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UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Summer 2012, Issue 5

The Reading Room Note from Our Chair


fter four years as Chair, Dr. Mark McKinney accepted a position at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and I was named Interim Chair on July 1, 2012. I want to thank Dr. McKinney for his support of the residency program and for the many accomplishments over his tenure (see page 7 for more details). A search committee has been formed and is chaired by Dr. Eric Carlson of the Department of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery. Ads have been placed and it is anticipated that a new Chair will be selected by late 2012 or early 2013.

Kathleen Hudson, MD Radiology Chair

I also want to thank Mr. Wayne Thompson who retired this year. He has been part of the department since 1989 and taught physics to 134 UTMC Radiology and Nuclear Medicine residents (see page 6 for more details). This has been a very productive academic year for our residents with 38 national, regional and local presentations. Three national and one local presentation received awards. We are pleased with the 100% pass rate on the recent oral boards. Three faculty members were oral board examiners in May 2012: Dr. Yong Bradley in Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Judson Gash in Genitourinary, and myself in Breast Imaging. This is a great honor for our program. Thank you, Kathy Hudson, MD

New Medical Physicist

Welcome Stephen Handley, MS


MC Radiology is honored to welcome Stephen Handley, MS as a new addition to the medical physics staff and who is also serving as our new Radiation Safety Officer. As a Diagnostic Medical Physicist, Mr. Handley will be working with our other medical physicist Alex Pasciak, PhD to support a wide variety of tasks and needs in the department. In his new position, Mr. Handley will perform physics testing on diagnostic and nuclear medicine equipment, provide guest lectures to our residents, maintain our radioactive material license, and oversee our radiation safety program.

earning his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemical Engineering in 2003. He then went on to pursue a M.S. in Health Physics from Texas A&M University in 2004 and later a M.S. in Medical Physics from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in 2008.

In his spare time, he enjoys Medical Physicist running, mountain biking, Stephen Handley hiking, reading, trying Prior to joining us, Mr. Handley served as Medical new restaurants, church small-group activities, and Physicist for 2 years at Hillcrest Medical Center in supporting his wife in her pursuit of triathlons. A Tulsa, OK. Earlier in his career, Stephen worked as a native Knoxvillian, his wife Bethany attended UT on a Health Physicist in the Radiation Protection Department swimming scholarship and now races in the professional at Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, AL. Stephen triathlon circuit. Stephen and his wife Bethany will began his educational experience in his home state celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary this coming of Missouri from the University of Missouri-Rolla, Thanksgiving.

Graduation Banquet   Welcome Freshmen

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Resident Research and Academics


Faculty Spotlight Program Support

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UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Radiology Special News

Congratulations Graduates!


adiology proudly congratulates our 2012 residency graduates for all of their hard work. Below, we note their medical school and immediate plans after graduation, while wishing them every success in their future careers. The American Board of Radiology Oral Board Examination was given in May in Louisville, Kentucky. Our graduates had a 100% Pass rate.

Below: Ted Chang Receives the Howard Gould Clinical Skills Award

2012 UTMC Radiology Residency Graduates [L-R] Delaney Santoro, Amanda Ingram, Ray Higginbotham, Cheryl DeWitt, & Jacob Pirkle

Radiology Residency Graduates Cheryl DeWitt, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee College of Medicine Fellowship: Body Imaging at Duke University

Above: Amanda Ingram Receives the RSNA Resident Research Award. [L-R] Kathy Hudson, Amanda Ingram, and Mark McKinney.

Ray Higginbotham, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee College of Medicine Fellowship: Neuroradiology at Emory University

Amanda Ingram, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee College of Medicine Fellowship: Breast Imaging at The University of Cincinnati

Jacob Pirkle, PharmD, MD

Medical School: East Tennessee State Quillen-Dishner COM Private Practice: Radiology Imaging Assoc., Oak Ridge, TN

Delaney Santoro, MD

Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine Fellowship: Neuroradiology at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital

Nuclear Medicine Residency Graduates Richard Laine, Jr., MD

[L-R] Austin Bourgeois and Amanda Ingram Received Professionalism Awards in recognition of excellence in demonstrating a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles.

