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University of the West of England Students’ Union Job Description: Chair of Meetings

Full or Part Time: Part Time (at least 4 meetings a year in term time)

Term of Office: 1 year commencing first week in July

Purpose of the Role: • To Chair Student Council and the Annual General Meeting

Ensuring: o A balance is struck between time-keeping and space for discussions. o Business is dealt with and decisions made. o Decisions, actions and deliberations are adequately minuted. o The implementation of decisions is clearly assigned and monitored.

Qualities: • Ability to understand debating rules. • Possesses tact, diplomacy and powers of persuasion. • Has the relevant skills to run a meeting well. • Ability to remain claim

NB. Full training and support will be given to the post

chair of meetings  

Ensuring: oAbalanceisstruckbetweentime-keepingandspacefordiscussions. oBusinessisdealtwithanddecisionsmade. oDecisions,actionsanddelibera...

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