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Number III January MMXIII by ‘Ultimate luxury group’


Director of Publication Zakary Chanou Art Direction (Photography) and editorial Grégoire Mahler ( Art Direction (graphic design) and editorial Benoît Cannaferina ( Writing Laure de Régloix ( Writing Lou Camino ( Marketing and advertising Benjamin Guiborel Editing and advertising Malika Ben Mustapha

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Every year in December the same song resonates: Paris lights up, shop windows sparkle, snow spins. Eagerly awaited rejoicings, which are served as a madeleine of Proust. Yes, but 2012 seemed to want to spoil the holiday with this funny madness: the end of the world. A delusional concept which would have almost made us forgot the Yule log. Make this prediction rather an excuse for hedonism, an incentive to travel, to enjoy, to desire. So, as the end of the world has not taken place, immediate boarding towards luxury, calm and voluptuousness. Throughout our pages, step back in time with Cartier, rest in Namibia or relax at the summit in a Valmont spa. Forget everything and dream of a new well deserved paradise. ‘U’ Magazine wishes you a happy year 2013. Laure de Régloix

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Spa Valmont in Courchevel, a duo at the summit. ‘ 11 ’

Kiehl’s, a story of plants ‘ 18 ’

Blue is not Grey ‘ 28 ’

Cap on Namibia, the country of thousand faces! ‘ 36 ’

The Tank, Cartier icon ‘ 5 ’


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Spa Valmont in ourchevel When the avant-garde cosmetic brands integrates the “Spa des Grandes Alpes PrivateHotel of Courchevel”, it undoubtedly reached the quintessence of luxury. ‘ 7 ’

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there is the range “Elixir des Glaciers”… Magic! The More than 60 years after its creation, the Grandes insiders will not disagree. Thanks to this reputation, Alpes PrivateHotel***** remains the historical address of Courchevel 1850. Nestled in the heart of Valmont sprinkles its spas around the world from the mountains, it was the first hotel in this chic resort. Barcelona to Hong Kong via Montreal. Recognized for its excellence, the brand has even attracted the greatConforming to the image of its founder, Marie-Louise Devouassoud who was raised at the Court of Tsar est palaces like the Meurice in Paris… and climbs today Nicolas II, the place exudes sophistication and ele- to Courchevel. Hair and beauty salon, two cabines and a wide varigance. All that was needed was a prestigious spa to complete the picture of the perfect hotel. In December ety of treatments. Welcome to the Valmont cocoon, 2012, the task has been accomplished, the Valmont away from the bustle of the resort. Lack of hydration or need an energy booster? The treatments such as brand is now established there. Prestige, innovation and beauty, both characters “Source des Bisses” or “Vitalité des Glaciers” will amaze share the same values. Maybe because Valmont was you. Marked wrinkles or a dull complexion? The Brand also born in the mountains, overlooking the banks of offers anti-aging cares in which she has the secret like the famous “Elixir des Glaciers”. As for body treatLéman. Since 1905, world celebrity has spent luxurious stays there which was the first Swiss clinic dedicated ments: detox, lifting treatments, scrubs or modelage to well-being. Today, the brand excels in anti-aging are on the program of the “White Russia” range. The spa hasn’t forgotten your toddlers with both “Peter cosmetics made from ultra active molecules. Thanks to advanced technology, Valmont is one of the finest Pan” and “Cinderella” cares. and effective cosmetic brands. Among the best-sellers Laure de Régloix

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Luxury, comfort and serenity. Everything is gathered to escape the cold winter or too sporty winter holidays. Here, time stops. ‘ 9 ’


How a small New Yorker herbalist became a cosmetics empire? Decryption of a brand with strong values, which recently celebrated its 160 candles. The opportunity to come back on its musts which reflect nature and authenticity. ‘ 11 ’

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Photography Grégoire Mähler Makeup Ismaël Blanco Hairdressing Jonathan Geimon Model Tatiana (Evidence)

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The history of Kiehl’s began in 1851, when the apothe- Delightfully retro, truly natural and completely trendy, cary John Kiehl opened his small shop in the East the brand is also concerned about the respect of the Village. In addition to providing his pharmaceuticals, environment. He was also a philanthropist by multhis botanical expert experimented with formulas for tiplying charitable actions. Currently the “Meet Mr. making body creams and other toners made of natu- Bones” project makes the buzz: on the menu, lovely ral ingredients. Gradually, Kiehl’s cosmetics were “Mr Bones paperdolls”—Kiehl’s Skeleton mascot -sold for the benefit of Childhood and Sharing. born. Kiehl’s has everything to please. Even L’Oreal— 160 years later, Kiehl’s remains true to his tradiwhich acquired it in 2000, was seduced by its identity tion of herbalism and obtains success thanks to the products without perfume nor dye or preservatives: and longevity. Its secret? Before becoming a cosmetics all in a packaging inherited from apothecary bottles. brand, Kiehl’s was a philosophy. A state of mind.

