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Issue two





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Meet the Editors

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Terry Pratchett


Forgotten Children


India’s Daughter


Too close to Home


Clickbait Slacktivism


Warehouse Parties


Cosmic Love

Angela Tam


Miami Horror

Joy Li


A Carer’s Insight into Hospitals


Speaking the Unspeakable


Modern Etiquette

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Digital Feels

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Anaphylaxis at Uni

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April 2015


thank yous The sun

Hey there, party people!

So if you’re looking to procrastinate

Gentle squelching Marlene, Heather, and Luke

Here at Vertigo, we’ve been having an absolutely marvellous time crawling

The eggplant emoji in general, then this issue of Vertigo

across broken glass and singing around you – our lovely and loyal readership –

Blue eyes Mochas

you’re just desperately waiting for

Baby pics

StuVac and VC Week, then we can

Nicole Richie

even more delicious pieces than some American guy named Reese. Without further ado, we’re excited

fuck yous

As you may know, we all reach a point

to regale you with tales of vomiting

in our lives when we are utterly and

in Railway Square, a stellar interview

irrevocably convinced that we might

with Miami Horror, and the previously-

Doing the laundry

just be a YA novel protagonist, and

unspoken now-written guidelines

Double entendre

fortunately for you, my time in the

to modern etiquette, and a farrago

sun is here and now. *Insert brief and

of creative talent: some bloody fan-

Slow walkers

captivating spiel about some of my

tastic prose by Georgina Cook, the


bizarre yet endearing idiosyncrasies,

next instalment of our serial by Tom

Trust fund travellers

the bedazzling introduction of my

Cameron, the elegant poetry of Carrie

potential love interest, a pop culture

Hou, and some jaw-dropping, heart-

reference, and the assertion that I’m

stopping photography and art from

“not like other boys.”*

Dan Stewart and Bec Lourey.

Now before I’m cast out of the lime-

So if ol’ m8 George is right, and there

light forevermore, I’d like to quote an

isn’t a future, then I’d like to offer

allegedly famous dude named George

you my sincerest commiserations,

Harrison, who once said, wrote, or

because not a single human will ever

Vertigo and its entire contents are protected

probably smoke-signalled: “Time is a

get the opportunity to read the one-

by copyright. Vertigo will retain reprint rights;

very misleading thing. All there is ever,

sided and incredibly witty banter of

contributors retain all other rights for resale and

is the now. We can gain experience

this editorial. But if there is one, then

repub- lication. No material may be produced

from the past, but we can’t relive it;

I’d like to wish you good luck, fellow

without the prior written consent of the copyright

and we can hope for the future, but we

human, and also give a shout-out to


don’t know if there is one.” Inspiring stuff, George. Truly. So, this

Copyright and Acknowledgment of Country

Vertigo would like to show its respect and ac-

asked), and, of course, those we’ve

knowledge the Tradition Custodians of the Land,

left behind.

the Gadigal and Gurring-gai people of the Eora

issue is called ‘and those we’ve left behind’, and not because we forget

German grammar

Nation, upon whose ancestral lands the university

With love, moscato, and sass,

our keys in the fridge or our younger

now stands. More than 500 Indigenous Nations shared this land for over 40,000 years before invasion. We express our solidarity and continued

almost certainly do) but because

Cameron and the Vertigoats

commitment to working with Indigenous peoples, in Australia and around the world, in their ongoing struggle for land rights, self-determination, sover-

publication and as individuals), and

eignty, and the recognition and compensation for

where that might lead us.

past injuries


Issue two


Meet the Editors Rachel Versace

Cameron Hart

June Murtagh A couple of years ago I was jamming

I would want to see my parents as

I would revisit the very moment

along to The Beatles, having a jolly old

wild and reckless twenty-something’s,

of my conception. I would stand

time, and then I realised I would never,

dancing on balconies or drinking

inconspicuously in the corner,

perform live. If I could travel back

hereditary, I’m told). I’d like to get to

my parents in all their sweaty, high-

to any point in time, it would be Feb-

know them before they gave a fuck

geared fucking glory. I’d analyse each

ruary 9th 1961; the date The Beatles

about making mistakes, or my bed-

position and wonder if the nature of

ever, be able to see my favourite band

time, or ensuring that everyone in the Liverpool. Of course, an afternoon

vehicle is wearing a seatbelt because

Then, when my parents became

of twisting and shouting to this groovy

“road safety is a responsible thing to

aware of my presence, I would look

band would begin with me decking out

be concerned about.” If I went back,

at them and whisper, ‘see you in nine

some fab glad rags before a seriously

I’d be so rad and bizarre that they’d

months’. Note: I would then go on to publish an extensive study regarding

hip Teddy Boy picked me up in his Holden FB to hit the town. Obviously,

born son after that party animal who

the correlative relationship between

we’d all have a blast, busting out some

appeared like a summer storm and

the quality of sex, and the quality of

choice moves while being a part of this

vanished just as quickly. Perhaps, I’d

the human born thereafter. I would

revolutionary era.

go back to 1985 if I got the chance,

be praised as a psychosexual genius,

or maybe I already have.

and Freudian theory would be deemed insubstantial in comparison.

Allison Bermingham

Joshua Cram

Gabrielle Rawlings

I would probably stalk dead authors.

I would want to go back where I could

I’d like to hang out with Jane Austen

have met and fallen madly in love

or Mervyn Peake before they died we didn’t make any mistakes….) and

too young. Listen in on the Algonquin

who wouldn’t?). With that probably

change my name on every edition to

Round Table while they try to make

not the best use of travelling back in

read ‘Gabrielle Rawlings’ instead of

each other laugh. Get to meet Diana

time, I would want to go back to a time

‘Gabrielle Lei’, because yes, despite

Wynne Jones before she died. Sylvia

when people weren’t so focused on

what my Facebook may tell you, that

Plath. Octavia E. Butler. Patrick

their mobile phones that they think

is my name. Oh, and also I want a pet

White. I’m just listing names now. But

it’s acceptable to stop mid stride in

dinosaur, so I’m going back to get one

if the past can teach me anything,

the middle of the footpath. But really

of them.

it’s through writers astronomically

I’m quite comfortable with the time

better than I am. Reading is a kind of necromancy, but it can only get you

and air conditioning. So, why change a

so far.

good thing?


April 2015


Sambavi Seermaran

Christopher Quyen

James Wilson Regret is a funny thing. You think

Time-travelling back to the Romantic

There’s so many events that come

back to all the times your life could

era would be totally awesome. I would

to mind in world history that I would

have shifted in one direction, gone in

love to socialise with John Keats or

have given anything to witness-the

another. Would I go back to prevent

Beethoven and write epic ballads and

moon landing, JFK’s mysterious

myself from changing primary schools,

shit… then I realise that since I’m Asian

not studying hard enough in Year 12 or

I’d probably be enslaved and put to

in his bunker- but I’ll have to pick just one. I’d probably like to be beamed

the entirety of 2006? If I did go back and change time, I would likely not

leading to some serious tennis elbow

back in time to India in 1948, when

be a Vertigo editor or be writing this

from rowing so much. After much

the country was on the cusp of

now. Life takes you to many places,

thought, I realised I can’t really time-

Independence and Gandhi was still

and there is no use in regretting what

travel anywhere without experiencing

alive. What an exciting, dangerous and

might have been when there is a whole

a loss of freedom… I guess I’ll just

tumultuous period of history this was.

world of experiences in the now.

time-travel to teleport myself to

The rise and fall of so many lives in the

Though going to ancient Rome would

different countries. Yes, I believe

grand drama of Independence would

be cool. Yeah, I’d do that.

that’s a loophole.

have been riveting to watch.

Ting He

Rose McEwen

Katie Kendall I would visit Shakespeare and Co

Look, I’m the sort of person who

If I could go back in time I really

when all my favourite writers were

lives with very few regrets, so I

wouldn’t. Everyone knows that you

there, dazzle Gertrude Stein with my

doubt whether I would take up the

should never fuck with time travel.

acute grasp on Modernity, enjoy the

opperuntinty- but if you forced me,

You could travel back to 1990, step on

Jazz Age and get out before the Great

it would be to high school where I

a leaf and potentially cancel out the

Depression. But while I love the idea of

unknowingly rocked a mullet for about

series of events that lead to your birth.

sipping champagne by the river Seine

six months, or maybe to year 5 when i

But if there really were no repercus-

with Zelda Fitzgerald, if I could travel

sion, I’d go back to when McDonalds

back in time – I probably wouldn’t. It’s

and thought lil_chubby_princess was

a commonly known fact that nostalgia

an endearing name. Actually... scrap all

is a dirty liar, and while I love the idea

that. If I could go back in time, I would

of the 1920s, and the past is full of

100% jump the gun on dumping my exs-

deadly diseases and uncontrollable

then strut off with Kelly Clarkson ‘Since

male egos.

U Been Gone’ blasting.

worth of shares. That way I’ll be able to encrusted with emeralds. Treat yo self.


Issue two

features 07

Terry Pratchett


Forgotten Children


India’s Daughter


Too close to Home


Clickbait Slacktivism


Warehouse Parties


Cosmic Love


Miami Horror


A Carer’s Insight into Hospitals


Speaking the Unspeakable


Modern Etiquette


Credits Roll


Digital Feels


April 2015



‘Until the last ripple fades’ Joshua Cram So, Terry Pratchett has met Death. They’ve been warily

his life.” I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t actually get

circling each other since at least 2007, when Pratchett

the metaphor until Pratchett died. There’s the sick joke,

revealed that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. It’s not a

obviously. But Pratchett didn’t just think great thoughts

surprise — but still absurdly sad.

and display them for his readers in pleasing, deeply funny

His hyper-selling, critically acclaimed Discworld books — We have a great tradition in this century, and the last, of turn stand on the back of a giant turtle — have taught me

morally conscious art. Victims were given subjectivities, given

a shitload about life. It sounds like a cliché. But Pratchett was good at turning a cliché into something real again,

were used to highlight inequality, sometimes rejected their

and this isn’t any different. My understandings of systemic

victimhood. Everybody feels good for reading them: they have a cry; think they’ve done their bit; worse: think there’s nothing to do, the art solved it. Pratchett and his satire don’t

good v. right); my feeling for how stories work in people’s

really allow you that escape, I don’t think. His best books are

minds; my conviction that beliefs that don’t hurt anyone

livid with the world — Lords and Ladies against the idea of a

need to be treated with respect; my appreciation of cats

superior class of being, Small Gods against brutality done in

— all owe some debt to Pratchett’s work. And of course,

a deity’s name, Thud! against small-minded ignorance and

that it’s “not worth doing something unless you were doing


something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing.”

