Underneath the Stars Handbook 2014

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we are very grateful for their time and effort spent preparing the fields… and then allowing us to trample all over them! A huge thank you to all the amazing venue staff and technicians, and the gobsmackingly generous volunteer stewards and site builders who have jumped in with both feet to make this weekend work as smoothly as possible. Before I ramble on any further with ever more extravagant superlatives, I would like to say that the festival team and myself are not shy of helpful suggestions, comments and constructive criticism. We have laboured and toiled to bring you a festival we are proud of, and fingers crossed you enjoy a large percentage of what you experience, but where you see a lack or feel an improvement can be made, please make a note and pass it along to venue staff or stewards and all will be put through the mill for next year’s event… Yes! It is happening again next year, isn’t it David?

to the very first shiny new Underneath the Stars Festival. Many thanks for your belief and adventurous spirit in joining us as we take our first experimental steps into the world of festival organising. Thank you also to all the incredibly talented musicians and singers who have agreed to perform and entertain us on our first weekend event. The line-up this year has been largely drawn from personal friends, heroes and collaborators myself and my family have been fortunate enough to work with over our time in this tremendous folk and wider acoustic music scene. We are incredibly lucky and they really are the inspiration for UTSf. Massive appreciation must also go to the wonderful Nicholson family, especially Robert and David; their patience with the Rusby-Von-Trapps and perseverance with this hairbrained scheme is truly admirable. We hope you all agree Cannon Hall Open Farm is a perfect spot for a lovely festival and

Joe Rusby


Information and Welfare Information Point

Car Parking

Please direct all queries to the information desk located at the Festival HQ/ ticket office.


Please ensure you wear the wristband at all times whilst at the festival. Wristbands are not transferable. Parking for day visitors will be well sign-posted and close to the festival site. There are spaces located conveniently close to the site entrance for disabled visitors. Please ensure you park in the correct area. Parking is free of charge for festival ticket holders. NB – all car parks near the garden centre and lower park gardens are not part of the festival car parking and charges and restrictions apply at these car parks. The car park is monitored by stewards and security staff but keep all valuables in a safe, hidden compartment in a securely locked car. Please report any suspicious activities to a steward.

First Aid

Please familiarise yourself with the location of the first aid tent indicated on the site plan.

Smoking Policy

In accordance with the law, smoking is not permitted within marquees or other substantially enclosed public spaces. Please note that cigarettes are not available to purchase on the site or from the farm shop.


Open fires (including barbeques) are strictly prohibited in both the festival field area and camp site.



Baby Changing

To comply with our Health and Safety obligations open flames (Fires, barbecues, lanterns, candles etc) and any liquid fueled devices (other than vehicles) are strictly prohibited on the campsite. All campers must also pitch safely and within the size they have booked including car parking and any gazebo/awning type structures. Please abide by the rules and guidelines on the Campers Welcome Sheet and take the time to familiarise yourselves with the fire points and other safety related information. If in any doubt please just ask one of our Stewarding team who will be happy to help.

Baby changing facilities are available in the disabled toilets.


Toilets are provided at various locations on the site, we will ensure they are cleaned regularly and supplied with luxury ‘Lush’ soaps. Please be considerate to other festival guests who will be sharing these facilities and leave them as you would wish to find them. Notify the information desk at Festival HQ if you feel extra cleaning may be needed. There are also toilets available within the farm facilities for visitors using the farm café or visiting the farm itself.

Crowd Safety


As this is a working farm we cannot allow pets on any of the festival sites, including the campsite except guide/ assistance dogs.


Unfortunately we can’t control the weather so in case of severe weather make sure you have appropriate clothing and footwear. Remember to apply suncream and drink plenty of water throughout the day if it is a scorcher!

Please be mindful of other festival-goers in the stage areas and take particular care in the company of children.


Disabled Access Info

Cash Points

The festival is held in a greenfield site which is relatively flat and some areas have solid roadway. The ground conditions will inevitably vary according to the weather both prior to and during the festival. There is a designated camping area (no need to book in advance) situated close to accessible toilets. Disabled facilities are marked on the site plan, if you need any assistance please ask our stewards. There will be spaces allocated in the main tent for wheelchair users. Wheelchair charging – please contact Festival HQ and we will make arrangements as necessary.

We have no cash facilities on site. Cash is available from the Post Office or see the ‘Local Amenities’ page.


Please stick to the main walkways as much as possible, take extra caution when walking round the tents due to the securing strings and at night use a torch.


Festival-goers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at the festival. Please do not leave young children unattended at any time, in particular, do not leave children alone in tents at night. If you lose your child please contact the nearest steward who will direct you to the lost children point located at the First Aid Tent; this is also detailed on the site plan.

No filming, recording or photography

Lost Property

Lost Property will be open from 9.30am–7.30pm and will be located at the Festival HQ by the main entrance. For lost property enquiries after the festival please contact the festival office: info@underthestarsfest.co.uk or 01226 767872.

Please respect the artists and your fellow audience members, your actions may directly affect other people’s enjoyment of the performance.




Please be considerate of other festival goers, especially on the campsite late at night and early in the morning. Amplified music and personal speakers are not allowed on any of our sites.

Do not discard waste anywhere on the site other than the bins provided – we have to hand the fields back to the sheep at the end of the weekend. If you require extra refuse sacks please obtain them from the campsite HQ.