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Original Musk One of Kiehl’s oldest creations. Considered too sensual in 1921, the famous musk oil has been stored at the bottom of a cave in a vat labeled “Love Oil”. Reintroduced to the shop during the 60s, the oil has given birth to a unisex eau de toilette. Floral, warm, elegant, unique and especially sucessfull. Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner This product has the distinction of containing whole flowers of Marigold bottled by hand. Worthy of a vial of the last century apothecary, this toner would have restorative and toning values. A bestseller since 1970. Ultra facial Moisturizer Since 1970 the artists and makeup stylists love it for its versatility. Its light and fresh texture based on oils derived from avocado, apricot, almonds which hydrate all types of skin, in all circumstances. Even the climbers of the “Everest 88” expedition had tested it. An ideal formula to fight the winter. Midnight recovery concentrate In 2009, Kiehl’s boasted of being the first brand to offer a night elixir composed of 99.8% of essential and botanical oils. After 2/3 drops of this pure concentrate of lavender, rosemary, geranium and rose, the skin will be refreshed the next early morning. A true magic potion. Creme Body Dense and rich, this cream is a must since its creation. Ultra moisturizing, but also arty and generous: after Jeff Koons and Kaws, the New York graffiti artist Kenny Scharf dresses the famous vial for a limited edition sold in December in favor of associations for the protection of children.

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Text Laure de Régloix

‘U’ Fashion & Shopping

Photography Grégoire Mähler Makeup Ismaël Blanco Hairdressing Jonathan Geimon Model IIna (Major Model Management)

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Blue Grey

Photography Lorenzo del Francia Stylist Ana Rosa Rengel Duran

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Makeup Alexandra Mèric Hairdressing Giovanni di Stefano Model Magda Nowicka (Viva Model) Jacket and earrings MM6

Jacket Hervé Léger / shoes Azedine Alaïa / panties Allude / ring Bijules

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Top and skirt Amaya Arzuaga / shoes Azedine Alaïa / bracelets MM6 / earrings Vintage

Top Azedine Alaïa / short skirt Azedine Alaïa / shoes Paule Ka / earrings Vintage / bracelet Bijules

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Body Azedine Alaïa / shirt Araisara / shoes Azedine Alaïa / belt Stella Mc Cartney / earrings and bracelet Pascale Mon Voisin

Cap on Namibia

Twyfelfontein, welwitschia mirabilis, kokerboom, Tswana, Swakopmund, kudus, Keetmanshoop, Sossusvlei, Herero, Ovambo, oryx, Himba... A bit lost? Nothing better than the idea of discovering a country with an unsuspected wealth! ‘ 29 ’

Photography Grégoire Mähler

‘U’ Destination

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A desire to escape from the incessant bustle of modern cities? Big wildanimals fascinate you—easy, go to Kenya!—, but a trek into the desert would help you to relax—Morocco, Jordan, India?—unless your ultimate dream, in fact, lies at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You are hesitating… But is it really necessary to make a choice? Is there any place on this planet where even the most demanding traveler can find everything at once and even more? This El Dorado exists! Its profile: more than 1500 km of sinuous coastline, a larger area than France with two-thirds occupied by the deserts of Kalahari and Namib, a density of less than 3 persons per km²—making it one of the least populated countries in the world— 300 days of sunshine per year, the official language is English, although spoken by only 7% of the population, while German and Afrikaans are much more common... Namibia is a young country: former German colony which became a South African protectorate in

‘ 31 ’

1915, it has gained its independence only since 1990. The Germans literally magnetized by its diamond deposits—the main source of income in the country today—have built some cities with sounding names: Windhoek, Swakopmund, Keetmanshoop, Rundu, Grootfontein, Lüderitz, Karasburg... They also left their architectural footprint and some culinary habits (beer and sausage for example). Temporal and aesthetic impact guaranteed! Breathtaking Landscapes With infinite vistas, Namibia, for a long time overshadowed by its massive neighbor, South Africa, accumulates the superlatives. In the Ai-Ais/Richetersveld bordeline Park, prances the grand Fish River Canyon (2nd largest in the world). A 550 m depth fissure in the crust which majestically meanders over 160 km to the hot springs of Ai-Ais. Admire it from one of the panoramic views, stride its sandy river bed or discover it from the

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air, the Fish River Canyon is fascinating by disrupting our landmarks and senses. Further north, the hot Namib coastal desert, is one of the oldest in the world. Carried away by violent winds, its iron oxide red dunes are transforming themselves. Those which surround Sossusvlei, a bowl of white clay where resists a heroic vegetation, rise to 350 meters high! A world record and a sporting challenge: the ascent of the Dune 45 at dawn is rewarded with a breathtaking view when arriving at the summit while the sun warms the dunes one after the other. Progressing toward Dead Vlei and its petrified black acacias at the foot of the Big Daddy dune, you will face one of the most famous images of the country, equal to the sandhouses of the old diamond town of Kolmanskop, today a ghost town opened to the public. The north coast reserves more surprises for adventurers looking for extreme wild and isolated sites...

