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What is SALSI

How Will Funding SALSI Help

SALSI is the San Antonio Life Sciences Institute and

With restored legislative funding, SALSI will continue to catalyze the successful collaborative research and education programs between UTHSCSA and UTSA. And more importantly, funding will create a means to change the landscape of healthcare and improve the lives of countless individuals.

it has one mission—conquer the challenges facing

healthcare in Texas and the nation. To achieve this, SALSI utilizes the collaborative expertise of the

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) and the University of Texas

at San Antonio (UTSA), both of which are premier research institutions within Central Texas.

Work with us

These two institutions have a long-standing, cooperative relationship built upon multiple

joint research projects, a collaborative research infrastructure, and an impressive portfolio of research education.

Mauli Agrawal, Ph.D., P.E. UTSA Vice President for Research (210) 458-6859

Andrea Giuffrida, Ph.D. UTHSCSA Vice President for Research (210) 567-4219

Bernard Arulanandam, Ph.D. UTSA Assistant Vice President for Research (210) 458-6767

Mark Nijland, Ph.D. UTHSCSA Assistant Vice President for Research (210) 567-0313



Initiatives & Projects

How to Support Future Research

Most recently, SALSI provided funding for two research initiatives, the Clusters in Research Excellence Award and the SALSI Innovation Challenge. Nearly $1.5 million was awarded to researchers tackling issues such as reducing incidences of fungal infections, interpreting “big data” in healthcare fields, understanding how cancer impairs macrophage function, and establishing pathways in bacterial, pancreatic, and viral research.

As the world of research changes, new challenges arise that can only be met via strong collaborative efforts. By bringing together multiple factions and viewpoints to a common cause, SALSI is able to meet these emerging challenges. Past legislative funds, as well as internal and philanthropic contributions provided to the joint efforts, have created multiple pillars upon which SALSI will continue to build. Based upon previous successes, the San Antonio Life Sciences Institute received $8 million for the 2016-17 biennium to further evolve the SALSI Academy and its inter-institutional, educational research efforts.

SALSI Academy

Areas of Research

As SALSI has evolved, the institute created a highly focused research platform—the SALSI Academy. This newly formed, permanent entity, facilitates joint interaction between UTHSCSA, UTSA, and their respective partners by establishing research clusters crucial to developing solutions to current healthcare challenges.

Cancer Research

Regenerative Medicine

Infectious Diseases & Vaccinations


Biomedical Engineering

Health Disparities


Translational Science

Future and current funds will be used to support academic development crucial for the furthering of programmatic goals between the partner institutions. All newly established educational programs within the Academy will contribute to substantial growth in the biomedical community.

SALSI San Antonio Life Sciences Institute A research collaboration between UTSA and UTHSCSA

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