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University of Virginia

School of Law

Annual report 2015–2016

Dean’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Leadership Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Statement of Accounts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Summary of Contributions & Expenditures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Dean’s Council Life Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Associate Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Highest Percent Participation: Regions and Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Largest Gifts: Regions and Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 100% Participation Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Regional Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Reunion Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Annual Giving 2007–2016 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Unrestricted Annual Giving 2007–2016. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Alumni With Consecutive Years of Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Class Participation Percentages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Class Participation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Estate Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103 Deferred Legacy Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 Non-Alumni Contributors Friends, Faculty, and Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Firms, Foundations, Corporations, and Organizations . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 Matching Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 In Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Gifts-in-Kind to the Arthur J. Morris Law Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Law School Foundation Board of Trustees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118 Law School Alumni Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Law School Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120

Dean’s Message

As I begin my first year as dean, I am honored to take the

helm of an institution as deeply loved by its alumni as the University of Virginia School of Law. For a record 11th year in a row, more than 50 percent of alumni participated in annual giving. Your support is unmatched by any other law school, public or private, and it is rightly a point of immense pride. Your generosity is not only a testament to the value you place on your own time at the Law School. It is also the precondition for everything we are able to accomplish today and hope to accomplish in the future. As you will see in the pages that follow, your gifts enable us to provide much-needed scholarship and financial assistance to deserving students; to hire and support top scholars; and to sponsor the huge variety of events, activities, projects, and publications that make the Law School such a vibrant and exciting place. We are as dedicated to you as you are to us. Thank you for being an essential partner in our success.

Risa L. Goluboff, Dean Arnold H. Leon Professor of Law Professor of History

2015–2016 Annual Report


Leadership Message

We are pleased to report that at the close of the Law School’s 51st annual giving campaign, more than 50 percent of alumni made a gift to the school. This marks the 11th consecutive year alumni participation surpassed 50%. A total of 8,937 alumni took part in the campaign, which ended June 30, representing a 52.1% participation rate. Alumni from classes ranging from 1934 to 2017 contributed, while the Classes of 1956, 1957, and 2015 surpassed a remarkable 70% in their participation levels. Significantly, 45 classes met or exceeded a 50% participation rate. In regional results, alumni in 16 geographic regions finished with a participation rate of at least 60%, while Birmingham, Alabama achieved 75%. The following is a financial summary of the Foundation and a report of the Alumni Association for the year ending June 30, 2016: Law School Endowment and Total Assets The Foundation holds more than $415.5 million in endowed and $24.5 million in non-endowed funds for the benefit of the Law School. In addition, the University holds $52 million and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation holds $3.7 million in endowed funds designated for the Law School. The combined value of these assets at June 30 exceeds $495 million. Annual Contributions The 51st Annual Giving Campaign raised $9 million. This year’s graduation gift campaign, “Fired up to Give,” finished with 83% of the Class of 2016 making a pledge of future support. Gifts received by the Law School Foundation in fiscal year 2016, including annual giving, bequests, and special gifts, totaled $15.1 million. A record $5.1 million of the total was for the unrestricted operating fund. Alumni Association Last year outgoing Dean Paul G. Mahoney visited alumni at events in Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlottesville, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Norfolk, Northern Virginia, Richmond, San Francisco, Williamsburg, Wilmington, and Washington, D.C.


University of Virginia School of Law

This fall Dean Risa L. Goluboff will meet alumni and friends in Boston, Charlottesville, Chicago, Raleigh/Durham, and Washington, D.C. The Law School will also host an alumni reception in New York City. The 2016 reunions were a great success, with more than 1,200 graduates and guests returning to Charlottesville for Law Alumni Weekend in May. The 2017 reunion weekend is scheduled for May 12–14 for the Classes of 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012 and for the Lile Law Society (all alumni who have celebrated their 50th reunion). As always, all alumni are welcome to attend reunion weekend events regardless of their class year. This year’s annual report highlights the impact of your gifts on the students at UVA Law. You will hear from a Powell Fellow in Legal Services who provides legal representation to at-risk, low-income children and a law firm associate who thrived as a student in the John W. Glynn, Jr. ’65 Law & Business Program. You will read about the successes of the students in the Appellate Litigation Clinic; and learn of the wide-ranging reach of students working in low-paying public service positions over the summer thanks to Public Interest Law Association grants. The Law School thrives on its tradition of caring and excellence. Thank you for doing your part to sustain and grow our legacy. Best wishes, F. Blair Wimbush ’80 Chesapeake, Virginia Chair, Law School Foundation Board of Trustees Janet Schwitzer Nolan ’89 Washington, D.C. President, Law School Alumni Association Wm. Shaw McDermott ’75 Boston Chair, 2014-2016 National Appeals Committee

2015–2016 Annual Report


Statement of Accounts

2015–2016 Contributions


June 30, 2016 Market Value

Non-Endowed Unrestricted Funds

Current Use $ Ernest L. Folk III General Academic Programs Jeff Horner Memorial Thatcher A. Stone

3,820,910 $ 750 – 10,000 72,500

Endowed Unrestricted Funds

7,969,502 750 4,141,517 10,000 139,141

University of Virginia School of Law

2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value


Arnold R. Boyd $ – $ 914,574 Andre W. Brewster ’48 Memorial 250,000 250,000 E. Fontaine Broun 136,517 1,441,928 Andrew D. Christian – 36,634 Class of 1929 – 312,672 Class of 1957 17,283 250,346 Class of 1961 35,155 1,514,764 Lammot duPont Copeland – 6,637,946 Richard N. Crockett – 128,898 Hardy Cross Dillard – 321,160 Henry L. Doherty Memorial – 2,656,076 Doherty Foundation – 1,390,762 Doherty-Lassen Memorial – 2,016,112 Dana Drake – 818,121 General Endowment 274,965 11,582,226 General Fund – 3,849,572 Colonel Joseph M. Hartfield Memorial – 210,998 Joseph M. Hartfield – 4,018,023 Judge Robert E. Hayes – 1,242,995 D. Peck Hill – 345,791 J. Wilton Hope – 214,573 Wallace Howland – 1,140,973 Lawrence W. I’Anson – 79,376 Henry C. Little – 985,200 Ernest E. Monrad – 406,918 David and Noreen Mulliken 100,000 1,660,481 Donald Richberg – 313,401 William H.D. Rossiter – 5,624,155 JER Fund 25,000 76,532 J. Edward Smith – 453,497 H.C. Kinsey Spotswood – 123,462 William L. Standish ’56 Memorial – 201,424 Randall S. Strange – 186,182 Trustees’ Academic Initiative 2,500 528,940 Albert R. Turnbull – 21,946 Royall Victor Memorial – 49,092 John William Waltz – 482,779 Warner Family – 364,797 Leigh D. Williams – 808,887 George A. and Elisabeth Dent Wilson – 17,637,926 Stephen Clark Woodroe – 1,384,800 Total Unrestricted Funds $ 4,745,580 $ 84,945,849 6

July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

Class of 1966 $ 236,962 Class of 1971 103,724 Class of 1976 158,710 Class of 1981 109,311 Class of 1986 165,969 Class of 1991 106,294 Class of 1996 63,738 Class of 2001 43,865 Class of 2006 42,737 Class of 2011 17,072 Total Unrestricted Reunion Funds $ 1,048,382

III. PROFESSORSHIPS John S. Battle $ Thomas F. Bergin Teaching Barron F. Black Research Perre Bowen Fund T. Munford Boyd Brokaw Professorship in Corporate Law Percy Brown, Jr. Walter L. Brown The Honorable Albert V. Bryan, Jr. ’50 Caddell & Chapman Research Mortimer M. Caplin Joseph C. Carter, Jr. Research Nicholas E. Chimicles Research in Business Law & Regulation Class of 1941 Research Class of 1948 Scholarly Research Class of 1957 Research Class of 1962 Class of 1963 Research in Honor of Graham C. Lilly & Peter W. Low Class of 1966 Research Edwin S. Cohen Distinguished in Law and Taxation Hardy Cross Dillard / Class of 1969 Armistead M. Dobie Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Joseph W. Dorn Research John A. Ewald, Jr. Distinguished Horace W. Goldsmith Research Holcombe T. Green ’67 in Corporate Law Charles O. Gregory David A. Harrison III Faculty Development Fund David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Joseph M. Hartfield Memorial (by Watson Foundation) Michael J. and Jane R. Horvitz Distinguished Edward F. Howrey Research

$ 236,522 105,748 158,635 107,780 165,969 106,294 63,738 43,603 42,737 17,067 $ 1,048,093

– $ 1,663 – – 200 1,850 – – 25,926 10,000 10,000 20,000

409,014 980,458 767,938 3,758,765 1,025,343 1,612,712 605,124 4,004,270 777,268 577,409 1,155,702 1,090,915

– – 1,600 – –

794,985 628,863 1,082,823 1,946,690 1,983,180

1,350 25,000

1,314,999 1,023,997

– – –

2,039,304 2,717,028 345,748

– – – – 10,000 100

690,487 1,080,533 2,483,261 2,263,554 19,738 1,077,259

– –

459,793 81,158,616

– – –

531,280 3,702,554 962,808

2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Hunton & Williams Research $ – $ 835,878 David H. Ibbeken ’71 Research 18,747 1,428,146 John C. Jeffries, Jr. Distinguished 18,476 5,630,046 E. James Kelly, Jr. – Class of 1965 Research 11,186 1,005,402 Edward J. Kelly III 100,000 1,217,510 Inez L. Kimmel Young Teachers Fund 37,938 1,828,914 Arnold H. Leon 5,000 1,753,989 James Madison – 785,392 James Madison Distinguished – 3,738,603 Paul G. Mahoney Research 761,614 1,449,267 Justice Thurgood Marshall Distinguished 1,513 1,844,233 David Lurton Massee, Jr. – 3,042,099 Samuel H. McCoy II – 712,486 Elizabeth D. & Richard A. Merrill Research 2,000 1,158,182 John Barbee Minor Distinguished – 3,746,321 James Monroe Distinguished – 3,787,258 Roy L. & Rosamond Woodruff Morgan – 616,497 William L. Matheson and Robert M. Morgenthau Distinguished – 5,126,029 Blaine T. Phillips Distinguished 25,000 5,083,550 Joel B. Piassick Research 22,500 1,777,840 William S. Potter 24,966 1,397,273 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. – 2,000,062 John V. Ray Research 300 758,349 F. D. G. Ribble 319 1,296,615 Harrison Robertson – 1,401,719 S.E.S.-General (Eminent Scholar) – 1,626,913 Robert E. Scott Distinguished 250 3,449,456 John S. Shannon Distinguished 10,000 2,249,841 Earle K. Shawe in Employment Law – 1,033,238 James C. Slaughter Distinguished 750,000 5,688,272 Howard W. Smith – 21,925 Emerson G. Spies Distinguished 20 3,679,825 John C. Stennis – 98,140 Sullivan & Cromwell Research 10,000 1,353,196 Albert C. Tate, Jr. 1,600 1,583,348 O. M. Vicars – 954,375 Warner-Booker Distinguished – 2,121,667 F. Palmer Weber Research in Civil Liberties and Human Rights – 627,663 Joseph Weintraub – Bank of America Distinguished 25,000 3,782,033 Total Professorships $ 1,934,118 $ 206,763,970


Non-Endowed Scholarships Richard F. Barry III $ Millard Cass Dillard Summer Intern Program Dillard University Fellowship Richard H. Feuille ’48 William F. Harvey ’70 Oliver W. Hill Gary Lee Holmes Hunton & Williams Jackson Walker L.L.P. Maurice A. Jones Kanter Family Monroe Leigh ASIL Fellowship Valerie D. Lewis Fund Thomas N. Murphy, Jr. ’71

3,000 $ – – – – 100 1,000 – 3,000 4,000 1,215 5,024 6,000 – 7,559

3,000 3,686 35,246 156 12,928 300 6,755 10,300 3,000 3,000 1,201 5,144 88,321 1,757 7,551

2015–2016 Contributions

Oder Family $ George H. Roberts, Jr. VMI Class of 1968 School of Law General Charles Whitebread Memorial Whitehead Memorial

June 30, 2016 Market Value

15,000 $ 1,000 28,412 707 1,000

Endowed Scholarships Kent E. Agness $ Hawthorne D. Battle Candace K. and Frederick W. Beinecke Juliet R. Belknap / McAlister Marshall Robert K. Bellamy Senator Leroy Bendheim Black Law Students Association Promotion of Intellectual Life Franklin O. Blechman Brandt-Lee The Honorable Albert V. Bryan, Sr. ’21 Memorial Judge John D. Butzner, Jr. Don Cameron Caputo Family Oleda D. Casscells Momina Cheema Memorial Class of 1902 Class of 1926 Class of 1927 Class of 1935 Class of 1937 Class of 1938 Class of 1953 Class of 1955 James Madison Class of 1960 Dean’s Class of 1962 Albert R. Turnbull Class of 1964 Class of 1967 Earl C. Dudley/Richard Lowery Class of 1968 Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Class of 1970 Class of 1972 Memorial Class of 1975 James Madison Class of 1976 Class of 1976 Lawrence T. MacNamara Class of 1977 Class of 1978 Mrs.Virginia Haigh Class of 1979 Thomas Tegnazian Memorial Class of 1981 Class of 1982 James Madison Class of 1983 Class of 1984 Class of 1985 Class of 1986 Richard G. Clemens George M. Cochran ’36 Memorial Duncan McRae Cocke Carl H. Cofer, Jr. Dean’s Edwin S. Cohen John D. “Jack” Cole III ’63 Howard H. Conaway Joe Creason William H. Cutlip John M. Dial ’36 William K. Diehl, Jr.

45,000 1,000 406,502 707 1,000

1,268 $ – 750 – 1,700 –

19,588 71,122 313,146 186,172 265,287 428,625

125 3,500 –

34,981 394,069 165,065

38,507 3,300 – – – 1,613 – – – – – – – – – 14,282 – 19,202 – 570 12,100 – – 1,000 4,000 1,163 7,400 – 1,000 58,728 3,266 – 13,135 20,500 – – – – – – 1,133 – – –

448,984 265,297 95,454 114,762 183,560 64,160 268,704 296,379 563,296 90,932 186,081 1,705,170 402,593 344,685 454,319 1,004,637 179,696 588,040 60,903 712,767 637,877 297,362 376,797 992,272 720,963 274,577 676,705 182,342 810,160 1,643,335 691,018 573,874 633,692 327,901 314,258 972,852 428,423 139,043 148,051 42,810 164,089 377,835 65,659 226,823

2015–2016 Annual Report


2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Hardy Cross Dillard Scholarships Class of 1938 Dillard $ – $ 795,684 Class of 1951 Dillard – 283,687 Class of 1958 Dillard 5,000 504,831 Class of 1960 Dillard – 1,350,554 Class of 1965 Memorial Dillard 10,612 942,018 Lebbeus Dekle Dillard – 2,382,423 Dillard General 40 746,067 J. William Lewis Dillard – 1,550,724 Allen F. Maulsby Dillard – 2,099,743 Scott R. Owens Dillard – 3,148,402 James C. Slaughter Dillard – 803,293 George Terrien Dillard – 2,991,314 Blanche Dodds Kovarik – 1,144,235 Jim Donovan 12,500 199,458 Henry A. Dudley 15,000 996,655 Jessie Ball duPont – 183,155 Eckert Family 80,413 99,881 Kenneth H. Ekin Memorial – 684,567 Engel Fund 23,385 1,098,898 Michael C. Farrow – 66,667 John Shaw Field – 562,858 William D. Ford – 738,431 Carl M. and Carolyn C. Franklin – 164,277 Glynn Family – 175,558 Harry L. Goddard ’37 Memorial 5,000 209,564 Robert E. Goldsten – 152,296 Martin Goodman 81 126,287 Michael D. Hankin ’82 & Ann Dunlap Hankin ’82 – 138,607 Albertis Sydney Harrison Memorial – 193,344 David Hartfield, Jr. Merit 3,000,000 3,740,569 Joseph M. Hartfield – 948,109 S. Phillip Heiner Memorial – 608,698 Alan J. Hofheimer 2,350 277,686 Holland & Knight – 177,595 Joseph G. Howe, Jr. 20,000 20,054 Hunton & Williams Gordon F. Rainey Jr. 913 643,209 Henry C. and Margaret Ikenberry, Jr. – 236,591 Louis Johnson – 1,618,989 Richard D. Jones ’78 20,000 40,408 Andrew C. Karp 25,000 153,542 Martha L. & Bruce A. Karsh – 1,321,721 Peter S. Kaufman Family 4,183 32,437 Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton 15,615 214,409 King & Spalding 401 800,771 Rodger W. Klein – 393,909 Law Alumnae 138,449 3,014,047 Margaret Love – 36,919 Herman Lubschutz – 1,809,341 William R. Lucas, Jr. ’80 Memorial 500 149,406 Ronald L. Marmer – 276,936 Wallace M. McClure Graduate Fellowship – 221,194 Hugh D. McCormick – 315,167 Connie and Andrew McElwee 7,000 92,656 McGuireWoods 4,010 253,791 Armistead L. Boothe / McGuireWoods – 173,567 Brett I. Miller – 163,556 New England James Madison 500 235,836 Alice Michiko Noll 2004 Memorial 20 117,491 James L. and Lettie Lane North – 500,975


University of Virginia School of Law

2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Oder Family $ 15,000 $ 438,124 Pacific Northwest Students 7,850 160,829 Tim R. and Lynne L. Palmer – 495,437 Sidney F. Parham, Jr. – 80,706 James B. Pearson Fund – 164,589 Frank Brockenbrough Preston Jr. Memorial – 198,061 Ernest Sydney Quick – 189,446 Mary Quinn – 138,655 Rappold Family 20,000 361,742 Charles A. Read 100 293,038 F. D. G. Ribble – 207,772 James M. Rinaca 1976 Memorial 700 328,507 Mary C. and Roy H. Ritter 100 423,833 A. Stuart Robertson, Jr. – 1,218,787 Sue Robinson Rodriguez 10,000 182,617 Robert J. Rogers – 336,375 James R. Roney, Jr. 10,250 137,200 Mitchell and Laurie Rubenstein – 103,457 Philip T. Ruegger III 10,000 326,534 William Pendleton Sandridge 1,000 208,866 Joyce and Norman A. Scher 2,000 368,891 David L. Schwartz Memorial 5,000 739,082 Collins J. Seitz – 200,576 Fred Seliger – 3,600,482 Richard E. Shands – 465,414 Gail S. and Richard D. Siegal – 2,131,325 Richard A. Silver – 143,804 Paul A. Simon Memorial 2,250 399,162 James C. Slaughter 5,000 57,845 Hiram H. Spicer III – 165,689 Catherine Spurzem Memorial – 177,860 William A. Sutherland 10,000 628,615 Swager Sherley & Andrew O. Young – 607,589 Clay Thomas Memorial – 524,410 Michael D. Thomson 25,000 159,701 James A. Tregarthen Memorial – 160,603 Marsha and J. Rainer Twiford – 133,681 Oscar W. Underwood, Jr. Memorial 2,000 496,248 Union / Standish Foundations – 1,837,632 Virginia Long-Time Residents – 380,274 Paul G. Wallach Memorial 2,000 35,681 Jerrold G. Weinberg ’50 Memorial 101,348 101,348 Nathan Weiss ’52 – 517,315 Judge Richard L. ’51 & Eugenia K. Williams 800 621,688 Brian J. Wise ’00 & Nastaran B. Wise 1,000 123,188 John G. Yancey ’27 – 906,403 Robert G. Zack 100,000 900,237 Total Scholarships $ 4,007,629 $ 87,966,121


Perre Bowen $ General Research Fund Eastwood D. Herbert Research Sohio Research Professorship Total Summer Research $

VI. LECTURES/LECTURESHIPS Sewell Biggs Lectureship $ Thomas R. Denison Lectureship in Law and Business

– $ 2,740,325 – 23,771 – 258,593 – 140,286 – $ 3,162,975





2015–2016 Contributions

Edward S. Hirschler Lectureship P. Browning Hoffman Lectureship Law and Business Lectureship Claiborne Ross McCorkle Lecture Meador Lecture on Law and Religion T. Justin Moore, Jr. ’50 Lectureship Ola B. Smith Lecture Gustave Sokol Program John M. Van Deventer Lectureship in Law & Business Total Lectures/Lectureships $

June 30, 2016 Market Value

– – – – 1,250 – – –

286,934 227,274 139,348 314,659 466,561 400,149 58,205 1,176,138

– 361,097 39,638 $ 5,132,189

VII. SEMINARS IN ETHICAL VALUES Benjamin F. Borden ’48 Lectureship $ Charles O. Gregory Lectureship John Izard ’49 and Walter G. Dunnington, Jr. ’50 Lectureship Edgar F. Puryear, Jr. ’67 Lectureship Daniel Rosenbloom ’54 Lectureship Harold C. Stuart ’36 Lectureship Ethical Values Seminars Total Seminars In Ethical Values $

VIII. DEAN’S FUND Hardy Cross Dillard Total Dean’s Fund

– $ –

– 216,035 – 228,392 – 259,753 – 197,587 – 112,903 – $ 1,470,437

$ $


30,500 30,500

$ $

249,351 249,351

Class of 1957 South Africa Human Rights Summer Fellowship $ Claire Marie Corcoran Memorial Criminal Justice Public Service Summer Fellowship Katherine and David deWilde ’67 LGBT Fellowship E. Stuart James Grant Trust PILA Fellowship Robert F. Kennedy ’51 Public Service Fellowship Charles W. McCurdy Fellowship in Legal History Patton Boggs Public Service Fellowship Public Service Student Funded Fellowship Virginia Law Foundation Public Interest Fellowship Zimbabwe Human Rights Law Project

– $ 2,500

501 4,734







500 5,000 23,067

500 5,000 13,848

5,000 11,048

5,000 11,045

Class of 1969 Health Law, Policy and Ethics $ Mortimer Caplin Public Service Claire Marie Corcoran Memorial Linda A. Fairstein Public Service Ford C. O’Connell Public Service Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Legal Services Total Fellowships $

2015–2016 Contributions

X. PUBLIC SERVICE LOAN FORGIVENESS Class of 1959 Public Service Loan Forgiveness $ Class of 1964 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Class of 1965 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Class of 1996 Public Interest Fund Virginia Dale Eschenburg Loan Forgiveness Fox Public Service Loan Forgiveness E. Stuart James Grant Charitable Trust Beverly Harmon Class of 1998 Public Service Loan Forgiveness Murray J. Janus Public Service Loan Forgiveness Manning Public Service Loan Forgiveness Sean D. May ’98 Memorial Public Service Loan Forgiveness Arthur Murray Preston ’38 Fund for Military Service Terrien Public Service Loan Forgiveness Virginia Loan Forgiveness Endowment Fund Virginia Public Service Loan Assistance Professor Charles H. Whitebread Public Service Loan Forgiveness Total Public Service Loan Forgiveness $


Non-Endowed Fellowships

Endowed Fellowships

214,146 241,621

– $ 662,398 5,000 1,053,378 – 81,700 27,500 3,726,635 2,500 193,846 6,714 2,534,191 97,334 $ 8,365,974




13,612 –

386,048 114,051

2,500 – –

204,090 209,268 310,740


– 500

107,846 450,518



27,871 – – 9,918

27,870 3,477,327 129,287 11,990




$ 6,380,399

Brownell Emergency Assistance $ Law School Student Loan Fund Morris Student Loan Fund Total Student Loan Funds $


1,250 $ 21,097 1,200 207,970 – 2,268,712 2,450 $ 2,497,779

Bracewell & Giuliani Oral Advocacy Awards $ Mortimer Caplin Public Service Award Edwin S. Cohen Tax Award Carl M. Franklin Prize Fulbright Best Memo Award Robert E. Goldsten ’40 Award Eppa Hunton Book Award Margaret G. Hyde Award John S. Kingdon Moot Court Prize Herbert L. Kramer and Herbert K. Bangel Prize Professor Carl McFarland Prize Thomas Marshall Miller Prize Daniel Rosenbloom Award Earle K. Shawe Labor Relations Award James Shoemaker Moot Court Awards James C. Slaughter Honor Award Roger and Madeleine Traynor Award Justice Roger Traynor Book Fund Stephen Pierre Traynor Award Total Awards $

June 30, 2016 Market Value

6,000 $ 5,000 – – 3,000 – – – 1,000

1,570 79,415 44,336 44,143 – 227,080 5,585 84,555 174,444

– 220,490 – 444,476 – 100 – 179,316 – 87,504 – 202,317 – 49,376 – 162,079 2,500 2,500 – 17,070 17,500 $ 2,026,356

2015–2016 Annual Report


2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

XIII. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS, JOURNALS & PUBLICATIONs A Cappellate Opinions $ Action for a Better Living Environment Advocates for Disabled Veterans Advocates for Life at Virginia Law Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Black Law Students Association Child Advocacy Research & Education Class of 1952 Moot Court Environmental Law Journal Federalist Society Feminist Legal Forum Human Rights Study Project Inter Alia Islamic Legal Exchange JD/MBA Society Jewish Law Students Association Lambda Law Alliance Law Christian Fellowship Law Mock Trial Association Rex E. Lee Law Society Legal Advisory Workshops for Undergraduate Students John Bassett Moore Society of International Law Muslim Law Students Association National Trial Advocacy Team Native American Law Students Network of Enlightened Women North Grounds Softball League Peer Advisors Pro Bono Criminal Assistance Project Public Service Conference Rape Crisis Advocacy Project Saint Thomas More Society Street Law Student Affairs Fund Student Bar Association Student Legal Forum The Libel Show Virginia Animal Law Society Virginia Entrepreneurial Society Virginia Innocence Project Student Group Virginia Journal of International Law Virginia Journal of Law and Politics Virginia Journal of Law and Technology Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law Virginia Law & Business Society Virginia Law and Business Review Virginia Law and Graduate Republicans Virginia Law Families Virginia Law Review Centennial Fund Virginia Law Rod & Gun Club Virginia Law Veterans Virginia Law Weekly Virginia Law Weekly Endowed Fund Virginia Law Wine Society Virginia Law Women Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal 10

20 $ 100 161 320

139 3,910 161 160

2,180 55,462 2,672 16,276 540 12,182 651 815 – – 190 321 6,156 5,355 – 1,139

190 57,830 2,712 351,179 5,714 8,334 317 715 145 100 40 304 4,236 7,403 213 20,405


3,140 – 182 120 – 1,805 690 200 150 – 294 75 – 1,373 161 4,206 125 100

3,426 525 – 768 130 15,812 283 440 1,168 165 81 192 650 2,290 22,623 2,578 763 –

– 240 1,777 108,207 305 3,904 1,013 2,471 1,140 2,365 610 – 1,200 – – 2,878 395 610 124,078 1,224,073 56 224 130 430 833 3,058 – 20,855 175 – 8,497 871 470

University of Virginia School of Law


2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Virginia Sports Law Society $ 125 $ 125 Virginia Tax Review 1,168 9,829 Volunteer Income Tax Association 685 40 Elizabeth Kemper Wharton Student Organizations 2,838 65,335 Ridley Whitaker Legal Forum – 99,936 Women of Color 75 930 Student Miscellaneous 4,381 16,292 Total Student Organizations, Journals & Publications $ 267,112 $ 2,082,147


Advocacy Clinic for the Elderly $ Child Advocacy Clinic Clinic Student Travel Clinical Programs Criminal Defense Clinic Environmental Law Clinical Programs Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic Innocence Project Clinic Prosecution Clinic Sunshine Lady Foundation Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Total Clinical Programs $


Jarrett Bruhn $ Buy-a-Brick Clay Hall Building Maintenance Davis Polk & Wardwell Flag Pole Fund Ernest L. Folk III Handicapped Access Martha Lubin Karsh & Bruce A. Karsh Student Services Center Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Law Alumnae Lobby Slaughter Hall Building Maintenance

2,325 1,455 – 398 455 350

– 5,728 290 – – 8,844 $

150 17,010 710 239 813 23,905

Caplin Tax Collection $ Dorothea Lane Cutts H.C. Dillard International Law Collection Endow-A-Book Farmer Memorial Charles D. Fox, Jr. Memorial Book Preston Fox Warren W. Hobbie Religious Law Jefferson Legal Collection Walter Whitlock Klaus Reading Room Law Library General NEH Challenge Grant John Ritchie Charles J. Sheppe Memorial Thomas D. Soutter Judge John Charles Watrous William H. White, Jr. Memorial Total Law Library $


– $ 213 2,613 – – –

– $ 431,276 – 170,656 – 45,322 – 11,114 – 630,390 – 272,763 – 115,014 – 242,527 – 21,139 1,500 574,066 2,476 2,476 – 2,066,374 – 31,157 – 75,073 25,000 24,740 – 29,232 – 351,230 28,976 $ 5,094,549

2,500 $ – – – – –

34,250 128 708,825 1,570 125 15,092

1,000,000 200 350 5

– 400 385 1,154,776

2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Student Faculty Center / Robert E. Scott Commons $ – Student Faculty Center / Troutman Sanders Terrace 100 Total Law Grounds $ 1,003,155



200 $ 1,919,251

XVII. CENTER FOR OCEANS LAW AND POLICY Center for Oceans Law and Policy $ Rhodes Academy Total Center For Oceans Law and Policy $

80,349 $ 81,142 161,491

6,813,936 133,300

$ 6,947,236

XVIII. CENTER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Center for National Security Law $ Summer Institute Total Center For National Security Law $

753,745 $ 89,600 843,345

XIX. OTHER LAW SCHOOL PROGRAMS Academic Excellence Challenge $ Admissions Office Recruitment Fund Amev Law / Medicine Anonymous Restricted Bob Barker Animal Rights Program Fund Richard Bonnie Restricted Fund Peter Bronstein Negotiation Skills Institute Caplin Public Service Center Career Services Center for the Study of Race & Law Kevin Chapman Memorial Class of 1950 Mid-Century Memorial Clerkship Office Edwin S. Cohen Fund Constitutional Law Cowan Human Rights Study Project Cybersecurity Legal Research Henry A. Dudley Jessie Ball duPont Fund Grant Systems Change Practicum Environmental Law Program-Watershed Policy Research Faculty Reserve John Fowler 55th Reunion Project William B. Fryer Restricted Nathalie F.P. Gilfoyle Fund for Law & Psychology John W. Glynn, Jr. ’65 Law & Business Program Peter Graff Memorial Fund Naomi Hendershot ’01 Memorial Human Rights Program J.D.-M.A. Program in History John C. Jeffries, Jr. Restricted Law and Business Program Law and Public Service Program Law and Technology Initiative Fund Legal Research & Writing Program

$ 1,056,971

– $ – – 30,000

782,388 100 1,154 895,763

4,000 12,325 1,000 2,100 – – – 12,000 107 – – 28,379 50,000 –

1,751,839 34,857 1,000 5,553 550 3,020 951 387,863 1,515 6,960 414 213,637 50,000 1,284,426

– 500 11,878 –

29,014 2,686,908 104,489 476,286


2015–2016 Contributions

June 30, 2016 Market Value

Paul G. & Julia D. Mahoney $ 125 $ 11,353 Ronald L. Marmer Intellectual Enrichment 15,000 61,893 Microsoft IP Research Fund – 24,410 Microsoft Patentable Research Fund – 21,000 Christopher J. Murphy, III Restricted 101,335 223,668 Principles and Practice Program – 84,821 W. Sydnor Settle Restricted – 309,902 Special Temporary Accounts 52,964 192,647 Transactional Teaching – 367,115 Virginia Tax Study Group – 815 Total Other Law School Programs $ 836,671 $ 13,788,601 GRAND TOTAL $ 15,145,727 $ 440,922,153

836,351 220,620



412,125 – – 445 150 26,250 13,583 938 9,977 161

3,235,190 7,469 4,761 2,436 170 163,474 24,904 1,288 324,807 2,791

The Foundation holds more than $415.5 million in endowed funds and $24.5 million in non-endowed funds for the benefit of the Law School. In addition, the University holds $52 million and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation holds $3.7 million in endowed funds designated for the Law School. The combined value of these assets at June 30, 2016, exceeds $495 million. The financial statements of the University of Virginia Law School Foundation for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, have been audited by Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP. A copy of the auditor’s report is on file at the Foundation.

Summary of Contributions Unrestricted $ 5,180,071 Unrestricted Endowment 839,670 Restricted 2,575,698 Restricted Endowment 6,550,288 Total Contributions $ 15,145,727

Summary of Expenditures Financial Aid $ 6,058,293 Teaching & Research 5,629,742 Law Grounds 1,196,119 Alumni Events 1,078,937 Administrative 466,359 Student Activities 356,720 Publications 230,128 Residential Real Estate Program 161,349 Management and General 1,772,037 Fundraising 2,634,936 Total Expenditures $ 19,584,620

2015–2016 Annual Report



University of Virginia School of Law

Dean’s Council

Members of the Dean’s Council are the leading contributors of private support to the Law School. We deeply appreciate the substantial commitments made by the following individuals.

LIFE Members Recognizing donors of gifts of $200,000 or more over a lifetime, for any purpose. Beginning with the 2017–2018 fiscal year, Life Membership in the Dean’s Council will recognize donors of gifts of $250,000 or more over a lifetime, for any purpose.

Earle K. ’34 and Annette Shawe Mortimer Caplin ’40 Freda Hartfield (W ’43, D) Ashby B. Allen ’47 (D) John B. Huffaker ’48 Henry Burnett ’50 (D) Marjorie Matheson (W ’50) Elizabeth G. Poole ’50 James E. Coleman, Jr. ’51 Philip M. Drake ’51 John L. Ray ’52 Guilford D. Ware ’52 Douglas D. Drysdale ’53 and Elaine M. Hadden William C. Lickle ’53 Helen G. Shannon (W ’53) Daniel Rosenbloom ’54 Walter Shapero ’54 John D. Fowler ’55 Blaine T. Phillips ’55 Mrs. George H. Revercomb (W ’55) John S. Shannon ’55 Jane R. Tolleson ’55 Clifford V. Brokaw III ’56 (D) Ernest E. Monrad ’56 John R. Turbyfill ’56 Arnold H. Leon ’57 B. Francis Saul II ’57 Thomas Otis ’58 Waller H. Horsley ’59 John R. Purcell ’59 Robert B. Hiden, Jr. ’60 A. M. Pilaro ’60 Nancy R. Schwartz (W ’60) Richard A. Silver ’60

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Anthony P. St. John ’60 Laurence Vogel ’60 W. Foster Wollen ’61 Ecton R. ’62 and Anne B. Manning Norman A. Scher ’62 Virginia H. Soutter (W ’62) Carl H. Cofer, Jr. ’63 Samuel M. Evans ’63 Elvira M. Mannelly (W ’63) Jay H. McDowell ’63 James A. Rogers ’63 and Patricia F. Rissler Gail S. Siegal (W ’63) Michael ’63 and Barbara Weintraub Wallace L. Cook ’64 Donald L. Dell ’64 Barbara S. Klein (W ’64) Albert Ritchie ’64 Samuel B. Witt, III ’64 Richard G. Clemens ’65 John W., Jr. ’65 and Barbara Glynn John D. Hopkins ’65 Thomas T. ’65 and Anna L. Lawson Bernard J. Long, Jr. ’65 Paul D. O’Connor, Jr. ’65 Joel B. Piassick ’65 C. Willis Ritter ’65 James M. Shoemaker, Jr. ’65 Alexander W. Sierck ’65 John L. Warden ’65 A. Macdonald Caputo ’66 Stephen A. Cardi ’66 Charles E. Hoyt ’66 William M. Slaughter ’66

Otto G. Stolz ’66 Edwin C. Cohen ’67 Joseph R. Gladden, Jr. ’67 Holcombe T. Green, Jr. ’67 Gordon F. Rainey, Jr. ’67 Allen C. Goolsby ’68 Stephen ’68 and Sally Herman William F. Indoe ’68 J. William Lewis ’68 Gerald L. Parsky ’68 Bob Wright ’68 Nancy L. Buc ’69 William K. Diehl, Jr. ’69 Katherine C. Lowden ’69 Leland C. Selby ’69 Charles H. Majors ’70 Alan C. Stephenson ’70 Richard A. Fisher ’71 Roger H. Kimmel ’71 Chris ’71 and Carmi Murphy Christopher J. ’71 and Molly Powell ’72 Sumner Frederick W. Beinecke ’72 Bernard J. Carl ’72 James L. Malone III ’72 and Alice Reno Malone William F. Nelson ’72 Nicholas E. Chimicles ’73 Everette L. Doffermyre, Jr. ’73 Joseph W. ’73 and Palmer Dorn John C. Jeffries, Jr. ’73 Robert W. Riordan ’73 William V. Engel ’74 William B. Fryer ’74 Charles A. Gilman ’74

James T. O’Reilly ’74 Brian M. ’74 and Paula H. Powers Philip T. Ruegger III ’74 Charles Henry Smith ’74 Spottswood P. Dudley ’75 Michael J. ’75 and Jane R. Horvitz G. Hartwell Hylton ’75 Patrick S. Kenadjian ’75 David L. ’75 and Noreen G. Mulliken Kenneth W. Oder ’75 Sharon M. ’75 and Charles Owlett Barry E. Taylor ’75 and Elizabeth Tyree-Taylor Robert G. Zack ’75 Bradford G. Keithley ’76 Renee E. Ring ’76 and Paul J. Zofnass Barbara S. Jeremiah ’77 Ronald L. Marmer ’77 Michael S. ’77 and Nancy R. Miller Charles E. ’77 and Victoria Rappold Michael C. ’77 and Virginia L. Ross Mitchell Rubenstein ’77 and Laurie S. Silvers Joseph G. Howe III ’78 John Gregory Odom ’78 Steven D. Brooks ’79 Michael A. Caddell ’79 and Cynthia B. Chapman J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. ’79 Mikael Salovaara ’79 Thomas J. Sidman ’79 Charles D. IV ’80 and Beth M. Fox Bruce A. Karsh ’80

2015–2016 Annual Report


—Dean’s Council Life Members continued

Peter W. Quesada ’80 Cameron L. ’81 and Patricia J. Cowan Martha Lubin Karsh ’81 Edward J. Kelly III ’81 Thatcher A. Stone ’82 John Van Deventer ’82 Patrick J. Conlon ’83 Tim R. ’83 and Lynne L. Palmer Catherine A. Lawton ’84

David Baldacci ’86 Thomas R. Denison ’86 Frederick S. Downs, Jr. ’86 Sarah Robinson Borders ’88 Cecil D. III ’88 and Mary Humes Quillen David W. Draper, Jr. ’91 David C. ’93 and Kelly L. Burke Janet M. Moore ’93 and Brian K. Thomson ’93

Bradley A. ’95 and Emeri S. Handler Christopher D. Ray ’95 Ford C. O’Connell ’04 Charles M. Avampato Bob Barker Paul B. Barringer II (D, Arts & Sciences ’52) Lillian R. and Michael J. BeVier Jim Donovan

Kathryn D. and Raymond J. Harbert Frank D. Kittredge, Jr. (Arch ’78) Elizabeth and Richard A. Merrill Olivia R. Singleton Douglas A. III and Patricia Warner (P ’09) Anonymous

Associate Members Recognizing donors of gifts or pledges of $25,000 for unrestricted use or $50,000 for restricted use, within a five-year period. S. Eason Balch ’48 Joseph H. Johnson, Jr. ’49 Richard J. Collins, Jr. ’50 H.A. Street ’50 Julius P. Fouts ’54 Thomas A. Sully, Jr. ’56 William L. Bunting, Jr. ’58 Bernard T. Bress ’60 Frederick A. Menowitz ’60 J. Scott Vowell ’61 E. Whitehead Elmore ’62 G. Marshall Mundy ’62 Richard W. Wilkinson ’62 (D) Peter W. Low ’63 Walter Matthews, Jr. ’63 Jonathan M. Clark ’64 Michael T. Crimmins ’64 Fred F. Fielding ’64 Benjamin Cabell IV ’65 James C. Hanken ’65 Richard S. Ward ’65 Paul R. Michel ’66 Ronald W. Tydings ’66 James M. Cotter ’67 David M. deWilde ’67 A. Francis Robinson, Jr. ’67 Peter E. Bronstein ’68 William P. Carmichael ’68 J. Thomas Fowlkes ’68 Richard J. Bonnie ’69 Raymond J. Coughlan, Jr. ’69 Jeff Dierman ’69 Henry D. Light ’69


George B. III ’69 and Barbara D. McCallum Peter M. Sieglaff ’69 Robert A. Boas ’70 Kurt A. Kaufmann ’70 Sadler Poe ’70 John O. Wynne ’70 W. Douglas Brown ’71 David Elbaor ’71 Robert K. Goldman ’71 Elizabeth Thacher ’71 and Van Zandt ’71 Hawn David H. ’71 and Sunny Ibbeken Charles M. Oberly III ’71 Candace S. Cummings ’72 R. Craig ’72 and Sharon Hopson Mark A. Saunders ’72 Jeremiah L. Thomas III ’72 Stephen ’72 and Martha Anne Yandle James K. Asselstine ’73 Richard F. Kingham ’73 Howard L. ’73 and Barbara E. Meyers Joseph A. Paradis III ’73 Louis F. Ryan ’73 Alfonso L. Carney, Jr. ’74 and Cassandra E. Henderson Nathalie F.P. Gilfoyle ’74 Gregory Michael ’74 and Judith W. MacGregor Richard G. Menaker ’74 Thomas E. Cabaniss ’75

University of Virginia School of Law

Albert H. Conrad,, Jr. ’75 Howard F. Fine ’75 Michael K. Kennedy ’75 Wm. Shaw McDermott ’75 Gregory E. Sohns ’75 Robert W. Webb, Jr. ’75 Walter W. Bardenwerper ’76 James R. W. Bayes ’76 Bruce T. Bishop ’76 Robert G. Byron ’76 James J. Lee ’76 David B.H. Martin, Jr. ’76 John B. McCammon ’76 James J. McCullough ’76 J. Keith Morgan ’76 Robert M. Rolfe ’76 Elizabeth S. Scott ’76 Richard L. Stroup ’76 Michael S. Sundermeyer ’76 Stanley A. Twardy, Jr. ’76 Pamela Clark ’77 and Paul B. Stephan ’77 Jim L. Flegle ’77 Donald M. James ’77 Keith L. Kearney ’77 Richard L. McConnell ’77 Michael J. O’Rourke ’77 Charles W. IV ’78 and Jenifer Duggan ’79 Flynn James K. Hammond ’78 G. Edison Holland, Jr. ’78 Jeffrey L., Jr. ’78 and Willa M. Humber

Richard D. Jones ’78 W. Thomas, Jr. ’78 and Rebecca McGough Cathy G. O’Kelly ’78 Russell H. ’78 and Lydia Pollack Robert F. Reklaitis ’78 John C. Ale ’79 Steven R. Berger ’79 Frederick Lewis Bryant ’79 C. Richard Morgan ’79 Frank E. Morgan II ’79 Matthew M. O’Connell ’79 James A. Pardo, Jr. ’79 Daniel C. Sauls ’79 and Mary Ellen Powers ’80 Jeffrey A. Conciatori ’80 Richard N. Dean ’80 Andrew A., Jr. ’80 and Connie C. McElwee Jeremiah Milbank III ’80 Kathy ’80 and Curtis P. Robb L. Gilles Sion ’80 F. Blair ’80 and Jane Seay Wimbush Robert A. Wyman, Jr. ’80 and Lisa C. Krueger David T. Biderman ’81 Steven M. Kayman ’81 Suzanne Storms La Pierre ’81 Gregory V. ’81 and Libbie Nelson James Polk ’81 and Tracy Rutherfurd Sarah Gannon ’81 and John E. Seddelmeyer

Robin L. Teske ’81 Barrye L. Wall ’81 Frank B. Atkinson ’82 Ann Dunlap ’82 and Michael David ’82 Hankin Gerald F. Ivey ’82 John H. McDowell, Jr. ’82 Julie A. Petruzzelli ’82 Harry A. Shannon III ’82 Joseph Bell ’83 Kevin F. Brady ’83 George Matthew Gerachis ’83 Jay A. ’83 and Kimberly Mitchell Paul W. Mourning ’83 Barbara Nims ’83 John E. Osborn ’83 George R. ’83 and Andrea Hofmann ’84 Pitts Marlin Risinger III ’83 and Lori Ellen Fields ’84 Victoria Vodra Wall ’83 Kevin G. Abrams ’84 Bryan E. ’84 and Josephine M. Davis Randall D. Guynn ’84 Breda E. ’84 and Douglas A. ’84 Sgarro Armando A. Tabernilla ’84 Rolin P. ’85 and Avery B. ’86 Bissell Richard R. Bonaventura ’85 Anthony P. Della Pietra, Jr. ’85 F. Sheffield Hale ’85 Christopher B. Hockett ’85

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

(P) Parent

Christopher C. Kearney ’85 and Heather A. Young ’91 John J. Kelley III ’85 David G. Leitch ’85 William A. ’85 and Kathy Maher Stephen D. ’85 and Blair M. Raber Louise S. Sams ’85 Eileen P. Brumback ’86 Barry J. ’86 and Patrice Boening ’87 Cushman Katina J. Dorton ’86 Ellen Farraye ’86 Richard J. Giusto ’86 Sean P. Griffiths ’86 Brenda C. Karickhoff ’86 Andrew Charles ’86 and Susan Smith Karp Michael D. Thomson ’86 Lisa D. Westfall ’86 and Bruce S. Wilson ’86 William H. ’87 and Karen M. Brewster Michael M. Fay ’87 Catherine Murphy Keating ’87 R. Hewitt Pate ’87 Lee Corwin Wilburn ’87 Patrick Terence ’88 and Deirdre O’Connor Quinn Arthur David Robinson ’88 Spencer A. Burkholz ’89 Joseph A. DeSantis ’89 Deborah Platt Majoras ’89 Michael R. ’89 and Lynne H. McAlevey

William ’89 and Michelle J. ’90 Morris Janet Schwitzer ’89 and Paul B. ’89 Nolan Natalie B. Wilensky ’89 James H. Barker III ’90 Thomas D. DeVita ’90 Stephen M. Kotran ’90 Andrea E. ’90 and J. Fred ’90 Neuman Luba B. ’90 and Steven B. ’90 Seidman Peter J. Curley, Jr. ’91 Michael G. ’91 and April Egge Jeffrey W. Ferguson ’91 Michael R. Lincoln ’91 J. Fentress Seagroves, Jr. ’91 Andrew W. White ’91 James N. Czaban ’92 Roger E. ’92 and Hannah Casper ’93 George Theodore A. Mathas ’92 Douglas E. ’93 and Kathryn Eckert James H. Hammons, Jr. ’93 George T. Kliavkoff ’93 J. Nelson Thomas ’93 Chris J. Akin ’95 Allegra Rossotti Nethery ’95 John W. Woods, Jr. ’95 Jonathan M. Gardner ’96 William D. Gould V ’96 and Mary P. Rouvelas ’96 Jeffrey A. ’97 and Sheryl G. Bartos Simon Howard Bloom ’97

Eric J. Kadel, Jr. ’97 David S. Chung ’98 Dasha Smith Dwin ’98 Michael Andrew McGuire ’99 Kevin A. Kauer ’00 Brian J. ’00 and Nastaran Basiri Wise Christopher Chorba ’01 David Prescott Saunders ’07 Akure Ahaghotu ’08 and Charles Begin ’08 Paradis Jennifer Anne Becker-Pollet ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Becker (P ’12) Susanna S. Brown and W. L. Lyons III Julia Spies Dunstan Jane D. Engel (P ’74, ’77) Julia and Paul Mahoney Kent Olson Robert E. Scott Alexander and Nancy von Auersperg Anonymous

2015–2016 Annual Report


Highest % Participation


Kansas City, MO


Margo C. Soulé

Rochester/Buffalo, NY


Noah R. Doolittle, Lawlor F. Quinlan III, and J. Nelson Thomas

25–99 Members

Hartford, CT


James G. Green, Jr.

