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Lord Elvis Zeus was said To come<!t o;, earth, And father;;ltUtle gods!;} The pontiff swan ; Swam south in snbw, Hi s@ fi ~,a I. (~. ~~g, r~'1 eas in g fl'~1~' Then""rovrr;~g Jupiter mortal fell, Drowned by leaden confederate hell. Little blond god came t9 be, Peroxide curls match dark legacy. Tortured soul both grey and god-Gospel penance, ~ashed in blood. Lil' Richard's king of rock and roll, But He sang Dixie, with negro soul. Only a god could blend to heal: Southern gospel, Memphis steel. Little blond god with jet black hair; Now immortal, alvyays there.

Robin Wright


White Wine & Jelly Doughnuts

in one swift movement across the

by Matthew Jorgensen



"Whoo," said Franny. "Elvis."

need a name." "How about Manson?"

"Huh?" "Elvis. Let's name him

"No. Nothing that terrible." Although a

You wanted a celebrity

celebrity name is not a bad idea. We could draw


parallels between it's life and the life of the celebri-

name. And look at the way he ate

ty. It is also a way to establish an instant person-

those flakes.

ality. Instead of waiting for one to develop, we can

that it was Elvis, diving after

attribute the celebrity's traits immediately and as

floating jelly doughnuts." Time

time goes on we can develop a myriad of the

One would think



celebrity personality and the developing one. In

Franny, Elvis and I. We all stayed

addition ...

together, leading our own unique

Franny was on a roll again. She had left the plane of good sensible talk and was skipping


Franny continued on the

wavering road of tangents, Elvis

from tangent to tangent. At least I had the sense to

kept his healthy diet, and I; well I

know that it was just a fish. A simple fish in a sim-

kept to myself as always. Franny

ple bowl. However, it was also the first pet of any

was right about the merging per-

kind that we had purchased together. The name

sonali ties of our fish and the

had to be important.


We had grown close to

I looked at this blue tropical cichlid and

EI vis and had gotten to know him

started some tangent skipping of my own. At least

as one should know a fish, yet the

I have the decency to keep them inside my own

mystique of a dangerously gentle

head though.

southern rock-n-roll singer was

I thought of the life of seclusion this little

always there.

fish must live. And yet with that seclusion, comes

In fact Elvis stayed with

an overwhelming sense of intrusion from the out-

us many years and even though

side world. Poor fish! He will try to live his life

we acquired more pets with wider

comfortably, yet each moment he will be on-stage,

ranges of personality, Elvis still

subject to the criticism of the cold dry outside

reigned as the king of our hearts.

world. And through all this he will never really get

His aquarium sat next to our bed and many nights

to touch those that judge him. Never allowed to be

I would watch him and expand upon my first sup-

part of the audience, part of that world he could

position. "Who are you Elvis? And will I ever get

barely see.

to know the real you? Do you envy the lungs of

Cichlids are fast little fish with jerky, almost riveting movements. My meandering was stopped when this one gulped three flakes of food

"Elvis Fan NQ3"

the cat and the songs of our birds? And do you know how much I truly envy your gills?" Through this time Elvis didn't change

Robert MatthE'w

much. And then finally he started to get a bit heav路 ier and a bit slower. Franny and I now joked tha he was in his Vegas years. He still ate well though and he still brought us smiles.

Franny grew also. She had extended he] personal freedom to those she found less fortunate She had joined several Amnesty type organizations and kept a steady eye out


for any improvements she might be able to make.

was his last chance to be a fish. To taste un-fil-

began to surmise upon the potential wickedness

She felt people had the right to be free and ani-

tered water and to swim amongst the waves.

of our action. "Maybe Elvis didn't want to be

mals had the right to avoid cruelty.

