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Editorial “Dreaming is the luxury of thought” Jules Renard

In this edition, the U Magazine invites you to fly away and escape from your daily routine to discover an enchanting world where daydream is allowed. Spring has settled down (at last!). Trees are covered with lovely colors, days are getting longer and the sun brightens up our days! However, you’re not totally satisfied and you would like to enjoy more cheerfulness and softness? First stop, we take you to Chile and make you discover the breathtaking lunar landscapes. This no man’s land makes you feel like you are reliving the very first hours of the Earth Creation and you’ll also get back your child look with all these astonishing views. It’s a heaven between sky and earth, it’s definitely a breathe. Next stop, let’s talk about Fashion. The Fashion sphere is a kind of regressive this season, how perfect, we are going back few years ago! As the beauty world is concerned, we are about to reveal some fancy items, because you’re worth it. Great discovery. Coralie Bourgeois

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‘U’ Editorial

Photographie par Warren & Nick

PERRIER-JOUËT, MAISON FONDÉE EN 1811 Depuis sa fondation, la Maison Perrier-Jouët crée des champagnes floraux d’une rare finesse, marqués par le Chardonnay. L’anémone japonaise du flacon Belle Époque a été dessinée en 1902 par l’artiste et maître verrier Émile Gallé.

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L’ A B U S D ’ A L C O O L E S T D A N G E R E U X P O U R L A S A N T É . À C O N S O M M E R AV E C M O D É R AT I O N .

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Number VII 08 – Fashion & Beauty 12 – Astralis 10 – Claudia Cardinale Interview 27 – Beauty Evidence 40 – Chile and Bolivia, between sky and earth 46 – Parisian Landscapes

Director of Publication Zakary Chanou Art Direction (Photography) and editorial Grégoire Mahler ( Art Direction (graphic design) and editorial Benoît Cannaferina ( Writing Lou Camino ( Writing Dorothée Lachaud Writing Laurent Pécha ( Writing and translation Coralie Bourgeois Marketing and advertising Benjamin Guiborel Editing and advertising Malika Ben Mustapha

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Fashion & Beauty

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND Created in 1972, this revolutionary make up pen is definitely a best seller. The award-winning Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch is like eight hours of sleep-an instant pick-me-up in a magic wand. With a few strategically placed strokes, the complexion looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant. It brings a glow to the skin, erases any signs of fatigue, and brightens the complexion. And in 2014, it comes with a wild packaging! This limited-edition Touche Éclat is a collector’s item.

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‘U’ Fashion & Beauty

A SUMMER FRAGRANCE It’s a new step but in the continuity for the perfume Elie Saab with its new Eau Couture. Still radiant, this floral with almonds notes is about to surprise you with its new coolness. This new scent is more refined, just like the Haute Couture models of the Maison Elie Saab, with cherry blossom, honey and almonds. A very sensual scent, very different from the classic light summer perfumes. The light green in the small bottle is very sophisticated and gorgeous. This perfume is definitely the one you will wear for summertime. AW MY TAN! Be tanned without UV, okay we knew it, but without renouncing to your moisturizer? This is a revolution. You just need to add three drops of this self-tanner into your daily moisturizer to get progressively a nice sun-kissed complexion. The result is very natural, light and it doesn’t leave marks on your skin, thanks to aloe’s extract. It’s your new best friend to have a nice tan, like you just got back from holidays. THE LIGHT COLOR OF SUMMER The pastel trendy carries on! Our day to day outfits love it! Synonymous of softness and femininity but also sophistication, pale green already seduced the most famous creators and now the fashionistas. It’s the most trendy color of the spring-summer season 2014. Creators used this color for their collections: Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Calvin Klein, Balmain … A pastel green that is really easy to wear, for a vintage look (with a coat) or more romantic (with a dress) or more casual (with a sweater). This color is so perfect to have a radiant complexion!