Please do not leave valuables unattended in your tent or leave anything on show in your vehicle. Chat with fellow campers and keep an eye out for each other. If you see anybody acting suspiciously, please report this to a steward. A good tip: keep a copy of your phone serial number just in case! Phones are desirable and targeted by thieves.

Our waste is sorted by the refuse company but glass is not recycled. Glass is not allowed on site – if you do end up with any glass waste, please take it home with you. Please be especially careful of any waste that might prove harmful to the animals who live here.


Please be considerate to our neighbours, especially late at night and when leaving the festival site. Please drive carefully.

Unauthorised Traders

UNAUTHORISED TRADING IS FORBIDDEN. Anyone setting up an illegal stall will be required to leave the event.


★ Richard

★ Kate


Sunday – Planets Stage

“A folksinger who (shreds) like an arena-rock star… and still writes songs that sting and storm.” – NPR Named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Top 20 Guitarists of All Time, Richard Thompson is also one of the world’s most critically acclaimed and prolific songwriters. He has received Lifetime Achievement Awards for Songwriting on both sides of the Atlantic – from the Americanas in Nashville to Britain’s BBC Awards, and the prestigious Ivor Novellos. Thompson’s genre-defying mastery of both acoustic and electric guitar along with dizzying energy and onstage wit continue to earn him massive new fans and a place as one of the most distinctive virtuosos in folk rock history. ‘Genius appears early. Legends are earned. But history’s greatest never stand on their laurels. This is the artistic arc for Richard Thompson!’ www.richard thompson-music.com


Saturday –Planets Stage

‘Everybody loves and respects Kate Rusby, not just for her lovely voice, but for the way she has moved folk forward while remaining true to tradition…’ Sunday Times 2012

The defining voice of contemporary English Folk Music, Kate Rusby’s exquisite interpretations of Traditional songs and finely wrought selfpenned tunes have won her an audience that reaches beyond the genre. A remarkable interpretive singer, Kate’s soulful vocals resonate with the wistful beauty of an earthbound angel. Inhabiting a lyric with unforced conviction – no matter how old or how modern. www.katerusby.com


★ The

★ Sarah

Puppini Sisters


Friday – Planets Stage

Let’s face it: who can resist three bewitching females dressed in delightfully matching attire, singing in close harmony and moving in impeccably synchronized steps? Just like the Andrews Sisters, who took the genre to the top, the Puppini Sisters have long become synonym with the intoxicating mix of music and style they call Swing-Pop, and have won hearts all over the world. www.thepuppinisisters.com

Saturday – Planets Stage

Since signing to Sugar Hill Records at age 16, Sarah Jarosz has barely stopped to catch her breath, even as she leaves audiences and critics alike breathless. Rolling Stone has compared her to Gillian Welch; Mojo labeled her a “newgrass prodigy” for her skills on banjo, guitar and mandolin; and the normally reserved New York Times hailed her as “one of acoustic music’s finest talents,” with a flair for songwriting to match her instrumental prowess. From her own original material to her exquisite interpretations of songs by others, she seems to exist outside any frame of reference, managing to weave time-honored tradition with a bold, adventurous spirit of discovery and independence. www.sarahjarosz.com


★ Tunng

★ Treacherous Orchestra

Saturday – Planets Stage

Friday – Planets Stage

Bands as emotive and enduring as Tunng don’t come around too often. Over a decade together, they have honed their pastoral pop to perfection, winning over audiences and critics one rustic twang of guitar, icy electronic echo and sumptuous whisper of vocals at a time to become one of Britain’s most championed underground forces – fitting for an act who began literally underground, in the basement of a Soho women’s clothing boutique some ten years ago. Now their success story is set to continue with the release of fifth studio album Turbines, their most bewitching and brilliant listen yet. www.tunng.co.uk

A turbocharged collective from Scotland bringing a truly 21st Century sound to the folk scene – featuring bagpipes, whistles, flutes, fiddles, accordion, banjo, guitars, bass, drums, bodhrán and percussion that forges an irresistibly danceable sound that must be experienced to be believed. www.treacherousorchestra.com

★ Jonny

Hick’s Jukejoint Allstars

Saturday – Bitter Boy Stage Electric hillbilly rockabilly western swingin’ blues from the hills of the northwest.


★ The

★ John

Bad Shepherds

Sunday – Planets Stage


Saturday – Planets Stage

Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds play punk songs on folk instruments. Not as a gag, but because they really like the noise. They think the songs are better than people remember. They’ve mostly given the songs a kind of Celtic feel, and they’ve stuck in the odd reel and jig here and there. But occasionally they just thrash! www.thebadshepherds.com

John Smith is the guitar man from Devon who has quietly become one of the most exciting voices on the new British folk scene. He plays the steel-string acoustic guitar. Sometimes with a slide, sometimes on his lap, sometimes de-tuning the thing mid-song. He was named Young Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year in 2003 and hasn’t stopped to look back, unless it’s to pick up a banjo. His playing combined with his honeyon-gravel vocals have brought crowds to pin-drop silence and rapturous applause. www.johnsmithjohnsmith.com