She also

"He needs to be free ." She exclaimed.

free. Maybe he had grown used to his barricaded

believed that cows and chickens had the right to

How could I resist? She had such gentle

world and would not be able to handle the Oppres-

keep their flesh. So we gave away money, devel-

eyes and a beloved way of making the ideal quite

sion of vast, uninhibited freedom," I thought,

oped a meat-free zone in our bodies, and filled

obtainable. Besides, for years I wanted Elvis to

"Maybe Elvis isn't ready for the comeback."

our minds with good intentions.

have his chance. His last grasp at glory. "Areturn

All this, in addition to Elvis' waning

Still in doubt, I gently set the bag with Elvis in it in shallow water next to the bank, and

to the stage E. Just like the '68 tour."

appearance led us to a unique decision. Franny

It was summer, so we decided the near-

immediately I felt all my tensions release as

expressed, in ever so confusing terms, that the

est lake would be OK. As we walked him down

Franny set her hand upon my shoulder. "He is

best thing to do was to set Elvis fr~e. She said this

to the shore, in his portable plastic environment, I


He finally gets to express what he has always been." She rested her he~d on my back, looking away with a rested expression. Squatting there by the shore, I continued to watch Elvis enter the next era of his life. As it would happen, Elvis did three quick movements; one left, right, then forward. And before he could do anything else, a large mouth bass the size of my foot moved out from under a nearby fallen tree trunk and ate Elvis whole. I jolted a bit and Franny asked, "What happened?" Staggered a bit I looked for an answer. "Uhm. Well he took right off Franny. It was beautiful. He is now a complete fish." "Oh good. I admit I was a bit worried.

This was for the best

though. I think I saw him smile as you put him in. Did you?" Elvis lives in our hearts. And since we never really knew him, we remember him the way we want to.


"Elvis and Stu" Stu Eichel

Coming of Age With Elvis childhood friend called him from Memphis and said she was writing an unauthorized biography of Elvis. Since he was a poet, would he contribute something, just a small personal or poetic reminiscence from the perspective of a fellow Tennesseean, someone who came of age when Elvis was just becoming popular. He declined, simply because he felt he had nothing worthwhile to say about Elvis, certainly nothing that had not been said before. Elvis was just one of a thousand momentary fragments that floated inside that small sphere of puberty--to a poor, white, southern male who grew up in the fifties, no more nor no less than kudzu or carhops. A few weeks later, while flipping through an old college poetry text, a piece of paper fell out dated 1977. It was the year his son was born and the year Elvis had died. He couldn't remember writing it, though it was his handwriting. He read it, paused, then slipped it back between the pages and reshelved the book.


It is not only Elvis we remember But summers that fell like brown locusts Still singing from their dying skins; His songs like velvet swallows Suspended in the leaves of sycamores Outside our bedroom window Where thin curtains billowed In warm , damp wind like moon sails, Smelling of honeysuckle And rain.

It is not only Elvis we remember But the cool, dark wombs of picture shows Where, held in a globe of silver light, We grew wings, and molted, took flight In black and white dreams of Wood and Weld ; Where we were Brando and Dean, Dangerous and not given to words, Wearing boots and black leather, Leaning into the curves Like wind.

No, it is not only Elvis we remember But the child we once were, innocent of sin, the smooth face disappearing From photographs, and mirrors; shed Under layers of highways and turns Taken in the name or absence of love And if we grieve the long days of summer And boys that must become men And fail, a part of us grieves, too, for him.

IJudy Loest 7

He He He He He He He

is is is is is is is

in in in in in in in

the the the the the the the

angry shouts from the trailer next door twang of the country music drifting from the radio grind of my lover's hips peach cobbler I made for dinner soft breath of my sleeping child black skin and white eyes of the boys on the corner \ hot, heavy air of this still southern night t

So don't tell me Elvis is dead.

Jill Brooks


"Elvis Fan NQl" Tinah Utsman


"Elvis Impersonator at the Wailing Wall" Tinah Utc;,man


A pilgrimage that summer,

I said I knew what she meant.

July in an old gas-guzzling Chevy Caprice.