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BRIGHT COLORS! After Fashion, perfume and accessorizes, the American designer launches a make-up line, in collaboration with Sephora. Pop colors, 70’s design and gorgeous packaging. There’s everything a girl needs: nail polish, blushes, eyeliners, glowy foundations… classic colors but very pigmented. Like a handbag or pair of high heels, the make up by Marc Jacobs can be used as a fashion accessorize, to enhance your beauty. WELL BEING DELIVERED, WE LIKE IT RAW! All-natural detox programs based on fresh pressed juices, smoothies, soups and vegetarian or raw food menus. Especially high in nutriments, daily prepared and comfortably delivered to your doorstep. Simple, practical and easy to follow and integrate into your every day routine. Not only healthy but also delicious and easily digestible - made from selected, all-botanical ingredients. Ideal for a cleansing downtime for your body. This cure is really efficient and you can observe visible results, indeed the customers are losing 4 to 7 pounds during this treatment. How impressive! Are you ready? 1, 2, 3, let’s detox! THE MYTHIC SNEAKER IS BACK! The Stan Smith, the Adidas legendary sneaker made a huge come back in 2014! Mythic shoe during the 90’s, with its white color and a bit of green at the back. The Stan Smith is still trendy in 2014, in the sports but also in the street, especially with the fashionistas. The Adidas Stan Smith shoe is one of the most iconic footwear styles in existence. Since taking a break a few seasons ago, the Stan Smith is back, more clean and green than ever and its status as a shoe and cult icon has only grown. Uniting streetwear with high-end style, the Stan Smith model is one of the few truly unisex silhouettes.

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‘U’ Fashion & Beauty

HAIR REHAB Wind, pollution, rain, temperatures change … your hair have been suffering this winter! They are even screaming “help!” Ok, now, it’s time to help your hair to be healthy and gorgeous. Let’s go to David Mallett’s salon for a special made to measure ritual very revitalizing. A perfect cocooning moment with warm vegetable oils and cold essential oils. Another asset: a hair diagnosis to understand the needs and your hair problems. When you come out the salon, you all relaxed, all beautiful! 14 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, 75 002 Paris Coralie Bourgeois

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Astralis Le corps va se défaire et fondre dans les larmes Le monde en son entier devient un grand tombeau Où le cœur, qui se brûle au feu suppliciant De son désir, ne viendra retomber qu’en cendres. ByNovalis, extract of the “Astralis” poem.

When entering the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton, located in a little street crossing the ChampsElysées, we are immediately confronted to the first work of art of the Astralis exhibition, which occurs between the 7th of February and the 11th of May 2014. Six winged creatures that we have difficulties to qualify as angels, because of the deformity of their faces. Made of plaster by the visual artist David Altmejd, they dance in a fascinating but morbid round. Difficult to turn away. Our eyes discover fingers piercing a statue’s face, the beak of another one. Totally different from us but still deeply human. The rest of the exposition shove our senses. We take an entirely dark elevator, which is covered by black velvet on the walls, making us

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‘U’ Art & Design

Astralis 7 février 11 mai 2014 Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 12h à 19h et le dimanche de 11h à 19h Ouvert les jours fériés sauf le 1er mai Entrée libre

David Altmejd Rina Banerjee Basserode Charley Case Damien Deroubaix Jean-Luc Favéro

Espace culturel Louis Vuitton 60 rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris T. +33 1 53 57 52 03 / F. +33 1 53 57 52 32

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February 7 May 11 2014 Open from Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm and on Sunday from 11am to 7pm Open on national holidays except for May 1st Free entrance

Vidya Gastaldon Siobhán Hapaska Myriam Mechita Chloe Piene Børre Sæthre Art Orienté Objet design : Helmo / sérigraphie : Lézard Graphique

think of the mother’s womb. Entering the Astralis exposition implies a rebirth. This idea strengthens when we discover the first room of the exposition. Crackling neon lightings, cold white lights: the first-born that we are now just arrived in a futurist operating room. The pursuit of the exposition leads us step by step to objects which transcend our limited conception of life and death. Several materials have been used for the exposition: bronze crane of Chloe Piene, reminding us of Vanitas, representations of human life vacuum, but also the transfigured stag of Jean-Luc Favero, mainly made of wire netting and animals’ skeletons. In the corridors guiding us towards other art works, the darkness surrounding us reminds us of the Latin proverb « Memento Mori », remember Death. Statues follow sculptures, drawings, paintings: a great variety of materials in a unity of meaning, in order to make us realize the infinity that surround us. We particularly appreciated the captivating work of Siobhàn Hapaska, who stages four blocks of moon dweller: they conduct light and evoke the transmission between earth and cosmos. By inviting the visitor to touch the moon dweller, she turns him into an actor in the exposition. We are confronted to a universe that transcends us, but which still fascinates us for all the secret it has not shared yet. If a slight criticism ought to be made about Astralis, it belongs to the nature of the exposition. The difficulty, in such a limited space, to represent universality and the cosmos. The Espace culturel Louis Vuitton and its corridors do not allow us to appreciate the art works’ true worth. Indeed, such art works would almost need an open-air building. Stars and their tantrum! Dorothée Lachaud

