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Thank you for your interest in UWCSEA. We are pleased you are considering our school for your child’s education. As you visit one of our campuses, speak to students and staff and look at our materials and website, we hope the why of UWCSEA becomes clear to you. We are preparing our young people for jobs that are as yet unknown to us, in an economically chaotic and socially uncertain future. Their ability to meet those challenges depends on the skills and qualities, as well as knowledge and understanding, that students develop through their education. At UWCSEA we are guiding students towards the independence and global perspective that will allow them to effectively lead by influence, embracing challenge and taking responsibility for shaping a better world. Our goal is ambitious but it could not be more necessary. Our distinctive learning programme comprises five interlinking elements: academics, activities, outdoor education, personal and social education and service.

Preparation for university As they engage with each element, students begin a lifelong process of learning. Together, these five elements provide a rich learning experience for our diverse student body. We are immensely proud of our students and our programme. When we ask ourselves why we do what we do, the answer must be because our students need the education we provide, and because the world needs our students.

Julian Whiteley Head of College

Mission and History The UWC movement was founded by Kurt Hahn, a wealthy German industrialist whose early interest in education was crystallised by the incredible destruction he witnessed during World War I. Believing in the good of young people, Hahn was convinced that their education should be preparation for a life with service, leadership and meaningful action at its heart. In 1958 Hahn was inspired by the cooperation between former adversaries he witnessed at the NATO Staff Conference. He thought that if we could educate young people from around the world together, we could prevent future conflicts. From this belief in the power of education to change the world, the UWC movement was born, with a mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Today there are 12 UWC schools and colleges around the world, with UWC South East Asia in Singapore the largest of these. As well as providing an international education for young people living in Singapore, each year the UWC movement and UWCSEA provide scholarships for more than 100 students from all over

and for life the world. They are selected on the basis of their ability to meet the demands of the UWCSEA programme and their potential to have a positive impact on the local and global community. Along with all students in the College, they are committed to making the most of their opportunities, and are a daily reminder of Hahn’s justified belief in the good of young people and their ability to shape a better future for all of us. The world is a very different place since Hahn founded the first UWC in the UK in 1962. But the UWC educational philosophy, with a focus on academic achievement, leadership and service to others has remained and will continue.

ACADEMICS At UWCSEA students experience the joy of intellectual engagement and the satisfaction of scholarly pursuit. Through the academic element of the programme, we instil a passion for reading, writing, mathematics, science, humanities, the Arts and languages in all our students. At the same time, they gain an understanding of the connections between these disciplines and how to solve complex problems using different approaches.

Curriculum The UWCSEA academic curriculum begins in Kindergarten 1 and culminates in the IB Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. Together with our mission and educational goal, the UWCSEA profile and learning principles provide us with a framework for the academic curriculum. Learning goals for individual subject areas build logically through each grade so that students grow in knowledge and understanding as they prepare for the next academic challenge.

Results UWCSEA has outstanding IB Diploma results. In May 2012, our average IB Diploma score was 35.7 (worldwide average was 29.8). On average, 99% of UWCSEA students enrol at

INSPIRING a passion universities around the world. Each year a number of our students are admitted to Ivy League and highly selective universities in the USA, the UK and around the world.

Teachers Research shows that the biggest single influence on student achievement is teachers. At UWCSEA, we recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, who have an average of 17 years of teaching experience. Teachers provide the avenues that stretch student thinking, creating a challenging and stimulating environment that helps students to grow in appreciation of and passion for academics. Through the academic programme at UWCSEA, students develop intellectual habits that stay with them for life.

for intellectual pursuit

Developing talents

Activities The College offers an extensive Activities programme to students from Grade 2 onwards. The programme is divided into sports, arts (music, drama, visual arts), leadership, clubs and special interests. It is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore new interests, develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Students make like-minded friends from across age groups and interact with their colleagues in other schools.

The value of participation Through the programme, students have the chance to develop their talents and to be successful beyond the classroom. By trying out new things, they discover what they are good at, and are motivated to succeed. The opportunities are extensive, and because of the demands made on their time, students gain skills in time management and self-organisation and learn the value of commitment. They also build leadership and social skills as well as an understanding of group dynamics. Most importantly, they experience both success and failure and learn to persevere.

and building confidence Activities invigorate the life of the College by bringing students together for creative, athletic, leadership and numerous other endeavours. At UWCSEA, activities are not supplemental—they are a vital part of student life and learning.

