team of the Year 2008 & Student Volunteer Award 2008) Polo Riding Rugby Men (BUSA Trophy Finalists 2008) Rugby Women (BUSA Shield Champions 2008) Sailing Skydive Snowsports Squash Sub Aqua Surf Swimming & Waterpolo (Men’s Firsts: Most Improved Team of the Year 2008) Tae Kwon Do (Club of the Year 2008 & National Champions 2008 ) Tennis Trampoline Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Windsurf


uwesusection.indd 28

12/08/2008 18:07:02

Hello to all new students at UWE! This is my second year of being the Sports President here at UWE Students’ Union, so hopefully I’ve picked up a fair bit of knowledge since I finished my Drama degree in 2007. Being a drama girl does mean that when I get the chance to do a bit of public speaking, I completely milk the limelight (so apologies in advance, if you have to experience it). This year I am planning to facilitate some student led projects such as a disability week, and a self awareness/defence week. I want to do plenty of outreach work to ensure that more students who feel they are unable to participate in sport can do so – let us know how we can break down those barriers that stand in the way. Along with the above, my role will also involve leading the development of UWE Sport. Being part of a club opens up many opportunities for a small price. You’ll have the chance to represent the University in competitions, which in the past have led to national and even international success. One of the other opportunities is to become part of a club committee; this will not only aid your personal development but also enrich your CV! It’s easy to get involved in a club and if you’re not sure how – just give me an email! Have a fab time at UWE and get involved in plenty so you get the most out of your university experience! Lily Priggs


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12/08/2008 18:07:05

Activities Hi, I’m Alice, your re-elected Activities President for 08-09! “Activities” covers most of the fun stuff that you can do whilst you’re at UWE. You’ll meet new people, have fun, and develop skills that you can put on your CV all at the same time. Brilliant! I’m responsible for Societies, Entertainment, Commercial services (the UWESU bars and shops), Student Media (the newspaper, magazine and radio) and RAG, which stands for Raise and Give. The RAG team will no doubt be organising various fun events to get you to part with some cash for a good cause! I also look after Campaigns and Environmental issues, so if there is something you’re passionate about and want to tell the student body, then we can give you the training and support to make it happen. We need enthusiastic students to get involved in all of these areas, so if you fancy giving it a go please get in touch! It’ll help you to have the ultimate Uni experience! Alice Bouquet


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12/08/2008 18:07:07

Societies Aerospace African-Caribbean Anime Archaos Bar School Capoeira Chess Comets Cheerleading Squad Dance Drama Society Forensic Science Hellenic History LINKS (St Johns Ambulance) International Business & Finance Islamic Live Music Malaysian Student Association Out (LGBT) Paintball People & Planet Post Grad Racing Real Ale Respect Scouts and Guides Shorinji Kempo Sikh Skater Hockey Socialist SPIES Stop the War SWSS Technology Urban Western Footlights

uwesusection.indd 31

Societies at university can cover everything from supporting your cultural and religious needs, to helping run an activity, nurturing an interest, helping you to meet people with similar political views, helping add value to your course, or getting involved with creative things like music and drama. You could try cheerleading, join the history society, play paintball, learn to appreciate real ale, put on performances, run club nights, attend psychology debates - all manner of things! The best thing is that societies are run by students, for students. So, if there isn’t something that grabs you from the extensive list, then you can apply to set a new one up! It’s really easy to do and we have dedicated staff and elf to help you throughout the year. myself If there is one you like, have a look at their bsite and find out a bit more about it. website me along to one of the Freshers’ Fairs Come and speak to the committee if you have any questions. Although it’s easiest at the inning of the year when there beginning are lots of new people, it’s never too late to join. If you miss out at the start of the year and change your mind later,r, they are sure to come you with welcome n arms. open

311 3

12/08/2008 18:07:18

Rag Rag g g

Raise & Give Raise and Give is something of a university institution across the country. UWE’s own RAG committee consists of a group of enthusiastic students dedicated to putting on events and having fun while raising a significant amount of money for charity.

Throughout the year RAG holds events such as speed dating, pub quizzes, city centre collections and raffles to raise money for charities both locally and nationally. In 2007 – 2008 RAG supported local Bristol charity, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, and national charities, Health Unlimited and National Aids Trust. RAG’s most popular events are their termly bar crawls. Taking you on a tour of the finest establishments in Bristol, over 200 fellow students take it in turn to follow the marshals and see what the city centre has to offer.

The highlight of the RAG year is RAG Week, this year to be held in February. This is a culmination of the committee’s hard work; over £1,500 was raised last year. Events ranged from a pizza speed-eating competition, comedy night and the now legendary Sauce-a-Sabb. This event pitted the four UWESU Presidents head-to-head in a race to avoid raising the least money and becoming covered in pizza sauce supplied by our sponsor Dominos Pizza. Despite raising over £180, Activities President, Alice was covered in tomatoes!

But the best thing about RAG is that it’s all done by you! If you have a cause or event you want to support then the committee can help you sort this out. We’ve helped hold cake sales, balloon races and Fashion Shows – all ideas given to us by students to support their chosen charities. So whether you want to hold an event or just take part, come along and have some fun, knowing that you’re helping raise money for charities at the same time. Check out: for all the information and details of the first events of the year.


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13/08/2008 09:33:25


Volunteering Volu Volunteering lunteer er within the Students’ Union has been growing rapidly and 2008-2009 should sh hould db be an exciting year if you want to add something to your CV while heavily bene b enefitting the local community. benefi Junction 49 is a new project dedicated to supporting students bring their ideas for a community event into existence. Whether you want to hold a pillow fight, paint a mural in a local school or host a fundraising event UWESU has a dedicated member of staff to guide and assist you in taking your event forward, and with up to £750 available to fund each project you can really do something that will make a huge difference. The Centre for Sport also helps our sports club members become coaches and officials through the excellent JUICE programme. Last year members from many sports donned their new skills at local schools, benefiting the community while helping their CVs. Our Ave it! scheme is another volunteering success story within the Union. This accreditation scheme recognises all the hard work that committee members do for their clubs and societies. Last year over 4,750 hours were volunteered with seven students amassing over a whopping-200 hours. So what does this mean for you? Well, very simply, between the SU, CVP and the Centre for Sport there are a whole host of opportunities for you to get involved in. Alice Bouquet Check out: for all the details!

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12/08/2008 18:08:11

Student Media UWESU Student Media encompasses the student newspaper, Western Eye, the magazine WestWorld, the Hub Radio station, the UWESU website and site-based publications such as Mutts Nutts at St Matt’s. All these forms of media provide a wide range of opportunities for you to get involved. So if you fancy trying something new or have an ambition to work in media then we want to hear from you. Getting involved in your student newspaper, the Western Eye, is your chance to make your mark at UWE. Produced monthly, the Western Eye has been running for seven years and is written by students for students. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in journalism and expand your creativity by bringing fresh ideas to the newspaper and being part of a committed and lively team. The Western Eye informs students of current Union and University issues, events, campaigns, UWE sports and societies, features, reviews, and also a healthy debate section, all crammed into one exciting newspaper. The online version is available at: Westworld is our UWESU magazine which covers student life and culture in Bristol, using a fresh and vibrant style. We bring you everything from hard hitting features and investigations to glossy fashion shoots and music. Westworld relies on sharp design and friendly interpretation to provide everything you need to know as a student. To get involved in Western Eye or Westworld contact Sarah Pusey, this year’s Publications Editor on: Tel: 0117 32 82842 or email:


























l Va







Il 34

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12/08/2008 18:08:29

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Chris Moyles, Annie Mac or Zane Lowe? If so then get involved with HubRadio, UWE’s pride of AM and internet radio station. Join the HubRadio team and you can enjoy working in all sorts of roles, from presenting and producing to graphic design and creative management. Listen to us on 1449AM or visit: We broadcast throughout the year. Consider us the voice and ears that link you, the UWE students and the best that Bristol and UWESU has to offer. With ticket giveaways and live events, plus loads of wicked tunes, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it all? If you want to get involved then contact the station manager Alec Herron. Tel: 0117 32 8140 or email:

The Student Media Centre at Frenchay provides a home to most of the student media activities and can be found in room 5F9 (top floor of Students’ Union). To find out more about student media visit:

Wanted // Journalists DJs presenters graphic designers photographers web designers video editors illustrators

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/ / / / / / / /35

12/08/2008 18:09:01

do YOU know?

eye know uwesu media

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Wanted Journalists DJs presenters graphic designers photographers web designers video editors illustrators

12/08/2008 18:09:22

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12/08/2008 18:09:25

Entertainments UWESU runs entertainments on each campus. These range from the Stand Up Comedy night at Glenside, quizzes, to a Live Music night run by a society, Bower Big Screen films, Karaoke in Escape bar and other events run by students, for students. We also run Crunchie every Friday at Frenchay, which has a different fancy dress theme every week and always sells out!! At Frenchay we are lucky enough to have two venues, Escape Bar for the traditional student pub feel, and Red Bar with its set up for djs and bands. Both venues offer food and a social space during the day, then somewhere to relax or party in the evening. All of the campus bars are available for hire for anything you want to put on, just get in contact with me or your campus committee. We also run nights in the centre of Bristol, as lots of our students live there. Our indie/electro night, Gorilla Audio, will be back by popular demand next year, after starting with a bang last Spring. This night is run with massive input from Hub Radio, at Thekla, a club on a boat! We’ll also have a big Wednesday night party in town, which is always popular with the sports teams who have usually competed in the afternoon and are ready to celebrate. There will be other club nights in the centre but we’re still in talks about them, so can’t share the details just yet! Due to affiliating to NUS, we also get the benefit of being a member of NUSSL, the commercial services part of NUS. This means that we can club together with other universities to buy stock in bulk to make it cheaper. As such, the prices you’ll find in our bars are very cheap. Good to know when you’re on a student budget! We do still make a profit in our bars but this money gets directly recycled by helping to financially support other services like the Advice Centre, and helping sports clubs to run. We also run some big events like the SnowBall in December, our formal party to celebrate the end of the first term. Get your tickets quickly because they will sell out! Alice Bouquet


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12/08/2008 18:09:27


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12/08/2008 18:09:27

. ndary night .. e g le n io n U ’ s UWE Student 19th Sept

White T-shirt

26th Sept

School Disco

3rd Oct

999 Services

10th Oct

Moulin Rouge

17th Oct

Chavs & Toffs

24th Oct

er Heroes Super

31st Oct

Halloween loween


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12/08/2008 18:09:32

[ FRESH FROM IBIZA | 24 / 09 / 08 ]



Outdoor stage activities / competitions theme setting inflatables two rooms playing dance to trance and anything that makes you move Strict beach-wear dress code (you might just get wet!)

Launch night WEDNESDAY 24th September Returns every TUESDAY from 30th September

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12/08/2008 18:09:37

SU Bars St Matt’s The bar hosts regular events including live music, quizzes, open mic nights and has the reputation of being the liveliest bar at UWE. If you want to just chill between lectures, check out our plush sofas, big screen, baked potatoes, toasties and the best coffee anywhere on campus.

Glenside The Glenside Student Centre bar is run for the students by students with regular evening events including quizzes, pub crawls, comedy, karaoke and themed nights. They have pool tables, TVs, a great beer garden and games machines to keep you all occupied. The bar is popular for its varied menu which offers good food and excellent value for money. So come on in and try a ciabatta melt or a breakfast baguette. ETopUp and cashback facilities are available from the bar.

Bower Ashton Come and chill out in the FoCA bAR and sample the coffee of the month or one of the many speciality fair trade teas, coffee and snacks here. The full bar is also stocked with alcoholic and cold soft drinks. FoCA bAR holds regular quiz, film and open mic nights as well as DJs and live music, and the summer BBQs on the patio are always great events. There is also a permanent exhibition space for students to show their work.


uwesusection.indd 42

12/08/2008 18:09:38

Frenchay UWE Students’ Union runs two bars on the Frenchay campus. Both are situated in F Block and are the hub of all things social on campus. Escape Bar is on the ground floor, just next to the main reception and is open from 8am in the morning until late at night. Your local pub on campus serves a range of alcoholic and soft drinks and value for money fast food. It hosts regular quiz nights, pool competitions and is the only place to watch sports with its four plasma screens. Red, just above the Escape Bar, on the second floor of F Block has a relaxed atmosphere during the day and turns into a music venue and nightclub in the evenings, hosting the best student nights in Bristol. So whether you want to chill in the comfy sofas or dance the night way, this place has it all.

