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The Daily Beacon Housing Guide is produced by UT Student Media - the home of UTK’s student-run news publication, The Daily Beacon.

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This guide is a commercial product produced by the Office of Student Media at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Its proceeds support the Office of Student Media. Inclusion in this guide is not an endorsement from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the Office of Student Media or any of the university’s employees. Individual property owners have the responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for renters. We encourage renters to do their own research into each property in order to find the best housing option for their particular needs.

What to Look for in an Apartment Tips for Your New Apartment to be Clean, Bug Free Ways to Keep Your Bill Low Taking Advantage of Greek Housing Making Your Way Downtonwn

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UNIVERSITY WALK FORT SANDERS Going to college at The University of Tennessee is extraordinary – how students live it should be too! University Walk’s fully furnished, modern apartments feature private bedrooms and bathrooms for comfort and study, resources for academic success, amenities for a fit and healthy lifestyle, and professional, on-site management and maintenance – all at a reasonable price. Extraordinary spaces for extraordinary living. Each modern, fully furnished apartment at University Walk includes private bedrooms with full-sized beds, dressers, nightstands, desks, hardwoodstyle flooring, ceiling fans and full-sized washers and dryers. Spacious bathrooms feature granite countertops and curved

shower rods. University Walk’s modern spaces also include leatherstyle sectional sofas, coffee and end tables and entertainment centers. The fully equipped kitchens feature granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, full-size refrigerators with ice makers, garbage disposals and dishwashers. Amenities for academic and personal success. University Walk residents have access to amenities for fitness and fun with the community’s 24-hour, state-of-the-art fitness center that includes strength equipment, cardio machines and free weights, 24-hour recreation center with billiards, ping pong and arcade games, multimedia area with gaming systems and swimming pool with hot

tub and sun deck. Plus, University Walk residents are just steps from the UT campus with the community’s convenient location. Peace of mind included. University Walk provides residents with professional, on-site management and maintenance, 24-hour, on-call staff, courtesy patrol officer and individual liability leases. The community is also gated with card-controlled access, and roommate matching is available. University Walk offers the best in connectivity with USB outlets in each apartment andcomplimentary

Internet service and cable TV. Water, trash and sewage service is also included in each apartment.

TS #126841 568 9.5X4.875 AD

Now leasing for Fall 2020! You’ve never lived like this. · Walk or bike to the University of Tennessee campus

· Amenities for a fit and healthy lifestyle

· Steps to the Cumberland Strip

· Individual liability leases and roommate matching available

· Private bedrooms and bathrooms

· Pet friendly

Save $150 with Zero Deposit UWALKKNOXVILLE.COM Fees and amenities subject to change. Limited time only. See office for details.


The Daily Beacon • Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019



What to Look for in an Apartment By Alexandra DeMarco, Campus News Editor of the Daily Beacon Many students choose to move off of campus after spending their freshman year in oncampus dorms. However, there are many aspects of apartment life that are not relevant to living in a dorm but are important to look out for when searching for off-campus housing. Here are some things to pay attention to and inquire about in your apartment hunt: In-house washer and dryer An apartment with an in-house washer and dryer can be more expensive, but the benefit can be great. In a complex with that has one room with shared washers and dryers, rather than an in-house washer and dryer in each apartment, there are several extra added tasks: carrying laundry to the room, watching it to make sure no one moves your clothes until they’re done and then finally hauling laundry back up to the apartment. With an in-house washer and dryer, the nuisances of travelling back and forth to the laundry room and risking the chance of someone messing with your clothes are removed.