I’ve been around a lot of people who think it’s okay to be apathetic and ‘nice’ instead of engaged and kind. I’m guilty of that, too. The trouble with having an open mind is that

quotes — and it might be more entertaining. But I’m going

people keep trying to put things in it. Terry said that. I’d like to thank him for what he put in my mind. I hope I’m warm the rest of my life.

Artwork: Bryce Pemberton


Issue two


Surabi Alauddin

This article contains discussion of suicide, mental illness and child abuse. If you are affected by these themes, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you trust, or contact any

report, Professor Triggs was faced with a wave of attacks

of the following hotlines.

from politicians. Tony Abbott described the report as being

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

blatantly biased and a political stitch-up. Both Abbott and

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

the Attorney General George Brandis declared they no

SANE: 1800 18 7263

“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other

Gillian Triggs has been unfairly attacked. The independence

countries asylum from persecution”— Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 14 paragraph 1

political leaders publicly attack them. However, the media attention on criticisms of Gillian Triggs and the subsequent

As you read this, men, women, and children who have

outrage at her treatment by her defenders has once again

committed no crime are being kept in detention and forced to survive in unbearable conditions on Nauru, Manus, and Christmas Islands — without adequate shelter, healthcare, water, sanitation, access to legal advice, or the ability to

amid political controversy and intrigue.

contact their family. They are consequently suffering from psychological distress, self-harm attempts, suicide attempts,

As an independent statutory body, the role of the Human

and health deterioration. There have been instances of

Rights Commission is to investigate and report on human

mothers being separated from their newborn babies and

rights cases in Australia and say things the government may

sexual assault victims being housed with their attackers.

not want to hear. This is what Gillian Triggs did. It was not

The Human Rights Commission’s inquiry, headed by its pre-

her report that was political but the response of politicians

sident, Gillian Triggs, into children held in detention, was

that politicised the report. It makes one wonder whether

released in February. It revealed that there are currently

this was a deliberate move by the government to distract

330 children being held in detention. Titled ‘The Forgotten Children’, it found that these children are suffering from extreme levels of physical, emotional, psychological, and developmental distress.

common-sense tells us — that detaining children in horrible



April 2015

conditions of detention centres will have devastating effects

identify with those are different, not one of ‘us’. Identifying

on mental, physical, emotional, and developmental health.

with a group of people who are from a different culture and

When the Australian public and the politicians are so

that has unfolded in our nation.

aware of the atrocities of refugee policy, why is there such apathy? When child abuse cases occurring in schools and

Our politicians have inflamed racial concerns to their advantage. We have been conned into accepting a situ-

establish Royal Commissions into them — as was the case

ation in which we imprison men and women and children

to Child Sexual Abuse) — why is the response to a Human

to the interests of ruling parties to continue this. Refugees

Rights Report revealing state-sanctioned child abuse against

are a convenient distraction and useful scapegoat for the

asylum seeker children held in detention so utterly different?

government. Polls have consistently showed that the public is worried about the cost of living, education, healthcare,

The answer possibly lies in the difference between the

and transport – the aspects which determine our quality

children. The children being abused in our schools and

of life – but blaming refugees for our woes and promising

churches are Australian citizens and primarily white, in comparison to children in detention centres who are of Middle-Eastern and South Asian children – many of whom

The Forgotten Children report represented a moment in

are Muslim – who are part of a group who have been entirely

which the Australian public had the opportunity to realise

demonised and otherised in the Australian psyche.

how horrifying this travesty occurring on our shores and in our name is, implicating the current government and

Racism and prejudice is the elephant in the room for the

those before it. This was too risky, and true to form, the

asylum seeker ‘debate’ in Australia. If a civil war broke out

government launched personal attacks on Gillian Triggs

in New Zealand, Kiwis jumped on boats, and they sailed to

to distract from the issue itself: children in detention. We

Tasmania seeking protection from violence and uncertainty,

should remind ourselves of the real issue here and not

would we see blonde haired, blue-eyed children behind

buy into the diversionary tactics of the government.

bars? We would not. We are able to emphasise with the plight of those who are similar to ourselves — those we Artwork: Bryce Pemberton


Issue two


India’s Daughter: Story of a Nation in Crisis Sambavi Seermaran

Trigger Warning: the following article contains references to sexual assault and graphic descriptions. Please exercise caution and seek help if in distress. In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, British

the streets of Delhi are all motivated by a deep desire to

filmmaker Leslee Udwin released a powerful and

understand how a crime as brutal and dehumanising as

mesmerising documentary about the 2012 Delhi gang rape

this could happen. Jyoti was a hardworking 23-year-old

victim Jyoti Singh. The documentary, India’s Daughter,

physiotherapy student on holiday from college when she

critically examines the cultural attitudes of India’s

decided to visit a cinema in Delhi with a male friend

conservative society and sheds light on the high levels

one night in December 2012. On their way home after the

of gender violence faced by women everyday in India. According to the statistics, one woman is raped in India

boarded what they thought was a bus heading towards their home on the other side of the city. The bus turned out to be

high to us, the widespread nature of sexual violence and

a private bus driven by Mukesh Singh and with him on board

the stigma surrounding it is nothing new in India, where turns to rape and fatally assault Singh and beat up her male notions towards women continue to dominate.

friend as he tried to help her. Jyoti’s last moments were vicious, callous, and horrifying. Her injuries were extensive

Jyoti Singh’s rape and death is the pivotal focus of Udwin’s

and excruciating; bite marks covered her body, her intestines were ripped out and an iron rod had been used up her vagina

lawyers, parliamentarians, and everyday people on



April April 2015 2015

— why did this happen? What impelled these six men to

of violence. The fear of danger was a constant reminder

commit such a degrading and violent attack?

in my head not to take ‘unnecessary’ risks in India such as wearing ‘revealing’ clothing exposing my arms or legs, and to try to have a male friend present with me whenever I

great sensitivity, attempts to offer some answers to this.

went out. Each woman’s experience of India is unique and

Udwin interviews the rapist’s families and delves into

subjective; many of my friends who came with me to India

their family background as well as interviewing in jail one

had the opposite experience and felt no more danger than

of the rapists on the bus, Mukesh Singh. His interview

they would have felt back home. Regardless, the statistics on gender violence and foeticide do not lie — there is a very

sense that the views about women he expresses are

real problem beneath the silence and shame surrounding many of these issues.

also, it seems, widely held in a certain section of Indian society. Mukesh Singh’s mindset during the attack and his

India has much soul-searching to do about its paternalistic attitudes to gender. The documentary exposes a version

has more responsibility for rape than a boy”) have caused

of Indian society away from the glitzy tourist spots and

an enormous amount of controversy in India. It led to the

the beauty of its landscapes to the black canker at the

documentary being censored in India and banned from

heart of India’s glorious and proud culture. It is a dark and

public viewing. The Government’s actions in banning the

intimidating aspect to the culture that many of us who are

documentary only exacerbate the widespread idea in India

Indian or have an Indian-background have witnessed and

that women’s rights and sexual violence against women is a problem that is not taken seriously and would ideally be

India’s Daughter painfully exposes a country in crisis and grappling with its attitudes to gender relations. It is a very sad fact that it took a girl’s rape and murder under horrifying circumstances to

Recently, I went on a month long trip to India. I was situated

push this awakening to the forefront. Rest in peace, Jyoti

in the southern state of Karnataka, which is more liberal

— your death was not and will never be in vain. You have

and ‘westernised’ in its attitudes to women than the more

started the beginning of something profound.

conservative North. India for me is home; I feel a deep and reverential connection to the land, and there is a profound love within me for its dusty, chaotic, disorderly streets. The entire month I was there, though, I felt very unsafe. It wasn’t a feeling that had a direct source from actual threats around me. Rather, it was a very strong foreboding lurking in my mind that if I was not extremely was out at night, I could easily be subjected to some form

Artwork: Collette Duong


Issue two


too close to home Luan Whitworth “This is home”

The man pointed towards a metal

and also the three years before that.

compartment attached to the brick wall

In both the 2014 and 2015 reports,

with the words ‘FIRE EXTINGUISHER’

City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover

peeling off the front. He opened it

Moore has recommended “affordable

to reveal a completely empty interior,

housing funding is needed from the

save for the old pizza box that lay at

state and federal government to

the bottom. The compartment was

reduce the number of people sleeping

extremely small; I could imagine him

rough in Sydney.”

inside with his knees cradled up against his chest to keep warm on those cold, unforgiving nights. But at least it was inconspicuous.

approach to homelessness goes something like this: homeless people don’t have anywhere to live, so if we

The man I met was nameless, much like

put a roof over their heads, they won’t

most of Sydney’s homeless population.

be homeless anymore! Yay!

In the past few years, homelessness

Wrong. The problem isn’t affordable

in Sydney’s CBD has clearly increased

housing — it’s the lack of available

exponentially. Here’s a bit of math

support networks.

for you: the City of Sydney’s latest summer street count found 365 people

The Way2Home program, jointly funded

sleeping in the city’s streets, parks and

by the City of Sydney and the NSW

public places — an increase of 5.5 per

government, is a prime example of this

cent from February last year, and a 43 per cent increase from 2013.

failed to deliver on its promises. The program places people in homes using

And the government’s proposed plan

the ‘Housing First’ approach, which

of action? The exact same one it had

believes that a person needs to have

last year. And the year before that. Oh,

a roof over their head before other



April 2015

“The cycle of homelessness continues. Depriving the homeless of their voice, identity, background and circumstances”

problems can be addressed.

had to endure on a daily basis before

from the problem doesn’t mean the

she left for good, deciding that even

problem has been resolved.

Five years since its introduction and

the streets would be a safer option.

we’re still asking the same question:

Unfortunately, there are many people

policy considerations. As a community

battles. Sure, you can put a roof over

responsibility to care for one another,

when are they going to address these “other problems?” Because let’s face

that ostensibly shares a collective

it: it’s about time we shut down the

anyone’s head and say the problem has

we should stop stigmatising and start

negative stigmas and get rid of the

been solved, but how does that really

understanding. The homeless are

nasty generalisation that all homeless

help? What happens when that person

people, not just numbers. We need

people are drug addicts that waste

falls into the same toxic pattern of

to lobby the government to put more

abuse and has no option but to run

funding into mental health services,

heroin. Welcome to the real world,

away again? What then?

where homeless people face struggles

treatment programs and rehabilitation groups to provide the homeless with

that many of us will face in the future,

The cycle of homelessness continues.

a proper support network that will

or that may have already faced.