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‘U’ Art & Design

Børre Sæthre Untitled [Arches of Solaris] 2014

Next : Chloe Piene Untitled (CB) 2010

Jean-Luc Favéro Stag-Transformed 2013

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‘U’ Magazine

Claudia Cardinale Interview Cinematic legend, Claudia Cardinale was the guest of honor of the Festival of Valenciennes (17th-23rd March). Meet the famous actress who did 141 movies and do a career interview in 35 minutes, it’s a very risky exercise, even impossible. Anyway, I was so excited to talk about her biggest successes on silver screen.

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‘U’ Cinema

We can’t talk about an actress vocation. You started your career thanks to your lucky star. Yes, that’s for sure. I was sitting with my mother, attending to a beauty contest in Tunis, when suddenly Salvatore Argento, Dario Argento’s father, who organized the event, pull me and took me on stage. I absolutely didn’t want to be a part of this event. But, here I am, I’m the winner and I have the possibility to go to the Venice festival so I went with my mother. At this time, no one heard about eh bikini in Italy. So, when I arrived with my bikini and the Arabian djellaba, all the photographers decided to take loads of picture of me. My mother and I didn’t understand what was going on, because for us, it wasn’t that original. At this moment, the producers wanted me to work on movies. I told them straight away that it was out of question. When, I went back to my country, I saw on the papers “the girl who refuses to make movies”. At this time, I always wanted to live in the desert, it was a kind of my crazy side (laugh). With my father, we often did some car rides into the desert. I love nature and being in the heart of the desert is one of the most beautiful sensations that I ever felt in my entire life. How did you change your mind? Actually, they really insisted. It was awful. They sent telegrams to my father. Just before, I was in high school and there were film directors, René Vautier and Jacques Baratier, who went to me. As I was a tomboy, I went away. They talked to my school director who decided to call my father to tell him two film directors wanted me in their movies. My father agreed if I was too. And, this is how I finally had my very first experience in front of the camera: Golden Ring. I received the award of the best animated short film in Berlin Festival in 1959, where I was acting an Arab woman. I

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‘U’ Magazine

also played an Arab with Omar Sharif in the film Goha by Jacques Baratier. The reunion with him 35 years later was just incredible: we remembered that we began together a long time ago. The first film which made you a star, was The pigeon by Mario Monicelli (in 1959). The paradox in the film is that your voice has been dubbed. It was normal I think, I did not speak Italian. I only learnt French at my school in Tunis. By the way, it’s from 8 ½ by Fellini, that I could keep my own voice, I have a French accent in this film. Is it frustrating to see yourself with someone else’s voice? All the more, you have a very particular voice. Yes, I have a really low voice. Do you know why? When I was young, I did not use my voice, I did not speak, I was fighting with the boys. (Laugh). Were you already getting prepared for “The Professionals”? (Laugh). Yes, certainly! With the Pigeon, you began to meet a long list of famous actors? Only great actors! Renato Salvatori, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman. I was very spoilt. It was the beginning of the Italian comedy. You did not make a movie with the master Dino Risi. You made movies with the most famous Italian moviemakers except Risi and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Do you have regrets? Pasolini was the first one to write an article about me. It was about an incredible article about my look. I loved him so much, I was very upset by his death, especially because we all did not understand what exactly happened this particular day, we were all desperate. The actor you often worked with is Marcello Mastroianni. I did made loads of movies with Marcello. The shooting of Bel Antonio in Sicily was incredible.

