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CHRIS EDWARDS The stories in this publication are still evolving. Most probably they will take a hundred or more different twists and turns and then end—if real life stories ever really do end—in many different places. Yet all these stories have one thing in common: their origins lie in acts of engagement on the part of our donors. Philanthropy has acted as a catalyst for so many extraordinary adventures, challenges and innovations at the College; from scholarships to sustainability to teaching and learning. The interests and passions of donors have been made manifest in College life, and the dreams of students have taken substance.

Philanthropy has acted as a catalyst for so many extraordinary adventures, challenges and innovations at the College; from scholarships to sustainability to teaching and learning.

And so we thank all who have contributed. Your kindness and, crucially, your willingness to act as an agent of change, has made a mighty difference. And to the rest of our community I express a hope both that you will enjoy the tales within and, perhaps, consider playing your own role in the story. In a world that seems pretty short on good news recently, here are tales to warm the heart.

Chris Edwards Head of College UWC South East Asia



UWCSEA There is transformational power in collective giving. Established in 2008, the UWCSEA Foundation manages philanthropic support for the College. Gifts support four priorities: SCHOLARSHIPS Gifts enhance the diversity of UWCSEA through the Scholarship Programme, support refugee scholarship opportunities, and enable these experiences to be as rewarding as they can be. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Gifts allow the College to develop exciting opportunities for our students to build the skills and understanding needed for shaping a sustainable future. TEACHING AND LEARNING Gifts support pioneering learning programmes, innovative staff professional development, and experiential learning initiatives that will equip students for life. ENDOWMENT FUND Gifts provide the freedom to seize opportunities as they emerge and support the long-term financial plan of the College so that future generations can benefit from a UWC education. Since inception, the UWCSEA Foundation has coordinated over S$23 million in gifts. 100% of donations support the continued growth and development of the College.

About the Foundation The UWCSEA Foundation was established to enrich the unique UWCSEA learning experience and bring the College closer to achieving its mission. Created in 2008, the Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation that raises, invests and manages philanthropic contributions to benefit UWCSEA. Since the launch of the UWCSEA Foundation, 19 committed volunteers have given their time, energy and experience to govern the Foundation. The contribution of the Trustees, both past and current, has been considerable. The Foundation Trustees bring a vast range of knowledge and expertise from the education, finance, government, business and legal sectors. The Trustees are members of the UWCSEA community.

Trustees and Former Trustees

David Chong Trustee

Kirtida Mekani Trustee

Ravi Raju Trustee

Michelle Sassoon ’82 Trustee

Andy Budden Trustee

Heinrich Jessen ’86 Trustee

Kim Teo ’76 Trustee

Derek Lau Trustee

Shareen Khattar Harrison Trustee

Priti Devi Trustee

Kishore Mahbubani Former Trustee

Charles Ormiston Former Trustee

Lei Zhang Former Trustee

Sat Pal Khattar Former Trustee

Satish Shankar Former Trustee

Dale Fisher ’78 Former Trustee

Declan MacFadden Former Trustee

Gay Chee Cheong Former Trustee

Mary Ann Tsao Robinson Former Trustee INTRODUCTION | 3

GIVING TO UWCSEA 2016/2017* Gifts and donors



New gifts and pledges







964 646


2014/2015 2013/2014




715 595

New gifts and pledges


Alumni Giving

$590,361 Gifts from alumni in 2016/2017**


21% Of 2016/2017 donors are alumni


Of Reunion 2017*** attendees participated in Reunion Class Giving

At the time of publication, the figures included in this report are unaudited numbers for financial year 2016/2017 at 31 July 2017. All currency references are in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.

** Gifts from alumni are part of new gifts and pledges above. *** Reunion 2017 celebrated the Class of ’72, ’77, ’82, ’87, ’92, ’97 and ’07.

INITIATIVES FUNDED 2017/2018 Scholarship Programme

Growth of Scholarship Programme


Will increase the number of scholarships and enrich the College community

Number of scholars Number of countries scholars come from 130

108 110

110 61 Scholars* from

countries are receiving a UWC education

102 92











North America



50 50




Scholars at UWCSEA



South America


2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018


Africa Gifts through the Foundation have also supported


Scholars at other UWCs around the world, including two scholars receiving the gift of education through the UWC Refugee Initiative

Graduating scholar Gap Years in Timor-Leste, Nepal and Cambodia

* All scholars have the opportunity to further their studies in universities around the world on scholarships.


Scholar activities such as IfP, MUN and SEASAC


INITIATIVES FUNDED 2017/2018 Sustainable Development


To enhance our campuses and support environmental initiatives








Teaching and Learning


Will provide an unparalleled student learning experience











$1.98 million has been invested into the UWCSEA Endowment Fund. See page 39.




Use the power of education to bring together a diverse group of young people so they can become community leaders and find solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems. It is by educating students from around the world together and uniting them in a common purpose—to be of service to others—that we will fulfil our mission to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Gifts enhance the diversity of UWCSEA and expand the reach of the Scholarship Programme; enabling these experiences to be as rewarding as they can be. Gifts also support future civic leaders through the UWC Refugee Initiative. Over the next few pages, you will read about those benefitting from gifts to the Scholarship Programme, as well as the stories of those behind the gifts.


Empowering young people The two-year IB Diploma Programme Scholarship is a remarkable opportunity for young people to take their dynamism to new levels. The rigorous selection process enables the College to select students who have the potential to make a difference and be agents for change. Saif, Class of 2017 from Guyana, is one of those students. Inspired by the Initiative for Peace (IfP) programme, he wants to empower young people in his country and reduce youth conflict. “My most significant UWCSEA experience has been participating in IfP. For one year I trained as a facilitator and was equipped with the necessary tools to run a conference on peace in Timor-Leste that focused on conflict, identity, human rights, equality and individual empowerment.

Being part of the UWC movement has genuinely shaped the way I see and approach life. It has enhanced my interest to work for humanitarian causes and has made me a more globally aware person.

Despite the extensive planning, when we arrived I was nervous. How do we teach these students who have experienced a war about peace? Instead, I did not teach them. I learned from them. I spent an evening with young girls who had been the victim of sexual assault, some from as young as five. They had to live hidden lives as their abusers were actively searching for them. Yet here they were, learning how to forge a more peaceful future. Being part of the UWC movement has genuinely shaped the way I see and approach life. It has enhanced my interest to work for humanitarian causes and has made me a more globally aware person. My biggest hope is to bring IfP to Guyana. My country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and though we are not a war-torn country, there is still much conflict amongst young people.� After graduation, Saif will attend Middlebury College in the US on a full scholarship to study Development Economics and Political Science. Gifts to the Scholarship Programme allow us to unleash the potential of promising students who are determined to shape a better world. Thank you.


Giving the gift of flight Graduation day is a significant milestone for all Grade 12 students, however, for some of our scholars, the cost of travelling to Singapore makes it very difficult for family members to be present. For two years in a row, a generous donor funded flights to bring scholars and families together at this important event. The incredible impact of this gift led to the initiative being formally adopted as one of the UWCSEA Fund scholarship initiatives for East Campus in 2016/2017. This year, thanks to the support from the community, nine scholars graduated with their family by their side. Barbara, Scholar from Chile, Class of 2017

“When I had the opportunity to attend UWCSEA, I knew I would be coming alone and leaving alone. I am the first one in my family to travel out of the continent and I will soon be the first one to attend university. Thanks to you, my mother was able to be by my side to finish this journey and it was an even greater gift.�

Enriching scholarship experiences For a number of years, the UWCSEA Staff Enrichment Programme at the College has been supporting a wide range of initiatives. From allowing more scholars to represent the College at international tournaments, to funding places at global peace conferences and youth seminars; staff giving allows scholars to make the most of all the opportunities available at UWCSEA. Enitan, Scholar from Nigeria, Class of 2017

“Representing UWCSEA in the SEASAC Football Championship in Thailand was a highlight. However, we were so nervous about achieving good results that we forgot to just play. After losing two games, we realised that if we gave it our all, the outcome doesn’t matter. What really matters is the effort and hard work each of us put into the game. This helped us build a stronger bond as a team.” Nawal, Scholar from Kenya, Class of 2017 received support to attend the Leadership Initiative for Excellence (LIFE) in India.

“We were a group of 200 people working towards one goal—to make the world a better place. It is only by involving young people and getting us to understand global issues that we can change our future.”


Supporting scholars to give back

• Luis Mario, Scholar from El Salvador, Class of 2017, Maya Universe Academy, Nepal

When we first associated with the Gap Year programme, we had no idea of the impact it would have on the lives of the chosen scholars, or on us. Thus far, it has been a rich and rewarding experience. It has given us the opportunity to meet some of the special scholars graduating from the College, who imbibe UWC values and have chosen to share them with others through giving back. The growth that takes place during this period is invaluable and life changing for each individual and we are happy to be able to play a small part in this.