Depriving the homeless of their

help them overcome problems that

voice, identity, background and While a lack of affordable housing and

circumstances, the government might

drug and alcohol abuse certainly

as well have a better chance with

the same way as the rest of us are — as

shouldn’t be ignored, other struggles,

herding sheep than tackling the root

human beings, not as problems to be

which are equally problematic, include

of this issue. In fact, that is exactly what

shoved under the carpet and forgotten

poverty, unemployment, poor physical

they’re doing. They need to cut the

or mental health, gambling, family and

‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality and

relationship breakdown, and physical

start realising that a viable, long-term

or sexual abuse.

solution isn’t going to be achieved by

One woman told me of the prolonged

out of the city and into housing. It’s

Homeless people deserve to be viewed

until the next street count. Perhaps only then will the government catch on.

simply relocating homeless people domestic violence her ex-husband

like adopting a stray puppy from the

subjected her to. Death threats and

streets and then neglecting to care for

near-fatal beatings were things she

it: just because you’ve removed them

Artwork: Owen Cramp


Issue two


Clickbait Slacktivism Jake Nielsen

Artwork: Maria yanovsky

29 reasons our clickable causes are incredibly bad for us

One of the most irritating traits of our

right and left click. Not only is it easy,

generation is our arrogant assurance

but also the results vs. efforts are

that our opinion is intrinsically correct

incredible. The way we have been

and should be adopted by all. Take

primed to receive and engage in social

the title of this piece for example: it’s

media means when we see an article

the kind of headline that immediately

or a petition shared by someone we

informs the reader that the person

usually infer they are informed on the

who wrote it is under 30, probably

issue and have a unique, or at least

biased, and has an agenda. Along with

researched, opinion. In reality, these

the idea that we are right, we also tend

opinions are formed by one person and

to believe that having an opinion should

then repeated and shared over and

be enough to implement change. It’s not

over. Many people who share it are

entirely our generation’s fault. Social

engaged and do care, but there are

networking has given us the chance

also those who forget it the second

to engage politically at the touch of a

they’ve shared it. When we reduce

button. The positives are numerous.

political involvement to such an easy

The Internet provides a relatively equal

thing, it’s bound to have a downside. However more importantly, this kind

transcend geographical boundaries

of political involvement plays to the

is immeasurably helpful. However, it

ego. And let’s be honest, Facebook and

is important that we take a second to

Twitter only exist to further indulge

political engagement being so easy, as

of political involvement easy, but also

us in ourselves. Not only is this type well as what is really happening when

when it exists on a platform that is

we ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ our way into the

primarily to showcase people’s egos it’s

political ring.

bound to be imbued with a new type of value. Each article or petition or event is

This type of political engagement works

another piece in the rich tapestry of the

because it is an attractive prospect

person we like to pretend we are.

to the average member of Generation Y. Firstly, it’s easy; it requires literally

In the last decade or so, social media

the barest amount of knowledge

has been the indispensable tool of

on any topic, and that’s stretching it.

hundreds of worthy causes in the realms

Really, it requires the barest amount of

of Feminism, LGBTIQA rights, social

knowledge on the difference between

welfare, education, and Indigenous


April 2015

Australian issues — to name just a few.

get people to rally behind an idea when

At the same time, it has been useful

it requires nothing of them.

for those who want to create a world in which every little thing is scrutinised and peoples’ feelings, no matter how

is a bigger loser. The people who were

ridiculous, are put before anything else. aimed at them) they wanted a major Recently NBC aired a commercial

network to pull a spot they can easily

during the Super Bowl, advertising the

just not watch — or the major network

return of NASCAR to their schedule. It

that aired a version of the commercial

featured Nick Offerman playing a Ron

with the line omitted because 18 000

Swanson type role and talking about

people with a stomachache and the

how America has gone “soft”. Among

ability to use a laptop got upset.

many jokes poking fun at America,

You should approach this political

Liberalism and Conservatism, was

world of social media with caution,

one in which Offerman says, “When

and a grain of salt. Remind yourself

our biggest fear is gluten, there’s

that events with ludicrous titles like ‘Boycott the police’ or ‘Boycott

prophecy’ comes to mind when you

Capitalism’ are next to an ad for KFC’s ‘Double Down’. And above all, remember this is the only reason the

called ‘Gluten Dude’ aimed at getting

political world exists on Facebook.

NBC to pull the spot, garnered over 18 000 ‘signatures’. The petition

you like, every opinion you share,

claimed the line was offensive to

almost any interaction you have is to

people who could not eat gluten. It

help other companies more accurately

should be pretty obvious that the joke

compartmentalise you and sell you more

was making fun of casual gluten-free

shit. Benjamin Franklin owned slaves;

or even the gluten-intolerant. Some

of ‘uncivilised tribes’; and

Churchill was for the systematic gassing might say that if the cause was able to inspire such a large number of ‘participants’ then it must have been

Hear more of me

worthy. However, I think this case is a


perfect example of how easy it is to

or at @thegraduatespod



Issue two

Warehouse Parties Amelia Navascues



April 2015


You need rebellion to create change […] it’s never going to end and it’s a good thing. It isn’t news that the tightening of lockout laws has changed

Mark Gerber, of the Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst,

the dynamic of the Sydney party scene — from 1:30am

describes the renaissance of the scene as being necessary

lockouts to 10pm bottle-o closing times and 3am ‘last drinks’ calls together with other imminent changes to

it acts as a facilitator for resistance and good. “You need

drinking and licenced venues. In response, there has been

rebellion to create change […] it’s never going to end and

a resurgence of DIY warehouse parties, largely occurring

it’s a good thing. Local councils should support it and not

in Sydney’s Inner West. These parties are stirring debate between escapist anti-establishment partygoers and local councils and governments. of the changes, arguing that councils need to work with, Hiding away within gutted warehouses, appearing relatively

not against, these spaces. She wrote, “These warehouse

derelict from its outside, their recent spread is more than

spaces re-purposed unsightly industrial landscapes into an incredible underground scene that’s vital to the growth of

the wall, independent, experimental, and creative projects

the music industry, while providing space for independent

are cultivated and performed in colourful spaces with walls

collectives, artists and all manner of creative types to

painted by artists — impassioned, emerging, and local. On

practice their art.”

a purely aesthetic and cultural level, it departs completely from conventional venues.

In response to the renaissance, Marrickville Council have demonstrated duplicitous stances to the warehouse spaces.

For many, the space creates a warming sense of community

They have continually met the spaces with hostility with the

and creativity, independent from the traditional Sydney

resurgence of enforced legal action, prompting a crackdown

cultural landscape. As a result, the release from regulations

in the area. This has led to a slow and anticipated decline in

instead becomes a supplementary gain as opposed to

recent months.

its main appeal. Council complaints, on the other hand, have deemed warehouse parties a hazard because of the

In this legal and cultural war between non-traditional

‘limitless’ nature of the underground scene.

and prescriptive ideas of community and the subsequent regulation, security, and hazard control, outcomes are

It’s a common practice for the media to perpetuate the idea

unclear. Formal agreements between those who run these

that these parties offer threat or hazard due to the illegal

artist-led precincts and local councils have the potential

practices creating them. Complementing this are a range

to undermine the ‘underground’ nature of the venues. The

of Council issues, neighbourhood noise complaints, and

cultivation of formally recognised licencing agreements

the consequences of unregulated alcohol and open drug

and regulations could lead to a similar dissipation of the

use. Alternative cultural standpoints have promoted these

creative anarchism and anti-establishment limitlessness

spaces as a beacon for emerging artists and experimental

that motivates the spaces.

creative projects and as a function of cultural resistance to

It has sparked debate about the regulation of community spaces, particularly regarding the lockouts and the management of social and cultural creative products by larger controlling bodies intending to reclaim power.

Artwork: Collette Duong


Issue two


Cosmic Love Alexander Cochrane

When I investigate what’s new in the Sky News of what’s past

The total amount of cursed universe-water held on this dark side of the moon equates to about 140 trillion times the amount of water on our planet. By my calculations, going by

not disputed.) It holds some weird and wacky wonders that would crush our earth’s most modern wonders into sub-

one Cubic Kilometre of water to a keen entrepreneur among

atomic slush. million Australias. The gigantism of what lies beyond our atmosphere overwhelms most. So, I’m going to explain a morsel of

4.9 million Australias. For 5 cents a cubic kilometre. Think of the quality of life this world would have with that kind of wealth. 4.9 million Australias is 108 trillion people that could

For instance, it took two entire teams of scientists to deduce

survive with the quality of healthcare and education that we

other side of the universe — farther away from Kansas than Toto ever was —a is actually just a swirling body of water

Have you heard of the Asteroid 2004 BL86? Yes? No? “I think

vapour. The reservoir hovers in the blank space of a very new

so, but I’m not really interested with anything named with

part of our universe — yes, that’s right, the universe grows!

numbers”? Well, you should have heard. You know why?

— around a black hole that feeds on so much gas and cosmic

Because it almost killed us! But that was on the day known to

debris that it literally vomits one of the most powerful

most as Australia Day, a day where Australians alike all dress

sources of light known to us, puny sapiens. Fancy people call it a quasar.


April 2015


The gigantism of what lies beyond our atmosphere overwhelms most.

passed out on a goon bag pillow. You’re

20mm or — you guessed it! — the

Douglas Adams, author of The

not blamed for your lack of knowledge

length of an Australian 5-cent coin,

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, came

of cosmic powers, only made endearing

from Earth. That’s a pretty damn close

up with a brilliant idea where an engine

through your enthusiasm towards

call if you ask me.

runs on the power of improbability,

Australian celebratory principles. Kudos.

driving you forward at unlikely speeds For the record, if you ask me, I’ll

with an unlikely accurate success rate.

probably still be recovering from

This would not work.

pretty close to Earth. How close? Close

Gods, gimme time to process what

But a young chap from a university

enough for people to get reasonably

it is you’re saying to me. Also for the

antsy about it, and I’m not talking about

discovered the only plausible way

the hyperventilating astrophysicists

we could possibly imagine to travel

like that Raj kid from that TV show that

But I really wanted to talk about space

safely through a huge torus ring of

people talk about. I’m talking real life

travel, because like most university

nothingness is by bending negative

science warriors. 2004 BL86 was about

students, I fervently hope that

energy around us, essentially forming

325 metres long, which is pretty big for

STA Travel should be able to offer

a bubble that dematerializes things in

a burning boulder raining from the sky.

university students the potential to

front of it, sucking it forward because

It skimmed past our atmosphere at an

travel to luscious planets of beautifying

theoretical physics works like that,

edgy distance of 1.2 million kilometres

hot springs, and small servant monkeys



with eight arms and owls for hands.