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12/08/2008 18:09:46

Jobshop Once the feeling of being flush disappears and the concept of reality kicks in, take the stress out of looking for employment and come to the JobShop. The UWESU JobShop is the number one place for students to find out about thousands of part time jobs and full time holiday jobs, both on campus and from hundreds of different employers around the Bristol area. The JobShop also offers tips on specific job hunting, advice on employment rights, tax and National Insurance.

r Ove jobs 0


ar a ye

All the latest job details can be found in the JobShop at Frenchay which is located on the patio outside Red or on special notice boards at other UWE campuses; they can also be viewed on the website. The best way to keep right up to date is to register for the free JobShop email which is sent out every Monday night. All you need to do is register and it’s free. Website:

Jobs in Bristol and the Southwest

Jobs on campus

Join at: / jobshop Or contact us: Email: jobshop@ 44

uwesusection.indd 44

Tel: 0117 32 82674

12/08/2008 18:09:50

Nursery Halley Nurseries are situated at the Frenchay and St Matthias campuses and provide high quality care and education for the children of students, employees and the local community. Our St Matthias nursery has been operating since 1988 and has been established as a successful educational provider. Over the years the nursery has achieved glowing Ofsted inspections and has received positive feedback and comments from our parents and carers. The nursery operates during the academic term and is registered to provide care for 22 children aged 6 months to 5 years Following the example of Halley St Matthias, our new Frenchay nursery opened its doors on the second week of September 2007 and is registered to provide care for 62 children aged 3 months to 5 years. Halley Frenchay is an all year round provision but there are term time places allocated to students and employees every year. The nursery at Frenchay is purpose built and has access to a large outdoor area that provides opportunities for physical play and natural observations. Frenchay Halley offers French lessons and dancing lessons and a variety of extra curricular activities, including frequent outings and visits to the zoo and farms. In March 2008, the nursery received the “Healthy Eating Pre-school” award which rewards the efforts of the setting in providing healthy snacks and to promote healthy eating and exercising amongst children and parents. In addition to the activities stated, the nursery has become affiliated with the “Sing and Sign” programme. The practitioners use signs during singing time and encourage the younger babies and children to say and sign in order to express their needs/wishes effectively. Future plans include sing and sign training sessions for parents who are interested in the scheme.

If you wish to obtain more information on the nurseries, please contact: Alex Morfaki-Williams on: 0117 3286290


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12/08/2008 18:09:56

SU Services Frenchay Printshop (4F Frenchay)

Frenchay Laundrette

Being a dirty The UWESU student is a PrintShop is matter of choice the epicentre of as you have the information about option of using the services that the UWESU the Students’ laundrette. It is Union provides. located below As well as the SU shop and meeting all of it is open during your printing and the week from copying needs, 8am – 10pm and additional services at the weekends are available, from 9am – from binding, 10pm. There laminating are six washing and faxing, to machines, with entertainment prices starting at ticket sales, £2.40 and four snooker table tumble dryers, bookings and which take 20p the provision of coins. bus information. It is also at the PrintShop that you can buy student rate bus tickets and collect a UWESU membership card if you need a 46 replacement.

uwesusection.indd 46

Frenchay Snooker Room


Need a place to sell your old text books or need The Snooker Room, situated on to pick up some the 5th floor of F books on the cheap? Then take Block comprises of three full sized a look at the SU’s online second tables for you to come and play on hand book shop. at your leisure. www. Bookings can be made from ebookshop the Printshop. Balls and cues are supplied on receipt of a £5 deposit and identification, with the hire of the table only £3 per hour.

12/08/2008 18:10:12

’ reshers f r u o y l al p to buy rse hoodies! o h s e n the onli ilia, and of cou Head to p emorab m , s t e k c wesho ti

g/u r o . u s we u . w w w

"Special Freshers’ Offer" Free P&P until 31st Oct when you buy online 47

uwesusection.indd 47

12/08/2008 18:10:23

SU Shops We have a Students’ Union Shop at each campus in Bristol. Frenchay is the largest of the four to support all the students that live and study on campus. We have a fantastic Meal Deal, many other offers, as well as course and start up essentials. We stock discounted newspapers from only 30p, or pick up a free copy of the UWESU student newspaper Western Eye. You can purchase a large range of products from Fairtrade Coffee for only £1 to your favourite coloured Hoodie from £21.99. We also have a great Freshers’ offer on all Hoodies! Check us out! Other ranges include: soft drinks, sandwiches, crisps and snacks, alcoholic drinks, chilled foods (including vegetarian), overseas range, Fairtrade products, groceries, confectionery, health & beauty products, tobacco, over the counter medicine, stamps, funky cards, computer supplies, gifts, memorabilia, clothing. The list goes on… We have some excellent Freshers’ offers so make sure you find us, and keep coming back! We have new stock and new offers throughout the term, but if you cant find what you need, just ask our friendly, helpful team.

St Matt’s Can be found not far from the Bar and next to the SU Office. We also offer the fantastic Meal Deal, along with lots of other great offers. This year we have a small range of St Matt’s UWE Hoodies (special print run). We have a small range of all your essentials and look forward to meeting you.

Glenside Located within the Glenside Student Centre. This friendly little shop can supply you with many basics. We also have a small section of nursing essentials and UWE Glenside Hoodies (special print run). Don’t miss us on your way in!


uwesusection.indd 48

12/08/2008 18:10:31

Bower Ashton


Is located opposite the SU Office. Our friendly team are always ready to help you. We have a small range of your daily essentials and have a good vegetarian selection. We also can supply you with a range of photography products as well as the fantastic Meal Deal and UWE Hoodies.

You can purchase UWE Hartpury hoodies from our Admin office at Hartpury in a range of colours.

Frenchay opening hours During Term Time Monday to Friday - 8am-10pm Saturday - 10am-10pm Sunday - 12 noon-10pm

NEW for 2008 our On-Line Shop, check it out at: Check out a few of our lines before you arrive‌


St Matt’s opening hours During Term Time Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm (Closed Weekends and out of Term) Glenside opening hours Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm (Closed Weekends and out of Term) Bower Ashton opening hours Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm (Closed Weekends and out of Term)


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12/08/2008 18:10:32

Get extra discounts with an NUS Extra Card

us Pl uch h m uc ! m ore m

he o t ite t o s G eb uy w o b rs t ou y y da to

Get exclusive exclusiv ve NUS Extr Extra ra discounts discountts with

* (5% off books, music & dvds)

& 09/09


Get t w card o s for the p ric of on e e!

NUS Extra is also an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which means you can save cash on over 38,000 discounts in 116 countries worldwide! Go to:

50 *Brands involved with NUS Extra are to the best of our knowledge correct at time of print.

uwesusection.indd 50

12/08/2008 18:10:35


uwesusection.indd 51

12/08/2008 18:10:49

Advice & Welfare !Life is never easy but sometimes things get that little bit too tough to deal with alone. Whether it’s advice or guidance you need, the Advice Centre provides free, confidential and non-judgemental support on a range of issues. We deal with housing, academic, financial, employment and legal issues - for more information just pop in and see us. The Advice Centre is based on the 4th floor of F block at Frenchay and is staffed by two advisers. You can drop in, call, email or post a question online. If you are not based at Frenchay you can still access us; we have an experienced adviser at Glenside and St. Matt’s on Monday – Wednesday during term time and we visit Bower Ashton on Tuesday mornings during term time.

for when things go wrong Drop in: 4th floor, F block. We are open 9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday, including summer holidays. Tel: 0117 32 82571/82676 or via your campus office Email: W:

The Advice Centre is independent from the University which means that anything you tell us will not appear on your student file. We will not speak to any UWE member of staff about you unless we have your signed authorisation to do so and anything you tell us will be in the strictest 52 confidence.

uwesusection.indd 52

12/08/2008 18:10:54

Some useful tips for when you first move in to your new home…. Academic matters The majority of students who study at UWE have few problems on their course, however, some students do and that’s when we are here to help. We can help you write letters and can accompany you to any meetings you may have. Most of UWE’s procedures have time limits in which to act so it is very important that if you receive a letter from your faculty about an assessment offence, meeting or anything else you do not ignore it. Come and see us for assistance. Accommodation Whether you are in UWE, Unite or private accommodation, we can advise you on your rights and responsibilities. If something is going wrong at home then please come in. We can advise you on your options, help you write letters and accompany you to meetings you may have with Accommodation Services.

uwesusection.indd 53

Inventories To avoid being blamed for damage you didn’t do, it is important that you complete an inventory on the first day you move in. If your landlord or agent does not provide one you should complete one yourself; make sure you record the state of everything in the house, including tiny defects. Also make a note of the items of furniture in the house and take photos with a date camera of each room. This should ensure that you receive your full deposit back when you leave. Any deposit paid since 6th April 2007 may need to be protected by your landlord. For information about the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme contact the Advice Centre. Council Tax The University sends a list of all full-time registered students to the council, so you shouldn’t get a bill but sometimes mistakes happen. You might have to prove to the council that you are a full-time student so you will need a letter confirming your student status from your faculty office which you then send to Bristol City Council. Those students living in UWE managed Halls of Residence are automatically exempt from Council Tax. 53

12/08/2008 18:11:27

TV Licences If you live in a house, a flat or UWE halls and have your own tenancy agreement (only signed by you and the landlord/agent) then you will need your own TV licence. However, if you have a joint tenancy then you will only need one TV licence for the whole house. It is important that you buy a licence because without one you can be fined up to £1,000.

UWE Chaplaincy The UWE Chaplaincy is part of the University’s and faith communities’ network of support for students and staff. They are a Employment To help supplement your studies it is likely that multifaith team you will need to get a part-time job. However, it is important of Chaplains, that you do not work too many hours; the University faith advisers recommend that you do not work more than fifteen hours a and community week. You have rights as an employee and we can help you contacts. The main centre is through any problems you might be experiencing. the Octagon on Frenchay campus Money Money is a problem for most students and sitting and a member down and planning your budget may not be fun but it is of the Chaplaincy essential if you are to survive as a student. Make yourself team is normally aware of what extra funds you are eligible for and apply available in the for them in good time. All the Students’ Union offices stock Octagon on weekdays during application forms for the funds that UWE can offer you and term time. we can also help you fill them out. We can also support students with pre-existing debts. If you would like help with Tel: 0117 32 82334 contacting creditors then get in touch. Web: www. The Advice Centre is here for you! We will try to help you with whatever problem you may be having, and if we cannot chaplaincy help then we will find someone who can! To contact a chaplain in an UWE Student Services Student Services is a University out-of-hours department based on the Frenchay campus, although emergency please staff do visit students at the other sites. The department telephone comprises a number of support services for students, UWE Security on: including Career Development Unit, Disability Service, Counselling & Psychological Services and Student, Advice & 0117 32 86404 Welfare Services.


Tel: 0117 32 82853



p e o


uwesusection.indd 54

12/08/2008 18:11:43

uwe students’ union




MONEY re ACADEMIC fair ntia e confide im EMPLOYMENT partial nt DISABILITY nde indepe HOUSING non tal -judgemen

Your Students’ Union Advice Centre phone: 0117 32 82676 or 0117 32 82571 email: or come into your SU site office

uwesusection.indd 55

12/08/2008 18:12:09

Bower Ashton

Bower Ashton is the smallest of UWE’s campuses, so if it’s an intimate friendly atmosphere you’re after, you won’t find it better anywhere else.


uwesusection.indd 56

12/08/2008 18:12:15 It is where the School of Creative Arts is situated and is a lively and dynamic community of more than 1,600 students and a close network of staff. It is situated on the edge of the beautiful parkland of the Ashton Court Estate (home to Ashton Court Mansion, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta) and is close to Bristol’s city centre and the popular student residential areas of Hotwells, Southville and Bedminster. The faculty also has studio space close by at The Tobacco Factory and Spike Island and also in the heart of the city at Bush House, the home of Arnolfini. The Students’ Union Office at Bower Ashton provides access to all union services. We offer an independent Advice Service, a JobShop so you can find work relevant to your skills and location, membership to all sports clubs and societies, and a diverse range of entertainment. Opportunities to get involved are broad. We can also put you in touch with the Universities Student Services (counselling, disability support, careers advice and more general advice and welfare services), simply call into the SU office and we can book you an appointment. The Campus Committee organise loads of events and entertainment for you to get involved with. The Campus Committee is also home to The Yellow Revolution, a creative community founded by students to facilitate extra-curricular activity and collaborative experimentation. The Yellow Revolution organises projects and creative social events such as installations, discussion parties and drawing battles to provide students with opportunities for cross-course interaction. To see their most recent stuff visit Whether you are based at Bower Ashton or simply live near by you’ll receive a warm welcome from the team here next year.


uwesusection.indd 57

12/08/2008 18:12:19




This is the main UWE campus where 2000 students live and more than 15,000 study and thus where most of the activity happens, both by day and night.


uwesusection.indd 58

12/08/2008 18:12:19

Frenchay Campus is the place where most students are based and home to the Frenchay Village which houses 2000 students every year. This is the main UWE campus and thus where most of the activity happens. So during Freshers’ Festival this is where all the major events take place, from the big Welcome Party, to the celebrated Freshers’ Fair. Frenchay is home to most of the Union’s services and in the UWESU building (F Block) you can find the Presidents, the Advice Centre, the Student Rep Support Team, the Printshop, the Media Centre (which is home to the student newspaper, Western Eye, student magazine, Westworld and the Hub radio station) and the Sports and Activities Centre (which caters for all sports and societies). If you feel like a drink or something to eat then the Union offers two bars, the Escape Bar and Red Bar. Both serve alcoholic and soft drinks as well as hot and cold food from light lunches to big dinners. If you need to grab a snack, buy a newspaper, pick up a forgotten birthday card or purchase your student hoodie then there is the Union shop, situated underneath the Red Bar terrace. Also on Frenchay campus near to the Union shop, is Natwest bank and Blackwells bookshop, for all your financial and literary needs respectively. If entertainment or relaxation is needed the UWESU bars are open in the evening so join in the quiz nights, watch live football, play pool or snooker, see live bands or party the night away at the weekly events club noche, Live Wire and Crunchie. The University has its bars, coffee shops, a refectory, 24 hour library, reception and IT labs close by. Both First buses and Ulink operate from Frenchay Campus, taking you to the city centre and all other UWE campuses. Bus tickets can be brought from the Students’ Union reception on floor 4 of F block.


uwesusection.indd 59

12/08/2008 18:12:28


Another of the smaller campuses, you’ll find the Students’ Union bar, the friendliest bar around, where all the action takes place.