Tolerable noise levels If you’re a light sleeper or one who needs complete silence to study, you may want to consider the noise levels in the neighborhood surrounding an apartment complex. For example, the Fort Sanders neighborhood, located adjacent to the north side of campus, is usually quite noisy; it is the home to several hospitals, and therefore, loud and bright ambulances travel throughout the neighborhood at all hours of the day. Additionally, Fort Sanders is an extremely popular location for student housing due to its proximity to campus. However, with an abundance of college students comes an abundance of parties. In Fort Sanders, the sound of yelling voices and the thumping of loud music can he heard at all hours of the night.

not have any utility fees already included in your rent, you could end up with five or six different bills to keep up with each month. Separate leases If you choose to live with roommates, it will be necessary to allocate different costs and fees associated with apartment living. Living in a complex that recognizes you and your roommate(s) as separate tenants and divides up your rent per person, rather than having just one person’s name on the lease, reduces much of the stress of worrying about whether or not your roommates will pay their end of the rent. You simply have to pay your allocated portion of the rent, and the responsibility of paying the rent will be shared between roommates.

Utilities included

Reliable parking

When you’re looking at an apartment complex, inquire about which utilities--electricity, water, internet, cable-- are already included in your rent, if any, and which are not. The more utilities that are included in your rent, the simpler it will be to pay your bills. If the apartment complex you live in does

Parking can be incredibly expensive at an apartment complex. When looking at an apartment, inquire about the parking situation, as well as if you will have to pay any extra money per month to park your car at the complex. If you’re renting an apartment in Fort Sanders, try to live somewhere that will give you an assigned parking space in a lot. Apartment complexes tend to oversell parking passes for lots with unassigned spots, and street parking in Fort Sanders is quite difficult to come by due to the popularity of the area; you’re lucky if you snag a parallel spot anywhere in the neighborhood. Extra and hidden fees

ing your lease, and most will also have a required cleaning fee to be paid upon signing the lease or moving in. In addition, however, there may be other fees associated with living in a particular apartment that may come to fruition on move-in day or throughout the course of your lease. Before signing a lease, inquire about any fees that may be associated with trash removal, cleanliness of the apartment, late rent and any other issues that you foresee as possible problems. Apartment-specific rules If you have a pet, ensure that your prospective apartment complex permits animals before signing a lease. Additionally, inquire about any other things or actions that may be prohibited within the complex. If you realize only after signing a lease that your apartment has policies that you are unable to comply with, it may be difficult to get out of the lease. Roommates you can talk with before move-in day If you’re getting paired with random roommates, make sure to ask your apartment complex for your roommates’ contact information prior to move-in day. Set roommate boundaries before you move in; writing up a roommate contract that outlines all roommates’ expectations is a great way to ensure that everyone gets along. If someone acts in a manner not supported by the contract, the incident can be addressed as a failure to stick to previous promises rather than completely uncharted territory.

Every apartment will have a required deposit upon signFall/Winter Housing Guide 2019 • The Daily Beacon




Tips for Your New Apartment to be Clean, Bug-Free Calista Boyd Copy Chief of the Daily Beacon After freshman year, everyone is excited to move out of the dorms and into apartments or houses of their own. Signing a lease, means signing into more cleaning responsibilities. You will find that anywhere in the Fort and other student living apartments offer more freedom — and often times more exposure to bugs, mold or other dirty-living conditions. Mold Encountering mold is never a pleasant experience, therefore, preventing it is a priority among residents. Health issues arising from mold are most commonly noticed from respiratory responses of the body, along with eye irritation or even headaches. How do I prevent mold from forming? The biggest tip can be to remove moisture or wipe up any wet areas in your home. This might seem like a given, but it is easy to miss moisture sitting around your sink and right outside of your shower. Taking the time to clean those areas, even if you have rugs around them, can help prevent moisture from being spread around the house and forming into mold. If you already have a mold problem in your home, you need to inform your management or property owner, so they can take the necessary steps to attack the mold problem. Property owners do not want mold devaluing their property, so as long as you let them know, they will step in and help deal with the mold.