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‘U’ Cinema

All the Sicillian were angry and were like yelling: “What? An impotent Sicillian man, it doesn’t exist!” (Laugh). And after that we shoot 8 ½ with Fellini. However, you’re only a supporting role, but we don’t forget you though. That’s crazy! (Smile). I’m acting the film maker muse, also I’m playing my own role. And your first meeting with Fellini? It was incredible, I was acting at the same time, 8 ½ and Le Guépard. With Visconti, we were like at the theatre, all was very precise. With Fellini, there was no script. Everything I’m saying in the film, it’s what I’m really saying. The first question is asked me was: “Hey you, who are you in love with?”. And afterwards, Marcello put himself in Fellini’s shoes and he repeated what Frederico said. On the film set, it was a complete improvisation. Acting in two important movies one after the other, were you aware of the chance you had? I was really lucky to start making films when the cinema was a kind of magic. It’s even crazier because I never wanted to do this job. I didn’t get all this enthusiasm. It’s like when a guy is chatting you up and you say yes right away, and hup, after it’s over. Whereas if you play hard to get, he’s always in love. That’s what I did with the cinema. I always said no, no and no and everyone insisted. (laugh) With Rocco and his brothers, it’s your very meeting with Visconti and Delon. It was memorable. After the boxing match and the famous fight, Luchino yelled: “Don’t kill the Cardinale!”. Apparently, he liked me, then he wanted me for The Guépard. In 1961, Girl with a suitcase, is the first movie where the script is focused on you. With Jacques Perrin, we were very young. Besides, we have nearly the same age but in this film, he

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really looked young. The producers chose him because he was a very credible young man for this film, whereas he was 18. I really liked this film; moreover it was a big success in Italy. On the other hand, it was very difficult for me, because I’m the kind of actress who is very focused on her role on the film set but when come out, I’m myself, I don’t stay in my character. Except for Girl with Suitcase. The character was completely different from me, so I had to stay a week on my own, to try to evacuate her. Your first experience in the French Cinema, it’s Les lions sont lâchés. In this film, you are (not well) chatted up by Darryl Cowl, Jean-Claude Brialy, Lino Ventura … I had the leading part, and I wasn’t used to at this time. So I was very nervous but everybody was so kind to me. In particular Lino, a very brilliant and generous man, I worked with him later on in Le Ruffian. As I was very young (22 y.o), my mother came with me on the shooting. I remember that Michèle Morgan invited us for dinner and my mother almost fainted because she was her idol. It was an extraordinary shooting and it was for me a chance to act with French movie stars. With Cartouche, you meet for the very first time, the other French sex-symbol, Jean-Paul Belmondo. No, it was our second film together. We already did Les mauvais chemins of Maura Bolognini. I played a prostitute and he felt in love with me. Afterwards, we met again for Cartouche, which I love. At the movie preview, my mother who was always with me, was completely into the film, that when she saw the trolley into the water, she shouted out: “It’s my daughter, she’s dead, she’s dead!” and I said her: “mom, it’s the actress, I’m here, next to you”. All the people around us were laughing out.

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‘U’ Cinema

Another costume film, and last but not least, Le Guépard! It was a turning point in my career. However, everything did not go well. The choice of Burt Lancaster created a true polemic. A lot of people did not accept that a cow boy can play a Sicillian prince. He was totally extraordinary in this film, Alain is great. Ha, the dance scene, we spend a lot of time to shoot it but I’ll always remember it. It lasted a month because we were obliged to shoot by night. When Martin Scorsese and his foundation restored the long version of the movie and we had the chance to see it at the Cannes festival in 2010, it was very touching. Alain was crying, because we were the last still alive. Moreover, we forgot that we kissed so many times because in the original version, there weren’t so many kiss scenes. By the way, about those kisses, Visconti, during the shooting, was whispering to me: Claudia, “I want to see your tongue when you can kiss him”. But we never did though. A woman who refuses to give a french kiss to Alain Delon. You should be the only one on earth at this time? (Laugh). I’m a fool. Alain always told me: « we could have been lovers but instead of that we became a mythic couple in Le Guépard.” I’m very close to Alain. We don’t see each other very often but when we see each other, it feels like I saw him the day before. Then in 1963, The pink panther, your first Hollywood experience. It was incredible, when I met David Niven for the first time, he told me: “Claudia, with the spaghetti, you are the best Italian invention.” If David Niven was an extraordinary person, very joyful, Peter Sellers was the opposite. He was very solitary, he did not talk to anyone, it was a kind of sad clown.