New Orleans, LA


Keith M. Landry

Charleston, SC


Julius H. Hines

Columbus, OH


Elizabeth Turrell Farrar

Birmingham, AL


Matthew H. Lembke

100–349 Members

Houston, TX


George Matthew Gerachis

Dallas, TX


Chris J. Akin

Atlanta, GA


Sameer Asher, William H. Brewster, Benjamin P. Keane, and Keith M. Townsend

350 or More Members

Washington, D.C.


William J. Curtin III

Arlington/Alexandria, VA Carol Ann Bischoff


University of Virginia School of Law



1957 75% Janet Lauck Blakeman

25–99 Members

1956 71% Jackson B. Gilbert

1960 59% T. Maxfield Bahner and Ronald W. Dougherty

1971 64% Rayburn Hanzlik, David H. Ibbeken, and Thomas N. Murphy, Jr.

1970 61% Sadler Poe

100–299 Members

1974 58% William B. Fryer

1965 58% Richard G. Clemens, John D. Hopkins, Joel B. Piassick and William E. Rachels, Jr.

2014 65% Mariah Travis Johnston, Brian Michael Park, and Sarah Elizabeth Ulmer

2007 60% 300–349 Members

John Watkins Blanton, Courtney Dredden Carter, and Tara Michele McManigal

2002 57% Katherine L. Ballenger, Afi S. Johnson-Parris, and Amanda P. Reeves

1981 57% David P. Ferretti and Barrye L. Wall

2015 73% Rhett Douglas Ricard and Ashley E. Singletary-Claffee

2006 64% 350 or More Members

Michael F. Buchwald, Christopher R. Kavanaugh, and Jasmine H. Yoon

2013 60% Alexandra Caroline Aurisch, Megan Mieko Kayo, and Esther Jean Winne

2015–2016 Annual Report


Largest Gifts


Cleveland, OH


Mark E. Staib

25–99 Members

Indianapolis, IN


Providence, RI


David T. Riedel

Los Angeles, CA


Geoffrey S. Yarema

100–349 Members

Birmingham, AL


Matthew H. Lembke

Boston $188,488 Franklin T. Reece and Daniel Scott Savrin

New York, NY


Deborah Rose Bander, James Robert Lederer, Brooke E. Pietrzak, and Kimberly M. Reisler

350 or More Members

San Francisco, CA


Thomas Y. Coleman and David A. Makarechian

Charlottesville, VA James F. Neale


University of Virginia School of Law



1948 $265,050 John B. Huffaker

25–99 Members

1958 $136,610

1960 $60,409 T. Maxfield Bahner and Ronald W. Dougherty

1975 $601,314 Thomas P. Preston and D. Eugene Webb, Jr.

1965 $557,830 100–299 Members

Richard G. Clemens, John D. Hopkins, Joel B. Piassick, and William E. Rachels, Jr.

1966 $352,349 G. William Birkhead, Stephen A. Cardi, Charles E. Hoyt, and John N. Leach, Jr.

1981 $1,339,344 David P. Ferretti and Barrye L. Wall

1980 $1,178,990 300–349 Members

Charles D. Fox IV, Michael L. Goodman, Kathy Robb, and F. Blair Wimbush

1983 $275,622 Paul W. Mourning, Terence Patrick Ross, and Elizabeth Springer Stellmann

1986 $301,455 William V. O’Reilly

350 or More Members

1993 $233,758 Guy E. Flynn, Patricia A. Sumner, and C. Stewart Verdery, Jr.

1984 $232,724 Victor P. Haley, John W. Harbin, and S. Gregory Joy

2015–2016 Annual Report


100% Participation Program

Initiated in 1993, the 100% Participation Program recognizes firms and companies (with at least five Virginia graduates) that achieve 100% participation in annual giving. Because many firms and companies are in mulitiple cities, offices with five or more graduates are also recognized in the program. Those interested in helping with 100% participation should contact Helen Snyder ’87, Chief Operating Officer, at (877) 307-0158, or at

100% in all offices Abrams & Bayliss LLP Wilmington, DE

Andrews Kurth LLP Washington, D.C. Dallas and Houston, TX

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP Atlanta, GA

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Birmingham, AL Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA Jackson, MS Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville, TN

Blankingship & Keith, PC Fairfax, VA

Bracewell LLP Hartford, CT Washington, D.C. New York, NY Houston, TX

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP Birmingham and Huntsville, AL Jackson, MS Nashville, TN

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered Washington, D.C.


University of Virginia School of Law

CarMax, Inc. Henrico and Richmond, VA

Clifford Chance US LLP Washington, D.C. New York, NY

Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP New York, NY

Day Pitney LLP Hartford, Stamford, and West Hartford, CT Boston, MA New York, NY

Dechert LLP Washington, D.C. Boston, MA New York, NY Philadelphia, PA

Dominion Resources, Inc. Richmond, VA

Edmunds & Williams, P.C. Lynchburg, VA

Exxon Mobil Corporation Houston and Spring, TX Fairfax, VA

Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP Jackson, MS

Jackson Walker L.L.P. Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX

Jones Walker LLP Birmingham, AL Atlanta, GA Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA

K&L Gates LLP England Washington, D.C. Miami, FL Boston, MA New York, NY Charlotte and Raleigh, NC Pittsburgh, PA Charleston, SC Dallas, TX Seattle, WA

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Denver, CO Washington, D.C. Atlanta, GA Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC

KPMG LLP Washington, D.C. New York, NY

Latham & Watkins LLP England Singapore Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, CA Washington, D.C. Chicago, IL Boston, MA New York, NY Houston, TX

Lathrop & Gage LLP Kansas City and Springfield, MO

Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP Philadelphia, PA

LeClairRyan Washington, D.C. Atlanta, GA Rochester, NY Charlottesville, Glen Allen, Norfolk, Richmond, and Roanoke, VA

Moore & Van Allen PLLC Charlotte and Research Triangle Park, NC Charleston, SC

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Russia Palo Alto and San Francisco, CA Hartford, CT Washington, D.C. Boston, MA New York, NY Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA Dallas and Houston, TX

Lenhart Pettit Charlottesville, VA

McCarter & English, LLP Hartford, CT Newark, NJ

McGuireWoods LLP Los Angeles, CA Washington, D.C. Jacksonville, FL Atlanta, GA Charlotte and Raleigh, NC Pittsburgh, PA Dallas, TX Charlottesville, McLean, Norfolk, and Richmond, VA


Nixon Peabody LLP Los Angeles, CA Washington, D.C. Boston, MA Manchester, NH Albany, Garden City, and Rochester, NY

Norfolk Southern Corporation Atlanta, GA Norfolk, VA


Charlottesville, VA

Washington, D.C. Baltimore, MD

Miles & Stockbridge P.C. Washington, D.C. Baltimore and Easton, MD

Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP Charlotte and Raleigh, NC

Miller & Martin PLLC

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP

Atlanta, GA Chattanooga, TN

Columbus, OH

2015–2016 Annual Report


100% in All Offices—continued

Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP Dover and Wilmington, DE

Richards, Layton & Finger, PA Wilmington, DE

Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber Washington, D.C.

Robinson & Cole LLP Hartford and Stamford, CT Providence, RI

Shipman & Goodwin LLP Hartford and Stamford, CT Washington, D.C.

Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP Greensboro, NC

Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, LLP Raleigh, NC

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Washington, D.C. Atlanta, GA New York, NY

Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy PLC Fairfax, VA

Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Troutman Sanders LLP Washington, D.C. Atlanta, GA New York, NY Charlotte, NC McLean, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, VA

The Walt Disney Company Anaheim, Burbank, and Glendale, CA Washington, D.C.

Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver, PLC Harrisonburg and Lexington, VA

Wyche, P.A. Columbia and Greenville, SC

Cincinnati, OH

100% in one or more offices Alston & Bird LLP Menlo Park, CA New York, NY Dallas, TX

Arent Fox LLP Washington, D.C.

Baker Botts L.L.P. New York, NY Dallas, TX

Cooley LLP San Francisco, CA Washington, D.C. Seattle, WA

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP England Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and San Francisco, CA Denver, CO New York, NY Dallas, TX


University of Virginia School of Law

Hogan Lovells US LLP Denver, CO

Holland & Knight LLP Miami, FL Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Boston, MA New York, NY McLean and Tysons Corner, VA

Hunton & Williams LLP Atlanta, GA New York, NY Charlotte and Raleigh, NC Dallas, TX McLean, Norfolk, and Richmond, VA

Kirkland & Ellis LLP New York, NY Houston, TX

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP New York, NY

Vinson & Elkins LLP Dallas, TX Richmond, VA

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Washington, D.C. Dallas, TX

Williams Mullen Charlottesville and Norfolk, VA

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP Atlanta, GA Winston-Salem, NC Charleston and Greenville, SC

2015–2016 Annual Report


Regional Summary RegioN




Donors Participation Total Gifts

Birmingham, AL 117 75% Matthew H. Lembke

$ 219,254

Mobile, AL 13 54% $ 11,000 Caine O’Rear III Montgomery, AL


39% $ 2,560

State of Alaska

11 46% $ 2,025 Charles G. Evans

State of Arizona


Los Angeles, CA

153 Geoffrey S. Yarema

40% $ 30,073 48%

$ 1,069,035

San Diego/Southern CA

72 54% $ 26,891 R.J. Coughlan, Jr. Drew Thomas Gardiner

San Francisco, CA



Thomas Y. Coleman David A. Makarechian

$ 539,309

Sameer Asher William H. Brewster Benjamin P. Keane Keith M. Townsend

Savannah, GA State of Idaho

Tayler Wayne Tibbitts

Chicago, IL


$ 159,951

Wilmington, DE

66 58% $ 87,938 Richard Alan Forsten

Washington, D.C.

719 William J. Curtin III


$ 381,546

Jacksonville, FL

43 55% $ 15,800 Donald D. Anderson

39% $ 3,682


$ 111,830


56% $ 37,196

35 Keith M. Landry

64% $ 13,150

Katherine E. McKune

New Orleans, LA

141 51% Steven M. Klepper

$ 103,338

192 59% $ 188,488 Franklin T. Reece Daniel Scott Savrin

State of Michigan


42% $ 12,355

State of Minnesota


42% $ 19,422

Kansas City, MO

38 67% $ 18,640 Margo C. Soulé

St. Louis, MO


51% $ 9,350

Northern New England


39% $ 32,868

Jonathan W. Igoe

Gregory Paul Hansel Thomas Silvio Valente

49% $ 49,145

Orlando, FL

36 Hal K. Litchford

55% $ 14,423

Newark/Summit, NJ

Palm Beach, FL


48% $ 42,618

Sean D. Gertner

Tallahassee, FL


46% $ 20,275

Tampa, FL


44% $ 39,992

University of Virginia School of Law



61 James P. Murphy

Rod Anderson

38% $ 2,118

State of Kentucky

Miami, FL

John P. Daniel


Indianapolis, IN

Boston, MA

120 Brendan J. O’Rourke

$ 313,940

$ 109,631

Hartford, CT

New Haven/Bridgeport, CT



Baltimore, MD

56 64% $ 15,355 James G. Green, Jr.



Karen Owen Gibbs Kenneth P. Kansa

State of Colorado

116 41% $ 65,973 William A. Bostrom


Atlanta, GA

Donors Participation Total Gifts

Southern NJ

Long Island, NY


48% $ 92,031


56% $ 32,192

140 54% $ 86,046 Daniel P. Burke





New York, NY

Deborah Rose Bander James Robert Lederer Brooke E. Pietrzak Kimberly M. Reisler

Donors Participation Total Gifts



$ 635,366


57% $ 8,845

Dallas, TX

166 63% Chris J. Akin

$ 144,566

Houston, TX

Rochester/Buffalo, NY

28 67% $ 8,440 Noah R. Doolittle Lawlor F. Quinlan III J. Nelson Thomas

Westchester, NY

Memphis, TN

Donors Participation Total Gifts


58% $ 56,261

121 65% $ 55,391 George Matthew Gerachis

State of Utah

25 43% $ 9,988 Michael Menssen

Arlington/Alexandria, VA 622 62% Carol Ann Bischoff

$ 358,816

Charlotte, NC Joseph B. C. Kluttz


294 62% $ 74,245 Charlottesville, VA James F. Neale

Raleigh/Durham, NC


51% $ 41,321

Culpeper/Harrisonburg, VA

40 Donald E. Showalter

45% $ 10,055

Cincinnati, OH


53% $ 41,747

Danville/Martinsville, VA

30% $ 6,208

Cleveland, OH



Columbus, OH


62% $ 12,109

Fredericksburg, VA

Portland, OR


38% $ 15,375

Hopewell, VA


29% $ 4,680

Lynchburg, VA


56% $ 7,005


57% $ 11,250


60% $ 69,374

Jeffrey E. Oleynik

Daniel J. Hoffheimer Mark E. Staib

Elizabeth Turrell Farrar Robert E. L. Bonaparte

Bethlehem, PA Philadelphia, PA Glen R. Stuart


Fairfax/McLean, VA $ 200,766

Pittsburgh, PA

49 59% $ 41,516 W. Thomas McGough, Jr.

Providence, RI

28 56% $ 48,875 David T. Riedel

Charleston, SC

42 63% $ 20,431 Julius H. Hines

520 Andrew H. Goodman Sharon M. Owlett



$ 414,709

$ 280,072

19 33% $ 9,801 Gary M. Nuckols

Norfolk/Newport News, VA

119 Alison M. McKee T. Braxton McKee

Richmond, VA

61% $ 68,971

486 60% Charles L. Menges George A. Somerville Martha A. Warthen

Roanoke/Radford, VA

72 Talfourd H. Kemper, Jr.

$ 295,877

49% $ 49,635

Virginia Beach/Chesapeake, VA 109 49% $ 61,417 50% $ 4,117 Alison M. McKee T. Braxton McKee Greenville, SC 26 59% $ 21,738 Winchester, VA 14 32% $ 9,423 Kevin A. Kauer State of Washington 95 47% $ 36,259 Chattanooga/Nashville, TN 55 53% $ 18,399 Peter M. Vial Howell Griffith O’Rear State of West Virginia 34 49% $ 23,013 Knoxville, TN 13 38% $ 4,295 David P. Ferretti Columbia, SC

19 L. Dwight Floyd

2015–2016 Annual Report


Reunion Gifts Class of 1966 50th Reunion

Class of 1971 45th Reunion

Class of 1976 40th Reunion

Class of 1981 35th Reunion





John W. Bates III G. William Birkhead Stephen A. Cardi Charles Tyler Clark Norwood H. Davis, Jr. James W. Guedry Edgar F. Heiskell III Samuel W. Hixon III Charles E. Hoyt John N. Leach, Jr. Paul R. Michel William M. Slaughter A. Zachary Smith III James F. Strother Hal W. Taylor John R. Towers Chandler L. Van Orman Fielding L. Williams, Jr.

James W. Addison William N. Alexander II David P. Bobzien William P. Boswell W. Douglas Brown T. Heyward Carter, Jr. Thomas A. Decker Richard A. Fisher Michael R. Fontham Rayburn Hanzlik David H. Ibbeken Roger H. Kimmel Edward B. Lowry Christopher J. Murphy III George H. Roberts, Jr. Kirk C. Shaw Christopher J. Sumner Ronald R. Tweel J. Warren Wood III

Bruce T. Bishop Robert G. Byron Lawrence B. Fine Jane E. Genster Euclid A. Irving Linda S. Laibstain James J. Lee David B.H. Martin, Jr. Henry L. Parr, Jr. Renee E. Ring Richard George Stuhan William F. Stutts, Jr. Michael S. Sundermeyer Karen Fagin White

John A. Anderson Peter L. Canzano Jonathan P. Cramer David P. Ferretti Jennie Ovrom Ferretti Warren David Harless Thomas C. Herman Darrel Tillar Mason Terence Murphy Tina A. Ravitz William D. Redd Craig C. Reilly Philip M. Sprinkle II Barrye L. Wall

Gifts Received: $272,361 Participation: 57% Gifts and Pledges: $681,911 Participation: 57%

Gifts Received: $1,339,344 Participation: 57% Gifts and Pledges: $1,459,470 Participation: 58%

Gifts Received: $352,349 Participation: 57% Gifts and Pledges: $1,000,049 Participation: 59%


The Law School’s reunion gift program is one of the most important elements of the Annual Giving Campaign. Reunion pledges typically span five years.

Gifts Received: $345,332 Participation: 64% Gifts and Pledges: $692,017 Participation: 64%

University of Virginia School of Law

Class of 1986 30th Reunion

Class of 1991 25th Reunion

Class of 1996 20th Reunion

Class of 2001 15th Reunion





Kathryn A. Bernert Avery B. Bissell Eileen P. Brumback Barry J. Cushman Thomas R. Denison Nancy H. Diamond Katina J. Dorton Ellen Farraye Gregory Paul Hansel Christopher P. Johnson Andrew Charles Karp Bradley R. Kutrow Robin Roberts McCune A. Donald McEachin William V. O’Reilly Catherine L. Potter William M. Ragland, Jr. Philip R. Schatz Cyril V. Smith III Laura Visser Weis Lisa D. Westfall Bruce S. Wilson

Thomas J. Amico Peter Crane Anderson Henry L. Chambers, Jr. Kimberly K. Cobb John Stephen Cullina Sarah E. Davies Michael G. Egge Mark Nefflen Farmer Susan L. Fox Andrew Z. Glickman Robin L. Gohlke Todd P. Graves Cheryl L. Hesse Paul J. Hunt Vernon E. Inge, Jr. Ethan K. Knowlden Matthew H. Lembke Michael R. Lincoln Cheryl Brott Newell Mary Beth Orson Matthew B. Pachman Mark C. Paist Robert Tod Perry J. Fentress Seagroves, Jr. Thomas W. Thagard III Heather A. Young

Candace A. Blydenburgh Matthew W. Cooper Marie G. Cox George L. Hanbury III Robert P. Howard, Jr. Jeffrey K. Lehrer Donald D. Long Mary German Manley Jamie Baskerville Martin Rob C. Masri Jeannine Lee Miller Dilip Barrid Paliath Erik A. Petersen David Scott Phillips Jason A. Scurti Paul Brian Turner Sanford S. Williams

Noble B. Black Nina Allen Blackshear Amy Julia Collins Cassidy Christopher Chorba Elizabeth Kinsaul Dugas Cordel L. Faulk Seth A. Goldstrom Matthew P. Heffernan John K. Henning Leslie Hermanson Brendan V. Johnson Laura Kelly Kennedy Priscilla K. Lawson Donald C. LeGower Alisa M. Ivers Leventis Hayward Majors Meredith Moss Lathrop B. Nelson Dale Lee Richardson Melissa Moore Sigler Jason W. Trujillo Thomas Silvio Valente

Gifts Received: $301,455 Participation: 51% Gifts and Pledges: $579,786 Participation: 51%

Gifts Received: $72,209 Participation: 43% Gifts and Pledges: $121,792 Participation: 44%

Gifts Received: $56,387 Participation: 54% Gifts and Pledges: $113,720 Participation: 55%

Gifts Received: $134,493 Participation: 47% Gifts and Pledges: $307,424 Participation: 48%

2015–2016 Annual Report


Class of 2006 10th Reunion

5th Reunion



Jessica Jackson Angelette Brooke E. Bailey Benjamin A. Beliles Chad E. Bell Janna I. Berke Michael F. Buchwald John Washington Burke Lindsay Buchanan Burke Kristy Michelle Byrd Hetal J. Doshi Caroline Paige Geiger Tiffany Marie Graves Thomas B. W. Hall Hilliard B. Hardman John B. Hardman Cristin G. Head Jacob M. Isler Christopher R. Kavanaugh Benjamin P. Keane Lee A. Kolber Rebecca MacDowell Lecaroz Nicholas C. Margida Matthew H. Meyers Katharine N. Monin Michael N. Nemelka Stephen M. Ng Andrea L. Parisi Raqiyyah R. Pippins Louise T. Rains David A. Reed Ann S. Robinson William I. Sanderson J. Michael Snypes, Jr. Scott D. Tenley Christopher J. Termini Jennifer Lynne Wine Jasmine H. Yoon

Kara Suzette Akins Kwabena A. Akowuah Katharine Wiggin Barry Alexandra Taylor Belonick Alexander Edward Blanchard Claire Nilsen Blumenson Kaitlin Clary Bottock Christopher Edward Cheek C. Benjamin Cooper Alexander King Cox Anna Leigh Craft Stephen Crawford Crenshaw Emily Groleau Rottier Goebel Carolyn Beth Greco Benjamin Louis Grosz Elizabeth Eva Hang John Hammond Heath Amanda Leigh Hedrick Erin Colleen Houlihan Kevin Michael Kelly Jacqueline Margaret Leonard Troy K. Lieberman Christopher Aaron Martin Colleen Mary Mayer Lauren Prieb Mehler Rachel Erin Mink Michael Tristan Morales Daniel Carl Morgenstern Ita Cowan Nagy Peggy Davis Nicholson David Takeshi Okano Anne Russo Pavia Brooke Elizabeth Pettit Melanie Anne Smith Karla Jamias Soloria Charles Frederick Spainhour Trevor Jacob Tullius Joseph Edward Van Tassel Jamar Kentrell Walker John Cherne White

Gifts Received: $51,504 Participation: 64% Gifts and Pledges: $52,408 Participation: 64%


Class of 2011

Gifts Received: $27,667 Participation: 57% Gifts and Pledges: $28,567 Participation: $57%

University of Virginia School of Law

The 51st Annual Giving Campaign

8,937 alumni donors, or 52.1%, made a gift to the Law School. This was the 11th consecutive year alumni participation surpassed 50%.

2015–2016 Annual Report


Annual Giving





















$9,048,565 0







in millions


University of Virginia School of Law







Unrestricted Operating




















2016 $5,180,071 0







in millions

Alumni with Consecutive Years of Giving Years
























2015–2016 Annual Report


Class Participation 100



Percentage Giving









48 949 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Class Year


University of Virginia School of Law




Percentage Giving









82 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Class Year

2015–2016 Annual Report


Class Participation

1934 Carolyn F. Olive *** (W)

1940 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Mortimer M. Caplin v o Additional Donors

Marie Conrad (W) Hugh S. Meredith v

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Kemper Goffigon III John B. Huffaker F o Pierce Lively v (D) Harry E. McCoy v Wilson B. Partridge Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Louann Hoover Feuille (W) John Paul Jones Robert C. Nusbaum v Leonard L. Rivkin F Additional Donors

1947 Betty Hartnett ** (W)


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent


University of Virginia School of Law

Class Manager: John B. Huffaker Alumni: 31 Donors: 18 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $265,050 THOMAS JEFFERSON LAW FELLOW $20,000 or more

Andre Walker Brewster ** (D) Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

S. Eason Balch * m

Louis Brenner ** Henry W. Brockenbrough F Morgan C. Fowler ** Harry N. Gustin II ** Joshua L. Robinson F Charles S. Russell ** Toy D. Savage, Jr. ** Romaine S. Scott, Jr. v (D) Donald C. Wells ** Marc A. White v

1949 Alumni: 22 Donors: 8 Participation: 36% Total Gifts: $22,510 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Joseph H. Johnson, Jr. m

Armistead M. Dobie Associate $1,000 to $2,499

Mayer A. Sarfan ** Peter B. Turney **

David J. Wood, Jr. Law School Patron $500 to $749

Robert C. Alsop * Additional Donors

Jack P. Brickman *** Charlotte Craney Chamberlain (W) Robert L. Corwin v Stanley Schoenbaum * Frank Warren Swacker *** George A. Van Pelt F

Robert B. Bottomley ****

1951 Alumni: 14 Donors: 7 Participation: 50% Total Gifts: $32,825 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Alumni: 19 Donors: 12 Participation: 63% Total Gifts: $13,050 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Robert E. L. deButts v John L. Ray ** o Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

Harry L. McNeal, Jr. ***

Dianne Carter * (W)

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Leonard Braman ** Carroll C. Johnson, Jr. v Frank N. Perkinson, Jr. *

James E. Coleman, Jr. v o


William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

Armistead M. Dobie Associate $1,000 to $2,499

Philip M. Drake v o Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Sherwood S. Cadwell v J. Warren Stephens v

Additional Donors

G. Galt Bready F Edward G. Cortright, Jr. ** Eleanor S. Craig (W) Patrick C. Derrico v John Goode v J. Lyndal Hagemeyer Bert A. Nachman **** Warren I. Titus, Jr.

H.A. Street * m Additional Donors Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Herbert K. Bangel v Albert V. Bryan, Jr. v Anne Buford (W) Barton P. Jenks III v James E. McDonald v Robert B. Thomas v Law School Patron $500 to $749

Samuel W. Meek, Jr. Additional Donors

Richard J. Collins, Jr. * m Albert I. Kassabian F Atley A. Kitchings, Jr. v Elizabeth G. Poole **** o

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Sidney G. Dillon ** Edward S. MacKey, Jr. *** James W. Quiggle James W. Riddell v


1953 Class Manager: Douglas D. Drysdale Alumni: 38 Donors: 22 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $31,670

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

E. A. Grosvenor Blair *** F. Richards Ford III ** Alvin A. Gordon John H. Mitchell, Jr. v Additional Donors

Christopher B. Acker v S. Beryl Adler **** George Blow v Stanley S. Harris *** Leverett M. Hubbard, Jr. * Nat Kurtz **** Jay A. Lipe George W. Martin ** R. Taylor McLean John Mowbray O’Mara Allen H. Pease *** E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr. v William M. Scaife, Jr. **** Henry M. Schwan R. Richard Schweitzer v C. Pfeiffer Trowbridge ***

1954 Class Manager: Walter Shapero Alumni: 21 Donors: 13 Participation: 62% Total Gifts: $12,938 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Daniel Rosenbloom **** o

Alumni: 25 Donors: 14 Participation: 56% Total Gifts: $15,544

John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

Douglas D. Drysdale v o

Nancy Myers Frazier *** (W)

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Albert W. Driver, Jr. ***

Robert G. Doumar, Sr. **** William C. Lickle ** o

Julius P. Fouts v m Joseph E. Gibson **

2015–2016 Annual Report


Rouhollah Karegar Ramazani * Walter Shapero * o Additional Donors

T. Randolph Buck Robert A. Cox, Jr. **** Homer C. Eliades * (D) Morris H. Fine * George Chilton Gaines ** James P. Groton v James L. Melhuish v Thomas Bog Slade III **** Joseph L. Wells ****

1955 Alumni: 33 Donors: 20 Participation: 61% Total Gifts: $55,728 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Blaine T. Phillips *** o

Additional Donors

Waverley L. Berkley III David L. Good Donald K. Graham v Allen Kilik *** Paul H. Kirwin * William L. Littlejohn * J. Newton Nash ** Thomas C. Phillips, Jr. **** Robert V. Schnabel * William D. Weeks v Charles E. Wehland ** (D)

1956 Class Manager: Jackson B. Gilbert Alumni: 38 Donors: 27 Participation: 71% Total Gifts: $14,561 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

John R. Turbyfill v o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

John D. Fowler **** o John S. Shannon v o William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

James L. Miller v

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Patricia Ackiss Caton (W) Jackson B. Gilbert v Daniel C. Lickle ***

Harry Lee Addison III ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Hewitt H. Covington v J. Samuel Glasscock ** Louis J. Richman, Jr. v George R. Silvernell ** R. Allan Wimbish v


1957 Class Manager: Janet Lauck Blakeman Alumni: 60 Donors: 45 Participation: 75% Total Gifts: $24,381 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Arnold H. Leon F o Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

William A. Forrest, Jr. **** Armistead M. Dobie Associate $1,000 to $2,499

George L. Cohen v George G. Coughlin, Jr. F Eugene F. Dwyer Linda Davis Evans (W) Thomas B. Evans, Jr. * W. Glover Garner, Jr. Philip Manning Goodwin J. Ellsworth Hall III * William P. Kline *** Frederick H. Klostermeyer ** William J. Linkous, Jr. **** Marianne Fagel McCulloch (W) Ernest E. Monrad **** o Dwight B. Moore v Richard L. Nunley *** G. William Sheldon, Jr. Frank M. Steadman, Jr. *** Thomas A. Sully, Jr. ** m James R. Trimm v Roland C. Woodward v

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Marion S. Boyd, Jr. F Orrin L. French *** (D) Thomas J. Michie, Jr. **** Maurice H. Richardson III v Additional Donors

Joseph L. Baldwin * Mark H. Berliant **** John Blatchford

University of Virginia School of Law

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

E. Jackson Boggs v Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. v James W. Chapin F Jeremy C. McCamic **** Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. v B. Francis Saul II v o Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Janet Lauck Blakeman v Albert S. Kemper III v

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Earle S. Bates, Jr. v A. Hugo Blankingship, Jr. F Noel C. Crowley F George F. Darden, Jr. v Carter B. S. Furr v John M. O’Hara **** Fletcher B. Watson IV v J. M. H. Willis, Jr. F Additional Donors

Warren T. Braham **** Dermott M. Breen v J. Michael Burry *** Edward W. Chapin F Richard Cocke **** John D. Corse v Janet R. Dugan *** William H. Foulk, Jr. *** David C. Glass ** Herbert S. Glickman **** George W. Gowen II v Leo E. Gribbin, Jr. F V. Rock Grundman, Jr. F Robert M. Hughes III v Margaret Jeffries Jones (W) Edward F. Killeen **** S. Lee Miller v William W. Miner v William D. Moore Daniel W. Myers II F Franklin B. Olmsted * Lawrence M. Philips **** Myron J. Poliner v Edward W. Rugeley, Jr. Charles D. Sheldon John W. Shroyer v Frank H. Stewart v David T. Styles v Arthur G. Taylor * Roger M. Thomas v William F. Thomas, Jr. **** Eric E. Wohlforth F

1958 Alumni: 62 Donors: 32 Participation: 52% Total Gifts: $136,610 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

William L. Bunting, Jr. *** m Thomas Otis *** o Benjamin K. Phipps ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Philip H. Elliott, Jr. *** Michael L.B. Kaplan ** Haven A. Knight **** E. Bradford Miller v W. Swan Yerger ** Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

Hobart A. McWhorter, Jr. ** K. William O’Connor * Robert Sellers Smith ** Edwin G. Torrance Karl H. Velde, Jr. ***

1959 Class Manager: William C. Stott, Jr. Alumni: 71 Donors: 30 Participation: 42% Total Gifts: $30,285 John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Terry H. Davis, Jr. F Alan A. Diamonstein ** Frederick Goldstein v Fred S. Landess * Additional Donors

James B. Atkin *** Stuart Brunet **** David H. Carter ** Randolph B. Chichester **** Stanley Pitkin Christopher F John E. Clarkson * Barbara A. Coppeto v Robert K. Dorsey v Robert W. Emmons, Jr. ** J. Lawrence Grim, Jr. v Joseph Hilton Gordon M. Hobbs ** Marc Jacobson ** Allan R. Johnson ** William C. Johnson, Jr. (D) Douglass S. Mackall III F

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Robert L. Bohannon * E. Terry Durant ** Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr. ** John A. Golden **** Robert Mason Goolrick *** Shant J. Harootunian **** Edwin J. Harragan, Jr. William K. Harrison, Jr. v James Harvey Harvell III **** James B. Hoover *** John Edward Houser ** (D) Harwood G. Martin v Katherine S. Prokop * Edward R. Slaughter, Jr. v Joanne K. Sullivan (W) Lawrence Askew Warner v T. K. Woods, Jr. v

John R. Purcell **** o William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

Jeanne Minor Walton * (W)

Henry W. Williams, Jr. v Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Additional Donors

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Evans B. Brasfield v William R. Bruce v Lauriston Castleman, Jr. v James H. Ford ** George L. Freeman, Jr. Waller H. Horsley v o Thomas O. Lawson **** Judith C.P. Lilley * (W) Phillips S. Peter *** Jay M. Weinberg * C. Lawson Willard III **** Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

1960 Class Managers: T. Maxfield Bahner Ronald W. Dougherty Alumni: 81 Donors: 48 Participation: 59% Total Gifts: $60,409 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Bernard T. Bress v m Frederick A. Menowitz v m Anthony P. St. John **** o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Robert B. Hiden, Jr. v o Nancy R. Schwartz *** o (W)

Richard G. Freeman * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Herbert Davis * Edwin J. Rafal v Charles H. Sedberry v John V. Tunney **

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

T. Maxfield Bahner v William F. Blue v

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Miles Cary, Jr. F Ronald W. Dougherty v E. Drummond King * Daniel E. O’Neil III * Ralph Rabinowitz **** Richard A. Silver *** o Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Walter A. Bossert, Jr. * Alan Lee Cameros *** Gerald D. Fischer F George Gilmer Grattan IV F (D) Jean Hall Hinckley F Robert G. Levy * William G. Mead ** Philip V. Moyles ** W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr. v Rust E. Reid v Additional Donors

John P. Ackerly III **** J. M. Perry Archer ** James R. Ayers III v G. Thomas Battle v Robert S. Bersch *** Silas H. Brewer, Jr. * K. King Burnett Robert G. Butcher, Jr. ** H. Clayton Cook, Jr. * Patrick F. Crossman v Frederick G. Emerson F Benjamin F. Few, Jr. * Michael P. Frankfurt v Thomas Herlihy III F Neal J. Hurwitz ** Manfred W. Leckszas ** Andrew P. Miller v H. Crane Miller Erwin B. Nachman * Daniel F. O’Keefe, Jr. v Charles H. Osterhoudt *** Dabney Overton, Jr. * John J. Roe III Charles D. Snead, Jr. ****

2015–2016 Annual Report


Funding Summer Public Service

“PILA grants let us become ingrained in our community’s fabric in new ways,” said PILA member and 2015–2016 Student Bar Association President Morgan Lingar ’16. “Many public interest jobs let us see the positive impact of our work firsthand, challenging us to improve our practice every day. The grants give students an opportunity to explore and learn about their passions in law … This opportunity often translates into a job directly after law school, a career move later on, or pro bono work.”

A record 128 students received $525,300 in grants to work in low-paying or unpaid public interest jobs this summer. The grants represent a 50 percent increase over last year and are made possible largely through alumni gifts.


Federal Government 69 Nonprofits 27

Local/State Government 19 (including Prosecution)

Public Defender 10 International 3


University of Virginia School of Law

U.S. cities + Johannesburg + New Delhi + The Hague

Total amount of grants distributed

PILA grant recipients for summer 2016

First-year students

Second-year students

2015–2016 Annual Report


Mark L. Stanton Stephen Ivor Traub *** Edward S. Wallach R. Kenly Webster *** Robert J. Wolfe ***

1961 Class Manager: George Upshur Carneal, Jr. Alumni: 89 Donors: 49 Participation: 55% Total Gifts: $41,305 John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

W. Foster Wollen v o William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Charles S. Crompton, Jr. v J. Scott Vowell F m Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

George Upshur Carneal, Jr. v Clinton J. Curtis v Collins Denny III v Edwin H. Kershner v John H. Quinn, Jr. **** B. Michael Rauh v William P. Sandridge, Jr. Edward J. Seaman **

Edward R. Hughes * David H. T. Kane F Jolyon W. McCamic v Robert L. Montague III Hoyt N. Wheeler ** Raymond M. Zimmet v Additional Donors

H. Harrison Braxton, Jr. F William G. Christian, Jr. ** W. J. Michael Cody Richard W. Dortch William P. Boone Dougherty * Michael W. Duskas ** William P. Elliott, Jr. * Calvin Wooding Fowler F Charles W. Havens III **** Samuel J. Henry v Barry Kantor v David Milne IV Charles R. Montgomery **** Clay L. Morton * William K. Nisbet * John M. Payne ** Matthew W. Perry, Jr. *** William L. Person, Jr. F John O. Peters ** Clifford D. Pierce, Jr. *** Edward W. Probert v Edmund S. Ruffin III v Michael W. Silver Alexander P. Smith v Fred L. Somers, Jr. **** Paul B. Underkofler, Jr. ** Grover C. Wright, Jr. Ronnie A. Yoder F

Class Manager: Norman A. Scher Alumni: 125 Donors: 69 Participation: 55% Total Gifts: $101,032 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

G. Marshall Mundy ** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

E. Whitehead Elmore **** m Virginia H. Soutter o (W) Stanford S. Warshawsky ** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Peter K. Bleakley v W. Reynolds Bowers * William J. O’Shaughnessy v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

A. E. Dick Howard *** Dewitt F. Truitt

Lawson F. Apperson v James G. Apple v Dan O. Callaghan ** Gerald E. Gilbert F Richard C. Johnson * Norman K. Moon v Paul D. Pearlstein v Cecil D. Quillen, Jr. v Norman A. Scher v o Murray S. Simpson, Jr. v Ronald P. Sokol **** James C. Warner v

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Charles B. Arrington, Jr. F James P. Baber * John E. Corette III James E. Covington, Jr. ** (D) Jane E. Covington ** (W) Paul David Greer *

Michael Armstrong v William E. Carter ** Sidney Clifford, Jr. v Charles H. Collison v Ronald O. Dederick v Robert B. Edwards v

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999



University of Virginia School of Law

Ecton R. Manning v o John B. Nason III v C. Hiram Upson, Jr. Additional Donors

Leland L. Baker, Jr. Joseph T. Bartlett, Jr. v Arthur M. Bjontegard, Jr. *** (D) Anne Boswell (W) William J. Butler, Jr. v William J. Carroll ** Stephen B. Clarkson F Ira G. Colby III **** Andrew H. Davis, Jr. v Harry L. Devoe, Jr. ** Edison W. Dick Ammon G. Dunton, Jr. **** W. Wray Eckl v Charles G. Flinn ** Irving L. Fuller, Jr. ** Frank C. Galloway, Jr. * James A. Goldstein William T. Graham * Alan A. Green v Albert C. Harker v Richard J. Harris *** Robert D. Hoagland F Isaac C. Hunt, Jr. * Richard H. Jackson Richard F. Jacobson Harold P. Juren ** Lee C. Kitchin F Peter C. Lewis v Charles L. Marcus ** W. Thomas Margetts ** Mary K. McDonald (W) David Everard Meade v Peter A. Metz ** John S. Miller III **** William B. Moore *** Edward M. Payne III Samuel S. Polk v Edward M. Prince *** W. Parker Seeley, Jr. Jay Martin Siegel F Benson A. Snaider James D. Snyder ** Colin J. S. Thomas, Jr. v Albert R. Turnbull *** Robert P. Walton Richard V. Whelan, Jr. v

1963 Class Manager: William R. Rakes Alumni: 109 Donors: 53 Participation: 49% Total Gifts: $84,448 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

James A. Rogers v o Michael Weintraub F o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Peter W. Low **** m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Thad Gladden Long William R. Rakes v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

James R. Bailes C. Stanley Dees v Joseph F. Dillon v Richard M. Gershon ** Robert A. Ittner v Lawrence H. Kyte, Jr. v Robert W. Lovegreen v Charles L. Owen F Don R. Pippin F David B. Robb, Jr. Hadley S. Roe v Eugene E. Siler, Jr. * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Louis L. Broudy v Alexander Hoke Slaughter Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Michael A. Bander v Christopher S. Bond Samuel M. Evans F o

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Leroy R. Hamlett, Jr. v R. Page Henley, Jr. v Howard I. Levine Guy H. Lewis III *** Graham C. Lilly *** Henry R. Lord ** Ernest C. Pepples, Jr. Robert M. Pyle, Jr. v David M. Sweetwood ** Additional Donors

Timothy K. Adams ** Lester L. Cooper, Jr. ** William L. Ellis, Jr. F H. Spencer Everett, Jr. Terence J. Gallagher ** Justus M. Holme, Jr. ** W. Edward Hudgins, Jr. *** Charles W. Johnson III F James B. McIntyre ** John M. Oakey, Jr. ** Michael A. O’Brien *** John J. Paylor *** Paul Perry Raulet Philip J. Rizik ** John M. Ryan *** Patricia Sameth * (W) Elizabeth Carter Seeley Arnold E. Sigler v Briscoe R. Smith *** Thomas R. Smith, Jr. Donald H. Spitzli, Jr. ** William T. Wilson *** Joseph B. Yount III **

1964 Class Managers: W. Thomas Grimm Edward J. Handler III Alumni: 147 Donors: 78 Participation: 53% Total Gifts: $97,378 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Wallace L. Cook v o

John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Whayne S. Quin v Bertram E. Snyder v

Donald L. Dell *** o Additional Donors Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

J. Trent Anderson v Jonathan M. Clark F m Michael T. Crimmins F m Fred F. Fielding F m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

B. Harvey Hill, Jr. v Eugene R. Moramarco **** G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr. v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Richard A. Bigger, Jr. F George Y. Birdsong F David N. Bottoms, Jr. Frank K. Bynum * Gilbert C. Cox, Jr. **** Walter H. Emroch ** W. P. Maloney *** Howard M. Persinger, Jr. * Davidson Ream **** John Hutton Riggs, Jr. Albert Ritchie v o William F. Sherman **** Walter H. Wingfield ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

William C. Halter, Jr. * Jon L. Schumacher v Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Roy G. Bowman ** Joe H. Bynum, Jr. Robert D. Chapin F William R. Cooper ** Bernard Dobranski **** (D) Allen R. Freedman * Betty Barr McClure (W) Walter L. Metcalfe, Jr. * Robert L. Moore II F

Thomas N. Allen **** Shepard B. Ansley v David E. Belcher v Harry K. Benham III v Winfrey P. Blackburn, Jr. ** E. Thomas Boyle * Richard E. Brewer ** David C. Brown *** Thomas W. Buschman ** Francis H. Craighill **** William B. Cummings Dean D. DeChaine v George B. Dornblaser, Jr. * Ward E. Y. Elliott * Theodore F. Ells v William K. Engeman F John M. Farley * David Flaxman Stuart R. Forbes * Jesse E. Graham, Sr. F W. Thomas Grimm v Robert S. Hall, Jr. * Edward J. Handler III **** Alan H. Hertzmark F Harold C. Hollenbeck *** J. Michael Kelly Jefferson D. Kirby III Vincent J. Macri * James T. McDonald, Jr. F J. Scott Merritt, Jr. John R. Normile, Jr. Robert W. Nuckles F David T. Petty, Jr. **** Marc W. Pevers Charles McDonnell Radigan ** Forbes R. Reback ** Hugh D. Rice * William Shore Robertson ** John A. Rodgers III W. Thomas Rutledge, Jr. v Charlton S. Smith David O. Whittemore v Samuel B. Witt, III v o Gilbert P. Wright, Jr. J. Robert Yeaman III **** Jay H. Zimmerman ***

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

1965 Class Managers: Richard G. Clemens John D. Hopkins Joel B. Piassick William E. Rachels, Jr. Alumni: 161 Donors: 93 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $557,830 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Richard G. Clemens v o John W. Glynn, Jr. *** o Joel B. Piassick F o John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Joseph Z. Fleming ** Gary B. Garofalo v John C. Walters * John P. Wiese v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Everette G. Allen, Jr. F Harry J. Arnold, Jr. v Peter A. Arntson *** Daniel S. Brown v Samuel P. Guyton v Pearce D. Hardwick v Barry E. Hawk ** William L. Hinds, Jr. v William T. Irelan **** James F. Johnson v James P. Jones F Thomas T. Lawson ** o Hugh L. Patterson v William E. Rachels, Jr. F Ellen Ramm (W) James Dennis Rash ** Donald E. Showalter *** Michael L. Slive * Arland T. Stein * Rennard J. Strickland * James T. Turner v John L. Warden v o Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Talfourd H. Kemper v C. P. Montgomery, Jr. ****

Bernard J. Long, Jr. v o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Richard S. Glasser ** James C. Hanken ** m William T. Hayes F John D. Hopkins **** o Thomas J. Murray, Jr. *** James M. Shoemaker, Jr. v o Richard S. Ward F m


Law School Patrons $500 to $749

John F. Bales III v Robert E. Brown Benjamin Cabell IV m David E. Gibson * Richard H. Gill ** Stephen W. Grafman ** R. William Ide III *** Michael G. Kitay ** Dexter E. Martin v Gary C. McGee v Dewey B. Morris **

University of Virginia School of Law

Thomas A. Player, Jr. *** James D. Rouse F A. Ward Sims * Additional Donors

Ronald L. Bauer ** W. Robinson Beard v Keith B. Betzina v John W. Bissell **** J. Howe Brown, Jr. **** John F. Bruce * Nathan W. Chace v William F. Clinger, Jr. ** David J. Cook ** Robert H. Culp *** Robert T. Cunningham *** J. Wiley Ellis v Sandra R. Galef (W) Lewis H. Goldman Stanley I. Goldman v Robert M. Hallman Walter H. Hylton III **** James Webb Jones ** William W. Kehl **** Philip H. Lilienthal ** John H. Lindsay * Littleton M. Maxwell **** J. Robert McAllister III F Richard G. McCauley F H. Anthony Medley v Paul D. O’Connor, Jr. o Joe L. Oppenheimer v Henry G. Pannell *** (D) John W. Pearsall III ** William S. Penick Alexander W. Sierck v o Judy Simmons (W) Milton C. Smith * Larry T. Suiters John T. Tompkins III *** Guy T. Tripp III *** William S. Tucker, Jr. ** William R. Waddell F Kenneth S. White * Richard L. Williams III v Frank H. Wisniewski ** Robert C. Wood III * Charles Talbott Zink v

1966 Class Managers: G. William Birkhead Stephen A. Cardi Charles E. Hoyt John N. Leach, Jr. Alumni: 164 Donors: 93 Participation: 57% Total Gifts: $352,349 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

A. Macdonald Caputo **** o Thomas J. Doran **** Wade S. Hooker, Jr. F Paul R. Michel m William M. Slaughter **** o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Izaak D. Glasser * Chiswell D. Langhorne, Jr. *** Ronald W. Tydings v m Roy C. Young Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Stephen A. Cardi v o Charles Tyler Clark v Norwood H. Davis, Jr. Edgar F. Heiskell III Charles E. Hoyt v o John N. Leach, Jr. F John R. Towers *** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

G. William Birkhead v John J. Kirby, Jr. v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Sally T. Bagley * (W) John W. Bates III v William W. Bennett, Jr.

