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University of the West of England Students’ Union Job Description: Campus Officer (Bower Ashton, Frenchay, Glenside, Hartpury and St Matthias) Full or Part Time: Part Time Term of Office: 1 year commencing first week in July Team: Students’ Union Executive Committee Accountable to: Student Members through Student Council, General Meetings, campus committees and referendum Purpose of the Role: • To Represent and seek the views of the students based at the campus • To communicate and liaise with The Executive Team • To support campus and inter campus based activities and events General Officer Responsibilities: • The Executive Team is responsible for the direction of the Union in accordance with the strategic plan. • To regularly obtain feedback from students to ensure that the Students’ Union meets the need of the main stakeholder, the students. • To work collectively as part of the Executive team • Up hold the Students’ Union Constitution and Policies • Up hold the core values of the Students’ Union • To actively encourage students to be involved with the democratic and election processes of the Students’ Union • To support activities such as AGM, Open Days, Freshers’ and official Union events • To attend the summer training programme Campus Officer Responsibilities: • To represent the campus at Executive and Student Council • To attend various Union and University Meetings considering matters relating to the campus • To communicate with student members at the campus, using Union publications and social media • To engage with the Halls Representatives (if applicable) • To act as a union representative within the local community • To hold regular meetings with the campus administrator • To establish and chair campus committee Finance: • To help prepare any campus activity budget requests Main Relationship and Contacts: • The full time Presidents • Campus Administrator Internal Committee Membership: • Union Executive Committee • Student Council • Local Residents’ Meetings University Committee Membership: • Campus Project Boards • Campus meetings as appropriate

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• Campus Project Boards • Campus meetings as appropriate • Union Executive Committee • Student Council • Local Residents’ Meetings Main Rela...