Kindred spirits the three of us,

Elvis would have hated that car,

Grandma, Elvis, and me.

but Grandma promised it would take

If that burning chariot doesn't swoop down from

the two of us all the way to Memphis, Tennessee.


Grandma and me aren 't big Elvis fans anyway,

like a pink Cadillac

we only know a handful of his songs,

and carry us back alive,

and we heard two of those on TV commercials.

then we are pretty sure it doesn 't exist.

That trip was really more about faith than anything

Eager kids the three of us,

for Grandma and me.

skipping to the last page in a book,

You see, we really don't have much faith.

refusing to release the fast forward button,

Oh the bible belt holds up our pants,

rushing to our ends

but we've never completely or blindly believed,

just so we don't miss the chance to do

never gone to bed having eaten our fill of salvation.

something real, to spite the fall and spit in the fire.

That's why we were pilgrims to Graceland that summer.

We stayed in a dirty little roadside Memphis motel that

We had to go, had to weep for ourselves


on the grave of a fallen messiah.

and I had a dream .

Seems the only thing one can do for fallen messiahs

Michael. Jackson was living

is light a candle, lay a flower, shed a tear.

in Graceland's Jungle Room with one of his parrots. I woke up just bawling by eyes out and couldn't stop.

After we finally left that semi-hallowed mansion

Couldn 't ever stop .

we paid our twenty bucks to see,

Terrifying to think there are no more

Grandma told me that she felt

real messiahs left to fall.

for a minute like she was in that casket with Elvis.

We buried Grandma last week.


"Graceland" all photographs by Robert Stanf'llf'

Death 101 Robert Stanelle

i had been at the holiday inn the night before sleeping somewhat restless as we do on the road despite three locks on the door up early come morning a busy day ahead i had things to do people to see proposals i had not yet read ate breakfast and left just another day of routine proceeded to my appointments went about my business without a hint of scheme finished in early afternoon four


hours until my flight drove to the big house thought there was time before i left for the night it was warm and sticky august heat on the rise a short visit would be nice time to say hello no sadness of good-byes soon i was there at the house went on up to the gate chatted with the guard walked up the driveway not knowing it was already too late with anticipation beat my heart eager to get inside

looking forward to the visit with a living legend a Man who was known worldwide i never reached the house just a blur of sight and sound people running somewhere ambulance screeching to the door confusion all around my heart was instantly pounding it had to be Him i knew for years there were problems life in a fishbowl pressures that grew and grew i didn't really see Him just a blur on a stretcher bed

the doors slammed shut tires squealing siren screamed in my head ran back to the gate hoping i was totally wrong there were just a few people standing on the sidewalk not knowing what was going on i watched and listened as the siren faded away it quickly was gone seemed just an instant i was sweating in the heat of th e day

it seemed simultaneous the media so quickly there reporters cameras police the street became packed cryi'ng women everywhere i was being interviewed microphones all i could see questions came rapidly lights shining brightly every network after me they all yelled out questions every-

thing seemed unreal i didnt even know what i knew what i thought how should i feel then all at once it came to me and cried cried i tried as i stood at the gate of the house called Graceland on the day that Elvis died


:t. Z.


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Y£.4/ AM'"


p t» ~£-r. /lAP,,',. lV'fJi /I£AR

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V - ni '£ ? y" v. '

wA 8'- 1 ec ap ()~ rA £ L/ .U all lt. fAI£ Si, l.. 5'f'}1/1( orr qr p LI.r A ~'<f'" A# d: ~() ~ (/£ A 1/ t!L lI£ . -::r ~N.


ilf IE 'I1I.1LP",'r IE.. f/f


f4k (. O I~O '!tJl4 C UI .,,f

~ w,f r,.. ,'r t:(J1? yo"

¥#I£. r 111£ I? «k lk ll


MUSIC CO. . . . ("' TROPHY and . Ohi o 441 13 vel Cle .•~


"Mr. Presley" StatE' Champs

Untitled Sapphire Bell Bottoms Pompadour Peanut Butter Sandwiches Graceland White Boy Overdose Saw his ghost BUT Fat Bois Dead In the Grave Let him Die? Another day. Blubber and Blue Suede VOS and Tacky Shades Rhinestones, Pelvic Thrust In Elvis, We Trust.