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Benjamin M. Butler ** Thomas G. Byrum * Boyd C. Campbell, Jr. v Lawrence B. Chandler, Jr. *** (D) Stephen R. Clineburg * William G. Eckhardt ** Boyd L. George v James W. Guedry ** Roy B. Harrill v Thomas M. Higgins III * Samuel W. Hixon III F J. Terry Parsley ** John M. Powell ** John C. Rasmus v A. Zachary Smith III F Michael James Viener ** Fielding L. Williams, Jr. v Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

Richard J. Romanski Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Regis W. Campfield *** Susie Stuart Campbell Drake v Thomas P. Dugan ** C. Ronald Ellington *** A. Lee Fentress F Keith A. Greiner v (D) Donald M. Haddock v Theodore S. Halaby Robert H. Hunt John Matuszeski F Julian B. McDonnell, Jr. * J. Roger Mentz v Edward R. Moore F J. Kenneth Moorman Malcolm E. Ritsch, Jr. *** Herbert A. Rosenthal *** James Allan Smith (D) Philip J. Smith v Hal W. Taylor v Thomas W. Towell Lee Welch * Additional Donors

Glenn R. Adams *** Robert W. Bartlett J. William Brennan John Benton Clark William T. Collins III ***

W. Donald Cox * Stuart H. Dunn **** James G. Ehlers ** Guy O. Farmer II *** Joseph A. Fisher III **** Alan M. Frey Jesse B. Grove III *** Jack G. Hand, Jr. ** John C. Hollister * Michael A. Hoover ** Peter M. Kilcullen Chester Waterman Lewis George E. Lewis II ** James S. Little F James S. Mathews ** James H. McGowan III **** William T. Miller Stephen E. Moore *** William C. Moran, Jr. * George J. Morris v Frank J. Pagliaro, Jr. v Allen D. Porter F J. Davis Reed III ** Donald H. Regan ** Jerome M. Rothschild James F. Strother ** Robert L. Taylor * Anthony J. Thompson ** James L. Thompson **** Chandler L. Van Orman *** William A. Walker II ** Richard J. Williams ***

1967 Class Manager: Robert B. Harding Alumni: 172 Donors: 92 Participation: 53% Total Gifts: $99,556 John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Holcombe T. Green, Jr. v o

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

James M. Cotter **** m W. Donald Knight, Jr. v William H. May *** A. Francis Robinson, Jr. v m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Gerald L. Baliles F Richard F. Barry III *** Gene D. Dahmen v Earl C. Dudley, Jr. v Warwick R. Furr II ** John Frederick Motz v John L. Richardson v F. D. Robertson F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

John J. Beall, Jr. v Irving Brand v William L. Burke **** Richard O. Duvall ** Robert B. Harding v Kendor P. Jones v D. Wayne Moore Charles P. Nastro *** John W. Ohlweiler * Marianne M. Parrs * (W) Donald N. Patten George S. Thomas John A. Townsend ** Paul R. Verkuil ** Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

William J. Howell ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

David R. Almond v James F. Andrews Timothy J. Bloomfield v A. Stephens Clay *** Edward S. Cohen ** Paul W. Davis v David M. deWilde **** m Joe S. Frank **

Joseph R. Gladden, Jr. o J. Littleton Glover, Jr. **** James S. Hamasaki v H. Alexander Holmes * F. David Lake, Jr. v Jeffrey M. Lang F Mitchell W. Legler M. Fleming Martin III ** Blake T. Newton III v Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr. v Mason E. Turner, Jr. **** Richard W. Young **** Additional Donors

David D. Addison F J. Rudy Austin * James M. Barton **** Richard L. Beizer F Robert C. Berkley ** Lucius H. Bracey, Jr. v Howard L. Bull **** Michael F. Dawes ** David R. Decker **** David W. Dumas ** Stuart S. Dye v John Dalton Eure, Jr. *** Howard W. Fogt, Jr. **** James G. W. Gillespie, Jr. * James W. Haley, Jr. ** Cyril Hollingsworth v William N. Hubbard ** Robert L. Ivey ** Samuel P. Johnson III F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr. F Kenneth M. Keefe, Jr. ** Robert Bruce Keiner, Jr. ** John Hawley Lopez ** Howard W. Martin, Jr. **** William E. McCardell, Jr. Gerald E. McDowell v Dennis R. Morgan v Eric M. Oakley *** Francis E. Perkins, Jr. ** C. Cotesworth Pinckney v Gordon F. Rainey, Jr. ** o Ira L. Robinson * Henry M. Sackett III **** Steven T. Sager *** Stanley L. Samuels v Nathan B. Simpson F David Evans Skaggs * Stephen C. Small v

2015–2016 Annual Report


George W. Taliaferro, Jr. *** Peter C. Toms *** Guy K. Tower ** F. Thomas Tuttle F David A. Vaughan Harry J. Warthen III v Sally T. Warthen v John W. Wescoat * B. Bryan Wright, Jr.


Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Class Managers: Allen C. Goolsby III Henry M. Massie, Jr.

Benjamin C. Ackerly F Robert H. Cannon ***

Alumni: 196 Donors: 101 Participation: 52% Total Gifts: $95,704

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Robert C. Wright o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

William P. Carmichael v m J. Thomas Fowlkes v m Allen C. Goolsby III v o Stephen A. Herman F o William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Joseph W. Armbrust, Jr. v Raymond D. Battocchi v J. Lawrence Manning, Jr. v Diana Gribbon Motz v Paul T. Ruxin v (D) Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Richard J. Bolen v Terry C. Bridges v Peter E. Bronstein **** m James B. Crew, Jr. v Robert C. Crimmins v


Beverley L. Crump **** Weaver H. Gaines *** Joseph M. Kennedy ** Wesley W. Kirtley v Dennis W. LaBarre **** Dirk T. Metzger * W. Taylor Reveley III * Charles Robinowitz *** Peter K. Schumann *** John B. Sullivan * David Victor F

Michael B. Adams v John D. Alspach *** William T. Baker, Jr. **** Doddridge H. Biaett III v W. Sidney Druen v C. William Eastwood F Donald C. Greenman ** Charles M. Hobson III v Henry M. Massie, Jr. v J. Michael McGarry III v John W. Merting v Geoffrey S. Mitchell * Harold W. Mullis, Jr. ** Gerald L. Parsky ** o Claude T. Sullivan, Jr. **** Elliot R. Wolff **** Additional Donors

Jayson L. Amster v Karen M. Anderson * (W) Mark H. Aultman ** Ronald M. Ayers v Harry Kyle Barr III *** Richard P. Beck * David D. Biklen J. Darby Bowman, Jr. **** Paul R. Braunsdorf v Ralph Edwin Bresler ** William G. Broaddus v Robert L. Brown ** Alice Creason (W) Wilbur L. Davidson, Jr. **** Robert E. Deso, Jr. v

University of Virginia School of Law

James E. Dorsey v Arthur Lowell Fox II v Robert Paul Frank George H. Gilliam *** James Robert Hardcastle, Sr. Barry C. Hawkins ** David M. Hayes v Thomas N. Henderson III ** Robert B. Herbert, Jr. Thomas V. Hildner *** E. Cutter Hughes, Jr. ** Kelly C. Kammerer ** Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr. Charles Edward Laedlein III *** Francis V. Lowden III v James L. Maddex, Jr. v Richard C. Manson, Jr. * Gail Starling Marshall v A. Blanton Massey ** Robert S. McConnaughey Bernard G. Meyer, Jr. **** Lawrence P. Mulligan ** William H. G. Norman * Edward P. O’Hanlon v Rosewell Page III Robert D. Pannell F W. Robert Pearson * William F. Quillian III James E. Reynolds ** John A. Ridley ** Kenneth F. Ripple *** Herbert S. Rosenblum Robert A. Sachs ** David L. Scull ** Warren H. Small, Jr. *** Julious P. Smith, Jr. *** Edward H. Stopher Charles B. Swigart * Randolph F. Totten v Steven B. Tredennick ** Patrick J. Vaughan F Peter Folger Windrem **** Munford R. Yates, Jr. * J. Rutledge Young, Jr. Donald Lawrence Zachary * John J. Zawistoski F

1969 Class Manager: John B. Ashton Alumni: 181 Donors: 97 Participation: 54% Total Gifts: $120,351 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

George B. McCallum III *m John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Richard J. Bonnie v m Nancy L. Buc v o G Jeffrey B. Dierman ****m Peter M. Sieglaff ***m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

R.J. Coughlan, Jr. v m Henry D. Light v m Leland C. Selby **** o William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Armin G. Brecher F G E. D. David **** Reid H. Ervin ** Michael J. Graetz ** Dirk C. Hoffius *** James B. Kobak, Jr. v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

John B. Ashton *** Martha D. Ballenger v G Jeremiah S. Buckley v E. Geoffrey Cullen William R. DeLorenzo, Jr. ** John Walter Drake *** Michael J. Fox ** Robert W. Grout v Leo Kayser III * H. Lane Kneedler III **

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Gerard E. Mitchell **** John J. Murphy v Mary F. Voce v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Michael J. Bartlett ** Linda McKenzie George (W) Webster L. Golden ** Frederick A. Hodnett, Jr. F Bernard J. Mikell, Jr. * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

James L. Baer ** Thomas John Cawley Kenton Leslie Cobb Charles B. R. Cornelius ** Frank P. Hilliard v Robert W. Lawson III v (D) Donald O. Manning *** Thomas G. Slater, Jr. *** Richard F. Smith ** L. Britt Snider **** George A. Symanski, Jr. *** Randolph W. Urmston F Elinor G. Vaughter v Additional Donors

Garland Allen v James W. Armentrout *** Robert W. Ashmore Bernard C. Baldwin III F Virginia L. Barnett (W) Ernest Clifford Barrett III ** Herbert M. Blum F Michael T. Bradshaw ** Charles E. Carpenter, Jr. Thomas Bernard Carr ** Michael R. Chesman Henry N. Christensen, Jr. *** Gregory Conniff * James G. Cosby *** David M. Cusick ** William F. Drew, Jr. **** James S. W. Drewry * T. Wayne Gray * David I. Greenberg ** Alden C. Harrington * William L. Harris * William L. Hazleton **** Stephen E. Herrmann ***

William H. Hobson *** John F. Hodgman W. Stevenson Hopson IV F Charles E. Iliff, Jr. ** J. Theodore Jackson F R. Brandon Jones, Jr. ** Robert D. Jordan * Barret E. Kean J. Michael Kelly * Angus S. King, Jr. * Walter A. Marston, Jr. E. Dandridge McDonald ** Nancy Mattox McMurrer John H. Newman **** G. Edward O’Brien, Jr. * Raymond C. O’Brien *** John P. Partin * Michael L. Paup Charles E. Payne R. Anthony Rogers ** James H. Rollins v Gordon D. Schreck v William Morris Sexton Edward J. Sheppard IV v William M. Smoot George M. Sowers IV F Peter K. Stackhouse F Robert J. Surovell *** David S. Walker ** John G. Webb, Jr. v Alexander H. Williams III *** Robert A. Williams Thomas Troy Zieman, Jr. ****

1970 Class Manager: Sadler Poe Alumni: 144 Donors: 88 Participation: 61% Total Gifts: $85,841 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Robert A. Boas v m Kurt A. Kaufmann v m Myron T. Steele **

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Sadler Poe v m John O. Wynne ** m William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

J. Harvie Wilkinson III F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

James W. Benton, Jr. ** Thomas C. Brown, Jr. *** Jay H. Calvert, Jr. v Michael H. Cardozo V * W. Scott Carlisle III **** Brian J. Donato John E. Hughes III F M. Langhorne Keith *** Byron P. Kloeppel *** Charles H. Majors v o Robert B. McCaw v Francis A. McDermott ** Jack McKay **** Kathleen K. McKay **** Marshall V. Miller ** John G. Milliken ** E. Early Muntzing ** J. Randolph Smith, Jr. v Mark J. Spooner * Alan C. Stephenson *** o Vernon Swartsel *** Paul Whitehead, Jr. v Karen Kincannon Wilbanks *** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Robert W. Benjamin F Denis J. Brion v Stephen G. Butler ** William G. Christopher John S. Edwards ** Paul C. Giannelli Richard M. C. Glenn III ** Harvey A. Goldman v Lynn Hunter Groseclose **** Donald G. Gurney *** Timothy E. Hoberg v Elaine R. Jones

Samuel Shepard Jones, Jr. ** W. Theodore Kresge, Jr. * Michael J. McDermott **** Regina C. McGranery * Ralph H. Scheuer William Tracey Shaw ** J. Anthony Sinclitico III ** Priscilla Rassin Toomey ** Charles Vasaly C. Porter Vaughan III v Roger C. Wiley, Jr. ** W. Carter Younger v Additional Donors

Lars E. Anderson * Harvey E. Bines v Robert R. Black Michael R. Bromley v Rebecca Snyder Bromley v Thomas E. Bundy v Richard N. Carrell ** Francis L. Carter v Charles B. Cocke ** William D. Cotter ** Ralph L. Feil Edwin W. Finch III ** Andrew R. Gelman v Kenneth M. Greene ** Carl H. Hanzelik **** William F. Harvey William H. Heritage, Jr. Edward L. Hogshire * William H. Hoofnagle III v Hunter R. Hughes III *** Robert P. Kyle Edward E. Lane, Jr. v David M. Levy ** David S. Lott * Samuel Manly Robert J. Miller * Timothy T. More ** John T. Morin ** Thomas J. Mullaney v Robert W. Olson v David T. Riedel v Alexander H. Sands III F Daniel T. Strain, Jr. S. Martin Teel, Jr. **** Paul M. Vincent Lucien Wulsin, Jr. **

2015–2016 Annual Report


Recurring Gifts

Monthly, quarterly, or semiannual gifts ensure consistent support for Virginia Law and may be made in any amount. For more information please visit or call 877-307-0158.

Going to Law School at Virginia was the best decision I ever made. I got involved in the Civil Rights Movement outside of school, and watched the polls in a small Virginia town in 1966, the first election after the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. I began to see that my legal education could give me the toolbox of skills to make a difference, rather than just talk. I made some of the closest friends I’ll ever have during my law school years. There was something special about the UVA Law School in the 1960s­—the country, the South, and the Law School were all changing, and that change was palpable. It’s clear to me today that the Law School is even better now than when I was there. But it’s become so expensive—like all law schools today—that I worry about good young men and women not being able to become the kind of lawyers they want to be. That’s why I’ve consistently supported the Law School and hope to be able to continue to do so for the rest of my life.” — Judge Michael J. Fox ’69, Ret., King County Superior Court, Seattle, Washington

I continue to reap the benefits from my UVA Law education and my time in Charlottesville is something I will always remember fondly. Choosing to support the Law School with a recurring gift has been an easy way for me to give consistently. As my career has progressed over the years, I’ve been able to increase my monthly giving in a way that felt natural. I appreciate not having to remember to give every year—by having a recurring gift, the hassle is really taken out of giving.” ­— Courtney Dredden Carter ’07, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Jenner & Block LLP, Washington, D.C.


University of Virginia School of Law

Despite all the well-known and proven benefits it provides, as a nation we have underfunded and under-valued education at every level. Personally, I have benefitted tremendously from the first-class legal education I received at UVA.  Therefore, I feel as though giving to the Law School is both an obligation to give back and do my share as a citizen, as well as a wise investment in the future of our nation. Although I would make an effort to give consistently on an ad hoc basis, the ability to make recurring donations is so convenient and simple that I see no reason to make my annual gift using any other method.” — James R. Easthom ’91, Member, Kennon Craver PLLC, Durham, North Carolina

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

William N. Alexander II F David P. Bobzien v Thomas M. Boyd F Michael R. Fontham v Dean M. Hasseman ** Elizabeth Thacher Hawn **** m Van Zandt Hawn **** m John Hays Mershon v C. Tanner Rose, Jr. F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

1971 Class Managers: Rayburn Hanzlik David H. Ibbeken Thomas N. Murphy, Jr. Alumni: 229 Donors: 146 Participation: 64% Total Gifts: $345,332 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

David H. Ibbeken v m Roger H. Kimmel v o Christopher J. Murphy III * o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

W. Douglas Brown v m Charles A. Shanor * Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Aubra H. Anthony, Jr. v J. Kermit Birchfield, Jr. ** Thomas N. Murphy, Jr. *** Christopher J. Sumner *** o


Hirschel T. Abbott, Jr. *** Carol B. Amon * William P. Boswell v William C. Bottger, Jr. *** Michael J. Canning **** Jerry A. Davis v Thomas A. Decker v Sue Ann Dillport ** Walter M. Fiederowicz * Robert K. Goldman **** m Amy Morris Hess **** Glenn M. Hodge v David M. Kirstein v William C. Lemmer ** George P. Levendis Edward B. Lowry William K. Martin **** Alan J. Mogol v Stuart L. Nachman **** Thomas W. Rhodes *** George H. Roberts, Jr. v Gilbert E. Schill, Jr. v H. Greg Skidmore Michael W. Solodar Robert B. Wolf ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Charles A. Bentley, Jr. F Jeanne F. Franklin F James T. Fuller III F George H. Gromel, Jr. v Ann MacLean Massie F Richard M. Rogers *** John S. Williamson III

University of Virginia School of Law

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

James W. Addison F Rick Boucher * Marvin H. Campbell ** T. Heyward Carter, Jr. F Ronald D. Castille * John W. Currie v Rodham T. Delk, Jr. Kenneth Neal Fink Robert M. Finlayson II **** William B. Fisher **** Barry C. Fitzpatrick F Andrew H. Goodman v Rayburn Hanzlik *** F. Warren Haynie, Jr. v Paul A. Holcombe * Irving J. Kern v F. Carlton King, Jr. Michael L. Layman Thomas A. Morris, Jr. *** Daniel J. Mulcahy v Jane Dieter Nuland ** Barry L. Reisig v Joseph W. Richmond, Jr. v George H. Seitz III *** Ronald R. Tweel ** Meade Whitaker, Jr. F J. Warren Wood III F Additional Donors

Gundars Aperans **** James L. Arnold Rudolph A. Ashton III ** Edward H. Bain, Jr. Peter D. Bakutes Anita Jean Baly Shelley O. Baranowski (W) Richard J. Barron * Everett G. Barry, Jr. ** John J. Baulis Marshall R. Taylor Biddle William A. Bostrom * Don R. Boswell Thomas H. Bottini v Corbet F. Bryant, Jr. v Francis L. Buck v Kent F. Christison Michael A. Cohen **** Ronald D. Coleman **** Stuart T. Cox, Jr. **** Theodore J. Craddock **

(W) Widow

John M. Edsall *** David Elbaor *m George K. Evans, Jr. ** James M. Fantaci Richard A. Fisher ** o Anthony J. Gambardella, Jr. *** Paul C. Garrett ** E. Nicholson Gault, Jr. *** King O. Golden, Jr. C. Edward Good J. Stuart Gruggel, Jr. ** Don B. Henderson v R. Braxton Hill III ** Geoffrey P. Hull ** Robert F. Humphrey v John L. Keifer v Mary Carter Keifer v Ellen Kelly * John L. Krug * Patrick C. Massa v Joseph A. Matthews, Jr. v Richard J. Miller Charles M. Oberly III F m Thomas P. Ochsenschlager **** Carol Duane Olson **** John Randolph Parks *** John Y. Pearson, Jr. Eric G. Peters ** Peter R. Pettit Stephen L. Pevar *** Patricia H. Quillen * John Bissell Roberts ** James E. Rotch v Stephen R. Rusmisel *** Alexander I. Saunders *** Arden B. Schell ** Paul Alvin Scott Vincent J. Sharkey, Jr. v Kirk C. Shaw v William H. Shaw III ** Louis A. Sherman v Denis F. Soden ** Robert M. Spiller, Jr. *** Roger A. Stetter Mark E. Sullivan Paul J. Taddune ** Dominick J. Thomas, Jr. ** William D. Tucker III Daniel F. Wolcott, Jr. ***

1972 Class Manager: James L. Malone III Alumni: 283 Donors: 125 Participation: 44% Total Gifts: $105,884 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Gerald E. Connolly v Candace S. Cummings *** m James L. Malone III v o Mark A. Saunders m Robert A. Sugarman **** Molly Powell Sumner *** o William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

George T. Argyris **** Thomas V. Chorey, Jr. ** David C. Landin ** Douglas R. Marvin **** Jeremiah L. Thomas III v m Robert F. Van Voorhees ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Donald T. Cowles *** Terence M. Donnelly v Robert A. Dormer v Linda A. Fairstein **** F. Joseph Feely III v Cecilia Sparks Ford ** Michael B. Goldberg Edward E. Haddock, Jr. *** William K. Keane ** Joseph C. Kearfott v Peter V. Lacouture v Philip T. Lacy * Patricia O. Lowry v Daniel M. Maher ** Robert L. Musick, Jr. v Regina Clare Crea Mysliwiec v Alan D. Rose ** William G. Ross, Jr. Todd M. Sloan *** James J. Tanous ****

W. McIlwaine Thompson, Jr. v Howard S. Tuthill III **** William K. Wells **** William Douglas White F Stephen T. Yandle v m Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Thomas E. Albro Frederick W. Beinecke v o Edgar J. Yergeau Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Robert C. Adams * Lawrence H. Berger v R. Victor Bernstein **** Thelma Blair (W) James Q. Blomgren * B. Randolph Boyd ** Barry A. Bryer v Eugene J. Daly v Frank P. Dickinson Elizabeth J. Kobiashvili v Zurab S. Kobiashvili v Barry J. Levin *** Fred T. Lowrance v Peter Holland Luke *** J. C. McElveen, Jr. * Gregory L. Murphy *** Thomas D. Nurmi David A. Reed Robert L. Rhodes F L. Phillips Runyon III v Gregory A. Smith James Wayne Sprinkle *** Jay T. Swett ** Thomas J. Wacht F Stephen H. Watts II F Additional Donors

Robert E. Beach, Jr. v James A. Bledsoe, Jr. * C. Thomas Burton, Jr. F George Allen Carver, Jr. F William E. Dakin, Jr. Bradfute W. Davenport, Jr. *** Steven Lawrence Davis * Walter E. Diercks F Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr. James C. Doub *** Thomas A. Duke v

Thomas D. Duling * Chauncey W. Durden III **** K. Stewart Evans, Jr. William S. Faraci v C. Bradford Foster III *** C. Thomas Furniss **** Tim R. Fyke **** Robert C. Gang v Patrick J. Glynn * Harry G. Gordon * Howard E. Gordon v Richard W. Gunning **** George W. Hamlin IV F Allen L. Handlan H. Don Harper David Stuart Holland **** R. Craig Hopson F m George W. House v Robert Lyndon Howell * Allan C. Hubbard *** Thomas Joseph Igoe, Jr. Charles L. Jaffee **** Jack S. Kennedy F Ross W. Krumm v J. Michel Marcoux v George M. Mayhugh * M. Elizabeth Medaglia v Terrance M. Miller **** James J. Mingle F Mark D. Mittleman v Kenneth M. Murchison F Robert H. Myers, Jr. v William F. Nelson o Peter L. O’Keeffe v Diana Munsey Perkinson Richard J. Pierce, Jr. F John B. Purcell, Jr. Norman D. Radford, Jr. v Alan B. Rashkind v Thomas J. Renehan, Jr. v Richard B. Romney ** Timothy North Seward **** Alexander C. Short *** Nigel S. Smyth * Wallace M. Starke v F. Rogers Toms, Jr. Ralston B. Vanzant II *** Michael G. Voldstad **** George K. Walker v Edward W. Wellman, Jr. v Larry J. White *

1973 Class Manager: Americo R. Cinquegrana Alumni: 266 Donors: 122 Participation: 46% Total Gifts: $186,460 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

John C. Jeffries, Jr. v o Robert W. Riordan v o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

James K. Asselstine F m Richard F. Kingham v m G Joseph A. Paradis III m Louis F. Ryan F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Charles C. Adams, Jr. ** Earl M. Collier, Jr. Howard L. Meyers v m G William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

George H. Bostick F Brendan P. Bovaird v G David J. Brewer **** Lee F. Feinberg v Randal B. Kell ** M. William Munno v Stuart M. Pape F Charles S. Robb v Jack M. Stover ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

G. Carlton Adkins Thomas G. Amon William H. Bradbury III ** David B. Brown v G Martin F. Conniff ** Robert M. Craig III **

2015–2016 Annual Report


Roderick A. DeArment v Joseph W. Dorn *** o Alan M. Frieden v Gardner F. Gillespie III *** Peter J. Klarfeld v Michael McGettigan v F. Charles McMains, Jr. v Steven L. Micas **** Regina M. Mullen v Ronald P. Mysliwiec v Brian R. Price **** J. Kirk Quillian F Robin N. Reeves * (W) John F. Sacha *** John M. Skonberg F David W. Steuber F Robert E. Strand v G Edward C. Tannen v Robert P. Trout v D. Richard Worsham v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Kenneth E. Ahl * Robert A. Blair F William E. Bradshaw Americo R. Cinquegrana **** Kevin A. Gaynor F Sue A. Mahaffey ** David L. Martin v Mary Elizabeth Stanley ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Eric E. Adamson ** George E. Allen III *** Jack T. Camp ** Franklin L. Carroll III * Philip F. Eckert, Jr. v Augustus C. Epps, Jr. David W. Farrar * G. Franklin Flippin v Robert deVere Frierson Robert B. Goodall ** Paul C. Hurdle III * Joel Metter **** Robert S. Mueller III **** William A. Schmidt Claude L. Stuart III F Elizabeth H. Trimble v


Additional Donors

Dale A. Anderson Cornelius J. Baasten * W. Edward Bailey * Frank L. Baker III v Gloria H. Bouldin Peter L. Conway III C. Timothy Corcoran III F Everette L. Doffermyre, Jr. *** o Richard M. Eittreim v Mark E. Feldmann *** Timothy W. Finchem * Joe E. Forrester *** Arthur H. Glaser *** Robert Bruce Graham, Jr. ** G David D. Green *** Theodore T. Green * William M. Hackworth **** Walter R. Hall II ** Richard O. Harrel l III v Sara Small House v Robert F. Houser v David K. Hughes **** Pegram Johnson III ** James N. Karas, Jr. *** John J. Kelleher, Jr. ** Alan J. Laubhan **** Benson E. Legg *** Hugh M. McIntosh * John E. Mellyn, Jr. v Alan L. Moore * Brian C. Murphy ** Frederick C. E. Murray ** William Franklin Murray, Jr. v Rodney M. Poole ** J. Norfleet Pruden III v G Roger L. Reynolds Tobin M. Richter R. Bruce Rider **** James E. Roselle William L. S. Rowe D. Alan Rudlin Kathryn Rider Schmeltzer ** John F. Shape F John H. Small v Cameron M. Smith, Jr. v Marschall I. Smith ** Richard C. Stearns * J. Stephen Street *** Addison B. Thompson Gerald M. Tierney, Jr. * Edward E. Watts III ***

University of Virginia School of Law

Roger G. West F Stephen C. West v John C. Whitehead Elizabeth Henneman Woodard ** George T. Yates III

1974 Class Manager: William B. Fryer Alumni: 243 Donors: 141 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $259,240 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

William B. Fryer v o Charles A. Gilman F o Charles Henry Smith **** o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Alfonso L. Carney, Jr. *** m Nathalie F.P. Gilfoyle * m Philip T. Ruegger III v o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Steven A. Brickman v William V. Engel v o Gregory Michael MacGregor *** m Richard G. Menaker v m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Dwight C. Arn v Michael H. Campbell John H. Foote * Warren C. Herlong, Jr. **** Rodger K. Herrigel v G. Penn Holsenbeck **** Wayne W. Juchatz ** Edwin Smiley Kneedler **** Elizabeth L. Lewis **** James M. Lewis ****

(W) Widow

John A. MacKinnon v Charles A. McKenna, Jr. v Gregory S. Murray * Brian M. Powers * o Peter M. Vial ** T. Jeff Wray F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Eugene H. Bayard *** William H. Boice **** George S. Branch F Thomas H. Campbell v Timothy C. Davis Joel B. Gardner v John C. Junek ** Peter V. Katsampes John A. C. Keith **** Steven J. Killworth v David Waller Kudravetz F Charles S. McDowell *** Susan Garcia Mixon **** Gary M. Nuckols ** David P. Parker ** David B. Ripsom v Peter S. Sartorius v Jane L. Schwarzschild v Virginius R. Shackelford III v Mary Lou Steptoe ** Harry T. Taliaferro III F Frank A. Thomas III ** Robert B. Thompson v Robert P. Wax Kathleen M. Whelan **** Carolyn S. Wollen v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Briggs W. Andrews v Lawrence J. Keating ** John Harold Riordan, Jr. *** William P. Saviers, Jr. ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Douglas M. Branson ** Alan B. Clark v Richard D. Crawford ** H. Slayton Dabney, Jr. F P. Brant Davis **** Sarah E. Hall v

Gerard B. Hughes v Robert J. Irvin Robert S. Janney Robert G. Jones ** Michael D. Kaplan ** Alton L. Knighton, Jr. v John W. Macilroy ** Thurston R. Moore v Gary S. Nachman ** Charles E. Pikrallidas ** John S. Reed II **** Frank E. Riggs, Jr. ** Jared I. Roberts v John R. Rydell II Mark T. Shehan v Susanne L. Shilling James E. Treakle, Jr. * Jay T. Waldron v Robert M. Walmsley, Jr. ** F. Case Whittemore v John F. Wymer III ****

Additional Donors

Charles D. Barrell ** Kenneth A. Barry ** Michael S. Bates v Paul S. Bliley, Jr. v George T. Boggs v Bert A. Bunyan ** Whittington W. Clement v James E. Creekman **** R. Mark Dare v William R. Derry, Jr. **** Burtis M. Dougherty, Jr. *** Conway A. Downing, Jr. C. Wilson DuBose ** H. David Embree v Andrea Silverberg Field ** J. Darrell Foster v Edward L. Galloway Ronald J. Garber *** Gordon Lee Garrett, Jr. ** Claire Guthrie Gastanaga **

Dennis W. Good, Jr. v Thomas C. Gresham v Cecelia Grinstead (W) Theodore A. Hellman v S. Michael Henry John P. Holman *** Philip K. Howard ** Johnnie M. Jackson, Jr. F Edward J. Joyce F Jeremy Kahn Victor V. Ludwig * Eric Lukingbeal *** George G. Lynn v Kevin L. Mannix *** William J. W. Merritt * Paul F. Mickey, Jr. ** Edward G. Modell * John S. Morris, III F Thomas W. Murrell III *** Stephen C. Muther *** James T. O’Reilly v o Nikolas E. Parthemos ** Stephen C. Price ** Thomas B. Reston * Jack L. Richtsmeier Robert E. Riley F Denton C. Roberts *** John P. Schneider v James C. Shannon Terry Polson Sieck v John M. Siegel F Bruce McLaren Stanley, Sr. ** Edward S. Stein F David G. Sutton ** John C. Tweed **** Richard Voigt v Ross E. Wales v W. Challen Walling * James J. Watson Robert W. Wilder *** Charles A. Young III * David L. Ziegler

1975 Class Managers: Thomas P. Preston D. Eugene Webb, Jr. Alumni: 264 Donors: 131 Participation: 50% Total Gifts: $601,314 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Michael J. Horvitz v o G. Hartwell Hylton F o David L. Mulliken v o Kenneth W. Oder ** o Robert G. Zack F o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Thomas E. Cabaniss ** m Spottswood P. Dudley ** o Patrick S. Kenadjian v o Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Albert H. Conrad, Jr. v m Howard F. Fine F m Michael K. Kennedy m Sharon M. Owlett *** o Gregory E. Sohns **** m Barry E. Taylor *** o Robert W. Webb, Jr. **** m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Thomas Y. Coleman v Fred D. Hutchison **** Don P. Martin Wm. Shaw McDermott F m James M. Mullendore, Jr. *** Susan D. White * Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Mitchell E. Abbott *** Kent E. Agness ***

2015–2016 Annual Report


Suzanne S. Bellamy ** (W) Charles Gordon Brown v Kathleen Mary Burke *** John H. Cocke * Mary M. Danforth * Gary V. Dixon v William Stuart Dornette v John A. Eckstein J. Michael Faherty *** David E. Hilliard Kenneth D. Krier F Stephen R. Kruft ** Daniel Field Lindley v Frederick K. Lowell v Ellen M. McNamara v Paul J. Ondrasik, Jr. v Caine O’Rear III v Robert B. Shanks ** Peter J. Tennyson v Elsie Wilson Thompson v James H. Walsh D. Eugene Webb, Jr. v Warren E. Zirkle v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

John C. Bennett ** John H. Quinn III F Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Barbara A. Atkin v Louis B. Bernstein * Christine Swent Byrd v Glenn R. Croshaw ** Clifford A. Cutchins IV v C. Michael DeCamps ** Mark Fox Evens ** Paul L. Hudson, Jr. v Thomas P. Jennings F Warren S. Koster v Douglas E. Little *** Alvin J. Lorman *** George W. C. McCarter v Edward H. McNew, Jr. F John S. Oyler *** Charles C. Pinckney v Thomas P. Preston v Daniel T. Roble *** John Sanders v John Charles Thomas * Stephen V. R. Whitman ***


Anne L. Williams Thomas W. Williams, Jr. Additional Donors

Thomas R. Bagby v Dennis M. Barry v Stephen G. Bass Chris Beatley **** Herbert L. Beskin ** Jack W. Bettman ** Charles Thomas Bowyer *** Christopher R. Brewster ** John M. Campbell, Jr. Lewis B. Cohn *** Robert W. Cover II * Roderick C. Dennehy, Jr. F Robert C. Dunn v L. Neal Ellis, Jr. F William L. Fang ** Gregory L. Fullerton v Julia S. Gibbons Philip H. Gleason *** H. Allen Glover, Jr. v Alexander C. Graham, Jr. **** Drew W. Hatcher ** Renee Scarpitto Henning v David G. Hetzel ** Carol D. Hinton **** Andrew H. Hook W. Dale Houff v Charles L. Howard F Charles B. Hughes III v Barry W. Hunter *** John Sumner Ingalls F Clyde Hancock Jacob III *** David T. Karzon, Jr. F William Edward Kirk III v William C. Kluttz, Jr. Michael M. Landa John H. Lawrence, Jr. *** Andrew W. Lilliston, Jr. *** Nicholas A. Lotito F Heman A. Marshall III * Steven C. McCracken Lee F. Mercier *** H. Bryant Mitchell, Jr. Floyd L. Norton IV *** Thomas H. Oxenham *** Phillip D. Parker *** Joseph P. Rapisarda, Jr. **** Cynthia R. Richards Claron A. Robertson III v

University of Virginia School of Law

Michael E. Rockers v Thomas M. B. Salmon * J. Baxter Schilling **** Thomas P. Schlosser F Robert C. Schmidt ** Samuel M. Scoggins v Charles W. Skrief ** Wayne N. Smith F David W. Spurlock *** Terrance C. Sullivan * Ralph A. Taylor, Jr. v David M. Webster Nelson W. Winter v Thomas A. Woodall ****

1976 Class Managers: Robert G. Byron Bradford G. Keithley Henry L. Parr, Jr. Renee E. Ring Alumni: 287 Donors: 163 Participation: 57% Total Gifts: $272,361 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Robert G. Byron v m ; David B.H. Martin, Jr. v m Renee E. Ring v o Elizabeth S. Scott v m John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

James J. Lee *** m John B. McCammon *** m Thomas W. McCandlish * James J. McCullough v m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Walter W. Bardenwerper v m James R. W. Bayes ** m Bruce T. Bishop **** m Jane E. Genster v

Robert M. Rolfe v m Richard L. Stroup *** m Michael S. Sundermeyer **m Stanley A. Twardy, Jr. v m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Harold R. Bucholtz v Victoria Corcoran Winfield P. Crigler v Robert W. Ericson Lawrence B. Fine F Timothy A. Harr v Daniel J. Hoffheimer v Janet C. Norris **** Samuel D. Turner F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

R. Brian Ball F W. Stanley Blackburn v Lynn Alson Canning F Michael A. Caplin v Joseph Coci III * Stephen M. Colangelo ** Joseph C. Dimino F Holly B. Fitzsimmons * Guy R. Friddell III * Mina Gerowin Herrmann ** Darrell Harvey v Richard G. Hathaway Jonathan W. Igoe v Andrew B. Kane F James K. Kearney ** Michael J. Leech * Cheri Wyron Levin v Edward J. Levin v Priscilla Lundin * Ramon P. Marks *** Luther T. Munford F Philip A. Pahigian ** Henry L. Parr, Jr. v Dennis S. Rooker F Albert Simons III F Henry B. Smythe, Jr. v Susan M. Smythe v Nancy S. Sparks ** Richard George Stuhan v William F. Stutts, Jr. *** Robert W. Van Hook, Jr. **

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

David L. Walden v Michael B. Wallace *** Lillian S. Weigert Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

James L. Blane Richard R. Bloxom Robert A. Gordon, Jr. v William H. Kennedy III * Kevin P. McEnery F Moffett B. Roller ** Joe O. Smith F Law School Patrons $500 to $749

James W. Brown ** Walter S. Cowger F S. Miles Dumville ** Charles G. Evans *** Karen Sue Remington Gillett Carter Glass IV v Douglas E. Hamel ** Thomas L. Higginson, Jr. *** Euclid A. Irving Thomas J. Kassin * Bradford G. Keithley *** o Karl H. Kline v Linda S. Laibstain v Donald W. Lemons Anne U. MacClintock Bruce S. Marks Michael M. Mullins v B. Donovan Picard ** Joseph A. Rideout *** Welby C. Showalter v Steven C. Tabackman Timothy S. Tarver v Craig A. Wagner v Karen Fagin White v M. Hamilton Whitman, Jr. **** Patricia E. Whitman *** Susan Zimmerman Whitman **** Additional Donors

Katharine B. Alphin ** Margaret Reamy Ancarrow Fred G. Aten, Jr. v David A. Baker John A. Beck Thomas G. Bell, Jr. F Andrea M. Bond **

Peter Edwin Broadbent, Jr. William H. Callaway, Jr. *** William P. H. Cary Katherine T. Cobb ** Robert F. Cochran, Jr. George E. Copple, Jr. * Bruce I. Crabtree III **** Wayne T. Crowder **** Martha L. Daetwyler * Dale A. Davenport ** Robert H. Downer, Jr. *** John D. Eure v Margaret H. Ferguson * Blair Soyster Fiore F T. Clark Fitzgerald III Edward M. Ford Richard MacDonald Foster ** William D. Gibbs Frederick N. Gleaton Alan S. Gold Don C. Graeter Arthur F. Greenbaum ** James M. Hingeley, Jr. **** Jan Horbaly Annie Lee Jacobs Gary S. Jacobson ** Linda L. Johnson William J. Keenan, Jr. * Bruce M. Kelly Charles P. Kennedy ** Peter J. Klaiber H. Carter Land III ** David G. Lauretti * Thomas A. Leggette Richard J. Leidl * John V. Little **** Roy Edgar Lott Paul E. Miller, Jr. Eugene S. R. Pagano Kenneth Aitken Palmer Albert W. Patrick III **** Shelley A. Platt F Ann Margaret Pointer *** Michael J. Prendergast v Donald A. Purdy, Jr. Harry S. Rhodes ** William R. Richardson, Jr. v Elizabeth A. Ritvo *** Vance E. Salter *** Mary Schendel *** Walter J. Sears III ** David B. Shapiro ***

William S. Spotswood, Jr. v Philip P. Steptoe ** F. Bradford Stillman v Daniel Stone *** Edward F. Sullivan III * Philip R. Taylor Joseph T. Tokarz II **** John Paul Trouche **** Douglas S. Vaught ** John A. Vering III v Kathleen Elliott Whatley ** Christopher S. Williams * Samuel Yedid *

1977 Class Managers: Jim L. Flegle Thomas M. Melo (D) Alumni: 318 Donors: 156 Participation: 49% Total Gifts: $273,183 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Barbara S. Jeremiah ****o Michael S. Miller v o Charles E. Rappold v o James L. Shea **** John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Pamela Clark **m Richard F. Engel F Donald M. James ****m L. Poe Leggette Ronald L. Marmer v o Michael C. Ross *** o Paul B. Stephan ** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Richard A. Drucker F Jim L. Flegle F m Keith L. Kearney v m Kenneth G. M. Mason

Richard L. McConnell v m Chris R. Youtz * William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Paul K. Casey ** Donald E. Christopher **** Tyson Dines III v Blair M. Gardner * William H. Knull III **** John D. Schaperkotter v Robert A. Wason IV F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Bruce R. Bilger v Margaret Ann Brown *** James J. Calder **** Clinton W. Calhoun III v Charles B. Casper **** Howard Chatzinoff F Larry B. Childs **** William C. Crenshaw v R. Douglas Dalton *** Gary R. Feulner *** James S. Gilmore III George S. Howard, Jr. v Craig B. Jones *** Joseph B. C. Kluttz F Gloria Cordes Larson * David A. Logan ** William P. Mayer *** Charles L. Menges v Anne Louise Oates v A. Justin Ourso III **** Niles C. Overly Frank M. Rawls Bernard J. Reilly * James D. Satrom v Neil C. Schemm * Robert K. Spotswood v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

E. Tazewell Ellett v Robert A. Gouldin **** Christopher M. Hopkins * Virginia E. Hopkins * Peter H. Jost v

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Bruce C. Armistead ** Keith H. Bangel v Wilson M. Brown III *** James F. Collier III *** J. Herbie DiFonzo * William W. Earthman III v Jonathan N. Eisenberg * Roscoe C. Howard, Jr. v William H. Hurd * John S. Logan ** John F. Meck *** Robert J. Miller ** Michael C. Montavon v Michael J. O’Rourke *m David H. Pettit * Mark D. Pugliese v Douglas B. Schoettinger ** R. Kelly Sheridan v Joseph Benjamin Tyson, Jr. v Renee Johnson Tyson v William A. Williams Additional Donors

Susan C. Alper *** Shirley C. Arcuri ** Martha Gray Billman **** Daniel C. Bird, Jr. Julian D. Bobbitt, Jr. ** Robert H. Booth, Jr. * Wendell Hobdy Bryan II * John K. Burke, Jr. v Lawrence B. Cann III F Charles S. Crandall ** Martin J. Dever, Jr. v