★ Rachel

★ Dave


Sunday – Planets Stage


Friday – Planets Stage

‘Dave is a uniquely calm, gentle and clever singer who makes you feel it’s all so amazingly simple. His apparently effortless guitar playing supplies the structural footings for the whole musical building. He’s also got a deliciously wicked sense of humour.’ – Nic Jones

Rachel’s debut album ‘Under Mountains’ was released in 2012 to critical acclaim. ‘striking’ Mojo; ‘folk of the highest order’ Time Out; ‘Under Mountains is as close to a perfect folk record you’re likely to hear this year’ The Line of Best Fit. Highland born Rachel started 2013 with the release of her beautiful acoustic version of Robert Burns ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ with all profits from the sale of the CD are going to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland. A long time favourite in Rachels live shows, this stripped back, haunting, acoustic version showcases Rachels vocal talents to the full. Rachel’s latest recording ‘Everything Changes’ is a four track EP release in January this year. www.rachelsermanni.net

Since becoming a professional folk artist in 1968, Dave Burland has visited quite a few countries, made quite a few solo records, quite a few of which are no longer available, played quite a lot of clubs and concerts and festivals, and made many session appearances. He is known to be quite looking forward to performing and seeing friends, some quite old and some quite new, and demonstrating his own controlled dynamism. Quite … Quite … Hear, hear! www.daveburland.com


★ Jaywalkers

★ Damien

Friday – Planets Stage

Saturday – Planets Stage

Creating a unique sound based on their collective and individual musical backgrounds, The Jaywalkers take their influence from folk, bluegrass, country and western swing music in the form of virtuosic instrumentals, three part harmony and occasional slap bass. Add good humour, tasteful arrangements and exceptional musicianship to the mix and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. www.jaywalkers.co.uk


‘He’s a formidable player and outstanding interpreter of songs…’ ★★★★★ Songlines Damien is earning a growing reputation for being a creative and exciting musician, singer and composer. Primarily a banjo player, and an ‘outstanding one at that’ according to The Sunday Express, he’s recently been winning accolades as a singer, focusing on songs from his native Northern Ireland and further afield. ‘Damien O’Kane is the genuine article. He comes from a place which has produced the best singers in the English-speaking world and he is as good as any who ever came from there. His singing has the kind of depth and truth you only get from a deep understanding and grounding in traditional music. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s one hell of a musician as well.’ – Dick Gaughan http://damienokane.co.uk


★ Moore-Moss-Rutter

★ Jack

Saturday – Planets Stage

Sunday – Planets Stage

Tom Moore, Archie ChurchillMoss and Jack Rutter hail from three distinct regions of the UK – they combine musical material, style and tradition from Norfolk, Somerset and Yorkshire respectively. Since 2009, Moore Moss Rutter have been playing as a trio, meticulously reworking English tunes and compositions into sets and songs which have been described as “intelligently crafted musical adventures”. Often praised for musical “maturity and sophistication”, it is their aim to carefully create soundscapes of mellow and precisely engineered beauty – as well as wild builds of tension and tempestuous climaxes. www.mooremossrutter.co.uk


The literate, compassionate songs of Jack Harris have won him much acclaim in songwriting circles. A South by Southwest showcasing artist at 17, Jack was also the first international act to win the New Folk songwriting competition at The Kerrville Folk Festival, Texas. Previous winners include Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Gillian Welch and Devon Sproule. Jack’s live show is a riveting mix of songcraft and story-telling, adorned by intricate fingerstyle guitar and smoky, soulful vocals. Drawing from the narrative traditions of folk and blues music, Jack brings both into the here and now; a “born poet”, whose songs are steeped in myth and mystery. www.jackharrismusic.com


★ Blair

★ Maz


Friday – Bitter Boy Stage


Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage

Blair Dunlop’s achingly beautiful Blight & Blossom may be one of the most memorable and melodic debut albums of recent years, but what has really marked him out from his peers is his ability to craft meaningful songs that connect with everyone who claps ears on them on a deeply emotional level that belies his age. 2014 has seen the launch of Blair’s eagerly awaited second album. The new album allows Blair to venture into his wider influences and expand to a more contemporary sound. The album is titled ‘House of Jacks’ and is released on Rooksmere Records. blairdunlop.com

‘A vocal performance that stops you dead in your tracks.’ Fatea magazine

Nominated for the Horizon Award in the BBC Folk Awards 2013, Maz O’Connor is a gifted singer of traditional and self-penned songs. She accompanies her uniquely pure voice with guitar, shruti box, piano and harmonium. Described by Froots magazine as ‘an enchanting debut album’, her ‘Upon a Stranger Shore’ was released in the summer of 2012. Maz’s latest Album ‘This Willowed Light’ is launched this month and has been produced by the inimitable Jim Moray. www.mazoconnor.com


★ The

★ The

Most Ugly Child

Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage

Carrivick Sisters

Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage

‘ …their already formidable multi-instrumental skills and songwriting maturing at such a steep curve they’ll soon be orbiting far beyond anyone else.’ Q Magazine The Carrivick Sisters are one of the UK’s top young bluegrass and folk acts. Twins Laura and Charlotte perform their original songs and instrumentals along with a few carefully chosen covers on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, and clawhammer banjo. Their busy touring schedule is rapidly building them a reputation for engaging and entertaining live performances with tight sibling vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental virtuosity. Having grown up in South Devon, an area rich in folk lore and legends, much of their original material is inspired by their local surroundings and history. www.thecarrivicksisters.co.uk

Brought together one night by a chance meeting at a gig and sharing a mutual appreciation of country and bluegrass music, the group centre around the partnership of singer/songwriters Daniel Wright & Stevie-Leigh Goodison. Influenced by the high and lonesome sounds of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and George Jones, Daniel and Stevie have been likened to some of the great country duos of yesteryear, such as Johnny and June CarterCash. Their original material blends seamlessly with old time country classics. Daniel speaks through his handed down guitar whilst Stevie-Leigh’s heart worn vocals show musical maturity far beyond her years.