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‘U’ Magazine

A film, I liked very much is Circus World, where you act with some Hollywood legends such as John Wayne and Rita Hayworth. Yes, and they are playing my parents in the movie. When I saw Rita, my knees were shaking, and next to John Wayne, I was so small. We still kept in touch. When, I came back in Hollywood for a film, I called him and we saw each other. He was incredible. There’s something that I noticed in your filmography, there are so many movies where you act uncontrolled women with a very strong personality. (Laugh).Yes, that’s true. I’m free. I love danger. When it’s too easy, I’m not interested. You were successful during the beginning of your Hollywood career, why didn’t you make more movies for your American career. Because they wanted me to sign a contract and I always felt like a European actress. So, I preferred to make return trips between Europe and the US. But, I did some movies in Hollywood like Les yeux bandés ou Les Centurions. With Sandra, you shoot with Luchino Visconti for a polemical movie. Absolutely, it was a complete scandal. At this time, making a movie about a brother and a sister who are falling in love, was a kind of daring. That was Visconti! However, it’s because of him that I started to smoke. He wanted my character to smoke. This movie is very sensual, by the way, something very surprising, during your all career, it feels like we often saw you naked but you never shown anything. I was often asked for that, but I never wanted to. I didn’t want to sell my body. I think the mystery is always more seductive. When you know everything about someone, you don’t pay attention

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‘U’ Cinema

anymore. Then, you always need to keep mystery. In The Professionals, Richard Brooks told me Burt Lancaster will take off my bodice and that we will see my chest. I decided to go to Universal and ask for a bodice Marlène Dietrich style. When Burt opened the dress, they saw my subterfuge. Richard said: “Claudia, I told you that…”. “ Richard, I told you I won’t undress” I said. He did not insist. By the way, The Professionals is a part of my favorite films from your filmography. It became a cult movie through the years. What an epic shooting! As I told you, I love to make my own stunts because I love live in danger. There was a very risky scene where I was riding a horse in the Canyon with all the bombs which were exploding everywhere. I wanted to this scene on my own. What about being surrounded by strong male? There was testosterone on the film set with Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan and Jack Palance. They all were very nice to me. I loved this movie shooting and by the way, a lot of fans are writing to me to say that they saw the movie again. In 1968, you play with Franco Nero in a film about mafia, a recurrent theme in your filmography. It’s important that Cinema deals with reality. I did a lot of mafia movies but I think it was very interesting, because I can live different lives through the characters, who are very away from my real life. Let’s talk about a mythic movie Once upon a time in the west, I wanted to know if one of your fans dare to slap your bottom, saying that it’s not that bad. Ha Jason! (Robards). He really was my best friend. We had an extraordinary friendship; we played together before to shoot for Leone. It’s Jason who should have played the role of Fitzcarraldo in Harzog’s movie. The matter was that there was nothing to eat during the shooting and Jason

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‘U’ Magazine

couldn’t stand it. One day, he climbed up in a tree and he said he wouldn’t go down till someone would gave him a New York steak. We had to interrupt the shooting and when we start it again, it’s Klaus Kinski who took the role. So, imagine, we had a good time during the shooting of Once upon a time in the west and we laughed when he should slap my bottom… However, it was more complicated with Henry Fonda. The love scene with him was the first sequence that we shoot in Cinecittà. And his wife was on the film set, just next to the camera. Fonda was a true cow-boy; it was his first love scene. So, it wasn’t that easy to shoot it because his wife was observing all my gestures. As far Charles Bronson is concerned, he did not speak very often. He was always on his own, playing with a ball, making bounce it. Having Ennio Morricone’s music before playing was absolutely gorgeous. Leone asked Ennio to compose the music before the shooting. In this way, every time we had a scene to play, Sergio played some music. We were totally in the atmosphere. I loved the way Sergio filmed the bodies and faces in slow-motion. I had a really good relation with Sergio, even if we were very different: I don’t eat that much and he ate a lot. So, when he saw I did not eat everything he screamed: “But why don’t you eat!”(Laugh) You carry on Western movies few years later with the mythic meeting with Brigitte Bardot in the Pétroleuses. BB against CC, the blond and the brunette. We had so much fun. All the paparazzis wished we would fight during all the shooting. On the contrary, during lunch time for instance, I loved to take her for a ride on my horse and we leaved in the mountains. She was terrified and she said I was not a woman