Dickerson M. Downing * Stephen W. Earp *** Alvin L. Emch ** Robert D. Eustis ** Michael E. Fix Kenneth E. Fulp, Jr. F Larry M. Goodall * Croxton Gordon ** Thomas J. Graves v J. William Gray, Jr. **** John C. Guyer * Stephen L. Ham III F Tobin N. Harvey ** Amos Herman * Michael A. Hirschfeld v James R. Hodges v David W. Hunt *** Clelland Peabody Hutton * Joseph Gordon Hylton, Jr. * Virginia Derby Jordan ** Terence P. Kemp Cynthia D. Kinser Barry R. Kogut v Beverly Powell Leatherbury ** Hugh M. Leavell F Robert J. Lesnick ** Sarah H. Ludwig * Paul G. Lukeman *** William A. McDaniel, Jr. Terry L. Medley Stevan A. Miller Richard W. Moore v Robert M. Morgan v Frederick J. Mullen, Jr. v John H. Murray **** W. Caffey Norman III **** David G. Norrell John E. Noyes **** Celia Stephens Pace * A. Douglas Peabody David A. Peterson ** Sonja J. Peterson ** Gregory M. Pulis *** Roliff H. Purrington, Jr. * Carolyn C. Rhoden ** Stephen A. Rose ** Edwin H. Rouh, Jr. ** John J. Ryan, Jr. **** John M. Schultz ** Elizabeth D. Seward **** David L. Sfara v William F. Shortz

University of Virginia School of Law

Christopher Slobogin * J. Brian Sokolik *** Kent E. Soulé v Douglas K. Spaulding v John A. Stalfort F Samuel P. Starr v Franklin H. Stone ** Robert E. Stopher v Channing D. Strother, Jr. ** David B. Sweet v Evan W. Thomas III ** George W. Thomas * Osceola F. Thomas * A. Jacy Thurmond * Frances Moore Underwood (W) Danny L. Vogus Randall B. Weill *** Dudley F. Woody *** Karen M. Yannello **

1978 Class Managers: Robert J. Barry Jody M. Litchford Alumni: 320 Donors: 142 Participation: 44% Total Gifts: $153,470 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Joseph G. Howe III v o Richard D. Jones ** m John Gregory Odom o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Thomas G. Bailey, Jr. v John J. Butler v Ann S. Dodson * Wilson B. Dodson III * Peter S. Kaufman * Richard J. Parrino *** Linda E. Romano Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Robert J. Barry v Michael L. Curry John R. Dutt *** James S. Feigenbaum F Charles W. Flynn IV F m Jenifer Duggan Flynn F m Saul B. Goodman **** Patricia G. Granfield *** Michael P. Haggerty *** John L. Harvey *** Elizabeth Haile Hayes *** Jonathan H. Hines ** Gary W. Huston *** David M. Kern **** Edward B. Kidd F John Evan Lanman v Mary Bland Love *** Lillian P. Webb Parr v David L. Richardson II ** Matthew Ross F Garland D. Sims v Paul S. Stevens ** Scott B. Tollefsen ** Kirk K. Van Tine v Woodrow W. Vaughan, Jr. v Lyn G. Walker v Geoffrey S. Yarema F

W. Thomas McGough, Jr. **** m Russell H. Pollack m

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Richard D. Kirk ** Hal K. Litchford v Jody M. Litchford v Brian W. Steinbach v

G. Edison Holland, Jr. ** m Jeffrey L. Humber, Jr. ** m Cathy G. O’Kelly **m Robert F. Reklaitis *** m

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Kim Henry Bullerdick W. Edward Clingman, Jr. **** Thomas G. Duncan v Robert K. Edmunds * J. Mark Fisher v Edward S. Garcia, Jr. Constance A. Howes v Donald W. Janney **** Blake D. Morant E. Richard Oberschmidt, Jr. v V. Diane Pitts v Lewis F. Powell III v Kenneth A. Rogers v James D. Smeallie *** Albert J. Thel, Jr. v Andrew N. Vollmer F David L. Williams * Additional Donors

William S. Andrews *** Kenneth J. Ayres **** Edmund T. Baxa, Jr. ** Carolyn A. H. Bourdow v Robert Lewis Bushnell *** Lynda L. Butler * Grady Kimel Carlson F Anne Kenney Chaplin ** Theodosia D. Clark **** John G. Conover ** Katharine I. Crost F Christopher Scott D’Angelo ** Dale S. Ditto * Robert M. Duchen ** Thomas F. Duchen v Mark N. Duvall F David L. Evans * John W. Fain ** John E. Falcone F Thomas R. Folk ** Charles Friedlander * Lawrence R. Fullerton v Charles E. B. Glenn **** Dale H. Harris ** J. Stephen Herbert F Mary B. Hevener * Frederick J. Horecky ** Milton S. Hunter III v Chester A. Hurwitz *** Sarah P. Johnson *** Kevin R. Jones ***

John C. Jost v Jacquelyn Murch Kamin ** Mitchell J. Kassoff *** Theodore E. King, Jr. v Paul G. Kirchner * Duncan S. Klinedinst *** Charles E. Land ** Robert W. Landau ** Wendell G. Large F Mary R. Long *** Edwin F. Lucas III ** Joyce K. McDonald William T. McKenzie F James P. Monacell * J. Gregory Mooney **** Charles W. Morris *** John E. Oliver John W. Painter v Linda Scudiere Pillow ** Donald G. Powers **** Thomas A. Reidy **** Kimberly J. Roberts Virginia D. Roddy ** Joseph W. Ryan, Jr. F Tod P. Salisbury v Deborah Ann Sanders ** Charles B. Schelberg *** Daniel M. Siegel Alexander N. Simon Donald W. Smith ** John C. Smith v Jane C. Souzon Mark D. Speaker F Craig A. Stern * Leo Sternlicht *** Donald H. Switzer William R. Sylvester * Ralph M. Tener *** Glenn R. Thomson ** William R. Toliver Winship C. Tower Thomas E. Weil, Jr. Kirk G. Werner *** Burt Whitt Debra L. Willen F Stephan H. Williams F Bradford W. Wyche

1979 Class Managers: G. Daniel Newland Thomas P. Schult Alumni: 315 Donors: 162 Participation: 51% Total Gifts: $188,379 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. F o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

John C. Ale v m Steven R. Berger *** m Michael A. Caddell ** o Frank E. Morgan II v m James A. Pardo, Jr. v m Daniel C. Sauls v m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Thomas F. Farrell II v Matthew M. O’Connell *** m Thomas J. Sidman F o William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

G. Daniel Newland ** Mikael Salovaara ** o Thomas P. Schult **** Margo C. Soulé **** Douglas W. Sullivan F Charles W. Throckmorton IV ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Gavin S. Appleby **** Carter S. Bacon, Jr. *** David T. Beddow **** David J. Bodney ** Daniel R. Bouton ** Walter R. Brookhart F Andrew M. Brumby v

Frederick Lewis Bryant v m Priscilla A. Burbank ** Jerry W. Cox Paul E. Dengel *** Daniel Harper DuVal * Karen Lee Keys DuVal * Thomas R. Dwyer v Stephen A. Finn *** Bruce M. Graham, Jr. *** N. George Host ** Stephen P. Johnson **** Penelope W. Kyle F Ralph F. MacDonald III **** Stephen G. Moorhead ** David E. Moran James P. Murphy v Elihu F. Robertson v Michael J. Schewel ** David G. Shuford F Linda A. Simpson v Paul C. Skelly **** Christopher S. Teske ** John J. Vollkommer v Barbara Wartelle Wall v Christopher R. Wall v George P. Whitley *** Richard H. Wyron **** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

James D. Harbert **** Mark M. Harrison F Barry G. Hittner F Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Anthony A. Anderson ** Susan C. Armstrong v John Haywood Blakemore IV ** Steven D. Brooks *** o Roger Francis Carroll ** Ann Todd Dean v Peter M. Dodson David R. Ford F James H. Johnson, Jr. ** Christopher M. Malone *** Ronald Eugene Manthey ** Frederick Howard Masters * Louis C. Miller *** Karen S. Neal *** Capie A. Polk **** John T. Ruff **

2015–2016 Annual Report


Ronald L. Saxton ** A. Inge Selden III v Richard L. Smith ** Steven A. Standiford *** Cary Kittle Williams *** David F. Williams *** Mims Maynard Zabriskie v Additional Donors

John J. Abbene W. Joseph Aldridge, Sr. Deirdre S. Alfred ** W. Coleman Allen, Jr. Vincent M. Amberly * G. William Austin III F Frank C. Bedinger III ** Edward Hart Bergin **** John G. Berry F Marcene Burgess Block ** Neal R. Brendel *** Robert S. Brewbaker, Jr. * Susan L. Burnette * J. Peter Byrne ** Frank J. Carmel Marc Edward Chafetz Michael L. Chapman * Walter Lee Christian **** James Charles Colihan * Mark C. Cramer v George A. Dagon, Jr. v F. B. Webster Day *** Virginia J. Dunmire * Peter S. Everett *** Ron Feinman H. Aubrey Ford III *** Steven Paul Frantz * David J. Fudala ** Alan C. Geolot ** Susan Collins Geolot ** Gary G. Goldberger * Peter Henry Gould J. C. David Hadden ** James H. Hall, Jr. Thomas J. Hamilton **** John Benjamin Harris, Jr. Jonathan Leigh Hauser *** Hugh E. Hegyi ** James E. Hutchins v Fran M. Jacobs *** Kenneth Craig Johnson ** Robert E. Kaplan Stephen A. Kappers


Jamie W. Katz ** H. Elizabeth Kelley *** Elizabeth D. Kemper F Jonathan Charles Koch ** Gilda L. Kramer F Michael K. Kuhn *** David L. Kyger **** Elizabeth M. Landes ** Morris A. LeCompte ** David J. Llewellyn * Christopher Michael Maher David L. Markell F Lewis A. Martin III *** James B. Massey III ** Eleanor K. May ** T. Bringier McConnell David B. McCormack v C. Andrew McGhee John C. McLemore v Morris H. Miller ** Rosalind Henson Miller Thomas V. Monahan, Jr. * Jo Anne Morris Deborah M. Murray *** Barbara A. Newcomb * N. Douglas Noland, Jr. * Kathleen F. Nowicki Susan G. Oliver * Pamela E. Rollings *** Karen H. Rothenberg Patrick Louis Ryan *** William J. Simpson * Roy L. Smart III ** C. Diane Smock Frank W. Somerville *** Victor Edwin Stewart Charles E. Taylor F Randall A. Underwood *** Richard Francis Walsh ** Bradley P. Ware **** Emily J. White Paige W. R. White *** Douglas C. Woodworth ****

University of Virginia School of Law

1980 Class Managers: Charles D. Fox IV Michael L. Goodman Kathy Robb F. Blair Wimbush Alumni: 322 Donors: 159 Participation: 49% Total Gifts: $1,178,990 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Bruce A. Karsh F o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Charles D. Fox IV v o Mary Ellen Powers v m Peter W. Quesada ** o F. Blair Wimbush F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Richard N. Dean F m Roy A. Ginsburg ** John Gleeson Michael K. Loucks ** Andrew A. McElwee, Jr. ****m Jeremiah Milbank III ** m Kathy Robb **** m L. Gilles Sion v m Bonnie K. Wachtel v William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

William F. Gibbons ** Mary Dobson McDonald **** Scott D. Michel v James C. Oliver F Jane W. Sellers v Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Michael U. Alvarez v W. Michael Bond F

(W) Widow

Stephen A. Bornstein *** Andrea L. Bridgeman F Michael P. Cogswell v William R. Cohrs Mark D. Colley * Haley D. Collums v David D. Cooke **** Jeffrey S. Distenfeld v Thomas A. Duvall III * Janice E. Garlitz v Daniel C. Hagen ** Donald L. Havermann **** Jane Soldoveri Hinckley F Sven E. Holmes Laurie Arnold Host ** Christopher T. Jensen **** W. Clayton Johnson **** Douglas Bradford Jordan v Eric Kraeutler **** Richard E. Moore Paula J. Morency *** Donald E. Rocap F Lee Ann Russo F Barbara S. Schilberg Robert H. Slater *** Beat U. Steiner * J. Frank Stewart Steven W. Usdin *** Robert A. Wyman, Jr. **** m Craig E. Ziegler v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Michael F. Clayton F Samuel L. Felker Alan J. Hallberg Albert L. Jordan ** C. Mark Nicolaides **** William A. North ** Robert D. Seabolt v Law School Patrons $500 to $749

David Andril *** Janet Lucas Beck (W) Edward G. R. Bennett *** Catherine A. Bostron * John F. Brenner v Glenn R. Carrington ** Donna C. Dabney *** Richard A. Eichner *** Paul C. Estes *

Mark Ezell Glenn A. Gundersen ** Lonie A. Hassel ** Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer *** Martin M. McNerney **** Michael C. Poliner *** Martha J. Schoonover ** Mary N. Simpkins ** Additional Donors

Daniel S. Alcorn ** Richard M. Berkeley *** R. William Bowen, Jr. Catherine M. Brooks Anne T. Brower * Susan M. Camillo v Gayle Y. Camp, Esq. Nancy Griffin Chambliss T. Spence Chubb Joseph L. Clasen ** Howard A. Cooper F David B. Douse ** Eileen Dietrich Eberhart * Martha L. Ellett **** Mark L. Elliott v Elizabeth Hoop Fay * Robert C. Fisher Benjamin Jones Fitt * Henry W. Flint *** Dennis J. Fogland F Joseph H. Gale Adam F. Gambel ** Mark T. Giles Page O’Neill Gilliam * Roger S. Goldman * Michael L. Goodman **** B. Riney Green ** James G. Green, Jr. **** Patricia R. Hatler Gerald W. Heller **** Jill M. Himmer v Mary Gayle Holden ** M. Hill Jeffries *** Virginia Hartley Jeffries *** Bradley T. Johnson ** David G. Kalergis Deborah Jenkins King Richard J. Knight ** Edward R. Koch F Luisa L. Lancetti Jeffrey W. Leppo * Richard S. Lovering ****

Laura R. Lucas ** Ann Lugbill ** M. Mallory Mantiply William F. Marmon, Jr. ** Leonard C. Martin ** Robert J. Matthews ** Allen L. McCallie v Robert G. McIver v Hugh A. Mitchell, Jr. * Rupert M. Mitsch v William L. Nusbaum v Neil T. O’Donnell *** Ira L. Oring ** Percival David Park Kathryn E. Pauli **** W. David Paxton ** David H. Pikus v Albert H. Poole ** Richard A. B. Price *** Robert E. Price, Jr. * Jennifer Kurr Rashin ** Katherine L. Rhyne v Kim E. Rosenfield * E. Charles Rowan, Jr. F Barbara D. Ryan Robert D. Schwartz F D. French Slaughter III * Edward A. Snyder F George A. Somerville v Barbara L. Spencer Martin E. Steere ** Frank E. Stevenson II v John G. Stewart ** Francis W. Sturges **** Sheldon L. Sturges **** Bonnie Alice Sullivan Paul B. Terpak *** Seth E. Twery * James E. Vaiden F Matthew J. Verschelden v J. W. Thompson Webb v Lee Woodward, Jr. *** David A. Woody * Thomas H. Yancey **


Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Class Managers: David P. Ferretti Barrye L. Wall Alumni: 317 Donors: 182 Participation: 57% Total Gifts: $1,339,344 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Cameron L. Cowan **** o Martha Lubin Karsh F o Edward J. Kelly III *** o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

David T. Biderman v m Gregory V. Nelson v m James Polk Rutherfurd ** m Sarah Gannon Seddelmeyer **** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Nancy Bader Gardiner ** Nathaniel S. Gardiner ** Steven M. Kayman ****m Suzanne Storms La Pierre m Darrel Tillar Mason v Barrye L. Wall v m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Peter L. Canzano v Michael J. Coursey **** David P. Ferretti v Jennie Ovrom Ferretti v James Carr Gamble III ** Thomas C. Herman F George C. Howell III v Catharine Mackay-Smith Kempson * Kenneth E. Kempson * R. Timothy O’Donnell Thomas J. Ostertag F Keith A. Teel ****

John A. Anderson **** Corinne M. Antley ** James E. Ballowe, Jr. v Nell Hoffman Bonaparte *** Robert E. L. Bonaparte *** Scott S. Cairns v Katherine P. Cheek Patricia S. Connor v Ingrid Blackwelder Erwin *** Kathleen L. Ferrell David M. Foster **** Jeffrey M. Gleason v Douglas A. Hastings v Kay A. Hoogland ** Nancy R. Little * Blaine A. Lucas **** Thurgood Marshall, Jr. ** Jeffrey P. McCormack ** Robert E. McDonnell F Tina Lundy Melo v Allen L. Morgan Ross Clayton Mulford Marie A. O’Rourke v Timothy J. O’Rourke v Clayton A. Prugh ** Craig C. Reilly v David W. Robertson *** David E. Rosengren **** Jane Marum Roush ** David N. Schaeffer F Gary Slaiman v Suzanne E. Spaulding Philip M. Sprinkle II Jeffrey I. Tilden ** David C. Wright ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

John F. Anderson ** Alexandra Cury Donald B. Haller * Susan Z. Haller * Mark D. Plevin *** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Cheryl Kremzier Baird Sally Nan Barber ** Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. *

2015–2016 Annual Report


Marian S. Block Kevin W. Breen ** James D. Bridgeman *** Frank M. Conner III Brenda T. Cubbage *** Gregory M. Dawson Mary Jane Dodson James E. Dorsey III v William J. Egan ** James L. Ewing IV **** Nancy Oprisch Ewing **** Richard N. Gale v Warren David Harless ** Christine Hughes **** Matthew L. Jacobs v Michael J. Lynch Geraldine M. Mullan Terence Murphy Paul C. Nielsen v William D. Redd ** Jeffrey R. Sechrest G. Richard Shell * Andrew M. Shott ** Ann Hastings Swett F Trevor W. Swett III F Carolyn Y. Thompson v David E. Warden


Additional Donors

Stephen J. Adnopoz *** Donald A. Baer Joanne E. Barker v Clifford E. Barnes B. Evan Bayh III Patricia Dondanville Berman **** Emily Black Paul B. Brickfield v Travis T. Brown, Jr. * James O. Browning Thomas C. Buckel, Jr. Gabriela P. Cacuci ** David James Carol Christine M. Carstens ** Barbara Brink Chapman Michael L. Clarke *** Jonathan P. Cramer v Elizabeth G. Crosby **** Robert A. Crosby **** Barbara Spudis DeMarigny Virginia R. Diamond * Virginia W. Drewry Richard J. Driscoll v James A. Dunbar **** David D. Embrey G. David Fensterheim T. Mark Flanagan, Jr. **

University of Virginia School of Law

Russell A. Fowler **** Grace Parke Fremlin Karen Henize Geiger Alan W. H. Gourley F David W. Grace *** Holton Bruce Guyton **** Bradford I. Hearsh * Thomas L. Heimbach * Thomas C. Hillsman *** Andrew S. Holmes **** Janet Pitterle Holt Everett C. Johnson, Jr. * James M. Johnson Stanley K. Joynes III v Dennis S. Klein Jo Lynn Lambert ** Jonathan H. Leiner *** Randolph H. Lickey * Bruce E. Macdonough ** Thaddeus R. Maciag Melanie C. Maloney v C. Steven Mason * Martha Jones Mason * Molly G. McCluer Peter K. McKee, Jr. Margaret G. Mellon ** Karl T. Molin Timothy L. Moorehead

Katherine A. Moss Edward E. Nicholas III **** Janet L. Novack ** Gregory W. Nye *** Bruce R. Peabody v Erik H. Rasmussen Tina A. Ravitz ** Frederic C. Rich ** John Lawrence Rivkin G. Christian Roux Kathleen S. Rubinger F Leon Reed Sarfan * Joseph F. Savage, Jr. ** Philip E. Smith Robert F. Spencer, Jr. Robert D. Steele v Robin L. Teske ** m Stephen L. Thompson v Robert F. Turner ** Michael F. Urbanski William R. Van Buren III * Patricia J. Veilleux **** Roger B. Wagner Frank S. Walker, Jr. **** David M. Washburn **** Robert B. Webb III John E. Whitfield Barbara Wickham Barbara Ann Williams ** Patricia Rigby Williams F C. Craig Woods ** James J. Woods, Jr. Bryan R. Yates v

1982 Class Managers: Harry A. Shannon III Joan Sprince Sostek Alumni: 347 Donors: 165 Participation: 48% Total Gifts: $249,156 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Ann Dunlap Hankin ** m Michael David Hankin ** m Thatcher A. Stone **** o

John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Stephen S. Ferrara ** Terry C. Havens John H. McDowell, Jr. **** m G Julie A. Petruzzelli v m G Harry A. Shannon III F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Frank B. Atkinson *m Thomas C. Frongillo ** Gerald F. Ivey **m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Keith O. Cowan v Jeffrey S. Lowenthal v Wendell C. Maddrey *** John N. Richardson, Jr. Richard G. Schmalzl v Joan Sprince Sostek *** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Donald D. Anderson *** Kerri Martin Bartlett ** Thomas D. Bever ** Richard S. Boskey v James P. Cooney III **** Daniel S. Dokos v Dennis P. Duffy F Elizabeth Turrell Farrar v Patrick B. Fenn George C. Freeman III Richard S. Gordon *** Thomas S. Harman **** Ann Bounds Newell * Thomas B. Newell * Timothy S. Pollock v Melanie Miller Reilly v Dianne Capps Saslaw * Mark S. Shiembob v Deborah A. Sink v Brian B. Snarr v Jonathan Knapp Sprole J. Vann Vogel * J. David Woodruff, Jr. ****

(D) Deceased

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Robert J. Bolger, Jr. v Dawn R. Eilenberger F Vernon M. Geddy III * Elaine L. Johnston ** Jeffrey S. Levinger F G Thomas Prestwich ** Steven L. Richards * Dennis L. Zakas v G Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Alma Marie Angotti * Francis Joseph Balint, Jr. F James P. Bassett *** Michael T. Bennett Karen Irene Bisset ** Donna L. Cameron *** John T. Cook *** John R. D’Angelo * C. Allen Gibson, Jr. v David R. Godofsky * John K. Herbert III *** Robert A. Hickey * Gregory T. Jones *** Anthony J. LaCivita *** Barbara J. LaVerdi * James A. Lebovitz Kenneth R. Lee * M. Caroline Lockerby Charles W. Loeb, Jr. ** James O. McIntosh * Mark William Merritt v Patrick E. Mitchell * Richard B. North, Jr. * Trevor A. M. Potter **** David N. Powers *** Diane L. Prucino v James S. Ryan III *** Andrea P. Salley David Schertler Jay M. Tannon *** G Elizabeth G. Taylor * Raymond G. Truitt * Avery T. Waterman, Jr. F Linda Carol Williams Additional Donors

Carol F. Allen **** Charles L. Allen **** Paul H. Amiel *

James H. Andrews Dennis A. Barbour * Robin Weiss Baxter ** David C. Beck ** Mark Brandt Andrew B. Breslow F Joyce N. Brown * Karen Byrne ** Elaine Claar Campbell *** Marjorie Murphy Campbell Mark C. Carlson Nancy Broadbent Casserley ** Carol A. Clayton Markita D. Cooper * Patrick J. Coyne * Roger T. Creager ** Joseph B. Dischinger * Scott Dolson Michael Driscoll ** James F. Dulcich ** Robert J. Eidnier Joseph F. Elliott Walter G. Elliott II *** Tracy Ensign ** Wendell Fleming * J. Casey Forrester F Liza S. Forshaw F Ronald L. Gern v Susan B. Grandis * Nancy Dahlman Guy *** Richard S. Guy *** Trudi Berlin Hays * William H. Hines **** Chevis F. Horne, Jr. v Charles F. Hudson III v Stephen L. Huntoon * Edmond M. Ianni *** C. Scott Jackson v David B. Kearney Mark Christian King F Kathryn Klassen William A. Knowlton v Kathleen Kloiber Koch v Stuart A. Kruger * William H. Lindsey * Richard D. Lucas **** Paul H. Lusby ** Richard Custis Mapp III * George L. Mason v Richard L. Matejka ** Jennifer Jordan McCall ** Jon B. McPhail

Richard H. Mills * Jo-Ann McNally Muir **** Philip M. Mulford * Thomas G. Nolan v Robert B. Parks ** Gordon R. Penman **** James E. Pfander James M. Plasynski Cleo Elaine Powell Charles H. Purcell William T. Quillen (D) John E. Rattigan, Jr. ** Nicholas Read * Susann Gill Riley ** James L. Ritzenberg v John Rodock J. B. Ruhl v Mary Foil Russell Thomas A. Ryan *** Caroline Nunley Satira F Carol Morris Saul W. Bevis Schock F Monica A. Schwebs Finis E. St. John IV * Anne Strassfeld *** Jonathan Thalheimer ** David I. Thompson * Terence J. Thum v Suzanne Israel Tufts ** G Christopher S. Vaden *** Susan Early Via ** E. Glenn Waldrop, Jr. Mary Ellen Wilkinson ** Ann Frankl Wyker F

2015–2016 Annual Report


1983 Class Managers: Paul W. Mourning Terence Patrick Ross Elizabeth Springer Stellmann Alumni: 338 Donors: 152 Participation: 45% Total Gifts: $275,622 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Patrick J. Conlon *** o Tim R. Palmer **** o Marlin Risinger III *** m John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Kevin F. Brady ** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Joseph Bell ** m William T. N. Farquhar ** George Matthew Gerachis *** m Elizabeth P. Gray * Donna M. Harris Peter A. Longo ** Jay A. Mitchell v m Paul W. Mourning **** m Barbara Nims F m John E. Osborn v m George R. Pitts *** m Barbara R. Rouse v Victoria Vodra Wall * m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Linda S. Broyhill **** Joyce L. Elden v Lisa M. Friel ** David H. Good ** James R. Hart v Daniel E. Johnson Jerome J. Kraisinger F Ellen Cone Maddrey *** Mark M. McGuire ** Jeffrey E. Oleynik F


Alfred R. Paliani * Alfred U. Pavlis *** Owen C. Pell Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Kent B. Alexander *** Amelia Chilcott Fawcett William S. Fish, Jr. **** Dorothy Heyl ** Treazure R. Johnson ** Laurie E. Keenan **** Christopher S. Knopik * Steven A. Middleton ** Paula Campbell Millian ** Kerry E. Notestine v Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein F Neil L. Rose *** Robert H. Scarborough ** Bob Simmons ** Barbara Suddath Strickland F Brent A. Torstrick v Laura A. Layman Vikander **** Melody Wilder Wilson F Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Bartley J. Breinin v William H. Hughes, Jr. ** Susan Hardie Jacks F Elaine Metlin *** Daniel P. Neelon John S. Serpe * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Rod Anderson **** Clayton Robert Barker III **** Jeffrey A. Blount ** M. Graham Coleman ** James P. Cox III **** James B. Feinman Betty S. W. Graumlich *** Dustin F. Hecker v Richard C. Hinman *** Brian F. Kenney ** Deborah Balch LaCivita *** Robert P. Latham F Deborah B. Leahy *** JoAnn P. Marcell T. Justin Moore III ****

University of Virginia School of Law

Janet A. Napolitano *** Michael Paul Petersilia * William Paul Quinn, Jr. **** Thomas R. Salley III Irwin M. Shur *** Suzelle M. Smith **** Robert C. Wilkins, Jr. v Mark E. Winkleman *** Thomas A. Wornom v Additional Donors

R. Clayton Allen Alice Woodley Asby * John S. Bacon v Phillip J. Beeson Mark A. Bradley *** Connie Caldwell Breeser * William K. Budd **** Ray Worthy Campbell *** Rose-Marie Theis Carlisle James N. G. Cauthen *** Robert J. Conrad, Jr. David E. Constine III *** Timothy E. Cupp * Mark Davidson ** Tony M. Davis F John W. Dayton III * Hazen H. Dempster *** Brian E. Ditsch **** W. Frank Dowd IV v Stephen S. Edelson ** Robert L. Edwards Patricia K. Epps *** Matthew W. S. Estes v Hugh M. Fain III *** Roger P. Furey * Joseph Giovanniello, Jr. *** Patrick O. Gottschalk * Thomas N. Griffin III ** Lee Bradford Guerry *** Judith I. Harris F Elizabeth G. Hester **** Steven P. Hollman v Jill L. Holt R. Steven Holt Paul F. Hurt * Frederick E. Jenney * Aileen E. Johnson Lynn Stofan Kaplan * Mark M. Katz Lionel Kennedy Sherrie Kopka Kennedy

Michael D. Kitsis **** Amelia Williams Koch *** William C. Leach *** Charles B. Lee, Jr. John T. McCormick **** Richard P. Merski v Paula A. Monopoli **** Wayne D. Moore John Gibson Mullan v Greg L. Musil *** Scott E. North William A. Peterson **** Kelly K. Prior ** Marshall H. Ross *** Terence Patrick Ross F Edward E. Scher v Andrew E. Schultz Marin Roger Scordato **** George L. Scruggs, Jr. **** Alfred C. Shackelford III *** Richard C. Shea * Maria A. Smith *** Robert H. Smith Walter L. Smith * Gregory T. St. Ours **** Elizabeth Springer Stellmann * J. Kelly Strader ** Steven Randolph Turner *** Frank C. Vecella F Judson Bayard Wagenseller ** Deborah Lee Wheeler David C. Wright III * Melissa A. Young *

1984 Class Managers: Victor P. Haley John W. Harbin S. Gregory Joy Alumni: 354 Donors: 159 Participation: 45% Total Gifts: $232,724 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Kevin G. Abrams **** m G Lori Ellen Fields *** m Catherine A. Lawton *o John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Randall D. Guynn *** m Breda E. Sgarro *** m Douglas A. Sgarro *** m Armando A. Tabernilla F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Bryan E. Davis F m Michele Clause Farquhar ** Andrea Hofmann Pitts *** m J. Rainer Twiford William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Diann V. Keller Austin *** William H. Chapman *** Allen R. Clarke ** Timothy B. Goodell **** Victor P. Haley *** Matthew D. Jenkins *** G Lonnie D. Nunley III F G Grover C. Outland III v G Roger A. Petersen v R. Michael Regan, Jr. ** Mary Wood Schmalzl v G Glen R. Stuart F Michael L. Whitener ** Michael C. Williams **** Keith J. Willner ****

(D) Deceased

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Robert H. Brauer Bruce S. Brumberg *** Randall A. Carter Andrea Feirstein ** G William B. Glew, Jr. K.C. Green *** James W. Huston * (D) S. Gregory Joy *** Howard A. Kenny **** Gary A. Kruse F G Charles Sanders McNew ** Stephen F. Mohr Gary R. Siegel v David R. Stack * Jonathan Talisman ** Carolyn O. Tillman ** Thomas H. Tullidge, Jr. ** Earl Marcus Wiggs III v Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Elizabeth Rivell Salasko *** Marietta Edmunds Zakas v Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Arnold M. Auerhan F Joseph P. H. Babington *** David M. Carter **** Sam M. Chappell III v Sean F. Corrigan ** Jeffrey S. Craigmile ** Robert Lewis Duston F Nancy G. Etzwiler F Marie Achtemeier Finch *** J. Thomas Francis **** Anita W. Gilliam *** John W. Harbin **** Jeffrey A. Horwitz H. Alexander Johnson Christopher P. Kelly Kurt J. Krueger F John Lewis Laskey * Michael J. Lockerby John B. Lynch, Jr. ** Cathleen A. Massey * David A. Massey * Alison M. McKee *** T. Braxton McKee ***

Debra Nicholson **** Alvin L. Peters * Walter D. Rabin **** Mary Nash K. Rusher **** Cecile Marie Scoon * Kirk D. Sherman ** Martin J. Weinstein ** Wendy L. Wysong ** Additional Donors

Arthur E. Anderson II *** Mary Graham Anderson *** Phillip V. Anderson * Alden L. Atkins *** C. Stephen Bigler v Suzanne C. Bigler *** Sheriden T. Black * Barbara L. Bower *** Robert L. Brooke v Richard S. Brown Cynthia Oliver Butler *** Thomas E. Byrne * Garland S. Cassada ** David John Champoux F Martin F. Clark, Jr. ** Sarah P. Clement * Carol Huston Craig ** Michael T. Crehan v Jenifer Dennison Cupp * Geoffrey G. Davis ** Julia Brooke Davis F Craig S. Deardorff Suzanne L. DeWalt F Susan Bishop Drumm ** Christopher A. Duggan Rae H. Ely **** Jack R. Erkilla *** Renee B. Fain *** Bradley W. Fitzgerald *** S. Edward Flanagan III ** Virginia A. Fowler **** Elizabeth F. Fugate ** Kevin C. Gallagher * Martha A. Gammill ** W. Todd Groome * Catherine Currin Hammond Fred C. Harmeyer *** Keith J. Harrison Jeffrey D. Heintz *** Rosemarie Luise Hill Jeanne Bynum Hipes ** Margaret Underwood Hodgson F

John K. Hutson ** David B. Irvin F Daniel J. Kaufman * Fred A. Kelly, Jr. ** Thomas V. Kennedy Philip M. Kinkaid **** Susan Smith Kinkaid **** Andrew A. Kling *** Thomas J. Krueger *** Kimberly S. Lebar ** Linda Sanford Lehe Diane L. Lidz **** William T. Lundeen Joseph E. Lynch * G. Mark Mamantov v Wynn B. McCloskey III ** Kevin McCusty **** Bartholomew L. McLeay ** Dianne M. Moonves *** Lesley R. Moore **** Matthew A. Muir John N. Nassikas III Katherine Kemby O’Brien * G Anne Phillips Ogilby * Vicki Elizabeth O’Keefe ** John M. Paris, Jr. Susan J. Park Eve A. Parnell William Winfree Paxton ** Helen G. Peroulas David R. Quittmeyer ** Stephen D. Ramsey * William G. Rock *** Jill K. Sieveking *** Arthur K. Smith III Robert N. Strassfeld ** Olivia C. Thomas * Theodore F. Verheggen * Gregory P. Voci * Edward H. Wasmuth, Jr. F Willis P. Whichard F Mark F. Williams * Mark D. Williamson * Gretchen L. Wylegala F Ralph H. Yeilding **

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

1985 Class Managers: Rolin P. Bissell Christopher B. Hockett Alumni: 343 Donors: 152 Participation: 44% Total Gifts: $158,979 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Rolin P. Bissell F m Richard R. Bonaventura v m Anthony P. Della Pietra, Jr. F m Christopher B. Hockett v m Christopher C. Kearney **** m John J. Kelley III **** m Louise S. Sams F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

F. Sheffield Hale v m David G. Leitch * m G William A. Maher v m Christopher C. McIsaac **** Stephen D. Raber ***m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Charles Mark Carver v G Elizabeth S. Haley ***


Harry J. Hicks III ** Curtis A. Krizek *** G Robert J. Meyer * Martha Ann Sisson * Jeffrey M. Trinklein F Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Jeffrey M. Blumenthal F Daniel L. Boeglin Lawrence J. Bracken II **** James H. Carroll ** McDara P. Folan III **** Douglas S. Granger *** Umit Herguner * Anne Geary Joseph **** Charles S. Joseph F Steven C. Kennedy *** Catherine L. Marshall *** Carolyn Nicander Mohr Kenneth J. Najder F Jai S. Pathak * Michael J. Pedrick *** David G. Pommerening v Victoria A. Ruttenberg * Michael J. Van Zandt Rebecca Lee Wiggs v G Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Mark E. Baker * Terrence M. Bennett F Donna L. Brooks F Andrew D. Klingenstein v Peter E. Mahoney * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

David M. Aceto v Wolfram Anders Ann Kalinofsky Baer *** Eric E. Ballou ** David V. Clark Eva L. Dillard ** James D. Dingel *** Sheila Donaldson-Duston *** Bernadette M. Drankoski **** Sylvie A. Durham Barbara L. Giuffre *** Stephen B. Grant v Gavin B. Grover ***

University of Virginia School of Law

Holly A. Hirst v Anna-Maria Marshall * Richard H. McAdams * James T. McDermott v Philip D. Parrish ** Nancy N. Rogers F Margaret Wolfensberger Sager *** G Harry Shulman ** Craig A. Umbaugh *** Melissa Hayden Weaver Hillel Weinberg v Stanley M. Weston ** David J. Worley **** Additional Donors

Mary R. Albrigo Martha Elizabeth Angell J. Keith Ausbrook v James A. Barker, Jr. F Elizabeth G. Blaine D. Ruth Buck **** Daniel P. Burke **** Susan Bradley Buse Mark E. Carpenter **** Mark M. Christopher Carlton W.T. Chun * Mary Beth Clark ** James E. Cumbie ** Adrienne W. Danforth *** Henry D. Danforth *** Paul H. Davenport ** R. Walton Davis III * William L. Durham II **** Robert L. Eisenbach III ** Catherine M. Flanagan Donald Lehman Ford Luis G. Fortuno Joseph B. Genster Elizabeth H. Gerlach Scott Arland Glass Philip H. Goodpasture ** Anna M. Graves F John H. Grayson, Jr. **** John C. Griffith, Jr. **** Neil P. Guion ** Gary S. Hammersmith ** Brenda Elizabeth Hansen James D. Herbert Sheila R. Horne ** Peggy M. Israel ** Margaret A. Jacobs *

Howard L. Kelin *** John C. Kelly ** Adele P. Kimmel v W. Wilder Knight II Denise Etheridge LaCour *** Robert Russell Lawrence Frederick C. Leiner v Lisa S. Loo * Arthur S. Lowry Rory D. Lyons *** Matthew A. Mace *** Charles Bradford Mathias * Jane Wallace Meynardie ** David A. Miller Thomas H. Miller ** Jonathan D. Moonves *** Andrew J. Morris ** Lee W. Morris ** Krishan K. Nanda Stephen Edward Noona Lawrence C. Norford Kevin A. Ohlson F Brendan J. O’Rourke F William J. O’Shaughnessy, Jr. v Steve M. Pharr ** Michael D. Platt v James H. Porter James H. Prior **** Steven L. Raynor *** Randal M. Reaves ** Kent K. Reynolds * Mark E. Rudolph ** Beth E. Schumann Betsy Anne Seel ** Lani Schweiker Shelton ** David S. Sherman III Richard G. Slattery * Elizabeth Corr Smedley * Kane St. John Frances M. Stadler * Robert J. Stewart Kathryn B. Stoker Worford Ann Black Sturm **** Nancy G. Summers **** Linda Jenkins Thomason Christopher H. Toll * Elna A. Van Moppes Amelia Bland Waller * Mary Louise Weber *** Christopher J. Winton **** Diane Montllor Wright

1986 Class Manager: William V. O’Reilly Alumni: 356 Donors: 182 Participation: 51% Total Gifts: $301,455 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Thomas R. Denison **** o Andrew Charles Karp * m G Michael D. Thomson * m John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Avery B. Bissell F m Eileen P. Brumback ** m G Frederick Sheldon Downs, Jr. *** o Richard J. Giusto m Sean P. Griffiths **** m William A. Isaacson Mark B. Tresnowski Lisa D. Westfall F m Bruce S. Wilson F m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

David Baldacci ** o Tracey E. Braun *** Elisabeth Tolmach Burch ** Katina J. Dorton ** m G Ann C. Gail ** Brenda C. Karickhoff ** m Susan White Murley ** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Duane M. Byers ** Barry J. Cushman F m S. Bernard Goodwyn **** Christopher P. Johnson ** G Cecily Pryce Maguire *** George E. B. Maguire *** Robin Roberts McCune * G Michael J. Olecki ****

Michael J. Schaengold ** Christa Van Anh Vecchi * Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Mark L. Booz v George R. Constantinople *** Nancy H. Diamond Ellen Farraye v m G Kevin Alan Faulkner Gregory Ferenbach * Jeffrey R. Finci ** Roberto E. Fischmann F John D. Fowler, Jr. ** Jeffrey K. Gonya **** Pamela J. Grimm Paul A. Hughson Mark J. Klaiber F Bradley R. Kutrow *** David Ben Liss v Nancy Zabriskie McGrath ** Ronald L. Morris * William V. O’Reilly *** Robert H. Oxendine Catherine L. Potter F Michael I. Raschid Cynthia C. Schafer v C. Elizabeth Stern * Kimberly A. Taylor Frank Winston, Jr. ** Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

William M. Ragland, Jr. F Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Kathryn A. Bernert ** John R. Cernelich * Susan Morris Crenshaw Vernon F. Dunbar Patricia S. Francis **** Ann McGee Green June Summers Haas John E. Hagefstration, Jr. v Bruce A. Hamilton v John R. Hart Louise Nicholson Howe F John J. Jenkins ** John Eric Lichtenstein F Bret A. Madole

James S. Markwood John E. Moore III *** Randall W. Nichols **** Dennis B. Nordstrom * Marcia L. Pope *** Richard W. Raushenbush *** Edward M. Rogers *** Philip R. Schatz *** Everett H. Seymour, Jr. Jenny P. Shulbank ** E. Ford Stephens v Lewis W. Webb III * Jennifer Weiss v Gail Frulla Zirkelbach Additional Donors

Andrew L. Abrams **** Kenneth D. Alderfer *** Linda Holland Allen * Melchior Baltazar Robert C. Barclay IV Randolph A. Beales v David M. Beckwith Peter Hill Beer Douglas A. Beimfohr * Anne E. Bolen * Stephen L. Bradford * Irving M. Brenner *** Katheryn E. Surface Burks Richard R. Butterworth, Jr. * Andrea Rae Calem ** Marva Jo Camp R. Thomas Cane Sarah Beeton Capel * Ann Peldo Cargile F Margaret Murphy Carley Emmitt H. Carlton, Jr. Norman S. Cherner ** John M. Clarkson III ** Jonathan A. Constine Henrietta S. Currier * Matthew J. Dolan *** George R. Doumar ** Robert H. Dudley ** Tod B. Edel * William W. Eigner v Karl M. Ellcessor III Karen S. Elliott * Mary Koelbel Engle * Bazil Facchina *** David L. Faigman Daniel L. Fitch ***

Judith Fox Judith I. Gleason **** Diane S. Gordon Joseph G. Grasso v Hardy Gregory, Jr. Albert E. Guarnieri ** Gregory Paul Hansel *** Elizabeth Ellis Harris ** Christopher J. Hart * Lawrence H. Hatch **** James V. Hatem ** William O. Henck * Rhonda B. Himes *** Patrick F. Hofer ** Deborah A. Holloman Linda M. Inscoe *** Shelley R. Jackson Gage Randolph Johnson David M. Katinsky ** Pamela S. Kaufmann F Ann M. Kennedy ** Thomas J. Kenney *** Jane M. Kimmel *** Elizabeth Jayne Kirby * Deborah C. Lambert-Dean W. Tucker Lemon v Allen W. Levy * Susan P. Liemer v William F. Lummus, Jr. ** Robert E. McCarthy * Donna M. Meyers Richard A. Mills, Jr. *** Marc E. Montalbine *** Thomas A. Newlon Alan Eugene Norris Aidan P. O’Connor Brian Francis O’Connor Richard L. O’Meara **** Terry E. Parsell *** Jonathan Spencer Pearlroth Jonathan M. Peterson Oliver Amos Pollard III Cameron P. Quinn **** Randall W. Quinn ** John A. Rego ** James F. Ritter ** Dean B. Roberson * Lindsay G. Robertson * Catherine Banerjee Rojko John J. Rooney ** Dana L. Rust ** Randall Mark Ryskamp **

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Jeffrey Paul Guyton Jay S. Jester * James G. Kreissman ** Joel M. McDonald ** Nancy Elizabeth McFadden * Catherine Roemer Nielsen **** David A. Nielsen **** Scott Charles Oostdyk * Pamela Sue Passman F Thomas J. Stallings * Lisa Hicks Sturzenegger ** Jennifer L. Sulzberger ** Joel Scott Townsend F Michael P. Vandenbergh ** Martin P. Willard * Christina Dillenbeck Wood Kevin L. Wright * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Janet F. Satterthwaite Kathryn Hess Selle * Katherine Ewing Slaughter *** W. Edgar Spivey Jeffrey M. Stedfast **** Elizabeth Jane Stewart **** Mimi Ellis Storey Benjamin Fenton Tompkins David J. Toscano Benjamin Harrison Turnbull ** Claude A. Turner III * Suzanne E. Turner ** Ronald L. Walutes, Jr. Carol C. Raper Wampler Laura Visser Weis ** John E. Wells IV Elizabeth E. Williams Gordon F. Willis F Sarah Barian Yates v


1987 Class Managers: Robert B. Duncan Martin P. Willard

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

William H. Brewster F m Michael M. Fay ** m R. Hewitt Pate F m

James R. Billingsley, Jr. * Carol Ann Bischoff ** Patrice Boening Cushman F m Robert B. Duncan *** Elizabeth Finn Johnson ** G Stuart Clark Johnson ** John M. Mitnick ** Ashley Steele Nutley ** G Dulaney L. O’Roark III ** R. Anthony Salgado v Thomas E. Schorr **** Jeffrey T. Welch * Lee Corwin Wilburn m

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

J. Goodwin Bland *** G Catherine Murphy Keating ****m G Joseph R. Saveri **

Thomas P. Angelo Jeffrey W. Breeser Roger G. Brooks *** Terese A. Carroll ** Richard T. Choi ** Keith N. Cole * Gregory Alan Cross Stephen E. Fox * Dawnee H. Giammittorio **

Alumni: 354 Donors: 204 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $148,020 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