★ Cardboard

★ Gary


Friday–Bitter Boy Stage


Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage

Formed in late 2013, the band have known each other for much longer but have been waiting for the right opportunity to make it work. All that was needed was for everyone to be in the right place and Joe’s moving from Norwich to Bath was the catalyst that allowed it to happen. This is a group of musicians who are very, very excited about what this line up can create and that’s what makes this acoustic quartet so special. With a focus on original writing and re-imagined folk songs taken from a very different perspective, this band is not to be missed. www.cardboardfox.co.uk

Gary’s debut album, ‘Boy Cries Wolf’, was released in 2010 and garnered favourable reviews from Maverick Magazine, R2 and Yorkshire Evening Post. Tracks from the album also received radio play on Steve Lamacq’s Radio 2 show and Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Music show. In addition to writing and performing his own music Gary keeps himself busy as a full time member of Ellen and the Escapades (Glastonbury Emerging Talent winners 2010), Rosie Doonan (Birdy/Peter Gabriel) and Hope & Social (Glastonbury Emerging Talent Finalists 2009).


★ The

mission! Determined to follow in their father’s immortal footsteps and keep his legacy alive, they have a talent for Bar-Stewardizing other famous people’s songs with new comedy lyrics, on their acoustic geetars, ukuleles, banjo, bouzouki and accordion. The BarSteward Sons have, in their 8-year history played over countless side-splitting shows, sold-out theatres, wrote their own musical, crowd-funded their own Greatest Hits 12” and 7” records, played on top of the Three Peaks, and have brought smiles and bellylaughs to audiences all over the universe. They continue to wow audiences with a fine selection of their greatest hits, including the likes of ‘Jump Ararnd’, ‘Tarnlife’, ‘Lady In Greggs’, ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Pint (In Barnsley)’ and ‘If I Could Punch A Face… It’d Be Justin Bieber’s’.

Fresh Dixie Project

Sunday–Bitter Boy Stage

The Fresh Dixie Project have exploded onto the UK music scene with their unique blend of Indie-Swing. Intense grooves, raucous sax lines and acrobatic vocals characterise this young quintet’s infectious sound. Played hard, fast and laced with virtuosity, their music is just as electrifying for the feet as it is for the ears. freshdixieproject.com

★ The

Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican Friday–Bitter Boy Stage

Put on yer finest knitted gladrags, quiff your barnet, put on your dancing shoes and bring your finest singing voices, as we cordially invite you to witness the Greatest Show On Earth (in tanktops). Hailing from Barnsley Rock City, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican are on a


★ Moll


and acoustic scene with ease. A singer who wanted to be a writer before she started to concentrate on songs, it was the storytelling aspect that first drew her to traditional material. New recordings are in the pipeline for 2014 with a new album from the critically acclaimed Woodbine and Ivy Band, featuring Jenny as vocalist along with James Raynard.

Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage

Moll appreciates and enjoys performing classic melodies and jazz standards from a bygone era. In spirit, Moll was born in 1920. An accomplished lady, Moll is a songstress, seamstress, artist and muse. She designs and creates costume for stage and for life modelling. Spending her time being creative, she is inspired by all that there is. Moll Amour warbles about LOVE.

★ Jenny

★ Little


Friday and Sunday– Bitter Boy Stage


Little Rach has been described as ‘A wee folkie with a punk spirit’ and ‘Like Joni Mitchell meets Pam Ayres, via Johnny Cash’. She prefers to let others decide for themselves. Carrying with her a pure voice, a true sensibility for live performance and songs that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder. She is currently touring the UK with her guitar and SatNav, like a true 21st Century Troubadour.

Saturday–Bitter Boy Stage Jenny McCormick is able to move between the traditional folk clubs and the new folk


‘Our Town’

Take a pinch of vintage, add a spoonful of handmade craft and finally stir in some environmental passion and we welcome you to ‘Our Town’… Here you will find a fantastic array of exciting traders that may keep you occupied for some time.



Selling high quality suitcases, holdalls, rucksacks, student bags, handbags, purses, wallets, children’s bags, leather bags, cabin bags and more. In short – just about every bag you will ever need for work and leisure. Why not drop in and see them?


Experience the hippy clothing from Gourangaoo with their festival hand knitted crafted creations from Nepal. Rainbow hippy clothes to make everyone smile!

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics offer a whole range of environmental and animal friendly products that are ideal for taking to festivals. To find this cosmetic grocery and a bit of pampering, simply follow your nose...

The Storm Kettle Shop

Traditional Sweet Shop

Enjoy yourself as you take a trip down memory lane. This sweet shop is full of nostalgia, memories and your favourite retro sweets. Mmm… now where are those midget gems!?