Bugs They are everywhere. In the Fort especially, cockroaches are all over the place and an inevitable part of student-living. No one wants to share their apartment with bugs, but hiring an exterminator is not typically in the budget of a college student. It is easy to buy bug traps or cockroach spray from any store, but the hard part is making the environment one that is not enticing to a wandering roach. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture,so preventing them is similar to preventing mold — make sure excess moisture is wiped up andnot spread around the house.Also, since you can’t get rid of all the food in your kitchen that may be attracting bugs, try not toleave food in dishes when you place them on the sink and be sure to wipe of the stove area each time you use it.Another thing that makes roaches go away

The Daily Beacon • Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019

is light. So if you are afraid of your bedroom becoming host to some new, six-legged roommates, having light can help to some extent. This means leaving your blinds open, curtains drawn, or windows uncovered can keep some bugs away. If you begin to notice that your apartment/home is facing a very large bug problem, you should reach out to your property manager/owner. They will often times have bug services available for their residents and can call in a professional to spray an insecticide or a repellent. Cleaning Supplies Which supplies are most useful for college students? This area is similar to cleaning supplies you might have from your time in a dorm, so you might be able to keep some of your surplus from last year. There are just a few additional items you might want to invest in. You should definitely

invest in a vacuum. Vacuuming frequently can really help deter bugs by sucking up the excess food particles in the carpet. If you are living with roommates, it is economically smart for you all to just share one vacuum. A new aspect of your life might also be a whole kitchen to yourself. If this is the case, you will need some strong multi-surface cleaner to wipe down the counters, fridge and stove-top. Also, frequently wash the rags you use in the kitchen because those can become moist centers for bacteria to be spread throughout the kitchen. Dust can frequently cause health problems, so developing a dusting mechanism that suits you is recommended. This could be using a store-bought product or a wet rag to wipe the dust off all surfaces in the house. They key to this is setting a pattern in order to frequently take care of any dust problems.



Ways to Keep Your Bill Low Bailey Fritz City Editor of the Daily Beacon Although owning your first apartment is an exciting time, it is not very exciting to have to pay your bill every month. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your bill low so you can save up some cash for other activities. Turn off lights and fans when not in use Although this may seem like the most obvious suggestion, it can make a difference when factoring in to your bill. Check all your lights before you leave, and yes, even those little ones in the closet. Plus, you can coordinate with your roomies to make sure everyone knows to turn off power sources when no one is

at home. Adjust the thermostat when you leave HVAC systems will kill your bill if you want to be cool in the summer, but your house doesn’t need to be as cool as you are when you leave. If you turn the thermostat up just a few degrees if you know you’ll be gone for the day, this could save a huge chunk of money on your next bill. Replace your air filter Again, a large part of an electric bill consists of HVAC. If you replace your air filter, the system does not have to work as hard to circulate air through the apartment since it does not have to go

through layers of dust and dirt; this will also make sure your air is nice and clean. Use your kitchen efficiently If you’re excited to have your own kitchen and start to cook often, this can also add a lot to your electricity bill. Surprisingly, using a microwave to cook food will use less electricity than using your oven. However, if you absolutely have to use the oven, aim to do it at night so your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the place down. Additionally, some dishwashers have a heat-dry setting on them, but it can save you some pennies if you have the option to turn that off.

Stay smart with your water If you’re also paying for water every month, there are a few little things you can do to stop wasting water. Low-flow showerheads repress the amount of water flowing out of your shower, which can help reduce one of the main sources of water usage in your apartment. Additionally, 13 percent of water usage comes from leaks, so hit up your landlord if you notice any extra dripping in your faucets.


Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019 • The Daily Beacon


THE SOCIAL The Social Knoxville is more than just a convenient place to call home near The University of Tennessee. It’s a community that has completed a multimillion-dollar renovation project with services and amenities designed with students in mind. No matter which floor you live on or direction your windows are facing, you’ll be sure to experience unforgettable views from our residential tower. Take in the city lights of downtown

Knoxville or the serenity of the Tennessee River as you study, socialize, and relax at The Social Knoxville. Whether you are meeting fellow residents or enjoying the company of longtime friends, our amenities are designed to provide comfort and convenience. Located just minutes from The University of Tennessee Knoxville, The Strip and Tyson Park, The Social Knoxville offers fullyfurnished apartment suites with


options to lease the entire home or individual bed assignments. Our one and two-bedroom floor plans are fully furnished, include all utilities and offer spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains and Downtown Knoxville.

out in our state-of-the-art fitness center and enjoy free Wi-Fi in our common spaces. For a convenient and comfortable apartment home for University of Tennessee students, look no further than The Social Knoxville.