University of Virginia School of Law

R. Kelvin Antill * Karl Andrew Dahlen F G Sarah E. Kiefer * Ellen Ruth Lokker * Byron F. Marchant Kathy Lynn McCalip-Ducassou Thomas E. D. Millspaugh *** Wes Musselman *** Linda L. Rhodes *** Helen Mead Snyder F Fred Roy Wagner ** Laurence K. Williams F Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Helen Bowden Alley *** Kim M. Boyle * David L. Buckley **** Sean H. Curtin ** Conan R. Deady **** David M. Eisenberg *** Craig S. Gatarz Jessica A. Ginsburg ** Timothy S. Goettel v Richard T. Horan, Jr. * Susan Ressel Kumleben *** Robert W. Long, Jr. **** Neil V. McKittrick * Guy A. Morley ** Keith D. Munson Eric Paltell ** Jayshree Parthasarathy

Katherine Whelahan Schwab Nancy S. Schwappach F Donna M. Phillips Shafer **** Chamie Grandy Valentine F James L. Weinberg F Ryland A. Winston, Jr. **** Donald H. Yee *** Additional Donors

Cannon F. Allen, Sr. Anne T. Amicarella ** Lauren Slepin Antonino ** Richard Charles Armstrong * Joseph R. Baker III ** Nell King Bieger F Tory M. Bishop * Sondra J. Boddy ** Mary Braunsdorf F Clyde Ellis Brazeal III * Matthew A. Brennan III * John M. Bridgeland ** Philomena A. Burke F Mary B. Campbell * John F. Coburn III **** Kimberlye Fayssoux Cornelson ** Robert L. Crewdson *** Ellen J. Curnes * Susan W. Custer David L. Dallas, Jr. F Michael Thomas Dean Kathleen M. Delaney *** William R. Denny F Gregory Paul Deschenes *** Brooke Frankel Dickerson **** Jeffrey A. Dickerson **** Mary Ellen S. Dolan *** George A. DuBois, Jr. * Harris N. Dvores ** Gregory W. Edwards Paul Newman Farquharson * Lisa Lelli Ferneau ** Philip J. Ferneau ** Eric Fleischmann Calvin Wooding Fowler, Jr. **** David F. Freeman, Jr. F David Earl Frulla *** John A. Gephart v Nancy Green Gilreath *** Sean D. Gregg Julie Zydron Griggs *** David Edward Grogan * Richard Clark Hantzmon *** G

Ronald G. Haron Susan Greer Harris ** Deborah Lynn Hayes ** Franz Johann Heidinger Michael Vincent Hernandez Michael R. Hill ** Bobby D. Hinson Laura Eckerlin Inlow ** G Gregory G. Johnson * Raymond A. Jones III * Elaine R. Jordan * Debra Kay Judy David Culver Keesler * Michael Ray Keller Helen Lewis Kemp v Jeffrey Scott Kerr * Bradley Grant Kulman **** Andrew Petersen Langhoff * Richard Alan Lehrman Ivor John Joseph Longo *** Gwendolyn Hughes Lyford *** Suzanne Lore Mackall ** Caroline Anne Makepeace Michele Antoine Masucci ** Dayna Bowen Matthew ** Catherine Thomas McGee **** Karen Hess McMillan *** Geoffrey S. Mearns *** Peter E. Meier * Robert L. Middleton v Sarah Collins Middleton v Yvonne Facchina Mizusawa * David M. Morriss * James W. Moses Steven K. Mulliken David A. Naimon *** Paul Gustav Neumann Paul W. Parmele ** Deborah M. Paxson *** Stephen B. Pershing Helen Eckert Phillips ** Alfred M. Randolph, Jr. ** David M. Rice ** John J. Rice * John Thorpe Richards, Jr. Jesse J. Richardson, Jr. *** Robert E. Richardson ** Steven Mark Riesenman Andrew W. Roraback **** Jennifer Cooper Roy * Robert W. Saunders *** Patricia K. Schlegel *

Charles Ridgeway Schuyler III ** William Cooper Scott Michael L. Serpa * Stephen Molony Sharkey Brian Michael Sheahan * Paul T. Sheppard David K. Spiro F Richard Roland Spore III **** Maxwell L. Stearns ** Daniel K. Steen F Samuel B. Sterrett, Jr. F Craig Edward Stewart ** John P. Stigi III Clarence L. Stone, Jr. **** G Margaret Elizabeth Stone James Neilson Strawbridge Richard C. Sullivan, Jr. *** G James J. Szablewicz ** C. Scott Talbot Ward L. Thomas F J. Jeffrey Tinkham ** V. Randall Tinsley * Lee Buthod Trahan James Michael Walls Molly B. Walls ** G Thomas Francis Walls ** Benjamin L. Webster **** Amy Span Wergeles ** Austin T. Wilkie * Deborah Anne Wolf

1988 Class Managers: Cecil D. Quillen III Arthur David Robinson Nancy L. Walsh Alumni: 347 Donors: 147 Participation: 42% Total Gifts: $168,088 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Sarah Robinson Borders **** o Cecil D. Quillen III F o Arthur David Robinson *** m

John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Patrick Terence Quinn ***m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Susan Elaine Akens ** Kevin Barry Dent F Sharon S. Goodwyn **** Cynthia L. Hostetler **** Thomas M. Mackall ** G Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Robert M. Buell Tyrone R. Childress **** G Richard O. Curley, Jr. * Sharon Docherty Danco ** G Whitney Castedo Ellerman * Gregory M. Giammittorio ** Carol Ann Groben *** Frederick W. Guinee **** George A. Hagerty ** Mark B. Holton F Kevin Patrick Mullen * Susan Stevens Mullen * Selene Miconi Oxendine Jeffrey S. Patterson ** Leslie Ann Plaskon Roger G. Sisson * David E. Stutzman ** Jeffrey F. Webb *** John S. Willems *** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Michael J. Callahan ** G William S. Cox III ** M. Blair Gerdes *** Joann Gallagher Jones **** Dan J. Jordanger *** William Hugo Kimball * Michael S. Kun * Michael G. Latsko *** Stephanie M. Loughlin v Panos S. Midis ** Mary Lloyd Sinnott Parks *** Randall Scott Parks *** G Theodore Stevenson III

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Luis Alvarez, Jr. *** Brad L. Blake *** Diane M. Casola **** Francis H. Casola **** John A. Catron *** Michael J. Cooney ** Mikki Cottet ** John Bernard Daukas * Mark W. Degler Charles J. Goetz III *** John E. Goodman ** Rob Greene *** Robert N. Hoglund ** Brent G. Houk * G Daniel E. LaGrone **** Laura F. H. McDonald ** Matthew Abraham Myers, Sr. * J. Marshall Page III *** Wendy Meryl Rogovin Thomas J. Schoettle, Jr. **** Mark Andrew Scudder ** Carol Warren Simon * W. Stanford Smith * Tara H. Snyder ** Bruce McCoy Steen *** G John R. Storella ** Eric C. Taylor * W. Michael Walker ** Herbert E. Wilgis III **** Linda Mason Wilgis **** Ted H. Zook Additional Donors

Christopher Albert Aberle *** Michael L. Andresino ** Marcia Voorhis Andrew F Cecily V. Banks * George W. Barlow III * Jacqueline Hebert Becker ** Jean-Louise Beddard Robert A. Begotka F Kim Collums Bonuomo *** Bruce Duncan Bower **** Bert Sites Brandenburg * Neal Paul Brodsky *** Marianne G. Bundren Thomas S. Burack v Donald L. Burnett, Jr. Philip B. Busch *** J. Daryl Byler


Thomas S. Cantone Dabney Jefferson Carr IV *** Kimberly H. Chamberlain ** William Francis Condron, Jr. ** John M. Cooper F Katherine D. Cooper **** Adrienne Fauz Cornejo ** John L. Daugherty **** Wayne K. DeWitt, Jr. ** Kitty Lichtmann Dockser ** Robert G. Doumar, Jr. Franklin Roswell Ellsworth, Jr. **** James Benjamin English * Richard Alan Forsten *** Patricia A. Francis * David J. Gogal F G Richard Alan Goldman Stephen K. Greene **** Cathy Lynn Grimes-Miller Jordan S. Gruber James M. Guinivan ** Sybil C. Hadley Gregory A. Hayes ** Michael J. Hayes William D. James * Harry M. Johnson III **** Daniel J. Kirsch ** B. Gino Koenig * Stephen K. Koldin F Anne E. Lyons * Doran L. Matzke Matthew J. Miller ** Elizabeth Ahern Monyak * Michael Robert O’Donnell * Maria Leonard Olsen *** Terence Byrnes Prince * Colleen M. Quinn *** Susan B. Read * Glenn Thomas Reynolds ** G Amy Hallman Rice John J. Rosenthal * Anne W. Salladin ** David Matthew Santoli F Richard Lawrence Schuster ** P. Watson Seaman ** Todd R. Shinaman **** Alice J. Smith Stephen L. Stieneker Elizabeth Sweetland Ross D. Taylor **** Scott H. Thomas ** Albert W. Turnbull *

University of Virginia School of Law

Philip Eric Urofsky John S. Vishneski III Nancy L. Walsh ** Mark D. Welton Pamela J. Williams ** Russell Perkins Wilson * Serena P. Wiltshire * William M. Wiltshire *

1989 Class Managers: Julie Behm Carter J. Cal Mayo, Jr. Elizabeth H. Noe Alumni: 351 Donors: 176 Participation: 50% Total Gifts: $135,516 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Bruce R. Braun ** Deborah Platt Majoras *** m Michael R. McAlevey * m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Spencer A. Burkholz m Joseph Andrew DeSantis *** m Thomas J. Friedmann *** William Morris ** m Janet Schwitzer Nolan F m Paul B. Nolan F m G Nancy A. Spangler **** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Kerrie Covell Dent F B. Wistar Morris III *** Joann M. Neth **** Susan Camp Stocks ** Carroll Doyle Welch * Marcus P. Williams ***

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

James F. Bogan III F Dane H. Butswinkas ** J. A. Felton *** Scott L. Lenz ** Kelly Doyle Massey * J. Cal Mayo, Jr. F James E. McKee **** Kimberly A. Newman F Elizabeth H. Noe ** Christopher N. Olsen *** Tamara L. Preiss **** Robert J. Tomaso * Ilse Padegs Willems *** Deborah Lee Zimic F Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

Preston Burton ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

James J. Alex **** Barbara E. Armacost Samuel E. Bramhall ** John H. Cobb *** John M. Czarnetzky F Michael S. Denniston *** Lisa Stenson Desamours ** Lee F. Driscoll III * Jeffrey H. Dygert ** Thomas D. Fina Cynthia L. Gibson Michael R. Gottschalk F Bruce A. Griggs * John M. Guynn F P. Douglas Henson II *** Todd C. Jacobs ** Jack E. Larson ** Nancy Smith Larson ** Laurie C. McCausland * Laura A. Peterson Shon C. Ramey Brian C. Riopelle * Elizabeth Eshelman Riopelle * J. Patrick Rowan **** Daniel Scott Savrin **** Christopher John Schuyler F G Laurie C. Self G Colleen M. Shannon

Advocating for Children

“Virginia Law is a place where students matter. They matter to their professors, they matter to the staff, and they matter to each other.” Megan Lisa Watkins ’16 is the 15th Powell Fellow in Legal Services. She will spend at least one year with the JustChildren Program of the Legal Aid Justice Center, a Charlottesville-based organization that provides legal representation for low-income individuals in Central Virginia. Watkins will represent at-risk students in greater-Richmond and Petersburg who have been affected by the trauma and struggles that often come with poverty, and who are at risk of being kicked out of school and entering the criminal justice system. Her role involves advocacy and community outreach.

2015–2016 Annual Report


DeMaurice F. Smith Willard A. Stanback F Brian Scott Tilley F Peter H. White ** Cranston Reade Williams F Edward L. Xanders F Additional Donors

Rachel Lorey Allen F Keith A. Barritt *** G Kevin B. Bedell *** Mark F. Bernstein F Julian M. Bivins, Jr. *** Robert G. Blue F Melanie A. Bouton * Patricia A. Brooks ** Ella Frederiksen Brown ** G Elissa Faith Cadish ** Annette M. Capretta ** Patrick J. Capuano Julie Behm Carter ** Rebecca S. Chaffin *** Harry Clark *** Steven T. Clark ** David N. Cohan ** Joan Friedman Cohen *** J. Paul Compton F Edward J. Cook ** Michelle Nadeau Cook * Charles M. Delacruz ** Richard A. DeLoria * Avigdor Dorot Daryl J. Douglas ** Daniel G. Drais F F. Ford Drummond F Nan Roberts Eitel *** Theodore H. Eliopoulos Rebecca G. Ellis **** Audrey Ann Fenske ** Celeste DeLorge Flippen ** Steven W. Fogg * Margaret L. Foley ** Brian C. Freeman * G Jeanne Salmon Freeman * Douglas F. Gansler * Laura Leedy Gansler * Patrick H. Gaughan Sarah Groseclose Gordon Joseph V. Graupensperger George Bryan Harris **** William Noel Harris F Stephen W. Haynie *


Suzanne E. Haynie * Tricia Heaney ** Phillip G. Hearl Augustus S. Herbert ** Andrea E. Herz * Celayne G. Hill * Dean T. Janis *** Keith H. Johnson ** Mark S. Jones *** Leo J. Kane * Virginia Kingsley Kapner F Thomas J. Karr *** Peter K. Killough Clare Elmendorf Kindall Julie L. Kitze * Christopher D. Knopf ** Aldo L. LaFiandra ** G Willis P. Lanier III **** Sanford J. Leeds Steven P. Lynch ** Richard L. Mack F G Richard C. Marquette Amy Leafe McCormack ** Edward F. McCormack Matthew S. McElhiney ** Michael K. Miller ** Sarah K. Mills * Adam D. Mitzner * David M. Morris * Christopher S. Morter ** Margit Hunt Nahra F Eric C. Olson * Kathleen K. Olson ** Susan Morley Olson * Patrick C. O’Reilly Lisa M. Steen Proctor *** Lydia R. Pulley Mark H. Ralston ** Abigail Johnson Raphael F Stuart A. Raphael F Kimberly Dawn Reed **** Donald K. Reedy Clyde Wendell Robinson, Jr. James S. Rollins **** Michael J. K. Schiumo ** Karen Miller Singer * Bradley A. Slutsky **** Jeffrey M. Snider *** Douglas J. Snyder ** Lin Trucksess Stillman Alice K. Stokke Jonathan H. Talcott *

University of Virginia School of Law

Robert M. Tata *** Benjamin O. Tayloe, Jr. ** David P. Tolman * Dennis A. Tosh ** Margaret Knebel Turner * Robert B. Van Cleve F G Daniel G. Vogel ** Andrew W. Volin **** CJ Voss * R. Scott Walker * Jeffrey S. Wheeler ** Scott V. Whitlow *** Richard E. Wilbourn III F Randolph J. Wolfe ** Charles F. Wright ** Philip H. Wright F Jill M. Zucker *

1990 Class Managers: Thomas D. DeVita Anita R. Wilson Alumni: 370 Donors: 157 Participation: 42% Total Gifts: $152,932 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellows $20,000 or more

Thomas D. DeVita F m Stephen M. Kotran ** m Andrea E. Neuman ** m J. Fred Neuman **m John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Luba B. Seidman ** m Steven A. Seidman ** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

James H. Barker III **** m Michelle J. Morris ** m

William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

James J. Benjamin, Jr. F Elizabeth M. Burke *** Robert M. Cary F Theodore H. Davis, Jr. F G Bernie W. Ellis **** Susan B. Ellis **** William F. Gould *** S. Caroline Oyler * David I. Schrodt ** Burton H. Wilson ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Tracey Phillips Beck Sean A. Bryan F Trevor J. Chaplick **** Carolyn Ells Cheverine F G Vincent L. Cheverine F James D. Cross * Peter B. Davidson ** Neil Keith Emge, Jr. ** Amy J. Gould Jonathan G. Graves **** Nina Pickett Graves **** Thomas G. Hohenthaner *** Willis B. Hunt, Jr. **** Elizabeth Halas Lenz ** John Emerson Matthews VI F Philip S. McSween * Jeffrey P. Naimon ** Jane S. Paulson F Charles B. Scher F Ellen S. Tenenbaum Ronald Jay Tenpas **** Ellen L. Theroff * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Ginamarie Bozkurt Cox ** Susan DuPre Midis ** David C. Stewart * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Joseph C. Benedetti * Charles F. Caldwell F John J. Clarke, Jr. F Diana Edensword Conway *

Timothy D. Davis ** Brian T. Fitzgerald ** Edwin L. Fountain **** Brian T. Henebry **** Debra J. Jezouit ** Clark H. Lewis **** H. Antony Lim *** J. Austin Lyons III *** Kristine Dubiel Maclay ** Elizabeth Alexander Marshall F Nils H. Okeson * Joseph M. Pankowski, Jr. F Thomas P. Price III * James W. Scarrow Adrianne J. Simon ** Lisa B. Singer ** Anita R. Wilson *** Edward C. Wilson, Jr. *** Todd G. Zimmerman ** Additional Donors

Mark Christian Allen ** G Jay E. Austin ** Brian D. Barger *** Jonathan R. Barr Karl H. Bazin Amy Loudermilch Bernert * Jeffrey L. Beyle **** Suzan Onel Bickel ** Lawrence Bilder *** Charles T. Blair * Elizabeth Brendze ** Glen P. Brock III *** Darryl K. Brown * Todd A. Brownfield ** Edward G. Burley Adam Stanton Chodorow Steven E. Christoffersen Michael E. Coe *** Aubria D. Corbitt Robert H. Cox F Frank Martin Dannhoff Linda Papst de Leon Michael H. Delauter **** Bruce C. Doeg Byron Randall Dong **** Myron D. Dornic ** Lynne M. Douglas ** John W. Duchelle * John P. Edgar *** Mary Murphy Edgar *** Teresa Diaz Ellenburg **

Timothy L. Felker, Jr. *** Joni Louise Forsythe Eric L. Foster Thomas D. Freimuth * Barbara R. Frith *** Sean D. Gertner **** David C. Goldberg F Allen William Groves *** James Patrick Guy II **** John Owen Gwathmey *** E. Anne Hamel Brian T. Hansen Virginia J. Harnisch ** William M. Hawkins Mark L. Heimlich **** G Mark S. Hellinger Mark P. Henriques F John C. Hitt, Jr. ** Stephanie D. Hitt ** John P. Holsinger F Traci Mundy Jenkins * Brett Guthrie Kappel F G Stephen P. Keim *** Susan M. Kennedy ** G Carole R. Klein **** Lee N. Kump * Thomas P. Larus Kermit V. Lipez * Lloyd Lipsett Matthew L. Mason ** Todd Y. McArthur ** Patricia Ross McCubbin * Michael P. McGovern F Catharina Yoosun Min ** G Ronald V. Minionis **** John Eddy Morrison **** Erick R. Opsahl **** Andrew R. Parker *** Clara M. Passafiume ** Charles Stanton Perry ** Joshua Lee Prober F Dan H. Renberg * Thomas E. Repke William G. Rothschild **** G Kara M. Sacilotto F Rosemary Shaw Sackett Russell S. Sayre ** Suzanne R. Schaeffer F G Carolyn B. Sloan * Nathan B. Smith *** Joseph P. L. Snyder *** Gerard D. St. Ours

Peggy Mattimoe Sturgeon Lisa Ormand Taylor * Jonathan L. Thornton **** Edward P. Tolley III *** Sharon L. Toncray Peter B. Vaden ** Salil R. Virkar **** G J. Martin Wagner ** Douglas M. Weems * David B. Weisblat ** Sharon D. Westergreen ** Carlyle R. Wimbish III * David C. Woll, Jr.

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Alumni: 341 Donors: 160 Participation: 47% Total Gifts: $134,493

Scott F. Belcher Marie H. Bowen Eugene A. Burrus ** Lydia P. Crawford F John E. Davis * Diane Pulley Flannery * Susan L. Fox ** James B. Gatehouse ** Andrew Z. Glickman F Robin L. Gohlke *** Jill R. Greaney * Ann Bowman Hoover *** Vernon E. Inge, Jr. **** G Michael D. Mabry *** Steven R. Okun **** G Matthew B. Pachman ** G Philip J. Paseltiner F M. Anne Powell * Nancy Kopman Rubenstein Robert S. Saunders ** Jeffrey P. Singdahlsen F P. McCoy Smith ** Taras G. Szmagala, Jr. **

John Barbee Minor Fellow $10,000 to $19,999

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Heather A. Young **** m

David W. Draper, Jr. o James R. Easthom *** William M. Hutchins *** Balram Kakkar * Kenneth L. LeBon Jennifer B. Reedy Joshua H. Soven Andrea Pierce Yalof ** David Alistair Yalof **

1991 Class Managers: John Stephen Cullina Paul J. Hunt Michael R. Lincoln

Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

John Stephen Cullina **** Michael G. Egge ** m Eric C. Emerson Jane Church Horvath Laura A. Ingraham Ethan K. Knowlden * Michael R. Lincoln **** m J. Fentress Seagroves, Jr. **** m G William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Henry L. Chambers, Jr. **** Jeffrey W. Ferguson **m Paul J. Hunt ** Timothy J. McEvoy ** Michael W. Oyler * Andrew W. White F m

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

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2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

Darren C. Hauck * Matthew H. Lembke **** G Heather S. Lewis ** Valerie K. Mann F Cheryl Brott Newell * Mary Beth Orson F Mark C. Paist **** G Robert Tod Perry ** Errol S. Phipps *** Kim B. Phipps *** Elizabeth G. Regan **** Felix S. Riccio Rodney A. Satterwhite Mark G. Seifert ** Timothy K. Skipworth ** Robert R. Varner, Jr. Timothy Kenly Webster **** Holly H. Weiss Additional Donors

Naila Townes Ahmed ** Thomas J. Amico *** Kellie Raiford Appel ** Michele Arington * Catherine Pulley Ballard ** Audrey Trundle Bauhan Virginia G. Beakes-Read Anthony M. Black F D. E. Boehling George P. Braxton II *** Elaine V. Brzezinski ** M. Rosalie L. Buenaventura Carolyn M. Campbell Thomas N. Chapman Mark D. Chestnutt *


Elizabeth Wildenthal Cohen ** Montina M. Cole Claude D. Convisser Johanna S. Coulter Charles W. Durant ** Mark Nefflen Farmer Michael Thomas Fois Ann G. Fort *** Douglas M. Garrou * David C. Gessel * Todd P. Graves *** Carl T. Hahn David F. Hannan **** Shannon Thee Hanson *** Timothy J. Heaphy Nancy Taggart Hegarty Cheryl L. Hesse F G Laura Walton Hirschfeld * Janice A. Hornaday Dimetria A. Jackson * Brian S. Katz *** Linda I. Kinney * Jill Swerdloff Klein Philip C. Korologos Raymond G. Kuntz III Jon D. Lammers Jonathan Scott Lawlor F John J. Leidig ** Matthew W. Levin **** Lisa Shook Lipsett James R. Loughman F James W. Lovely *** Alexander M. Macaulay Colleen M. Martin *** John S. Martin *** Kevin E. Martingayle ** Andrew G. Mauck Sean L. McKenna Zane David Memeger F Stephen M. Miklus F Wendy Adams Miklus F Elizabeth Shiers Nolan * George H. Nolan * W. Kenneth Paxton, Jr. ** Christopher D. Payne * Melissa Jones Pelczynski F E. Farish Percy Kimberly Knight Phillips ** Mary Beth Pope Mary L. Porto-Huber E. Paul Quinn F Christopher K. Ramsey ****

University of Virginia School of Law

Dana M. Richens **** Kathryn Reyburn Roche **** Flora Maria Schule * Janet M. Segerson ** Roberta Povitsky Senzel ** Mark T. Smith Martha Purvis Smith John S. Stein III ** Jeffrey Lance Stredler ** Thomas W. Thagard III *** G Christina N. Trojan-Masnyk *** Robert D. Vander Lugt ** Joanna C. Wagner Chapin E. Wilson III ** W. Foster Wollen, Jr. * Victor John Wolski * Kathryn M. Woodruff

1992 Class Managers: William M. Bosch Elizabeth Leverage Hilles Alumni: 355 Donors: 162 Participation: 46% Total Gifts: $113,279 Thomas Jefferson Law Fellow $20,000 or more

Roger E. George ** m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Karen Owen Gibbs **** Theodore A. Mathas *** m Patricia Merrill F William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Brian D. Henderson F Sten A. Jensen *** Jennifer Parker Van Zyl Mitchell E. Zamoff ***

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Thomas J. Angioletti *** D. Forrest Brumbaugh **** Kay Lynn Vincent Brumbaugh F James N. Czaban * m G Stephen J. Golder **** Elizabeth Leverage Hilles **** Julius H. Hines **** Maurice A. Jones David L. Kwass *** Brian Jeffrey Lubkeman *** Marco V. Masotti ** Brian F. Richards **** James E. Ryan ** Karoline Homer Ryan ** Anne Gaines Scher F Margaret R. Sparks ** Tracy A. Stein ** Rhonda M. Taylor *** John S. West **** Jeffrey R. Wolters * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Brenda H. Bosch **** William M. Bosch **** Frank Paul Calamita III ** Stephanie Merdinian Dumont ** Hugh V. Frame *** Patrick A. Jackman * Jane E. Kurtz *** Alan K. Maesaka ** Tara A. Sher ** Andrew R. Shoemaker ** Susan Latham Timoner *** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

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Christopher D. Reiss ** Christopher J. Robinette Deborah J. Saltzman Lori J. Sellers * Elizabeth Wise Shapiro Daniel T. Shvodian * Paul J. Stancil ** David S. Stonehill ** Scott A. Surovell **** Adam Brian Tankel ** David Scott Thomas *** Benjamin B. Thorner Peter M. Todaro **** Paul Brian Turner ** Tina R. Tyson **** Mark H. Vacha **** Lee Van Blerkom ** Anne M. Vaughan *** Anthony F. Vittoria *** Tracy L. Welch **** Craig M. Wolff Sara Schumacher Wolff Jonathan T. Wren ** William A. Yoder **

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Nathan H. Van Duzer **

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Hyung Jung Ahn Elisabeth Stewart Bradley *** David S. Chung **m Cecelia Philipps Horner * Henry J. Huelsberg III *** James R. Kingdon ** Coates Lear Michael A. Levy **

Building a Record of Success

During the 2015–2016 academic year, all 12 students in the Law School’s Appellate Litigation Clinic had the opportunity to present oral arguments for clinic clients before federal circuit courts of appeals. The appeals argued included issues of constitutional law, immigration law, criminal law, federal civil and appellate procedure, sentencing, statutory interpretation, and civil rights. Pictured above are (from left) Jude Halawi ’16 and Dana Wallace ’16, along with Clinic Director Stephen Braga, after Wallace argued Keith Clark v. Larry Cartledge at the Fourth Circuit this spring. Wallace won the case. The clinic in fact was undefeated in the Fourth Circuit, winning all five of its cases there. In addition to Halawi and Wallace, third-year students who presented cases before the Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth circuits, as well as the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, were: Travis Andrews, Ricky Camposanto, Clint Cowan, Kyrie Graziosi, Sean Johnson, Brian Remondino, Josh Robbins, Andrew Selman, Katie Tongalson, and Jean Zhuang. “Having 100 percent of the students in the clinic be able to present oral arguments, in so many different federal courts of appeals, on such a wide variety of issues, made this the most successful year yet for the newly expanded Appellate Litigation Clinic,” said Braga.

2015–2016 Annual Report


o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member

Richard A. Paschal *** Mary I. Peters **** Katherine E. Ramsey * Benjamin B. Reed * Sheila L. Shadmand *** James Brent Singley *** Michael Solecki *** David S. Spurr ** Jocelyn A. Starzak *** Thomas M. Stimson *** G Andrea S. Townsend ***

G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

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Andrew M. Lohmann *** Thomas James McCarthy Robert E. McGlarry *** James F. Neale *** G Stephen Michael Nickelsburg *** Joseph R. Palmore **** Edmund Polubinski III **** Curtis J. Romig *** Jennifer Murphy Romig **** Eric C. Tassone ** Katherine Gates Teasley Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

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R. Colby Allsbrook *** Ann Haley Ayers Richard M. Bange III ** William E. Baroni Peter J. Barrett ** Erik Pelletier Bartenhagen *** Chris Gregory Baugher *** John C. Bessonette ** David A. Bocian Jacqueline Wright Bonilla *** Sean V. Burke Stephen C. Byrd Katherine Walther Carey John A. Chiocca ** Jason C. Chipman Mark H. Churchill *** Kevin C. Clayton *** Dianne K. Conway ** Ann L. Coyle ** G John R. Crosby * J. Lane Crowder Raphael Cung ** Jennifer M. Curley Brian D. Darer ** Amy Elaine Davis ** Jason A. Dunn ** Edward Whitehead Elmore, Jr. G Michael R. Fassler ** Brian D. Flagler * Eric L. Fletcher *** Jonathan B. Frutkin *** William S. Fultz ** Thomas S. Garrett *** Yared Getachew Patricia T. Giles Patricia Sjoblom Gill ** Alexis O. Goltra *** Christopher H. Gordon ** Laura Schuler Hagedorn ***

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William D. Hagedorn *** Jonathan Carroll Hamilton * Christian D. Hancey **** Joseph T. Holland *** Neale T. Johnson ** Nancy Epstein Korff *** Lauren H. C. Lacey ** Louise A. Laudano Paul C. Laudano Emily Marcus Levine Laurence J. Levine Robert M. Linden ** Benjamin S. Lippard *** Melissa J. Longin *** Kelly Luongo Loving * David C. Lowance, Jr. **** Dominic P. Madigan * Susan Baker Manning ** Joshua R. Marlow * David L. Martin *** Allison G. Marvin ** Craig R. May **** Cynthia Garabedian McAdam * Paul C. McCoy ** Mikaela A. McDermott Tara L. Mehrbach *** Jason R. Mirmelstein Elizabeth Jones Mooney *** Lisa Fortune Moore Paul A. Moore III Bradley J. Moyers ** Paul M. Navarro *** Brian W. Oaks ** Godfrey T. Pinn, Jr. Stephen Floyd Propst *** Mary Quagliano-Blunt *** Jennifer M. Rafferty Edward C. Reddington * Mark J. Robertson ** Sandra Rothenberg Bill Y. Sakkab ** Edward Parkerson Scharfenberg *** Lori H. Schweller * Robert J. Shelby *** David S. Shuman ** G Harry M. Singh Mitchell W. Taraschi *** Todd M. Tidgewell *** Tracey A. Tidgewell *** Richard M. Traynor ** Joshua Boyd Waxman *

Charles L. Weber, Jr. *** Kathryn Deutsch White ** Erica Y. Williams *** Nick Sondhi Williams *** Amy C. Williams-Derry ** E. Reynolds Wilson * James H. Wilson ** Andrew M. Winston *** Matthew A. Wolfman * Jeffrey W. Wutzke ** Gene J. Yao

1999 Class Managers: John S. Darden Riley H. Ross III Alumni: 343 Donors: 152 Participation: 44% Total Gifts: $55,984 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Michael Andrew McGuire ** m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Kenneth P. Kansa *** Peirce R. Moser *** G Jon M. Talotta ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Michelle Sheridan Adams * G Carin Christman Carithers *** Michael Tad Carithers *** D. W. Clark Dees Igor S. Fert *** Karen Lau Gibian ** Sandra Farrington McCarthy F. Christopher Mizzo *** Michael Kemp Murphy ** Stanley Joseph Panikowski III *** G Shelley Jones Rudge ** Patrick H. Shannon * Mark T. Stancil ***

Robert T. Trammell *** Robert James Waddell, Jr. * Aaron Mark Zeisler ** G Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Alyson Petroni Lawrence *** Thomas J. Mattei, Jr. ** Charles Colin Rushing *** Anthony M. Russell * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Kelly J. Baker *** Carlos Montreal Brown G Adam C. Chase *** Sharon Thaler Cox *** G John S. Darden *** Paul C. Evans * John Clayton Everett *** Brian D. Fergemann ** Benjamin Ezra Fox ** Cortland Kelly Grynwald *** Kelly Riordan Horwitz *** Jennifer A. Keeley *** Stephen J. Keeley *** Joshua N. Klatzkin *** Marvin C. Kloeppel ** Erik T. Nelson Julie Mitchell Newlands ** G Michael C. Rakower ** Sali A. Rakower ** Carine Saddy Stoick ** Jessica Aldock Tave *** Keith M. Townsend *** Additional Donors

Janell Massey Ahnert S. Griffith Aldrich Klinton W. Alexander ** Melissa Ballengee Alexander *** G Michael J. Alexis *** Kenneth C. Amaditz ** Bruce S. Antley *** Kristen Cain Baldwin *** Jeremy A. Ball ** Edward C. Barnidge III Shane E. Bartee ** John L. Barton *** Marc P. Berger ** William G. Berry Lodie V. Biggs IV *

(D) Deceased

Alexander M. Brown ** Joseph S. Brown * Scott S. Brown *** Meredith Paul Burbank *** Jason A. Carey Elliott J. Casey * Stephanie L. Brauner Chandler *** G Kristen Lockwood Cline *** Edward C. Crooke G C. Simon Davidson Jonathan C.C. Day *** Corey A. Detar ** Richard P. DiMeglio ** Rosetta E. Ellis ** Bart S. Epstein ** Mohammad H. Fadel * G David E. Finkelson Timothy A. Freilich ** Marc D. Glenn *** Dana B. Hale Kristine L. Havlik *** G Caryn Blythe Hederman Margaret DiPentima Hedges ** Kristin L. Henrikson * Braden P. Herman *** Brian M. Holland ** G Robert W. Hughes *** Julie Jackson Clarissa A. Kang **** Kathy A. Keller ** Rahul Keshap ** Nicholas A. Kessler Brady J. Kiehm *** Annie Kim * Seth J. King ** C. Andrew Konia ** Todd W. Latz *** Christopher M. Leininger ** Payson J. LeMeilleur ** Margaret A. Lin ** William M. Mann * Jason S. McCarter ** Shawn E. McDonald ** Lisa Moran McMurdo ** Eric P. Merriam ** Christopher M. Michalik Douglas S. Mintz *** G Jay R. Nanavati ** Kirstjen M. Nielsen * Barry S. Persh ** George O. Peterson

Thomas G. Peterson ** Blair Flynn Petrillo ** Andrew D. Pilant *** G Erik M. Pritchard ** Sara Berg Rafal *** Lara E. Ramsey ** Thomas B. Reems * G Matthew J. Rinka ** Dean A. Romhilt * Brad P. Rosenberg ** Alix A. Rosenthal *** Riley H. Ross III * Steven I. Rubin Edward H. Sadtler *** Johanna W. Schneider G Anne Heesters Schroth *** E. Michael Serbanos * Peter H. Serreze *** Vijay Shanker ** Stephen C. Shannon Alexander P. Shawe *** Timothy J. Sheehan, Jr. * David J. Staudt *** Fredrick A. Stein ** James V. Stewart *** Ann B. Stoneburner Kirk Susong *** J. Kenneth Thien *** Jason S. Throne *** Amy K. Todd-Gher Samuel Turner Tutterow ** David W. Van Horne, Jr. Maria Whitehorn Votsch *** Joanna Adams Waldron Chad C. Walters *** Kashi M. Way *** James E. Weatherholtz *** Laura A. Webb ** James R. White *** James Robert Woodward ** Kevin Lee Yingling ***

2000 Class Managers: John J. Franchini Richard D. Gardner E. Stewart Jeffries Alumni: 339 Donors: 154 Participation: 45% Total Gifts: $49,935 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Kevin A. Kauer ** m William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Andrew R. Gladin ** (D) Denise E. Rocca ** Gordon D. Todd * Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Carlos F. Cruz-Abrams *** Jonathan H. Dinwoodey E. Stewart Jeffries *** Rohit Kumar Nicole McKinney Lindsay * Kristi Bess Panikowski *** Russel G. Perkins III *** Brian J. Wise *** m Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Eric J. Conn ** Jennifer D. Daglio Chinh Q. Le ** Jon D. Levin Mark P. McKenna *** Mary R. Miller ** F. Lauren Neiswender Philip K. Neiswender Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Scott E. Adams *** Tracey C. Allen ** Jeffrey M. Anderson ** Erica Berg Brennan

2015–2016 Annual Report


Robert A. Chiriani *** Adrienne Johnson Davis *** Ryan Scott Davis ** G Brett A. Durham *** Julie A. R. Durham *** Christina E. Eisenhard *** Alexander D. Fine *** Alex S. Fonoroff *** James M. Garland *** Mary Kate Fitzgerald Garland *** David F. Gieg * Bradley K. Gillen ** Andrew M. Glass *** Melinda D. Hart *** Janet J. Hathaway ** Deborah M. Herzfeld ** Andrew B. Johnson *** Chekisha A. Mitchell * Gregory J. Montero Lela R. Scott * Amy Becker Strauss *** Marc A. Strauss ** Steven J. Tave *** Sarah E. Tune ** Debra E. Wilburn *** Additional Donors

Jean-Claude Andre ** Dianna Rosser Aprile *** Erica J. Bachmann *** Amy L. Bailey ** David R. Ball Sean M. Beard ** Deborah L. Boardman * Nicole E. Bourget *** Amy B. Boyea *** G David J. Carp * Christina M. Cerasale * J. W. Nelson Chandler *** Alexander D. Chinoy ** Shanna M. Cleveland Ryan D. Clinton *** G Donald F. Cole ** Catherine K. Connelly *** Rodham Tulloss Delk III ** Jason M. DiMarino *** Daniel D. Domenico ** Kristine J. Dunne Maher ** Lee A. Duval *** G Brian W. Egan ** Erin Spiotta Egan ** Benjamin C. Eggert **


Michael P. Elkon *** Justin C. Eller *** Todd A. Ellinwood *** G Erica Oliver Engin *** Timur S. Engin ** James Theodore Esselman *** Sean E. Fairweather D. Ryan Farney *** Jacqueline Yount Ferrell John J. Franchini *** John F. Furniss III *** Christopher E. Gatewood ** Rebekah P. Goodheart *** Tiffany Crystal Graham James M. Hanlon, Jr. ** Wallis S. Haynes *** Lorie N. Helmuth Michael C. Hendershot ** Christian E. Henneke * Toby J. Heytens ** E. Perry Hicks ** Danielle Kamensky Higson * Scott C. Holbrook ** Sharon Karg Holbrook ** Keri L. Holleb Hotaling ** Christopher P. Hotaling ** Gregory T. Hunter ** G Jean-Paul Jaillet Angela C. Jones Brian A. Kahn *** G William M. Krulak, Jr. *** Mark R. Kutny *** Jennifer L. Leong *** Amy Yao-Wen Liang * Garrett A. Lynch Katharine Lloyd Manning ** J. Brooke Atkinson Matheson ** Kevin P. McCart * Diana K. Merelman Jason A. Metcalf Meredith G. Miller *** G Hillary Cherry Mintz *** Jonathan C. Morris *** Brian W. Murray * Robert Jason Oblander Patricia Ann O’Connell G Wendelyn L. Pizer ** Christopher T. Poggi ** Eric D. Poole *** Daniel D. Prichard *** Robert D. Probasco *** Kristen W. Prohl

University of Virginia School of Law

Virginia A. Quale *** Joseph M. Rainsbury ** Paul B. Raymond *** D. Mark Renaud Lizanne Waldner Renaud Patrick D. Richards * Jennifer L. Rollins ** David S. Schumacher G Shaheen F. Sheik-Sadhal James David Stewart III ** Gayle L. Tanner * Amanda L. Tantum Ryan C. Thomas *** Leslie A. Thompson Francesca Monica Ugolini ** Caryn M. Voland *** Robert F. Vroom *** Elizabeth Martell Walsh * Heather Van Slooten Walsh ** Zachary B. Ward *** Matthew G. Wells *** Ann C. Wessel *** Matthew R. Wilson * Robert O. Winters *** Andrew McCanse Wright ** Tene S. Wright * Jami L. Wyatt Jason M. Zuckerman **

2001 Class Managers: Nina Allen Blackshear Donald C. LeGower Alumni: 327 Donors: 177 Participation: 54% Total Gifts: $56,387 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Christopher Chorba *** m William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

Melissa J. Hutson ***

Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Daniel S. Bates *** Benjamin C. Block *** Karen D. Block *** Amy Julia Collins Cassidy *** G Audrey G. Decker * Scott A. Felder *** Stacy W. Funderburke * Julie Harter Goldstrom *** Seth A. Goldstrom *** G Jennifer Mason Halsted ** Jay C. Johnson * Jena A. MacLean * Bich-Nga H. Nguyen *** Christina A. Perry *** Geoffrey M. Sigler *** Melissa Moore Sigler *** Frank Sullivan, Jr. ** Jason W. Trujillo *** G ; Ingrid N. Fuquen Zeisler ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Christian A. Atwood ** Elizabeth Kinsaul Dugas *** G Jason R. Dugas ** Matthew P. Heffernan Hayward Majors *** G Howard D. McFadden *** G Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Elizabeth Rose Amory ** Noble B. Black *** G Christopher J. Brown Heidi M. Furlong * Hilary Talbot Gillen ** Melanie Santos Grant *** Sandra S. Gregor Donald C. LeGower ** Carla Abel Levinson ** Andrew H. Lippstone ** G Joshua J. Metcalf ** Meredith Moss ** Emily W. Murphy ** Amy H. Pannoni *** Jesse M. Pannoni *** Amy Meyer Royalty * Daniel H. Royalty * Sarah Marie Shalf **

Kathryn Elizabeth Tang Serge Todorovich Rebecca Wiseman * Additional Donors

Kristin T. Abati Jordan M. Alpert *** Sarah D. Anthony *** Samuel G. Backfield Joseph A. Bailey III ** Melissa Davis Balough ** Suzanne Reed Bednar *** Andrew M. Bell * David E. Bell *** Nina Allen Blackshear ** Lindsay Krause Blackwood Richard F. Bland ** Matthew P. Bosher ** Tess Autrey Bosher ** Rachel Tippett Botts ** Andrew S. Boutros *** Tillman J. Breckenridge ** G Katharine B. Buchanan ** Susan E. Burkhardt Michael C. Cain * David A. Caine *** Howard Wei-How Chang *** Jeffrey R. Chenard * Forrest S. Christian **

Michele C. Cook Will L. Crossley, Jr. ** Jennette Parvin Daniel ** Babak Djourabchi ** Rachel Shachter Dober * Allison Buchko Edgar *** James E. Fajkowski Cordel L. Faulk * Michael J. Fitzpatrick *** L. Dwight Floyd *** Jason D. Gabbard Steven M. Geiszler ** Adam M. Gershowitz * Stephanie A. Golden Sarah L. Goldsmith Paul W. Goldstein *** Anthony David Greene *** Jennifer Mack Greenfield Elizabeth L. Grennan ** Priya Gudi Glen S. Guymon ** J. Benneville Haas ** Roby H. Hackney Hillary Broome Hamilton *** Jeffrey T. Hartlin Taryn Kiekow Heimer Stephen H. Helvin, Jr. * Susan Baldwin Hendrix John K. Henning G

Leslie Hermanson G Thomas J. Hersch * Julie Herwig Timothy J. Hickey ** Gunes F. Hopson Marcia D. Inger Navratil *** Brendan V. Johnson *** Leila Kashani ** G Elizabeth Gladden Kehoe ** Laura Kelly Kennedy *** G Melissa J. Keppel ** Steven M. Klepper ** Stacy M. Landis Lisa Pierce Laughon *** Melissa Kidd Laws *** Priscilla K. Lawson ** G Susan K. Leader ** Alisa M. Ivers Leventis *** G Burke S. Lewis * Kerry A. MacLeod Anne Y. Marks *** Jose Marquez * Elizabeth Dee Martin ** Lisa M. Martin * Lauren E. Griswold McGinley Amanda H. McGovern Elizabeth Lemond McKeen * Gary Matthew McLaughlin * Brady R. McShane *

Carolyn P. Meade ** Deborah Prisinzano Mikkelsen J. Elizabeth Cogan Molino ** Elizabeth J. Mone *** William T. Moore, Jr. *** Catherine E. Morgen * David Scott Morris ** Michael P. Myers *** Jason S. Naunas * G Darren L. Nealy Lathrop B. Nelson *** G Mark A. Nicholson *** Mary R. Offerdahl *** William E. Olson *** Sarah H. Ostergaard Beppy Landrum Owen *** Kimberly Shaw Owen *** Lakshmi Paranthaman ** G Luther B. Pilkinton ** Jeff S. Ramsay ** Charles D. Reed Adrian M. Rich Wendolyn Wrosch Richards Dimitri N. Rocha Usha R. L. Rodrigues ** Scott E. Ross Collison F. Royer Thomas Ashby Rust *** Wendy Trahan Salinas ** Maria T. Scherer ** Michael J. Schwartz *** Joshua N. Silverstein *** David C. Sirolly *** Julia V. Smolyanskiy Kristina D. Soderquist ** Charles A. Stormont * Kevin F. Sullivan Eugenia Stark Thomas ** Thomas Silvio Valente ** G David H. Vance William Stephen Venable, Jr. ** Gary I. Vinokur * Evan D. Wamsley *** Kyong H. Wang Tom Chia-Kai Wang R. Thomas Warburton *** Paul R. Wellons Monica M. Welt *** Amy Payne Weselka *** Ian M. Wright ** Susannah Stroud Wright ***

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

Christopher M. Burke *** Natasha M. Cavanaugh * Kristen R. Fournier ** G Maria S. Kim * Josiah S. Lindsay * J. M. Guy Maurice ** Aaron P. Simpson ** G Shannon Rogers Simpson ** Jennifer Loraine Swize *** Mona Dallal Tarpley ** Martha A. Warthen ** G Michael Louis Whitlock ** Julia Helaine Woodroof * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