• Reka, Scholar from Hungary, Class of 2017, Australian Centre for Education (ACE), Cambodia and Lamdon School, Ladakh

Kirpalani Family

Since 2012, the Kirpalani family has provided scholars with the opportunity to put their enthusiasm to be changemakers into immediate action. Twentyone different gap year experiences have been made possible, thanks to them. Below are just a few of the Gap Year opportunities that have been made possible: • Kimheang, Scholar from Cambodia, Class of 2016, Initiative For Peace, Cambodia • Reihana, Scholar from New Zealand, Class of 2016, Maya Universe Academy, Nepal • Merve, Scholar from Turkey, Class of 2016, Child Workers In Nepal (CWIN) • Tilla, Scholar from Hungary, Class of 2016, Maya Universe Academy, Nepal • Anya, Scholar from USA, Class of 2016, Bairo Pite Clinic, Timor-Leste • Jesse, Scholar from Netherlands, Class of 2017, Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEA CLE), Thailand

• Maria, Scholar from Uruguay, Class of 2017, Child Workers In Nepal (CWIN) • Susana, Scholar from Mexico, Class of 2017, Taveuni, Fiji Kimheang, Scholar from Cambodia, Class of 2016, organised the first Initiative for Peace (IfP) in Cambodia. “Through my gap year, I learned and gained skills in commitment, patience and also pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I got to experience work life. I also got to experience working as a team to take care of students and many new lessons about the outdoors.” SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME | 15

Why we give to UWCSEA Support from our parent, alumni and staff communities has allowed the Scholarship Programme to go from strength to strength. Thank you. TO PAY THE UWC EXPERIENCE FORWARD Sisters Nang Lang Kham, Class of 2007; Nang Kham Noung (Marlene), Class of 2009; and Nang Mo Hom, Class of 2014, created a Scholarship Programme to support students from their beloved Myanmar.

“A United World College education is a unique way of learning that prepares every student for the wider world. As students, we were not only taught a varied curriculum but also the core values of mutual respect, integrity and investing back into your community. For our family, the decision to sponsor a scholarship was an obvious choice. As it has provided us with an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and provide a student with an invaluable education that will set them up for life.” Leon Le Mercier, Class of 1994, made a gift to the Scholarship Programme to enable more students to experience a UWC education.

“Exposure at such a formative time to so many cultures, beliefs and attitudes give you a different outlook on life. I believe that if you can help kids from less-privileged backgrounds to attend the College, and they then take the UWC values back to positively impact their communities, it can be a game changer. It could solve a lot of problems in the world.”

TO PROVIDE A BEACON OF HOPE Earlier this year, UWCSEA joined forces with the global UWC movement to launch the UWC Refugee Initiative. The UWCSEA Kay Everett Refugee Scholarship, named in honour of a Class of 1991 alumna and humanitarian lawyer who passed away in 2016, has created two IB Diploma Programme Scholarships. One, at UWC Dilijan, has been funded by an anonymous UWCSEA family, the other, at UWC Mostar, has been funded by gifts from the College community. The Fournier Le Ray Family chose to make their annual gift to this significant programme.

“We believe that education is a fundamental human right and yet education for young refugees, internally displaced and persecuted people, is often impossible to access. We also believe children can change the world and we are fully aligned with UWC that refugee communities need future leaders with strong abilities, social consciousness and drive for peace and reconciliation.” TO ENABLE MORE STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS Noria Gaier, parent and Foundation Parent Ambassador, made a gift to the UWCSEA Fund. Last year, collective giving funded two additional scholarship opportunities, one on each campus.

“In giving to the Scholarship Programme, I am able to support more students to fulfil their dreams and be part of this diverse community.”



SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Address the peace and social justice challenges by raising the living standards of humanity while respecting the planetary ecological boundaries. We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and it is the College’s commitment to ensuring that environmental stewardship becomes a major part of every child’s education. Gifts allow the College to develop both the human resources and infrastructure necessary to create exciting opportunities for our students to build the skills and understanding needed for shaping a sustainable future. Over the next few pages, you will read about how gifts are changing the way our students learn so they become equipped to be the leaders of a better world, as well as the stories of those behind the gifts.


Opening minds to possibilities Environmental champion and UWCSEA Foundation Trustee, Kirtida Mekani, has been a long term supporter of environmental initiatives at the College. In 2011, she founded the Adopt a Tree programme on East Campus, and in 2013 went on to fund The Kirtida and Bharat Mekani Rainforest Restoration Nurseries on both campuses, which provide exceptional experiences for students to be involved in the cultivation and protection of endangered tree species. Her latest gift in 2017 established The Kirtida and Bharat Mekani Sustainability Fund and will enhance biodiversity and enrich biomimicry education at the College.

This is the generation of thinkers who will take our insights on environmental awareness and biomimicry to the next level, and incorporate these lessons into the technology and engineering of tomorrow.

Kirtida Mekani, UWCSEA Foundation Trustee “The mother of all learning is in doing. And this experiential learning is what makes projects such as UWC’s Rainforest Nursery Project worth supporting. I believe that for environmental sustainability to be achieved, we need to engage young minds and get them involved with the wonders of nature. This is the generation of thinkers who will take our insights on environmental awareness and biomimicry to the next level, and incorporate these lessons into the technology and engineering of tomorrow. All this begins by opening their minds at an early age to the possibilities, knowledge and tools that nature provides us. I am delighted that through the Mekani Sustainability Fund, these innovative environmental initiatives can make a positive impact on our next generation of thought leaders, and make a difference to the world they will live in. When we nurture nature in our time, nature will nurture our children in theirs.”


Incredible Edible Gifts made to the UWCSEA Fund support a range of environmental activities for students from K1 to Grade 12. In 2016, one such initiative was the creation of vegetable gardens. The Edible Garden Project—now known by the students as ‘Incredible Edible’—is a well-established College Service. This year, the UWCSEA Fund supported the role of a part-time supervisor to provide the necessary expertise and crucial logistical support in running the project. Gifts also funded the installation of an irrigation infrastructure and much-needed planting materials and tools. From managing two separate organic fruit and vegetable gardens, the students learn what will and won’t grow in this difficult climate. During the course of the year, they learn to propagate from seeds and cuttings, how to maintain a healthy vegetable garden, manage soils and deal with pests. Daniella, Grade 5

I thought that Incredible Edible was an incredible experience, I have learnt a lot about plants—how to help them grow to be healthy and strong. The thing I most enjoyed about Incredible Edible was being outside. Instead of being cooped up in a classroom studying plants on a whiteboard, we actually went out to water the plants and nurture them.

Circular Economy Gifts to the UWCSEA Fund allowed the College to partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to develop pedagogy and curriculum resources, which help fulfil the UWC mission. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a global thought leader, which is working to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy—an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design and an urgent replacement of the existing ‘take, make and dispose’ model that characterises much of our existing industrial activity. Over the past 12 months, our collaboration has focused on how the College can articulate its teaching of Sustainable Development in the Learning Programme. Nathan Hunt, Director of Sustainability

“We have started the conceptual mapping of Sustainable Development across the entire Learning Programme, so that all five elements will reflect our commitment to Sustainable Development both conceptually and in practice. Once complete, we will have a Learning Programme that explicitly teaches towards our mission so that our students and staff will be genuinely able to understand how they can shape a better world.”


Leaving a legacy Each year, the graduating classes on both campuses come together to leave a gift to those following in their footsteps. This year, students on Dover Campus chose to fund a mini rainforest nursery and students on East Campus supported a new social area for High School students. Annabelle and Surabhi, Class of 2017, East Campus

“The class gift has given our grade the opportunity to express our gratitude for the experiences and values UWCSEA has given us. We hope that the gift is something both sustainable and accessible to all.” Reka, Class of 2017, Dover Campus

“I’ve decided to contribute to our class gift because I loved the idea of leaving something behind that people will remember us by. It also feels great to give something back to the community that we’ve been a part of for years.”

Greening the campus Since 2011 the UWCSEA community has come together to adopt and plant over 300 indigenous trees, some of them endangered species, at our East Campus. Aside from aiding the transformation from urban campus to green oasis, the trees have become a part of College life; students study them as part of the academic curriculum and care for them through the Activities and College Service programmes as part of their commitment to environmental stewardship. The Adopt a Tree programme, recently expanded to Dover Campus, allows members of our community to leave a lasting and environmentally conscious gift for others to enjoy. Together with their personalised adoption plaques, these trees are a wonderful reminder of the shared belief in preserving and protecting our natural world so that future generations may benefit. Ariunaa Batbold, parent, East Campus

“For our son’s seventh birthday, my husband and I asked him to make a donation in lieu of a party and gifts. Adrian chose to plant a tree at UWCSEA and dedicate it to his class. We feel that this was a unique opportunity to teach him that the greatest gift in life is when you give to others.”