That seems like a fair way away ... and

Long story short, we better take care of the planet we live in, because some

it is. You certainly wouldn’t want that

vapid rock formations aren’t anything

to be your 8th grade cross-country

is too slow. And, even if we could

marathon. However, if the distance

travel at light speed, our family would

of the sun from Earth were about the

probably die of old age while we argue

we can hope to inhabit any time fascinating.

length of a Smart Fortwo “SmartCar”, physics is a dick like that, sometimes).

Artwork: Kimberly Luo


Issue two


Miami Horror Christopher Quyen talks to Miami Horror’s Ben Plant

How’s it feel to be back in Australia?

with a lot of people or try to break into

What was it like to tour internationally

It’s been good. I’ve been here for a

the industry, but we didn’t actually

with your music?

while, but I’m leaving next Tuesday.

touch on that at all; it was purely for

It’s amazing to be able to tour with

There are collaborations I wanted to

the atmosphere and the strangeness

our music, especially internationally

do here; but I didn’t get a chance.

and its character and its colour and its

because most Australian bands don’t

overall vibe.

really get the chance to tour around

Yeah, obviously the album’s done.

Did you work with anybody in LA?

very exciting to do South America,

This was going to be for an EP after

Technically, we did, but some of

Japan and Mexico. We’re bigger there

the album, which was more dance-

them weren’t even from LA [laughs].

than we are in Australia and I think

oriented — we kind of left [dance] out

Cleopold is from Australia, he lives

it’s the perfect place to be popular

of the album. We didn’t want to make

in our house, and we only ended up

in! You’d want any excuse to go over

something too trendy or too ‘of the

working with him because we live

there. We also met many people

moment’ and chuck it on an album

together and all work in music. Then

who’ve listened to the album non-stop

that’s very classic in how it’s made; so

there’s Sarah Chernoff who’s from

we wanted to do this dance EP after

Superhumanoids in LA and she did the

with more electronic songs that were

vocals in Real Slow, so I think that’s the


more modern-sounding.

one key LA-based artist we worked

I mean, not non-stop! [laughs] But

Something for later?

with. But on the song Cellophane I know you travelled a lot while writing the sound of the album at all?

of it. I personally can’t listen to an Turek, Aaron Miller is originally from

album more than … four months

Nashville and is a part of BASECAMP,

[laughs]. So, what we started to take from that is they think of music a lot

Overall, it was a really good experience,

more differently. They let themselves

going there for years or living there for

but I’m fairly used to spending two

become more absorbed in the music.

a small period of time — the rest of the

months on a song and they’re very used

While over in Australia, people tend to

band kind of caught on to it too. We

to spending three days on a song so

be a bit more critical and they want the

didn’t want to go there because of the

when we got to the fourth day they

newest thing all the time; and if they’re

whole industry thing, you know work

not told to listen in depth, they don’t



April 2015

listen too much. But people in South America and Central America absorb themselves a lot more in the music. Is there an album you’ve listened to for more than four months? Not recently … but when I was younger around 18 to 22 — which I think is the age that you do solidify your favourite albums — I think I listened to Daft Punk’s Discovery every day. I loved the production.

It was more the ideas. I key-listed the things I loved about that album so I could carry it forever. Many people do like the style of that album, but what I liked was that it was

Miami Horror’s second studio

consistent, but every song had a very original sound to it.

album, ‘All Possible Futures’ is

There were no B-sides to any track. It’s like if you listened

set to release later this year.

to a Toro Y Moi or Tame Impala album, two of my favourite bands now, they’re bands that you can identify straight away because of the production. So with Daft Punk, I really liked the fact that they sampled all the best bits of disco and turned it into an almost cartoon version of what disco on how I think about music. Do you feel that with All Possible Futures you were trying to make something iconic? Yeah! I don’t think this will change; trying to make an album iconic is always important to me. You lose it more on a sophomore album because you’re freaking out trying to make everything, but I think in the future it will start to come back a little more. You can still have a chill and consistent album kind of like Air’s Moon Safari — you know that album from 1999? 1999! No, I was like a baby, then. I wanted to know how you keep your energy levels up while touring. Umm usually, everybody takes cocaine every hour [laughs]. Oh, really? No, no, no! Just kidding. Don’t write that down unless it’s clear that it’s a joke. Anyway, I think that we’re all healthy people, but it is hard when we are carried away with partying, drinking, and waking up with a hangover. I think there’s no solution when we only can get four hours of sleep. Sometimes we’ll play a show and have to catch a

Okay, we only have time for one more question, and I’m kicking myself in the head for this, but … was the dress blue and black? or white and gold? was confused about was whether somebody started altering it; because the second time, it was gold and white, but it looked lightened to me, like someone edited it. People out there are fucking with me just to win the argument!


Issue two

A carer’s insight into hospitals

Brydie Allen “The nurses are wonderful in care, though sometimes I wonder if I am in the way. Am I a nuisance being here? I don’t want to leave, mum.” teenage daughters. Dawn had developed This line is a quote from the thir-

early onset dementia, and became

teen-page account of Megan McKay’s

increasingly agitated if Megan had not

time in hospital at her mother’s bedside.

returned from work or an outing at the

For 8 days straight, Megan was at the

exact time she had written down.

hospital, staying in a cottage on the grounds to be with her mother,

Megan was often frustrated that most

Dawn, as much as possible. She wrote

of her life was on hold. She was a carer,

a record of each day in the hospital, writing down everything that happened

is a reality of many carers. Carers NSW,

between the times she arrived, usually

a state-wide peak organisation, say

6 am, until when she left, between 10

“many carers feel that caring is what

pm and 1 am.

they should do.”

Megan has been carer for Dawn the

A carer is someone who improves

past 5 years, moving into her home

the quality of life for someone they

with her own two daughters. Through-

care for. The care they provide can

out this time, Megan was also working

be 24-hour, nursing for a close family

full-time; involved in musical and

member with high needs, or it can be

sporting activities; and caring for her

for a person who still has some independence but needs assistance with some parts of their day.



April 2015


Every situation is different, but the care given is invaluable to the person receiving it. Having someone close to you be admitted to hospital is hard. For carers, this can be a particularly challenging time, especially when their patient’s condition is unstable. In times like these, extra sensitivity and respect should be given to carers, as they know the patient best and can provide crucial information to health care professionals.

However at present, carers are still having distressing experiences in hospitals.

Unfortunately, the role of carers is often overlooked in a hospital setting. In 2007, the NSW Iemma Government

In NSW, 12% of the population are carers: over 857 000

implemented the NSW Carers Action Plan. This was a 5-year

people. Australia-wide, there are over two million carers. Most

plan that outlines a whole government policy commitment

carers are women, with a majority in the over 45 category;

to recognise and support carers. It includes such things as

however a carer can come from all lifestyles, ages, or genders.

strategies to: “increase the respect and recognition of car-

The word ‘carer’ can be confusing for some, and many do

ers, improve service to carers and the people they care for and encourage agencies to view carers as partners in care.”

support from relevant agencies and institutions.

Despite the good intentions of this Plan, which was completed

In January 2015, Dawn was rushed to hospital after having an

in 2012, Carers NSW still today writes in its information

accident on her mobility scooter, hitting a moving car outside

booklets: “hospitals are not yet as carer-friendly as we would

her home. She was taken from the local hospital to specialist

like them to be.”

John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle — four hours drive from the home she shared with her daughter and granddaughters.

Another government movement in support of Australian Since the time Dawn was admitted, Megan had many times Carers Charter recognising the role and contribution of

of discomfort. “I felt like a nuisance because it was like I was

carers to the community and those they care for. Carers

there, but I was disrupting their way of day, their routine.”

carer recognition [it] has the potential to create real change.”

“I didn’t feel that they were utilising me in a productive way. I felt that I was sitting around watching them.”

The legislation is scheduled to be reviewed this year, with the During Dawn’s time in hospital, she fell in the bathroom, members of parliament are on record stating the

worsening her head injury. Megan wrote at the time that she lost a lot of the gained respect and appreciation for her mother’s nurses: “Before the fall I was thinking ‘how am I ever going to repay these nurses? How could I repay them for the attention they had given mum?’ But after the fall it was like they were ignoring me, it was averted eyes and hushed tones.” NSW Health Institutions information pamphlets, available from hospitals and online, offer guides for patients and visitors in how to navigate the hospital system. Included in these guides are indications that staff directly involved with care will introduce themselves and explain their role in your treatment, as well as advise you of the times that doctors visit.


Issue two

It is information like this that would be welcomed by carers as something small to make them feel more comfortable in the hospital setting. Unfortunately, Megan writes the patient information board, with details such as the current nurse assigned to her mother, as well as the date and plans for the day, was barely used in the week Dawn was a patient. “As carer for my mother, there was no information. I would’ve liked an information pack for a carer that was going to be there consistently; telling me who was who, people who were in charge, maybe a little pad so you can write down things.” A student nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous, has admitted that, at times ,some of the nurses around her have not been respectful to carers. The student, who is in the last year of her degree, has experienced many different hospitals and nursing homes across the state through work placements and part time jobs. “I have seen situations, more than I would want to, where they walk in and don’t acknowledge a carer. They think [the carers] are trying to direct them to do their job; they get defensive because they think they’re being told what to do. Unfortunately, it happens, and it shouldn’t.”

the vicinity of the deceased patient’s daughter. The student says: “I’ve put in so many complaints about these types of nurses who don’t understand. You are supposed to treat carers with respect; think about what you would want if you were them.”



Issue two

Speaking the unspeakable Jen Ng



April 2015


Jennifer Whiteley of Liverpool, a mother of two young

People who have experienced or are still experiencing

children, remembers the moment she left hospital for the

mental illness are not only using art as a tool to express themselves, but to also create a more positive stigma

– a treatment she received for her post-traumatic stress

regarding the illness in the hope of creating better education.