2002 Class Managers: Katherine L. Ballenger Afi S. Johnson-Parris Amanda P. Reeves Alumni: 344 Donors: 197 Participation: 57% Total Gifts: $76,409 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associates $5,000 to $9,999

Humphrey Gitonga Kiara Elizabeth A. Malone ** Ryan Morland Malone ** Ashante L. Smith ** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Kalere Jacob Coleman ** Matthew A. Traupman ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Katherine L. Ballenger *** Matthew T. Ballenger *** Jeffrey C. Bollerman *


William W. Bos Logan M. Breed ** Daniel S. Brozost Michael T. Cappucci * Holly M. Conley * Elizabeth C. Curtin ** Jeremy M. Gott ** Lesley Pate Marlin ** Amanda P. Reeves ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Keri Buzby Adams ** Meredith Winn Adams * Cameron du Bignon Arterton ** Stephen V. Barr * Stuart C. Cawthorn ** Lisa M. Colone ** Scott P. Fink ** Dana E. Foster ** G Christine M. Genaitis *** Kevin P. Greene ** Susanne Bines Hafer ** Charles Joseph Harris ** Melissa M. Howard M. Tia Johnson Michael L. Lazarus ** Jamie Kathleen Leigh ** Eric D. Magnell ** Katherine E. McKune *** G Michelle Clark Nicolet ** David M. Olander ** Elena Catherine Parent ** Ross B. Rosenfelt * Kristina Kopf Thomas ** Amy Kobelski Trueblood **

University of Virginia School of Law

Additional Donors

Craig K. Agule ** Sarah E. Andre ** John J. Antonacci ** Cecilia E. Aza Mark T. Baker ** Danielle E. Baussan *** Susan Bracker Bergethon Melinda S. Blundell ** Marta Joy Borinsky *** Heather M. Boylan Clark *** Matthew S. Branson *** Guy Brenner ** Scott M. Bryant ** Emily Cope Burton ** G Matthew D. Burton ** Carter H. Burwell ** G Vincent C. Bushnell ** Morgan Wyatt Butler ** Andrew D. Cannady Mark W. Crooks *** Douglas S. Crosno Richard P. Cunningham Kimberly Stegall Day *** G M. Kendall Day *** Paul H. DeLaney III ** Joshua M. Dickman ** G James B. Dillavou * Devin C. Dolive ** Ramsey B. Donnell Noah R. Doolittle ** Franklyn Duporte ** Athena Velie Eastwood * Abra E. Edwards G Christopher P. Ende *** Debbie Ende ** John Alden English ** Michael D. Erickson ** Ann Marie P. Everdell ** Laura Kristen Everitt ** Jennifer M. Fenton * Robert Sharp Forster ** Vanessa H. Gallagher *** Terrica Redfield Ganzy ** G Adriana M. Gartland *** Charles A. Gartland II ** Scott F. Gast ** Brenden S. Gingrich * Brian G. Glass *** Daniel P. Golden ** Michael P. Grady ** Tarah S. Grant **

Adam D. Green ** Christopher J. Hall *** Timothy K. Halloran ** Pamela S. Hanson * Patrice M. Hayden ** G Karl R. Heisler Elizabeth Khan Hickey ** Howard H. Hoege * G William G. Homiller ** Kelly G. Howard Gaafar ** Amber L. Husbands ** G George Jackson III Thomas M. Jeon ** Afi S. Johnson-Parris *** Mark W. Jones ** Jacqueline Sadker Kamins * Meetu Kaul Rebekah Byers Kcehowski ** Michael J. Kehoe ** Laura R. Killinger * Stacie Corbett Knight ** Seil Ko Kerry E. Kornblatt ** Benjamin E. Kringer Christine A. Kringer Nicola M. Laing ** G Justin V. Laubach ** Marc E. Levin Elisabeth A. Long *** Elizabeth K. Malaspina Coe ** G Shannon Daly Marchell *** Samantha Caldwell McShane * Hallie M. Meushaw ** Wade Pearson Miller *** G Elizabeth B. Mitchell ** James L. Mitchell ** Najwa Marie Nabti * Daniel M. Nelson ** G William L. Newton *** Gregory H. Nowak ** Matthew R. Oakes ** Meredith Caskey Parker *** Bhavik D. Patel ** Ruth A. Payne ** Charles L. Pernicka * Jennifer M. Pope * G Cameron Reeves Poynter ** William R. Poynter ** Terence J. Rasmussen George Briggs Reed III ** W. Taylor Reveley IV ** Elizabeth M. Richardson **

Thomas Ritchie ** Kimberly S. Robertson Brian C. Rocca ** G Rianne Nolan Rocca ** Nathaniel C. Roland ** Courtney Masini Rolfes ** Cristina Lucchetti Ryan *** Antony K. Sayess * William D. Semins George P. Sibley III ** Kendal A. Sibley ** Paul E. Sieminski * Sandra Compton Simmons Holly M. Simpkins * Kathleen Hanlon Sinclair ** William N. Sinclair ** Anna C. Smith *** Joshua S. M. Smith * Jamila D. Smoot Burrell Brian T. Stansbury Thomas A. Starshak * Scott R. Strobridge Bryan F. Stroh ** Thuy Vu Taitt ** Margaret Mansouri Taubin ** Tamara Stiner Toomer ** Christopher E. Trible ** Adam Ford Tucker Karin E. Valaas ** Patrick Michael Valenti ** James F. Van Doren Laura R. VanDruff ** G Jennifer K. T. Warner ** K. Brooke Welch *** Christine M. Hansen Wellons Stephen S. West Jennifer Bowen Wieland ** G Robert B. Williams ** Colleen Hitch Wilson ** Nykia Jordan Wilson ** Rai I. Wilson ** John M. Wright

2003 Class Managers: Rees F. Morgan Erica Emily Paulson Alumni: 312 Donors: 168 Participation: 54% Total Gifts: $46,268 William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Comer Ireland Aebersold R. Brandon Aebersold Brian Kinney ** Andrew P. Pontano ** Kelly Sutherland Pontano ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

A. Thompson Bayliss ** Katherine J. Brennan ** G Rebecca J. Brown ** Christine Michalopoulos Burke ** Anna Tilton Daniel ** T. Brad Davey Timothy B. Howell ** Daniel N. Lissner ** Philip H. Peacock ** Adrienne Penta Lissner ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Michael J. Garko Sheryl Koval Garko Blase B. Iaconelli J. Trevor Johnston ** Ryan Jeffery Van Meter ** Sharon H. Yuan ** G Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Andrew M. Abrams ** John D. Adams * Fredric Scot Berg ** Erin D. Eckols ** Zachary R. Hafer ** Scott Gerald Hodgdon ** Bryan S. Johansen * Minsoon Sharon Kim **

Alison Keith Klein ** Stephanie B. Magnell ** Peter J. Randall ** Melissa Arbus Sherry ** Ryan A. Shores ** G Brendan George Stuhan ** Eric S. Volkman ** Meredith L. Wilson ** W. Hunter Winstead * Additional Donors

Lise B. Adams ** Meredith B. Aden * Frances Adkins Calcano ** Matthew J. Atlas Jason H. Ballum * Kate Horsley Bally Lori Todd Bernstein ** Elaina Loreal Blanks-Green ** G Sarah Canzoniero Blutter ** Nicholas M. Boivin ** Rachel D. Brewster ** Richard W. Brooks Ian B. W. Bryan ** Justin A. Chiarodo ** Angela A. Ciolfi ** Robert Badham Clarke ** Brett E. Coburn ** Catherine E. Connor Nessa E. Horewitch Coppinger ** G J. Dalton Courson ** G Julia Worcester Crisfield ** Eduardo L. Crosa ** Ashley Craft Cullum ** Eric F. Davis ** Rebecca Lucas Dillavou * Elizabeth M. DiMare Andrew J. Dober * Courtenay Seabring Ebel ** John S. Edwards, Jr. ** Kelley Riddle Edwards ** Amanda L. England ** G Nicole C. Farrar ** Christopher R. Farrell ** Holli J. Feichko ** Brian Marc Feldman ** Rachel N. Gerrick Susan Terzian Gorham Michael A. Gorokhovich ** Christopher C. Green ** Ilana S. Greenstein ** Douglas R. Griess **

Stacey Rose Harris ** Melissa Meana Hartmann ** G Jason B. Heep * Kelly L. Hellmuth Dean V. Hoffman ** Matthew J. D. Hogan ** Robert Hostetter ** Matthew A. Houtsma ** Aaron S. Hullman * Larae N. Idleman ** Grace H. Im ** Krista Hoekstra Jackson * Andrew D. Johnson ** Carson Waldrop Johnson Harold E. Johnson Bayne C. Johnston ** Julie Jordan Joyce ** Daniel G. Kim ** Daniel A. Kirkpatrick ** Angeline L. Koo * J. Carlos Kuri ** G Yvonne Lamoureux ** Nicholas J. Landau * Jacqueline E. Landells ** Aaron P. Lawlor ** Michael D. Linton Aaron James Longo ** G Crystal G. Lovett ** Laura Soong Lucas G Nicholas H. Madden ** Marc D. Mantell ** Jennifer L. Maranzano ** Brooke Hertzer McDermott ** Brendan P. McGill ** Jeremiah J. Moffit ** Benjamin M. Moncrief ** Rees F. Morgan ** Bree Nicolai Murphy Hannah Singal Nutter * Aisling R. O’Shea ** Hans Justin Park * Hiren P. Patel ** G Erica Emily Paulson *** Whitney M. Pellegrino ** Grant D. Penrod ** Alison L. Perine ** Lana N. Pettus * Jason O. Piche ** John R. Potter Karin C. Prangley ** Carsten M. Reichel ** Darcey L. Rhoades

2015–2016 Annual Report


Charles K. Richardson ** Vincent M. Roche ** John W. Roeser * Andrew D. Rome Bobbi Jo Shannon ** Jake M. Shields * Jason E. Sito Colleen C. Smith ** Smitha Gottimukkala Stansbury Craig D. Story ** Karen D. Stringer G Marcus A. Stroud * Elisabeth S. Summers * Nathan David Taylor ** Ethan Tyler Tidmore ** Andrew D. Toebben ** Meagan E. Toohey ** Jeffrey M. Townsend * Alexander G. Tuneski ** Amy R. Turner * Christopher S. Turner * Kelly Victoria Vasquez ** G Joseph C. Ventura Melissa Rikard Veronda ** G George Francis Verschelden Joselyn Rochelle Verschelden Gina M. Vetere ** G Sarah R. Vollbrecht ** Tanya ShanShan Wang ** Sarah Oliver Warburton ** Donald H. Wells ** Christopher Alex Wiech ** Thomas K. Wingfield ** Bret Thomas Winterle ** Marie-Therese G. Yates Sarah H. Zinn ** Christopher P. Zubowicz **

2004 Class Managers: Sarah E. Baker J.P. Cooney Kevin G. Ritz Jeffrey P. Yarbro Tyler Chance Yarbro Alumni: 348 Donors: 192 Participation: 55% Total Gifts: $49,023 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Gavin Allen White ** William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Peter H. Gilman ** Steven M. Haas ** Ford C. O’Connell **o Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Ernie L. Cochran II ** Andrew Hamilton Ellis ** Ethan P. Greene ** Sarah E. Lewis * Karen Lydia Luftglass ** Scott Brian Luftglass ** Allison Berger Tiller * Jeffrey Leonard White ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Colin H. Greenspon ** Duncan Joseph Moore ** G Christopher F. Richardson ** Matthew V. Vermeeren ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

William F. Bey, Jr. ** Christopher F. Colby ** G John Wesley Domby Cheryl Hogan Jordan ** Theodore Allan Kiem ** Allison Orr Larsen **


University of Virginia School of Law

Andrew P. Larsen ** G David Harrison McGill ** Sarah Knight Morgan ** Jeffrey M. Morneau ** Douglas R. Plante ** Andrea Mahady Price ** Amanda McCoy Sachs ** Margaret Walker Sarratt ** William David Sarratt ** G Edmund Scott Sauer, Sr. ** Elizabeth Clarity Sauer ** John Anderson Sensing ** Kosta Stanko Stojilkovic ** Additional Donors

William F. Abely II ** G Gretchen Ann Agee ** Charles Ryan Alm ** Jonathan B. Altschul ** Adrian Guy Anderson ** G Michael F. Autuoro ** G Sarah E. Baker ** Jeffrey William Barnes ** Brian C. Barry ** Ann Cabell Baskervill * Thomas Anthony Bednar G Derek Sterling Bentsen ** Ivan W. Bilaniuk ** Benjamin M. Block ** Jon Clarence Blue ** John Cimpl Bottini ** Marshal L. Bozzo ** Russell Robert Bruch ** Michael Starkes Brunet ** Eric P. Bruskin ** Catherine E. Caouette ** Courtney A. Caprio ** G Leila Dominick Carney ** Angela Jane Carter * Miriam H. Cho Daniel Patrick Christmas ** Meghan Mitchell Cloud ** J.P. Cooney ** Patrick Lee Coyle ** Amy Christine Dachtler ** Cherie M. Dawson ** Kelly Ann DeMarchis Justin Thomas Dobbie ** Mary Christine Dobbie ** Amy Garvey Douglass ** G Nuala E. Droney * Nicole A. Edmonds **

Emily Tabak Epstein ** Barbara Rutkowski Eustice ** Mary Lindsay Weatherly Evans ** Sean M. Ewen ** Natalie Anne Fernandez ** Michelle L. Fetterman Shayla Rae Fletcher Kimberly L. Fogarty ** Sean Patrick Fogarty ** Melissa Kishel Forman ** G Deborah Bernstein Foster ** Benjamin Paul Fryer ** Gabriel George Galletti ** Drew Thomas Gardiner ** Jared J. Garner ** David Walker Glazier ** Perry Ross Goodman Victoria L. Gorokhovich ** Brian Daniel Green Geoffrey M. Grindeland ** Heather Lloyd Harrigan * Thomas Andrews Harvey ** Jason E. Hazlewood ** Petra Walsh Holden ** Lucy Palmore Homiller ** Adam J. Humphreys ** Christopher Michael Jarosh * Cory C. Johnson Robert Olin Johnston, Jr. ** G Andrea Robinson Kells ** Dara Zelnick Kesselheim ** Tyler G. Kidd ** G Adam Michael Kleinman ** Sharla Post Klingel ** Corban A. Klug * Maggie S. Krantz Lauren Elise Kummerer ** Elizabeth Grace Lang ** Jason Brett Levin ** Michelle Lynn Levin ** Christine Dorothy Li ** Derek Stephen Littlefield ** Jeremy U. Littlefield ** Tirzah Sungyeh Lollar ** Edward H. Maginnis ** G Rebecca Lynne Malcolm * Gregory J. Mascolo ** Christine Durney Mason Jacques Morgan Massey * Daniel C. Mazanec ** Oreste Page McClung * Amanda Nichols McGovern ** G

Nathaniel J. McGovern ** Sunda Wells McHugh * Julie Perschbacher McLaughlin ** G Sean Kenneth McMahan * Ashley Zeilinger McMahon ** Scott B. Meacham ** Robin Zimmerly Meidhof Jay D. Meisel ** B. Edwin Walker Merrick * Christina Jones Middlebrooks ** Leland Rhett Miller ** G Charles R. Moore III ** Daniel Francis Murphy ** Grace Robinson Murphy ** Adam David Nadborny ** Jennifer Linker Nadborny ** John Lee Newby II ** John C. Nutter ** Mattathias H. Oberman * Meghan S. B. Oliver ** Benjamin James Oxley ** Dana P. Palmer ** Jason C. Peters ** Ford Scott Pippin David Joseph Posner ** Alexander F. Powell ** Molly B. Powell Bradley E. Prendergast ** Benjamin W. Prevost ** Gordon F. Rainey III * Anne Elizabeth Ralph ** G S. Fraser Reid III ** Bryan Michael Rhode Lynne Fogarty Rhode Joseph Walker Richmond ** Kevin G. Ritz ** Wyeth Ruthven ** Edward J. Sackman ** Tenaya Michelle Scheinman ** Jacob Assail Schur ** Samuel Martin Sheldon ** Mark Christian Sigrist ** Kathryn Morrison Sneade ** Meredith Young Sofer * Sean Stewart Suder Jeremy Shane Sylestine * Elizabeth Crocker Thomas ** G John-David Thomas ** G Emily J. Tidmore ** Pepin Andrew Tuma ** Janet Huntley Turnbull **

Seth James Turoff ** Gerrit William Tysse ** H. Lillian Vogl ** Amy Meyer Capen Voorhees ** Michaelynn R. Ware Thomas R. Waskom * Tigerron Asim Wells ** Robert A. West, Jr. ** Erin Segal Whaley ** Seth Warren Whitaker ** James Reyes Whitehead Molly J. W. Wilson Andrew Gillum Woodson William K. Wynne ** Paul L. Yanosy ** G Jeffrey P. Yarbro ** Tyler Chance Yarbro ** Charles Gordon Zug IV **

2005 Class Managers: Scott Michael Cullen Steven A. Kaplan Thomas P. Windom Alumni: 328 Donors: 179 Participation: 55% Total Gifts: $43,848 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Elissa Ruth Port ** G William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

J. Leonard Teti II ** G Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Charles L. Barzun ** Daniel Aaron Bress ** G Adam Joel Greene ** G Steven A. Kaplan ** Micah J. Schwartzman ** Clay Burford Tousey III ** G

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Carrie Faye Apfel ** G Patrick Norman Karsnitz ** Melanie Dawn Lebedowicz Alexandra Hirschfeld Machinist ** Lisa Marie Nousek ** Jennifer S. Windom ** Thomas P. Windom ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Berton William Ashman ** David Michael Avitabile ** G Scott Lambert Beal ** G Christian Tullis Becker ** S. Yael Berger ** Marcus D. Brown ** G Lloyd C. Dahmen * Sarang Vijay Damle ** Katherine Deringer Janson ** G Matthew Burke Janson * Laurie Ripper Kelly ** Michael Christopher Labriola ** Kathleen L. Matsoukas ** G Rachel Margaret McKenzie ** G Joseph W. Ryan III ** G Catherine Elizabeth Scavello ** Theodore Bartlett Schroeder ** Edward M. Tate ** G Jack Arthur Wilson ** Additional Donors

David Gordon Adler Kristin Johnson Aldred ** Christopher Anil Amar ** G Elizabeth Suzanne Anderson ** James Leo Athas ** G Deborah Rose Bander ** Travis Fitzhugh Batty ** Richard J. Bettan Ambika J. Biggs ** Andrew C. Boldt ** Robert James Boller ** Jennifer Arrington Bowen ** Jonathan G. Brinton ** Kirsten Burmester ** Jeremy Stephen Byrum ** Zachary Ryan Calo ** Margaret McQueen Cantrell Hugh Chandler Carney ** Elizabeth Anne Castellani ** G

Kristofer Devin Cheney ** G Morgan Lynn Chinoy ** Rachel Buckingham Cochran ** G John R. Coleman ** Nathan A. Cook ** Daniel Ryan Cooper * Jason Daniel Cruise ** Scott Michael Cullen ** Jessica Paniccia D’Arrigo ** Matthew F. Davis ** James Eliseo DiTullio ** Christopher James Donaghy ** Amanda Flaherty Doyle * Matthew Warren Dukes ** Samuel E. Edwards ** Matt Phillip Einbinder ** Brooke Allison Everley ** Meredith Stevenson Fath ** Stephanie Shemin Feingold ** Yaakov Benjamin Feingold ** Matthew Lee Fesak * Francesca E. Fornari * Andrew Thomas Foy ** Christopher Robert Freeland ** Tina Snyder French Kristin Launa Glover * G Thad S. Glowacki ** Caroline K. Greene ** David Joseph Greene ** Christophe F. Guibert De Bruet ** Sarah M. Hall ** G James Michael Harris ** Ryan Patrick Hartman * Leslie Neeland Harvey ** Meredyth Cohen Havasy Gregory David Henning ** G Adi Herzberg Jennifer Lee Holden ** Scott P. Horton ** Alison Haddock Hutton ** Joshua Charles Johnson ** Kristin B. Johnson ** Matthew Ian Kaplan Arthur Eric Karell G Paula R. Katz ** Amanda Elizabeth Koenig-Fuisz ** Matthew Joseph Koster ** David A. Kushner ** Blair R. Lanier * David Chad Larson * Peter Decklin Leary **

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Patrick S. Levy-Lavelle ** Whitney Rae Lindahl ** David Karl Mason G Joseph Andrew Matteo ** Benjamin Patrick McCallen ** G Brooke Harrison McCarthy ** Jean Ellen McCue ** Robert E. McGrail ** Brian T. McLaughlin ** Jeffrey J. Meagher Gabriel A. Mendel ** Jennifer Meggan Meyer ** Bradley Walker Mitchell ** Rita Dudley Mitchell ** G Karen Mowers Valarie Merrick Ney ** John Bernard O’Keefe ** Brent Heber Olson ** Amy Elizabeth Parker ** George Emel Pence IV ** Stephen C. Piepgrass ** Scott D. Pluta ** Kimberly Anne Porcaro * James Martin Puckett Charlotte Brooke Purcell Emily Thorne Pyser ** Edith Carmen Ramirez * Neela Kamalam Rathinasamy * Megan Freeland Raymond ** Elizabeth Jessica Reilly-Hodes ** Rhodes Beahm Ritenour ** G Christopher J. Roche ** Lauren Armstrong Ruffin ** Christopher Michael Ruhlen * Paul Scott Rutter * Susan Mohseni Sajadi ** G Sarah Elizabeth Schandler * Christine Meiers Schatz Cassie A. Scherer ** Marcy D. Smirnoff ** G Jennifer Banner Sobers Matthew Martin Sonne * Jamie Norris Stainback ** Whitney Jana Stevens * Jaime Lynn Stilson ** Mary N. Stone * Meredith Crowell Strange ** Paul Jonathan Stroka ** G Stephen Kyle Strosnider ** Debra Huang Sundberg * Christopher James Terhune ** David Watson Thomas **


Benjamin Guy Thompson ** Jeremy Michael Thompson ** David A. Tonini ** Samuel Thurston Towell ** Connie Eunice Tsai ** Kerem Turunc ** Elizabeth Tilghman Valentine ** Colin B. Vandell ** Elizabeth Oppenheimer Vavrica Davené Dashawn Walker ** Columbia John Warren ** Levi Nevada Weikel-Magden Richard Carl Wetzel III ** Elizabeth Eudora White * Laura Ann Williams ** Matthew J. Wilson John M. Winn * Brian James Wolfe ** Terence Paul Woodsome ** Emily Teresa Wright ** James Franklin Wynn II Kristin Buehl Zlogar

2006 Class Managers: Michael F. Buchwald Christopher R. Kavanaugh Jasmine H. Yoon Alumni: 361 Donors: 231 Participation: 64% Total Gifts: $51,404 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Jeremy C. Powers ** Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

James C. Dunlap ** John B. Esterhay ** Christopher M. Hayes ** Leslie Carolyn Kendrick ** Lee A. Kolber ** G Trevor N. McFadden ** Raqiyyah R. Pippins ** G Franklin T. Reece **

University of Virginia School of Law

Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Matthew H. Meyers ** G J’Lene Colette Mortimer ** L. Read Mortimer III ** Michael C. Newman ** Paul F. Rugani ** Miles S. Treakle ** Jessica E. Yates ** Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Pamela K. Bookman ** Beatrice C. Branch ** Pauletta J. Brown ** Tszyu Chen-Holmes * Bettina Tobben Drake ** James Earl Graves III ** Tiffany Marie Graves ** G Hilliard B. Hardman ** G John B. Hardman ** G ; Richard U. S. Howell ** John McClellan Hyman ** Brianne L. Kucerik ** James Robert Lederer ** Timothy P. Logan ** Conniel Arnold Malek Ann S. Robinson ** G Lars Joachim Rueve * R. Scott Schieffer ** Colleen Higgins Schultz ** Hillary Claire Shaw ** Danielle M. Sloane ** Catherine E. Stahl ** Sarah F. Teich ** Cristiane R. Wolfe ** Monifa F. Wright ** Additional Donors

Ryan T. Almstead ** Ned G. Andrews ** Benjamin J. Angelette ** Jessica Jackson Angelette ** G Katherine Elizabeth Avery ** Brooke E. Bailey ** G Michael Wade Bailey ** Lauren R. Bates ** Lindy Bau ** Benjamin A. Beliles ** G Chad E. Bell ** G Hashim-Thawab O. Bello * Janna I. Berke G

Catherine E. Bissell ** Jessica Robbin Blaemire Matthew E. Bostick ** DaLesia Boyd Peter E. Boyd * Jason R. Brege ** Adam B. Brink ** Michael F. Buchwald ** John Washington Burke ** G Lindsay Buchanan Burke ** G Betsy Neal Burns Tison A. Campbell ** Jonathan W. Cannon ** Hana M. Carney ** Brenda E. Castaneda * Lisa J. Chadderdon ** William Paul Childress III ** Catherine D. Cockerham ** Kristin Marie Darr ** Clayton A. De Arment ** Katherine K. DeLuca ** Michelle A. Dickerman ** William L. Doffermyre ** Kurt Christian Donnell ** Hetal J. Doshi ** G Roshida A. Dowe ** John H. Doyle ** Bethany Dukes ** Kathryn L. Duvall ** Christine W. Ennis * Bradley Keith Ervin Kendra Robins Ervin Jake Ewart ** Craig G. Falls Linda Fang ** David L. Feinberg ** Stacie Boothe Fletcher Kathryn V. Flood ** Brett T. Fox ** Allison G. Fraser Patricia J. Freshwater ** Annie Simpson Froehlich * Laura Fulton Richard K. Gardner ** Caroline Paige Geiger ** G Andrew E. Gelfand ** Andrew J. Genz ** William A. R. Gomaa * John M. Goodman ** Thomas R. Goodman Scott D. Goodwin ** Jesse L. Green **

Sean M. Green Dustin A. Gunderson ** Thomas B. W. Hall ** G J. David Hampton ** Cristin G. Head ** G James W. Head ** Douglas L. Hibbard ** Clayton T. Holland * William B. Igoe ** H. Alex Iliff ** Jacob M. Isler ** G ; Jill M. Johnson ** Timothy N. Johnson ** Hyun J. Jung Jason M. Karaffa ** Christopher R. Kavanaugh ** Benjamin P. Keane ** G Bridget E. Keenan ** Christopher Denes Kenny ** Jennifer M. Kies Mammen ** JoAnn Meri Koob * Rebecca MacDowell Lecaroz ** G Erick W. Lee ** Thomas J. Lerdal ** Noah A. Levin ** Laura A. Levit Lindsey A. Lewis David J. Lienhart **

Jonathan W. Light ** Molly K. Light ** Robert N. Lindsey ** John S. Linehan * Art Linnik ** Roy E. Litland ** Michael O. Loatman ** David R. Lobe ** Aaron C. Mahler ** Karl L. Malloy ** Christopher Mangin, Jr. * Nicholas C. Margida ** G Sarah H. Marks ** Jeannette A. Marshall ** Luke D. Martin ** Kimberly M. Mattingly ** M. Jaya McClure ** Joseph M. McMullen ** Scott H. Mellon ** Gabriel A. Meyer ** Karalyn D. Mildorf ** Daniel Roy Miller ** Kassia E. Miller Kenneth W. Miller ** Hye Joo Min * Katharine N. Monin ** G Samuel J. Mudrick Michael N. Nemelka ** G

Molly Elizabeth Newton ** Stephen M. Ng ** G Virginia T. Nguyen ** Daniel R.B. Nicholas ** Paul S. Nicklas ** Stephen B. O’Connor ** Shawn P. O’Hargan ** Richard I. Olszewski ** Robert K. Ozols ** Andrea L. Parisi ** G Gigi N. Parris ** Christina Farrell Pearson ** Justin J. Peterson ** James M. Pinna ** Eric R. Poole ** Michael R. Purdy ** Louise T. Rains ** G Terry J. Randall ** David A. Reed ** G David F. Reid ** Daniel P. Reing ** Lucy B. Ricca ** Alexandra R. Rosenblatt ** Franklin D. Rosenblatt * Gillian Marum Russell ** William I. Sanderson ** G Matthew J. Sandiford ** Adam P. Schempp **

Andrew A. Schmidt ** Rebecca Bricken Segal ** Sheri L. Shepherd-Pratt * Justin Todd Sher ** John Sherman III ** Kelly J. Skeat Douglas Brian Smith ** Katherine V. A. Smith * Michael J. Snow ** Nicole O’Brien Snyder ** J. Michael Snypes, Jr. ** G Kirsten M. Solberg ** Andrew Spital * Kristin Marie Sprinkle ** Jason B. Stavers ** Mary Ellen Stefanou ** Justin S. Steinschriber ** Laura J. Stipanowich ** Jamie F. Tabb ** Scott D. Tenley ** G Christopher J. Termini ** G Aryn Paige Thomas ** Diem H. Tran Adam Robert Trusner ** Caleb McCracken Turner ** James E. Tysse ** Patrick L. Wachendorf Lilien Audrey Wagner ** Gregory S. Walker ** Eric Wang Randall Warden ** Jeremy M. Weinberg ** Robert B. Weiss ** Jennifer Lynne Wine ** G Thomas H. Wintner ** Robert Matthew Worden ** Erin Cavan Wrenn ** Allie Yang-Green Ilana A. Yergin-Doniger ** Jasmine H. Yoon ** Catherine Yu Lee ** Nicholas C. Yunes **

2015–2016 Annual Report


2007 Class Managers: John Watkins Blanton Courtney Dredden Carter Tara Michele McManigal Alumni: 345 Donors: 206 Participation: 60% Total Gifts: $57,145 Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

David Saunders * m G William Minor Lile Associate $2,500 to $4,999

Jonathan Mathew Right * Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Andrew M. Carlon * Azar Koulibaly * Bryan Henry Parr * G Carrie Alyssa Ratliff * Pamela Wells Reid * G Andrew Scott Roper * Anup M. Shah * Molly M. Shah * Andrew David Sorkin * Khang Vinh Tran * G Miranda Holmes Turner * Kelly Dionna Voss * G Porter Noell Wilkinson * Joseph Gene Zihal * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Adam Mitchell Bentley * Rebecca Clifford Carson * Elissa M. L. Fix * Jared Ryan Jenkins * Meredith Lyn Rugani * Kelli Anne Scheid * G David Frank Tejtel


Law School Patrons $500 to $749

David Nathaniel Berol Lincoln Owens Bisbee * Jessica Conklin Calagione * G Jerry John Chandapillai * Mark David Finsterwald * Jennifer V. Gillcrist * Jamieson Lee Greer * John Francis LaSalle III * Jason Lee McIntosh Anna Markham Sanders * Joshua Bradford Simmons * G Lindsay Grinols Simmons * G Allison Blake Smith * G Bethany Cooper Smith * G Michael Francis Smith * Laura Beth Snodgrass * G Beth Diane Vogel * David Jason Zawitz * Christopher Chi Zhang * James Edward Zucker * Additional Donors

Julian Lucien Andre * G Patrick Coby Ashby * Heather Yvonne Axford * John Douglas Bates * Elizabeth R. Beardsley * G Jason Sterling Beaton * Michael William Belby * Catherine Scott Bernard * Justin Wade Bernick * John Watkins Blanton * Catherine Paige Bobick * Jennifer Luetkemeyer Boller * Scott Michael Border * Phillip Anthony Buffa * Erin Wilcox Burns James Henry Calkins * Courtney Dredden Carter * Sarah Elizabeth Cash Courtney Willson Cass G Ulrick Gabriel Casseus * Michael Castiglione * Lauren Elizabeth Catoe * Nathan Michael Cherry * G Han Jin Cho * Alexander Christian Clayden * Daniel Walter Cohen * Norah Kathleen Cooney * Paul Theodore Crane III *

University of Virginia School of Law

Kathryn Mary Dalzell * Mark A. de Figueiredo * Elliott Hawes DeJarnette V * G Christine Garrett Devlin * Scott Jason Dorfman * Christen K. Douglas * Collin Michael Dretsch * Vanessa Kolbe Eisenmann * David Maurice Ellis * Chad Douglas Farrell * Adam Louis Fotiades * Kaleb D. Froehlich * Stephen Paul Glasgow * G Robert C. Glass * Joshua David Goad Laura Dawn Golden * G W. Eric Grant * Stephanie Ullman Grau * Melany Elizabeth Grout Alan David Hambelton * Angela Lynn Harris * Ryan Frazer Harsch * Daniel Barry Hauck * Daniel Shawn Hegwood * Lisa Kinney Helvin * Jennifer Rada Herrald * G Kathleen Huang Alison Kelly Hutchinson * David Michael Irvine Christopher D. Jackson * Curtis Wayne Jones * John Phillip Kabealo * Deborah Ann Kaplan Joshua Michael Kaplowitz * Joseph Stephen Katzen * Kristin Lynne Keranen * Catherine Cain Ware Kilduff * Jennifer A. Kosteva * Mera Adamovich Kutrovac * Katherine Radd LaBarre * Paul Robert Laurence * Daniel Justin Layfield * Sara Marissa LeClerc * Katherine Dale Ledbetter * Michael David Lewis * Rebecca Lee Limmer * G Christopher Phillip Lynch * Matthew Michael Madden * Allix Jae Magaziner * Laura Bottoms Mattal * Thomas Daniel McCaffrey * Alexis Anne McCarthy *

James Andrew McCarthy Britton Dale McClung * G Austin F. McCullough * James Michael McDonald * Tara Michele McManigal * Emily Anne Meyer * Tiffany Anne Miller * G Everton Earl Morris * G Gregori Matthew Morris * Kelly Marie Morrison * Lisa Hovey Motley * Benjamin Edward Mudrick * Jonathan Robert Mureen Shannen Leigh Naegel * Christopher Lawrence Nasson * Amber M. Neal Calvin Rodman Nelson * Mark E. Oblad * Brian Adam O’Dea * Anna Nisbet O’Neal * G Howell Griffith O’Rear ** Ajeet P. Pai * Sarah Pendergraft Pai * Alexander Bernard Patterson * G Lisa Maria Perez * Aaron Louis Peskin * Alexis Krotec Peskin * Peter Nicholas Peterson * Jessica Claire Pettrone Cathleen Joy Phillips * Taylor Joseph Phillips Joseph Andrew Ponzi * Jennifer Cullinane Pucci Mohammed Adil Qureshi * Serenity Shea Rasmussen Benjamin William Reeves * Peter Campbell Reeves * Daniel Milton Richards * Alexis Imber Rieger * Clermont Fraser Ripley * Peter Duett Robinson * Katherine C. Rohrbaugh * Jacob Harrison Rooksby * Shannon Moore Ross Lauren Kimberly Roth * A. Bryce Rufener Melanie Wilson Rughani Michael B. Rush * Allein Sabel Matthew Russell Sait Carly Glover Saviano * Adam B. Schwartz *

Evan Thomas Shea * G Anna Shearer * Justin Lee Shearer * Jessica Jane Sibley Amanda Kaye Slater * Kate K. Smith * Elizabeth Sullivan Snodgrass * Jacob Andrew Snodgrass * Michelle Lindsay Stavola * Ilyse Bassin Stempler * Erin Elizabeth Stieber * Albert Blackwell Stieglitz, Jr. * Grace Su * Christopher T. Sukhaphadhana * Kelu L. Sullivan Ryland McCarthy Sumner Scott Alexander Swartz * Micah E. Ticatch * KatieLynn Boyd Townsend * Jay Daniel Trickett * G Adam S. Trost * Christen Margaret Tuttle William James Ulrich * Brian Michael Vines * Gregory W. K. Voigt ** James Matthew Watson * G Robert Evans Weissert * Stephanie Lynn Weitzner * Alison Anderson Williams * Brian John Winterhalter * Adam Coulter Wolk * G James Albert Yeagle

2008 Class Managers: Frankie Taylor Jones, Jr. Kira Lynn Walmer Alumni: 390 Donors: 228 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $62,063 John Barbee Minor Fellows $10,000 to $19,999

Akure Ahaghotu Paradis * m Charles Begin Paradis * m Elizabeth N. Tompkins ’23 Associate $5,000 to $9,999

Robert Bogan Ludwig Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Catherine Edmunds Klaus Sarah Betts Esterhay * Laura Holland Kemper * G Kelly Jane McFadden * Dawn Crowell Murphy * Jessica Lynn Reece * Megan E.L. Strand * Donald Ray Teeter, Jr. ** Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

James Matthew Belger * Vera G. Belger * Rebecca Merritt Deupree * William Compton Hughes * Christopher Austin Jaros * Radha Sathe Manthe * G Liam James Montgomery * G David Webster Mulliken * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Kenyon Alexa Amborn * Kyle Matthew Amborn * Robert Locke Beatty * G Rebecca Solomon Brown * Connie L. Chilton * G Shawn Terrence Cobb *

Joshua Nathaniel DeBold * V. Kathleen Dougherty * G Andrew M. Dove * G Gregory Andrew Frischmann * Heather Nicole Fugitt * Nicole Ellington Grady * James Patrick Hannigan * Christian Andreas Hickersberger * Charles Kenzie LaPlante * Jonathan Tyler Lucier * Laura Thornhill McCready * Eli Nathaniel Miller * Brian Charles Rabbitt * James Patrick Robinson Coleen Patricia Schoch * William Lucien Smith, Jr. Benjamin D. Traster Kara Martin Traster Sabina Abigail Vayner * Jeffrey David Weber * Thomas F. Wood Additional Donors

Emily Anne Alexander * K. Winn Allen * Katherine Twomey Allen * Daniel Fred Allison Lauren Rachel Aronson Sameer Asher ** James Stuart Baehr * G Rebecca Padmini Barnes * Jeffrey Brian Bender * Kimberly Marie Bender * Matthew Louis Berde * James Robert Billings-Kang * Elizabeth C.D. Blase * Natalie Rajkovic Blazer * G Ryan Evan Bonistalli * Andrew Curtis Bosse * James Fitzgerald Bowyer * Louis Jared Boyd Katherine Cary Brege ** David Charles Brown * Donald Burke * Sarah Hughes Burke * William Gentry Bushman * G Brandon Collins Butler Patrick Jeffrey Byrnett * Christopher John Cahill * G Meghan Kathleen Casey * G Aaron M. Chandler * Brenna Michelle Clark

Mika S. Clark * Tiffany Eris Clements * Ericka Clouther * Selina Penelope Coleman * Matthew R. Conway * Aaron David Coombs * John Stuart Cooper * Victoria Alterman Coyle * Kristin Hall Devenica * Brendan O’Brien Dignan * Thomas Anthony Dowell * Daniel Edward Dubelman * Robert Thomas Dumbacher * Daniel J. Durst * Kathryn Grace Duryea * Natalie Nicole Elicker * G John Joseph Engel * James Warren Evans * G Emilie Fisher Ewart * Katie Burke Fairchild * Matthew D. Fender * Joshua T. Ferrentino * Matthew Allen Fitzgerald * Amy Kate FitzHenry Thomas Conor Flynn * Joseph L. Fowler * Jonathan Francis Ganter * Phoebe Townsend Geer * Andrew Thomas George * G Alison Ferguson Gobble * Ross Brandon Goldman * Adam Alexander Gordon * Joseph Martin Green * Jennifer Suzanne Greenlief * Matthew Peter Groh * Tim Karl Hagen Christopher Michael Hammer * Erin C.M. Hanlon * Michelle Harris * Joshua David Hartshorn * James Ryan Harvey * G Peter Daniel Healey * Kenneth Brooks Hickman * Meredith Ransom Hiller * Amy Schuller Hitchcock * Mark Edward Hitchcock * G Michael Lee Hitsky * Rachel Megan Hoffer * Michael Gilbert Hollander * Eric Grayson Holmes * Ashaki N. Holmes-Kidd * Emre Nizam Ilter *

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Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

Rebecca Elaine Ivey * Om Madan Jahagirdar Jacob Davis Johnson * Frankie Taylor Jones, Jr. * Dhiraj Joseph * Sarah Whitlock Kabealo * G Timothy Francis Kennedy * David John Kerastas John Ashley Kimble Lauren Jennifer King * Elliott Maxwell Klass * Bret Ladine * Roger Jacob Landsman * Corinne O’Hayer Lane Jonathan Herman Lasken * Andrea Renaldi Law * Michael Edward Lecaroz Prisca Shrewsbury LeCroy * Evan Todd Lee * Amy J. Lentz * Mark Robert Lentz * Brian James Leung * G Elizabeth Lee Linkenauger * Josephine Liu * T. Preston Lloyd, Jr. * Lisa Marie Lorish * Adam Scott Lovelady * Justin Rudolph Lowery * Damien Robert Lyster Christopher Ma * Daniel Alan Mason * James Theodore Mattus * Gillian Rice Maupin * Jennifer Lynn McCammon * G Luke Joseph McCammon *


Timothy Hayes McCarten * William Dinning Meyer * Jonathan Daniel Miller David Steve Mordkoff * David Kenneth Mroz * Rebecca Lynn Mroz * Edward Augustus Mullen * Richard H. Nettles * Sinead Noelle O’Doherty * Megan Orme * Jeremiah Clark Parker * Lauren J. Parker * Aaron Matthew Paul * Kelly Elizabeth Phipps Julie Dillon Podlesni Allissa Aileen Pollard * Katiuscia Sophia Potier * Marcy Christina Priedeman * Ramona L. Quillet Lisa Marie Ragosta * Seth James Ragosta * Erik Joseph Raven-Hansen * Conor Adams Reidy * Stephen Arthur Reis * Jennifer Byrd Richey * Christopher Andrew Ripple * Justin Matthew Ross * Jordan Michael Rossen * Richard Michael Rothblatt * Nathan Douglas Rozsa * Anne Kaldor Sauro * Jeremy David Schildcrout * Jeffrey Richard Schoenberger * Micah Block Schwartz Ryan Donovan Searfoorce * J. Ben Segarra Rebekah R. Shapiro Stephanie Wright Shea * Daniel Patrick Shean * Natalie Eiko Shioji * Jason Shyung * Kyle Wallace Siegel * Alec Jason Solotorovsky Timothy James St. George * Sara Elizabeth Stinnett * Jonathan Daniel Stoian * John Adam Suppes * Andrea L. Surratt * Mohsin Raza Syed Thomas Michael Trucksess * Jesse Stuart Unkenholz * Jessica Cate Vail *

University of Virginia School of Law

Alexis Shelley Wade Kira Lynn Walmer * Kristen McElligott Warden * G Jonathan Wesley Ware * Tyler Guy Welti * G Patricia Paula Williamson * Reginald Ashton Williamson * Seth Andrew Winter * Andrew Nils Wogman * Alan William Wong * Bethany N. Wong * Amy Lynn Woolard * Amanda Worcester Martin * Alec J. Zadek *

2009 Class Managers: Dennis Daniel Barrett Allison Barra Nicholson Christina Monica Valencia Alumni: 392 Donors: 208 Participation: 53% Total Gifts: $39,238 William Minor Lile Associates $2,500 to $4,999

Allison Alecia Muth * G Michael Douglas Warner * Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Douglas Matthew Andre * Grace Eileen Fu * Bobbie Lee King, Jr. * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Anthony Macdonald Caputo, Jr. * Aaron Jonathan Kleinman * Vikas Kumar * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Ravi Kumar Agarwal * Robert Frederick Baldwin III * Jennifer Goodlatte Barblan * G

Matthew Thomas Barblan * Marissa R. Boynton * Emily Burke Buckley * Amal Ujjval Dave * Michael Robert Dolan * Ryan VanPatten Dougherty * Brittani Sue Head * Alexandra Meilan Heller * John Chase Johnson * G Christopher Scott Munsey * Paul Jozef Mysliwiec * Christopher Joseph Norfleet Lee Alexander Peifer * David Bruce Sherman * Kevin Liam Walsh * Emily Coates Watkins * Additional Donors

James Patrick Abely * Nicholas Cule Adams * Karin Lee Agness * Michael Lampert Akavan * Landon Arthur Allred * Anthony A. Arsali * Olushola Omojokun Ayanbule * Anne F. Bachmann * Kilsy T. Barnes * Dennis Daniel Barrett * Amber Moran Bewley * G Jeremy Ronald Bloor * G Ellen Catherine Bognar * Ann Michelle Bomberger * Christine Keifer Borton Peter Elijah Bosman * Jennifer Marie Brickey Bridget Mayer Briggs * Elizabeth Lim Brooks John H. Brooks * Lauren Julia Brown * G Orran Lee Brown, Jr. * Nathan Scott Bryant * Robert Lewis Burns Catherine Allison Byrd * Derek Benjamin Casper * Thomas Christopher Cecil * G Sarah Duddy Centrich * Brian Y. Chan Christine Nali Chang Michael Sheh-Yang Chang * Melissa McWilliams Cherry * Connor Joseph Childress * Jacqueline Choi * G

Law and Business

“The John W. Glynn, Jr. ’65 Law & Business Program allowed me to view certain courses from a transactional approach and enhanced my understanding of what corporate practice will entail. I am very excited to see how my legal career advances in the coming months and years.” — Bradley Alvarez ’16, Associate at Latham & Watkins in Silicon Valley, California