Our apartment homes include recently renovated interiors with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Residents are invited to relax in the pool, work

For more information or to schedule a tour, call (865) 238-2120 or go online at

It is our mission to provide the perfect environment for your hectic student lifestyle. • One and two-bedroom suites • Stainless steel appliances • Fully furnished floorplans • Flexible lease options • All utilities included

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The Social Knoxville | 2521 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 844.604.8169 | 865.238.2120


The Daily Beacon • Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019

4)/*"33$5"*/"1$• "3$(!CD!/47%&2!'++4.)(-! %$&)*$(,&!,4!37%&7$!,/$)%!/$'+,/!-4'+&! 4(9&),$

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Call us to schedule a tour or visit our website for online availability and leasing!



Taking Advantage of Greek Housing By: Caroline Jordan Managing Editor of the Daily Beacon For freshmen who joined a fraternity or sorority just a few months ago, living in the on-campus chapter housing is a very pragmatic option in terms of economics, meal plan and convenience. Most students who join IFC (Interfraternity Council) or NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) organizations join to make friends at a large university like Tennessee. According to the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, “...nearly 5,000 students and approximately 22% of the undergraduate population are members of our fraternal organizations.” By joining these organizations, greek students are provided the option to live in their chapter house which provides many amenities specific to the greek population.

housing option with an included bus route to main campus and the agriculture campus, and an in-house meal plan.

reason for joining greek life in the first place.

Meal Plan

In terms of location, Fraternity Park is conveniently located across from Tom Black Track and the Rock. Sorority Village sits just past the Agriculture Campus, and is gated from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. The Neyland Express bus route has a stop at Sorority Village and picks up approximately every 15 minutes.

Because Sorority Village is geographically isolated from main campus, each chapter offers a meal plan for residents, eliminating the need to go to dining halls like Fresh Food Company or Presidential Court Building. The average cost for a chapter member living in sorority village is $1,597 per semester, or $319 per month. All weekday meals are offered, just like on-campus dining halls. Aside from the convenience of having meals provided in residents’ respective houses, meal times provide a sense of community for chapter members living together which is a primary


For members of IFC and NPC greek organizations, living in chapter houses is a convenient option for many reasons, such as formal recruitment, weekly chapter meetings and getting to know more members in their organizations. As formal recruitment occurs in Fraternity Park and Sorority Village each fall, members who

live in the houses are at a logistical advantage. Chapter members who live off-campus must find parking to attend recruitment, so living in the house eliminates that extra step. Similarly, most chapters host weekly meetings in their houses, again making attendance easier for members already living there. For new members of IFC and NPC organizations that have houses on campus, living inhouse is not only practical and logistically efficient, but it also provides a cushion for students not quite ready to live on their own. Students who decide to join these organizations should take advantage of the amenities, as well as living with other members of their respective greek chapter.

Economics With many off-campus apartments listing high rent numbers, on-campus NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) houses can cost less per month, on average. According to the Office of Sorority and Fraternity life, the average semester rent in a sorority house is $2,845, with a monthly breakdown of $569 per month. Off-campus apartments like The Tenn, located on Cumberland Ave., offer many combinations of number of bedrooms and bathrooms. All options, however, cost more than $700 making Sorority Village a less expensive Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019 • The Daily Beacon


SOCIETY 865 FORT SANDERS Society 865 apartment homes offer comfort, style and convenience within walking distance to the University of Tennessee campus. Students find Society 865 the perfect place to call home. Society 865 is perfectly located near Knoxville’s best in dining and entertainment including Market Square and Neyland Stadium. Society 865’s apartment community features outstanding custom designed interiors and exceptional community amenities. Nestled in an urban-like setting directly north of the University of Tennessee, Society 865’s stylish apartment homes offer spacious living areas, including large bedrooms to fit king size beds, upscale kitchens with modern appliances, separate dining rooms, walk-in closets and airy windows for natural lighting. Select apartment homes also feature private balconies, vaulted ceilings and warm fireplaces. Residents have numerous unique floor plans to choose from. For those who are interested in larger living areas, Society 865 offers three two-bedroom floor


plans and three three-bedroom apartment homes with up to 1,352 square feet.

a refreshing swim after a long day or enjoy a comfortable place to simply mingle with friends.