“I remember sitting in the sun and I went ‘I can feel the sun,

Sidney Bloch, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, says that the stigma attached to

my head made contact with my feelings and then it sort of

mental illness has changed over the years as psychiatric

progressed from there.”

hospitals closed down and patients were reintegrated into community settings. Despite an improvement in people’s attitudes, Professor Bloch says that continued advocacy in

staff handed her some pens and pencils during a stay

reducing this stigma is required.

in hospital. These tools allowed Jennifer to engage in “Mental illness is not a physical illness where people will and purpose.

sympathise with you. Mental illness is seen as something foreign and alien and even dangerous. Typically one does

“I recovered through my art. Art is such a good way to

not want to be associated with a psychiatrically ill person,”

express how you’re feeling without having to speak. It’s

he says.

a good way to put things onto paper to help yourself heal. I became more attuned with my own self and my

Jennifer could not pinpoint the origin of her PTSD, but

surroundings. I then decided that I wanted to do more art.”

recalls various memories from her past that may have contributed to it — an event in her childhood she

According to a review by the School of Public Health,

never quite understood or spoke about: her father past

La Trobe University, Melbourne: “Art-based practices

away, she lost the struggling business she owned as her depression progressed, she was evicted from her home,

particularly in the areas of self-discovery, self-expression,

and on top of all this, her pet budgie died — she says she

relationships and social identity.”

really loved that bird. When Jennifer started to come out of her depression,

of people suffering from mental health issues, including

her children were in the peak period of change as growing

engaging in meaningful activities, empowering individuals in

teenagers. She had to get to know them as a different and new person — she had lost her sense of individuality from

overcoming stigma.


Issue two

“I wanted to put a positive sign on my art because most people who do artistic stuff with depression, it’s all dark, dreary and horrible. I wanted to put a lighthearted theme to it,” she says, adding that art has become more of a personal journey, which focuses on wanting to help people understand it better. Registered art therapist with the Australian and New Zealand art therapy helps people with mental health issues as they an artwork, than to talk directly about themselves. Ms Richards says that art therapy is not forced upon anybody and that it is not an interpretive or diagnostic process, rather it is a personal one that is catered to the individual’s needs. “The role of the therapist is to sit alongside someone while they make art, and offer guidance, support their exploration of the art making process, to be looking on with trained eyes, developing hypotheses and asking questions to deepen an understanding,” she says. As a clinician, Ms Richards acknowledges that although art therapy does not work for everyone, there must be proven to reduce symptoms in different ways. “What I’d do is explore what art means to that person. For example their previous experience, whether it was good or bad. Art therapy uses art as a tool to express, to explore the inner world and develop understanding. There aren’t when using art therapy,” she says. The Dax Centre, located at the University of Melbourne, education and research in fostering an understanding of mental health, the mind, mental illness and psychological trauma. The centre aims to help increase empathy in regards to these experiences and to destigmatise mental illness through art. Education manager at The Dax Centre, Deb Zipper, who also has a background as an occupational therapist, says that the art created by people with mental health issues should be celebrated, as their work reveals their ability to admit

"The art of people who have experienced mental illness should be looked at through a multidimensional framework. We don’t just look at these artworks through one lens from a psychological or psychiatric perspective, we look contextual, and historicalperspective,” says Ms Zipper.



April 2015


The Dax Centre pioneered ethical principles in the

result of their condition. However art,

display of works by people who have experienced mental

as part of their treatment, can be used

illness and/or emotional trauma. The Australian Research

as a tool to encourage creativity, which

Council-funded research project, Framing Marginalised Art,

in turn helps people to cope with their

established the ethical multidimensional model, which pays

mental health problems.

particular focus on the limitations of curating art, due to the creators representing a marginalised and stigmatised

“Something about their creative side

group. These works deserve sensitivity and maintain certain

dies. If you ask them to draw, they

rights; for example, the work is to be exhibited anonymously

might draw in an unimaginative way

if consent cannot be obtained.

– material that is private to them and comes from their mixed up view of

Artist Bradley Dengate of Campbelltown, used to work as

the world,” he says. “More positively, placing patients in a creative

diagnosed with schizophrenia. 10 years ago Bradley became

environment can encourage them to

more involved with art. He says, “Being heavily medicated

get in touch with their own creativity

at times, it gave me a drive and a purpose. It gave me the ability to get out of bed and do something to overcome the sedatives and medication. It’s just a great avenue for me.”

Jennifer Whiteley feels she is just about on top of her life again. She

In recent years, Bradley has decided to use his artistic

considers herself lucky with art in her

skills to forge a career as an emerging artist. He paints

life and support from her family and

skateboards, surfboards, and timber frames with his

friends that stuck by her. As a spiritual

vibrant and colourful artworks, which uniquely depicts

person, Jennifer sees her art as having

positive symbols and signs.

no limits as long as it’s positive. She says she maintains support for artists

“Earlier on with the pieces the pictures were a bit dark - a

and their work despite it being ‘dark’

bit of a resemblance to death and skulls. As I’ve progressed

because it is “something they’ve

my art has done a complete turnaround from depressive

accomplished out of that darkness.”

type of art to pictures of happiness, of joy. When I look at them they’re uplifting,” he says.

“I won’t do anything that I feel is negative because I want to project

Contributing to the stigma of mental illness is the common

positivity, to get rid of that stigma

stereotyping of the ‘tortured artist’ – poet Sylvia Plath, artist

and for people to accept the art

Vincent Van Gough, and composer Robert Schumann took

and be willing to understand what

their own lives. Professor Bloch says that the observation

each picture means and what the

regarding the link between creativity and mental illness is

interpretation is that I’m trying to put

not supported by research evidence.

out there,” she says. “I really feel that depression and anxiety and all the rest

According to Professor Bloch, the general populations of

of it needs to be spoken about, we just

people with mental illness actually lose their creativity as a

need to be more aware of it.”


Issue two


a beacon of propriety: etiquette in the modern world Ben Nielsen

In the quiet of the concert hall, the rustling of a plastic bag seems like a gale force wind. This is not the instrumentation

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, of course) were often nasty

Beethoven intended for his Second Symphony; and I’m sure

hecklers and riff-raff from the seediest parts of London.

that he must be turning in his grave. My eyes quickly locate the offender — a little old lady who is trying to surreptitiously

Bad behavior pervades modern life. It seems like we have

extract her cardigan from the depths of a shopping bag. My

carelessly spun the time-turner back 400 years. People now

lips purse disapprovingly. ‘Shhh’.

think that they can do anything, anywhere, because no one is brave enough to say otherwise.

The theatre is my church. Disturbing me during a concert is like halting the pious mid-prayer. And yet, as I sit before the

When I recently asked a fellow train commuter if they could

symphonic altar, I hear the crackle of lolly wrappers, low-

properly dispose of their rubbish, I was promptly instructed

pitched murmurs, and snoring. It’s the same at the cinema.

to ‘shove it up my ass’. Apparently, direct intervention isn’t

There’s the crunch of popcorn as it’s crammed down gullets,

the best option — etiquette has become known as a measure

the loud guffaw of someone who ‘understands’ an obscure

of social hierarchy rather than a means of social cohesion.

Woody Allen reference, and the ubiquitous glow of iPhone

But, as German sociologist Norbert Elias explains in his

screens. God help the person whose phone actually rings,

seminal text The Civilizing Process, standards of etiquette

for I will certainly become an angry Patti LuPone. density living environments. “You heard the announcement in the beginning, who do you think you are?” LuPone famously shouted at a patron halfway through the Broadway musical Gypsy. “We have forgotten our public manners. We have forgotten we are in a community.”

Peace and quiet has become a precious

As much as I’d prefer the person seated nearby to suppress etiquette are unreachable. In fact, such rules have only been enforced since the 19th century. Mozart delighted in his audience’s rowdiness, which was often perceived

acquire in practically every public space.



April 2015

Case in point: crowded public transport, which tends to

other’s faces. Could there be anything worse? Yes, there

average of about 3.5 million per day in Sydney in 2012/13) is a Hunger Games-style contest: to board the vehicle, and

“When I walk into a restaurant and everyone is on their phones, I think it detracts from the atmosphere. It detracts

elderly, or disabled — a commuter’s throne can be

from everyone else’s dining experience, as well,” Tolley told

conquered only by victory or death.

Hospitality Magazine last year. “Food photography taking priority over actually sitting down and enjoying a meal with

If the busyness of peak-hour wasn’t intolerable enough, it’s

family or friends is not polite restaurant etiquette.”

now practically impossible to escape the ‘manspreading’ It’s easy to become desensitized or apathetic about sitting in public transport with legs wide apart, thereby

etiquette because of its perceived ambiguity. There is,

covering more than one seat”, manspreaders continue to intrude upon personal space around the globe, despite

Handbook, which has been a trusted source on social skills,

active social media campaigns and online petitions.

etiquette, and style since 1769. It’s a bible for the prudish, and among its commandments, Debrett’s condemns feet on chairs, eating Macdonald’s on the bus, and those who favour

schoolbags, umbrellas, and deafening music. During a recent

a phone over a friend.

bus trip, I was unwillingly serenaded with the repetitive lyrics As a stickler for etiquette, it’s easy to become overwhelmed alighted from the bus, one blue rinse tourist sniped, “It’s gone from being the ‘happy’ bus to the ‘peaceful’ bus again.” to be interrupted by a brusque ‘shhh’ from the other side Is nowhere sacred? Peace and quiet has become a precious

of the room. Silenced by the little old lady in the corner? Clearly, no one is a full beacon of propriety.

space. My local café is infested with lycra-clad cyclists who smell and sound like a menagerie of farm animals. ‘Laptop hobos’ colonise tables while siphoning free Wi-Fi. Young lovers suck at their cold drip coffee before reverting to each

Artwork: Angela Tam


Issue two


Let the

Credits Roll

Gabrielle Hyde-Smith

We’ve all felt the pain of losing someone or something

time things are wrapped up in a nice bow and as the credits

we love. We mourn, go through the stages of grief, and,


eventually, we move on with our lives. The memory lives on.

— or, if not, they end on a cliffhanger in which case we

We smile occasionally when we reminisce on the laughs and


the tears that had been shared and we still feel that sharp

way, it’s over.

sadness when we remember they’re gone. Leslie Knope, Avatar Korra, and Robin Scherbatsky are a

when a voiceover at the end of a Lizzie McGuire season

few of the people I’ve recently laid to rest, and I know of countless over shows that have moved on to better places —

be returning for another series. I was in shock; I was so

DVD box sets. Now, I’m preparing myself to say goodbye once

unprepared. They had been so young. I was fortunate to

again — this time, to Mad Men.

be able say my goodbye properly with the release of The

Lizzie McGuire Movie, but lesson learned. Television is not Sorry, if I’ve misled you at any time. I’m indeed talking about


Television, that glorious silver screen more crucial to me I’m here to guide you through the seven stages of grief you’ll things, where series creators, directors, and writers play with your emotions like Jim tortured Dwight. Most of the

experience after the very last credit rolls on that series


April 2015


‘I’m preparing myself to say goodbye once again.’