2015–2016 Annual Report


Grace Applefeld Cleveland * G William Choice Cleveland IV * Kara Beth Coen * Nicole Eason Collins * Alejandro Hari Cruz Jason Brett Curtin * Rebecca Schoff Curtin * Briar B. Darden * Emily Kingsbury Davis * Kurt Leo Davis, Jr. Amadou Kilkenny Diaw * G Samuel Evan Doran * Rebecca Jane Dunaway * Kathryn C. Ederle * Sumaya Shawqi Ellard * Kevin Matthew Ellis * G Timothy Edward Emmet * Courtney Estep * John P. Estep * Aaron Cole Esty * Sarah Bryan Fask * Charles Renton Fellers * Catherine Finegan-Dollak * Elizabeth Spain Flowers * Katherine Vail Foss * Lewis Chilton Foster III Gibbs Patton Fryer * Christopher Paul Gabriel * Mark Thomas Gannon * Joshua Jeremiah Gayfield * Eric K. Gerard * Bradley Thomas Giordano * Brandon Herbert Graves * Stephanie Fier Greene * G John Vincent Griffin Michael Patrick Grogan Kevin Charles Hakala Andrew Mcneil Halbert * David Christopher Hardy Dawn Marie Harrop * Warren Eliot Hedges * Joshua Cole Hess * Mark Alexander Hiller * Matthew Rawlings Hindman * Justin Russell Hitchcock * David Benjamin Holley * Colin A.B. Holmes * Phillip Henry Hucles * Eric Scott Jacobi * Jason Elliot James * Nathaniel Christopher Johnson * Veronica Anne Richter Johnson *


James Logan Joyce Dana Ashley Jupiter * Daniel Lawrence Kaplan * Bryn Studenmund Karaus Elizabeth Katz * Gwendolyn Kern Kelly * Dena Sloan Kessler * Charles Salem Korschun * Sarah F. Kuipers * G Derek Nolan Lacarrubba * Christopher Hiekka Langbein * Luke Edward Laumann * Kathleen O’Malley Lawrence * G Catherine Scott Laxton * Henry Colin LeCroy * Paul Clifford Levin * Sam Charles Limmer * Tyler Hancock Lipp * Andrew Richard Lloyd * G Lara Jean Loyd Joshua West Marnitz * Paul Timothy Martin II * Sarah Bender Martin * Angela Renee Matney * W. Thomas Mayfield IV * Patrick Joseph McCann, Jr. Lindsay Jo McCaslin * Gary James McGinnis Michael Robert McLively Maria Danielle Merritt Jefferson T. Michael * Carey Joseph Mignerey * G Christina Zaroulis Milnor * Mark Predrag Mitrovich * Travis James Mock Alison Marie Mueller * Derek Scott Neilson * James David Nelson * Allison Barra Nicholson * Matthew Brian Nicholson * Otis Nkrumah Ofori * G Christina Lynn Omar * Naveen Ramanath Pai George Robert Painter IV * Thomas Arthur Parnham, Jr. * Lauren Eve Paull * David Joseph Plante Kerry Shapleigh Price * Ryan K. Quillian * G Shrutee Raina Matthew Benjamin Rappaport * Rebecca Lynn Reeb *

University of Virginia School of Law

Kara Gorski Reed * Paul Verd Russell * Benjamin Ryan Sachs * Milton Stuart Sasser, Jr. G Frank Anthony Saviano * Jennifer BenEliyahu Seale * Michael Bernard Seeligson * Michael Wayne Seitz * Nitin Shah Edward J. Shaheen III Aaron B. Shepherd * Kristin Hartnett Sheppe * Aylin M. Skroejer * Peter John Sluka * Craig Michael Smith * Jim George Smith, Jr. * Marit Rachael Spekman * David Bryan Starrett, Jr. * G Tiana McLean Stephens * Michelle Ferguson Stewart * Nicole Ann Stockey * Andrew Brian Stockment * Jeffrey Carroll Sullivan * Kathleen Tarbox Munoz * Katherine Thorpe * Christine E. Bestor Townsend * G Philip Berkeley Trout G Evan Nathaniel Turgeon * Christina Monica Valencia * William Jefferson Vigen * G Daniel Joseph Walter * Amy Elizabeth Walters * G Gabriel Zane Walters * Joseph Barlow Warden Dana Tenille Weekes Aaron Charles Weiner * Sarah McCracken Weiner * Charles Benjamin Weinograd * Elizabeth Studdard White * G Michael Edward Wolin * Glenn Phillip Worley * Clare Wuerker * Charity Brunson Wyatt Ian Joseph Zack *

2010 Class Managers: Robert Boutwell George Scott Candler IV Gretchen Kaplan W. Thomas Worthy Alumni: 371 Donors: 205 Participation: 55% Total Gifts: $29,020 Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Paul Belonick * G Nicholas Robert Timmons * G Caroline Harmon Werner * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Mishima Alam * Douglas Bouton * G George Scott Candler IV * Michael Ronald Sorrell, Jr. * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Jonathan Brent * Patrick Fagan * G Steven Patrick Gould * Gretchen Kaplan * Casey E. Lucier * G Adam Martina * Patrick Mott * J. Eric Pardue * Brendan Eugene Radke * G Stephen Reichel * Adam Whitehouse * Christopher Thomas Zirpoli * Additional Donors

Christine Mandell Abely * Allen Seth Abrams * Stephanie Accuosti * Marie Acosta William Sutton Ansley * G Nathaniel Arnold * Sara Wood Baez * James Blake Bailey * Deepti Bansal * Alexandra Garrison Barnett * G

Alexander Patrick Berrang * G Rajiv Bhateja * William Lawrence Bossin * G Robert Boutwell * Douglas N. Boyle, Jr. * G Laura Bower Braunsberg * Kyle Brinkman * Daniel P. Brown * Jessica Brown * Mary Winchurch Brown * Michael Tyler Brown * Greta Louise Burkholder * Alton Burton, Jr. * James G. Carr * Andrea Cheek * Veronica Hart Chittim * Caryn Clark Gregory Andrew Clark * Barbara Colberg * Brian Paul Coppola * Kelly Hendry Cotting * Brady Cox * Tyler Cuff Bradley Curtis * Jeremy Dale * Fred Naif David III * Carlton John Davis * Sarah Nicole Davis * Travis DeArman Elizabeth Ann DeFelice * Natalia Oehninger Delaune * Lisa Graff Dixon * Gregory Alan Dodge * Matthew B. Donaldson Kenneth James Duvall * Susan Edwards * Bilal Ezzeddine * Matthew Farmer * Courtney Miller Fore * D. Joseph Fore * Jeanne Whitehead Forsyth * Bryan Stuart Foster * Aaron Friedman * Andrew Garrett * David Michael Gettings * Andrew R. Golden G Kate Nadeau Golden Alexis Danielle Gregorian * Scott Harris Grimmer * Steven Grossman * Kristen L. Haase * Stefanee Janelle Handon *

Michael Harris * Jonathan Andrew Henry * Elizabeth Hinshaw * Kelly Hodges * Rachel Horvath * G John Aubrey Howell Michael Anthony Howes * Andrew Howlett * Christopher Hutchison * Alexander Ibrahim * Adam John Jantzi * Umair Javed Lucy Jennings * Meredith Grizzle Jetton * Jieni Ji * Bridget Joyce Korey Kallstrom * Amy Pentz Kaplan * Dallas Kaplan * G Demetra Kalliopi Karamanos Alyse Katz * Katherine Brockway Katz * Emily Kelley * Scott Kelly Leigh Carolyn Kobrinski Lisa Y. Leung * Clare Lewis * Andrea Dieterle Liburdi * Jennifer Long Ligon * Christine Lin Andrew Jasperson Lockhart * S. Mario Lorello * Paul Loughman * Matthew MacDonald * Sarah Robertson MacDonald * Logan Margulies Savannah Marion Jose Antonio Masini Torres * Jacob McCloy * Lindsey Correa McCloy * G Amanda V. McGee * C. Mitchell McGuffey * G Jordan Edward McKay * G Virginia Thomas McKibbens * John McNulty * Michael Menssen * Elizabeth Miller * Gregory Mokodean * G Fiona McCarthy Moran * John Savage Moran * Jason Maynard Morris * Lindsey Bartlett Mosvick *

Nicholas Mosvick * Stephen Wills Murphy * Saira K. Najam Samir Najam Corey Nicholas Neal * Nicholas Nelson * Christi Claire Niehans * Elizabeth Norton * Rogan Nunn * Paul Overmyer * Erin Oyama * Aaron M. Pacini * Lanora Pettit * Sante J. Piracci * Whitney Blake Price * Ryan J. Rakness Dipti Ramnarain * Edward Joseph Reed * Spencer Reed * David Rhinesmith * Grace Huang Ristuccia * David K. Roberts * Michael Keith Robertson * Daniel J. Rosenthal * G Jason Rottner * Nichole T. Rustin-Paschal * David Sadder * Trey Sadiq * Andrew Sauder Brian David Schmalzbach * Christopher Schoen * Jamie Schoen * Bryce Schunke * Sarah Segan * Kenneth Shevlin * Crystal Sue Shin * Corrie Sirkin * G David Curtis Smith Crosby Sommers * Kathryn Mims Spencer Chelsea Stine * G Taylor Stout * G William Stowe * Peter Douglas Strup * Daniel R. Sullivan * Floren Taylor * Rita Taylor * Brendan Thomas * Erin Thompson * Matthew Clark Thorne * George Tsai * Kristin Jo Uicker *

Meredith Leigh Van Tine * Ryan Christopher Vaughn * Rebecca Villarreal * Alison Taylor Wacker * Nathan Wacker * Michael Ryan Wakefield * Kyle Wamstad * Kendall Wangsgard * Christina Weisner * G Brian M. Wells * C. Stephen Wendell * Diana Christine Wielocha * Kathryn Throo Williams Derek Wolfgruber * Jonathan Wolfson * Katherine Worden * Fiona Worrall * W. Thomas Worthy * Christopher Stratton Wynne * Jin Yan * Johan Cyrus Yavari * Latif Zaman *

2011 Class Managers: Carolyn Beth Greco Lauren Prieb Mehler Melanie Anne Smith Alumni: 371 Donors: 211 Participation: 57% Total Gifts: $27,667 Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Alexandra Taylor Belonick * G Marley Ann Brumme * Timothy A. Cook * Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Christopher Jason Cariello * Kristyn Ann Judkins * Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Stewart Hill Ackerly * Brian Craig Colas

2015–2016 Annual Report


Veronica Colas * C. Benjamin Cooper * G ; Emily Anna Daniels Katherine Diane Hart Hasper Courtney Lee Lindsay * Kevin Kent McNish * Meredith Conrad Mott * Adam C. Pollet * Robert Edward Sherman * Meaghan P. Thomas-Kennedy * Young Law School Patrons $250 to $499

Austin Allbrook Averitt * Myra Hiott Chapman * Kathryn Allen Crowe * Caroline Stoker Donovan * Veronica Dragalin * Megan Fanale Engel * Elspeth Alma England * Katherine Ruth Foster * Noah Mark Galton * E. Rebecca Gantt * Jason Edward Greene * Benjamin Louis Grosz * G Matthew B. Hanson Elizabeth Winsor Hereford Melinda Marie Hightower * Elizabeth Louise Horner * Joseph John Kniaz Mark J. Littmann * Andrea Ruth Lucas * Brinton Lucas * Megan Patricia McAllen Noah R. Mink * Rachel Erin Mink * G Michael Tristan Morales * G Samuel Charles Schultz * Charles Frederick Spainhour * G Brian Patrick Sullivan * Donald Adam Wanee Laura Page Warrick * Additional Donors

Melody Elham Akhavan * Kara Suzette Akins * G Kwabena A. Akowuah * G Jason Benjamin Antrican * Rianna Naylor Barrett * Katharine Wiggin Barry G Katherine Leigh Mitchell Bell * Alexander Edward Blanchard * G


Claire Nilsen Blumenson * G Kaitlin Clary Bottock G Suzanne Marie Bradley * Virginia Marie Bruner Lena Lockridge Busscher * Joseph Arthur Caissie * Wesley Glen Carson William Hall Carter, Jr. * Jeffrey Robert Chang * Christopher Edward Cheek * G Stephen Sawyer Cohen * Benjamin Yancy Cooper * Christopher Bryan Corts * Anna Leigh Craft * G Stephen Crawford Crenshaw * G Alexander Peter Creticos * Sarah Michelle Cummings * Brian Rhodes Daner Joshua Nicholas Drian * Amelia Pinkston Dungan Darren William Dwyer * Clarke Taggart Edwards * Robert M. Falconi Paul Feinstein * Amy Strang Fleenor * Joe Lee Fore * Jodi Michelle Frankel Joshua Elliot Friedman

University of Virginia School of Law

Matthew Charles Fusina * Sarah Wu Fusina * John Winslow Gasink * Ryan Thomas Gibson * Lee William Gilley * Lydie Essama Glynn * Megan Anne Granger Carolyn Beth Greco * Caitlin E. Gregg * Blakeley Electra Griffith * Kate Molony Growley * Lynzi Archibald Gruetzemacher * Sally Mae Handmaker * Elizabeth Eva Hang * G Hallam Roth Harper * James Wells Harrell * Charles Christopher Harris Amanda Leigh Hedrick * G Emily Alice Higgs * Erica Siegmund Hough * Erin Colleen Houlihan * G Laura Elizabeth Howell Jacquelyn Andrea Jones Timothy Ryan Juro * Elizabeth Lanier Kade * Lauren Elizabeth Kapsky * Erin Jennifer Kelly * Kevin Michael Kelly * G

Susan Marie Beall Kittey * Andrew Stephen Koelz * Susan Elise Kruth Jordan Elizabeth Lane * John Anderson Lanier * Gary Michael Lawkowski Sterling J. LeBoeuf * Jacqueline Margaret Leonard * G Fanghua Li Troy K. Lieberman * G Breita Anne Linnell * Daniel Edward Lipton * AnneMarie MacPherson * Calvin B. Marshall Christopher Aaron Martin * G Rebecca Leigh Martin Emily Wonnell Mathews * Colleen Mary Mayer * G Elizabeth Krabill McIntyre * Margaret Daniels McSpadden * Lauren Prieb Mehler * Neepa Kurang Mehta Kristin Weissinger Melton * Reba Makeda Mendoza Adam A. Milasincic Christopher James Mincher * Megan Poitevint Mitchell * Patrick John Mitchell *

Kara Kristen Mobley * Daniel Carl Morgenstern G Brandon J. Moss * Sean Patrick Murray Andrew John Muzic Jennifer Anne Nelson * Peggy Davis Nicholson * G Gretchen Ellen Nygaard * David Takeshi Okano * G Kenneth John Oman * Robert Hall Parks * Anne Russo Pavia * G Claudio Joseph Pavia Andrew Gordon Penman * Johnathan Spencer Perkins Travis Pietila * Brian H. Pishko * Samuel Montgomery Poole * Matthew Emil Reardon * Adam Zachary Risell * Kasey Levit Robinson * Mary Ayer Robinson * Tyler Eugene Robinson * Brian Kenneth Rock * Rachel Lauren Rollins * Daniel Adam Ross * Jennifer Kristin Roy * Priya Roy * Kristin Ella Russell * April Nicole Russo * Laurel Mikie Sakai * Wesley Brian Sawyer * Anna Elisabeth Schmitz * Adam Kenneth Schulman * Brent Jason Schultheis Laura Anne Schuyler * Katherine Keener Sear * Ravi Romel Sharma * Amy Lee Sheppard * Melanie Stuart Siders * Brigitte Silver * Helen Heryun Sim Alec Jervis Smith * Melanie Anne Smith * Sean Phillip Smith * T. Peyton Smith * Karla Jamias Soloria * G Katherine Lynn Soppet * Caroline Wellman Stanton * Jesse Cobb Stewart * Seth Wayne Stoughton * Candace Stuart-Morris *

Ryan Christopher Temme * Jeree Michele Thomas * Daphne Trainor Bahl * Trevor Jacob Tullius * G Max Baba Twine * Sean Spohn Twomey * Vincent John Vaccarella * Andrew Todd Van Duzer Joseph E. Van Tassel * G Lauren Kunkle Ventre K. Scott Voelker, Jr. * Jessica Rosemarie Vormwald * Jamar Kentrell Walker * G Katherine Jean Watlington * Matthew Hayes Weger Emily Behl Wells * Jeffery Brian White John Cherne White * G Ashley Ann Wilkinson * Jared Michael Williams James Andrew Windle * Caroline Kell Wray * Brian Adam Wright *

2012 Class Managers: Jennifer Anne Becker-Pollet Stac y Chung Madeleine Kristine Rodriguez Alumni: 354 Donors: 207 Participation: 58% Total Gifts: $32,209 Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Katherine Mims Crocker Tenley Mochizuki Juliane Ylenia Smith Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Eileene Islada Braxton G Joseph Allen D’Agostino Phillip Sun Koh Jason Cyrus Lynch Jason Phillip Schaengold Lindsey Michelle Yeargin G

Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Jennifer Becker-Pollet m Craig Jacob Bergman Shaun James Bockert Matthew A. Dominy Matthew Richard Harvey Carolyn Honoria Kendall Allison Marie Lansell Courtney Beth Marello G James Joseph Petrila R. Kent Piacenti G Christopher Michael Reilly G Young Law School Patrons $250 to $499

Kristen Kabat Bromberek G Lindsay Marie Brooker Ashley Christina Brown Stacy Jihey Chung Joshua Andrew Clark Tara H. Curtin Kellen Thomas Fowler Hayley Ann Haldeman G Sarah Elizabeth Hickie Jacob Alexander Holt Thomas John Humphrey James Alexander Kaiser G Leanne Marek Kantner Anne Clare Malinee Georgia Varlan Man Benjamin James Martin Ben-Yusuf Massey G Matthew Lee Miller Natalie Danielle Morris Rebecca Anne Muff Laura R. Paliani G Laura Jenkins Plack G Margaret Celeste Rohlfing Kathleen Shen Anne Baldwin Stephenson Peter Lindley Trentman G Additional Donors

David Ikenna Adams Kirk Jared Anderson Michelle Jade Anderson G Richard Joseph Balazs Seth Davis Beckley John Eliot Beerbower Lucas Edward Beirne Christina Leaton Bennett

Julie Diane Bentz Katherine Mary Beye Sarah Sophie Blanchard Harold William Bloom Michael David Bookman Clare Marie Boronow Jessica Boluda Bratten Travis Petty Brinton Natalie Elisabeth Brown Andrew Martin Buttaro Elizabeth Winnie Chan Chioma Ifeyinwa Chukwu Ryan Lee Clyde David Jay Cutshall Elizabeth Juliet Dalton Megan Elizabeth Dellinger David Zeki Demirbilek Evan Grant Didier Sonali Dohale Richard F. D. Dudley Milad Emam Leily Faridzadeh Elaine Victoria Fenna Kathryn Marie Fennig Adam Jesse Fleisher Daniel Robert Foster John Calvin Fuchs Garry A. Gabison Scott Brandon Galla G Mica Anouska Germain Shea Matthew Gibbons Katharine Walker Gilman Ashlee Sawyer Gilson Matthew Pendzich Greeson Daniel Moises Gude Stephanie Lynn Hall Douglas Michael Hance Michelle Chance Harrison Katelyn Morris Hartford G Daniel Benjamin Hausman Meredith Blaire Hawkins G Russel Alan Henderson Jack Alexander Herman Nathan L. Hittle Jessica Lindsay Ho Allison Harnack Huebert Megan Laing Janes M. Hill Jeffries III Sarah Dearing Johns Gary W. Johnson Laura Jolley Akowuah Yoon-Joo Jung

2015–2016 Annual Report


Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member G Class Agent ; 100% Participation for Class Agent

Clay William Karwisch Vivian Eunice Kim G Simone Marcela King Lance Robert Kiss G Georgiana Levy Konesky Colleen Depman Kukowski Cindy C. Kung Glenn Grayson Kunkes Emily Clancey Lechner Leslie Ann Lee Nathanael Harris Lee Samuel Isaac Levin Veronica Jean Lew Alan S. Lin David Mark Locher Teale Clark Long Brett P. Lowe Natalie Christine Madaj David Clifton Majors Esha Kshemal Mankodi Robert William Manoso G Elizabeth Anne Marshall V. Blair Marsteller Ashley Breanne Matthews Benjamin Arthur Mayer G Catherine Harding McCord Anna McKenzie Timothy Patrick McKernan Calleigh Mae McRaith David Robert Merritt David Daniel Metcalf Scott Matthew Migliori Evan Campbell Mix Jed Thomas Moody Stephanie Teresa Moore


Meghann Keely Morrill Haley Morrisson Michael Scott Moskowitz G Rachel Elizabeth Mossman Hana Nah Peter Vance Nelson Carolyn Le Nguyen John Chris Pappas Kimberly Louise Paschall Alan Michael Pate Kinal Mahesh Patel Julie Ann Patter G Andrew John Peach Jeffrey Stephen Pelligrino David Perez Thomas William Perez-Lopez G Michael Jordan Pergler Caitlin McLaughlin Poe G Kevin Christopher Poe G Brian Thomas Polley G Jeffrey Stuart Porter Amber Renee Randolph G Laura Emily Richardson G Frank Brock Riggs T. Morgan Riley Madeleine Kristine Rodriguez Robbie Freyda Rogart Alexandra Martin Romero Amanda Grace Rooney Zachary Lance Rowen Lana Marie Rowenko Christopher Paul Schandevel Frances McCorkle Segura Ann Marie Seller Daniel Thomas Sharpe Kristen Michelle Shepherd Lauren Ashley Simpson Anisha Singh William Becker Sohn Jessica Faye Sommer Chen Song Brendan Miller Staley G Alex Jay Talley Sanjiv Jayant Tata G Aaron Terr Marc Ryan Thomas Charles W. Throckmorton R. Zachary Torres-Fowler William Merritt Unsworth Carl Terrell Ussing Joseph Leonard Vandegrift Laura Dougherty Venker G

University of Virginia School of Law

Holly Rose Vradenburgh Janice Wang Samuel Kenneth Whitt Aaron Mark Williams Amber Glee Williams G Kristina Elizabeth Wilson Christopher Keith Wimbush Joseph Quinn Wood Elizabeth Ingersoll Woodley Katherine Parrott Wright Brian Jeesu Yang Tyler Paul Young G Kelly G. Zemil Kevin Junyan Zhao

2013 Class Managers: Alexandra Caroline Aurisch Megan Mieko Kayo Esther Jean Winne Alumni: 366 Donors: 219 Participation: 60% Total Gifts: $23,657 Armistead M. Dobie Associate $1,000 to $2,499

Jacob Harris Gutwillig Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Sung Jae Lim Heather H. Marshall Shawheen Shams Molavi G Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Sirisha Bendapudi Jonathan Clayton Black II Michael Keith Bradshaw, Jr. G Sarah Cooke Griffiths Jason Singh Maan Keiko Seno Gavin Conant Wait Kathryn Anne Young G

Young Law School Patrons $250 to $499

Ogechi Cynthia Achuko Chase Johnson Cooper G Brittany Mel Dorman Daniel Alexander Evens Erin Jessica Frake Meagan Elizabeth Griffin James Byron Hatten Karl Edward Herrmann G D. Sutton Hirschler Lansing Corbitt Lee Jessica Lee Lennon G Jennifer Therese Lias Kyle Martin Ryan O. Mowery Caitlin Michaela O’Hern Benjamin Charles Pulliam Caroline Siobhan Ryon Julie Michelle Schiff David Alden Seal Monica Catherine Tuck Joseph Benjamin Tyson III Katherine Keeley Tyson Derek Evan Wetmore Esther Jean Winne Jonathan Michael Young G Additional Donors

Julia Abelev Genevieve Aguilar Reardon John Warren Akin Esther Cantor Allred James Stephen Allred Paige Corbin Anderson Priscilla O. Arthus Joseph Patrick Ashbrook G Alexandra Caroline Aurisch Daniel Barden Valerie Kae Barker Hailey Proctor Barnett Timothy Randolph Barr Stephanie Lynn Beach Lauren Crowell Bingham G Sarah Brooke Bosse Sara Ann Brubaker G Duncan George Burke G Lara N. Burke Amy Waterman Byrd Chet Donald Campbell John Holmes Cantrell Sarah Elisabeth Childress

Michael John Cirino Theresa S. Clark Tyler Sherwood Clarkson G Rebecca Sideman Cohn Megan Marie Coker David Matthew Colquitt Chelsea Lynn Conanan G Carmen Francesca Corallo Kathryn Hana Cragg Rebecca Dalton G Lucy Dinkins Scott Michael Dinner Dane Adam Dodd Brigitte E. L. Eichner Melissa Frankel Fabian Noah S. Frank Keith Bernard French, Jr. Scott Davis Gallisdorfer Andrew Duffield Garrahan Jonathan Grover Giesen G Matthew Christopher Gill Emily A. Glaser G Geoffrey Allan Glass David Warren Gouzoules Andrew Wesley Green E. Jon A. Gryskiewicz Daniel Simon Guarnera Christina Ashie Guidry Jonathan David Guynn Emma Diamond Hall Emily M. Halliday William Johnson Halliday Andrew Spencer Hansbrough Melissa Marjorie Harclerode Laura Marie Haskins Christopher Anthony Hatfield G Gregory Neil Heinen Sarah Alison Hemmendinger Lindsay Mitchell Henner Carl Richard Hennies Benjamin Neal Heriaud Peter Vincent Hilton Matthew James Holt Kendall Madison Howes Monvan Hu Christopher W. Hunt Nicole Marie Jackson Matthew Paul Jobe Daniel Kenneth Johnson Jessica Lois Jones Megan Mieko Kayo Jason William Keating

Matthew Ryan Kimberlin Jessica Leslie Klein Alec George Knight Jacob Kozaczuk Alexander Chase Krueger-Wyman Alyssa Blair Kuhn Theodore Druce Kwong G Bonnie Jean Latreille Daniel Patrick Lemke Aaron Charles Lerner Denise Mary Letendre G Natasha Shante Lewis Ross Anthony Liemer Ariel Marissa Linet Joseph Daniel Lockinger Elena Gabriela Longa G Bryce R. Lowder G Belinda An Luu G Gloria Hingwon Mak Ashvin Joseph Mathew Louis James Matthews Michelle Jaclyn Berta Matthews Cassandra Anne Maximous G Warren Joseph McCarty Jason Scott McManis Philip James Messier Prescott Ryan Messier Seth Adam Meyer Jennifer Angela Migliori Elizabeth Dobbins Moskowitz G Arian Mossanenzadeh Patrick Joseph Mulligan Lance Yukio Murashige Andrew Michael Mutter Ese Juliet Okuma Jacob Stalvey O’Neal Lauren Marie Paynter James Hamilton Percival Sarah Kathleen Pergolizzi Asa McCoy Pitt Kelly Anne Quinn Julian Nahuel Radzinschi Tiffany Parrish Rainbolt Archith Ramkumar Nigel Gordon Ray Austin Lewis Raynor Sarika Elizabeth Reuben Emily Kirsten Rick Jennifer Maury Riggan Whitney R. Ripplinger Mary Frances Ritten Patrick Lloyd Robins

Benjamin Joseph Rogahn David Kyle Rolek James William Russell Steven David Ryan Kathryn Elizabeth Saltz Rosanne Marie Sangiacomo Sarah Anna Santos Lynn Christina Schlie G Frederick Henderson Schutt Matthew James Schwee Georgina Clare Shepard Joseph Louis Sheridan James Richard Sherwood Emerson Arthur Siegle Ilana Beth Sinkin Egle Sirvaityte Austin Daniel Smith Garrick Chase Smith Laura Charlotte Smith Stephen John Sovinsky John Welling Stewart Jack Quincy Stott Andrew Lee Stotts Benjamin Fletcher Sturgeon Sally Jeanne Sullivan Sean Patrick Sullivan Levi William Swank Naomi Elizabeth Takagi M. Theodore Takougang Jonathan Andi Tang Dana Lauren Tapper Tayler Wayne Tibbitts Joseph Andrew Tootle Gregory Anshin Tung G Natalie Anne Turner Anthony Chuka Ugwu-Oju Brett C. Urig Rhuju Nishith Vasavada Ferras B. Vinh Katherine Peacock Vorhis G Jasmine Nicole Wade Annie Yi Wang Marlee Jean Waxelbaum Andrew J. Weymouth Casey Lynn White John Andrew Wickham Ryan Richard Woessner G Coleman Wombwell Michael Liren Wu Jenny Xie Xiaoli Yin T. Benton York

Adam John Yost Sue Ann Yue Nelli Zaltsman Nicholas Anthony Zemil

2014 Class Managers: Mariah Travis Johnston Brian Michael Park Sarah Elizabeth Ulmer Alumni: 346 Donors: 226 Participation: 65.32% Total Gifts: $32,027 Armistead M. Dobie Associates $1,000 to $2,499

Laura Prebeck Hang Mingda Hang Nien-Ni Ku Victoria Phillips Morphy Sustaining Benefactors $750 to $999

Kevin Michael Gallagher G John Mark Gunter C. Caroline Grier Kraich Jessica Cunningham Lim G Alexia Theodora Raad Carolyn Jean Rumer Sarah Elisabeth Thompson Schick Law School Patrons $500 to $749

Corbin Price Blackford G Sarah Ann Buckley Francesca Fitch Cataldo Simon Joseph Cataldo G Aaron M. Gober-Sims G Emily Gordon Hankin Joseph Remington Neely Patrick Edward Owlett Jason Paul Samblanet Rafael Vietti Da Fonseca Isaac Taylor Wood G

2015–2016 Annual Report


Young Law School Patrons $250 to $499

George Frederick Akers Kathleen D. Barrington Chelsea Lauren Belote G Anthony Todd Brown Benjamin Timothy Christian Hayes Sydney Virginia Jones Sae Rho Mee Kim Meghan Elizabeth Loftus James C. Manning Coreen Mao Kathleen Hunter Shannon Whitney N. Tantisuwanna Shannon McKinley Traylor J. Ashley Weeks Kendra Lynn Wergin Additional Donors

Vincent Wilson Abruzzese Evan Joseph Adams Benjamin Frank Aiken Michael Albert Olayiwola Ali-Ajibode Nicholas James Alman David Lee Amos Norman G. Anderson David Joel Ashner Emily Anne Auerbach Michael Collin Baker John Brent Beckert Jessica B. Beringer Robyn Kylene Bitner Benjamin A. Bodurian Shaun Matthew Boedicker Jonathon E. Boljesic Ernst Bonaparte Michael Brito-Stamm Nicholas Edward Brown Jennifer Laura Bryer Lindsay Marie Buchanan William Brandon Bull Scott Adam Burton G Kelly Christina Camp G Aaron Neil Carpenter Evan Coleman Carter Sharon Michelle Casola Cynthia Castillo Bryce Dunn Chadwick Michael Chao Andy Chen


Wanli Chen Caitlin Marie Cipicchio G James P. Clarkin-Breslin Maxwell Paul Clayton Marta Page Cook G Zachary Robert Bruce Croft Veronica Rae Dahmer Sarah Elizabeth Delaney Austin M. Diamond-Jones Julia Ann Diaz Diana Gerette Dickinson Xuemei Ding Robert Joseph Dressel Ian Grant Duffy G Brooks Alexander Duncan James Robert Duncan Daniel Charles Eagles Sheymajash K. Edwards Dustin Charles Elliott Joseph Dodd Fairbank Crystal Fang Catherine Elizabeth Fata Emily Jaclyn Feder James Wesley Fischer Ronald James Fisher Alexander Bryce Foster Glenn James Foulds Shira Beth Furman Ian N. Gallagher Victoria Rose Galvez Sadie Lil Gardner Emily Gage Gatzemeier Gillian Rebecca Giannetti Christine Shu Gilleland Paul Maxwell Griffith Joy Guo Samuel Bernard Guthrie Stephen Michael Guynn Christopher James Hamill Jonathan David Hammond G John Webster Hunter Harding G Kieran David Hartley Jacob Egli Hasler Madelyn Elizabeth Healy Janet Martini Himmel Drew Bennett Hollander Kenneth James Hoover Russell Hill Horn Stewart Archer Inman Clay Reade Jacob, Jr. G Julianne Frances Jaquith Chad Michael Jennings

University of Virginia School of Law

Evan Cole Johnson Mariah Travis Johnston Kelsey Rose Jones Kerry Jones Allen Ramana Kathir Stephen Stanley Kempa Hunter Joseph Kendrick Brian Benjamin Kennedy G Claire Elizabeth Kenny Timothy David Kertland Andrew Gareth Irving Kilberg January Kim Minsoo Kim Levent Kiran Cameron Tyler Kirby Abigail Louise Kobrovsky Emily Laura Kveselis Stephanie Brooke Lax Samantha Leavitt Andrew Lee Joonsuk Lee Elena K. Leichty Luke B. Leichty Danton W. Liang Colin David Lloyd Katrina Michelle Long Benjamin I. Lubarsky Margo Brittany Ludmer Shannon Christine Majoras Charles Mao Jamie Michelle Marr Lisa Marie Marshall Becket Bouchard Marum Timothy James McLaughlin Alexandra Marie Meador Yakov Shmuel Medinets Benedikt Mertens Brian Mink Nicholas Alexander Mongelluzzo Robert Tres Moore Laura Ashley Musselman Kate M. Naseef Alex Weston Nordholm Beth Anne Norton Evan James O’Brien Jessica Anne O’Connell Patrick John O’Malley Amorya Myonna Orr G Brian Michael Park Han Thomas Park Shannon Caitlin Parker Stephen Colmery Parsley

Bradford Howland Patterson Matthew Daniel Perri Annalise Peters Mariclaire Elizabeth Petty Nathan Wesley Phalen Scott R. Phillips Caitlin Rutha Piper Meaghan Lynn Powers Jill Sara Pritzker Jenna Leigh Reekie G Jeremy Frank Regan Melissa Kathleen Reilly-Diakun Donald John Reinhard Grace Bielawski Richards Kevin T. Richards Catharine A. Richmond Julia Boyer Ripple Sean Maxwell Roberts Cody Scott Rogers Sam Rosati G Matthew Benjamin Rountree Katherine Elise Rumbaugh G Paula Assaad Salamoun Emily Marlene Schirmer G Caroline Susan Schmidt Jonathan Samuel Schulman Michelle J. Shin Ethan Maxwell Simon Terell Simpson Michael Robert Small G Hanchang Sohn Kirk M. Sosebee Kristin Elysse Stolpe Margaret Louise Sullivan Elizabeth Noelcke Swayne Sabrina Asgari Talukder Andrew James Terjesen Bradley Robert Thompson Colin Cassidy Thompson Jessica Thompson Robert B. Thompson Daniel Frederick Thornton Joshua David Tully Sarah Elizabeth Ulmer Sarah Ann Vonderbrink Jesse Tipton Wallin Katherine Kaylor Walton G Erin Haley Ward Charles Clark Warthen G Robert Clayton Weedman Jacky S. Werman Kaitlyn Fayth Whiteside

Victoria Dumaresq Whitney Sarah Heim-Jonson Wootton Jessica Lee Wright Amir Koochekzadeh Yazdi Keyuan Zhang Tina Xiutian Zou

2015 Class Managers: Rhett Douglas Ricard Ashley E. Singletary-Claffee Alumni: 356 Donors: 260 Participation: 73% Total Gifts: $14,524 Sustaining Benefactor $750 to $999

Jason J. Zummo Young Law School Patrons $250 to $499

Jonathan Elliot Amgott Alexander Isaac Cohen Stephen L. Ham G Meredith C. Neely Peter J. Ott Christopher B. Sevedge Sarah Alexandra Smith G Garrison Alan Wood Additional Donors

Hadeel M. Abouhasira Sarah Broderick Allen Christopher M. Arakaky Tumentugs D. Armstrong Ryan S. Baasch Scott Baird Andrew Alexander Bank Kathryn Margaret Barber Emily E. Batt G Gregory J. Bekiaris G Kevin M. Benedicto Edward Guerrant Read Bennett Peter J. Benson Nathaniel J. Bilhartz Sarah J. Bily David J. Blassberger Alda Enieyenna Boateng

Sharon D. Bocher Martin J. Bock Jeffery Allen Bowling John Reese Brammell Samuel S. Brickfield Sarah Diane Brigham Matthew Spencer Brooker Kimberly N. Brooks Emmanuel Logan Brown Sarah C. Brown Michael B. Bruns Kelsey S. Bryan Kayle Kevin Buchanan Catherine M. Burnett Steven A. Candido Chelsea Elizabeth Carbone Taralynn Alencia Casperson Kevin M. Cegan G Pradip T. Chandrasoma Ellie F. Chapman Emily Jean Clary Kathryn A. Clifford G Megan Colville Brittany Rolfe Constance Max Isaac Corey Michael Cotton Adam G. Crews Christopher D’Agostino Elizabeth J. D’Aunno Elizabeth Claire Davidson James M. Deal Ariel L. Dean Nora S. Diamond-Jones Joshua Robert Diggs Kristina Marie DiPano Ryan Grant Dollar G Pamela E. Dorian Colin McGovern Downes Matthew Scott Drouin Katherine E. Dumeer Megan M. Durkee Mark L. Earley Rory F. Erickson-Kulas Jennifer M. Evans Cecile L. Farmer April Marie Ferraro Juliana Ferro Ryan Steven Fisher Susan Elizabeth Coomes Foster Rebecca Chubb Foxwell Nicole Christine Frazer Calvin Dennis Funk

Alexandra M. Gabriel Bryan R. Gales K. Jay Galloway Andrew F. Gann Yan Gao John Todd Garcia Beall D. Gary Aryana M. Gharagozloo Eric Robert Glickman Steven William Goff Scott I. Golden Anna Serra Goldenhersh G Javier Ignacio Gomez Charles Matthew Greene Evan Whitall Guimond Lucas Dehaan Hakkenberg Aisha Mahmood Haley Benjamin J. Halle Emily L. Hansen Juliet Bryan Hatchett Thomas L. Heffernan G Aurora C. Heller Michael Harris Helweil Genevieve P. Hoffman Emily R. Horn Lily S. Huang Kevin C. Hulick Eui S. Hwang Paul David Jay James R. Jennings Sejal Parimal Jhaveri G Hilary E. Johnson Joel S. Johnson G Patrick O. Johnson Sara L. Johnson Thomas Armistead Johnson Jerrauld Charles Corey Jones William Benjamin Jones Joshua Timothy Kadel John P. Kane Rachel Jean Kincaid Jared J. Krejci Alexander Matthew Krischik Kelsey J. Kummer Drew C. LaFountaine Szeman Florence Lam G Michael Charles Landman W. Andrew Lanius G Hayden Elizabeth Lawson Katie Packer Lencioni Xiaojing Liang Trevor Lovell

William A. Magioncalda Alaura R. Maglio Davis C. Mahon Cole Daniel Malmberg Brian T.M. Mammarella David Thomas Martin G Jeffery M. Mash Alexander Ellis Matthews G Evan Davis Mayo Brendan Naylor McCommas Katherine Virginia Aab McCurdy Amy Beth McKinlay Lyndsay Elaine Medlin Brett L. Mellor Robert C. Merritt Laura Lee Miller Heather C. Milligan David M. Mitchell Sarah F. Mitchell Katrina Lauren Moberg William M. Montague Zachary Joseph Montgomery Stephanie M. Nguyen Stephen Noh Sarah G. Nolan Christina D. Olivos Chelsea E. O’Sullivan Woo-sin Sean Park Lide Evans Paterno G Mohammad B. Pathan Daniel Thomas Patterson Mario J. Peia William Carsten Pelak Michael Pfeifer George S. Pisano Ashleigh Mitchell Pivonka Dominic Joseph Pody Bryan R. Podzius Michael Policastro Ethan E. Post Kevin Ross Powell Nicholas R. Reaves Harrison F. Reback Brett W. Rector Natasha D. Reed Elizabeth A. Reese G Sarah Elizabeth Reilly Rhett Douglas Ricard Karen D. Ritter Nicholas Armand Roberge Amber N. Roberts Ashley E. Roberts

2015–2016 Annual Report


Eryn E. Roberts Kathleen Elizabeth Robeson Alexandra Danielle Robinson Reuven Roslyn Winthrop Pearce Rutherfurd Jacquelyn Evelyn Ryberg John Franklin Sacha Patrick Allan Sanford Christine N. Sanquist Andrew Robert Santimays Aaron T. Savella B. Cameron Schladenhauffen Arielle Anderson Schneider Hillary Michelle Scrivani Nicole Scro Benjamin M. Seel Samantha K. Seikkula G Katherine A. Shaia Stephen N. Shashy Sam Shirazi Adam Bradford Shorr David A. Short Meredith L. Silliman Malinda R. Simpson Ashley E. Singletary-Claffee Allison B. Smith Chelsie L. Smith Jennison Crocker Smith Robert Michael Smith David J. Soltes Jeremy M. Sperlazza Madeline J. Starbranch Nicole A. Stauffer Taylor Marie Steffan Louis Anthony Steiner Caroline Courtney Stewart G Samuel M. Strongin Wesley S. Sudduth Paul In Sung Audi K. Syarief Melanie E. Szwajkowski Danit Y. Tal G Declan T. Tansey Vanessa A. Tarpos G James Harrison Taylor Paige Webber Taylor Joshua Gerald Teahen Erin L. Thimmesch Feng Tian Patrick R. Tomlinson R. Matthew H. Tranter Zoe Eve Tremayne

Jonathan S. Tse G Matthew D. Turner G John Meade Van Deventer Kaitlin Beverley Venables G Alison S. Vicks Jessica Wagner Daniel Thomas Wallmuth Brian James Walsh Xiaoyan Wang Cory A. Ward Courtney B. Warren Robert C. Warshaw Henry M. Watsky Sara Page H. Waugh G Porter Hardy Wells Sean Michael Welsh Anna McDanal Wetzel Christopher A. Wetzel Jamie L. Whittenburg Angela Romano Williams Ashley D. Williams William A. Williams Chun T. Wong Hart Wood Faye Zhao Yevgeniy Zilberman Ryan Jeffrey Zumwalt

2016 Rachel S. Ashton John E. Baroncelli Ashley Gray Clinton Kevin M. D’Olivo Nicholas Charles Duvall G Jonathan B. Guest Lucie M. Hidlay G Thomas L. Oliver G Olivia K. Ramsey Jessica Lynn Saba Elaine Rachel Singerman Charles M. Smith Kevin Frederick Stocks Michelle Elizabeth Synhorst Justin Michael Wilson

100 University of Virginia School of Law

2016 Graduation Gift Pledge Drive Class Managers: Katherine Marie Savarese Katherine F. Webb Alumni: 325 Pledges: 270 Participation: 83%

Clark S. Adams Christina Albertson Corey Nathaniel Allen Griffin T. Almy Bradley A. Alvarez Travis Stuart Andrews Kyle F. Arendsen Casey Evan Armstrong Sedi Gerald Asem Rachel S. Ashton Norman Michael Aspis Tyler S. Badgley Michelle A. Barineau Brian D. Barnes Thomas Lewis Barnes John E. Baroncelli Jacqueline Romy Bechara G Edward A. Bedard Benjamin K. Belair Layton Gregory Bell Benjamin D. Berger Edward Blake Berkey G Josephine I. Biemkpa G Michael John Bisceglia Daniel Blackman Virginia C. Blanton Tracy Jewel Blauweiss Andrew J. Bloom Katherine J. Bogle Jonathan G. Borle Harrison Beau Bryant Joshua D. Burk Jonathan M. Burns Chase Alan Burrell Daniel J. Caldera Tanner B. Camp Ricardo S. Camposanto Jennifer Turnbull Carl Jordan Z. Carson Ravi Chanderraj Abraham Chang Rudgee S. Charles Pete Chattrabhuti

Hardev Singh Chhokar Jessica Chow Neil Clausen Ashley Gray Clinton Stephen Austin Cobb Claire A. Collins Matthew F. Colson Claire Condro Eliza M. Cotter Samuel Clinton Cowan Matthew J. Craine G Connor H. Crews Robert Sunderland Day Jessica Delalio Heather Marie Diefenbach Peter Sorensen Dixon Phuong T. Do Kevin M. D’Olivo Patrick Orr Dorsey Lauren C. Dugas William Harper DuVal Nicholas Charles Duvall G Mathew Eapen Kristin B. Eberhart G Antonio M. Elias Amanda Granger Erlandson Chelsea Austin Ferguson Andre S. Ferrari Christopher R. Fredmonski Christopher Sean Fry Charles R. Gamper G Sophia H. Gassman Mary Katherine George Carrington M. Giammittorio Luke Andrew Gilhooly Azeezah A. Goodwin Amelia J. Gordon Tyler Gregory Grant Alexander G. Gray Kyrie P. Graziosi Anthony Thomas Greene Robin M. Gresko William H. Grossenbacher Jonathan B. Guest Matthew Imen Hanna Haddadin Ali R. Haghighi Jude S. Halawi G Samantha M. Hall Robert William Harrington Paul C. Harris Brittany E. Harwood Mckinley W. Haskin

Class of 2016

270 members of the Class of 2016 made a pledge during the graduation gift pledge drive, Fired Up to Give. This is the 12th consecutive year that 80% or more of the graduating class committed to future support of the Law School.