Outdoor education The education at UWCSEA extends far beyond the classroom as students take on experiential challenges that build resilience, collaboration and leadership. UWCSEA’s Outdoor Education programme offers an incremental progression of age-appropriate experiences to students across the K–12 curricula. Whether horseback riding in Malaysia in Grade 3 or trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal in Grade 9, students develop confidence in their physical abilities and emotional resilience to withstand difficult situations.

Connecting to nature Through the expeditions and outdoor education offerings, students are able to disconnect from the distractions of technology and reconnect with nature. The awareness of the natural environment they gain supports the College’s commitment to sustainability. Students are able to explore nature in a safe setting, learn from mistakes and develop perseverance.

Self discovery Students begin to see one another in a different light as strengths not visible in the classroom arise.

THERE IS MORE IN YOU Communication and collaboration skills improve as students work together to complete essential tasks such as setting up camp, preparing a meal or kayaking to their destination.

Outcomes The lessons learned are not measured through academic assessment; they are demonstrated in the character, skills, qualities and maturity that students develop and apply across all aspects of the learning programme and in their lives.

Grade 1 Overnight stay at College

Grade 2 Two-day camp at Singapore Zoo

Grade 3 Three-day trip to Riders Lodge in Malaysia

Grade 4 Four-day trip to Pulau Sibu in Malaysia

Grade 5 Five-day trip to Taman Negara in Malaysia

Grade 6 Five-day trip to Tioman Island in Malaysia


Grade 7 Five-day trip to Pulau Sibu, Malaysia

Grade 8 Eleven-day trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Grade 9 The opportunity to join expeditions from climbing Everest to tall ship sailing—10 in total

Grade 11 Project Week—trips designed by the students in groups

Secure and supported

Personal and social education We know that in order for learning to be effective, learners must feel secure and supported. At the same time, part of individual student learning is also a growing in self-awareness, so that students know themselves and how they interact with the people around them. There are opportunities for personal and social development in all elements of the UWCSEA learning programme, but the importance of this part of the student experience is also captured in a dedicated, planned Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme.

“I really believe that in the future it won’t matter what you know, or even who you know, but how you interact with who you know. That’s what will decide how successful you are in your work and your life.” Krisna Ferrin Grade 12 student

Defining personal values The PSE programme supports students in dealing with the personal and social challenges that all young people face. What are my personal values? How do I react to situations in a principled way? How do I recognise my individual needs and the needs of the group? What are the strategies I can use to deal with cyber-bullying? How do I understand my own personal well-being? From students identifying what they are good at in Kindergarten 1, to Grade 12 students using

in a respectful environment their self-knowledge to select their path after school, the PSE programme is a dedicated time for students to explore their identity and place in the world. PSE underpins everything we do as a College. Supporting students so that they feel truly valued by the adults who are leading their learning motivates them to grow as learners, and as people.

Service The Service programme empowers students to become aware, able and active contributors to the community, whether on campus, locally in Singapore or internationally with a Global Concerns project. UWCSEA believes in the transformative nature of the experience of serving others and in the responsibility we have to one another and the planet. The service programme fosters empathy and helps students to recognise that part of being human is seeking opportunities to put yourself aside in the service of others.

“There are three ways of trying to win the young. There is persuasion, there is compulsion and there is attraction. You can preach at them: that is a hook without a worm. You can say ‘you must volunteer’; that is the devil. And you can tell them ‘you are needed.’ That hardly ever fails.” Kurt Hahn

College, local and global service Students become involved in College Service, where they offer a service to other members of the school community; in Local Service, where they connect with members of the Singaporean community; and in Global Service, which incorporates Global Concerns (GC) projects, the Initiative for Peace and the extensive Gap Year programme. GC projects focus on working to support causes and communities through direct links with partner organisations outside Singapore.

“YOU ARE NEEDED” Impact UWCSEA is recognised as a model of how meaningful action by individuals and groups can help students to grow and develop as compassionate people and agents of change. The value of the Service programme to the organisations and people the students interact with can be measured in many ways. But the greatest impact is on our students, as they put their ideals and values into action and grow as compassionate people and active agents of change.