1. Shock & Denial

5. The Upward Turn

“What? No. No. What? It can’t be over. No. Pfft. They’ll bring

Spinoff series? Collector’s edition box set? The actor who plays your favourite character is featuring in another

and the tears will roll in the opposite direction to the credits

critically acclaimed television show? Whatever it is, you’ll

as you realise the gravity of

start to see the positive things in life. You’ll realise though

the situation.

the cameras have stopped, the fandom never will.

2. Pain & Guilt

6. Reconstruction You’ll begin to take pleasure in other things, and move away

You’ll ask if this was because you streamed online instead of

from the show altogether. Try picking up that book you’ve

watching on television, or because you posted that enraged status over the shipping of those characters for which you just don’t see the chemistry. Some of this might even be

7. Acceptance

true, but you can’t change anything now. Learn the lesson

The theme song, or your favourite lines, will still chime in

and better yourself. Appreciate what you have, when you

your mind every now and again, but you get on with your life

have it.

and your new television-watching schedule. Whilst nothing

3. Anger & Bargaining

can every replace your favourite show, you can still fall in love with others. Don’t be afraid to begin again.

blame — the studio, the writers, the actors, the broadcaster,

Life is short. Don’t get caught up with the one show. It’s

or even some random intern. You’ll try to pressure creators

okay to mourn but make sure you get back out there —

through online petitions to bring the show back, make a

and continue to stay inside and binge watch. We all miss

movie, a webseries — anything to keep the story going!

our favourites. Enlightened. 30 Rock. Friday Night Lights.

Kickstarters will pop up, and sometimes this might be

Breaking Bad. But all good things must come to an end. Not Mad Men

that happy about Arrested Development Season 4?

4. Depression It’ll hit you hardest when you begin to prepare the popcorn

P.S. Dan Harmon – for the love of Troy and Britta, give up on

Community. P.P.S. Happy viewing.

in your pajamas, ready for your weekly ritual with your favourite show — and you realise. It’s gone. It’s okay to cry. You might watch your favourite episode, or try to move onto something else. But you’ll still feel the void.

Artwork: Joy Li


Issue two


Digital Feels Christopher Quyen

“What’s on your mind?” asks the status update bar of Facebook.

You start to sweat … there are so many things you want to

does come with a few downsides. We’re sleeping less, our

write. Finally, there is somebody in the world who wants to

connections are becoming more disposable with the help of

listen to you without interruption or censor. But first, let

a delete button, attention spans are decreasing due to

me take a selfie.

exposure to fast-paced information — and we have become desensitised to violence, who we are as humans, and the

“My heart goes out to all the people who have lost someone

emotions of others.

due to senseless violence,” you type out, but then you start to have second thoughts. “How will this affect my image?” you ask yourself. “Will my friends think I’m a wet blanket?

have been reduced to) in the digital age? Yes, we can still

Who wants to sleep with a wet blanket?” Ah shit … you’ve

have them, but only if they’re filtered in the correct way:

posted it.

How to Have Feels in the Digital Age

You wait a few minutes; nobody has liked your status update… Still nothing. Umm… Delete! Delete! Delete! Okay, let’s do that again. Maybe something upbeat this time?

-Use one word sentences/hashtags that convey your emotion. Sad. Angry. Hungry.

Something weird and hilarious and … random. “Name for a

-Use emojis to tell a story about your deepest feelings.

busty she-devil: Beelzeboobs,” you type, add a “lol” for

-Block someone for a few hours, and unblock them. -Upload a photo of an empty Ben & Jerry’s container.

of acceptance by the masses. This is who you have to

Homebrand, if you aren’t fussy.

be 24/7.

-Upload a bathroom selfie with a toilet in the background.

Now, how does that sound? I don’t know about you, but

-Dress up your emotions in self-deprecating sarcasm.

being an everyday robot that gets off on the sound of their

-Dye your hair a different colour and take a mirror selfie.

Shit happens.

iPhone notification tone is not my idea of living. -If all else fails just add a “lol” to the end of your sentence In 2012, a study conducted by the American Psychology

to make it seem like what you’re going through isn’t that

Association deemed that social media has changed how

serious and you’re still “a chill dude”. Be careful using “lol”

we operate psychologically. While the benefits include

though as it can appear as passive aggressive, passive

higher IQ and the ability to process information rapidly, it

upset, or passive passive.



April 2015

Artwork: Gemma Stoner

But while feelings are very important, I think the core of

The relationships we share online are not as intimate as

this new sensibility is where the conversation starts to get

we think.

interesting. Thanks to the online world, we’re all moving faster. Not Everyday senseless positivity is forced down our throats,

everybody has the time of day to check up on you —

like foul cooking from a loved one. Meanwhile, emotions

especially if your emotions don’t add any value to their

like sadness or anger float around ignored or ridiculed on

life … unless we’re rejoicing over a Humans of New York

the Internet until the author deletes it in embarrassment.

post, of course. And so, we sacrifice our true feelings in favour of the filtered kind to keep our friends around to

the culture social media has bred: the image of a desirable life. Unfortunately, on our way to creating a desirable life,

like our new selfie or to leave a sympathetic comment on the odd major feels status. It’s a chore, but for some of us it’s the closest we have to an accessible community in

ones who write emotional Facebook rants). We’re falling into this paradigm that vilifies emotions like sadness or anger with a loud resounding, “GURL, YOU DON’T NEED DAT TYPE OF NEGATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE! DUMP THEIR ASS AND BE BEYONCÉ!” It’s the anthem that the digital age screams, but realistically, not everybody can be Beyoncé, and not everybody can be happy 24/7, because that’s unreasonable. And we’d just call it creepy anyway. During one New Year’s Eve when the fireworks were flying high, I made a resolution to see if I could exist without social media for a year. Within the first few months, I lost contact with all but a handful of friends. Being invited to events meant I had to wait until somebody asked me, “are you going to so-and-so’s?” My university tutors decided to make Facebook groups to delegate tasks for class. Needless to say, I failed my resolution.

our busy lives. Welcome to digital intimacy.


Issue two

student life title page



Issue two


I speak the English.

Samantha Low “Hi I’m Sam, nice to meet you” — my opening line in my

wrong with being a visa-holder. I disclosed it often and usually with pride because I thought it made me special.

of being early for lectures, so I used this time to talk and make friends. What’s your name? Where are you from? Oh, I

so they were always treated as people worthy of interest.

know your school, isn’t it near that park in my suburb? Banal

Malaysians are also an inherently curious bunch; we like

introductory questions ensued but it was during this time in

to know what other people are doing in the outside world. So, perhaps in some haphazard leap of irrational thought

reveal my deepest, darkest secret to people I hardly knew.

processing, I assumed I would be warmly welcomed here;

Yes guys, I am an international student.

and if not, at least accepted.

“Ching chong ling long ting tong” — that video that went viral

“Wow, you’re international? I couldn’t tell.” — the number one

in 2011, which should’ve made me wiser and kept my mouth

response I get. I hear it from peers, lecturers, coll-eagues,

shut. The truth is, being international was never really a

and even managers. In many ways, telling someone I’m an

secret to me because I didn’t think there was anything

international student made me feel like I was outing

April 2015



“Wow, you’re international? I couldn’t tell.”

myself as part of a minority group that was not favourable

“Peer Network” — is the name of the only group I’ve been

to the greater part of society. One would think by looking

part of that truly advocates for diversity and acceptance of

at the expressions of shock and pity as I uttered the word

international students. Internationals are even encouraged

‘Malaysian’, that I had a chronic and terminal disease. And based on the speed of their rapid disinterest in me, it’s probably contagious too.

come from all faculties and all walks of life because in the interviews you are encouraged to be different. Training

“Err … thanks, yours too.” — what I always want to say when

familiarises you with the ins and outs of UTS so that you

someone tells me my English is so good. At this point in the

become a citizen of the campus. When you’re in the PN space, all accents are neutral and everyone is simply orange.

business student at UTS, so why the sudden proclamation

One of the many Peer Networker tasks is bringing students

Many countries in South East Asia incorporate English into

comforts you to think that even if you don’t think you belong

their curriculum. We may not be able to expound on the intricacies of Shakespeare but I have spelled circles around “Graduation” — the subject line of the e-mail I’m hoping English, I’m also writing this article you’re reading right now.)

to receive by the end of the year. My path began when I transferred from a local Malaysian school to an Australian

“I fucking hate group work with fobs!” — always within ear-

school in my last two years of high school. In the years 2009

shot wherever you are on campus. The term ‘fob’ meaning

and 2010, I effectively had to lose my family, relocate my life,

‘other’, meaning lumping Malaysia, Singapore, China,

make friends, and still do well enough to get into UTS. The

India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand into one country

rest has been as above. Many internationals have the same

called ‘Asia’. The irony is the top tourist destinations for

if not a very similar story. Not all of us are here to steal your jobs, be crap at group work, or annoy you by speaking Asian

the same. Five years of group assignments at UTS, has taught

all the time. Frankly, we just want to make friends and fucking

me commitment is the most important skill you can have,

study. Wielding my degree not only marks the end of a seven-

have been in Australia. Laziness is after all, a disorder that transcends nationalities.

said I couldn’t, at his own game.


Issue two

Got Nuts? Allison Bermingham

When I was 14, I was asked by a schoolmate, “How will you have children if you’re allergic to nuts?” Almost seven years on, I am yet to encounter this issue and — as far as I’m aware — there are no issues with my reproductive organs. It’s just my immune system. I was around eighteen months when my parents discovered I had an allergy to nuts, and peanuts, particularly. Allergies can be relatively mild. You can get a small rash on your arm, your lip might swell up for an hour, or you might get a runny nose. As with most things considered mild, there’s always a more severe outcome. Anaphylaxis is the overly excited, considerably more dangerous consequence of allergies. There are a number of symptoms of anaphylaxis, and a Tightening of the throat. Swelling of the lips, face, or eyes. Each reaction may be different, but the severity of the situation will always be extreme and should be treated as a medical emergency.