Why we give to UWCSEA Gifts to our Sustainable Development programme are driving action towards shaping a better future. Thank you. TO INSPIRE FURTHER LEARNING A unique partnership with Van Oord, an international marine engineering company, has allowed UWCSEA to establish a Marine Conservation Course and further enrich students’ learning about environmental issues and challenges. Sander Dekker, Manager of Sustainability, Van Oord

“Van Oord aspires to unlock its expertise for research and education. As a leading international contractor, we are driven to create innovative, sustainable solutions for dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects. By inviting us to contribute to its Marine Conservation course, UWCSEA has proven to be a valuable partner in fulfilling our mission.” TO HONOUR SHARED MEMORIES Marcela Tellez, K2 parent and Foundation Parent Ambassador, East Campus worked together with her son’s class and fellow parents to adopt and plant a tree.

“I really wanted to start a K2 tradition that embodies one of UWCSEA’s core principles— Environmental Sustainability. The end of Kindergarten is a milestone that I felt deserved a sense of an ongoing legacy—by working together in the bake sale to adopt and plant the tree. The children learned what it meant to work towards a goal and how the result of that hard work can have a direct impact on the environment.”

TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET What began as one student’s Grade 5 Exhibition of Learning project has grown into a College-wide movement to increase our use of solar energy. Since 2014, over 500 panels have been installed on Dover Campus through the student-led Solar for Dover programme. Having just past the half-way point of this ambitious plan, the students are already seeing fantastic results with the panels providing enough energy to light 70 classrooms. Parents, alumni, staff and friends have all been inspired to adopt a panel and reduce the College’s carbon footprint. In the 2017/2018 school year, students on the East Campus are planning to launch a similar programme. Jorge Vizcaino, Class of 1987

“As a former UWCSEA student, I firmly believe in the mission and goals of the College and their support for renewable energies. The Solar for Dover project exemplifies this mission and is a valuable step in empowering our young citizens of the world. By creating a world consciousness of these renewable sources of energy, it will ultimately make a difference in the health of our planet.”



TEACHING AND LEARNING Deliver a holistic, values-based education that develops young people as individuals and as members of a global society. Today, teaching and learning require more adaptation and innovation than ever before. Investing in our teachers and the continued development and enhancement of our educational programme allows UWCSEA to provide an unparalleled learner-centric experience, both inside and outside of the classroom. Gifts support pioneering learning programmes, innovative staff professional development and experiential learning initiatives that will equip students for life. Over the next few pages, you will read about how gifts build on the exceptional experience and high standards of UWCSEA, as well as the stories of those behind the gifts.


A haven for creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs – IDEAS Hub The IDEAS Hub at Dover Campus aims to provide a place that inspires and supports our community to explore, innovate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions to shape a better world. Since the doors opened in September 2016, it has developed a strong reputation for being an inclusive and entrepreneurial space. Key workshops have included an Intel Genuino 101 coding workshop, Creative Coding, run by George Gally, an award-winning digital and media artist, and a textile upcycling workshop by Agatha Lee, a pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement in Singapore. Student-led competitions have proven to be a wonderful training ground for future leaders. One such competition was The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF) Life Challenge, which saw 83 UWCSEA students from Grade 8–12 devise solutions that address one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The IDEAS Hub is also developing itself as a centre of innovation among global and regional stakeholders. In May 2017, the IDEAS Hub co-organised the Young Maker Summit with Intel and later that month, Ashoka, a network of leading entrepreneurs, hosted a Young Changemakers Showcase at the Hub. Shripriya and Ramanan Raghavendran, parents and Founding Benefactors of the IDEAS Hub “The UWC movement has a unique ethos and as parents of two UWCSEA children, we were delighted to support the IDEAS Hub and further the exposure UWC students get to new and innovative ways of expressing themselves and learning the kinds of skills that will be needed in the 21st century.”

FOUNDERS AND BENEFACTORS From idea to reality in just 11 months, the IDEAS Hub has been fully funded through philanthropic support to the College. Phase 1 of funding has developed the space, provided the tools and technology that make up the four core areas, and funded the staff resources needed to run the Hub until 2020. Founding benefactors Sonia Nayaham and Hari Kumar Reza and Imelda Sasmito Safavi Mayank Singhal of P I Industries Ltd Shripriya Mahesh Ramanan and Ramanan Raghavendran A grateful UWCSEA Family Anonymous gifts made by 2 donors Founding fellows Yun Dai Family Founding members Mary Ann Tsao Robinson Nitin and Amie Gulabani Founding supporters Peter and Tine Jessen Derek and Katherine Chang Satya Ramamurthy and Prabha Narayan TEACHING AND LEARNING | 31

Supporting staff development Gifts to the UWCSEA Fund have supported a range of staff professional development programmes. In 2016/2017, gifts enhanced learning for our youngest students on East Campus through a series of Reggio Emilia workshops. Gifts also enriched cognitive coaching practices and strengthened staff and student leadership through ‘Fieldwork’ sessions with educational specialist, Pam Harper. Stuart MacAlpine, Director of Teaching and Learning, East Campus

“Schools only have two assets really—the physical locations where learning happens, and our teachers’ expertise in helping learners construct understandings, practise skills and gain knowledge. The professional growth of staff is not a nice-to-have, but the only way in which we can thrive as an institution and fulfil our mission. The professional learning supported by the Foundation in Cognitive Coaching​has transformed the professional culture of our school and our ability to engage in dialogue with each other and students that focuses on deep listening in order to support learning. We have seen the impact of this in teams and classrooms across K–12.”

Enhancing the literacy journey Over the past three years, a generous gift to fund a Middle School Literacy Coach on Dover Campus has greatly enriched the reading and writing journey for our students. As well as increasing the number of books our students are reading, one of the biggest successes is the development of a seamless literacy transition for students travelling through the younger years into Middle School and beyond. Reading and Writing Workshop, the teaching methodology adopted by the Junior School in 2011, is now fully embedded within the Middle School curriculum. As a result, students moving into High School are producing higher quality essays and are critically examining texts at a more advanced standard. Andrew Fielding, High School English Teacher, Dover Campus

“There’s no doubt in my mind that at Grade 11, I am seeing the benefits of a huge culture shift. Our kids are readers now. They expect to read, want to read and they are driving my choices for the classroom library because increasingly they are taking ownership of their development as readers. They have more faith in themselves as independent readers.”


Why we give to UWCSEA Gifts to our Teaching and Learning programme enhance the educational experience for all of our students. Thank you. TO ENRICH EDUCATION AROUND THE WORLD In 2015, thanks to the generosity of our donor community, UWCSEA partnered with Harvard Graduate School of Education on a groundbreaking study that revealed a UWC education positively impacts students in a number of ways. Of the 2,700 alumni and students who took part, more than 80% said they feel they are developing, or have developed, important ethical values. The next phase of this extraordinary research study, supported by a number of individual gifts, is to assess how a UWC education is developing ethical dispositions in young people, for the good of a wider society. In doing so, the study could identify elements that could enrich educational models around the world.

TO ENRICH LEARNING FOR OUR CHILDREN Gifts to the UWCSEA Fund support a wide range of programmes across the campus, including staff professional development opportunities. The Mitchell Family

“Teachers must have access to the most innovative, up-to-date research-based teaching methods in order to best educate our children. By encouraging and supporting continuing education for our teachers, we give them the tools to energise and inspire our children to learn.”

TO SUPPORT PROGRAMMES THAT MATTER A generous family supported the implementation of a Personal Social and Emotional programme called Circle Solutions. Over the past 12 months, teachers have been working to build healthy relationships, resilience and responsibility in children and young people. The same family also made a gift in honour of the Dance programme on Dover Campus. Menkes Family

“We feel that a strong pastoral programme is integral to the success of any school. That is why John chose to help make UWC even stronger in promoting the emotional wellbeing of students coming through the school after him. Mikayla wanted her gift to give back to Dance, a programme that saw her flourish in her High School years and allowed her to study a course about which she is passionate.�




Strengthen the legacy of the College and advance its reputation as a leader in international education for future generations of young people who can and will make a difference. Gifts to the College’s Endowment Fund help secure the long-term financial security of the College so that future generations can benefit from a UWCSEA education. The UWCSEA Endowment Fund, a set of pooled assets, is composed of many individual funds and is invested in a purposeful and accountable manner to generate income that will honour the donors’ intended purposes for their gifts. Each year, any remaining income, beyond the annual spending distribution, is reinvested into the endowment, ensuring that its value grows and forever benefits the mission of the College.



ANDY BUDDEN The 2016/2017 financial year has been another solid year for both our investment returns and our donation inflows. The College received nearly $2 million in new gifts and pledges to the UWCSEA Endowment Fund, while the investment return for our investments was 5.3%. Last financial year, we conducted a review with investment consultancy Willis Towers Watson. In 2016/2017, we have continued our plan to move towards a long-term investment strategy. Through this we aimed to capture the right balance of long-term opportunity, whilst focusing strongly on the need to preserve the value of donations. The financial markets exceeded our expectations with solid returns from both fixed income, despite low interest rate environment, and also equities. Thank you for your continued support. Endowment giving not only strengthens the financial security of the College but it allows us to invest in a range of initiatives and programmes that enhance learning for all students.