36.8 Academic results

29.6 33%

Worldwide average diploma score May 2011

Percentage of students achieving 40+ points May 2011

Asia 6%

Average UWCSEA average diploma score May 2011

UK 22%





Average grade achieved by UWCSEA students

Percentage of UWCSEA students scoring 45 points

Australia 7%

Europe 2%

Gap year 9% National Service 8%

Worldwide average grade

Percentage of students worldwide scoring 45 points

North America 46%

Destinations of Class of 2011


748 250 700 Events each week through the activities programme

Representative sports teams across both campuses

Students taking instrumental music classes at the College

Applying to UWCSEA

Teachers at UWCSEA

Number of applications for the 2011/2012 academic year

Number of applications received for 64 positions 2011/2012

3,800 1,142

Number of places offered 2011/2012


35% 17 Percentage of full-time teachers holding a Masters or PhD

Average years of teaching experience of College teachers

60 IB Diploma Examiners

Global concerns

24 10 = 21 9

Children’s projects

Environment projects

Education and Health projects

Empowerment projects

Local service

64 80 Spanning 18 countries around the world

$200,000+ Total money raised and remitted through Global Concerns annually


500,000 22 Students hours spent overseas each year

Student nationalities

Countries visited

Local service visits each week

970 People interacting with UWCSEA students each week

∞ Enriching experiences

Student numbers Dover Campus: 3,003 (2012) Kindergarten–Grade 1: 288 Grades 2–5: 661 Grades 6–8: 773 Grades 9–10: 625 Grades 11–12: 656 East Campus: 1,906 (2012) Kindergarten–Grade 1: 352 Grades 2–5: 657 Grades 6–8: 514 Grades 9–10: 233 Grades 11–12: 150

A spirited community

College life Our community The UWC South East Asia community is a vibrant, truly international community of students, teachers, staff, parents and boarders. Our student body includes more than 70 nationalities and nearly 5,000 students across two campuses (2012/2013 academic year). Students and staff alike are involved in pursuits across the five elements of the learning programme in an environment where they are encouraged to explore new interests and develop their passions. This stimulating atmosphere supports and challenges students whether their interests lie in intellectual, artistic, athletic, service or leadership endeavours.

Parent involvement As their child’s first teacher, parents are encouraged to be involved in their school experience. We have a remarkable community of parents who volunteer their time and energy to the school in numerous ways. The College is particularly fortunate to have a committed and active Parents’ Association on each campus that contribute greatly to building and strengthening our community.

and unlimited possibility Arts The Arts make an immeasurable contribution to our community’s vibrancy and energy. As such we involve all students in arts education. A full complement of performance, fine and visual arts are offered through both the academic and activities programmes.

Drama Curricular drama and the activities programme allow students to be involved in all aspects of a theatre production, from performance to design and technical support.

Music The College offers a broad range of musical ensembles, both participatory and auditioned, allowing all our students to take part while providing the more skilled musicians opportunities to study and perform at the very highest levels.

Performance During the course of each year, every student has the opportunity to appear in a performance of some kind. From grade level arts festivals in the Primary Schools to full stage theatre productions in the Middle and High Schools, every student benefits from performance opportunities that develop confidence as well as presentation and communication skills that will serve them whatever their future path will be. The artistic sphere is the place where some students truly shine and find their identity. As such, we are committed to providing students with opportunity, challenge, celebration and appreciation of a rich artistic life.

Sports Just as the arts enrich the school community and students’ development, an extensive sporting programme contributes to our school’s enthusiastic spirit while supporting students’ physical development. Recognising the importance of physical fitness and skills, UWCSEA offers sporting activities through both the Physical Education curriculum (K1–G10) and the sports activities programme (G2–12).

Organised sports The sports activities programme encompasses recreational, development and representative sporting opportunities and provides students with the chance to develop self-discipline, teamwork and leadership skills. Numerous opportunities to experiment and develop new skills in sports are offered each term to all students. Students also participate in representative sports teams that compete against other international schools throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Technology Our students are living in highly dynamic, changing landscapes, where the understanding of community is no longer defined by geographical proximity. Dynamic, collaborative leaders of the future must be comfortable in a world where digital tools are part of everyday life. At UWCSEA students develop the skills to manipulate technology devices and systems for particular purposes. Teachers also use digital tools to enhance learning in the classroom, so that students experience the natural integration of technology into daily life.