Medical School: St. George’s University (Undecided)

Alireza Mojtahedi, MD

Medical School: Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Fellowship: Nuclear Oncology at Sloan-Kettering Hospital

Left: Attending Peter Petruzzi Received the Residents’ Faculty Teaching Award Right: Attending James Boyd Receives the Residents’ Faculty Service Award

2012 UTMC Nuclear Medicine Residency Graduates Richard Laine and Alireza Mojtahedi


Summer 2012, Issue 5

Radiology Residency Program

Welcome New Residents!


e are excited to welcome and introduce our first-year class. To get to know them better, our Residency Coordinator, Debbie Jarvis, asked them these questions: 1. What do you like to do in your free time? 2. Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life and why? 3. What one place would you like to visit? 4. What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you? 5. What else would you like us to know about you? Darrell A. Benton East Tennessee State Quillen-Dishner COM 1. [Free time?] “I enjoy fly fishing, trail running, playing the guitar, and spending time with my wife Meghan.” 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “My father and grandfather - they taught me the value of hard work, determination, and strong character.” 3. [Travel place?] “It’s difficult to choose just one! I would love to take a fly fishing trip to New Zealand or to the Bahamas.” 4. [Best thing?] “Marrying Meghan - every day is an adventure with her by my side.” 5. [What else?] “We just rescued a black lab/blue heeler puppy named Dixie. The only thing she loves more than running the trails with me is meeting new friends.” Matthew Buzzeo University of South Florida College of Medicine 1. [Free time?] “Working out, hiking, table tennis and going out to sushi restaurants.” 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “Every person I have ever met who is passionate about something”. 3. [Travel place?] “Outer space.” 4. [Best thing?] “Becoming a radiologist!” 5. [What else?] “I’m very happy to be living in Knoxville and part of this awesome program.”

[L-R] Matthew Layman, Darrell Benton, Lindsay Luttrell, Jerome Kao, Rashad Daker, & Matthew Buzzeo

on the prowl for good eats. Being a proud nerd, I’ll dabble in electronics, sci-fi, and anime.” 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “My mother who started out with $200 and zero English at 21 years old -- now loves her job as an RN and commands southern English with a touch of Chinese. She told me, ‘Always pursue what you love, not success. Success will follow on its own.’ ” 3. [Travel place?] “France! Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Avignon, the works.” 4. [Best thing?] “When I decided to switch from engineering into medicine. It’s been a long journey, but I’ve loved every step of it and made terrific friends along the way!” 5. [What else?] “A born-and-raised Memphian, I take pride in good BBQ! Believe it or not, I am not 18. I applied to be an intern at Mythbusters™ some years back.”

Matthew Layman East Tennessee State Quillen-Dishner COM 1. [Free time?] “I enjoy traveling with my wife Katherine. I also enjoy working out and reading.” Rashad Daker 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “Definitely my parents; they’ve both Wake Forest School of Medicine been my biggest source of inspiration my entire life.” 1. [Free time?] “I love playing sports and being outside. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. And I can’t forget, I love 3. [Travel place?] “I would love to visit Italy.” to spend lots of time with my dog. Outside of the hospital I have 4. [Best thing?] “When I married my wife two years ago; best day of my life!” been busy exploring Knoxville.” 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “Biggest inspiration for me has been my 5. [What else?] “I’m just happy to be a part of the UT team parents. They really taught me that with dreaming big and plenty now!” of hard work, anything is possible. Well, maybe not quite my Lindsay Luttrell dream of playing in the NBA, but most everything else.” 3. [Travel place?] “I’d love to visit Brazil. Maybe in 2014, Hello University of Tennessee College of Medicine 1. [Free time?] “Running, biking, hiking and traveling.” World Cup!” 2. [Biggest inspiration?] “My mom. She was the first college 4. [Best thing?] “Going to high school overseas, and getting to graduate in her extended family and then went on to be a live in another country. It really was an incredible experience to pharmacist and has owned and operated her own independent be surrounded by a culture that was so different than the one I pharmacy successfully for 25 years now.” grew up with here in the US. You end up learning a lot about 3. [Travel place?] “Maui. My husband and I went there four people in general, and a great deal about yourself.” years ago and rode bikes down the Haleakala volcano at sunrise 5. [What else?] “I love traveling and try to do as much of it as I and I would love to go back and do it again!” can. Did I mention I love hanging out with my dog? I’m also a 4. [Best thing?] “Marrying my very best friend and now we are pretty big movie junkie.” expecting a baby boy October 1st.” 5. [What else?] “I’m fluent in Spanish although I’m not sure Jerome Kao how I’ll use that in Radiology. I grew up in a Spanish immersion University of Tennessee College of Medicine program. I’ve spent several summers abroad in Central and South 1. [Free time?] “Being with friends, watching movies, cooking, America using it.” and video gaming. Being a foodie and sushi fanatic, I’m always


UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Research & Academics 2012 Residents Continue Productive Academic Year


MC Radiology Residents continued a productive 2012 academic year since our last newsletter this past spring. Even as that issue was being finished, residents presented talks and posters at three different conferences in March and April in California and Canada.