Andy Budden Chair, Finance and Investment Committee UWCSEA Foundation

About the Finance and Investment Committee The Finance and Investment Committee collectively has oversight of investment decisions for the Foundation and its strategic direction which correspond to the needs and requirements of the College. The committee is formed of the following members: Andy Budden, Chair Derek Lau Kim Teo ’76

Non-voting members: Chris Edwards, Head of College Dave Shepherd, Director of Advancement


$7.9million Endowment Fund value at 31 July 2017

(All currency references are in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.)

Endowment fund value






$6.0m $6m


$5.4m $4.9m

$5m $4m






New gifts and pledges received in 2016/2017


Investment return in 2016/2017 (two year geometrical average return rate)


Global equities

Asset allocation (at 31 July 2017)


Singapore Dollardenominated bonds

Named Endowed Funds Endowed funds support a broad range of programmes and initiatives in perpetuity for the College. UWCSEA College Lizanne and Robert A. Milton Endowed Scholarship Shripriya Ramanan Artist-in-Residence Programme Parents’ Association East

Parents’ Association Dover Iain Ewing Memorial The Scholarship Fund Davis UWCSEA Community Endowed Scholarship Annual Fund Endowment

At the time of publication, the figures included in this report are unaudited numbers.

MAC3 Refugee Scholarship Ricardo and Petra Portabella Endowment for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Fredrik Fosse ’03 Endowment Fund ENDOWMENT GIVING | 39

Pursuing passions outside the classroom The Iain Ewing Memorial Endowment was established so that more scholars at UWCSEA could take part in the wide range of activities on offer at the College.

I hope that one day I will be able to pay forward with gratitude what I cannot repay.

One of the most powerful elements of the UWC experience is that it opens hearts, minds and eyes to different experiences. Many of our scholars come from areas where education provision is limited to academics and access to additional opportunities that inspire are nonexistent. Coming here, scholars are exposed to so much more and this generous gift allows them to truly make the most of their UWC journey. Kovenda, Scholar from Namibia, Grade 11, was the first student to benefit from this fund and was able to develop his love of music through a songwriting workshop with Songwork International, a songwriting and music production company in Singapore. “A word of thanks to my donors. The truth is I feel very lucky to be in a position to receive help from such great people and make a step forward towards my dream of becoming a songwriter. I believe in the UWC mission and values and although I can never thank you nor the school enough for the wonderful opportunities that you have brought into my life, I hope that one day I will be able to pay forward with gratitude what I cannot repay.�


Why we give to UWCSEA TO ALLOW OTHERS TO MAKE THE MOST OF OPPORTUNITIES Fredrik Fosse, Scholar from Norway, Class of 2003, set up a scholarship enrichment endowment to ensure scholars following in his footsteps were able to make the most of all the UWC opportunities on offer to them.

“The UWC mission is as relevant as ever. I strongly believe that diversity of nations, cultures and socio-economic background is key to giving the full UWC experience, and the scholarship programme is an integral part of this. The scholarship I received 15 years ago gave me opportunities that now allow me to afford others the same. The endowment fund will not only benefit the individuals supported but also contribute to the continued diversity of the student body at UWCSEA.�

TO CREATE A LEGACY OF ENRICHING LEARNING In 2014, the UWCSEA East Parents’ Association (PA East) established an endowment fund to support a wide range of initiatives that would enrich the educational experience for all students. Every year since, they have topped up their endowment using funds raised through community events. Additionally, PA East have made a gift to enhance the East Campus greenery. The objective is to create additional greening and social spaces that complement the flow of the campus. From installing planters, screening plants and creeping plants, the East Campus is slowly but surely becoming a green oasis. Mathangi Venkatesh, Chair, PA East

“Contributing to the sustainability of the College and the endowment fund provides for a continuous legacy from the parent community to the ongoing enrichment of UWCSEA.”


2016/2017 DONORS


There is transformational power in collective giving. Since its founding in 2008, the UWCSEA Foundation has managed philanthropic support for the College to ensure that all gifts advance the vital UWC mission and enrich the unique UWCSEA experience. Gifts of any amount have helped us take great leaps forward in so many ways. Our scholarship programme is now twice the size it was five years ago and sustainable development has become a focal point for strategic plan of the College. Added to that is our continued investment in teaching and learning with the delivery of unparalleled staff professional development and initiatives that enrich the educational experience for all. The pages that follow are more than just a list of names. It is a celebration of all those who have a shared belief in the power of a UWC education to make a difference.

* Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the donor roll. Should you notice an error, or prefer that we list you differently in future publications, please email foundation@ uwcsea.edu.sg

Support for the UWCSEA Fund, named programmes, bequests and the endowment fund strengthen our ability to educate children to embrace challenge and help create a more peaceful and sustainable world. Much has been achieved and while there is still much to do, we are extremely grateful for your support.

Dave Shepherd Director of College Advancement UWC South East Asia THANK YOU | 45

1971 SOCIETY Named in honour of the year the Dover Campus was opened by the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, the 1971 Society recognises those who have made accumulative lifetime gifts of $10,000 or more to UWCSEA. Through their generosity, these benefactors are helping the College remain at the forefront of international education. 1971 Society Members are formally recognised through the below five levels of giving circles: Chairman’s:

S$1 million and above


S$500,000 up to S$1 million


S$100,000 up to S$500,000


S$50,000 up to S$100,000


S$10,000 up to S$50,000

Society Members UWCSEA would like to thank the following 131 members for their generous and continued support: Chairman’s Circle Lizanne ’83 and Robert A. Milton ’78 Lee Hysan Foundation Gale and Shelby Davis Ricardo and Petra Portabella MAC3 Patrons Kewalram Chanrai Group Trafigura Pte Ltd. Andy and Mei Budden UWC Denmark National Committee Bataua Scholarship Fund Dauren Yerdebay Anonymous gift

Benefactors S and V Foundation Capital International Inc. The Sassoon Family Foundation Suhardiman Hartono MacFadden Family Kirtida and Bharat Mekani Mara McAdams and David Hand Shiv and Urvashi Khemka Gary Basil Scholarship Fund AT Capital Pte Ltd Mary Ann Tsao Robinson SK-NIS Mayank Singhal of PI Industries Ltd

Sonia Nayaham and Hari Kumar In Memory of Sarojini Viswalingam Reza and Imelda Sasmito Safavi Nang Lang Kham ’07 Nang Kham Noung ’09 Nang Mo Hom ’14 A grateful UWCSEA family In Honour of the late Lal Kumar and Dr. Rajadurai Leon Le Mercier ’94 Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors KMG International N.V. Anonymous gifts made by 6 donors


Fellows Prince of Wales Trust Dato Abdul Rahman Abdul Shariff and Datin Dr. Mona Abdul Rahman Family Harrold Sanjay and Ravina Kirpalani Manzoni Family Lester and Christine Gray UWCSEA Dover Parents’ Association UWC Spain National Committee UWC National Committee of Germany UWC China National Committee Shripriya Mahesh Ramanan and Ramanan Raghavendran BHP Billiton Yun Dai Family Nitin and Amie Gulabani UWCSEA East Parents’ Association Scholae Mundi Anonymous gift Members Iain and Tejas Ewing Jean de Pourtales Craig Flood ’78 Kush Handa ’78 Haeyong Jung Kishore Mahbubani Charles and Jenny Ormiston John Shang ’78 Mr and Mrs Zain C. Willoughby ’78 Julian and Buff Whiteley Tord ’86 and Kimberly Stallvik Satish and Anita Shankar Gay Chee Cheong Mark Koczanowski and Vicky Binns Bindiya and Raj Mishra Dale Fisher ’78

Vinod Sahgal Peter ’83 and Tine Jessen Mr and Mrs Hooi Siew Yan Kennedy-Cooke Family David and Sonja Chong James Dalziel and Nancy Fairburn Viren and Ruchee Desai Arvind and Niharika Tiku Ashwin Ranganathan and Claire Ngo Kandisaputro and Juliet Chris and Fleur Thomas Mr and Mrs G. S. Ramesh Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd Åsa and Magnus Böcker Ben Morgan Ne Aung and Khin Moe Nyunt Soofian ’90 and Fatima Zuberi Jacques Mainguy ’79 Mr and Mrs Sohmen-Pao Ross and Florence Jennings Ko Ko Gyi and Moe Moe Alex Dong Seng Chee and Audrey Ho Ravi and Lakshmi Raju Rigel Technology (S) Pte Ltd Lau Family Fredrik Fosse ’03 Mr and Mrs Yaw Chee Ming Wang Piau Voon and Lam Li Min Tek and Angeline Heng Dominic and Tania Pemberton KC Hew Mr and Mrs Shinichi and Emi Tonomura Varun Kodthivada and Tara Gupta Hideshi and Mana Tokoi Jerome and Stephanie David