Digital citizenship Through the concept of digital citizenship, and as part of the PSE programme, students address their responsibilities in a world where powerful digital tools complicate the process of discovering who you are and how you interact with others. We must support students in becoming adults who can interact effectively and responsibly with those around them, whatever the medium.

Leadership If our students are to take responsibility for shaping a better world, they must have the courage and confidence to lead. UWCSEA is committed to developing leadership in all students. This emphasis does not begin with the Middle or High School students; it commences in Kindergarten and develops throughout the student’s life at the school.

Leadership in action Students have many opportunities to practise and strengthen both teamwork and leadership skills. At the highest level, students participate in the Initiative for Peace programme, where they fund, plan and facilitate a conflict management conference in Timor Leste for young people from opposite sides of the conflict there. These experience move the idea of leadership from an abstract concept within a peer group, to a set of actions in the real world that can lead to change.

“... teaching 21st century skills is not about technology; it is about creating habits of mind in students that tap into both the creative and analytical abilities of individuals and networks.� Christopher D. Sessums

Alumni Tim Jarvis, environmentalist, explorer and UWCSEA graduate leads the official centenary re-enactment of the 1916 Antarctic expedition, part of his campaign to generate awareness of the importance of preserving Antarctica’s marine environment.

University education Every year our graduates are accepted into their universities of choice and attend top-ranked institutions in the USA, UK and countries around the world. A number of students go on to do national service or complete a Gap Year before commencing university studies. On average, 99% of UWCSEA graduates enrol at post-secondary educational institutions each year. Our comprehensive learning programme ensures UWCSEA alumni are equipped with the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to excel in university—and in life.

Paths to success Our alumni follow paths into all walks of life and are spread across the globe and beyond: an astronaut who has travelled twice to the International Space Station; the founder of an NGO that provides dental clinics and community centres in Buenos Aires slums; a successful business leader who has endowed scholarships at UWCSEA and his former university; an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter; an Olympic swimmer; award winning film directors,

The world needs entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, directors, musicians, teachers, professors, social workers and others.

Lifelong connections to UWCSEA The College runs a mentor programme, allowing Grade 11 and 12 students to connect with alumni for advice and information on universities, locations, Gap Years and careers. This ensures that our current students have access to a network of students in leading universities as well as successful business leaders and professionals in numerous industries around the world.

our graduates

Dynamic environments

Our campuses Two campuses UWCSEA’s two campuses offer exceptional facilities suited to our hands-on and technologically integrated learning programme. From classrooms and libraries equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to professional-quality performance spaces to outstanding athletic and sporting facilities, both campuses offer students the environment needed to flourish in our distinctive learning programme. Opened in August 2011, the UWCSEA East Campus is a purpose-built facility that, in keeping with our sustainability goal, sets global benchmarks in design, innovation, accessibility and environmental impact for international schools. The College has recently embarked upon a five-year US$60 million programme to enhance the already excellent facilities on the Dover Campus, opened in 1971. In January 2012, 60 classrooms, a theatre, gymnasium and faculty offices were added. Further developments will occur over the next three years.

for learning The College also offers boarding houses on each campus for students aged 12–18.

Enriched by diversity Home to people from around the world, Singapore allows students and residents to develop a global network of friends. A student at UWCSEA will be immersed in a setting of diverse cultures and rich heritage that will form a significant part of their educational experience.

Admissions UWC South East Asia seeks to enrol students who will be able to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by the College. Factors taken into consideration include: • previous school reports and references— applicants must have consistently good reports in effort, behaviour, attitude and study habits • a positive attitude and active contribution related to all aspects of school life are a key part of the entry criteria • confidential references may be sought from previous schools • test results—a significant number of applicants will need to sit the College’s entry tests or assessments For details of English language requirements and provision for learning support, please refer to the College website. The College accepts applications for the coming academic year, one year in advance and does not keep a rolling waiting list. Applications are through an online system and offers are made between February and May. For further information and to apply, please visit our website:

UWCSEA Dover T +65 6775 5344 UWCSEA East T +65 6305 5344

Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Nelson Mandela Honorary President UWC Movement