Co-chief resident Ted Chang won the First Place Case Presentation Award. Congratulations to Ted for also being elected to the National Radiology Executive Committee (see opposite page).

Our residents then continued in June and July with seven more posters and talks plus Then residents gave three more an online review of healthcare reforms for presentations at our annual Graduate School a total of 15 publications for this Summer of Medicine Research Day, organized by 2012 issue. Medical Physicist Alex Pasciak GSM’s William Metheny, PhD. showed one of the posters. Great job!

Award: First Place Case Report [L-R] Kathleen Hudson MD, J. Mark McKinney MD, Awardee Ted Chang MD, and Organizer William Metheny, PhD

The Graduate School of Medicine’s 2012 Research Day, May 23 Presenter: Austin Bourgeois, MD Co-authors: Anastasia Balius MD, Ted Chang MD, and J. Mark McKinney MD Title: “Outcome Analysis Comparing Proximal Versus Splenic Artery Embolization” IRB: 3327 Original Research Presenter: Katherine Frederick-Dyer, MD Co-Authors: Rong Zeng MD, N. Lynn Ferguson MD, James Lewis MD, and Yitong Fu MD Title: “Fibrolipomatous Hamartoma of the Inferior Calcaneal Nerve (Baxter Nerve)” IRB: 3253 Case Presentation Published online: Skeletal Radiology. 20April, 2012; Zeng, R.; Frederick-Dyer, K.; Ferguson, N.; Lewis, J.; Fu, Y. Presenter: Ted Chang, MD (Co-chief Resident) Co-authors: Ryan Owen MD, Anastasia Balius MD, and Alexander Pasciak PhD Title: “PET/CT in the Management of Y90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)” IRB: 3169 Case Presentation

Austin Bourgeois, MD

Ted Chang, MD

Kate Frederick-Dyer, MD

Award: First Place Case Report

National and International Conferences Attended Society for Interventional Radiology 37th Annual Meeting, IR Evidence, San Francisco, CA March 24–29

Ted Chang, MD

Presentation: Presenter: Ted Chang, MD Co-Authors: Ryan Owen, MD; J. Mark McKinney, MD; Alexander Pasciak, PhD; Anastasia Balius, MD Title: "Abstract No. 194: Treatment Modification of Y90 Selective Internal Radionuclide Therapy Based on Quantitative PET/CT Imaging” Published Online: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 23.3 (2012):S80.

Society of Pediatric Radiology 2012 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 17-20

Poster: Presenter: Jacob K. Pirkle, PharmD, MD Co-author: James W. Boyd, MD Title: “Cystic Neonatal Lesions Associated with the Spinal Cord: Discussion and Differential Diagnosis for these Uncommon Lesions".


Summer 2012, Issue 5 112th Annual Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society Vancouver, Canada, April 29-May 4

Electronic Poster Presentation: Presenter: Yitong Fu, MD Co-Authors: Richard Laine, MD and Rong Zeng, MD Title: “Current Status of Sodium 18F-Fluoride PET/CT Bone Scan and Imaging Interpretation Pitfalls”.

Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, FL June 9-13

Posters: 1. Presenter: Austin Bourgeois, MD Co-authors: Matthew Layman MD, Ted Chang MD, and Yong Bradley MD Title: “Novel Means of Scintigraphic Gallbladder Localization and Review of Scintigraphic Anatomy” 2. Presenter: Alireza Mojtahedi, MD Co-author: Karen Wells, MD Title: “Rubidium-82 and N-13 Ammonia PET-CT Imaging Characteristics and Differences” 3. Presenter: Alireza Mojtahedi, MD Co-author: Paul D. Campbell, Jr., MD Title: “Scintigraphic Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Disorders” 4. Presenter: Joshua Schaefferkoetter (PhD candidate) Co-authors: David Townsend, Yitong Fu, Karen Wells, Yong Bradley, Georges Fakhri Title: “Relative Benefit of Time-of-Flight (TOF) and Point Spread Function (PSF) Modeling in PET Reconstruction: A Lesion Detection Study.” Presentation: Presenter: Richard Laine, MD (update of presentation given: RSNA 2011, Chicago, IL) Co-authors: Karen Wells MD, R. Eric Heidel MS NCC PhD, Josh Schaefferkoetter, Misty Long RT, Karl Hubner MD, and Wahid Hanna MD Title: “Early Prediction of Response to Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Using 18F-FDG PET/CT” (Note: Key slides from this talk were also included in a presentation at the conference by another speaker as part of an “Oncology Highlights” conference overview).

Electronic Presentation by Yitong Fu, MD

Poster by Austin Bourgeois, MD

American Association of Physics in Medicine, Miami Beach, FL, June 9-13 Posters: Presenter: Alexander S. Pasciak, MSc, PhD Co-authors: Melissa Nevue MD, A. Sriharan MD, Anastasia M. Balius MD, and A.K. Jones MD Title: “Sterile Radiation Reduction Gloves May Be Contraindicated in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions”

Annual Meeting of Society of Neurointerventional Surgery, San Diego, CA, July 25, 2012.

Posters: Presenter: Ted Chang, MD Co-authors: Austin Bourgeois, MD and Peter Kvamme, MD Title: “Novel Treatment of Isolated P1 Segment “Blister” Aneurysm with Telescoping Stents” Presenter: Austin Bourgeois, MD Co-authors: Ted Chang, MD and Geoffrey Laing, MD Title: “Diagnosis and Management of Intracranial Hypotension, a Case-based approach.”

Online Presentation for the ACR-RFS:

Membership Subcommittee Health Policy Milestones in Modern America (2012), Washington D.C. Liaw K, “Health Care Reform in Massachusetts and Vermont”


Poster by Alex Pasciak, PhD

Chief Resident Dr. Chang Elected to National Radiology Executive Committee Ted Chang, MD has been elected as treasurer of the American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology (A3CR2). The organization’s mission is to develop leadership skills in chief residents, to foster the collaboration of chief residents with each other and with leaders of academic radiology, and to advance the interests of radiology residents in the affairs of organized medicine. As treasurer, Dr. Chang will act as principal accounting and financial officer of A3CR2 and supervise the fiscal affairs of the organization. - The Scope, June 2012

UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Radiology Faculty & Staff Spotlight Medical Physicist Wayne Thompson Retires


MC’s first medical physicist Mr. Wayne Thompson retired at the end of June 2012. At this year’s Radiology graduation banquet, Dr. Mark McKinney presented to Wayne and his wife Wendy a commemorative plaque expressing our gratitude for his long service and dedication (see picture). We briefly profiled Wayne’s career on page 7 in last year’s “Summer 2011” issue of The Reading Room (http://gsm.utmck. edu/radiology/newsletter/ReadingRoom_Summer2011. pdf ).

after that when making changes to them. In his spare time, Mr. Thompson’s life was also one of active commitment and dedication to the sport of swimming. Wayne also served for several years as a US Swimming-certified “Stroke and Turn” judge (who disqualifies swimmers for illegal strokes and turns), both for the Knoxville youth swim league (GKAISA) and the USS Pilot team at the University of Tennessee that produced several Olympians. Wendy and Wayne have two children, Chris and Carrie who both swam for GKAISA. Carrie also swam for the Pilot team and all four years of college for UTK. Wendy and Wayne together were president of the UT University Club (known then as UT Faculty Club) youth swim team (139 swimmers) in 1995. UTMC Radiology will always be grateful to Wayne for his service and wishes him a long and happy retirement.

Wayne Thompson

At the 2012 Graduation Banquet, Chair J. Mark McKinney, MD [Left] presents a Radiology Department Service Award for 21 years to retiring Medical Physicist Wayne Thompson [Right} standing with his wife Wendy.

UTMC Radiology’s Medical Physicists with their wives in June at the 2012 Radiology Graduation Banquet.