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12/08/2008 18:12:29

All UWESU activities at this Campus are held in the Glenside Student Centre (GSC), by car park 11. You’ll find the Students’ Union bar, the friendliest bar around, where all the action takes place. This is a student run bar with regular evening events, ranging from quizzes, pub-crawls, regular theme nights and live bands. GSC has free Wi-Fi access, a late night internet cafe, pool tables, plasma screens and a great beer garden. The bar is renowned for its great food so come and try a full English breakfast or a lunch time special; we are much cheaper than Traders and any profit goes back into the services the Students’ Union provides. A wide selection of drinks are also available: a Glenside Special Hot Chocolate is not to be missed. The bar provides cashback, very useful as there is no cashpoint on the Campus and a shop for chocolate, crisps, cigarettes and a sandwich if you are in a rush. The Students’ Union office is located in the GSC for your personal, academic and welfare needs. The staff are always happy to help out in any way they can and if we can’t we will point you in the right direction. If you need a uniform for your course you will soon know where we are, as the Students’ Union office at Glenside co-ordinates the sizing/handout/replacements and exchanges of all uniforms - a big task indeed! Glenside is well known for its sense of community and friendship, with an active student campus committee, who organise most of the student events with our wonderful Glenside Angels, who give up their time voluntarily and ensure as a new student, that you meet new people and settle in. There are plenty of ways to become involved and get more out of your time at UWE than just a degree. Everyone is welcome so come on in and join the fun! we look forward to seeing you in September.


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St Matt’s

Close to the City, Frenchay and Glenside, and home to a feisty lot of students, this campus has pro active students to ensure a full events timetable for the year ahead!


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The Harry Potter Campus. St Matt’s has a traditional English sunken lawn surrounded by fantastic 19th century buildings. Close to the City, Frenchay and Glenside, and home to a feisty lot of students, including Humanities and Drama, we’re also the base for societies and clubs including the Comets Cheerleading squad, Karate, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, and the UWE Pool and Women’s Football teams. UWESU run a shop, nursery, office and bar here. The Bar is small enough for people to get to know each other, and the campus supports a lively social scene, centred around the Bar. Highlights from last year: regular Live Music Night, Quiz Night, Open Mic Nights, DJ Fridays and Comedy Nights, Christmas Panto, 60s Night, Poker Night, Halloween, Murder Mystery Night and Slay The Dragon (St George’s Day). If you just want to chill between lectures, check out our plush sofas, Big Screen, baked potatoes, toasties and salad bar, and the best coffee. People get together to work here and revise, with computer access and WiFi. Campus Committee (CC) take their role very seriously, last year organising film screenings, talks, presentations from Stop the War Society, Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance (SHAG) Week and the International Explosion of Culture and Sustainability Fair. CC also surveyed students about what else they wanted in their Bar and as a result have commissioned some original artwork and permanent display frames for exhibitions of work from Media Students. Freshers’ Fair is a great place to network. Our film, media and drama types draw all sorts of arts organisations, and if you come down to St Matt’s Freshers’ you’ll doubtless be asked to become a tv extra whatever you’re studying. Plus it’s easier to chat to UWESU Clubs and Societies here, where you’ll find 50 stalls all in one place, with lots of free tea and coffee all week. As for networking, there’re more chatrooms about St Matt’s than you can shake a stick at, we’ll let you discover them yourself! Anything else you wanted? Just ask a Freshers’ Angel, you’ll spot the red T-Shirts - they’re dying to be helpful. And if you can’t find the Club or Society that fits your desire, we’ll show you how to set one up, enrol you onto the Campus Committee, or as a Rep, help you organise an event, or just introduce you to a cat. (Yes, Boris and Shoba live here too).


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Hartpury Hartpury is set in acres of greenery and woodland a few miles from both Cheltenham and Gloucester. Hartpury provides courses in Equine-related subjects and Sport as well as housing part of the School of Health and Social Care. It has great facilities including a Sports Academy, extensive Equine facilities and is a training ground for both Cheltenham Town Football Club and Gloucester Rugby Club. In the Old Sports Hall is your SU Office, open from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. It’s there to help you with any academic, financial or personal issues, info on being a Student Rep or Jobshop. Feel free to just pop in for advice of any sort, leaflets, hooded sweatshirts, UWESU/NUS cards or maybe just someone to chat to. Also in the Old Sports Hall is Legends Bar. This is your place of entertainment in the evenings and your Common room during the day. Here you can get a coffee, play pool, watch television or just chill out. This is also the only place on campus where you can eat your own packed lunch. Opening hours are 8am until late evening. Join our ‘Legends Sports Bar @hartpury college’ facebook group to get early details of all events, promos and special prices available thoughout Freshers’ Week and beyond. The Students’ Union is here to help you make the most of your time here at Hartpury. Welcome and see you in September.


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e h T

vouchers inside vouchers inside!!!

Bristol Guide Clubs / Pubs / Bars / Restaurants / Culture / Gigs / Cinema / Music / Sport / vouchers / plus much more...


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Contents Areas / pg 68 Clubs / pg 70 Pubs / pg 74 Bars / pg 78 Restaurants / pg 83 Culture / pg 86 Gig Venues / pg 90 Cinema / pg 92 History of the Thekla / pg 94 Cider!Cider!Cider! / pg 95 Bristol lingo / pg 97 Underground music / pg 100 A free day in Bristol / pg 102 Who the hell is Banksy? / pg 105 66

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LGBT / pg 107

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Sport in Bristol / 109 Vouchers / pg 111


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Areas Bristol city centre is as diverse and distinctive as it’s surrounding areas. As of September 2008 Cabot Circus is set to rise to a top five UK shopping destination and dwarf The Galleries (city centre mall) to dominate the Broadmead cityscape with its imposing concrete face welcoming visitors and inhabitants to our city. The old part of the city accommodates some of Bristol’s most historic buildings; from Corn Street to Queens Square, the area oozes antiquity. The Harbourside combines the old and the new with its trendy bars and clubs, cosmopolitan feel and modern living. However, reminders of Bristol’s maritime past are evident throughout the area. The West End stretches from the Hippodrome theatre to the top of Park Street, encompassing Bristol Cathedral and the Council House.

Bedminster & Southville are tucked away in the south of the city. Victoria Park is large, leafy and great for getting some fresh air. Nearby is the Windmill Hill City Farm, a community project which encourages a greater understanding of farming and sustainable living. Bedminster’s Fiddlers is one of Bristol’s best kept secrets, hosting consistently outstanding gigs. Not strictly in Southville, but just to the north of the Bower Ashton campus, the Ashton Court Estate is the home of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Clifton is one of those places that seems to have everything; clean, bustling, great facilities, lively and friendly. With a big student population from both UWE and Bristol there is always a busy night somewhere and some friendly banter to be had. With Clifton village there is a beautiful village with great pubs and bars. JH


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Bishopston and St Andrews are situated around some of the best bars and cafes in Bristol for those willing to pay a little more rent whilst still staying on the main bus routes to Frenchay Campus. The Independent newspaper recently declared Gloucester Road as the “last great British high street” for its eclectic mix of shops, cafes and bars, and unique atmosphere. Gloucester Road is the place to go for fancy dress with countless charity shops. Fishponds. Very convenient for access to St Matt’s and Glenside, this is a heavily populated student area. You will find banks, supermarkets, post office, launderettes, take away restaurants and local pubs: everything a student needs. Fishponds is far from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, but the ULink flyer makes town very accessible. Beautiful parks and greens give life to the predominately dour buildings and a Farmers Market visits fortnightly. PC

Redland. Your average student won’t dream of living here for many years to come after graduation but if you can afford the slightly more expensive rent it’s a student’s dream. The Downs on your doorstep, Gloucester Road and Whiteladies Road; the two gateways to a great night out just a stones throw away, whilst living amongst the more affluent Bristolians. This does mean you have to consider the family next door, an expensive local and really hard quizzes but the large Georgian houses, whilst hard to heat, are good fun to live in. Transport to UWE via the new Ulink U5 route should enable cheap and easy travel. TP Ashley Down, Filton & Horfield. Due to their affordable accommodation and location, around halfway between the city centre and the Frenchay campus, these areas are popular with students. Well served by bus routes and within walking/cycling distance of the campus. Horfield is home to the Memorial Stadium, home to Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby. Students in the area tend to head down towards Gloucester Road for a drink; the Inn on the Green and the Tinto Lounge are also popular. The area also offers the newly-revamped Horfield Leisure Centre.


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Clubs Lizard lounge is a small club at the top of Park Street. During the week this club attracts a student crowd and will often reject entry to nonstudents. It can often fill up just after 10pm on these student nights because of the cheap drink offers and reduced entry. Once inside there are three separate bars and a small dance floor that can get very busy at its peak. A friendly crowd will normally be found and fun is usually had by all. JH BS8 1QU

The Black Swan. Find the entrance to Bristol’s arguably grimiest club and you’re in for a real treat. That’s if you like treats consisting of filthy bass-laden tunes oozing enough energy to give Einstein a semi, low ceilings with built-in water sprinklers (definitely not dripping sweat) and a crowd of people ‘Frank’ was invented for but clearly never spoke to. A spacious outdoor area offers a welcome reprieve to the chaos that ensues at this infamous Bristol establishment. RM BS5 6NR Motion Skate Park is a skateboarder’s dream by day and a raver’s dream come night. One of Bristol’s sought after venues to host nights of pumping electro or dirty drum ‘n’ bass, ravers come in their hordes to rave the half pipe from its hinges. Outside, the chill out area is as popular as inside, and the two additional rooms ensure there’s music to suit every stage of your night. Expect to still be raving come morning light! RS BS2 0PX

Native is home to Bristol’s most prestigious drum ‘n’ bass night ‘Run’ every Tuesday. Low ceilings and darkened corners create a cramped, sweaty, bass - appreciated atmosphere that go hand in hand for such a night. If you like your clubs small, the crowd unfazed and the music hard look no further. RS BS1 1DE


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Versa provides the Saturday night for students. A night full of cheap drinks, dirty dance floors and a sweaty underground room full of students gagging for good times and whatever is served up along the way. A quieter sports bar during the day with pool tables and non stop action on TV screens. TP BS9 3DU

Reflex is the kind of venue everyone at some point will have been dragged into and despite their protests loved evey second! Cheesy to the max with its décor, it has a smallish dance floor which gets cramped on busy nights. If you want a night of cheap drinks and music to take you through the ages then this is your venue. Reflex attracts the young and old, the horribly chavy and bog standard student alike. Good fun but you have been warned!! RS BS1 1SE


Panache. When you’re feeling a little flash and after a venue with that extra touch of class, head to Panache. They cater for student nights as well as the average young professional. The venue is cosy when busy and it’s simple design means you can keep sight of your friends. You’ll sometimes see the VIP bar open, another bar which feels as exclusive as it looks. You might want to leave your trainers at home for this one! AB BS1 2LZ

Joe Publics bills itself as “Bristol’s most unique bar, music lounge and nightclub”. Not sure I agree with that, but it certainly is different. The interior is lavishly decorated as a Mini Cooper / Theatre / Aeroplane / Comic Strip depending on where you stand and is just the right size to have a great atmosphere whether it’s full to the brim or just you and your mates. There’s loads of live music on during the week(normally free entry) and a funk / soul feel on a Friday which is a nice antidote to the usual chart nonsense, but make sure you bring a full wallet! MA BS8 1QU