Unlike elephant graveyards, myth as poetic as persistent of the collective imagination of homo urbanus, cemeteries of wrecks exist. Battered by currents, mist and fog, many are in fact ships that ran aground on the coast of Dante, where a sea of dunes directly flows into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A shrine with the taste of rust and apocalypse which deserves her sweet name: “Skeleton Coast” which can be tamed aboard a small Cessna… An extravagant Fauna and flora These landscapes are subjugating thanks to their fauna worthy of Noah’s Ark and their mysterious flora. Vertically shaped, Namibian kokerboom subtly come illuminate with stars the blue sky in broad daylight. With a little luck (and a good guide), you will be able to admire the rare and protected welwitschia mirabilis, sprawling plant that can live 2500 years! Even older, the 240 million years old trunks of the petrified forest

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‘U’ Destination

of Damaraland, northwest of the country, to contemplate with the greatest humility… On your way to the heart of an exciting and a bit scary nothingness, you’ll encounter many more wild horses, oryx or springbocks than humanbeing… But for the thrill of safari, head to the Etosha National Park! This animal sanctuary which is the same size of Switzerland makes green with envy the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The famous “Big Five”—buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, rhino—joined by giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, oryx, birds live there freely… A life-sized food chain observation! Illuminated Water points allow to see them scrolling in fantastic conditions in a carefully orchestrated ballet where the hierarchy between species is scrupulously respected. Far from the image of Epinal Africa, Namibia is also, at Cape Cross and because of the cold current of Benguela, originally Antarctic, one of the largest colonies of sea lions of Southern Africa... A “real” olfactory and auditory delight! A cultural mosaic Beyond these aspects which will engrave indelible memories on you, Namibia also satisfy amateur of culture. With its 45,000 paintings drawn by the early Bushmen, the red Brandberg Massif in the heart of the country, is a treasure trove of rock art where hides the legendary White Lady (actually, a shaman surrounded by animals!) Reached for the price of a small walking tour. Complementary or alternative, the site of Twyfelfontein is only a short distance away: a parietal art gallery wall including 2500 engravings, some of which have more than 5000 years old, a World Heritage Site listed by the UNESCO in 2007. Finally, meet authentic Kalahari Bushmen or Himbas living in very remoted Kaokoland and add a profoundly human touch to this already extraordinary journey… Lou Camino

‘ 34 ’

Recommendation of your concierge

The Mushara Lodge For your stay, your concierge recommends you the Mushara Lodge. Located at the eastern entrance of Etosha National Park, the Mushara Lodge is an intimate 10 spacious and comfortable chalets with refined decoration. Ideal after a day of safari.

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Cartier icon Designed in 1917 by Louis Cartier, the Tank watch became a must in a few years. The historian Franco Cologni retraces his Success Story, from its creation until today in a brillant book published by Flammarion●. An opportunity to revisit the fabulous destiny of one of the most famous watches of the watch making history. Photography Eric Sauvage ‘ 37 ’

● “Cartier: La Montre Tank” Franco Cologni, editions Flammarion, 2012. See also the exhibition “L’art de Cartier” at the ThyssenBornemisza museum in Madrid until the 17th of February 2013.

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Icon of the world Military inspiration In 1916, Louis Cartier discovers in the press the first “Wearing on the wrist this masterpiece of modern Renault tanks appeared on the battlefields of Verdun. design and fashionable preciousness seems to have become a sign of distinction, good taste and social Fascinated by these giant of steel called “Tank”, he prestige” says the author. In no time, it became a legdecided to borrow their shape when viewed from end, loved by the aristocracy and the golden world of above for his next watch design: a central square cinema. Among the famous clients, these are L’Aga extended by two types of stretchers. The Tank was born. Refusing to sell the model as long as peace Khan and Indian Maharajas, Duke Ellington, Cary is not restored, Louis Cartier sold his first models Grant, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Truman Capote, in 1919, a year after the Armistice. Years later, the Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, YSL... designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac said “If all tanks were manufactured by Cartier, we would have The Tank is running time to live in peace!”. To attract always more and more and to follow the trend, it has subtly evolved through the years. New forms appeared as the female Extended Tank or the Chinese A sleek design Since 1904, Louis Cartier has set out in search of Tank in 1922, when the Oriental fashion was born. In the modernity. This esthete is interested by the begin- 60s, in the middle era of Pop Art and Mods, The Tank dared the Crash or Oblique versions which perfectly nings of Art Deco and especially in “De Stijl”. The matched the ambient anticonformism. The year 2012 was members of the Dutch artistic movement advocate geometry and clarity and the strength of the square, marked by three significant new models. A perfect triptych which illustrates the three facets of the House: The like Mondrian. Indeed, four strokes were enough to create an icon. But the creator does not forget the dis- Tank Louis Cartier XL in pink gold for elegance, the “Tank tinctive tradition of Cartier: Roman numerals, blued Folle” for boldness and “Tank Anglaise” for harmony. She embodies the spirit of the time and travels steel hands, railroad indicating the minutes scale through history without taking a wrinkle. without forgetting the blue stone of the winder, the ultimate jewelry signature of Cartier. Laure de Régloix

“Never Stop Tank” woud like to keep the Image of the Cartier house ‘ 39 ’

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