"Young Elvis Impersonator" Tinah Utsman

"Elvis Fan


Tinah Utsman


And he looks down hearing seeing, Shaking his head at what his art has become. I'm dead- Thank You God!Yet my pride is what's before me My own responsibility My own Talent. .. Expanded. And he smiles.

"Until W~ M~~t Again" Rac haf>l Sbuttoni



''Tonight'' Stacy Smith

Lhe ~ospe(

or e(V1S According to Mark James

Elvis is Betrayed in the Garden of Graceland Elvis before the RCA executive 8 (I)When Elvis finished singing, He went out with His band, as He was accustomed, over the River Mississippi, where there was a garden called Graceland. (2)There, He said to His band "Fellas, sit here while I go take care of business." (3)He took with Him three members of the band. Becoming sorrowful and deeply depressed, (4)He said to them "I'm the lonesome whippoorwill, too blue to fly. I'm the robin who weeps when the leaves begin to die. I'm so lonesome I could cry." (5)He went a little further, fell on His knees, raised His eyes to heaven and prayed, "Lord, this time you gave m e a mountain. A mountain I may never climb. I feel the world closing in on me. Here come the stars, tumbling around me. What now my Love?" (6)Returning to His band He said "Look lively fellas, the hour is at hand, the King is betrayed into the hands of fans." (7)And while He spoke these words the Colonel, His m anager, came with a great multitude of fans carrying cameras and autograph P9.ds. (8)Approaching Elvis, the Colonel said "Elvis, son, come here dear boy" and grabbed Elvis and kissed Him. (9)Though He knew all things, Elvis said to him "Why are you here man?" (1 0 )At this the crowd laid hold of Him and carried Him away.

9 (I)They that had laid hold of Elvis brought Him to Allan Cellas, the chief executive. (2)The executives and all of RCA sought to bring false witness against Elvis, but could find few who would testify. (3)One witness claimed "He used to be such a fine young man, but then He began gyrating his hips -I tell you it is disgusting." (4)Another witness said "I used to like Elvis when He sung Gospel." (5)The last of the false witnesses said "I. .. uh .. .like ... heard him sing about a whole lotta shakin' will go on and fools will fall in love." (6)Hearing this, the chief executive arose and said to Elvis "How do you explain this?" (7)But Elvis, knowing all things flow like a river to the sea, answered him only with a curled lip and a shake of His pelvis. (8)The RCA accountants then began to conspire against Him saying "He has not made an album in years. His last number one song was six years ago. Do not release Him from His contract." (9)Listening to their counsel, the chief executive turned to Elvis and said "You hear what they say against you. Are you the King of Rock and Roll?" (10 )Elvis said to him "Well man, you say so. You saw

me crying in the Chapel. The tears I shed were tears of joy. (11)And I'll tell you, I know the meaning of contentment, now I'm happy with the Lord." (12)The chief executive, hearing this, said "You all hear the testimony. Let him be sent to the Colonel. (13)Surely he is guilty of a concert."

Elvis Faces the Colonel 10 (I )Come morning, they bound Elvis in a white sequined jump-suit and delivered Him to the Colonel, His manager. (2)The Colonel said to Him "Elvis, my boy, you are the King of Rock and Roll." (3) And Elvis said to Him "Whatever you say man." (4)When He was accused by RCA, the Colonel said "Don't you hear them boy? They're saying you're washed-up, old news." (5)But Elvis answered him not. (6)Seeing Elvis silent, the Colonel said to Him "You know what boy, I've always had a great respect for you . (7)So I'm gonna make you a deaL" (8)Now, it was the Colonel's custom to ask the people what singer they wanted released from his contract. (9)At that time, RCA had another singer named Paul Anka. (lo)When they gathered the fans together, the Colonel said to them "Who do you want me to release from his contract? Paul Anka or Elvis, who is called the King?" (I I)N ow, the Colonel and the RCA promoters, in secret, persuaded the multitude to ask for Paul Anka and not Elvis.