2015–2016 Annual Report


Monica L. Haymond William Taylor Haynes Clayton Moss Heery Lucie M. Hidlay G Rhianna M. Hoover Nicole Elyse Huang Philip Sonntag Hurst Sarah Skipwith Hylton Derek A. Jackson Hwa Young Jin William K. Jordan David T. Kearns Kyrsten Lynnae Keith Jared Kelson John Foster Kendrick Hayley Jean Kennedy Sara A. Khan Jad H. Khazem Gina H. Kim G Jinhyuk Kim Minyu Austin Kim Elana K. King Joel B. King Lucas Kowalczyk Lauren S. Kramer Peter Kye Daniel P. Langley David W. Lawrence G David Ledet Milo Ledoux Hyunji Lee Raymond K. Lee Jessica N. Lemaux Andrew Phillip Lemens Ryan Bowen Leverone Matthew Lee Levinton Alexandra Marie Lewis Ryan M. Lindsay Morgan T. Lingar G Hanya Liu Stephanie N. Malaska Andrew L. Mandelbaum Lara Jeanne Mangum Renee C. Manson Katherine Barrett Maxwell Isaac G. McBride Lewis J. McCorkle Meaghan K. McCormick Katherine Charlotte McFee Cynthia Ann McGrath Allison McGuire G Brandon Kyle McWaters G

Darryl A. Meigs Molly R. Merritts Paulette Miniter Elena Faria Mitchell Brooklynn Naomi Moore Will Mortenson Emiline Rosemarie Musarra Daniel John Nadratowski Keith W. Neely G Shane M. Nelson Amelia Katherine Nemitz Oliver J. Newman Stephanie M. Newton Kara Kristine O’Connell Natalie Ngozi Ofoche Thomas L. Oliver G Peter Grace Kyung-Suc Park Logan S. Payne Meredith C. Peake G Sarah M. Pelham G Jun Peng Patrick B. Piccolo Julie M. Plyler Avery Fellow Pollard Alyssa Christine Pont Ryan P. Portugal Aaron C. Prince Gianna Maria Puccinelli Daniel Peter Radthorne Sarah Lynn Rafie Chase R. Raines Olivia K. Ramsey Karthik Ravishankar Zachary H. Ray G Michael P. Raymond Brian Gerard Remondino Brian (Heyun) Gyu Rho Anna-Kay Olivier Richards Samuel A. Richman Anna Elizabeth Riddle Emily Riff Joshua M. Robbins Camila Rodriguez Douglas B. Rogers Michael G. Roitman Jennifer L. Romer Ross J. Rosenstein Nicholas W. Rotz Gregory Andrew Rustico Hayley N. Ryan Jessica Lynn Saba Mohammad Yasir Sadat

102 University of Virginia School of Law

Murad Salim Sarah M. Salvia Nicole A. Sarrine G Katherine Marie Savarese Stephen J. Sawicki Cameron L. Scales Ethan M. Scapellati Sarah C. Scaptura Rihana Danielle Schiro Sarah M. Schrag Lauren Samantha Schwartz Margaret Schwartz Aaron R. Schwei Virginia Inge Selden G Andrew P. Selman Joseph M. Sgalardi Sara Shahmiri Ashwin G. Shandilya Matthew R. Shandy Caitlin Elizabeth Shea James Grandy Sheridan Scott Siegel Elaine Rachel Singerman Maria A. Slater Charles M. Smith Whitney L. Smith Joseph K. Snapp G Edward J. Sniezek Kristin J. Sourbeer Paul Logan Spena Chad C. Squitieri Daniel R. Stefany Kevin Frederick Stocks Danielle Stokes Matthew S. Strumph Sean Sullivan Martin Susmel Beth A. Swadley Reedy C. Swanson G Michelle Elizabeth Synhorst Jennifer Sara Talbert Hillary A. Taylor G Pengtao Teng Eric M. Teszler Justin Thekkekara Christine D. Tillema Kaitlyn A. Tongalson Edward Y. Toyozaki G Raphael G. Turner Vanessa R. Vogler Dana A. Wallace G Yiqing Wang

Cierra N. Warren Megan M. Wasson Megan Lisa Watkins Jamie P. Weatherby Katherine F. Webb John F. Welch G Benjamin M. Weyman Joseph A. Whitehead Maggie Alanna Wilder Laura J. Wiley David Royal Williams Justin Michael Wilson Kathleen Elizabeth Ingram Wise Jeffrey R. Wittman Sijia Xiang Devon L. Yamauchi Caitlyn A. Yana Jolie Yang G Henry C. Young

2017 James Daniel Billard Daniel R. Friel Teresa Rostkowski Hepler Meredith Kathleen Loretta Lauren S. Nevidomsky Allison S. Thornton

Estate Gifts

Alumni and friends ensure the continued excellence of the University of Virginia School of Law by remembering the school in their estate plans. The Law School recognizes with gratitude the following individuals whose bequests, in part or in full, were received this year and are providing valuable support for today’s students and faculty.

Andre W. Brewster ’48

Elizabeth Ibbeken (P ’71)

E. Fontaine Broun ’32

Brockenbrough Lamb, Jr. ’46

Richard B. Comyns ’58

Willis McDonald IV ’53

James S. Cremins, Sr. ’49

William F. Roeder, Jr. ’67

Alan S. Gaynor ’52

George M. Rogers, Jr. ’58

Freda L. Hartfield (W ’43)

Thomas D. Soutter ’62

Total Estate Gifts: $3,604,485

(P) Parent

(W) Widow

2015–2016 Annual Report


Deferred Legacy Gifts

The following individuals have provided for deferred legacy gifts through wills, living trusts, retirement plan assets, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, and charitable trusts. The gifts will provide important financial support for the Law School’s future students and faculty. If you have created a deferred gift for the Law School, please notify Senior Philanthropy Adviser Elizabeth Leverage Hilles ’92 at 434.924.4514, or

Irrevocable Michael A. ’63 and Jo Anne Bander John ’63 and Barbara Bartlett John S. Battle, Jr. ’43 (D) Richard J. Bonnie ’69 Robert B. ’52 and Eleanor Bottomley Steven D. Brooks ’79 E. Fontaine Broun ’32 (D) Frederick Lewis Bryant ’79 Mortimer Caplin ’40 Edward T. Caton ’56 (D) Norwood H. Davis, Jr. ’66 George W. Devoe ’52 (D) Douglas D. Drysdale ’53 Earl C. Dudley, Jr. ’67 William A. Forrest, Jr. ’56 Julius P. Fouts ’54 Charles D. Fox III ’57 (D) Joel B. Gardner ’74 H. Brice Graves ’38 (D) Holcombe T. Green, Jr. ’67 Roy B. Harrill ’66 John D. Hopkins ’65 R. Craig ’72 and Sharon Hopson Charles E. Hoyt ’66 Paul L. Hudson, Jr. ’75 John B. Huffaker ’48 Robert D. ’49 (D) and Charlene W. Hursh David H. ’71 and Sunny Ibbeken Edward J. Kelly III ’81 Evan J. Kemp, Jr. ’64 (D) W. Thomas Knight ’67 James B. Lovelace ’26 (D) George Walter Mapp, Jr. ’39 (D) George B. McCallum III ’69 Andrew A. McElwee, Jr. ’80

104 University of Virginia School of Law

Richard A. and Elizabeth Merrill S. Lee ’57 and Joan A. Miller Kenneth Morrison ’59 David L. ’75 and Noreen G. Mulliken Henry E. ’48 (D) and Mary Ann Nichols Charles M. Oberly III ’71 John Gregory Odom ’78 Thomas Otis ’58 Sharon M. ’75 and Charles Owlett Richard Burwell ’39 (D) and Mildred Emory Persinger Carroll F. ’50 (D) and Elizabeth G. ’50 Poole Tobin M. Richter ’73 Renee E. Ring ’76 and Paul J. Zofnass James A. Rogers ’63 Donald T. Ruby ’41 (D) Thomas F. ’53 (D) and Helen G. Shannon William M. Slaughter ’66 Charles Henry Smith ’74 William A. Staley (D) Ronald Paul Stenlake ’66 (D) Thomas A. Sully, Jr. ’56 and Elizabeth B. Sully (D) Frank W. ’49 and Irene Swacker Robin L. Teske ’81 John R. Turbyfill ’56 Chandler L. Van Orman ’66 John L. Warden ’65 Samuel B. Witt, III ’64 A. Ross Wollen ’73 Richard W. Young ’67 Robert G. Zack ’75

revocable Paul Ackerman ’50 Eric E. Adamson ’73 Kent E. Agness ’75 John C. Ale ’79 Richard Clark Allison ’48 (D) J. Trent Anderson ’64 James G. Apple ’62 David E. Ashton James B. Atkin ’58 Wade H. Atkinson, Jr. ’88 T. Maxfield Bahner ’60 Gerald L. Baliles ’67 Martha D. Ballenger ’69 James E. Ballowe, Jr. ’81 John J. Barnhardt III ’72 John ’63 and Barbara Bartlett Joseph T. Bartlett, Jr. ’62 Jeffrey A. Bartos ’97 Earle S. Bates, Jr. ’57 Dorothy T. Beasley ’84 John C. Bennett ’75 Robert S. Bersch ’60 Winfrey P. Blackburn, Jr. ’64 William McC. Blair, Jr. ’47 (D) Robert A. Boas ’70 David P. ’71 and Catherine H. Bobzien Richard R. Bonaventura ’85 Richard J. Bonnie ’69 Bruce Duncan Bower ’88 W. Reynolds Bowers ’62 William H. Bradbury III ’73 Armin G. Brecher ’69 Steven A. Brickman ’74 Walter R. Brookhart ’79 David S. Brown ’79 Robert L. Brown ’68

(D) Deceased

Linda S. Broyhill ’83 William R. Bruce ’59 Frederick Lewis Bryant ’79 Nancy L. Buc ’69 Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. ’57 Thomas E. Bundy ’70 Mary S. Burdick ’73 Hugh A. Burrell ’64 Michael A. Caddell ’79 and Cynthia B. Chapman Gayle Y. Camp ’80 Marvin H. Campbell ’71 Peter L. Canzano ’81 Michael A. Caplin ’76 Michael H. Cardozo V ’70 W. Scott Carlisle III ’70 Raymond Howard Carlson ’88 William P. Carmichael ’68 Gordon A. Carpenter ’66 Hunter T. Carter ’88 Marc Edward Chafetz ’79 Charles D. Chambliss, Jr. ’73 Sam M. Chappell III ’84 Richard G. Clemens ’65 Sidney Clifford, Jr. ’62 Stephen R. Clineburg ’66 Carl H. Cofer, Jr. ’63 George L. ’56 and Jacqueline E. Cohen Merrill Cohen ’80 Harry L. Cohn ’49 (D) Christopher F. Colby ’04 Catherine Colyer ’96 J. Yost Conner ’97 John M. Cooper ’88 Lenox G. Cooper ’58 Barbara A. Coppeto ’58

John D. Corse ’57 Richard D. Crawford ’74 Glenn R. Croshaw ’75 William R. Cumming ’67 Gene D. Dahmen ’67 Thomas A. Decker ’71 Ronald O. Dederick ’62 Foy Roberson Devine ’67 Edison W. Dick ’62 Walter M. Dickey ’64 Joseph C. Dimino ’76 Everette L. Doffermyre, Jr. ’73 Thomas J. Doran ’66 Ronald W. Dougherty ’60 Philip M. Drake ’51 Douglas D. Drysdale ’53 C. Wilson DuBose ’74 David W. Dumas ’67 Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson ’80 William W. Earthman III ’77 E. Tazewell Ellett ’77 Martha L. Ellett ’80 Philip H. Elliott, Jr. ’58 Theodore F. Ells ’64 Frederick G. Emerson ’60 William K. Engeman ’64 Nancy G. Etzwiler ’84 Ellen Farraye ’86 Emily Clayton ’97 and Gregory S. ’97 Feder Gary R. Feulner ’77 Edwin W. Finch III ’70 Jim L. Flegle ’77 Wendell Fleming ’82 Julius P. Fouts ’54 William B. Fryer ’74 Kevin A. Gaynor ’73

Blair Tenney Gerdes ’88 C. Allen Gibson, Jr. ’82 Gerald E. Gilbert ’62 Jackson B. Gilbert ’56 Nathalie F.P. Gilfoyle ’74 Abby L. and Clayton P. Gillette John W. Glynn, Jr. ’65 Alan S. Gold ’76 Stephen J. Golder ’92 Allen C. Goolsby ’68 J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. ’79 William T. Graham ’62 George G. Grattan IV ’60 (D) Holcombe T. Green, Jr. ’67 Keith A. Greiner ’66 (D) J. Lawrence Grim, Jr. ’58 James P. Groton ’54 Jane M. Grotta (W ’33) Samuel P. Guyton ’65 Robert S. Hall, Jr. ’64 E. Anne Hamel ’90 Bradley A. ’95 and Emeri S. Handler Edward J. Handler III ’64 Beverly P. and William W. Harmon Shant J. Harootunian ’59 Roy B. Harrill ’66 William F. Harvey ’70 Grant B. Hering ’61 Thomas C. Herman ’81 Robert B. Hiden, Jr. ’60 Elizabeth Leverage Hilles ’92 Timothy E. Hoberg ’70 Daniel J. Hoffheimer ’76 Dirk C. Hoffius ’69 Elizabeth T. Hoffman John D. Hopkins ’65

2015–2016 Annual Report


Deferred Legacy Gifts–Revocable continued

N. George ’79 and Laurie A. ’80 Host A. E. Dick Howard ’61 Joseph G. Howe III ’78 Stephen A. Husman ’72 James E. Hutchins ’79 John C. Jeffries, Jr. ’73 Barbara S. Jeremiah ’77 Kenneth Craig Johnson ’79 Douglas B. Jordan ’80 Lawrence J. Keating ’74 Bradford G. Keithley ’76 Albert S. Kemper III ’57 Sherrie Kopka Kennedy ’83 David M. Kern ’78 Steven J. Killworth ’74 Marie E. Kingdon Richard F. Kingham ’73 Marvin C. Kloeppel ’99 Haven A. Knight ’58 Theodore G. Kronmiller ’73 John R. Lacey ’70 (D) Patricia Ladnier ’93 Thomas T. ’65 and Anna L. Lawson Michael L. Layman ’71 Kenneth W. Lehman ’81 Oren R. Lewis, Jr. ’57 (D) Nathan S. Lord ’57 (D) Julia and Paul Mahoney Ecton R. ’62 and Anne B. Manning M. Mallory Mantiply ’81 Harwood G. ’59 and Suzanne F. Martin Darrel Tillar ’81 and Carroll A. Mason Walter Matthews, Jr. ’63 John Matuszeski ’66 Wm. Shaw McDermott ’75 Willis McDonald IV ’53 (D) Tara L. Mehrbach ’98 Thomas M. ’77 (D) and Tina Lundy ’81 Melo J. Roger Mentz ’66

Patricia Merrill ’92 John Hays Mershon ’71 Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. ’57 S. Lee ’57 and Joan A. Miller William W. Miner ’57 Robert L. Montague III ’61 John Norton Moore Janet A. Napolitano ’83 Paul C. Nielsen ’81 William A. Noell, Jr. ’69 Yoshikazu Noma ’03 Robert W. Nuckles ’64 Robert C. Nusbaum ’48 Ashley S. Nutley ’87 Charles M. Oberly III ’71 Michael J. O’Connor ’69 Paul D. O’Connor, Jr. ’65 James T. O’Reilly ’74 Michael J. O’Rourke ’77 John E. Osborn ’83 Niles C. Overly ’77 Anissa Crumley Paddock ’97 William J. Pantele ’83 George W. Perry ’53 (D) James Ward Pewett ’74 Benjamin K. Phipps ’58 Sadler Poe ’70 Karin C. Prangley ’03 Stephen C. Price ’74 John R. Purcell ’59 Howard Pyle ’67 Robert M. Pyle, Jr. ’63 John H. Quinn, Jr. ’61 Edwin J. Rafal ’59 Erik H. Rasmussen ’81 B. Michael Rauh ’61 Charles B. Reeves, Jr. ’51 (D) Katherine L. Rhyne ’80 and Charles W. Axten David L. Richardson II ’78 Robert W. Riordan ’73 Albert Ritchie ’64 George H. Roberts, Jr. ’71

106 University of Virginia School of Law

Jared I. Roberts ’74 Arthur David ’88 and Soraya Mariel Robinson William G. Rothschild ’90 Ferdinand L. Salomon II ’58 Louise S. Sams ’85 Alexander M. Sanders, Jr. ’90 Albert R. Santopietro ’72 Neil C. Schemm ’77 Ralph H. Scheuer ’70 Jon L. ’64 and Katherine T. Schumacher Samuel M. Scoggins ’75 Elizabeth S. Scott ’76 Robert E. Scott Romaine S. Scott, Jr. ’48 (D) Jane W. Sellers ’80 Walter Shapero ’54 James M. Shoemaker, Jr. ’65 George R. Silvernell ’55 Martha Ann Sisson ’85 William M. Slaughter ’66 A. Zachary Smith III ’66 Derek Coolidge Smith ’88 Philip J. Smith ’66 Suzelle Moss Smith ’83 and Don Howarth W. Stanford Smith ’88 Margaret Wright Steele (W ’53) Elizabeth Springer Stellmann ’83 Frank H. Stewart ’57 Stephen W. Streep Rennard J. Strickland ’65 Robert A. Sugarman ’72 Christopher J. ’71 and Molly Powell ’72 Sumner Barry E. Taylor ’75 and Elizabeth Tyree-Taylor Hal W. Taylor ’66 Richard P. Tillack ’54 (D) Jane R. Tolleson ’55 James R. Trimm ’56 Gayle S. Trotter ’95

Jason W. Trujillo ’01 John R. Turbyfill ’56 Stanley A. Twardy, Jr. ’76 J. Rainer ’84 and Marcia C. Twiford Ronald W. Tydings ’66 C. Hiram Upson, Jr. ’62 Randolph W. Urmston ’69 Chandler L. Van Orman ’66 Paul R. Verkuil ’67 David Victor ’68 Jay T. ’74 and Karen Waldron Lyn G. Walker ’78 William A. Waller ’59 (D) Ruthellen Q. Weaver ’85 Michael ’63 and Barbara Weintraub John J. Weltman ’84 Ann C. Wessel ’00 Kenneth S. White ’65 Christopher S. Williams ’76 F. Blair ’80 and Jane Seay Wimbush Carolyn S. Wollen ’74 Elizabeth Ingersoll Woodley ’12 D. Richard Worsham ’73 Stephen ’72 and Martha Anne Yandle Carole Elaine Yeatts John Hardin Young ’73 Richard A. Young ’63 Robert G. Zack ’75 Anonymous

Non-Alumni Contributors

Friends, Faculty, and Staff


Kelly L. Burke ** o Thomas J. Cosgrove * Patricia J. Cowan *** Margaret S. DeVita * Jim Donovan * o Kathryn Eckert m Sade D. Fryer ** Barbara Glynn o Catherine R. Gorrell Jane R. Horvitz ** o Sunny Ibbeken ** m Susan Smith Karp * m Frank D. Kittredge, Jr. *** o Barbara McCallum m Nancy R. Miller ** o Noreen G. Mulliken ** o Lynne L. Palmer o Mary Humes Quillen o Victoria Rappold ** o Patricia F. Rissler * o Robert E. Scott v m Alexander von Auersperg o Nancy von Auersperg m Barbara Weintraub ** o Paul J. Zofnass o Anonymous

Legend Years of Consecutive Giving

* 5–9 years ** 10–14 years *** 15–19 years **** 20–24 years F 25–29 years v 30 or more years o Dean’s Council, Life Member m Dean’s Council, Associate Member

(D) Deceased

(W) Widow

(P) Parent

JOHN BARBEE MINOR FELLOWS $10,000 to $19,999

Margaret Ryan Ale Suzanne E. Boas Kathleen Ford Bonnie Karen M. Brewster ** m Cassandra E. Henderson ** m Cynthia B. Chapman ** o Kelly Cremins

William C. Cremins Tami Dierman * Virginia Shawan Drosten Jane D. Engel (P ’74, ’77) ** m Beth M. Fox ** o Elaine M. Hadden v o Edmund W. Kitch * Gail Leftwich Kitch Ellen Kliavkoff John G. Macfarlane III Julia D. Mahoney **** m Paul G. Mahoney **** m Lynne H. McAlevey m Alexis McCammon Sophia M. McCrocklin Rebecca McGough m Suzanne Menowitz Libbie Nelson m Lydia Pollack m Deirdre O’Connor Quinn *** m Virginia L. Ross ** o George A. Rutherglen John E. Seddelmeyer m Jane Seay Wimbush *** m ELIZABETH N. TOMPKINS ’23 ASSOCIATES $5,000 to $9,999

Amy D. Anderson Maren Anderson Priscilla Clark James S. Cremins, Jr. Josephine M. Davis ** m April Egge * m John P. Elwood Anne Garland Farrell * Margarita Frongillo Lavern N. Gaynor Kerry B. Gerachis * Martha M. Glasser

Stephen Goddard ** Stewart Goddard ** Risa Goluboff Emeri S. Handler ** o Sally M. Herman ** o Ann M. Hiden Willa M. Humber ** m Joshua S. Johnson Heather Hammond Kadel * m Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Kain Todd N. Kanter (P ’14) * Michael Katovitz * Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kitchel III **** Susan Leach Wendy Lavalle Lincoln * Nancy H. Loucks Mary C. Lutkenhaus Alice Reno Malone ** o Kevin H. Marino Edwin M. Martin, Jr. * Connie C. McElwee * m Barbara E. Meyers ** m Daniel Miller Kimberly Mitchell m Ann Murray John Nethery Charles Owlett ** o Rashmi Prakash Saikrishna Prakash Curtis P. Robb * m D. Kay Robinson F Glen O. Robinson F Richard C. Schragger Karen Seagroves Mary J. Walter Thomas R. White, 3rd George K. Yin ** Dabney Youtz

2015–2016 Annual Report


Friends, Faculty, and Staff continued



Kennet W. Ake Hunter Bailey Ellen M. Bender ** Carolyn Bovaird ** Elizabeth Brecher Mary Kate Cary Paula P. Chambers ** Phillip Coleman * Susan R. Cullman * Louise M. Dudley * Joyce Herd Evans * Marsha M. Everton * Harry Frazier IV ** Tony Henderson Jillian R. Herrigel Melissa Kansa Anna Kline * Susan Gregory Landin Minda D. McCabe * Hope C. McDermott Anna J. Mershon * Gregory Mitchell John T. Monahan *** Linda Monahan Karen Moran ** Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Newton Elizabeth Overbay Jonathan B. Quander Katherine Ransom-Silliman Renee Potter Robb Ross Rose * Leslie Schorr Stephanie Schrodt Marjorie G. Stein * Ray L. Steinmetz Robert Wayne Stocks Michael Traynor G. Edward White * Jill G. White Nancy Maloney Williams *

Kenneth S. Abraham v Carolyn Agness Nancy Lewis Alvarez * Kathryn Saatkamp Angioletti * Eleanor Thomas Angle Elizabeth L. Ashton * Wendy Sieglaff Baker Paul B. Barringer II (D) o Lisa Bever Carole Bilger * Michael D. Bradley * Leslie Klein Chatzinoff Dr. and Mrs. Muhammad Akhtar Cheema (P ’13) * Kristin Vopicka Childress ** Cynthia Cogswell Anne M. Coughlin Mark Edward Crocker Steve Danco * Danya Denysyk Dinwoodey Carole A. Dixon Ellen M. Dwyer ** Karen S. Emroch Shelley Finci Ragan Portaro Folan *** Martha Tyahla Foster *** Corey Phillips Fowler * Catherine Gallo * George S. Geis Laurel Geis Marsha K. Grout * Patrick Guarnieri Jean Guyton Chuck Hoover Jennifer V. Huelsberg Richard M. Hynes * Bonnie Jackson Thomas H. Jackson F Diane Kane Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Klaus, Jr. Pamela C. Kloeppel * Anna Lawson o H. Douglas Laycock * Nancy Lickle Margaret Sears Lindley Nadine H. Maurice **

108 University of Virginia School of Law

Patricia A. McClung Anne V. McCollough Mary Lou McDowell ** Maria McKee Alice P. Meador Elizabeth Merrill v o Richard A. Merrill v o Katherine Karion Meyers Betty Lou G. Middleditch Mary Martin Middleton John Norton Moore Margaret M. Navin Alice Nuckols Daniel R. Ortiz ** Annette Rochelle Patterson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Robb *** Patricia Robb William P. Robb Judith Rodin * Lisa M. Roeder (W ’67) Kelly Roper Susan Gravely Ross Frederick Schauer Jen Simmons * Nancy S. Skelly * Lisa Beatrice Smith Barbara A. Spellman Rachel D. St. John Holly M. Stancil Janet R. Studley Mary Ann Stuhan * Ronald Sturzenegger ** Cheryl G. Sullivan Teresa A. Sullivan * Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Teasley, Jr. Emily Graham Teeter * Kathryn D. Tenpas Patricia Teske Megan Timmons Tracy Tousey Lauren E. Trujillo * Cathryn B. Tullidge * Judith M. Victor ** Jennifer Caldwell Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Irving A. Wallach Steven D. Walt Katharine McCardell Webb Jacob Werner Carla Wheeler

Jeanne S. Wine Nastaran Basiri Wise m Karen Wolters Ann Woolhandler ** Jennifer E. Worsham ** Martha Anne Yandle ** m Anonymous SUSTAINING BENEFACTORS $750 to $999

Lucile M. Ackerly Lauren Candler John Duffy * Laurin Easthom * Nupur P. Flynn * Casey Gunter Victoria G. Horton Elizabeth Flippo Hutchins Christine Kemper Julie Klingenstein ** Tracy Maddox Alison Marquiss Janet S. Masland Rosemary Henry McEnery ** Margaret Montgomery * Stephen T. Parr * Mildred W. Robinson * A. Sprightley Ryan Paris Sorrell Julie Stevenson Mary D. P. Wagner * LAW SCHOOL PATRONS $500 to $749

Kristina Aberg Neha Ackerly Katherine August-deWilde * Bart B. Baer Margo A. Bagley Samuel Bagley Maxine Hofheimer Baicker Susan Baker Vicki Louk Balint Jennifer Wilson Becker * Joshua Bowers Curt K. Burmeister Nancy Chappell Caroline Clausen Margaret Samra Colby

Kara Cox Cristina P. Craigmile * Newton F. Crenshaw John F. Dienelt Michael Doran ** Mary Ann Duchna-Savrin Denise Eaton * Kerri S. Evanson * Diana Finzi ** Randy Florke Kathleen Forde-Mazrui ** Kim A. Forde-Mazrui ** Alice K. Fulweiler Michael D. Gilbert Marlo Greer * Linda R. Gurney Deborah Hellman Courtney Hodgdon * Don Howarth *** Suzanne E. Ibbeken ** Peter E. Isaacson Mary A. Jenkins * Kimberly F. Johnson Lucy P. Johnson Tracy McCoy Johnson Mitchell Lazris Laura M. LeGower ** Michael Livermore Michele Anne Manatt Anne B. Manning * o Molly McShane Mary-Chilton W. Mead ** Amelia Metcalf Michael A. Montgomery Lee W. Morgan ** Thomas B. Nachbar * Karen A. Nash-Goetz * Karen Abernathy Nelson Cynthia L. Nicoletti Katrina Nordstrom Robert M. O’Neil Kathy L. Osborn Kimberly Andrews Page *** Lisa Kemp Perlman Debbie Steiner Poliner Lisa Powell Kurt A. Rasmussen Tallulah Rosenthal Timothy Sager *

(D) Deceased

(P) Parent

April Shelton Peter M. Sieglaff, Jr. John Simon Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Singerman Heather Upton Singley * Karen Smith William J. Sweet, Jr. Susan Jean Touhy * Barbara Trautner Pierre H. Verdier Sharon Walker W. Laurens Walker Kelcy Walsh Michael Wegmann Luiza Wilson Amanda S. Yale * Ethan Yale * Jennifer S. Zawitz * ADDITIONAL DONORS

Richard Abati Mary W. Ackerly David W. Addis ** Kristen S. Allen Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ameriks Thomas Antonino R. Andrew Austria * Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Bahr Carrie Elizabeth Bair Tully Richard D. Balnave F Jane Inskeep Barrell William Baxter * Teresa Beckwith Cary Bennett *** Holly Bennett *** John G. Benton Pamela C. Benz Lawrence A. Bernert III Christie Padgett Bernick Monika Rani Bhagat-Kennedy * Susan Kuhn Blank Vanessa Kay Bloor * Shawn Bobick Sarah Boyle Andrew Broaddus Heather Bois Bruskin Phillip H. Buchanan Jason Cave Andrea Chafetz

Ms. Margaret S. Cheever Nelson S. Chow ** Janet Clark Margaret Alford Cloud * Whitney Williams Cobey * Jonathan Coker Charis Cooper Carlos Cornejo ** Dania T. Corsello Noel B. Cosby Warren Craghead Jennifer Cruz Som P. Dalal * Albert S. Dalby Charlene Davenport Cheryl David Mary Susan Davies Serra Turgay De Arment Joan Mann DeChaine Lauren Maria Delaparte Judy DeLoache Michael P. Devlin Susan Dias Trevor Diaz Maureen Doctoroff Jordan Dollak * Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Donohue, Jr. Jaime C. Doolittle * Troy Dunaway * Mary Alice Earley Hilal Derici Easley * Debbie Edel Elizabeth Sheetz Edsall Courtney Ellis John D. Epps Christian Everdell Joe Fasanelli Angela Fellers Rebecca A. Fender * Kimberly Kessler Ferzan Joan Michelle Flint Doyle David George Forsythe Mr. and Mrs. Dean G. Fowler Lura C. Fowler Sarah Fowler Susan M. Fowler Luisa Francoeur Leigh Freilich

John Patrick Frith Jill Galarneau Jennifer Galiotos Madison Gallagher Russell G. Gallop Margaret Galton * Marla Gertner Elizabeth Gibson Laura Steeves Gogal Rachel Goldstein John Gorham Sara Grant Ann Lawrence Grasty Kylie Green Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Greenstein (P ’03) J. Russell Griffee Philip Hager Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Hagerty Heather S. Hall ** Sarah Hartshorn Andrew Hayashi Rea S. Hederman, Jr. Stanley D. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hernan Susannah Herring Andrew Hirschfeld Phillip A. Hodes * Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hofheimer, Jr. Louisa S. Hollman * Sharon Hopson Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hyatt Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Inlow Jessica Isler Shailaja Jayadevan Meagan Johnson * Ashley Jones Jill A. Jones-Heintz Sheila K. Jordan Laura Juliano Julia Jung James G. Kalanges (P ’92) Jane Kearney Hana Kenny Janet C. Kerr-Tener Jared Adam Kesselheim * Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kessler Bryan Klepper

2015–2016 Annual Report


Friends, Faculty, and Staff continued

Mary B. Klinedinst * Martin Allen Klingel Paul D. Kumpf * Kyle Kutrovac Scott E. Lawson * Bridget Leary Christopher Leblanc * Stephen L. Liedtka Rebecca L. Lieser William E. Little Katie Littmann Alice Anne Lloyd Christine Fritz Lloyd * Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Lloyd (P ’09) ** Erinn M. Madden Trisha Morrow Madden Mark Manley David A. Martin v Ann Masciarotte Natalie Safertal Masri Carol P. Mathis Paul Mattal * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McCann III John C. McCoid II (D) v Christopher J. Meade ** Stepan Merdinian Andrew Mildorf John Bennett Milnor Stephanie Mitchell Allyson Moody Barbara Moore Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Mowery * Julie Mudrick Elizabeth Mulvaney * Eloise Murchison Michelle A. Myers Paul Najarian Caleb E. Nelson * Nadine Nelson Thuy Quynh Nguyen ** Porter Hillyer Nolan Leila Nowroozi Kaila O’Malley Christopher O’Neal Tracey Paliath Anna Meador Palms Andrew R. Parker Carolyn Payne

Ellen R. Pearson Mary K. Petrizzi Steve Phifer Gregory Philyaw Catherine Phipps Diaw Whitney Wetsel Pinna * Mr. and Mrs. James H. Poole Holly Posner Claire Elizabeth Qureshi Adrienne Raynor Tayloe Reeves Susan M. Reid Alana M. Ritenour Agustin E. Rodriguez * Patricia Dane Rogers Leigh Anne Ross Erin Ruane Mary Sabo Harpal Sadhal Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Schenker Silke Schopper Annette J. Schumacher Laurence H. Schumann David S. Senzel Esa Sferra-Bonistalli * Mr. and Mrs. Bhavin Shah Jenna R. Sheridan Katie Reid Shevlin Marie F. Shoffner Sydney Simon Tracy Lynn Skipper ** Morten Skroejer * Mika Slaughter Suzanne K. Smith Thomas Smith Linda Worley Souza ** Patricia Spaulding * Daniel Spector David Lyons Stainback Sheilah Stewart Amanda Stieglitz Martha Lee Montague Stockment Rae Schweizer Story Marisa Sullivan * Edward A. Swoboda Molly Ann Sylestine Jeanne M. Talbot Suzanne Francoeur Taunt Tanya M. Todaro

110 University of Virginia School of Law

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Tomlinson, Jr. (P ’96) Chih Ping Tsai W. Lawton Tufts Kathleen E.C. Tysse Sarah Unger Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Utz Kristina Vacha Elizabeth Vaden Joseph Veilleux * Thomas Venker J.H. Verkerke Nikki Wang Teena L. Wilkin John Will Holly C. Wilson * Tami Wise Mr. Edwin Wist Mr. and Mrs. John S. Woerth Toni G. Wolfman ** Mary M. Wood * Shawn Wood * Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Woodson Robert T. Wyker * Chad Yeftich Jenna Zadek

(D) Deceased (P) Parent

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2015–2016 Annual Report


Firms, Foundations, Corporations, and Organizations continued

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112 University of Virginia School of Law

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2015–2016 Annual Report


Non-Alumni Contributors 3M Company Aetna Foundation, Inc. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. The Air Products Foundation Albemarle Foundation Altria Group, Inc. American Express Foundation American Optical Company Foundation American Trading and Production Corporation Amica Companies Foundation Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Aid to Education Andrews Kurth LLP Apple Matching Gifts Program AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP AT&T Foundation AT&T Services, Inc. Bank of America Foundation The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership Barclays Capital C. R. Bard Foundation Bechtel Group Foundation Benevity/American Endowment Foundation BlackRock The Boeing Company Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Brookfield Investment Management Inc. Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP Capital One Services, LLC Caplin Foundation Matching Gift Company Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc. Cargill Incorporated Carmax Foundation CIGNA Foundation Clark Hill PLC Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP The Coca-Cola Foundation Coille Limited Partnership, LP Covington & Burling LLP CSX Corporation Darden Restaurants, Inc. Foundation

Matching Gifts

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP Deloitte & Touche Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation DIRECTV Inc. Dollar Bank Foundation Dominion Foundation Dow Corning Corporation The Duke Energy Foundation Eaton Corporation Edison International Company Eli Lilly and Company Entergy Corporation Ernst & Young Foundation Exelon Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation Fannie Mae Foundation Fidelity Charitable Fund The Ford Foundation Franklin Templeton Investments Freddie Mac Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation GE Foundation Genworth Foundation Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP GlobalGiving Goldman Sachs & Company Google Inc. GrayCo, Inc. Hallmark Cards, Inc. The Hartford Hearst Corporation The Hershey Company Highfields Capital Management LP The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey H&R Block Foundation HSBC Philanthropic Programs IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

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2015–2016 Annual Report


In Memoriam

Gifts were made in memory of the following individuals this year.

Neill H. Alford, Jr. ’47 David C. Anderson ’68 Mark A. Ash ’78 Philip J. Bagley III ’66 Edwin M. Baranowski ’71 Charles F. Barnett, Jr. ’69 Robert K. Bellamy ’75 Thomas F. Bergin Michael F. Blair ’72 John I. Boswell ’62 Clifford V. Brokaw III ’56 Joseph C. Carter, Jr. ’51 Edward T. Caton ’56 Charles E. Chamberlain ’49 Momina Cheema ’13 J. Gilliam Conrad ’40 Stuart L. Craig ’52 Joe C. Creason, Jr. ’68 Christa Brauer Decker Alfred L. Evans, Jr. ’56 Richard H. Feuille ’48 Steven A. Galef ’65 Elizabeth H. Garrett ’88 J. Frank George III ’69 E. Andrews Grinstead III ’74 Harold E. Grotta ’33 Verne C. Hampton II ’58 Jonathan W. Harlow, Jr. ’85 William E. Hartnett ’47 C. Flippo Hicks ’52 Alan J. Hofheimer ’25 Elizabeth M. Ibbeken Charles R. Jones, Jr. ’57 Peter Kimm, Jr. ’84

116 University of Virginia School of Law

Catherine L. Landess Francis Gregory Lastowka ’00 Albert F. Lilley ’59 Howard Curtiss Martin ’81 M. Clifton McClure ’64 John C. McCoid II Robert F. McCulloch ’56 John E. McDonald, Jr. ’62 Daniel J. Meador Thomas M. Melo ’77 Robinson K. Nottingham, Jr. ’86 Frank W. Olive ’34 Walter Parrs, Jr. ’67 Carroll F. Poole ’50 A. J. G. Priest Peter H. Ramm ’65 Clark G. Redick ’61 Ross C. Reeves ’73 William F. Roeder, Jr. ’67 Dexter C. Rumsey III ’71 Paul N. Sameth ’63 Martin E. Simmons, Jr. ’65 Thomas D. Soutter ’62 William J. Stuntz ’84 Robert G. Sullivan ’59 Albert C. Tate, Jr. ’63 Howard S. Tuthill ’41 John H. Underwood III ’77 J. William Via, Jr. ’59 Paul G. Wallach ’72 Jerrold G. Weinberg ’50 Charles H. Whitebread Jesse D. Worley ’49 Catherine A. Zanga ’98


to the arthur J. Morris Law Library

Kenneth D. Alford Barbara E. Armacost ’89 Margo A. Bagley Richard J. Bonnie ’69 Albert H. Choi Taylor Fitchett Kim A. Forde-Mazrui Brandon L. Garrett Robert M. Goldman Risa Goluboff Lazaros G. Grigoriadis Rachel A. Harmon Cesar Jose Hernandez ’16 A. E. Dick Howard ’61 Deena R. Hurwitz

Julia D. Mahoney Paul G. Mahoney David A. Martin John C. McCoid II (D) John T. Monahan John Norton Moore Thomas B. Nachbar Don Patterson Margaret Foster Riley Kent Sinclair Barbara A. Spellman J.H. Verkerke Steven D. Walt Joy West

2015–2016 Annual Report


Law School Foundation Board of Trustees as of June 30, 2016

F. Blair Wimbush, Law ’80 University of Rochester ’77 Chair

Tim R. Palmer, Law ’83 University of Chicago ’90 Purdue University ’80

J. Warren Gorrell, Jr., Law ’79 Princeton University ’76 Chair, Executive Committee

Renee E. Ring, Law ’76 Catholic University of America ’72

Sarah Robinson Borders, Law ’88 Louisiana State University ’84 David C. Burke, Law ’93 University of Virginia ’94 University of Virginia ’88 Stephen A. Cardi, Law ’66 Fordham University ’63

Elizabeth S. Scott, Law ’77 William & Mary ’67 Robert G. Zack, Law ’75 Yale University ’70 Ex-Officio Members Frank B. Atkinson, Law ’82 University of Richmond ’79

James E. Coleman, Jr., Law ’51 Georgia Institute of Technology ’48

Albert Ritchie, Law ’64 Yale University ’61

Wallace L. Cook, Law ’64 Harvard University ’61

Daniel Rosenbloom, Law ’54 New York University ’60 University of Virginia ’51

Gene D. Dahmen, Law ’67 Johns Hopkins University ’64 Randolph-Macon Woman’s College ’63 Philip M. Drake, Law ’51 Yale University ’48 Charles D. Fox IV, Law ’80 Yale University ’77 Princeton University ’75

Cameron L. Cowan, Law ’81 Columbia University ’75 Syracuse University ’73

Paul G. Mahoney Yale University ’84 Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’81

Thomas R. Denison, Law ’86 University of Denver ’83

Wm. Shaw McDermott, Law ’75 Harvard University ’71

Allen C. Goolsby III, Law ’68 Yale University ’61

William B. Fryer, Law ’74 University of Virginia ’71

Janet Schwitzer Nolan, Law ’89 University of Virginia ’86

Sharon S. Goodwyn, Law ’88 Harvard University ’85

Arthur David Robinson, Law ’88 University of Pennsylvania ’83

Michael J. Horvitz, Law ’75 New York University ’80 University of Pennsylvania ’72

J. Warren Gorrell, Jr., Law ’79 Princeton University ’76 Jeffrey L. Humber, Jr., Law ’78 Harvard University ’73 Virginia Union University ’68 John C. Jeffries, Jr., Law ’73 Yale University ’70 Barbara S. Jeremiah, Law ’77 Brown University ’73 Catherine A. Lawton, Law ’84 Georgetown University ’79 Michael S. Miller, Law ’77 University of Virginia ’74 Sharon M. Owlett, Law ’75 American University ’72

Honorary Members

John W. Glynn, Jr., Law ’65 Stanford University ’70 University of Notre Dame ’62

Euclid A. Irving, Law ’76 Yale University ’73 Martha Lubin Karsh, Law ’81 University of Virginia ’78

Martha D. Ballenger, Law ’69 Duke University ’66

M. Langhorne Keith, Law ’70 University of Virginia ’58

Lillian R. BeVier Stanford University ’65 Smith College ’61

Edward J. Kelly III, Law ’81 Princeton University ’75

Michael A. Caddell, Law ’79 University of Virginia ’76 Mortimer M. Caplin, Law ’40 New York University ’53 University of Virginia ’37 Alfonso L. Carney, Jr., Law ’74 Trinity College (CT) ’70

118 University of Virginia School of Law

Roger H. Kimmel, Law ’71 George Washington University ’68 David L. Mulliken, Law ’75 Dartmouth College ’66 Dartmouth College ’65 Gordon F. Rainey, Jr., Law ’67 University of Virginia ’62

Norman A. Scher, Law ’62 University of Pennsylvania ’59 William M. Slaughter, Law ’66 Harvard University ’61 Suzelle M. Smith, Law ’83 University of Oxford ’77 Boston University ’75 John Charles Thomas, Law ’75 University of Virginia ’72 John L. Warden, Law ’65 Harvard University ’62 Samuel B. Witt, III, Law ’64 Virginia Military Institute ’58

Other Officers Luis Alvarez, Jr., Law ’88 University of Virginia ’85 Jennie A. James University of Virginia ’01 Helen Mead Snyder, Law ’87 University of Virginia ’83

Alumni Council as of June 30, 2016

Janet Schwitzer Nolan, Law ’89 University of Virginia ’86 President

Michael Andrew McGuire, Law ’99 University of Chicago ’07 University of Notre Dame ’95

Harry A. Shannon III, Law ’82 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München ’87 University of Virginia ’79 First Vice President

Elizabeth H. Noe, Law ’89 Agnes Scott College ’86

Katherine L. Ballenger, Law ’02 Amherst College ’98

Christopher D. Ray, Law ’95 University of Virginia ’92

Tillman J. Breckenridge, Law ’01 University of Virginia ’98

Ashante L. Smith, Law ’02 University of Virginia ’99

Eileen P. Brumback, Law ’86 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’82

Stephanie L. Stephens, Law ’93 Judge Advocate General’s School ’97 U.S. Military Academy ’86

Julie A. Petruzzelli, Law ’82 Brown University ’79

Henry L. Chambers, Jr., Law ’91 University of Virginia ’88 Carolyn Ells Cheverine, Law ’90 University of Pennsylvania ’84 Karen Owen Gibbs, Law ’92 Georgetown University ’87 Frankie Taylor Jones, Jr., Law ’08 Davidson College ’05 Kevin A. Kauer, Law ’00 Clemson University ’97

Other Officers Luis Alvarez, Jr., Law ’88 University of Virginia ’85 Secretary – Treasurer Ellen Cecilia Walker James Madison University ’07 James Madison University ’08 Assistant Secretary – Treasurer

John H. McDowell, Jr., Law ’82 Stanford University ’79

2015–2016 Annual Report


Law School Foundation Staff as of July 1, 2016 Luis Alvarez, Jr. ’88, President and Chief Executive Officer Helen Mead Snyder ’87, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Annual Giving Jason W. Trujillo ’01, Chief Development Officer and Director of Bicentennial Campaign Jennie A. James, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Donna Appleby, Financial Services Specialist Lisa Atwell, Director of Information Systems Sally M. Black, Associate Director of Alumni Relations Kathryn S. Boase, Senior Development Officer Virginia L. Byrd-Lotts, Gift Accountant/Development Assistant Richard D. Crawford ’74, Associate Director of Development for Law and Business Leah U. Daniel, Associate Director of Information Systems Denise Forster, Director of Foundation Communications Jean O’Toole Gould, Assistant Director of Reunion Giving Elizabeth Leverage Hilles ’92, Senior Philanthropy Adviser David H. Ibbeken ’71, President Emeritus Eileen Lavis, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO Laura T. Pietro, Director of Donor Relations Tammy R. Rebich, Accounting and HR Administrator Joseph W. Ryan III ’05, Development Officer Neal F. Stoneburner, Treasury Analyst Jennifer L. Sulzberger ’87, Director of Reunion Giving Ellen Cecilia Walker, Director of Alumni Relations Teresa Watson, Information Systems Assistant Jasmine H. Yoon ’06, Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Denise Forster, Project Manager Design by Mary Michaela Murray, Photographs by Ian Bradshaw, Tom Cogill, Tom Daly, Robert Llewellyn, Jesús Pino, and Kimberly Reich Every effort has been made to list each donor to the Law School’s Annual Giving Campaign.

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120 University of Virginia School of Law

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UVA Law Annual Report, 2015-16  

The annual report of the University of Virginia School of Law.