The two and three bedroom floor plans also feature separate dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms with walk-in closets and kitchens with modern appliances.

Society 865’s fire pit and cabana area also offers an inviting, spacious, outdoor living space for both warm and cool evenings all year long. For the animal lovers, Society 865 welcomes you and your pet to enjoy our bark park.

Society 865 residents enjoy cable and internet service with individualized connections and washers and dryers. Society 865’s luxurious clubhouse provides many amenities including a coffee bar, computer center with free printing, game room with large-screen TV and contemporary fitness center which is fully stocked with all the latest equipment. For those looking for an apartment community with excellent exterior amenities, Society 865’s outdoor living space features an expansive outdoor covered kitchen with two gas grills, a large refrigerator, spacious sink, big-screen TV and Bluetooth speakers. Residents are welcome to relax by the resort style swimming pool and sundeck with more than 100 pool chairs, enjoy

The Daily Beacon • Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019

Residents can come home with confidence to Society 865’s dedicated, friendly staff. Society 865’s 24-hour emergency maintenance team ensures that all residents’ needs are addressed diligently with a timely manner.

Society 865 is located at 2240 Grand Avenue in Knoxville. For more information or to schedule a visit, call (865) 213-1352 or visit our website at www.

Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019 â&#x20AC;¢ The Daily Beacon



Making Your Way Downtown: How the KAT System Works in Knoxville By: Gabriela Szymanowska Photo Editor of the Daily Beacon Knoxville offers a slew of entertainment and activities to students who live on and off campus with festivals, restaurants, shops and more spread throughout the downtown area. With tons to do, students can stay entertained year round. However, whether students live on or off campus, transportation around town becomes a critical point in deciding on a plan.

So, whether it’s for a night out partying with friends, a dread of finding parking on UT’s campus or even the fact that you may not have a car, Knoxville’s transportation system might be the answer to the problem. Knoxville Area Transit (KAT), the City of Knoxville’s public transportation system, provides a variety of buses, trolleys and paratransit services for anyone to use every day of the week. Here’s a breakdown of the different transportation systems

available in Knoxville. Fixed Routes for Buses The KAT system has 23 fixed routes for buses that serve 1,500 bus stops, which according to the KAT website serves about 80% of Knoxville. While there are plenty of bus stops throughout town, operators will only stop at buses where passengers are already waiting or when signaled by passengers on the bus. Unlike the trolley system which

is free, the bus has different fares and tickets which can be bought either when boarding the bus, at the Knoxville Station Ticket Vending Machine on the bus platform, the Knoxville Station Customer Service desk or via mail using a form that is sent in. There are five different types of passes including a One Ride pass for $1.50 or a reduced fare of $0.75, a one day Pass for $4.00 and a reduced price of $2.00, a seven day pass for $15 or a reduced fare of $7.50, a 30 day pass for $50

Started on August 19, 2019, the new Red Trolley line operated by Knoxville Area Transit travels from downtown Knoxville, along Gay Street, west on Blount Avenue and north up the Henley Street Bridge to South Knox. Photo by Dan Ervin, Contributor of the Daily Beacon


The Daily Beacon • Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019

DOWNTOWN KAT HOUSING TIPS If riders board a bus and are intending to transfer to another bus, they will need to purchase an additional transfer ticket as soon as they board the first bus which costs $0.50 and a reduced fare of $0.25. and a reduced fare of $12.50. Riders over the age of 65, Medicare card holders, students under the age of 18 and persons with disabilities all qualify for reduced fare rates and need to present proper identification which is either a Medicare card or a valid KAT I.D. card. Children under four years of age ride free.