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‘U’ Cinema

but a tomboy. We really were the pétroleuses. The dream came true because when I was in Tunis, my two favorite actors were Brigitte Bardot and Marlon Brando. How was the final fight? It was incredible. At first, Brigitte did not want to fight. Suddenly, I saw a hairy man coming to me, dressed just like her to play opposite to him. I told Brigitte it was ridiculous because all the close-up would be on me. I managed to persuade her and I’ve shown her how we would fight. With, La Scoumoune in 1972, you see Belmondo again. What a nice reunion it was! We had so much fun. One day, Jean Paul asked me to seduce the hotel’s director and during this time, he moved all the furniture in the street. We did all the time, silly things like that. What about Lucia and Les gouapes in 1974, which is your first collaboration with Pascale Squitieri, the man you will share your life with. Now, it’s over but we call each other very often. I made 10 films with him. But, we still have a good relation because we have a daughter together. At his time, I was seduced by his culture and the script of Lucia and Les gouapes. Another mythic movie, Fitzcarraldo in 1982. The most beautiful adventure of my life. Dangerous because there were all the monkeys jumping on me. Anyway, I do love danger and adventure. So, with this kind of movie, it was all good. I really was in my element whereas some of us, ended up in insane asylum after the shooting, which was epic! (laugh) Did you also want to kill Klaus Kinski, like did the Aboriginal? My goodness, what a story! They all were with their bow saying “we kill him”. But no, we were just shooting a film. It’s not possible. The first day

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‘U’ Magazine

of the shooting, there was a clash. It was so hot and with my bustier, it was awful. And Klaus, just wanted to know if the light was good on him. Then, I told him what I was thinking about the situation. So, at this particular moment, he stopped to be a fool. (Laugh) As the far the famous relationship between Werner and Klaus is concerned, fortunately I was there to calm them down. Werner came to talk to me and then Klaus came to talk to me. It wasn’t a peaceful shooting but I really have good memories though. To finish with, in spite of your sex-symbol side, you’re still here on the screen, never forgotten unlike other actresses. How did you live this tricky period for an actress, time goes by… In Mayrig, for instance, the autobiographical film of Henri Verneuil, at the beginning I’m 35 and at the end I’m 90. I hate facelifts; I never did such a thing. When you do that, you are looking at yourself in a mirror and you event don’t know who is it. Time goes by, we can’t refuse it. It’s stupid. It’s better to act some characters adapted to your age I never stopped acting even if I never did plastic surgery. You take me or not, I’m what I am. (Laugh) Any regrets in your career? You know in Tunis, we talk about Mektoub, which means destiny. If you didn’t do it, it’s because you shouldn’t do it. (Laugh) Laurent Pécha

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‘U’ Cinema

Beauty Evidence Photographe Grégoire Mähler Stylist Alessandra Stella

Make up Ismaël Blanco (Aurélien Agency) Hairdressing Shuko Sumida Models Auguste (City Agency) and Amaya Jais (Evidence Agency)

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Jacket The Kooples

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Dress Vintage

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Dress Vivienne Westwood

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Jacket and top Burton of London

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Dress Vivienne Westwood

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Top The Kooples

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Chile and Bolivia, between sky and earth You are dreaming about wide‑open spaces where you can totally switch off, salt deserts everywhere, original landscape: San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and Potosí will satisfy you for sure… 40 –

‘U’ Destination

If you love trees and other photosynthetic bodies, don’t come! I’m about to show you a mineral region, also stony and arid, but however it’s a breathtaking wonderful and surprising region, Well, ok you should stay then! SPA FOR INITIATED PEOPLE It begins in San Pedro de Acatama (SPA), small town-oasis in the north of Chile, surrounded by a volcanic chain where the magnificent Licancabur is planted 2400m up in the Atacama desert, well-known because is the aridest and the highest. NASA is tries out her robots that she sends to Mars to reach some life tracks: you can imagine how in this region, the hospitality is a kind of awkward… It doesn’t stop travelers though, who just like pilgrims, are looking for infinity and maybe a sense, are going all year long, to San Pedro, starting point of several excursions from few hours or even several days. Some people are totally seduced by this place and its 4000 annual hours of sun of this region surrounded by the Tropic of Capricorn and the Andes. It’s really surprising and people love to stay during a couple of weeks in this singular space-time. THE MED DESERTS Go through an agency (about ten ones) is almost inevitable to reach easily to the different surrounding sites. Private visits in ATV, minibus, trucks, horse rides and even mountain bikes. Different means of transports to satisfy everybody. So, what kind of activities can you do? Looking for the balance in the very salty water Laguna Cejar, the South American version of the Dead sea, then you can jump in the feshwater of Ojos de Salar, which means Salar’s eyes or you can even relax in the warm water of the Termas de