Come and join our friends at RNLI to experience how the RNLI Lifeboat Crew, Lifeguards, and Flood Rescue Team are rescuing 22 lives every day.

We love supporting and involving people who are as passionate about the outdoors as we are. The Storm Boys are as enthusiastic as they get as



they display not only the unique Storm Kettle but also a whole range of items EVERY festivalgoer needs.

Tyrejunkie is all about bringing old tyres back to life, creating products from old tyres that would normally go to the landfill. Tyrejunkie uses 100% recycled tyres, turning them into a wonderful range of outdoor furniture, pots, baskets, trunks, mirrors and more.

The Bazaar Flamingo

The Bazaar Flamingo offers you a new and unique vintage experience. Living the bohemian lifestyle, they will be selling a range of vintage wear for you lovely guys and girls with some added quirks for you to come and find!

The Music Room

The biggest traditional music company in West Yorkshire. Pop along and see their range of musical instruments, accessories and music, specialising in folk, Celtic and traditional idioms.

JM Optics

First class suppliers of binoculars, telescopes and astronomy and related accessories. Suppliers to small businesses, education and commercial sectors. Come to the stand for expert advice and to purchase their products.

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice is the most unique, stylish and iconic pop up cocktail bar around! Travelling around the UK serving the most tasty cocktails from one of their beautiful hand-crafted 1970s VW campervans!


Who’s on whe Friday 25 July Planets Stage

Dave Burland Jaywalkers Puppini Sisters Treacherous Orchestra

6.00 – 6.40pm 7.00 – 7.40pm 8.00 – 9.20pm 10.00 – 11.00pm

Bitter Boy Stage

Little Rach 5.30 – 6.00pm Blair Dunlop 6.30 – 7.00pm Cardboard Fox 7.40 – 8.20pm The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican 9.20 –10.00pm

Saturday 26 July Planets Stage – afternoon

Moore-Moss-Rutter Damien O’Kane Tunng

12.30 – 1.10pm 1.40 – 2.25pm 3.05 – 4.15pm

Planets Stage – evening

John Smith Sarah Jarosz Kate Rusby

7.00 – 7.45pm 8.15 – 9.05pm 9.45 – 11.00pm


ere and when Bitter Boy Stage

Jenny McCormick The Carrivick Sisters Moll Amour Maz O’Connor The Most Ugly Child Johnny Hick’s Jukejoint Allstars

1.10 – 1.40pm 2.25 – 3.05pm 4.30 – 5.15pm 5.45 – 6.30pm 7.45 – 8.15pm 9.05 – 9.45pm

Sunday 27 July Planets Stage

Jack Harris Rachel Sermanni The Bad Shepherds Richard Thompson

1.00 – 1.40pm 2.00 – 2.50pm 3.30 – 4.20pm 5.00 – 6.15pm

Bitter Boy Stage

Gary Stewart Pete Round Jazz Little Rach The Fresh Dixie Project

1.30 – 2.00pm 2.50 – 3.30pm 4.20 – 5.00pm 6.30 – 7.30pm


‘Sun Grazers’ Visit ‘Sun Grazers’ where a selection of street vans and pop-up market stalls combine effortlessly to satisfy your taste buds.


and you could easily be in your favourite curry house. Ingredients are very carefully picked, locally sourced and whipped up into a delicious Indian feast. The icing on the cake is that their veggie curries are in fact vegan – Bunny Chow is a nod to her South African homeland and particularly good!

Say fish and chips and you think “Mmm, might try something different”, but fish and chips from Fish& are served with a twist… All made to order, the fish of the day menu includes Lemon, Lime and Chilli Battered Fish with hand blended garlic and parsley mayo, Masala Spiced Marinated Fish with Sweet Potato Chips, Salmon, Sweet Potato, Coriander and Red Pepper Fish Cake, their famous Mackerel Bap, a fresh mackerel quickly griddled and served with their hand-blended lemon and horseradish mayo, and Calamari fried in their Lemon, Lime and Chilli Batter… Told you it was with a twist!

Pizza of Dreams

The home of mobile, artisan, wood-fired pizza. Imagine the fresh dough being rolled out in front of you, your choice of quality ingredients being put on the pizza, the smell of the wood fire in the traditional clay oven as your pizza is bubbled and sizzled to perfection, your amazement as just 90 seconds later, probably the freshest and best tasting wood-fired pizza you have ever had emerges from our

Friday Curry Club

Intoxicating aromas of warm spice will greet you as you approach; close your eyes


beautifully soft centre. They will also be offering fair trade teas and coffee, juices and bottled water. All food is freshly made on-site using locally sourced products and ingredients, bringing a taste of the Middle East to the heart of Yorkshire.

vintage pizza trailer to delight your tastebuds. That is truly a pizza of dreams.

Pura Vida

Experience the pure wonders from Pura Vida who offer vegetarian Mexican food influenced by the state of Oaxaca. A family-run business which has been offering restaurant-quality food at festivals for over 20 years. Why not try their freshly prepared fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, bean burritos, homemade chilli, Mexican rice or simply some of their scrumptious nachos? Guaranteed to fill the hungriest of appetites!

Tea & Cake Tent

Our tea ladies have whipped up a treat for you so if you fancy a brew and something to satisfy your sweet tooth, go and visit the tea tent for a natter, a laugh and of course, most importantly, a good old brew!