Sheng Zhang and Donna Tang Rob and Jeanette Gilby Prashant and Claudia Kedia Anna Mezhentseva Liu Tsu Kun Nisha and Rajesh Raman Newman Family Srinivas Venkatraman Abad Merritt Family Declan and Chisa O’Sullivan Takeda Family Dave and Sue Shepherd Mikhail Nikolaev Saga Tree Capital Ronald Chong ’78 Nicholas Chan Paul Cummins ’78 Bhargava Family Mikayla Menkes ’17 John Menkes Utsav Ratti ’96 Mark Reinecke ’86 Stirrat Family Julie Ann Kohn and Dan Swift and Family Lan Jian Richard and Zainab Slovenski Hamanaka Family Bovornrudee Poonsornsiri Derek and Katherine Chang Moreau Family McLaughlin Family Jeremy and Janet Snoad Geetha Muthiah Ravi and Sumati Raheja Anonymous gifts made by 9 donors

ANNUAL GIVING 2016/2017 The financial support of UWCSEA’s parents, alumni and friends through Annual Giving, enables the College to invest in additional transformational projects and initiatives. Through Annual Giving, one person and one contribution at a time, we can continue to maintain and enhance our pioneering curriculum, enhance diversity through the scholarship programme and provide first class professional development opportunities.

1971 Society Annual Giving A grateful UWCSEA family Bataua Scholarship Fund Gary Basil Scholarship Fund Yun Dai Family Gale and Shelby Davis Alex Dong and Cecily Guo Iain and Tejas Ewing Fredrik Fosse ’03 Hamanaka Family Shiv and Urvashi Khemka KMG International N.V. Julie Ann Kohn and Dan Swift and Family Lan Jian and Li Xiaosu Lau Family

Leon Le Mercier ’94 Lee Hysan Foundation MAC3 Mara McAdams and David Hand Anna Mezhentseva Geetha Muthiah Nang Kham Noung ’09 Nang Lang Kham ’07 Nang Mo Hom ’14 Sonia Nayaham and Hari Kumar Mikhail Nikolaev Sr. Pisit and Bovornrudee Poonsornsiri Ricardo and Petra Portabella In Honour of the late Lal Kumar and Dr. Rajadurai

Ravi and Sumati Raheja Shripriya Mahesh Ramanan and Ramanan Raghavendran Reza and Imelda Sasmito Safavi Saga Tree Capital Advisors Pte Ltd Scholae Mundi The Sassoon Family Foundation Mary Ann Tsao Robinson UWC National Committee of Germany UWC Spain National Committee UWCSEA East Parents’ Association Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors Anonymous gifts made by 7 donors

Globe Giving Club Abad Merritt Family Abhishek and Nety Naila Ahmed ’94 Nicholas and Ellie Alchin Fiona Alexander ’87 Ayush and Annika

Florian and Verena Becker Bellens Family Bhargava Family Simon Bignell and Andrea McDonald Zoe Brittain Bryant Family

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Andy and Mei Budden Peter Butterworth Carbery Family Alex and Heather Carmichael Jonathan Carter Nicholas Chan THANK YOU | 49

Derek and Katherine Chang Henry Chong ’08 William Chong Meng Wan ’78 Karen Cockburn Sinéad Collins and Gary Toner Peter Colven and Biby Hochbaum ’97 Giacomo Corsini ’86 Paul Cummins ’78 Andrew and Bonnie da Roza Mr and Mrs Destandau Tim Davies and Sumi Dhanarajan Priti Devi and Tarun Kataria Dunton Family Chris Edwards Tara and Scott Garson Flower Joshua Gilby Jason and Katrina Glassick Harvey and Rosita Goldstein Nick Gomersall and Nevine Mikhail Pippa Haley Kush Handa ’78 Haroon Family Ralph and Bettina Haupter Alexander and Carolin Henke William and Jerene Hernstadt Douglas and Moemi Heskamp Mr and Mrs Hooi Siew Yan Tine and Peter Jessen Kandisaputro and Juliet Hiroo Kaneda ’92 Josephine Kang Kankaanpää-Monney Ijaz Kate and Shukura Babirye Kennedy-Cooke Family Khor-Brogan family Kim Chung Ae Varun Kodthivada and Tara Gupta

Pat Kongboonma Ashutosh and Monica Kumar Kimberly Latham and Jeff Bullwinkel Masaki and Naoko Lee Xian Yu Li and Jun Michelle Fang Dr and Mrs Lim Ka Liang Lim Ming Boon Florence and Selina Liu Liu Guolin Lord Family Grace Lu Magnier Family Jacques Mainguy ’79 Malini and Karthik Alexandre and Nicolette Manson Manzoni Family Clive McDonnell and Nee Phua The McLaughlin Family Kirtida and Bharat Mekani Mahua Menon and Ranodeb Roy M Mishra Lily Moeljono Pawitra Moreau Family Ben Morgan Deborah and Philippe Mur Murga Family Ne Aung and Khin Moe Nyunt Newman Family Gen and Tomoko Nonaka Yumiko Oshima Julie and Albert Ovidi Ferish and Neha Patel Jonathan and Rowena Paul Jordan, Cameron and Imogen Pefianco PI Industries Ltd Antonio and Tricia Puno The Raghavan Family

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Satya Ramamurthy and Prabha Narayan Kenji Sakurai Miran Salgado ’79 Malini Samai Anand Sanghi Teruhide Sato Sen Family Vidhi Shah Shang Zi Qi ’20 Shantanu Shenai Dave and Sue Shepherd Mike and Eya Sicat The Snoad Family Linda Song Nigel and Suzanne Stead Stirrat Family Anand Swaminathan Erika Swan Bhupender and Nivedita Tanwar Temple Family Jason Toh ’02 Greg and Michelle Unsworth UWCSEA Phoenix Basketball Gayatri and Raj Jit Singh Wallia Hope Walton Wang Yi Yi Aidan Warren Almud Weitz and Timm Vollbrecht Mai Luen Wong ’91 Xu Qiwen Lijun Yang You Jee Won and Ji Jung Ah Sheng ZHANG and Donna TANG Anonymous gifts made by 9 donors

UWCSEA Fund Supporters 11DCI Shivin Agarwal ’12 Neetu Aggarwal Carlos Aguilar and Vera Siregar Pia Sabharwal Ahmad, Class of 1991 Fay and Brian Alesi Ruhi and Sama AMIN Kishore and Michaela Anchan Anderson Family Kibi Anderson ’96 Cora Ang ’01 Coleen Angove Anuj ’15 Krishna Arani Rahel and Thomas Arm Arriyan and Rishaan Andrew Arthur Jia Banka Barbier Family Barnard Family Joshua Beacroft Karan Singh Bedi Ian Bellhouse and Eleanor Great Libby and Aditya Beri Abhinav, Abhimanyu, Shefali and Neeraj Bhargava Rohit Bhasin Iresh Bhaskar 2013 The Bilan-Cooper Family Blumbach Family Frauke Bodino ’87 Trishala Bopanna ’09 Mark and Sue Bradshaw Bray-Bridgewater Family Imogen Brent

The Bresmans Russell Britton ’00 Luc and Marie Broussaud Brutsch family Steven Bukvic Frederic Cabay and Patricia Reed John Callf Chuan Ian Campbell ’84 Courtney Carlson and Tony Lee Anushka Chakrabarti Gordon Chan Binu Chaudhary Saikrishna Chavali ’07 Liesl Bernardo Chavez Chelkowski family Kaydan Chen Chen Jie and Pan Weiying Naiqian Chen Timothy Cheung and Sue-Ann Yong Angela Chew (class of 2000) Chia Yoke Chee The Chiampo Family Evelyn Chin ’91 Jason Choo YM Chow Kathleen Chu ’06 Amy Clark Caroline Clark Viki Cole Gilles Collong Parnell Cook Ted Cowan and Belinda Robinson Michelle and Ken Crouse Andrew Cunningham Shenaz Dabu

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Dahan Family Matt and Tracy Dallimore Batbayar Damdinsuren Danyluk Family Chandrima Das Zal Dastur ’01 Amaury de Dietrich Dipika Jean-Michel and Marie Deckers Emma Defechereux Frederic and Cristobel Demesy Benjamin H Detenber Vishal Dhawan Filippo di Mauro Lesley Dickson ’01 Cem and Nadja Dinckol Robert and Edna Dompeling John and Mariam Doyle family Dubois-Denis family Richard Eike The Ellerbaek Family Fiona Adele Ellison Emerson family Don and Purni Ferrin Boris Forey ’99 Taran Henri Dao Yi FRANCK Belinda Fraser Tetsuo Furukawa Gaier Family Anesu Gamanya ’13 Geeta and Ramanathan Daniel Gelinas Lucas and Rania Ghai Manan Ghai The Ghirardello Family THANK YOU | 51

