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UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2012, Issue 4

The Reading Room Note from Our Chair


pring is here! The Dogwood Festival in Knoxville is preparing to kick into gear as the trees and flowers are bursting forth in bloom. Likewise, I am glad to report that the UT Medical Center Radiology Department is displaying its spring with increasing scholarly activity by both residents and faculty. Our scholarly activity has more than doubled from previous academic years. This increase in academic productivity is the result of better software tools along with increasing enthusiasm by our faculty and residents to describe and document what is going on within the discipline of Radiology.

J. Mark McKinney, MD Radiology Chair

In this newsletter, we are providing you an opportunity to support UTMC Radiology’s academic mission. Please look at the enclosed envelope and think about how you can help facilitate the residents’ education. As I close this Chair’s note I must inform you that I have accepted an invitation to return to Mayo Clinic Florida. I have much appreciated my time at UT Medical Center and look forward to exciting reports in newsletters to come about continued progress in UTMC Radiology’s academic mission. Thank you, J. Mark McKinney, MD

Welcome New Faculty

Dr. Ferrell to Join IR/NIR Team


MC Radiology is honored to welcome Andrew S. Ferrell, MD to our Neurointerventional Division. In June 2012, Dr. Ferrell will complete his 2 year fellowship in Interventional Neuroradiology at Duke University Medical Center. This training continues his previous 1 year fellowship in Diagnostic Neuroradiology also at Duke. During this time, Dr. Ferrell has published his most recent article in the June 2011 issue of the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery*. Besides two new articles that are now “In Review”, he has authored and co-authored several journal articles and contributed to four book chapters, two relating to angiography and cardiovascular intervention and two chapters of “Specialty Board Review Radiology”, one on MSK anatomy and physiology and another on spleen. Prior to this, Dr. Ferrell was board certified after completing his residency in Diagnostic Radiology in 2009 at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In 2007, he was named “Neurointerventional Radiology Outstanding Resident” and in 2006, he was named “Gastrointestinal Radiology Outstanding Resident”. Dr. Ferrell came to UAB from an internship in

UTMC Construction   Audience Response   Residency Program

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General Surgery and graduating from medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina and from The Citadel in Charleston. Andrew is married to Brittany, an O.R. nurse of 11 years who enjoys running. They have two sons, Morgan (age 3) and Jaxson (age 2) and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, the beach, and college football. We look forward to welcoming him and Andrew and Brittany Ferrell with his family. their sons Jaxson and Morgan * “Improved Delivery of the Neuroform 3 Stent: Technical Note” Ferrell AS, Golshani KG, Zomorodi A, Smith TP, Britz GW. J Neurointerventional Surgery, 2011 June.

Resident Research and Academics (Conferences)


Conferences Continued Fun Faculty & Staff Trivia Rad Winter Event Photos

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UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

UTMC Campus News Construction Updates


fter the opening of our new Heart Hospital in the spring of 2010, spring 2011 witnessed the beginning of construction of a much needed “H Lot” parking garage. Pictures below are “before and after” views of the site in front of the Emergency Department. The top image shows the beginning of construction in May and the middle

photo shows the final building completed in December. This new patient and staff facility has 6 floors, including roof-top parking, and accommodates 755 vehicles. Completion of the garage was crucial in the staging of construction of a new Cancer Institute (bottom) built on a former visitor/out-patient parking lot.


more than double existing space. More than one million dollars of donations for the project was raised in one night at the 4th Annual “Evening in Orange” held last May. Not shown here is another project started in August with a 3700 sq-ft, two-story addition to the Family Medicine clinic and the Graduate School of Medicine building.

he new Cancer Institute construction seen below is proceeding rapidly this spring with the unseasonably fair weather. Ground-breaking for the 100,000 square-foot facility was held back in mid-July, yet this picture, taken in February, is already a brief memory as the floors and exterior facade are now completed. The new building will


Spring 2012, Issue 4

Note From Our Program Director the faculty to determine areas of strength and weakness. ARS also permits the resident to respond to questions without fear of failure. Using a PowerPoint® format, questions are embedded into the lecture presentation. Questions are interspersed throughout the lecture and using a “clicker”, the resident records their answers. A receiver is inserted into the USB port of the computer and the responses are tallied. Only the total for each response is tallied so it is confidential. It is also possible to assign a specific clicker to each resident and have an individual report created. At a recent ACR course, this was the method for documenting participation in SAM’s activities and to document that each attendee responded to the minimum number of cases. The final documentation from the ACR indicated that the participant had read 100 cases with supervision.