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Puritana … More epic, you can join an expedition of mountaineers to climb up one of the volcanoes or you can go sandboarding as well! More “explosive”? Let’s go to El Tatio, for a gorgeous sunrise in the middle of a field. Okay, maybe a little of Culture? The archeological museum Gustavo Le Paige in San Pedro, the city of Socaire, with its Colonial church or the ruins of Pukará de Quitor, a former fortification from the 12th century. Geological, of course: Valle de La Luna, it’s the perfect place to admire an unforgettable sunset, Valle de la Muerte and Tres María, narrow canyons and fine sandy dunes and of course Salara de Atacama with its huge white salt area, which is a vestige from a former lake thousand years ago … What about fauna? The Laguna de Chaxa where three species of flamingos are living, Lagunas Miñiques and Miscanti where lamas, coots and vicunas are roaming. There’s something very magical, when it’s getting dark in the night, when there’s no noise, you can admire a sky full of stars, that you’ve probably never seen before! Some agencies offers sky private guided visits with hot chocolate and telescopes. LET’S GO TO UYNI… You are really seduced by what you just discovered but you want some more though? You’re right! After travelling more than 1000 km to get in this no man’s land, one thousand more shouldn’t afraid you then. Then, there’s just one thing left you have to do! Cross the Bolivian border line and go to Salar de Uyini, the world’s biggest salt desert, located up to 3700 m.

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Some agencies in San Pedro are offering 3 or 4 day trips in ATV till Uyni. When you just crossed the Bolivian border line, near Licancabur and its 5916 metres, then you won’t see any signs, you’ll leave the civilization … When you arrive in Salar, you’ll be amazed by the altitude of the breathtaking and original landscapes that you’ll see. It’s a kind of surrealist, because we are not used to see this sort of colors. NATURE, ONLY NATURE Travel through time, at the first hours of the Earth or landing on uninhabited planet, hard to know … Here, there are green lagoons (Laguna Verde) or even red (Laguna Colorada where flamingos from Andes are breeding), white (Laguna Blanca) and some other … Here, you can see some volcanic rocks scattered on a hill, like they just falled from the sky. Then, the place is now named Rocas de Salvador Dali, because it looks like the paintings of the Spanish master. The mirages brings a magical touch to those places which are already enchanting. And there’s the sky, huge, with a vibrant blue with some white touches. When you’re finally, to Salar de Uyini, you feel very small. The sun is not risen yet, it’s freezing but you are focusing your look minute after minute, on the East and the dark blue turning to a light blue, whereas on the other side, on the West, the mountains have light colors because it’s the sunrise. All the 4x4 are going to the Sala, very famous for its salt and lithium. On this incredible area where everything is white, the bearings have completely disappeared. Nevertheless, we can see far away, an

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island. It’s the Isla Incahuasi. Another strangeness among the others, surrounded by huge old cactus. When you’re at the top of it, you can admire Salar and then you feel extremely emotional but you’re getting aware that life is very precious. Lou Camino

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The recommendation of your concierge

AFTER THE EFFORT, RELAXATION! Awasi is a magnificent and unique Eco-resort, and is a member of Relais & Chateaux since 2011. Located a few minutes away from the town center of San Pedro de Atacama, Awasi is the promise of an unforgettable stay to discover the atypical landscapes (lagoons, deserts and the volcanoes of the Andes mountain range) of the region and the local populations. Pass the millennium terracotta wall and discover this small lodge with natural colors which will offer you a sweet haven of peace in contrast with the bright and deserted landscapes nearby. Ideal starting point for exploring this amazing area where landscapes follow each other without ever look like, Awasi is the only hotel to offer the services of a French speaking guide and a private jeep by room. At your own pace and according to your desires, discover the magnificent landscapes of deserts, lunar dunes, hot water geysers, volcanoes and other salt lakes ... Your UUU concierge takes care of everything. Contact him without any delay and enjoy his two exclusive offers from May 1 to September 12, 2014!

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Parisian Landscapes Pascal Otlinghaus Photograph

Taking pictures of Paris, when you’re a Parisian is a delicate exercise. You need to look around you and change your look on this landscape that you see every day, since many years. Then, you need to rediscover: “The monumental Paris” in another way, more detailed or with hindsight, especially with a different spirit: you must take your time. I photographed the city at the beginning of the day, when she wakes up or when she welcomes the walkers, I enjoy the lights and the breathtaking view. Then, I could admire with a kind of brand new look, the beauty of this city, the Parisian everyday view… Pascal Otlinghaus is a 30 years old French-German photographer, based in Paris. For more information about his work and his exhibitions, please contact:

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