The Falafel Wagon

Street Fodder

A vegetarian business selling homemade falafels served in various ways. The delicious falafel is a Middle Eastern, healthy, vegetarian snack. Its main ingredient is the humble chick pea combined with onions, parsley and light spices. Deep-fried in sunflower oil it has a crispy coating and

Serving street food from across Asia such as Indian Kati Rolls, noodles from Thailand, Indonesian fried rice and Satay from Bali, it is safe to say you will have a difficult choice of what to pick from this stunning range of dishes. Street Fodder absolutely nails the combination of salty, spicy, sweet and sour and with their fresh locallysourced ingredients, you may


brewed from traditional recipes but providing a modern twist through the use of a wide range of hops, malts and the innovation and passion of the brewing team. It’s not only beer though, maybe a quick wander in will help you see what else is on offer. Get to The Bitter Boy for your beer, wine and spirits and enjoy the music on our second stage.

find yourself making a beeline straight towards this true, honest and scrumptious taste of Asia.

Cannon Hall Farm BBQ

Famous for its notoriously good home-produced beef, pork and lamb, Cannon Hall Farm Shop has twice been a finalist in the White Rose Awards ‘Taste of Yorkshire’ competition. If you value an oldfashioned approach to service and a commitment to the highest standards and value for money, look no further. Cannon Hall Farm uses traditional farming and butchery methods handed down through the generations to provide some of the finest quality meat you’ll taste anywhere. Come and have a taste of what we think is some of the best Yorkshire has to offer.

Yummy Yorkshire

Yummy Yorkshire makes artisan ice cream on the family dairy farm in the heart of the Pennine Yorkshire countryside. We like our ice-cream to be memorable and to stand out from the crowd with lip-smacking flavours that you may not have tried before. In short, we like it a bit quirky. We pay homage to old favourites with our Yummy Yorkshire Classics too, but we love nothing more than marrying exciting flavours together to create our new range, many of which are award winning, such as Lou’s liquorice, salted caramel, basil, coconut & mango, black garlic & dark chocolate… and so the expanding list goes on.

Thornbridge Brewery

We are all very excited this year to have Thornbridge Brewery hosting in our ‘Bitter Boy’ bar tent. A warm welcome awaits whilst you ponder over the range of cask beers on offer


Family Fun! Treasure Hunt

5. What bird does the girl have on her arm?

On display around the festival are our funny life-size stick people and animals. They are casually hanging out, enjoying the festival like any boy or girl. Can you find all 8 and answer the questions below:

_____________________________ _____________________________ 6. What book is the old man reading? _____________________________

1. What does the stick man lying on the blanket have in his hamper?

_____________________________ 7. What do the feet of the man pointing at the bar tent smell of?

_____________________________ _____________________________


2. How many eggs is the chicken sitting on?

_____________________________ 8. What does the lady have in her basket?

_____________________________ _____________________________


3. What colour is the stick man’s scarf?

_____________________________ Bring all your answers to the children’s tent and be entered into the competition for a daily prize!

_____________________________ _____________________________ 4. What is the pig eating and what tree does this come from?

Win an instant prize on the spot by taking a selfie with any of our stick people and show it at the children’s tent.

____________________________ ____________________________


‘Lullabies’ Children’s Area

Shooting Stars

Here at Underneath the Stars Festival we believe in keeping an eye out for surprises, like those shooting stars that come out of nowhere! Throughout the festival you will notice we love our bunting. If you look closely, you will see that ten shooting stars have accidently landed on the bunting in different areas. Spot the ten shooting stars, write down the locations below and come tell us at the children’s tent so we can rescue them. You will be rewarded for all your help!

Let the magic and mayhem begin…

‘Walk the Line’ Story Tent

Interactive stories for all: pirates, fairies, dragons, a big (not so) bad wolf, a dog called Turpy and even some nonsense about bogies. Author/illustrator Mark Fraser brings his books to life, with help from his fairies and YOU!

‘High on the Hill’ British Funfair

Children’s Tent Saturday and Sunday

Ignite your child’s big imagination with all kinds of activities, fun and games. Our play tent is open between 9.30am and 5.00pm for any child looking to join in the excitement. Watch out Mums and Dads, it could get a bit messy! Arts and crafts Sing-a-long with Rhythm & Rhyme Games time Arts and crafts

Roll up! Roll up! For all the fun of the fair! The Ferris Wheel and Swingboats have been classic features of British funfairs for over 150 years. Now all the family can enjoy the thrills that their grandparents did all those years ago…

9.30–11.30am 11.30–12.00 12.00–1.00pm 1.00–2.30pm

Sing-a-long with 2.30–3.00pm Rhythm & Rhyme Games time


Arts and crafts



‘Walk the Road’ Workshop Tent

Our workshop tent has some wonderful activities this year – and anyone can take part. Just bring your enthusiasm and spirit, we’ll do the rest!


Tai Chi 9.30–10.30am Drumming Workshop Pennine Rumblers 11.00–12.00 Ukulele Workshop with Moll Amour 2.00–2.45pm Taffy Thomas – wondrous tales and stories for all ages 3.45–4.45pm


Tai Chi Drumming Workshop Pennine Rumblers Under 10s Clog Dancing Workshop Over 8s Clog Dancing Workshop

Tai Chi

Clog Dancing

9.30–10.30am 11.00–12.00 12.30–1.00pm 2.00–2.45pm

Kids can come along and have a go at the percussive step dance that has its roots in the industrial areas of Northern England and is named after the footwear that was commonly worn by everyday folk at that time. Clogging, as it is often referred to, is believed to have first developed in the mid19th century in the cotton mills of Lancashire, where workers created a dance that imitated the rhythms of looms. Definitely worth a go…

Start your day with uplifting, soothing movements, synchronised breathing and gentle relaxation guided by David from mindfultaichi. Tai Chi is all about doing, not achieving. www.mindful-taichi.co.uk


Pennine Rumblers Drumming Workshops

Come and make music and set your soul free. Join their rhythm circles and African drumming workshops. No musical experience needed, instruments provided. Bring your own hands and heartbeats.

Ukulele workshop

Ever tried playing a ukulele? Well now is your chance to have a go, guided by the fantastic Moll Amour. You may find yourself needing to make a quick trip to our Music Room trader for such an item.

★ Taffy


After many years as a drama teacher, Taffy founded and directed the legendary folk theatre company Magic Lantern, illustrating traditional stories and songs with shadow puppets and circus skills. Taffy’s stories have been collected from the great traditional British storytellers. His head is bursting to tell these stories, riddles and folklore. Remember… if speaking were more important than listening, we’d have two tongues and only one ear. Taffy Thomas is for ALL ages, even the adults will be astonished and intrigued! www.taffythomas.co.uk



We are so excited to have the Science Dome here at Underneath the Stars Festival. The dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way, presenting a different learning experience for children, using the most advanced digital equipment to show 360° pictures and feature films. Why not go and explore what is really out there… NB. There is limited seating – 50 seats per showing. Please visit the Dome over the weekend and get a ticket for your chosen showing to avoid missing out.


Walk through the night sky 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 4.30, 5.30pm Oasis in Space 2.00pm Zula Patrol – Under the Weather 3.00pm Dark Star Adventure 4.00pm Astronomyths 5.00pm Break 6.00–7.00pm Chill Out Zone with music and fractal effects Adults only 7.00–10pm


Walk through the night sky 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30pm Zula Patrol – Under the Weather 11.00am, 3.00pm Dark Star Adventure 12.00pm, 4.00pm Taffy Thomas in the Dome 1.00pm Oasis in Space 2.00pm Astronomyths 5.00pm Break 6.00–7.00pm Chill Out Zone with music and fractal effects Adults only 7.00–10pm


Walk through the night sky 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30pm Zula Patrol – Under the Weather 11.00am, 5.00pm Dark Star Adventure 12.00pm, 4.00pm Break 1.00–1.30pm Oasis in Space 2.00pm Astronomyths 3.00pm


Walk through the Night Sky

Dark Star Adventure

Suitable for the whole family A 20 minute presentation of the night sky and the stars. We will show you what to look for in the night sky, or if it’s cloudy – what you could have seen! We will also zoom in and explore the moon and different planets as well as space travel.

Children ages 4-12 and their families After spending three years at her father’s astronomy research station, Subrah, a teenager bored by science, is excited about leaving – and not a moment too soon.The planet’s sun is about to explode. When a technical glitch launches Subrah’s father into space without her, she has to make her own getaway and return safely home again.

Oasis in Space All ages Oasis in Space transports the audience on a startling and beautiful voyage through our universe, galaxy and solar system in search of liquid water, a key ingredient for life on Earth. Oasis in Space will delight viewers of all ages.

Astronomyths All ages Where the Sky Ends, the Myth Begins! Astronomyths is a digital planetarium show blending modern astronomy with ancient Greek mythology. The show takes the audience through a series of constellations as seen from earth and the respective mythological stories after which they were named. This is a great show for audiences of all ages, presenting rich, educational content in a highly entertaining way.

Zula Patrol – Under the Weather

Children ages 4-9 and their families In their latest fulldome adventure, the Zula Patrol are on an expedition collecting samples of weather for scientist Multo’s research. When the Zula gang inadvertently hurt their loyal pet Gorga’s feelings, he decides to leave Zula and find another planet to live on. Villain Dark Truder then tricks Gorga into helping with his latest evil scheme to rule the Universe. The Zula Patrol find out and go after him – in the process learning all about weather, both terrestrial and interplanetary.

Taffy Thomas in the Dome

You will find Taffy in the Dome once again for a special presentation of ‘Starry Tales’. Taffy is for ALL ages, even the adults!


Local Amenities Cawthorne Post Office

Barnsley Hospital A&E Department ... just in case!

Open 9.30am–5.30pm Closed Sundays. 1 Church Street, Cawthorne, Barnsley S75 4HL Tel.01226 790215

Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2EP Tel: 01226 730000

NHS Helpline

Dial 111 for minor medical emergencies for a phone consultation and dial 999 for major emergencies.