Kathy Hudson, MD lecturing to our residents and testing the Audience Response System

Audience Response System


t the Association of Program Directors in Radiology (APDR ) meeting March 19-22, 2012, I presented a lecture on “Using Cases for Learning”. One of the topics was the Audience Response System (ARS). ARS allows interactive lectures and learning between the residents and faculty. This system is being used in high school and college classes and is slowly being integrated into graduate medical education. The residents are more likely to respond to questions anonymously and it allows

ARS is a fun and interactive method for resident lectures and board reviews. The new board format will be computer-based with multiple choice answers. Our future board reviews will be computer-based with images and questions facilitated by the ARS system.

Radiology Residency Program Please Show Your Support with a Gift


adiology research and scholarly activity are vital components of better residency training and future progress. UTMC Radiology needs your support and gifts to help us empower our residents to continue to build upon our academic legacy. We have two funds that both support this crucial mission.

in the radiology residency program. The Buonocore endowment honors Dr. Buonocore for his many years of dedicated patient care, devotion to teaching and desire for new knowledge through advanced technology and cutting-edge research.

Please make your donation today to either fund:

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made securely from this link at:

Dept. of Radiology Research & Education Gift Fund This fund was established by interested friends of the Department of Radiology to provide the Chairman and faculty with additional resources to ensure continued excellence in programs of patient care, education, and research.

Use your smart phone with this QR Code to quickly donate to either fund!

Edward Buonocore, MD Radiology Endowment Fund This fund was established by faculty, friends, patients, alumni and family members to promote excellence


UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Resident Research & Academics Residents Give Presentations, Gain Notoriety, Win Awards


MC Radiology Residents continued a productive 2011 academic year and began a successful start in 2012 at multiple national conferences. Since our last issue, our residents gave seven presentations at RSNA in Chicago, two at ASSR in Miami, and five more at AUR in San Antonio, winning awards and notoriety along the way. Presentations were given in a variety of forms including poster abstracts, scientific oral presentations, and electronic slide shows and posters.

Seniors Drs. Cheryl DeWitt and co-chief Amanda Ingram won a “Certificate of Merit” at RSNA and were invited to write a journal article. Senior Nuclear Medicine resident Dr. Richard Laine’s talk at RSNA was singled out by as significant. Newly-elected co-chief Dr. Ted Chang won an AUR Trainee Award (pg. 6) for his poster. We congratulate all of our residents on their continued hard work and look forward to their future successes in the coming year.

The 97th Radiological Society of North America, 2011, Nov. 27 - Dec. 2, Chicago, IL Poster Presentations

Certificate of Merit Presentation “Lymphoma: Not just for the Lymph Nodes” Cheryl DeWitt, MD & Amanda Ingram, MD Co-authors: Geoffrey Laing, MD; Peter Petruzzi, MD; and Kathleen Hudson, MD

“The Challenges Associated with Providing Improved Patient Safety in MRI” Ted Chang, MD Co-authors: Alexander Pasciak, PhD and J. Mark McKinney, MD

Poster Presentation: Dewitt and Ingram, et al.

Electronic Presentations “Can Integrated 18F-PET/CT Virtual Bronchoscopy Be a Replacement for Conventional Bronchoscopy in Selected Patients?” Alireza Mojtahedi, MD Co-authors: Adeel Shibli, MD; Misty J. Long, RT; Jeffrey W. Peeke, MD; and Paul R. Branca, MD

“The Role of F-18 FDG and Yttrium 90 (Y-90) in the Evaluation of Liver Masses Treated with Y-90 Microspheres”

Electronic Presentation: Mojtahedi, et al.

Yitong Fu, MD Co-authors: Richard A. Laine Jr, MD; Alireza Mojtahedi, MD; George Chacko, MD; Anastasia Balius, MD; J. Mark McKinney, MD


Spring 2012, Issue 4

“Radiographic Interpretation of Clubfoot Deformity with an Emphasis on Orthopaedic Management” Kevin Liaw, MD Author: Josh Marshall Heck, MD Co-authors: Kevin Liaw, MD; Sumit Pruthi, J. Herman Kan, MD; Jeffrey Martus, MD; and Gregory Mencio, MD

Oral Presentations

Reviewed at RSNA by (by Wayne Forrest, Nov. 08, 2011) “Early Prediction of Response to Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Using 18F-FDG PET/CT” Richard Laine, Jr., MD Co-authors: Karen Wells, MD; R. Eric Heidel, MS; Joshua Schaeferkoetter; Misty Long, RT; Wahid Hanna, MD; and Karl Hubner, MD

“Post-infusion Coincidence Imaging of Y-90 Microsphere Therapy Using PET/CT: A Quantitative Patient and Phantom Study”

Oral Presentation: Laine, et al.

Ryan W. Owen, MD Co-authors: Alex Pasciak, MSc, PhD and Anastasia Balius, MD

The American Society of Spine Radiology, 2012, February 16, Miami, FL Oral Presentation “Baastrup’s Disease” Austin C. Bourgeois Co-authors: Geoffrey Laing, MD; Paul D. Campbell, MD; and James W. Boyd, MD

Electronic Poster Presentation “Radiologic Findings of Intracranial Hypotension in the Spine and Brain, an Often Missed Diagnosis” Ted Chang Co-authors: Austin Bourgeois, MD; Melissa Neveu, MD; Paul Campbell, MD; and Geoffrey Laing, MD

Electronic Poster: Chang, et al.


UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Resident Research & Academics Association of University Radiologists, 2012, March 21-25, San Antonio, TX Poster Presentations

AUR Trainee Award, 3rd Place “Fluoroscopy: An Often Overlooked Source of Radiation – The Effect That Level of Training has on Patient Fluoroscopic Radiation Dosage, Revisited” Ted Chang, MD Co-authors: Josue Medina, MD; Jacob Pirkle, MD, PharmD; Steven Knight, MD; Kathleen Hudson, MD; Austin Faulkner, MD

“Intraventricular Masses: A Review and Discussion”

Co-chief Ted Chang at AUR 2012

Jacob Pirkle, MD, PharmD Co-authors: Thomas Santoro, MD and James Boyd, MD

“Labeling Ambiguous Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebrae on MR Images: Does the Celiac Artery Origin Reliably Identify the Junction of Rib-bearing and Non-Rib-bearing Vertebrae?” Lance Warren, MD Co-authors: Ted Chang, MD; Paul Campbell, Jr., MD; and John Snidow, MD

“The Business of Radiology: Insurance Denials - How to Turn No into Yes” Kathleen Hudson, MD Co-authors: Michael Langenberg, MBA and Garnetta Morin-Ducote, MD

Poster Presentation: Pirkle and Santoro, et al.

Electronic Presentations “Radiology Education and Testing Using Anonymized Studies” Amanda Ingram, MD (presenter) Co-authors: Ted Chang, MD; Peter Petruzzi, MD; and Kathleen Hudson, MD

Association of Program Directors in Radiology, 2012, March 21-25, San Antonio, TX Oral Presentation “Using Cases for Teaching”

Invited Lecture for the APDR Teaching Certificate Program Kathleen Hudson, MD; given March 22, 2012


Congratulations to our own Dr. J. Mark McKinney who was named President-Elect of APDR

Spring 2012, Issue 4

Radiology Faculty & Staff Spotlight How Well Do You Know Your Faculty/Resident/Staff Member? Answer Key at the bottom; NO Peeking! 1. At the age of 14 years old, who worked a summer job for 16 hours a day, 4 days a week, making 25 cents an hour delivering milk bottles door-to-door?

Debbie Jarvis

2. Who was the 18 year old victim of a robbery at a Mobil gas station he ran at night in Manassas, VA? The thieves took all the tires for sale on their tire rack!

Debra Blaylock

3. Who was a former Notary Public in a state (hint: Louisiana) that allows Notary Publics to perform marriages? 4. Who was an elementary school teacher before going to medical school? 5. Who is getting buffalo on their farm? Shannon Campbell

6. Who milked Holstein cows at 4:00 am every morning during high school?

Jim Boyd, MD

7. Who was president of the Dance Dance Revolution Club in college? They called themselves “The Re(VOL)ution” since they were at UT! 8. Who was a former firefighter for eight years? 9. Who worked in forensics for 10 years, assisting in over 350 autopsies, covering 13 counties in East Tennessee? Kathy Hudson, MD

Stephen Brown, MD

10. Whose Hawaiian middle name, “Kahekili”, means “King of the Sharks”?

Wayne Thompson

Mark McKinney, MD

Kate Frederick-Dyer, MD

Tony Allen, MD

KEY: 1. Wayne Thompson 2. Tony Allen 3. Kathy Hudson 4. Jim Boyd 5. Stephen Brown 6. Mark McKinney 7. Resident Kate Frederick-Dyer 8. Debra Blaylock 9. Debbie Jarvis 10. Shannon “K” Campbell


UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Radiology Events

Some scenes from our 2011 Winter Holiday Party at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame - Shannon


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The Reading Room - Spring 2012  

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The Reading Room - Spring 2012  

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