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Dojo lounge plays host to some of the best up and coming djs and usually provides a fun and lively evening. Although it’s quite small and gets pretty crowded on the dance floor, it doesn’t stop people always enjoying themselves and usually getting pretty wasted. It also has a little heated outdoor seating area, which can be the best place to chill and socialise once you can’t rave anymore. With a variety of different nights it is popular amongst both students and locals. JH BS1 5LJ

Soho. A small club that mimics those also around the surrounding streets. Located off Corn Street this venue is small and cavelike with arched ceilings and is made up of a series of rooms all leading into each other. They play a varied line up, but best suites a bit of grime or dubstep to reflect its dark, hot atmosphere. Large smoking area out back is great to relax in. One of the clubs often chosen for fundraising for your course, or end of term blowouts. A good alternative for a night out if you want a change from the superclubs of Bristol. RS BS1 1EL

Timbuk2. An underground cavern bursting with life and fresh events with something for everyone. Attracting some of the uk and the world’s most influential dJs and dance music labels as well as some excellent home grown talent. Timbuk2 is a quirky venue that fits the cave like appearance of many of Bristol’s smaller underground clubs. Deceptfully big it opens its doors to a brand of like minded people who all love their music. Also available for hire as a venue for public events it will definitely be an excellent venue to host your night at! BS1 1DW

Thekla is one of Bristol’s best loved clubs. A constant array of internationally acclaimed musical talent performs here throughout the week. Mondays see UWESU’s very own Gorilla Audio, Thursdays are home to Death from Above for your weekly dose of rock and on Saturday it’s Socialism for all your electro needs. Friday plays host to a rotation of much loved nights with Fruity Antics, Play, Monkey!Knife!Fight!, Shoestring, Hospitality band and finally my favourite Blowpop who’ve seen performances from Plump Djs, Stanton Warriors, too many DJs & Yoda to name but a few. You absolutely most definitely have to jump on board this ship! RS BS1 4RB


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The Cooler. Slotted in between the hip boutiques of Park Street lies The Cooler, a music venue come club that plays host to one of Bristol’s longest running club nights. Looking some what like one of those purple Quality Street sweets from the outside, The Cooler packs stylishly designed sofas and a bar into a very small space, creating an atmosphere whether half packed or full to the brim. Club Kute is popular among students on a Saturday night but be warned – drinks are pricey! SP BS1 5JG Po Na Na. Situated in the heart of Clifton, it is Bristol’s underground Moroccan palace. The intimate, cosy, candlelit atmosphere makes it at times seem quite pretentious, but if a good crowd is in coupled with its usual musical treasures it’s a hit. The dance floor is tiny so if you like your room to groove perhaps avoid, and the bar prices are expensive. A wide and varied style of music is on offer so see what is going on before you head down there. BS8 1QL Syndicate. If you’re itching to put on your dancing shoes then The Syndicate is the place for you. Throughout the week they cater for the student market, with events to please everyone. Their nights range from indie to urban to all out dance, throwing in nights of chart and cheese every so often for good measure. Over two floors, The Syndicate Superclub has a generous dance floor complete with platforms and podiums. When the weekend comes, expect to see big names such as Dave Pearce or Armin van Buuren. GB BS1 2JY

Oceana. If you’re looking for a big night out, Oceana is the perfect place to go. With its seven themed rooms, including two modern dance floors and five friendly bars, you can go for an unique journey to Tokyo, Paris, New York or Helsinki. Many discounts and drinks offers during the week make for a cheap night for students. And everything under one roof! PC BS1 5UH

Platform 1. Formerly known as K2, this relatively new club sits somewhat as a lonely club on Whiteladies Road. Clean, plush décor suits its Clifton surroundings. Once you’ve found the doorway, just past Clifton Down railway station, you’ll walk into a large open room with two bars and ample seating around the edges in little cubby holes. Djs play a mix of dubstep to funky house to cheese, so something to suit every taste. Not a student club, as clientele from the surrounding areas are drawn here too. Keep an eye on guest djs as they’ve attracted some big names. RS BS8 2PH


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Pubs star and garter. If you get to the Star and Garter before 10pm you are early. This was the first pub in Bristol to apply for a 24 hour licence, although folklore suggests that this pub has always had an element of the late night experience running through its veins. Expect the unexpected here – with reggae and dub the predominant soundtrack and a rather peculiar interior design with a coffin acting as a table. Sunday night is definitely your best bet to try the Star and Garter with an excellent selection of live folk and gypsy jazz bands and a handsome dinner for only £3. BS6 5LR

The Farm. set at the heart of St Werburghs is unofficially Bristol’s Best Summer pub. With a large beer garden out the front, allotments on three sides and a city farm on the other, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in Bristol. The Farm has an excellent (or should I say “gert lush!”) selection of pub food, real ales and cider – it’s also a pretty decent place to watch the footie. But remember, its Bristol’s best kept secret so don’t tell too many of your friends. BS2 9YL


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The Coronation Tap is infamous for its home brewed cider, Exhibition. Only sold in half pints this stuff well and truly gets you ‘corried’. Wooden clad Georgian and Regency architecture makes for a distinct and enjoyable environment, with an atmosphere that’s always busy at the weekends and attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists alike. If you like your range of ciders this is the pub for you. I wouldn’t bother going if you’re only after a coke! RS BS8 4AX The White Hart is your typical student haunt, and was my favourite watering hole throughout my first year. Part of the Scream family, this pub offers additional discounts on purchasing their scream card, we’re talking money off spirits as well as beers! Perfect meeting place to start off the night, or to spend a few hours playing pool and catching a bite to eat from a menu that doesn’t disappoint for the price. A large screen to show all sporting matches creates the perfect pub atmosphere. RS BS1 4SB

12/08/2008 19:02:53

pipe and slippers is a favourite with the locals. Quality, pristine cocktails and a great selection of beers, plus the famous Pieminister pies are all on sale. Local djs and live music bring a good atmosphere by night to this this traditional style boozer that should not be dismissed as just this. BS6 5RW

The Hatchet is located around the back of the Hippodrome. During the day the Hatchet offers some nice pub grub and the Hatchet burger is worth a try. In the evening it gets pretty busy and has a good atmosphere. The drinks are reasonable and the beer garden is nice but has no grass! It’s tagged as Bristol’s oldest pub and most popular rock / alternative venue. It’s also a great place for a few drinks before hitting the Academy or town. LT BS1 5NA

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The Apple. The legendary cider boat of Bristol, docked conveniently around the corner from Favell House and the Rackay. A cacophony of citrus infused snifters, quality ales and beers fill the bowels of this cosy little vessel. Below deck is a warm interior with a decidedly modern feel and up top patrons can chill out under cover and watch the world float by. This is the perfect place for chilled out summertime drinks, but get there early as it’s always very popular! JM BS1 4SB

highbury vaults. Sitting on the peak of St Michael’s Hill, Highbury Vaults is far from the centre of the action. It is, however, perfectly positioned as a watering hole for anyone attempting to conquer the mighty mount. A popular haunt for both students and locals, the Vaults offers a friendly atmosphere and reasonably priced ales. Enclosed beer garden at the back of the pub becomes premium drinking space during the summer. BS2 8DE


12/08/2008 19:03:53

The Rising Sun. Two words come to mind: cheap and cheerful. Very popular amongst the student crowd, The Rising Sun offers infinite drinks deals, cheap food that fills a hole and provides entertainment in terms of pool tables, games machines and big screens. The young student crowd helps to provide a buzzing atmosphere. There are quizzes on Sundays, which give you a chance to win back all the money that you have spent there during the week. JH BS7 8BN duke of york. What do you get if you cross an old-worldly-pub, reggae music, the occasional quiz night, a skittles alley and decorate it with last season’s fairy lights? You get the Duke. If The Farm is Bristol’s best summer pub then this is certainly the best Winter Pub. Always packed on Friday and Saturday nights, unless Glastonbury is on – this place is a worthwhile place to visit, especially if you’re bored with all the bland student bars in the city centre and you want to sample local life. BS2 9RS

Old Post Office. Popular with the locals, the Old Post Office is a friendly, modern furnished pub with high ceilings, huge windows and comfortable leathers. With its big screens and Sky Sports, it’s a nice place to enjoy exciting sport events, tasty meals, delicious desserts and various snacks served all day, and special Sunday roasts every Sunday. Facilities such as heated patio, pool tables and game machines provide additional comfort and entertainment.

Roo Bar is located just off Whiteladies Road, and has a great atmosphere and friendly bar staff. It hosts numerous screens showing sport throughout the day and will often fill up for the big sporting action. This friendly pub also offers pool tables, a darts board and table football. Popular amongst both Bristol and UWE students, Roo Bar is a great place with a vibrant atmosphere, which hosts great events like the very popular pub quiz on a Sunday. JH BS8 2PN hobgoblin. It’s cool, has a good atmosphere and everyone’s really nice. It is very personal, the sort of place you want to go back to. SC BS7 8AS



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The Anchor on Gloucester Road is a mainstream pub in the middle of suburbia diversity. If you enjoy a simple pub with standard lagers, bitters, wines and spirits at reasonably cheap prices this is your haunt. A good live match venue for students who haven’t figured out it’s a lot cheaper to get sky sports installed at home, or simply enjoy a good atmosphere whilst watching. BS7 8PE Van Dyck Forum. The latest in Fishponds, the Van Dyck Forum is a large, modern pub in the JD Wetherspoons chain. Without doubt, one will be delighted with the huge choice of beers from all over the world and regular beer festivals. The food is good, especially Tuesday grills, Thursday curries and Sunday roasts. Good for sports fans thanks to its large screen, but those who like music will be disappointed since there is none. PC BS16 3UA

King William. Tucked away behind Queens Square lies the ‘old reliable’ of Bristol’s pub scene; the King William. A stones throw away from the Bristol Old Vic, the King Will is popular with students and theatre goers alike due to its (relatively) cheap pints and spacious capacity. Full of nooks and crannies to hide away in and uneven floor boards give out an old fashioned, friendly vibe, even if the bar staff close to closing time do not! SP BS1 4EF

bristolsection.indd 77

The Old Duke. Arguably Bristol’s most famous pub, The Old Duke (named after jazz legend Duke Ellington) is also one of the most popular, and not without good reason. Don’t go there after 8pm expecting a seat as the place is packed to the rafters as locals and students alike flock for the 6 nights a week of live jazz, blues and folk. Cracking atmosphere, draught beer and cider, and possibly the finest place in town for a summer afternoon’s outdoor drink. MA BS1 4ER


12/08/2008 19:05:05

Bars Mr Wolfs is one of those places where you never have a bad night. With cool live music, a diverse, friendly crowd and late night licensing this is one of Bristol’s most popular student venues. The music varies from night to night from drum ‘n’ bass to reggae, from soul to funky house. Although it’s quite small I find that this adds to the atmosphere and helps create a vibrant atmosphere to relax or dance the night away. JH BS1 1JX Lloyds. Located on the Waterfront, Lloyd’s is not far from most of Bristol’s clubs. As a sister company to Wetherspoons the drink prices are cheap; from a jug of cocktails to a pint, they have everything. The music stays commercial and the décor compliments it. Sometimes the music is too loud to chat much, so it’s best as just a stop off. Ultimately a good, cheap place to start a night, as long as you like the music! SN BS1 5TX


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The Woods is always a favourite due to its late licence at the weekend, appealing to the student, and its large selection of whiskeys for the businessman. Small outside area fills quickly come the evening. The décor offers unusual framed insects and bugs downstairs to large leather sofas, grandeur lights and mirrors upstairs. A great place to drink and chat the night away with your partner or your extended family. RS BS1 5LQ

Mbargo. Located in the prime area of The Triangle, this buzzing bar is always packed to the rafters. A student hot-spot all week long, Mbargo never fails to impress with a great atmosphere. DJs are on rotation all the time, playing a surprise of genre each time you visit. Watch out for steep drink prices and bossy staff on the weekend, otherwise an awesome place to show off to any visiting friends before you hit the club. AB BS8 1ER

12/08/2008 19:05:43

Boca Bar. (Paintworks) A chilled, friendly restaurant / bar near the Showcase cinema hidden in an industrial estate offering an ambient atmosphere with comfy sofas, fairy lights and candles. Quality food is on offer throughout the day and night including chips and dip for just £2.95, bread and olives with vinegar drizzle, and a variety of other mediterranean inspired food. With music and djs on the weekend, and staying open til 2am it will provide a unique, out of the way venue for any chilled night with housemates or dates. BB BS4 3EH

Start The Bus is one of those venues that’s hard to define. A pub come club, this live music venue offers all. Good hearty food at reasonable prices by day to trendy venue to escape the stag parties and scantily clad ladies that normally wander up Corn Street by night. The decor is as talked about as the music reflecting Bristol’s strong creative scene. Seating a’plenty to sit back and chill after a Friday at work, or head down the steps to the dance floor and show your support for big names and local musical talent. A good venue you’re sure to head back to again and again. Also known for its regular Sunday market and jumble sales attracting crowds looking for a cheap and unique bargin. RS BS1 1RU