Wayne Thompson was the only diagnostic physicist at UTMC for 21 years, teaching all of the resident’s physics classes, serving as the Radiation Safety Officer for x-ray and radioactive materials, and managing the radiation monitors and records of approximately 750 UTMC employees. For his first 18 years at UTMC, he was responsible for extensive annual testing of 85 x-ray units in various departments. Most of these required early morning times (ex: surgery set up their sterile carts at 5:45 am), so he adjusted his daily schedule to arrive before 3:30 am. Starting around 2005, UTMC decided to pay the State of Tennessee to perform this testing, so he ‘slept in’ another 30 minutes thereafter. Before retiring, Wayne noted that, “with (medical physicist) Alex Pasciak’s help” he converted his original lecture notes, printed on clear plastic film for overhead projection, into PowerPoint® slides. Wayne added that “life got easier”

[L-R] Bethany and Stephen Handley, Wayne and Wendy Thompson, and Alex and Lan Pasciak.


Summer 2012, Issue 5

Radiology Faculty & Staff Spotlight J. Mark McKinney Returns to Mayo Clinic

Rennovations to Main Reading Room


MC Radiology wants to thank Dr. Mark McKinney for his four years as Chair. During Dr. McKinney’s tenure as head of the department, he accomplished several projects. Dr. McKinney initiated this publication to reach out and build a community of alumni and supporters. A few of the projects completed were: renovation and enlargement of the main reading room and HLVI reading room, renovation of the resident classroom and lounge, upgrading PACS support with Illuminate® software, updating of the hallways, and purchase of iPads® for the residents. Equipment upgrades included: New Angio/Interventional suite, 3T MRI, additional CT scanners, Digital Mammography equipment just to name a few. Dr. McKinney was recognized by the residents in June 2011 with the “Faculty Service Award” and by the Radiology Department in 2012. We wish Dr. McKinney the best of luck in the future.

View of the open end of the newly rennovated Main Reading Room that provides space for groups to view PACS.

View through one of the glass cubicles at the near end of the newly rennovated Main Reading Room.

Radiology Chair J. Mark McKinney, MD [center] receives a Radiology Service Award from the residents at the 2012 Graduation Banquet.

More Rennovation Photos on Next Page!

Tony Allen Releases Updated Radiology Tutorial CD and Quick Reference Guide Tony Allen has released yet another major update to both his tutorial CD: "Ordering X-ray Tests: A Guide for the Busy Clinician” and his “Radiology Quick Reference” pocket guide. The CD has over 300 interactive slides, taking over 4 hours to complete. 200 discs were made for all UTMC residents with additional copies given to rotating medical students. Chapters include real Case Examples and education where radiation dose and contrast safety choices are concerned, as well as cost and exam request requirements. Also on the CD are a number of separate PDF reference documents intended to be downloadable to portable devices.

Dr. Allen’s Tutorial CD (Right) and “Quick Reference” guide (Below).

Dr. Allen's updated "Radiology Quick Reference" pocket guide was first created in 2009 to aid non-radiology residents and staff. For the last three years, Radiology has printed a limited number of laminated guides for incoming residents. The guide is now posted online internally on UTMC intranet sites: Radiology’s “RadTeach”, the Graduate School of Medicine's “Pulse”, and UTMC’s “Insite” web servers.


UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Radiology Facilities

More scenes of the 2012 Radiology Rennovations

Main Hallways and File Room

Main Reading Room

Radiology Residency Program Please Show Your Support with a Gift


adiology research and scholarly activity are vital components of better residency training and future progress. UTMC Radiology needs your support and gifts to help us empower our residents to continue to build upon our academic legacy. We have two funds that both support this crucial mission.

Edward Buonocore, MD Radiology Endowment Fund This fund was established by faculty, friends, patients, alumni and family members to promote excellence in the radiology residency program. The Buonocore endowment honors Dr. Buonocore for his many years of dedicated patient care, devotion to teaching and desire for new knowledge through advanced technology and cutting-edge research.

Please make your donation today to either fund: Dept. of Radiology Research & Education Gift Fund This fund was established by interested friends of the Department of Radiology to provide the Chairman and faculty with additional resources to ensure continued excellence in programs of patient care, education, and research.

Use your smart phone with this QR Code to quickly donate to either fund!

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made securely from this link at:


The Reading Room - Summer 2012  

A newsletter for the Department of Radiology at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine

The Reading Room - Summer 2012  

A newsletter for the Department of Radiology at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine