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Marea Gazzard Mingarri to Ilios

Marea Gazzard Mingarri to Ilios

8 - 29 June, 2013

Š Utopia Art Sydney

Marea Gazzard Mingarri to Ilios

After more than five decades of her practice, Marea Gazzard is at ease with her forms. She has never before allowed them to sit so loosely or so casually as in her most recent creation, Ilios. This group of gently curving bronze slices ask to be arranged and to be touched. Each piece responds to the others in scenes without preordained composition. With each grouping of parts the impact of the whole takes on varying rhythms and allusions – a landscape of hills or boulders, a cave, a still life. Inspired by aboriginal stone implements seen at Sydney University’s Macleay Museum, Ilios could also be the site of an archaeological dig, as a group of stones on the ground reveal themselves to be crafted objects with untold cultural and ritual importance. Marea has long held a fascination with the objects of other, often ancient, cultures, from Cycladic and Aegean to Indigenous Australian. Across the works in this survey we find such references – to a mask, a weapon, a tool, observed and reworked, transformed into something that is pure form and therefore timeless, irreducible. Ilios can be understood as a continuation of the 2009 Selini series, which also lead to the Crescent series of 2011. Like Ilios, Selini was developed after a visit to a Sydney University museum. Marea was captivated by the small clay labrette (female mouth pieces) she saw there, excavated at Cyprus and dated from 1100 – 300B.C; “I saw these labrette as a phase of the moon and in my studies made large drawings, seeing this shape as a segment of the moon.” Ilios, like Crescent, could be slices of Selini, but now the forms have been allowed to lie flat, relinquishing their base and its upward momentum. Of course, it’s hard to ignore the sense of landscape in Ilios and inevitably this invites a return to Mingarri, Marea’s major commission in bronze for the Executive Court of Parliament House in Canberra and the starting point for this survey. Working in clay, the substance of the earth and the processes which shape it have always been an important point of reference for Marea.

The forms of Mingarri bear a literal reference to the iconic rock formations of Central Australia. At Australia’s political centre, Mingarri evoked the symbolic heart of our continent in a universal formal language, shaped in clay and cast in monumental bronze. Since Mingarri, bronze has become more and more the dominant medium for Marea’s sculptures, although their forms continue to emerge from the clay. The inherently tactile nature of clay, each mark of the artist’s hand, is preserved in the bronze, although what was fragile is now invested with a permanence and weighty presence. Of course, Marea has not abandoned her clay pieces altogether and major works such as Bindu (white) only exist in their clay form. The varying patinas that Marea has worked with – gold, black, blue-green – imbue the bronze object with different qualities – now a silhouette, now a shimmering, incandescence. The blue-green patina of the Ilios in this exhibition (Marea has also cast a gold version) has a painterly surface like that of ancient, weathered rock. This patina is based upon a recipe Henry Moore generously shared with Marea in 1986, as she was researching the best surface for Mingarri. Yet, each time Marea has used this recipe it has developed and evolved, along with her forms, into something entirely unique. It would be futile to invoke a simple trajectory of formal evolution when examining Marea’s work of the past three decades and in this survey we have made no attempt at exhibiting the works in any kind of chronological order. From Mingarri to Ilios, everything is connected. If, in millennia to come, the work of Marea Gazzard is found in some untouched vault beneath layers of heaped earth, we should be proud to have her represent our time with her own enduring vision. Chloe Watson, 2013

Ilios (green), 2012, bronze, maximum height 8cm

Pirrama II, 1998, height 17cm; Pirrama III, 1998, height 18cm; Spiral III, 2008, height 32.5cm; Ray, 2008, height 53.5cm; Ares II, 2008, height 45cm; Selini Phase VI & VII, 2009, height 10

0cm, 12.5cm. All bronze.

Selini I, 2009, bronze, height 100cm

Crescent 2, 1, 3, 2011, height 17.5cm, 23cm, 15cm; Selini VI & VII, 2009, height 12.5cm, 10cm; Selini VIII, X, IX, 2009, height 9cm, 12cm, 10cm; Selini V, 2009, height 13.5cm. All bronz


Bindu A, 2004, bronze, height 107cm, 115cm

Slit H, 2002, height 19cm; Haft IV, 1993, height 32cm; Janus T.2, 2007, height 17.5cm; Grotta IV, 2004, height 24cm; Janus R.2, 2007, height 19cm; Barb IV, 1993, height 30cm; Slit, 200

02, height 15cm. All bronze.

Bindu (white), 1995-2002, clay, height 55.5 - 68cm

The Head, 1990, bronze and granite, height 136 - 172cm

Delphi III, 2005, clay, height 45cm; V.I.P, 2006, clay, height 55cm; Janus II, 2007, clay, height 43.5cm

Mingarri (1/5 scale), 1984, clay, maximum height 35cm

Marea Gazzard Biography

Born Sydney 1928 Currently living and working in Sydney

1979 1973

Education 1997

1989-92 1988 1980-4 1978 1961 1955- 59 1953-55

Guest artist, Institute of Ceramic Studies, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan Victorian College of the Arts 1997-8 Mentor Program Awarded Australian Artists Creative Fellowship Resident in Dr Denise Hickey Studio, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris President World Crafts Council Awarded Senior Fellowship, Craft Board, Australia Council Studied with Lyndon Dadswell at the National Art School, Sydney, NSW Studied at the Central School of Arts and Design, London Studied at the National Art School, Sydney, NSW

Solo Exhibitions 2013 2011 2009 2008 2007 2005 2004 2002 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1994 1993 1990


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1970 1969 1967 1966 1965 1963 1960

Coventry Gallery, Sydney, NSW Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC Coventry Gallery, Sydney, NSW ‘Clay and Fibre’ (with Mona Hessing), National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC Bonython Gallery, Sydney, NSW South Yarra Gallery, Melbourne, VIC Gallery A, Sydney, NSW Johnstone Gallery, Brisbane, QLD Gallery A, Sydney, NSW Johnstone Gallery, Brisbane, QLD Hungry Horse Gallery, Sydney, NSW Westmount Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

Selected Group Exhibitions 2013 2012 2011

‘The Mind’s Eye’, Art Gallery of South Australia, SA ‘The Salon’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Bronze’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Abstraction’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Milton Moon. And Friends. 50 Works.’ Peter Pinson Gallery, NSW Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, VIC ‘Heads’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘AAA – Australian Abstract Art’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW 2010 ‘Museum III’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2010’, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC KIAF 2010, Korea International Art Fair’, COEX, Seoul, Korea ‘Tales from the Vault’, Manly Art Gallery and Museum, NSW 2009 ‘small & wall’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘The 23 Annual Packsaddle Selling Exhibition’, New England Regional Art Museum, NSW ‘KIAF 2009, Korea International Art Fair’, Seoul, Korea 2008 ‘Public Sculpture’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2008’, Royal Exhibition Building, VIC 2007 ’Turning 20’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW 2006 ‘’The crafted object 60s-80s’ National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT ‘Sydney Design 06 – 10th International Design Festival’ Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, NSW ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2006’ Royal Exhibition Building,

Marea Gazzard Biography - continued

2005 2004



2001 2000

Melbourne, VIC ‘The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition’ University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu ‘Museum II’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Significant Objects - Sculpture 2005’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘New Ideas 2005’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW Marea Gazzard ‘the odyssey’ & John R Walker ‘dry land paintings’ Silvershot, Melbourne, VIC ‘colour(less)’ Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Booragul, NSW Saastamoinen Foundation Collection, Kuopio Art Museum, Finland ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2004’ Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC ‘Sculpture 2004 - Object, Artefact & Adornment’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Fathoming – contemporary australian sculpture’ A Regional galleries Association of Queensland Travelling Exhibition, QLD Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney, NSW ‘Sculpture 2003 Gazzard and Hodges’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Fathoming – contemporary australian sculpture’ A Regional galleries Association of Queensland Travelling Exhibition, QLD ‘Australian Art’ – National Gallery of Australia (Catalogue p. 292), ACT ‘Mingarri Revisited, Weather Reports, New Figures – Marea Gazzard, Peter Maloney, John Bursill’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2002’ Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC ‘Sculpture 2002’, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Fathoming – contemporary australian sculpture’, A Regional Galleries Association of Queensland Travelling Exhibition, QLD ‘Solstice’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘The Year In Review’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Museum’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Respect’ The Sir Hermann Black Gallery & Sculpture Terrace, University of Sydney Union, NSW ‘Landscape’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW ‘Melbourne Art Fair 2000’ Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, NSW ‘Encore’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW

1998 Three Sculptors: Neil Taylor, Marea Gazzard, Christopher Hodges, Utopia Art Sydney, NSW 1997 ‘Australian Ceramics Exhibition’ Galerie Handwerk, Munich (Associated with HWK Handwerkskammer fur Munchen and Oberbayern and at the Kunstgewerbe Museum Dresden) ‘Bronze- New Sculpture’ Utopia Art Sydney, NSW 1993 ‘Delinquent Angel (Historical Exhibition)’, 49th Ceramic 1994 Concorso in Faenza, Italy (and Singapore and Japan) ‘Review (works by Women from the Collection)’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, NSW ‘Ceramics Survey 1969-1995 from Permanent Collection’, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW ‘Women Artists from the Collection’, Lewers Bequest & Penrith Regional Art Gallery, NSW ‘Women Hold Up the Sky’, National Gallery of Australia, ACT ‘Australian National Gallery, Canberra: Selected work from the permanent collection’, for the 8th National Ceramic conference, ACT ‘Australian Contemporary Art Fair’ Utopia Art Sydney stand, Royal Exhibition Hall, Melbourne, VIC ‘Collecting Today for Tomorrow’ Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, NSW 1994 ‘Australian Art 1940-1990’, from the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, ACT 1988 ‘A Changing Relationship: Aboriginal Themes in Australian Art 1938-1988’, SH Irvin Gallery, Sydney, NSW ‘Australian Decorative Arts 1900-1985’, Australian National Gallery, Canberra, ACT 1987 ‘Finalist’, Royal Blind Society Sculpture Award 1985 ‘Impulse and Form’, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA Australian Pavillion – Expo ’85, Tsukaba, Japan 1984 ‘Australian Ceramics’, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Australian Council, USA tour 1982 ‘Women and Arts Festival (with Bridget Riley and Inge King)’, Coventry, Sydney, NSW ‘Australian Women Artists’, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney, NSW ‘Invitation for Ian Potter Foundation Sculpture Commission’, VIC UNESCO Conference on World Cultural Policies, (with Sidney Nolan), Mexico City