The Black bear can be found at the top of Whiteladies Road near The Downs. It’s recently be refurbished and is quite swanky inside. A nice place to start a night out with a couple of cocktails or have a meal but not a place you may want to spend all night in. Also, it may be a bit pricey for most students but a good place to go for a celebration or some nice nosh! LT BS8 2XZ

Alterego is a small bar located on the bustling Whiteladies Road. Great for a daytime drink, where you can sit in the window and people watch or lounge on the sofas. It’s also a good place to go before a heavy night with ‘toss the boss’ nights on a Monday, where you can win your round of drinks again by guessing heads or tails. Drinks are quite expensive but if you feel you deserve a classy evening it is a good place to go. JH BS8 2NT


bristolsection.indd 79

12/08/2008 19:05:52

Stonehouse. For some fairly priced pre-club drinks Stonehouse is a good place to start. If you want to go all out and start with some food too, the spaghetti is slightly luke warm, but the sandwiches are pretty good. The venue can be quiet at times – so a good choice if you want to hear what your mates are saying and not just nod for the sake of ease. Overall a chilled out, clean bar but don’t stick around if you want to finish your night on a high! LP BS1 1NG

Zerodegrees is Bristol’s biggest microbrewery. As well as the usual suspects behind the bar you’ll also find a range of beers brewed onsite and some refreshingly original pizzas cooked to perfection in their open wood-fire oven. The beers range from delicious (Black Lager) to faintly disappointing (Pale Ale) but being able to watch the microbrewery in action whilst sipping your pint is undeniably cool. Certainly worth a visit, but sometimes lacking in atmosphere due to the industrial, and often quiet, interior. MA BS1 5BA

rileys. Where else would you play pool? It’s pretty cheap membership, about £5 for students, and is a good place to hang out and have a drink if you find yourselves bored on your non contact days. Definitely something to do before going elsewhere, but I wouldn’t stay all night as the beer is expensive. NC BS8 1QE

sublime lends itself to being one of the few city bars to stay open past midnight without an entrance fee on Friday and Saturday nights. With 2 for 1 Cocktails - every day from 6pm till 8pm it’s possible to have a relatively cheap night out. Comfy leather sofas and live music on a Saturday night allow for an entertaining evening on the ever popular King street. Two bars and a function room mean that should you wish to have a society function this can be arranged with reasonable ease. BB BS1 4DZ


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12/08/2008 19:06:00

Henry Africa’s Hot House is well loved for its cocktails. Situated in the bustling line of bars on Whiteladies Road this bar attracts large crowds at the weekend. On the slightly more expensive side, though happy hour ensures cocktails are affordable for all. Friendly bar staff and a good atmosphere. RS BS8 2NT Elbow rooms. “It’s a bit dark isn’t it?” Whether to hide its clientele, or merely to create the all-American pool experience it’s a little odd, but once you’ve adjusted your eyes the décor is quite plush. Aware of its surroundings, the Bristol Elbow Rooms has jumped on the graff bandwagon, and the huge purple pool tables do feel more elite than the mere green ones. Drink prices are on the more expensive side with happy hour much more to your wallets liking. Also a good place for music, funk to RnB to jazz, resident djs play till 4am at the weekends. RS BS1 5JN

Vodka Revolution. If you like your vodka traditional or with a twist this is the venue for you. With a ridiculous number of flavours to choose from you’ll never be bored with drinking your traditional vodka and coke. The staff are well educated and quick in the art of cocktail making, though the door staff can be a bit bullish. Good seating inside and large outdoor area too. Busy at the weekends, with resident djs playing commercial funky house. Not advised if you’re looking for an intimate night, the music is too loud. RS BS1 1UA

Walkabout is the international backpackers’ pub of choice. Large open bar that hosts all football and rugby matches drawing a large and diverse crowd. This only aids a positive atmosphere no matter what the end result, though get there early or you’ll be on your feet all night. Large outdoor area, and the host of good club nights come the evenings which extend upstairs as it gets busier. If you want your traditional Kangaroo burger, there really is only one place to go. RS BS1 1HQ

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12/08/2008 19:06:09

Restaurants Ciao Burger. Another great alternative to the stereotypical late night food haunt. A great mix of high quality burgers, friendly atmosphere and ideal location for Gloucester Road inhabitants. Open until the early hours on weekends and throughout afternoons and evenings, this small food bar dishes up the gourmet burgers around the clock making it a tough one to walk past! BS7 8NN.

The spyglass is one of my favourite summer eateries in Bristol, based on a boat in Welsh Back. Only open for summer months it gets quite popular during this time. The Spyglass serves barbecue foods and salads and the Sweetcorn Fritters are not to be missed!! The beauty of the Spyglass is that you can sit on the boat or on the quayside making for a lovely place to eat in those warm summer months! EB BS1 4SB

The Lounge. Deco Lounge (Whiteladies Road), Porto Lounge (Fishponds) and Tinto Lounge (Glos Rd) have all sprung up over Bristol as a result of the success of the original Lounge in Bedminster. Not a million miles away from Friends’ Central Perk café, these wonderful hubs induce socialisation, food through the day, smoothies, coffees, beers and board games, all of the highest quality. Unfortunately prices are just high enough to keep students from creating their personal arse shaped mould in the very comfortable sofas but definitely worth the odd fry up. TP BS8 1QU Wagamamas. Trendy noodle bar that places a focus on ‘positive eating and positive living’, the Bristol branch of this popular chain is situated in the heart of Clifton Triangle making it the perfect way to start a night out on the way down Park Street or for a spot of lunch at the weekend. Long benches provide informal seating and parties of two can often find themselves sat next to large noisy groups so if an intimate dinning experience is what you’re after then look elsewhere. SP BS8 1QL


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12/08/2008 19:06:20

Las Iguanas describes itself as ‘Eat Latin, Drink Latin’ and is situated in Millennium Square (with another on Whiteladies Road). On warm nights there is a lovely seated area so you can eat your Southern American delights alfresco. The cocktail menu is one of the highlights for me, with regular happy hours (where the cocktails are buy one get one free). There is no excuse for not sampling the menu as well! EB BS1 5UH The Olive Shed. Quiet, secluded and expensive; but not without reason. Stunning views and a plethora of Mediterranean cuisine, accompanied by a romantic atmosphere and good wine make for a meal to remember but an overdraft to forget. High quality fresh fish is not hard to come by in Bristol but this unique experience is well worth the extra walk along the docks. Service is warm and friendly but slightly undersized portions demand a threecourse affair. TP BS1 4RN

Firehouse. Authentic Californian cuisine and a terrific atmosphere whether you eat inside or out of this grandiose building that boasts a high roof and long ballroom style restaurant. Healthy portions and modest prices make this an affordable student venture and friendly service makes it all the more accommodating. Great place to spend lazy summer evenings on Millenium Square with a beer or bottle of wine before the Oceana goers descend. TP BS1 5DB

Planet Pizza is a great little restaurant with seating both inside and out. Choose from a wide and exciting menu of aptly planet named pizzas which are delicious. Arrive Monday to Thursday before 7pm and it’s ‘BOGOF’ – a steal. The staff are friendly, as is the atmosphere and the food comes quickly. A little pot of jelly beans comes with your bill, a nice touch! RS BS8 2NT


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12/08/2008 19:06:28

Oh Calcutta. Reasonably priced Indian restaurant with Halal meat, located by the Arches on Gloucester Road. Nice atmosphere. Takeaway available. AB BS6 5QU

Magic Roll. Kebab fit for kings. Open until the early hours on weekends and weekday afternoons, this haven of the wrap is essential to remember when leaving your chosen venue. Difficult to imitate, the rolls really are magic with strong flour wraps and an array of ferocious fillings. A relaxed, friendly atmosphere make waiting for your after club hit an enjoyable experience amongst those inebriated fellows who share the secret; a well worthwhile wait it is. TP BS8 1EZ


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Browns. An amazing place to eat and drink all year long is Browns Bar & Brasserie. The food is cooked to perfection and the staff really do know what they’re talking about. Although a chain restaurant, this venue feels unique and beautifully set in its historic building based on a Venetian palace. Although popular amongst the business community, you’ll always see a few students making a special trip. With main courses around the £10 mark, it’s worth saving up for! AB BS8 1RE

Boston Tea Party. A wonderful antithesis to its competitor Starbucks, just across Park Street, this quaint tea room offers the friendly personal touches that make you so much more comfortable when tucking in to a pot of tea and a slice of carrot cake. One of three cafes in Bristol this is a fantastic array of homemade food and hot drinks to be enjoyed at the bustling bar, in an expansive enigma of culture (upstairs) or in the grandeur of the garden, Boston Tea Party is not just your average cup of tea. TP BS1 5PF Pieminister. A real Bristol tradition, these pies are no secret to Bristol inhabitants. Appearing in many a fashionable haunt, the deep fill pies have found their way around the city from their humble beginnings in Stokes Croft. Scrumptious pastry, rich meats and vegetable of the highest quality form the basis for simple traditional pies and more adventurous recipes alike. The pies don’t come cheap but are a must try as part of the Bristol experience. TP BS1 3PR

12/08/2008 19:06:37

So you’ve got yourself a date, but where on earth do you take them? We have a few ideas...

Where to take a cheap date: Ok, so I’m talking about price here, you’ve managed to find someone to go out with that is easy to please and is sympathetic to the lack of funds you both have. So where can you go that doesn’t cost the earth but does not have a logo with a red-haired clown? La Tasca is a great tapas resturant both in the centre of town and in Clifton Heights. Choose from a set menu or just pick your own; it offers early bird discounts and all you can eat Monday to Thursday. Traditional decor and friendly waiters all contribute to a very enjoyable spanish dinning experience.

Where to take an adventurous date: If you want to impress your beaux with your spicy tongue then try Casa Mexicana for a lively dose of Mexican food in a vibrant atmosphere. Eat alfrsco and keep an eye on the specials board for a memorable date.

Where to take a hippy date:: Café Maitreya in Easton is one of the best Vegetarian restaurants in the country so should be a good bet if you want to avoid discussing animal cruelty. Bordeaux Quay is on the waterfront which boasts a locally sourced range of food on the menu and while slightly on the pricey side it could clinch you that second rendezvous at which point you can start growing your own food to feed yourself.

Where to take an expensive date: Sometimes you can’t get away with going to the Wetherspoon’s so if you’re feeling flush why not try River Station just down from Thekla. Near enough to town to head onto a club afterwards to dance off that rich cuisine. If the student loan has just come through and this is the only restaurant date you are planning to take this year then head up Park Street for a treat in Goldbrick House. With a meal like this, a second date staying in watching DVD’s is guaranteed.


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Bristol’s Culture The Arnolfini is situated on the waterfront and hosts a continual array of local and international artistic talent. Exhibitions, live art, interactive experiences, independent cinema, lectures and a lively bar come tasty restaurant ensures the Arnolfini is a perfect place for your cultural fix, or just a chilled out pint by the river. RS BS1 4QA Cabot Tower is one of my favourite places in Bristol to visit. Situated at the top of Brandon Hill, 32.4m in height it’s a great place if you want to escape the world for half an hour, or take a date if you’re skint. It was built in memory of John Cabot in 1897. If you can hack the tiny narrow spiral staircase you too will be rewarded with the most stunning views of Bristol from every direction. Worth two trips, one by day and one by night. A good camera is a must to capture the views. RS Jesters. Like anything with comedy it can be hit or miss, but it’s a nice change to the pub. If you fancy something a bit different, I highly recommend Jesters! Wednesdays are student nights during Autumn and Spring terms, with just a £5 entry fee. On other week nights it’s a £7 entry fee and £13/14 on Fridays and Saturdays. On the weekend Jesters turns into a club after the shows so you can laugh at the comedy then boogie till 3am - a perfect evening I think. SN BS6 5RL

The Royal West of England Academy Art Gallery (RWA) was the first art gallery opened in Bristol. The magnificent Grade II listed building houses five large galleries showing diverse mediums as well as permanent work ranging from paintings, prints and sculptures that are on show all year round. BS8 1PX


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12/08/2008 19:06:45

The Hippodrome theatre is one of the largest theatres in the South West. Any large touring production will be guaranteed to be booked in. Past productions have included the English National Ballet and the musical Mamma Mia. Ticket prices range from about £10 to £30. You can get a pretty good view wherever you sit so you don’t need to spend a lot for a night out at the theatre. LT BS1 4UZ

city museum. I always make a point of visiting the city museum if only for half an hour. A mixture of touring exhibitions and permanent ones mean you re-visit old favourites and get treated to new and excited mediums. The museum offers a wide range of topics from British birds and mammals to Egyptian artefacts. Favourites include the collection of stuffed animals, the beautiful collection of minerals and fossils and the sea dragons. An enjoyable space to educate the brain and inspire the mind. RS BS8 1RL