(12)SO, when the Colonel asked again "Who do you want me to release from his contract?" the fans responded "Paul Anka." (13)The Colonel said to them "What shall I do with Elvis, who is called the King?" (I 4)The crowd shouted "Put him in concert!" (15)And the Colonel asked "Why, what evil has he done?" (16)But the fans cried again "Put him in concert!" (1 7 )When the Colonel saw that he could not persuade them otherwise, he said "Very well. (18)Elvis will have a comeback concert." (19)So he released Paul Anka from his contract, much to the relief of the RCA executives, and prepared Elvis for his concert.

The Bodyguards Mock Elvis II (I )The bodyguards, employed by the Colonel, brought Elvis to a dressing room. (2)They stripped Him and put on Him a black leather jump suit. (3)Placing a gaudy belt about His waist and a microphone in His right hand they bowed down and mocked him (4)saying "Here is the savior of Rock and Roll. All hail the King!" (5 )After this they led Him away to put Him in concert.

The King in Concert 12 (I )Bringing Him to a place called Vegas, which in English means The Sands, they offered Him drink.

(2)But Elvis, knowing their hearts, would not drink much. (3)There, for the last time, He saw His wife and daughter. (4)He said to his daughter "Hush little baby, don't you cry. (5)You know your daddy's bound to die. (6)For all my trials will soon be over." (7)Looking to His wife He said "Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfilled. (8)F or my darling, I love you and I always will." (9)So there, at The Sands, they put Him in concert. (lo)Mter the first show, the fans auctioned His garments and bid money over them so that it might be fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet: (11)They divided My garments among them, and for My clothing they cast lots." (12)Sitting in the audience, they kept watch on Him and mocked Him (13)saying "If you are the savior of Rock and Roll, save yourself and come down from that stage." (I 4)Over Him, they placed in neon lights the accusation against Him: (1 5)ELVIS PRESLEY THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL

The Death of Elvis 13 (I)At the eight year there was darkness all across the land. (2)About the ninth year Elvis cried out in a loud voice (3)saying "Hunka, Hunka, Bossa Nova" which is to say "I always lived in the white light. I ain't never did no wrong." (4)Raising His eyes to heaven, Elvis cried "Lord, shine a

morning light, to help them realize our night is over." (5)After this He gave up the ghost. (6)And Behold, the gold-plated records at RCA were rent in two and a whole lotta shakin' went on.

The Resurrection of Elvis 14 (I )Priscilla, the wife of Elvis, begged the Colonel for His body. (2)The Colonel, interested in making Elvis's death a media spectacle, released the body to her. (3)She placed the body in a sepulcher in the Garden of Graceland. (4)On the third day, as Priscilla and Lisa Marie, the daughter of Elvis, approached the sepulcher, they found it empty. (5)From behind them a voice said "Fear not and be joyful, wife of Elvis, for He lives. (6)Through the power of His name He has been resurrected and walks among you this day." (7)Turning about, Priscilla saw a shining light disappearing into the heavens. (8)Falling on her knees she glorified God and Elvis. (9)Many times did Elvis appear to the world in many diverse locations. (lo)One day He appeared to His band and said "Don't be lonesome tonight, fellas. (11)For I'll remember you and someday I'll return to stay." (12)Saying this, Elvis ascended into heaven. Uh-huh, Uh-huh.


:I: ClJ


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S;. U5 >-..






Phoenix - Fall 1995  

The editorially independent student literary and arts magazine of the University of Tennessee.

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