Steve and Marcela Glover Georgina Gonzalez Gonzalez Urda Family Alan and Brooks Goodyear Roger Goshawk Gould-Healy Family Govils G4 and G7 UWCSEA East Ruby Gower Grade 5 Junior School class of 2016/17 Matthew Grundlingh ’16 and Nicholas Grundlingh ’15 Sharlene and Stephen Grundlingh Mu Gu and Noriko Okayama Amit Gupta Itu Gupta Piyush and Priya Gupta Akira Hachiya Ralf and Liliane Halbach Magnus Hallin ’86 Lana, Yoonah, and John Hayes (Class of 2003 and 2033) Dirk Heerding ’80 The Herur Family Hew Jun-Wei ’01 Shuichi Hidaka Adrienne Hintz ’81 Richard Holland ’97 Liam F Holohan The Holt Family Will Hoon Huang Ta Lun Alexander Hunte and Nadia Larsson Cameron Hunter Koonsun Hyun Arisa Ito ’05 Iyer-Vohra Family

Mattie Annette Jackson Stephane and Gaelle Jacqmin Amit Jain and Chandni Jain Charu Jain Netraa Jain Rohan Jain Ihab Jamal Eddine Inda Malini Jamil Inho Jee Jelfs family Anil and Sangita Jhunjhnuwala Adrian Jiang Ming Jing Michael Jobe Giff and Mathilda Johnson Cathy Jones Tejal and Tiana Joseph Salhotra Havovi and Rohit Joshi K2GST K2SKi 2016-2017 Rajeev Kadam Gunjan and Showbhik Kalra Kavya and Tanya Kay Katy and Steve Kay Paula and Jamie Kelly Kennan family Susanna Kenyon-Muir ’01 Jimmy Khern Kirby Khoo Christine Kim Family Gyuri Kim Jong Hoon Kim Mr and Mrs Kingsley Krachaiwong’s family Alexander Krefft ’93 Rajesh Kumar

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Prof A N Kurniawan Klaas Laan Lambrou Family Ranjan Lath Nicholas Laveris Sophie and Ana Laya Julien Le Sourd and Soazig Purenne Lechner Family Lee Boon Fong Lee Hyang Ryul Venus Lee Leemon Family (Gaea and Parents) Eric Leo ’91 Sam and Poni Leong Michael (Muller) Leuchtenberger ’86 Jasper Leung Kate Lewis and Doug Wills Guanghui Li and Yufan Zhang Sophie Li ’01 Li Qi Liew Family Agnes Lim Jim Lim ’15 Debbie Lin ’02 Linder Family Lindström Amber and Elijah Liu Liren Liu Loh Chee Foong Loh Phui Cheu Loo Kuen Feng Lory family Low-Su-Ming ’84 Lu Xuan Robert William Lutton Erling Lystad Paul MacCallum ’84

Cathy Macdermid Hana Makarim ’96 Masami Makino Maxime J. Malapert Mallika and Pavitra The Martin Family Sittichai Matanachai Neha Mathur ’01 Matsushita Yumi ’88 David and Kim Maxwell Gillian McElvogue ’82 Alexander McGregor Caroline and Robert Meek Angkana Meeploy and JC Marti Jaya Mehrotra Keith and Nisha Mendez Les and Carleen Menkes John Menkes ’21 Mikayla Menkes ’17 Michaelis Famliy Milland Pascal and Christine David Millard Minford Family The Greg Mitchell Family Yuki Mitsuyasu ’01 Juliette Molenaar Molly William Monteith Adams Brent Morgans Myra Mukerji Tapash Nag Rohit Narang Puneesh and Chandni Nayar Christopher Newman Han Nguyen (’01) Minh Nguyen ’03 Nguyen Minh Tam and Jessica

Philip Niemann ’01 Scott Nies Karen and Leigh Nippress Natsai Charlene Nyakudarika ’04 Munkhtuya Nyamdorj Hawk Ostby ’85 Luke and Jack O’Connor Stefan M. Ogden Michiko Ohya Honoka Okawa Zuzanna Olszewska ’96 Brian Ó Maoileoin and Kate Drudy Normala Omar Rae Omar Ong Chaw Yin Harrison O Reilly Dan and Libby Orr William Pang Anish Pangarkar ’17 Amee Parikh Miriam Park ’01 You Mi Park Christine Parker ’93 Francesca Parodi Parr Family Aanavi Patodia ’14 Veronique Pell Lescaut Adam and Isabella Pettersson Ajoy and Meera Philip Ping Ping Timothy John Pinnegar Pirinski family Family Pluijmers Poddar Family Hugh Pollard Portcullis Group The Power Family

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Subarna and Mohan Prabhakar Leena Prakash David Protonotarios Rahul and Roshan Yuvraj Raizada and Vini Vijayvargiya Lakshmi and Ravi Raju Agalya Ravi Ramadoss Ravindran Fiona Read Jill Reichenbach Nathalie Ricaud Emma Rice Joe and Nikki Rivera Tony Robb ’86 Roejkjaer Niyati and Tara Roy Kaushik and Sarita Rudra Elena Ryan ’91 Ros Nimi Saidin Zahabia Saleem ’05 Sabtu Bin Salleh Trien Salim Clare Sandlund ’10 Tamara Sanguigni Ashwin Sanketh Tidaporn Santimanawong Kavi and Tejas Sarna Mark and Karen Saurin Ethan and Orissa Schaap Susanne Schaefer Desiree Schlosser Schneuwly family Daniel Schoenfelder Birgit Schoppe Bernold Schroeder Kirsten Scott ’01 THANK YOU | 53

Lynda Scott Hiroe Sen Madhulika Sen Supriya Sen Young Taek Seo and Hua Li Gary and Mel Seston Ritu and Samir Shah Aryan Shanker Adit Sharma Sandeep Sharma Lindsay Sharman ’99 Hannah Shepherd ’14 Shim Shang Doe Jota ’95 and Claudia Shohtoku Sigl Family Shishir and Nidhi Singh Vikram Singh ’01 Vitas and Lauren Sipelis Dayalan Sivaprakasapillai ’99 Erwin Sjamsudin Roy and Lia Skog Paul Slootman ’82 Mark Smith Meera and Karan Sobti Sheila Sofian ’81 Ana S. Garcia Sri ’04 Viswanath Srinivasan Monica Stanciu Vida Maria Steiro ’15 Jane Sullivan Yovita Sunarjo Sri Priya ’95 and Sriram Maggie Sy Benny Tai ’96 Kenichi Takahama

Risa Takahashi ’01 Tan Lee Hong Bhavna and Kartik Taneja Tankha Archana Tapadia Heidi Taylor ’91 Family ter Kulve Shruti Tewari Prab Thakral ’95 Thati Family Alistair Thistlethwaite ’02 Arvind and Niharika Tiku Nicola Timmins ’98 Beryl Tjandra ’01 Jocelyne Tjandra ’99 Joanne Tjandranegara ’98 David Kok Jie Toh ’12 Tokuda Family Frances Tong Trinh Thi Mai Tram Hanako Tsushima ’98 Mary Astrid Tuminez Ian Tunnicliffe ’79 Adam and Angela Turner Glenn Turner and Lehing Tu Ueki Family Kazuhisa Ueno Charlotte and Tom Van Gyseghem-Peters Veeraghanta Joke Verhaart Vidya and Saju Luigi Vignola Vik and Aparna The Vissa family Jorge Vizcaino ’87 Karin von der Luehe ’84

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Chee Hoong Wai Sota and Kiyomi Wakabayashi Lorna Walker The Wallner Family Cheng-I Wang Nicholas and Nikki Weber Marc Wei ’01 Christian and Gudrun Werner Brenda Whately and Stan Wagner Wickmann Family Maria Wihardja ’96 Wolf family Deseree Wong Sharon Wong ’91 Jun Wu Sara Wu ’89 Ariane Wyss ’90 Peng Xu Farhana Yaakob Yang BinBin Nicole Yaw ’14 Ye Qiang Praneeth Yendamuri Wai Lin Ying Kunio Yokokawa Sue Ann Yong Jenny Yoon ’01 Family Yoshida Yuan Xiaoya Yuen Wei Hao ’01 Gisele Yung ’86 Kalimah Haji Zainuri Miguel Angel Zambrano Boy ’14 J and K Zastera Christoph Zenker ’82 FeiFei Zhang

Zhang Ling Zhang Yi

Ethan Zhao Zhou Haoting

Anonymous gifts made by 44 donors

Staff Scholarship Fund The UWCSEA Staff Scholarship Fund was founded in 1996 to support the global UWC scholar programme. Over the past 21 years, a large number of UWCSEA staff have helped to transform the lives of 20 promising young individuals by funding scholarships for them to attend UWC Waterford Kamhlaba and UWC Mahindra. This is just one of the many initiatives supported each year, demonstrating the strong culture of philanthropy among UWCSEA staff. Ellie Alchin Nick Alchin Vicky Berman Sandra Binny Susan Bradshaw Bray-Bridgewater family Emma Crombie Joanne Cuthbert Leah Daniels Pushpa Dasari Tim Davies and Sumi Dhanarajan Linda De Flavis Nora Donohue Duff Douglas Gillian Duncan Edwards McAuliffe Family Lorena Ferreira Lesley Finley Helen Gamble Ronald Gillies Velia Goberna Maria Hackett Pippa Haley Sarah Haywood Lisa Hill Anthony Hopwood