Spike Island’s mission is to provide space, time and opportunity for the research, production and presentation of practices relating to the visual arts. It is a vibrant and exciting venue with frequent exhibitions and provides studio space for working artists. It is an amazing place to meet and experience the creation of all forms of art from painting, installations and film. The painters and creators are often around and are keen to discuss their work and making. BS1 6UX Bristol Zoo is one of those places where you’ll always have a great day out whether you’re taking your Nan or your date. Entrance fees are reasonable if you take a day out to explore, and bringing your own picnic cuts down on costs and queuing. Try and avoid weekends if you’re no fan of hyperactive children, but make sure you really interact at every opportunity if you want to make the most of your day. RS BS8 3HA


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Suspension bridge. Well it’s a bridge. What more can you say? It is a pretty nice bridge though, and one of Bristol’s most noted landmarks. On a sunny day it’s worth going up to the observatory where you get some amazing views looking down on the bridge. Then a wander round Clifton Village makes for a delightful afternoon. If you’re a die hard bridge fan then free guided tours are offered on Sunday afternoons in the summer. LT BS8 3PA

SS Great Britain – the world’s first great ocean liner. Explore the beautifully recreated First Class dining saloon, steerage quarters and new engine room. Audio tours of passenger’s lives and authentic smells help bring the 19th century experience alive. A really cool feature is being able to explore beneath the glass ‘sea’ to see how innovative technology is conserving Brunel’s engineering masterpiece. Winner of 10 major awards, the SS Great Britain is well worth a visit. BS1 6TY

The Tobacco Factory. Art exhibitions, theatre productions and live music are but just a few attractions of Bedminster’s finest watering hole. The mood is definitely chilled with a great mixture of people. The industrial shell of the old factory has been kept intact, adding a real charm to the usual stainless steel fixtures. An open plan layout creates a real buzz inside, without everyone feeling too on top of each other. Ideal venue to kick things off in the summer evenings. JM BS3 1TF Explore-At-Bristol. For a totally original day out in the city, Explore-At-Bristol is a mustsee attraction. The popular discovery centre boasts more than 300 exhibits, as well as live shows and its iconic Planetarium. Exhibitions range from the weird and wonderful through to the totally bizarre. For the price of a single ticket you can take a tour of Bristol’s night sky, freeze your shadow, walk through a tornado, or jump in to a giant hamster wheel… the possibilities are endless! BS1 5TT


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Gig Venues Colston Hall. One of Bristol’s oldest venues for live entertainment is Colston Hall. This piece of history is home to concerts, stage shows, comedians, and bands alike. Names from Lee Evans to Status Quo are common to the hall. Perfectly located right in the city centre, it could even be a warm-up to a night out. It’s a legendary venue and has been for over 140 years. Against all the odds; you wouldn’t think it was owned by the council! AB BS1 5AR Trinity Arts Centre. ‘The Trinity’ has recently opened again after 3 years of being left out of Bristol’s music scene. The building is an old church, perfectly spaced for live music. In its quite grungy establishment and surroundings, the Trinity is the perfect place to see any upcoming band. With a big community spirit surrounding the venue, you know it’s a safe bet to visit when you’re feeling adventurous. Located just outside the centre in Old Market. AB BS2 0NW


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The Anson rooms are within the territory of Bristol Uni, but well worth invading. Huge rooms with high ceilings means the sound shoots around the room above you. Standing only means for those of you less fortunate in the height department may wish to push to the front of normally packed crowds or bring along some yellow pages. If you can handle confined spaces with Bristol Uni and you’re not afraid to ride the pushes and pulls of the crowd this is you’re venue. RS BS8 1LN

12/08/2008 19:06:53

Carling Academy. Bristol is renown for its live music scene, and it doesn’t get much bigger than in the Carling Academy. With visits from some of the world’s best acts, this venue boasts a huge portfolio of visiting artists. With ticket prices ranging from £5 to £40, there is a huge scope of tours which hit this club. Uniquely, the venue is as wide, where most are long, meaning you’re never too far away from the stage. Watch out for the steep drinks, it’s typically priced. Nevertheless, a great venue to see your favourite band. AB BS1 5NA

The Louisianna is surrounded by some of the city’s oldest monuments and canals. This venue has been home to live music for over 100 years. A cosy venue with the feel of someone’s living room to it, it beams with character. Most upcoming bands will make an effort to visit this venue, so keep an eye on who’s playing. Coldplay once played here, so try not to miss the next international superstars! AB BS1 6UA The croft always has a busy line up of new and diverse bands from your next big local band to new imports from abroad. A well sized back room, blacked out with no windows and a continued sore of temperature throughout performances means no matter what the turn out you’ll always feel like you’ve been in amongst the music. The pub itself offers lots of seating and reasonable prices. Definitely worth checking their line up weekly. RS BS1 3RW bunch of grapes is located behind the Hippodrome, and is a cosy L-shaped pub, with a warm atmosphere. The old-fashioned décor together with the wide range of real ales on tap gives you the feeling you are in a country pub. It is also a great place to go for homemade food, served daily. If you are looking for lots of live music, it is likely that you will be able to find something to suit on any night of the week, with the exception of Monday, which is quiz night.BS1 5DQ

The Fleece. This venue has your local pub feel when quiet, but live music hall when busy! Hidden away in the city’s back streets, this exclusive venue brings you as close as you can possibly get to local legends and national names such as Idlewild. With ‘Free Showcases’ at least once a week, it’s a cheap night out to see live music in the city centre. With a huge rock culture and visiting pieces from the soul world, it’s an easy choice for most to enjoy. AB BS1 6JJ


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Cinemas Odeon. Good points: student tickets are £4.50. If you’re on Orange, it’s better with 2-4-1 Wednesdays or check out as they often have 2-4-1 offers for Odeon. £2.25: bargain! Down points: only three screens which makes times and choice very limited! No car park and there is an annoying break just before films start. My advice, use if it’s close enough to walk to and it’s the best price for you, otherwise check elsewhere. SN BS1 2DS Watershed. A culture capital of Bristol, the Watershed can boast three cinema screens, a hip café/restaurant and the home for local creative festivals such as animation and short films. Located on the popular waterfront, the Watershed is a gem hidden amongst rowdy drinking establishments on a Saturday night. The annual BBC Wildlife Film Festival is held here and if you are looking for an alternative to Hollywood blockbusters, the Watershed is THE place to find indie flicks, foreign delights and Cannes winners. SP BS15 TX The Cube is a Microplex Cinema and venue in central Bristol. It is run by volunteers and has a varied and full line up of films, events, activities and music. It works hard to offer all styles of film (if you can tell your super 8 to your digital) and always has intriguing independent films to choose from. Its musical output of acoustic, electric and half amped means there is always a style to suit everyone’s taste, plus community groups and art. Go see what takes your fancy this month. BS2 8NQ

Showcase cinema. Perhaps not as much of a show-off as Vue or Odeon, Bristol’s Showcase cinema can boast comfortable reclining seats, 14 screens and enough leg room to please a giant. Slightly out of the way in St Philips Causeway means there are more parking spaces, more seating and a slightly less hurried vibe than busier entertainment complexes. A bowling alley and walletfriendly restaurants can be found yards away. A brand new Showcase will be opening within Cabot Circus, which promises to be bigger and better and well worth a visit! SP BS2 0SP Vue Cinemas. Looking for a way to mix it up between all the partying? Head to the Vue Cinema at Cribbs Causeway for a night at the movies. Regularly updated with the newest and biggest hits, 12 top of the range screens and the comfiest seats in town. Student cards are valid for money off so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is being spoilt for choice. GB BS10 7SR


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12/08/2008 19:07:25 0871 220 1000

Late night opening: Sun to Thurs: 10am - 1am Fri & Sat: 10am - 3am


Coming soon at Cabot Circus Bristol.

Or, choose one of our Directors Halls and enjoy Ultra Leather loveseats and our Directors Lounge Bar.

enjoy a whole new movie experience

Relax before and after your movie in our full service restaurant and bar.

Reserve your seat online or let our concierge take care of it for you.

Our 13 auditoriums offer the latest in sound and screen technology, including digital 3D presentation.

History of the


The SS Thekla began as a German “Baltic Trader,” sporting a U-boat engine from the 2nd World War and a huge open hold from carrying grains around the world. She was adopted from Gateshead by Ki LongfellowStanshell, the wife of Vivian Stanshall, in 1982. The SS Thekla moored in the Floating Harbour of Bristol on August 4th, 1983, where she can still be found today. Also known as the Old Profanity Showboat, the Thekla was revamped into a theatre, music venue, and art gallery. Her opening night on May 1, 1984 was filmed as an Omnibus BBC 1 documentary by Tony Staveacre, and was broadcast as The Bristol Showboat Saga on September 30th that year.

theatre proved to be too stressful and time-consuming. The Thekla was closed down in August 1986. Daybrook House Promotions, the owners of Rock City in Nottingham, purchased the ship in October 2006 and performed an extensive refurbishment. They changed her name to ‘Thekla Social,’ and she continues to function as a nightclub and music venue in central Bristol where she was first moored in 1983. Banksy contributed to the refurbishment by adorning the side of the ship with a haunting skeleton rowing a boat. By Jessica Crawford.

It wasn’t long before the Old Pro gathered a reputation as the premier small theatre, jazz venue, folk club and cabaret of the West. She hosted over 240 theatrical productions, and in December 1985 ran a musical comedy written by Vivian Stanshall and Ki Longfellow-Stanshall called Stinkfoot. Stinkfoot attracted crowds from as far as the USA, and was most successful due to the unusual boat setting in which it was performed. Ki planned to sail the Thekla to New York City and continue hosting perfomances there, but by late 1986 running the showcase


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Cider!Cider!Cider!Cider!Cider!Cider! For those new to the South-West and Bristol area I’m sure you will soon start to discover that we are avid cider fans. Not just the normal Strongbow and Magners, but ciders such as Cheddar Valley and Old Rosie are a favourite ‘round these ‘ere parts.

This year Bensons pure English cider was a favourite find, a very smooth cider with a potent taste of apples.

Exhibition Cider - At 8.4% this tasty little cider is currently only served in half pints, if you drink this like a normal If you don’t discover it from friends or pint, don’t expect to get far! housemates, then here’s a short guide on the ciders we think are worth trying Addlestones – 5% A bright, golden, naturally cloudy cider, with rich, whilst you are here! bittersweet apple fruit flavours and a For you sweet-toothed fans out smooth, rounded finish – Not for the there, don’t be put off by some of virgin cider drinkers! the dryer tasting ciders; cider in the West Country has evolved to cater for Green Goblin – 6% A ‘full bittersweet’ everyone’s tastes. Although you’ll get cider, matured in century-old oak vats the traditionalists that will tell you the for a crisp, refreshing burst of rich only true cider is cloudy orange, we say flavours try the Brothers range - they offer pear, Black Rat – Black Rat cider is a the very sweet strawberry and one i’ve West Country scrumpy and comes in two varieties; traditional and vintage. not tried yet, toffee cider! For a more commercial sweet cider, Traditional is cloudy and has an alcohol try Magners, Sirrus, Bulmers or Katys. content of 6.0%. Vintage is much clearer Kopparbergs Pear also sits in the and weighs in at a hefty 7.3% refreshingly sweet cider ranges, perfect Old Rosie – 7.3% Cloudy and sweet, very refreshing for a hot summer’s day. Cider on a cold winters evening is also Katy – 7.4% Light, dry, fragrant and worth mentioning; hot spicy cider is a softly sparkling great warmer of the night. Usually sold Cheddar Valley – 6% Orange coloured at festivals, but why not make your refreshing Dry Cider own: Just get some cloudy cider, make It’s rare to find a pub in Bristol which sure it’s not fizzy, Westons Scrumpy doesn’t serve cider, though the ones we is perfect for this, heat it up and add recommend are The Apple; Scotchman sugar and cinnamon to taste. and his Pack; Coronation Tap; and Inn When sampling the various festivals on the Green. and fiestas on offer in Bristol, it’s Enjoy! By Becky Bird. always worth trying the ciders available.