Marea Gazzard Biography - continued

1981 1978 1974 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1964 1963

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, NSW ‘Perth Festival’, Fremantle arts Centre, Fremantle, WA ‘CLAY” sponsored by Crafts Board, Australia Council, touring USA ‘Citta’ di Faenza XXII Concorso Internationale della Ceramica d’Art Contemporanae’, Palazzo Esposizioni, Faenza, Italy First World Crafts Council Exhibition, Toronto, Canada ‘Mildura Sculpture Triennale’, Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura, VIC ‘Auckland War Memorial Museum’, Auckland, NZ ‘5th Adelaide Festival’, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA ‘Mildura Sculpture Triennale’, Mildura Arts Centre, Mildura, VIC Spirit of Sixty-Six (Kaldor) with Jordan, Reinhardt & Kitching Group Seven, Hungry Horse Art Gallery, Sydney Art in Ceramics (Australian and New Zealand Ceramics), Adelaide Festival Von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle

Commissions 2004

Sculpture commission for the Municipal Company of Culture, Of the Municipality of Amaroussi, for the Olympic Games Sculpture Park 2004, Athens, Greece 1993 Sculpture Commission for Adelaide Plaza (ASER Nominees) 1990-92 Commissioned by Kim Walker to design set for the ballet “Harold” 1988 Sculpture Commission for Graeme Murphy 1984-88 Sculpture Commission for executive Court, Parliament House, Canberra (Mitchell Giurgola Thorp, Architects) 1962 Ceramic for Australia Room, Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong (Marion Hall- Best) 1961 Ceramic Tiles for the Wellington RSL Club, Wellington, NSW (McConnell, Smith Johnson Architects) 1959 Architectural commission for chimney pots in Montreal, Canada 1957 Ceramic piece for the Weston family, London 1957 Joint commission with Nicholas Vergette for ceramics for hotel in Bermuda

Collections Ampol Petroleum Limited Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth City Gallery, Brisbane Crafts Board, Australia Council High Court of Australia Lake Macquarie Regional Art Gallery Macquarie University, Sydney National Gallery of Australia, Canberra National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Newcastle Region Art Gallery New South Wales Kindergarten Teachers Union Parliament House, Canberra Prieto Collection, Mills College, Oakland, California, USA Powerhouse Museum, Sydney President of Mexico (Gift of the Australian Government) Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane Queensland University of Technology Robert Holmes a’ Court Collection, Perth Saastamoinen Foundation, Helsinki, Finland Shepparton Art Gallery Study Collection, NSW Kindergarten Teachers Union Wagga Art Gallery Wollongong City Art Gallery Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art , Shigaraki, Japan Selected Publications BOOKS Bottrell, Fay, Aspects of Sensibility: The Artist Craftsman in Australia, Jack Pollard, Sydney, 1972 France, Christine, Marea Gazzard Form and Clay, G + B Arts International Limited; Craftsman House, Australia, 1994 Goodman, Johnstone, The Australians, Rigby Limited, Sydney, 1966 Hersey, April (ed.), Women in Australian Craft, compiled by the Crafts Council of Australia, March 1975 Hood, Kenneth and Wanda Garnsey, Australian Pottery, Macmillan Co., Australia, Sydney, 1972 McGregor, Craig, In the Making, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne, 1969

Marea Gazzard Biography - continued

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Marea Gazzard Biography - continued

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Mingarri (the little olgas), 1984 - 1988, bronze, maximum height 154cm, Commissioned for the Executive Court, Parliament House in 1984.

Marea Gazzard Mingarri to Ilios

8 - 29 June, 2013

Utopia Art Sydney 2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW 2017 Telephone: + 61 2 9699 2900 email: utopiaartsydney@ozemail.com.au www.utopiaartsydney.com.au Š Utopia Art Sydney

Utopia Art Sydney 2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW 2017 Telephone: + 61 2 9699 2900 email: utopiaartsydney@ozemail.com.au www.utopiaartsydney.com.au

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Marea Gazzard: Mingarri to Ilios  

A survey exhibition of Marea Gazzard's sculpture.

Marea Gazzard: Mingarri to Ilios  

A survey exhibition of Marea Gazzard's sculpture.


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