Cameron Hunter Robbie Jefferiss Maria-Pilar Jimenez Neil Keating James Kirrane Linsey Lawrence Mike Little Eric Lyman Martin and Lucy Lyon Maggie Ma Jennifer MacSwain Irene Malone Julie Martens Andrea McDonald Frankie Meehan Mary Newbigin Brian Ă“ Maoileoin and Kate Drudy Dan Orr Anna Parr Debra Pollard Hugh Pollard Trina Putt Aarti Rai Malin Samuelsson Rebecca Sandford Hans Schellekens

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Gary and Mel Seston Dave and Sue Shepherd Shukura and Ijaz Sara-Jane Soutar Martin Spreckley David Starzynski Shruti Tewari Cinders Thomas Geoffrey Tsang Manoj Alex Varghese (Alex) Roxanne Walker Will Walker Jo Wallace Timothy Walters John Waters Pamela Kelly Wetzell Brenda Whately David White Laura Whiteley John Zobrist Anonymous gifts made by 113 donors


Graduate Giving Since 2008, the Grade 12 students have united in a common effort to give back to UWCSEA and leave a lasting legacy for future students at the College. This student-led programme demonstrates the culture of philanthropy that exists within the student community. Class of 2017 Daniel Abbasi ’17 Ruri Abe ’17 Pallavi Achanta ’17 Mansi Agarwal ’17 Shruti Agarwal ’17 Vidisha Agarwalla ’17 Arushi Aggarwal ’17 Arunima Agrawal ’17 Rohan Ahuja ’17 Andrew Alcott ’17 Shubham Anand ’17 Jamie Anderson ’17 Mica Anderson ’17 Mohit Arvind ’17 Amman Al Aziz ’17 Shukura Babirye ’17 Aesha Baral ’17 Karan Singh Bedi ’17 Elisa Benham ’17 Morten Theodor Bergersen ’17 Arya Bhomick ’17 Victoria Birrell ’17 Mathias Bjelke ’17 Piers Blackwell ’17 Maya Bond-Webster ’17 Hamza Boubacar Kassomou ’17 Olivia Breen ’17 Imogen Brent ’17 India Bruhn ’17 Audrey Cabay ’17

Olivia Campbell ’17 Alexandra Carr ’17 Max Jose Cattell Ferreira ’17 Ananya Chadha ’17 Jae Hyo Chang ’17 Silu Chen ’17 Yuzhu Cheng ’17 Anna Chin ’17 Justin Chiu ’17 Anusha Chopra ’17 Ji Won Chung ’17 Kieran Cockburn ’17 Juliette Cocks ’17 Brendan Corrigan ’17 Lauriane Cossette ’17 Laura Cristiani ’17 Danesh Dabu ’17 Avinash Das ’17 Shreya Das ’17 Disha Datta ’17 Kieran Dawson ’17 Amaury de Dietrich ’17 Alexandre Deckers ’17 Ella Demesy ’17 Sanya Dewan ’17 Avi Dixit ’17 Maggie Dong ’17 Jorgen Drageset ’17 Utkarsh Dubey ’17 Barnaby Duffy ’17

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Camille Eichaker ’17 Pauline Eichaker ’17 Mateo Encarnacion ’17 Vanessa Enzler ’17 Farshed Faiz ’17 Alexandra Fisher ’17 Luca Nicolas Flury ’17 Dominique Fox ’17 Kieran Fox ’17 Rio Funaki ’17 Alyssa Furtado ’17 Yi Yang Gao ’17 Naomi Gelinas ’17 Avi Ghai ’17 Aisling Gill ’17 Ethan Goodman ’17 Hugh Goovaerts ’17 Yajur Grover ’17 Jennifer Gullery ’17 Gurupranav Gurusankar ’17 Vikas Harlani ’17 Lucas Harvey ’17 Faizan Hasan ’17 Mariam Hasan ’17 Reka Hegedus ’17 Shaivi Herur ’17 Justin Heskamp ’17 Charlotte Hill ’17 Rina Hiramatsu ’17 Annabelle Hodge ’17

Liam Holohan ’17 Hanna Hong ’17 John Houslay ’17 Se Rin Hwang ’17 Nanako Ishibe ’17 Ambikaa Jaggi ’17 Ananya Jain ’17 Vani Jain ’17 Dhairya Jawa ’17 Alyssa Jayamohan ’17 Deyan Jimenez Garcia ’17 Shuyan Jin ’17 Heeseung Jo ’17 Datti Kaur ’17 Phoebe Kennan ’17 Alexandra Kewene-Hite ’17 Naomi Khafi ’17 Rendy Khairan ’17 Supanan Khamai ’17 Riha Khan ’17 Jong Hoon Kim ’17 Jun Hee Kim ’17 Max Kim ’17 Sasza Koczanowski Svetlana Kononenko ’17 Satoshi Kosaki ’17 Joan Sena Kpodzro ’17 Arjun Krishnan ’17 Archita Kumar ’17 Shyla Kunzru ’17 Renata Kusanda ’17 Miles Kynigos ’17 James Lai ’17 Wai Chung Lam ’17 Rebecca Lambrou ’17 Eva Lamers ’17 Rachel Lau ’17

Elisabetta Laurence ’17 Ashley Law ’17 Nicole Le Mesurier ’17 Joon Ho Lee ’17 Jun Won Lee ’17 Tae Jung Lee ’17 Gaea Leemon ’17 Xuan Hang Liew ’17 Jiewon Lim ’17 Walther Lindvall ’17 Kian Leong Low ’17 Kushaal Madayya ’17 Cera Mai ’17 Ethan Mak ’17 Anira Malik ’17 Taylor Malligan ’17 Divya Maniar ’17 Justin Manson ’17 Andre Marot ’17 Shawn Martin ’17 Natalia Maslowska ’17 Rebecca Maxwell ’17 Rogan May ’17 Amanda McDougall ’17 Ellie McMorris ’17 Mikayla Menkes ’17 Jun Ho Min ’17 Shreyam Misra ’17 Monami Miyamoto ’17 Aman Modi ’17 Ninad Mukherjee ’17 Meyyammai Muthiah ’17 Yuki Nagatomo ’17 Dhanya Nageswaran ’17 Saiyuri Naidu ’17 Naing Ye Tint ’17 Daphne Ngatimin ’17

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Scott Nies ’17 Riina Ninagawa ’17 Hugo Nippress ’17 Kevin Long Noll ’17 Min Htet Nyein ’17 Mahir Oberai ’17 Go Ogawa ’17 Zoe Oomens ’17 Shray Raj Pahwa ’17 Eu Bin Park ’17 Hee Eun Park ’17 Soo Hyun Park ’17 Daniel Parker ’17 Megha Parwani ’17 Diya Patel ’17 Maximillian Paul ’17 Kiana Payne ’17 George Peak ’17 Mai-Khanh Pham ’17 Nadia Phillianina Adithya Pillai ’17 Alec Pizzo ’17 Hannah Pollard ’17 Aditi Poovaiah ’17 Sivhuo Prak ’17 Ottilie Price ’17 Karishma Puri ’17 Saniya Ramchandani ’17 Poonam Rawat ’17 Anoma Rekhi ’17 Emma Rice ’17 Michael Roberts ’17 Kyle Rodrigues ’17 Eline Rojkjaer ’17 Armaan Sahgal ’17 Gauri Saini ’17 Abhinav Saksena ’17 THANK YOU | 57

Mallika Sankaran ’17 Alexander Sant ’17 Mordecai Sassoon ’17 Devika Sawhney ’17 Felix Schoppe ’17 Nicole Seah ’17 Aditya Selvam ’17 Vanisa Senesathith ’17 Rang Shah ’17 Adit Sharma ’17 Bhavyya Sharma ’17 Dhruv Sharma ’17 Rishabh Sharma ’17 Joseph Shepherd ’17 Jae Min Shin’17 Namleng Sina ’17 Yash Sinha ’17

Cameron Sit ’17 Cameron Soh ’17 Jesse Spreeuwenberg ’17 Sneha Srinivasan ’17 Angela Stanton ’17 Jihye Suh ’17 Mia Taicher ’17 Ashley Tan ’17 Josephine Tan ’17 Patrick Tavares Ruivo Muscari ’17 Karenina Thebez ’17 Adriene Tien ’17 Liam Tierney ’17 Shivam Tiku ’17 Lara Van Der Merwe ’17 Henri Van Hove ’17 Ella Van Mael ’17