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Learn the Lingo Heard some Bristolian chat on the bus and can’t Heard some Bristolian chat your on the bus and differentiate ‘glenner’ fromcan’t your differentiate ‘babber’? your ‘glenner’ from your ‘babber’? ascarefully we havetranslated carefully this translated this pub Worry noWorry longerno as longer we have pub conversation to ease you into the West Country dialect. Gert Lush! conversation to ease you into the West Country dialect. Gert Lush! Bill: “Alright me babber?” “How you me doing my friend?” Bill: are “Alright babber?” “How are you doing my friend?” Jim: “Marnin” Jim: “Marnin” “Good morning” “Good Bill: “Youmorning” ‘erd bout Dave, ees in a picka” Bill: “You ‘erd bout Dave, ees in a picka” “Have you heard about Dave he’s in a pickle” “Have you heard about Dave he’s in a pickle” Jim: Jim:“Oo?” “Oo?” “Who?” “Who?” Bill: Bill:“That “Thatmacky mackyElElDub Dubfella fellaover overthur” thur”(points to the man at the bar) “That big to man Weston over there” (points to the man at the bar) (points thefrom manLaurence at the bar) “That big man from Laurence Weston over there” Jim: “Is it?” (points to the man at the bar) “Really?” Jim:“Ees “Is it?” Bill: missus catch ‘im an’ Vicky Burton in is Pewjoe wiv no cacks on. He ‘ad a “Really?” right beamer on ‘im.” Bill:girlfriend “Ees missus catch an’Vicky VickyBurton Burton in in his is Pewjoe “His caught him‘im and Peugeot with no pants on, he wiv red no cacks He ‘ad a right beamer on ‘im.” went in theon. face.” “His girlfriend caught him and Vicky Burton in his Peugeot Jim: “Vicky Burton?” with no pants on, he went red in the face.” “Vicky Burton?” Jim: “Vicky Burton?” Bill: “That Bemmie scutler.” “Vicky Burton?” “That from Bedminster” Bill: promiscuous “That Bemmiegirl scutler.” Jim: “Nerr? I Nowse err.” “That promiscuous girl from Bedminster” “Never? I know her.” err.” Jim: “Nerr? I Nowse “Never? her.” benny on ‘err an’ kicked ‘im in baws like.” Bill: “Is girlI know ‘ad a right Bill:girlfriend “Is girl ‘ad righttemper bennyand on ‘err an’ kicked baws like.” “His losta her kicked him in ‘im the in testicles.” “His girlfriend lost heratemper kicked him in the testicles.” Jim: “Yer, I’ve ‘erd she’s bit ovaand glenner” Jim: “Yer, I’ve ‘erd she’s a bit ova glenner” “Yes I’ve heard she’s a bit crazy” (and a possible resident of Glenside Psychiatric “Yes I’ve heard she’s a bit crazy” (and a possible resident of Hospital). Glenside Psychiatric Hospital). Bill: “I uddent mess wiv ee mind. Ee’s ‘ard!” Conversation Bill: “I uddent mess wiv ee mind. Ee’s ‘ard!” “I wouldn’t mess with him mind, he’s hard!” with help from “I wouldn’t mess with him mind, he’s hard!” the ‘That be Bristle’ dictionary, Conversation with help from the ‘That be Bristle’ dictionary, available online at: available online at: 97

learn the lingo

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10% DISCOUNT Sony Centre Bristol City

0117 922 5850

5% Discount on VAIO* On production of a valid student ID card.

Sony Centre Cribbs Causeway

0117 914 3477

*Excludes Playstation and selected promotional lines. See in store for full terms and conditions. Subject to availability. Operated by Sonex Communications Plc.

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12/08/2008 20:46:38

e tol as th ious ose Bris rs, the prestig of o h c ts n a ne e e o d y s tu y a s it any ned ivers When m n for their un is often mentio stol music o ri ti B e a destin d music scen the city. The mes such a e g and vari ns for choosin just the big n Size. The n o i a s n a th o re R re o styles the and much m ishead ing; new scene is e Attack, Port nstantly evolv iv o . as Mass und scene is c d all the time hts pe undergro d and develo dent nig e sier stu ight out; e rm e h fo c e re a e th ur n t choos tination for yo e whole y to jus s It is eas ciding on a de e it is part of th r. However s e ea when d does it becau y in the first y at least try e ll n to ia o c t e ry n p e a s ev that ort ,e erience ally imp sounds Uni exp inion it is equ nt nights and n’t you are o p in my o ariety of differe cause if you d rts of the e v a out the er in Bristol, b ost vibrant p m off e n th o e n re o a out on alled missing ure. sound c lt u c se of a er UK garage ri city’s le b a nstopp e anoth round bass w the u step lik 2006 sa in Bristol; dub rooding underg ental nature m b dubstep me, is a dark ’s largely instru ed off by ri it le turn owing p hybrid g usic, however o e p foll le to based m more accessib ged to draw a nglists to a it makes bstep has man disaffected ju lar nights u gu om MC’s. D ous scenes, fr Two of the re efinitely . d ri rs a re v te a s hip eer, from hich e’s pion ristol w diest of the tren the sound in B e Bristol scen d’, e th d a g ‘Dublo pushin ecking out are ht club h ig c n h e rt v o ti d w at Na e thir ’s night ht on th off DJ Pinch rew’s nig c ar, just .H B .C e H.E.N e Tub th e t a ib v th and the d mon vy, goo y of the ass hea b a r Thursda e off eet both Park Str e. c n experie

the Bristol

under ground music scene

B By Sam


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12/08/2008 20:46:38

, second d K.ners lled the variety ggsy an dio play, a u c B n , e ts ft c ra he pe al n is o Bristol rum ‘N Bass. T ffer make As gaining nation unique take o D o all own . ir s e d city for and styles on them n th u n pushing op or grime so of raves ible to mentio njoyed h e ss e o UK hip v p a h im I rse city it e ones h has been uly dive th t u b , l is a tr as to include ic all h to s w ’B ri ’ B N ’n D ‘RU y. If I w nights worth idweek include ry musicall and e best m it d is eve called th e country, an all Street, all the music in this article, s th m ng ut ti o s li g in b k night in at Native on S talent, lu chec w like a c Tuesday al’ pushing ne Timbuk2, would read ting for many t n as a ig (l , s ‘S e y hts d a d an stol magazin has nig sy trance, Wednes adly Bri Bristol p ). , s monthly mall Street. S loved e ’B g ’n a p S t all, ouse, R also on two of its bes and shing H ggae, danceh ance, u p rk g re tr , , re o o n c h k is losin nues, Clockwo nown c brea e k beat, te ian raving v ntain, with un erground indie, break a, punk, Brazil e d g u k n o ra S u a M , g e lk e Blu to th soul, fo lsa, metal, UK of the s such uences e sa m , o conseq t other venue Lacota ic s s u nly m u se are o ace to scene, b rling Academy, hekla and the didn’t have sp do not T a C d n e a I th ) t p e s s a s a eo le genre of a clo their gre that Many p (rumors in popular for ts such as talk about! e wide variety u a h o th y m ig if N re te still ere. un! apprecia tol, so sically tmosph Knife! R r in Bris raving a and Monkey! rammed on offe sed what a mu out is p d go find Blowpo s sold out an d diverse hadn’t reali this is, ay an are alw eir seductive s be sure creative city get to know! y th due to and you’ll alwa es at these yourself and ne c for anyo line ups to the same fa munity source n re o l n fu in m o e o A us f to run nerating a c formati music e e love o g for in nights g with the sam ctic beats. lookin underground more is le e Bristol’s igs, raves, and , found of peop se lines and h g s a culture, k Bristol forum k – heavy b nother Hijac stol is a ples of e to ri s B th ri b in k c .hija d a lot Hip-Hop ene. Two exam estring at www promoters an use c o s h S g t n e rs a o d str Most th ists and rave n up be foun a boat, ig art s , t this can at the club on ften at Js o D n f o r u do o , monthly la, and Rukus, r, pushing it. Even if yo tarting point fo s k te ht e s d ig o in m o m g u d a o the Th e Club, B sound, g it is g something y worth in Fiddlers e UK Hip Hop findin sted in. Also d bring th n a ly s in d ’t Panic ma be intere p are the Don e big crow to entertain g n ti c u id g ts ts ts u s attra in o e o k o u t ic p as ed ou own g from R well kn bled heads, nd Wiley. packs hand agazines such m a h e the ass to Skinnyman impressive clubs, and m of Hand, whic t , u a n v O w u r o n . o s a s M s it Venue listing Sirplus, also ha tensive Bristol h the likes of have ex it w t talen


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12/08/2008 20:46:41

A free day in Bristol? Chris Cooley finds out if it’s actually possible... “But why me for this assignment?” I stared across at them, “because you are the only one crazy enough.” They looked scared that they’d said it, but I wasn’t going to snap, not yet, I was just happy they hadn’t lied to me. It was Guy Fawkes Night when I awoke from a bad dream. I looked across and saw my scrawled handwriting in front of me telling me I had been assigned a feature on spending the day in Bristol City centre whilst spending no money. The deadline was Friday. I went back to sleep realising I could have two more days hard drinking and still have three days to consider getting the story in. Wednesday morning: I pull myself out of bed to use the sink and look in to the bathroom mirror. I decide to fix myself a sausage and onion sandwich. Then like my Father before me and my Grandfather before him I step into the cold wet air of a November morning with nothing but the shoes on my feet, the clothes I was wearing and the hat on my head. I was ready to work and that was all that mattered, the money from this article would help me out aswell.

I was still over four miles from the centre, a place called Fishponds, so my first task was getting there. 10:30 - Procure a digital camera from the university by way of a risk assessment form (risks: audience/ public) and leave St. Matthias campus by foot. 11:45 - Arrive at the Broadmead shopping district, after people watching, to put it nicely a lot of individual people, on the walk down. 11:50 - On the way to The Galleries get to 5th gear on a BSM driving simulator. 12:05 - Cruise the elevators and escalators of The Galleries, get some free nuts, then talk to a tourist information lady who gives me a map and circles the free attractions. 12:30 – I visit Saint Nicholas market but the variety of smells drives me away knowing I can’t have any of the stuff they advertise.


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12/08/2008 20:46:43

stand in the high wind looking out at the panorama of Bristol in its entirety. Then whilst writing this I figured I should hot tail it to my free red wine appointment.

12:45 - Talk to a ‘Friend of the Earth’ for a while. She explained the problems and proposed some solutions, I had no money to offer so I gave the gift of knowledge proposing less money spent on public transport and more on flat roads for easy cycling. 13:00 - I notice a commotion at the Cathedral so investigate: I quickly discover it is a UWE graduation ceremony/photo opportunity. I go in, talk a bit, take some photos for proud parents and walk out with a bottle of sparkling spring water (another ceremony at 14:45 with promise of red wine!) 13:10 - I enter the grandeur of the Central Library, a fine place to spend a penniless day in itself. A clerk recommends a detective novel called ‘Double Indemnity’, I sit and read it for a while to give my legs a rest.

14:30 - I return to the Cathedral but get stopped by a vicious looking woman in a military red coat. I tell her Im with the newspaper but she won’t budge. Across the green the benches seem appealing but I am too frustrated to stay long. 14:50 - I wander down a road to the ice rink hoping to watch ice skaters for a while but the session had just ended. 15:00 - Near the main fountain area I stop in a doorway to write but notice a man who looks like Justin Lee Collins walk past. I am unsure of his true identity even though the facts (Bristolian accent on TV etc.) suggest my suspicions are correct. A passer comments “that guy’s famous” So I move in and ask him if he has any suggestions for spending a day out without spending any money; he has no ideas. So I return to the College Green benches.

14:15 - After walking around the harbour side, speculating about the lives of the boat owners, I ascend Jacob’s Wells Road and talk to a blue eyed Bristol Uni girl who gives me vague directions to Cabot Tower. I climb the gratified spiral staircase then


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12/08/2008 20:46:43

15:10 - Bus stops are the best places for scrounging cigarettes. Once the giver goes I proceed to smoking my prize under the ‘working towards a smoke free Bristol’ banner for dramatic effect.

16:30 – I write the last entry circled by skateboarders. Skate for a while with them then walk off. I took to the streets for a while asking restaurants if they had any dishwashing jobs they would exchange for a meal.

15:15 - Next stop, the Council Houses. Are there any tourist areas? Not really but the courtroom was empty. I take a look around then sit in the most tempting seat of all - the judge’s chair.

17:35 - Get to Clifton Downs and still no work, head back ready to call it a day. 18:25 – At the bus stop I catch a ride back to Fishponds using a week old ticket. 18:50 Back to joyous student accommodation for a good meal and a chance to study sociology. I read that in this day and age, “there is nowhere to go but to the shops’” (Baudrillard 1983). This might be some peoples mentality but hopefully reading this you realise there is another way (blag, steal or borrow).

15:30 - I head back to the Cathedral doorway in a good mood and I am told I can go in at a quarter to, once the speeches have finished.

There are many free tourist attractions and if you keep your eyes open and your wits about you then you don’t have to spend quite as much as you would imagine. I was born with luck but sure try your hand at not spending if only for a day.

15:45 - Into the House of God and it’s all I imagined it would be: tables laid with glasses of red wine available I relax, job done. Chris Cooley to drink at your own pace and pastry snacks. After necking four glasses and talking to a lovely Grandmother then her lovely Granddaughter I leave. The drink filling my head with hopes of infinite possibilities.