Service animals are allowed on board KAT buses, while other animals have to be in pet carriers. While food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed to be brought onto KAT buses, they are not allowed to be eaten or drank.

Free Trolley routes serve downtown Knoxville and UT campus

Paratransit service for those unable to use regular fixedroute buses

The free trolley system is set up with four lines that serve the downtown area and UT’s campus. The trolleys run every weekday, but do not run on Saturdays when UT has a home football game or on Sundays.

KAT offers LIFT, a door-todoor paratransit service, to help those who are unable to use the fixed-route buses. The service is provided as a reservation only service with riders being certified by KAT to use it.

The Blue trolley line serves the Knoxville Station, the Civic Coliseum and the waterfront pathway. The Green line serves the Old City and Gay Street. The Orange line travels between UT’s campus and downtown. The Red line serves the South waterfront.

LIFT passengers have to reapply every two years to keep the LIFT certification up-to-date and the fare for the service is $3.00.

The KAT website offers a map of the different trolley routes showing specific stops and route lines.


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Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019 • The Daily Beacon


THE HIVE The Hive Knoxville was created specifically to revolutionize the student living experience at The University of Tennessee. The Hive properties are some of the best located in the Fort Sanders neighborhood and provide a wide range of living options for University of Tennessee students. From upgraded modern living units, to online maintenance requests, resident events and a friendly management team that responds to your questions and requests. The Hive is redefining what it means to live in The Fort. The Hive has six locations to choose from within the Fort Sanders area. Our locations are all within walking distance to campus and in close proximity to shops, restaurants and


nightlife. Most of our apartments include some utilities in the rent price. We provide onsite laundry facilities and off-street parking for the convenience of our residents. The Hive offers completely renovated apartments at a fraction of the price of the competition! They include newly installed wood style flooring, energy efficient appliances, countertops and lighting. Our pleasant color scheme, updated windows and new energy efficient AC units make the units bright and airy. We offer many floorplan options including studios, one, two and three-bedroom units. Our largest apartments are at The Hive on Bridge. These

The Daily Beacon â&#x20AC;˘ Fall/Winter Housing Guide 2019

3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartments are spacious and perfect for groups of friends looking to live together. The units are fully equipped with central heat, dishwashers, and ceiling fans in all bedrooms. Our central courtyard provides perfect space to hang out with friends and get to know your neighbors.

FORT SANDERS Stop by the office at 1301 Bridge Avenue or call (865) 637-3444 for a tour and come and see The Hive difference for yourself. Visit the website at thehivetn. com for more info and to apply online.

Live how you have


SOME OF UNIVERSITY PARKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MANY AMENITIES! Free Parking | Grill Stations | Renovated Clubhouse Relaxing Hammock Gardens | Vegas Resort Style Pool Professional Volleyball Court | Upgraded Gym w/Cardio Room Roommate Matching | Student Coffee Service Shuttle Service to Campus | Fully Furnished Apartments Spacious 2 And 4 Bedroom Floor Plans | Pet Friendly Waived Signing Fees! Newly Added Dog Park! Ä&#x192; Ä&#x20AC;Ä Ĺ? % , , ! * + 0 0 Ĺ?0 .! ! 0 Ĺ? ÄĄ Ĺ? * +42 % ( ( !Ä&#x152; Ĺ?   Ĺ? Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2C6;Ä&#x160;Ä&#x201A; Ä&#x20AC; Ĺ? ÄĄ Ĺ? Ĩ Ä&#x2030; Ä&#x2021; Ä&#x2020; ÄŠ Ĺ? Ä&#x2026; Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x2026; ÄĄ Ä&#x2026; Ä&#x2021; Ä&#x20AC; Ä&#x2026;

Profile for UT Office of Student Media

UT Daily Beacon Fall 2019 Housing Guide  

UT Daily Beacon Fall 2019 Housing Guide