April 2015


Primary school and high school were relatively easy — although sometimes awkward. Both of my schools were ‘nut-free’, but that didn’t stop other students smuggling in the contraband material. I’m not saying that everyone wasn’t accepting, but there were still parents who chose to send their children to school with peanut butter lunches merely to ensure another student doesn’t die?) Now, at university, it isn’t that much harder. Most places on campus are pretty good; and a quick, “Does this have peanuts in it?” is usually enough to keep me safe. I’ve been told that it can be an issue for friends & I drag to restaurants I can guarantee are nut-free, but my love of South-East Asian food will not be stopped by the chance of death. It isn’t too hard to survive with a nut allergy in today’s society. University has shown me that people are, for the most part, accepting and my allergy rarely affects anyone else. It just has the ability to make me look like a drunken idiot who can’t hold her alcohol, throwing up at Railway Square after attempting to eat Chinese food from Chinatown.

Artwork: Chloe Gracie


Issue two


Parks & Recreation Harry Goddard & Regina Sutomo

Legend has it that university years will

Camperdown Memorial Park: 6.8/10

be some of the best years of your life, and our elders recommend we should

Distance: A quick bus ride away from

‘make the most of it’. It’s true, and UTS

uni. Just catch any bus to Newtown

is an excellent establishment to open

starting with a ’42-’ from the Cen-

your mind and absorb the world – but

tral Bus Terminal. The trip takes 5-10

it’s also a place of intense stress. Is it exam time? Are you a new transfer to

Get off at the stop opposite the Dendy

UTS? First year at uni? Uncomfortable

cinemas and head down Mary Street.

in the big city?

Hazards: Ever since the lockout laws were instated, this park has attracted

Helpful Hint: Go to a Park.

riff-raff, broken bottles, drunken

Before or after class, take your shoes

altercations, and general dodgi-

off to feel the grass between your toes.

ness abound on Friday and Saturday

It might just help you through.

nights. Beware. During daylight hours,

To help you out, we’ve found the best

however, the park is a lovely retreat

pockets of nature nearby the city

from the CBD.

campus, and we’re letting you in on

Noise Level: We recommend visit-

how we survived the struggles of stu-

ing the park in the mornings, when

dent life. Together, we reviewed these

the dogwalkers walk and new mother

parks based on a few simple factors

groups sit and appreciate the calm.

such as distance from UTS, hazards

Activities: The Camperdown cem-

e.g. dogs and small children, smell and

etery within the park is an amazing

noise level, activities, grass quality, and

historical site, and with the brick walls surrounding you, it is easy to forget about that lecture you were ‘too busy’ to turn up to. Here, guide dog puppies are trained, art classes sketch, and improvisers play drama games. There are plenty of interesting people and friendly locals to talk to. Shade: Plenty of trees provide all the shade you could want. Grass: Patchy, but green. The park is to rest your weary legs. Smell: Occasionally, hints of a crazy night can waft through the park; but if you stay away from the main party hours, this shouldn’t be a problem.


April 2015


Tumbalong Park: 7/10

Mary Ann Street Park: 8/10

Honourable mentions:

Distance: A short stroll past Building

Distance: Situated just off Harris

The Alumni Green is fantastic for those

5 into Darling Harbour will take you

Street, behind the Ultimo TAFE, this

seeking an immediate change of scen-

beyond the land of university fees and

park is an excellent haunt for UTS

ery. 6/10

degrees and into the swell of Cockle

students. It’s nothing more than a hop,

Central Park Park is a patch of green

Bay. Tumbalong Park is verdant most

skip, and a jump from Building 10 and

opposite UTS, recommended for close

of the year and close to amenities and


proximity to toilets, food, and campus.

tourist attractions.

Hazards: Beware the plethora of dogs


Hazards: Often used for festivals and

and young families. We’ve never been

Victoria Park, though casually stun-

boot camps: the park may be occupied.

to the park without a curious canine

ning, USYD looms on the horizon. We

The adjacent grass strip that sits op-

or baby crawling about; and yet, it’s

shall never venture near the bad lands.

posite a row of cafes has deck chairs,

always peaceful, a tranquil balance akin


beach umbrellas, and ping pong tables.

to yin and yang. What’s more: dog own-

Don’t forget Kuring-Gai. We’d like to

If you walk a bit further, there’s a mad

ers are considerate, so the presence of

playground with a legit swing set. Busy

poop is minimal at best.

one beautiful retreat, nestled far away

with children and tourists.

Noise level: Beside the giggles of babies

from the city in the leafy north shore.

Noise level: Not appropriate for study

and the yaps of terriers, the quiet of


without a decent set of headphones.

this inner city park is uncanny. Ibis

Activities: Tumbalong Park is better for

guffaws and lorikeet trills pierce the

a social hangout, considering the close

silence, but other than that, the sigh of

proximity to Chinatown, the Chinese

the city is in the distance.

Gardens, Town Hall, and Darling Har-

Activities: Students often use the park


for surveying or for study group meets.

Shade: The park itself has minimal

We’ve seen the occasional shirtless

shade, but the adjacent grass strip has

soccer star and even tightrope walking.

colourful umbrellas and leafy trees.

For the layman, there’s nothing else to

Grass: The greenery is constantly main-

do but to relax.

tained as the pride and joy of the City

Shade: The level of shade depends on

of Sydney council. At times, it can be

the time of day, but there’s usually

patchy with evidence of a past festival

plenty of shade underneath the alcove

here or there.

of wisteria.

Smell: Traces of chlorine from the sur-

Grass: A few coarse tufts here and

rounding water features and ibis buzz

there, so bring a jacket, wear jeans, or

from the Chinese Gardens. The air is

deal with the hair of Mother Nature

reasonably fresh, considering its neigh-

herself. There are at least twenty

bours — Chinatown and the CBD.

benches for those who don’t wish to frolic. Smell: At times, the park can be dank with ibis stank, but the air is cleaner than Broadway and the CBD.

Artwork: Rose Wallace McEwen


Issue two


Jumbo Pods ( B u t te r s n a p C a r a m e l Ta r t s) Allison Bermingham Buttersnap caramels tarts or as I prefer to call them, jumbo pods, are one of the easiest desserts to make. With only three ingredients, there is very little that could go wrong. So, next time you want a sweet treat and have a bit of time on your hands, give them a go.

Ingredients 1 pack of buttersnap biscuits make your own) 1 block of dairy milk chocolate

1. Preheat your oven to

2. Place your buttersnap biscuits on the to do this it just makes it easier when moulding them). Place in the oven for take a bit of adjusting)

3. Once out of the oven, the biscuits should be soft enough to mould. Please be careful, as not only are they hot but also fragile. Begin to carefully mould your biscuits into small cups and leave to cool. Continue with the rest of the packet.

4. Once the biscuits have cooled, begin to scoop your ready-made caramel into the buttersnap cups.

5. and place in the microwave. Microwave for short bursts and

disappear after stirring.)

6. Take a spoon and drizzle the melted chocolate over the tarts, covering the caramel. Put as much chocolate as you want.

7. Place the tarts in the fridge to help the chocolate harden.

8. Try not to eat all of them before your guests arrive. Artwork: Ting He


April 2015


Allison Bermingham

The name itself is enough to make you laugh but this simple dish can be both delicious and cheap. As long as you have eggs and some basic vegetables, meat or cheese the possibilities are endless. This recipe is a loose approximation and you can swap any vegetables out for


your favourites or tailor it to your dietary needs.


Choose what you want to cook your



Cut your sweet potato into small pieces

crumbled feta with your zucchini. Once

ramekins as they allow you to control

bowl. Fill with a small amount of water

that in to your bowl. Then scoop your

portion sizes as well as provide a cute

about 50ml and cover with cling wrap.

vegetable mixture into the ramekins

and easy way to serve. You can use

Microwave for around 5 minutes. While

a baking dish if you want and make

this is happening, you can grate your

frittata in. I would suggest small

a large frittata to share.This recipe

zucchini into a large mixing bowl.

makes enough for about 4 ramekins.

Mix your herbs, salt, pepper, and

Whisk your eggs a couple at a time and

This may be different for everyone, but

pour into each ramekin until full and

put your frittatas in the oven at 160째C



for 15 minutes. This is where you have

If you using a baking dish, you can mix

to be a grown up and monitor your

the eggs straight into the rest of the

cooking continue to cook them for 5


they arecooked. Pick one up and move



see if it is still runny. If not, take them out and let them cool.

Artwork: Angela Tam


Issue two


Advice to my A Voice from a Fourth Year DAB Student

Alyssa-Maree O’Brien

While that freedom does feel great for

December 2011. Graduated from high

asking ourselves ‘so what DO I like?’

four months, the realisation gradually

school. Tick. HSC over. Tick. Schooling

In my case, I did Design and Technology

hits — prompting you to ask;

over. Freedom! Actually — no. While

at school, enjoyed it at school, and

“What am I going to do with my life?”

that freedom does feel great for four months, the realisation gradually hits —

Design it is! Easy. You’ve just signed up

prompting you to ask, “What am I going

for another four years of education.

to do with my life?” A quarter of your some take a gap year to ‘travel’ or working), and there’s always that one guy doing jack all. The rest of us make

in Visual Communication: I vividly remember looking around the room

on the way you look at it) decision to

thinking, What am I doing here?!

go to uni.

Everyone was dressed in black or white; I was dressed in 100% colours. I still

Great! Life sorted. For many, choosing

didn’t fully understand what exactly Vis

a course is harder than it sounds There

Com was, let alone try to explain it to

are always those annoying people

friends and family. I would have loved it

who have a life plan and have known

if my future self were sitting beside me

exactly what course they wanted since

that day, reassuring me not to worry.

wanderers are told to ‘do something

.If my 2015 designer-self were sitting

you like’, incidentally resulting in us

beside me, I imagine she would give


April 2015


art/drawing course? What’s that? Where does it lead?” Let’s face it. Not many people have heard of Visual Communication design, so, to answer their confused expressions, here are a few replies: I am a graphic designer — though it’s so much more than graphic design! I’m a designer. I am a problem solver. - When it comes to internships, though it is daunting, just grab any opportunity and email, email, email. On-the-job experience is the best kind of learning.

learn as I go, even after three years. I don’t think that you can really plan, so the future is just not worth excessively of being in the DAB building, I landed the opportunity to intern at w Digital over the summer, simply by jumping at opportunities. Since then, I’ve been offered a full time graduate position to start at the end of my degree. Rest assured: there is a light at the end of the tunnel, if you are determined to get there.

me welcome and much needed wise

that one person who says, “I don’t get



- Late nights are a thing, so get used

-Learn to accept criticism,.and ask

to it. If you’re a DAB student, the lead-

questions. Period.

up to the end of semester hand-in is

-Persistence and determination work


wonders. Hard work does pay off. “I’m

- Learn to drink coffee, even if you

harder I work, the more I have of it.” -

are not a coffee drinker like me — just

some guy who probably wasn’t Thomas

drink the stuff.