Cas Vanbrabant ’17 Chloe Wang ’17 Clare Wang ’17 Aidan Warren ’17 Ishan Welde ’17 Aspen Williams ’17 Olivia Wu ’17 Akari Yamada ’17 Vasco Luis Yen ’17 Ruoxiang Yin ’17 Feifei Zhang ’17 Hanxu Zhang ’17 Shengman Zhang ’17 Marina Zilliacus ’17 Khaing Thu Zin ’17 Yijin Zou ’17 Anonymous gifts made by 23 donors

Reunion Giving UWCSEA milestone anniversary reunions are an occasion for alumni to reconnect with former classmates and staff, revisit Singapore and learn how the school continues to evolve. Reunion celebrations are also a time when anniversary classes can show their appreciation for the education they received, and lend their support to help to make the UWCSEA experience at least as unique and meaningful for today’s students as it was for them. This year, more than 52% of the attending members of the Reunion 2017 celebrating classes participated in the class gift. We thank you for your participation and the wonderfully positive message that it sends. Class of 1977 Joerg Boltersdorf ’77 Farina Boltersdorf ’77 Joanne (Roberts) Clargo ’77 and Mike Clargo Thomas Harvey ’77 Kenneth Jeyaretnam ’77 Carol Oakley ’77

Adrienne Pearson ’77 Harvey Perkins ’77 Karen Rasmussen ’77 Anne Redfern (Pelling) ’77 Melinda Reid ’77 Mario Rosario ’78 Marybeth Vargha ’77 Christian Wipf ’77

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Class of 1982 Naoko Arai ’82 Klaus Beutelspacher ’82 Su-San Chong ’82 Glenn Darwin ’82 Gerard Goggin ’82 Erik Joustra ’82 Monica Kesuma ’82

Kam Su Lim ’82 Gillian McElvogue ’82 Elias Moubayed ’82 Rustom Nagarwalla ’82 Ricarda Rieger ’82 Petrus Santoso ’82 Mark Schiet ’82 Andrea Staines ’82 Tengku Nong Fatimah Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah ’82 Chandra Suny ’82 Hendra Sutandinata ’82 Veneeta te Lintelo ’82 Yu Ming Tung ’82 David Wibisono ’82 Mark Zagrodnik ’82 Christoph Zenker ’82 Anonymous gifts made by 3 donors Class of 1987 Danielle Barratt ’87 Siw Castberg Haller ’87 Liese Ho ’87 Sandra Hollenstein-Ebneter ’87 Kevin and Vicky (Mulvey) Mackay ’87 Listi Sasmito ’87 Louise Taylor ’87 Teddy Underwood ’87 Darryl Wee ’87 Class of 1992 Eu Khin Chan ’92 David Kok Leong Chan ’92 Joe and Tania Corrigan Tony Coulter ’92 Ahna Dewan ’92 Jonette Eriksen Dimblad ’92 Matthew Evans ’92

Sarah French Gibbons ’92 Irene Hartono ’92 Ayako Horiuchi ’92 Christine Hultman Wesslau ’92 Erik Karlström ’92 Cheng Lee ’92 Yolanda Lei ’92 Chris McCann ’92 Wade McDonough ’92 Mikael Morn ’92 Patrick Myhrman ’92 Shilpa Rajagopalan Iyer ’92 Jason Sambanju ’92 Mayank Singhal ’92 Roberto Sirtori ’92 Marvin Suwarso ’92 Ann Syauta ’92 Yuriko Takeuchi ’92 Anders Wesslau ’92 Franciska Wihardja Class of 1997 Ewan Abas ’97 Partha Banerjee ’97 David Brown ’97 Mei Chan ’97 Tammy Chong ’97 Sunny Chyun ’97 Peter Colven ’97 Yumi Davis ’97 Jerome Dubois ’97 Louis Dutilh ’97 Vivek Gomber ’97 Debbie Grignani ’97 Remi Higashigaito ’97 Biby Hochbaum ’97 Richard Holland ’97

Names appear in alphabetical order, as per requested recognition name.

Tamako Ito ’97 Abhishek Kumar ’97 Denise Lee Boynton Bianca Lind ’97 Kate Lonsdale ’97 Luesak Luesukprasert ’97 Airlangga Manansang ’97 Selma Nadarajah ’97 Luisa Ngeow ’97 Mamiko Okada ’97 Jacqueline Ong ’97 Upwan Ratti ’97 James Sharpe ’97 Parveen Thakral ’97 See See Tham ’97 Ashima Thomas ’97 Tim Underwood ’97 Anonymous gift Class of 2007 Catherine Adams ’07 Saikrishna Chavali ’07 Adam Clark ’07 Natalie de Boursac ’07 Tommy Dean ’07 Trillion Lai ’07 Samantha Mak ’07 Philip Meschke ’07 Arjun Mishra ’07 Shivendra Rana ’07 Hanna Seiz ’07 Varini Sharma ’07 Mitchell Slorach ’07 Kemal Temenggung ’07 Mit Vithalani ’07 Sian Williams ’07 THANK YOU | 59

KURT HAHN SOCIETY Named after the founder of the UWC movement, the Kurt Hahn Society recognises those who intend to leave a legacy to the College as part of a planned bequest. These gifts will have a lasting impact on the College and provide the donor with the knowledge that their gift will live on well into the future. Society Members Iain and Tejas Ewing Andy and Mei Budden

Julian Whiteley Dave and Sue Shepherd

Tui Britton ’98 Five anonymous members

GIFTS IN KIND Through the significant contributions of individuals, businesses and corporations, the Foundation has been able to provide even greater support to the College in achieving its vision of becoming a leader in international education. Through the significant contributions of individuals, businesses and corporations, the Foundation has been able to provide even greater support to the College in achieving its vision of becoming a leader in international education. Annanya Agarwal and Agarwal Family Camera Rental Centre Kirtida and Bharat Mekani

Lateral Plains Lau Family Nandita & Basant Agarwal

Prabsharan Singh Thakral The Sassoon Family Foundation Vineet and Priyanka Agarwal

FOUNDATION PARENT AMBASSADORS The Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for parents and alumni to engage with the fundraising activities of the UWCSEA Foundation and promote College Advancement. The main role of the Ambassador Programme is to support the philanthropic activities of the College by encouraging awareness of the UWCSEA Foundation, and the range of programmes and initiatives that it supports. Ambassadors Asema Ahmed Saima Ahmed Rachna Amin Kate Ansbro Laya Saloni Bajaj Singh

Suvidha Balasubramanian Yamini Bawa Rusan Bicuri Yazicioglu Sarimah Bonehill Liliane Brunner-Halbach Anna Bryant

Manvi Chandak Jackie Cragg Laura Dahan Ruchee Desai Katrina Glassick Itu Gupta

Gisella Harrold Bettina Haupter Sarah Hough Melinda Jacoby-Hogg Rita Joseph Sara Kahafi Laxmi Kamath Chandni Kapoor Harish Kelath Navleen Kohli Yashoda Kukean Michelle Lawlor Mehvish Maniar Julianne Martin Micky Mathur Caroline McLaughlin Farida Montanus

Stephanie Monteith Mark Newman Anne-Valerie Ohlsson Neha Patel Charlotte Peters Lakshmi Raju Birgit Rutten Nancy Segal Dhara Shah Juhee Shah Malavika Shanker Lauren Sipelis Mieneke Smit Arachna Tapadia Marcela Tellez-Glover Rajani Thomas Camilla Wallner

Carolyn Wang Yong Jacyl Ware Gao Wei Debbie Wong Kathryn Zastera Former Ambassadors Robert Aspin Shefali Chadda Hans Diederen Ravina Kirpalani Nungnuj (Nok) McKinnon Monica Patel Anupama Puranik Pavla Rakova Schneuwly Elaine Tan


Make a difference today Giving Societies Globe Giving Club An annual giving society that recognises those giving gifts of S$1,000 or more. 1971 Society A lifetime giving society that recognises those who have made cumulative gifts of S$10,000 or more to UWCSEA.

For more information about giving to the College, please contact: The UWCSEA Foundation Ltd 1207 Dover Road Singapore 139654 T: +65 6419 9353 E: foundation@uwcsea.edu.sg

The United World College of South East Asia Foundation is an established charity in the Republic of Singapore The UWCSEA Foundation Ltd 1207 Dover Road Singapore 139654 T: +65 6419 9353 foundation@uwcsea.edu.sg www.uwcsea.edu.sg/supportus Company Registration Number 200404580M | Charity Registration Number 01797 | 045FOUND-1718

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Gifts to the College, through the UWCSEA Foundation, enrich the unique UWC learning experience and bring the College closer to achieving its mission.

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Other $ * Gift of $1,000+ will qualify you as an annual member of the Globe Giving Club ** Gifts of $10,000+ will qualify you as a lifetime member of the 1971 Society

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Impact of Giving to UWCSEA 2016/2017  

Impact of Giving to UWCSEA 2016/2017  

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