Nearest Pharmacy

Kexborough Pharmacy 3 Ballfield Lane, Kexborough, Barnsley S75 5EF Tel: 01226 388475

Cawthorne Village Stores

Open Monday–Friday 8am–6pm Saturday 8am–5pm Closed Sundays. 11 Darton Road, Cawthorne S75 4HR Tel: 01226 792819

South Yorkshire Police 0114 220 2020 Penistone Police Station 1 Bridge Street Penistone S36 6AJ

Local Taxis

A1 Ace Taxis 01226 288888, 01226 299999 Macca's Travel 07764 199777, 01226 764919 PH Private Hire 07971 622993, 01226 762877 MM Travel 07977 318596, 01226 762368 SR Travel 07832 288183, 01226 792239 F&G 07789 647339, 01226 762827 MF Travel 07960 493384, 01226 733840

Fire Service

Penistone Fire Station, Sheffield Road, Penistone S36 6HN Tel: 01226 370587

Public Telephone

The nearest public telephone box is in Cawthorne outside the Post Office on Church Street, S75 4HL



Nearest cash machine

Spar, Kexborough 117 Churchfield Lane, Kexborough, Barnsley S75 5DN or cash available at Cawthorne Post Office.

Tesco, Penistone Open: Monday–Saturday 6am–midnight Sunday 6am–4pm Market Lane, Penistone S36 6TS

Close By…

Morrisons, Barnsley Open: Monday–Saturday 7am–9pm Sunday 10am–4pm Lower Thomas Street Barnsley S70 1LN


Scissett has a petrol station, a pharmacy, a Tesco Express and a swimming baths.


Asda, Barnsley Opening Friday 24 hrs Saturday closes at 10pm Sunday 10am–4pm Old Mill Lane, Barnsley S71 1LN

Darton has various shops including a pharmacy, a small Co-op, a petrol station, an offlicence and the award-winning Y-pas – probably the best chippy in Barnsley.

A1 Ace Taxis BARNSLEY (01226) 288888 ♠ 299999 ♥ 200000 24 HOUR SERVICE

Festival Special from the Festival to Penistone: Car (4 People) £10 • Bus (5 to 8 People) £15 Ask about our FREE text back service saloons • estates • minibuses • wheelchair accessible vehicles


Cawthorne Playgrounds

In addition to the marvellous adventure playgrounds in Cannon Hall Open Farm there is a playground in the park near the humped back bridge and also a small village playground in the centre of Cawthorne behind the Spencers Arms pub.

Cannon Hall Museum and Gardens

Cannon Hall Garden Centre

Bark House Lane, Cawthorne, S75 4AT. Tel: 01226 792237 Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.30am–5pm.

Cannon Hall Museum is home to various collections and well worth a visit. The Museum is closed Friday, open Saturday and Sunday 11am–5pm.

Cawthorne Cricket Club

They sell light refreshments and have a well stocked bar – a beautiful place to spend a bit of time. It is very easy to walk down through the park and straight into the cricket ground. Saturday 26th July 1.30pm: 2nd XI vs Elland Sunday 27th July 1pm: Barnsley vs Huddersfield U17

Cannon Hall Open Farm

Right on the doorstep – don’t forget your weekend ticket allows half price entry to enjoy the farm experience. The adventure playgrounds (yes plural) are huge and just awesome! Mon – Friday 10.30am–4.30pm, Sat & Sun 10.30am–5pm (last admission times)

Cawthorne Post Office

The Maize Maze

The most fantastic sweet shop, catch them on the festival site too. 1 Church Street, Cawthorne, S75 4HL. Tel: 01226 790215 Open Friday and Saturday 9.30am–5.30pm. Closed Sundays.

Always great fun! Just a short stroll down the hill through the park – Festival Weekend ticket holders also get half price entry to the Maize Maze. Open every day 10.30am–6pm.


Cawthorne Village Stores

All Saints Parish Church

Our brilliant village shop. They have a small tea room and lovely bread! 11 Darton Road, Cawthorne, S75 4HR Tel: 01226 792819 Open Friday 8am–6pm, Saturday 8am–5pm, closed on Sundays.

Lane Head Rd, with Rev Jean Daykin. Sunday service starting 10.30am. All welcome. Visiting bell ringers would be welcome at 9.45am – there are only 6 bells though!

Spencers Arms

Gallery 2

Picture framing, gifts and cards. 23 Church Street, Cawthorne, S75 4HL Tel: 01226 790353 Open Friday and Saturday 9.30am–5pm, Closed Sundays.

Our very own gastro-pub. Great food, great drinks with a beer garden to watch the world go by. 2 Darton Road, Cawthorne, S75 4HR. Tel: 01226 792795

Public Telephone

The nearest public telephone box is in Cawthorne outside the Post Office. It’s proper and it’s red and it’s listed. When visiting or travelling through the village please respect the peace and quiet of the area and be considerate towards the local residents. Leave your vehicle at the festival car park as parking is very limited in the village itself. You can walk straight down to Cawthorne village in 15 minutes through Cannon Hall Park.

Beatson House

A fab restaurant on our doorstep. 21 Church Street, Cawthorne, S75 4HL. Tel: 01226 791245 Friday and Saturday evenings from 6.30pm, Sunday lunch from 12.15.

Cawthorne Antiques Centre

Always worth a browse and there is a little tea room upstairs. 2 Church Street, Cawthorne S75 4HP Tel: 01226 792237 Open Friday 10am–4pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am–5pm



Site Plan Green Fields CAMPING AREA






High on the Hill



Planets Stage Bitter Boy Stage Our Town







Planetarium TO THE FARM

See you next year!

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