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Well, before last month, no one knew. He was this illusive character much talked and deliberated about. Praised for his talent or condemned for his vandalism, at least most people knew his name. The most famous of Bristol’s graffiti artists, Banksy was born and bred here out of the strong underground scene which has collaborated artists and musicians since the early 80’s. According to author Tristan Manco, Banksy “was born in 1974 and raised in Bristol, England. The son of a photocopier engineer, he trained as a butcher but became involved in graffiti during the great Bristol aerosol boom of the late 1980s.” You will not fail to see his work (and numerous imitations) if you stroll down any of Bristol’s streets. Keep an eye out for his tag at the bottom of Park Street, on Cheltenham Road, on a house side in Easton, from the side of the M32 but not from the side of some garages where his work was inadvertently blacked out by graffitiremoval contractors. Known as a guerrilla artist, he has a distinct stencilling style and uses his work to comment on issues such as politics, culture and ethics. He is anti war, anti establishment and pro freedom. Well, maybe not so anticapitalist anymore as it’s rumoured that he can command a starting price of

£25,000 for a privately commissioned canvas. At the time of writing this article, the Daily Mail, not more than three weeks previous, revealed the true identity of Banksy. They said he was 34-year-old Robin Gunningham, born into an upper middle class family who went to private school and surprise surprise excelled at art. The End. I have no wish to delve further, discuss his education or his mother’s first name. Why does it matter? Banksy has built himself up over the years as this illusive and controversial artist. His anonymity has enabled him to make public statements without fear of reprobation. I don’t want to know the mans history. I don’t want to know the mans real name. These other elements do not affect his creative output. They do not give him credibility, or take it away: Why is everyone so intent on solving mysteries? When asked to confirm or deny the new round of rumours he declined to comment, saying “I never confirm or deny these stories” I think that’s the way it should be.


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Want to communicate to the students of UWE? Fancy seeing your company advertised here? Then contact our marketing department e: / t: 0117 32 82096


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LGBT The Pineapple is a small but swanky bar with an ok atmosphere and an out and proud feeling. Quite strict on the gay front and mainly a male crowd, it is no surprise it is located just down the road from the Queenshilling. During the week you will always be able to catch a quiz night, karaoke or the deal-or-no deal game and on Sundays the famous, but mainly cheesy/rubbish cabaret acts embrace the stage. It gets packed at the weekends as it’s open till 1.00am and is a good place to start off with good drink deals. The Pineapple is the sort of place you go for a quick drink or head down there for a night of games with your mates. Or if you want to, get dressed up and drink as much as you can, before heading on to dance the night away. Take a look and judge this one for yourself. BS1 5UU

Flamingos. Sadly named ‘Flamingos’ this club flies higher than its name. Newly refurbished and slowly earning a good reputation on the scene, Flamingos is Bristol’s and the South West’s biggest gay venue. With a capacity of 900 and the concept of being ‘A new dimension in clubbing’ it’s an experience that is definately worth a look. However be warned, with a club this big, all sorts of predators venture in. So for a newcomer to the scene or if you don’t like that sort of thing, it may be a bit too much at the weekends. Getting better late at night, this club is divided into different areas, with unique styles in each section. The four main bars, VIP lounge, pool room and chill out area allow for a night that suits all moods. Do not be put off by rubbish looking entrance of this place, check out the website and take a trip down. BS2 0DF

The Queenshilling. Known as the Shilling by its more loyal clientele it’s one of the few decent LGBT venues in Bristol. Open late towards the end of the week, it’s a great place to head to drink the night away and was recently voted best bar outside of London 2008 in GT magazine. The Shilling brings together Bristol’s surreal gay community, sparking up late at night, with shag-tag and themed events playing a central role in some of naughtiness that this place has to offer. Whether you’re out and proud, young and curious, middle aged and coupled or even straight as a ruler, the Shilling accommodates you all. But be warned, it is one of the smaller centre venues and gets rammed on busy nights. The sexy bar staff make up for that though! This venue is one of the very few places where no one will judge and the idiots usually stay away. It’s nearly always a good night and Thursdays have traditionally been free for NUS card holders. DP BS1 5NA


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Sport in Bristol Ashton Gate. Home to Championship football team Bristol City, this impressive stadium also plays host to the occasional Premiership Rugby match and stadium concerts. With an all-seated capacity of about 21,500 the stadium has the ability to host Premiership football should The Robins get promoted as they so nearly did in the 2007/08 season. Good atmosphere, good pasties and traditional Bristolian warmness make the Gate well worth a visit. TP BS3 2EJ Kingswood Leisure Centre is situated about 15 minutes walk from Fishponds and it is a great place for sport lovers. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy the swimming pool and its diving boards on three levels. The Leisure Centre offers various studio classes such as Pilates, Aerodance, Spin, Trampolining and Aquafit and the opportunity to play squash, volleyball, football or waterpolo to mention a few. There are discounts for students, so no excuses for not keeping fit! PC BS16 4RH

Horfield Leisure Centre. This Councilrun leisure centre is only about 3 years old, so is pretty up-to-date. It boasts a large gym, sports hall, swimming pool and lots of exercise classes. Parking is available. Lots of students attend this gym as their student rate is pretty reasonable. Flexible with pay monthly or payas-you-go. A new skate park with half-pipes / rails and blocks has recently opened outside.

AB BS7 0XW Bristol Ice Rink is found on Frogmore Street, above the Carling Academy. Although the interior is dated, it’s quite good fun. With public sessions at various times of the day and a disco session on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights sometimes it gets quite busy. For those of you who want a great night out who don’t want to skate, you can be a spectator for only a small fee; you can even see down to the ice rink from the bar! If you plan well in advance and there are a group of more than 10 of you, you may get group discount so ask before you go! Have fun and don’t break any legs! EB BS1 5NA Memorial Ground plays host to one of the best nights you can have as a student: Varsity. A chance to get one over on the big rivals Bristol Uni. Rugby varsity lures big crowds and makes for a brilliant night. You can also see both Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby play there and both offer some good student deals. The stadium itself is nothing special but once you get in to the atmosphere, that will not worry you at all. JH BS7 0BF


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Al l U W ESU Shops w i l l b e r un ni ng w i th the Meal D eal O f fer which w i l l r un f rom

8th S eptember 0 8 - 31s t July 09

Meal Deal

Sandw ich - Gin sters Deep Fill Drink - Choice of Ev ian, Ribena, Coke Cri sps - Walkers Only £2.89 £

Lighter Meal Deal

Sandw ich - Gin sters Simple Drink - Choice of Ev ian, Ribena, Coke Only £2.29


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WHEN YOU BUY SELECTED SONY VAIO NOTEBOOKS Terms and Conditions Redeemable against any Vaio branded accessory or accessories upon purchase of selected notebooks. No change can be given against this voucher. Selected notebooks from the VGNNR series will not qualify for this promotion - full details available in store. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or student discount. Offer valid until 31st October 2008.

Sony Centre Bristol Galleries Unit M16 The Galleries, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3XD 0117 922 5850 Sony Centre Cribbs Causeway Unit 132 Upper Level, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG 0117 914 3477



WITH ANY SONY DIGITAL STILLS CAMERA Terms and Conditions Claim a free Sony 2 Gb Memory Stick when you purchase any Sony Digital Stills Camera. No change can be given against this voucher and no alternatives can be offered. This voucher can be used in part payment against a higher capacity memory stick and the difference paid. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or student discount. Offer valid until 31st October 2008.

Sony Centre Bristol Galleries Unit M16 The Galleries, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3XD 0117 922 5850 Sony Centre Cribbs Causeway Unit 132 Upper Level, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG 0117 914 3477




Terms and Conditions Claim £50 off any Sony Bravia LCD TV, 26î and above. No change can be given against this voucher and no alternatives can be offered. Excludes selected promotional TV lines which will be advised in store. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or student discount. Offer valid until 31st October 2008.

Sony Centre Bristol Galleries Unit M16 The Galleries, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3XD 0117 922 5850 Sony Centre Cribbs Causeway Unit 132 Upper Level, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG 0117 914 3477



Terms and Conditions Claim a ½ price headphones / speakers / carry case or charger when you buy any Sony Walkman. No change can be given against this voucher and no alternatives can be offered. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or student discount. Offer valid until 31st October 2008.

Sony Centre Bristol Galleries Unit M16 The Galleries, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3XD 0117 922 5850 Sony Centre Cribbs Causeway Unit 132 Upper Level, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG 0117 914 3477

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  [ [ \ ] `e_d_d fbkide bo J [h ciW

j_ediWff dZYedZ_

 $!9Ã¥'5%34Ã¥ -%-"%23()0 GPSZPVBOEBGSJFOE


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12/08/2008 20:28:05


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want to offer a great deal to our students? Your company’s voucher could go here

and here... e: / t: 0117 32 82096 119

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Any Panini with a pint of Fosters/Stongbow/Draught Soft Drink for only £4.00 in Red between 22nd Sept and 5 Oct 08 (while stocks last)

Any Panini with a pint of Fosters/Stongbow/Draught Soft Drink for only £4.00 in Red between 22nd Sept and 5 Oct 08 (while stocks last)

A Beef Burger / Cheese Burger / Veggie Burger and a pint of Fosters / Stongbow / Draught Soft Drink for only £3.50 in Escape between 22nd Sept and 5th Oct 08 (while stocks last)

A Beef Burger / Cheese Burger / Veggie Burger and a pint of Fosters / Stongbow / Draught Soft Drink for only £3.50 in Escape between 22nd Sept and 5th Oct 08 (while stocks last)


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COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. Dips are not considered a starter. See reverse for terms and conditions


Free pizza must be of equal or lesser value than the first. Available on Medium or Large only.

COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. Dips are not considered a starter. See reverse for terms and conditions


Free pizza must be of equal or lesser value than the first. Available on Medium or Large only.

COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. Dips are not considered a starter. See reverse for terms and conditions


bristolsection.indd 123

Free pizza must be of equal or lesser value than the first. Available on Medium or Large only.

Free pizza must be of equal or lesser value than the first. Available on Medium or Large only.

COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. Dips are not considered a starter. See reverse for terms and conditions


12/08/2008 20:28:21

COUPON CONDITIONS • More than one ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ coupon CAN be used at the same time.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Second pizza must be of equal or lessor value than the first.

• From the menu or ‘Create Your Own’ up to 5 toppings.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection. • Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • More than one ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ coupon CAN be used at the same time.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Second pizza must be of equal or lessor value than the first.

• From the menu or ‘Create Your Own’ up to 5 toppings.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection. • Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • More than one ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ coupon CAN be used at the same time.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Second pizza must be of equal or lessor value than the first.

• From the menu or ‘Create Your Own’ up to 5 toppings.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection. • Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • More than one ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’ coupon CAN be used at the same time.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Second pizza must be of equal or lessor value than the first.

• From the menu or ‘Create Your Own’ up to 5 toppings.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection. • Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders

Offer Expires: 31/05/09 124

bristolsection.indd 124

12/08/2008 20:28:21







When your regular priced order is £50 or over. COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. See reverse for terms and conditions

When your regular priced order is £50 or over. COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. See reverse for terms and conditions

When you buy any large speciality pizza at regular menu price.

Chicken Combo


See reverse for terms and conditions. Excludes Cheese & tomato.

When you buy any large speciality pizza at regular menu price.

Chicken Combo bristolsection.indd 125


COLLECTION OR DELIVERY. EXPIRY 31st May 09. See reverse for terms and conditions. Excludes Cheese & tomato.


12/08/2008 20:28:22

COUPON CONDITIONS • Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Please mention offer when ordering.


• Only one coupon per order.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders.

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Only one coupon per order.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders.

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only. • Excludes Cheese & Tomato

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Only one coupon per order.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders.

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

COUPON CONDITIONS • Valid at Domino’s Bristol stores only.


• Excludes Cheese & Tomato

• Not valid with any other offer.

• Not valid on interactive TV or online ordering services.

• Please mention offer when ordering.

• Only one coupon per order.

• Please present coupon with payment on delivery or collection.

• This coupon has no cash value.

• Coupons cannot be combined or used in multiple orders.

Offer Expires: 31/05/09

bristolsection.indd 126

12/08/2008 20:28:22

in partnership with ...

“Dont cook drunk punk... Eat discount pizza instead”

call Domino’s & mention “dont cook drunk punk!” for buy one get one free on all pizzas. Wednesdays, 9 - 11pm

08712 12 12 12 0871 127

bristolsection.indd 127

12/08/2008 20:28:22

y o u e l r c cash y c e R

When you buy a drink from the bar or buy something from the shop your money goes directly back into enhancing your student experience. 128

bristolsection.indd 128

12/08/2008 20:28:23

The UWESU Guide 2008  
The UWESU Guide 2008  

The UWESU Guide 2008