-Design is not easy. Accept that the

-Enjoy life. Being all work and no play is

only place 90% of your work and ideas

just boring and depressing. Make time

will be displayed is the rubbish bin. 5%

to catch up with old friends, new friends,

your family may see, 4% your peers and

and weirdly wonderful friends.

tutor will see, and 1% just may get you a credit.

-Sleep is amazing. Seriously. The more you get, the better your family and

-Have faith in your designs. Believe you

friends will like you.

are good enough. -Learn to come up with automated responses for annoying questions. for what you believe in and challenge

“So what are you studying? How’s your

Artwork: Rose Wallace McEwen

Vertigo 048

Vertigo 048

Issue Issue two two

The Gibson Gabrielle Hyde-Smith Our Prime Minister has done it again — given us another

What you’ll need:

reason to drink! Yet instead of drinking to forget the shame and


embarrassment that is our nation’s leader, let’s appreciate Mr.

Dry Vermouth

Abbot’s unique taste and eat an onion. We’ve even removed


the teary eyes and bitter taste normally left behind by Abbott

Cocktail Onion

… we mean onion. Although, you can replace the cocktail

Martini Glass

onion with a regular brown onion — if you hold your nose, you might be able to confuse it for an apple, just like when people close their eyes and block their ears and confuse Tony Abbott for a competent leader.

1. Pour two parts Gin and one part Dry Vermouth into a shaker with ice

2. Shake well and pour into Martini Glass

3. Garnish with Cocktail Onion

Do that thing with the glass that Leo does in the Titanic and Great Gatsby and drink to a stable, diverse, and functional government.


Issue two


“A r e t h e r e Vertigo Serial: Part II Tom Cameron

The human’s grip on the pan tight-

at advanced pace” the synopses had

ened. It stared at Ovid with confusion.

mentioned, and they were written

Its apron was covered in grime, which

many ages ago. He had expected a

once might have been a beautiful

civilisation, but it appeared he was

Italian pasta sauce, Ovid imagined.

too late. When Ovid had entered the atmosphere, the existence of satellites

arison to the rest of the human’s rags.

had made him excited for a world full of

Ovid raised his Diginote, dictating

achievement and discovery. Advanced

softly so the thing would not hear.

technology, communication, research,

Second sign of life. A human hiding

medicine. So much potential in the

in an abandoned building. Terrible

bipedal cousin species had gone to

condition. Appears malnourished,

waste. The planet had changed from a

unclean. In bad health. No sign of

garden world into a squatter’s settle-

technology. Wielding metal bludgeon

ment. Perhaps even their language was

as weapon. No threat. Confused.

lost. He decided to try the human again.

Ovid paid no attention to the human,

“Are there others?”

lowering his Diginote before thinking

“What do I call you?”

and raising it again. The human was

Ovid squared. It would be hard not to

as still as the rest of the planet.

embellish this. Communication with

Confused. Paralysed in fear.

the humans. Was he breaking the

“Human, do you speak?”

rules already? Soundlessly and slowly,

The human’s gaunt frame shook, and

he raised his Diginote close to his

dust fell from its bony shoulders. It

whispering lips once one.

showed no sign of understanding. Ovid

The human stares at me like a child


seeing itself in a mirror. I can sense “Do you understand?”

its confusion at my form, familiar

How primitive. Ovid’s expectations

yet strange, uncanny in its similarity

of Earth had been higher. “Densely

to theirs. The greater differences

populated”, “thriving”, “progressing

between our races are masked by my


April 2015


e others? ”

attire and equipment, which does seem foreign to the human. Technology, a

The human nodded nervously.

technology to be scavenged on the

“Are there others?”

surface. Understanding it had been

treasure of this creature’s old world. Its

It nodded a second time after repeating

a surprise. Was her recognition of

struggle is written all over; the leathery

Ovid’s question. The human could be

the alien’s speech evidence of its

skin clinging tightly to unhealthy, prot-

delirious. It was hungry, thirsty, close

knowledge of English, or some illu-

ruding bones, the missing teeth, and

to death. Most likely lonely, but crazy?

sion created by its gear in order to

the desperation with which it holds its

Its acceptance of Ovid’s presence

communicate? She had no way of

worthless weapon. What did it eat?

knowing. Feigning ignorance had

There is little vegetation in the ruins.

her reason or sanity. There was a

been the safe bet.

The birds? Insects? A horrible way to

validity in its claims; Ovid’s initial

She stretched her shoulders, sore

live for a race so promising.

scanning did not include deep-crust

from holding the heavy pot so still.

reconnaissance. He left the building,

She reached into her back pocket,

It was worthless. If this is what Earth

knowing that the possible presence of

retrieving a military long-wave radio

had grown into, Ovid had no more

actual society could not be ignored.

with a cracked screen. She shook

Ovid would have to search further.

it after turning the frequency knob,

“Are there others?”

of an archaeologist. He turned from

willing it back into life. Static followed,

the human, speaking aloud into his

She watched the alien’s starship asc-

but she knew someone was always


end to the skies, disappearing after


Sparsely populated. Humans have

shrinking to a silver speck. It had been

“Scout 210-B6 reporting E.T. contact.

undergone societal degradation.

easy to spot amongst the dirt and

Repeat. Scout 210-B6 reporting E.T.

Presume large-scale war. Predict that full extinction is imminent. Planet is“Are you from underground?”

contact at my locale. Exactly like you abandoned kitchen as soon as she saw

said. Mentioned you. It’ll be coming

it land. She had waited.

down. Out.”

When Ovid snapped back towards it,

When she had seen the alien, she

the human had dropped its arms. It

had known it was extra-terrestrial. Its

seemed exhausted from holding the

technology was obviously advanced;


the compact piece it was talking into,

“Underground?” Ovid spoke clearly, as if to an infant.

the aerodynamic ship, yet there was no resemblance to any human


Issue two


Jack Georgina Cook had led him there. It was the same year he said God lived in the land and stopped going to church, but he still wore his

I had never seen the ocean, not until my brother and I drove four days across a land red raw, all ochre dust. East of the moon and west of the sun — we had our mother’s words at our backs and all our hope in the car with us. “You haven’t known beauty until you’ve seen the ocean,” my mother had said. She used to work on the sea. I knew when we’d reached it because I could smell it. It smelled like she had: salt and cold. When I saw it, I knew at long last what she meant when she called it a beast. The water was all teeth and claws. It had a painful kind of beauty. “I love you,” I’d said. Don’t leave me, I’d meant.


April 2015


She left my brother Jack, of many names and all trades,

to tell me there was no time for shoes but there was time to

in charge of her ashes. She knew I would have kept them

grab her ashes.

forever and kept her in some room. Maybe even a cupboard.

Jack-be-Nimble and me, with the wind singing our names against our backs, and I wondered how it would be to let her

Jack was a man that held himself up. To me, he was only ever


half-real. He hid his disquiet well. He dedicated himself to “Hurry up,” Jack-and-the-Beanstalk said. I lagged behind He dragged me across the country in search of it.

and I was ten years old again. He shouldn’t have had to say it; I would have followed him anywhere.

“I can’t sleep at night,” he told me, once we’d reached the coast. “The waves keep me awake and I hear mum in them. If

In that place we breathed in more ocean than air.

we don’t do this right —”

A rocky sandstone cliff, and we were met by a different kind of world, all black-brown and blue-green water. We were just

“Yeah.” It was a nothing response, but we weren’t that kind

lungs full of salt and arms full of ash.

of family. “I can see everything from up here,” he said. Jack Frost, Jack O’Lantern searched the coast for days. Until his skin was slick with salt grime, and he burst into our room


Issue two


Carrie Hou

Serendipity (Original)

With you, my dear, it’ll never quite be But know that that is okay with me Because this is not farewell nor goodbye Rather, time for the world to set us free Until our next moment of serendipity. I will greet you as another person And you to I, hesitant and uncertain Will small talk around this casual collision Coax misplaced memories into recognition Tease each other out of withdrawn spaces Admire the pilgrimage clear on our faces And as we part ways shortly after I’ll close my eyes, chuckle with nostalgia, Remember that soft singular look in your eyes. I’ll savor that smell of familiarity, And relearn love, if only momentarily.


April 2015 April 2015

Serendipity (Slam)

With you, my dear, it’ll never quite be But know that that is all right by me Because this is not farewell nor goodbye Rather time for the world to set us free Until our next moment of serendipity. Against the nocturnal fog of a wandering street Coincidence will bark at our feet I’ll stop at this random crossed out spot double back in my tracks to give you space to place the stage that once knew grinning face. And I, hesitant and uncertain, Will greet you as another person. Make small talk around this casual collision Clichéd, conversation without any conviction. “Have you noticed how weird the weather’s been?” But, like a musician brushing strings once again Your presence pushes to pull us into a rhythm Teases misplaced memories into recognition: The sheets, the warmth, the dilated pupils, The tangled limbs, where the clocks were futile Jealous of laughter so naïve and youthful, And whispers masquerading as truthful. Now, I admire the pilgrimage clear on your face Hiding history in crooks that I cannot retrace I see the miles behind us, and miles ahead Across a parting road that must be tread But know that when we part ways shortly after I’ll close my eyes, chuckle with nostalgia, Remember that soft singular look in your eyes. I’ll tip my hat towards the grinning stars Over the polluting indifference of passing cars, And savor that sweet smell of familiarity, So to relearn love, if momentarily.



Issue two





April 2015

Third year design in visual communications Bec becomes heavily immersed in the process of drawing. She obsesses over details: How dots and lines can be arranged to create the illusion of texture, depth and even movement. instagram @rebeccalourey


Issue two


Dan Stewart

Hakone, a small town south of Tokyo; famous for its onsen (hot springs) and it’s mountainous beauty. Shot with Superia 200, and a Purple Lomochrome 200, on City the day before.


April 2015


3rd year design in photography & situated media



Elektra / Orestes By Jada Alberts & Anne-Louise Sarks Director Anne-Louise Sarks




Hunter Page-Lochard.

Issue Two - 2015