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UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Summer 2013, Issue 7

The Reading Room Note from Our Chair


Kathleen Hudson, MD Interim Radiology Chair

reetings. I’m happy to report that March through August was another busy and productive academic and clinical season. In June, all five graduating seniors passed their oral boards. In July, we welcomed Dr. James McElmurray who is a fellowship-trained Interventional Radiologist from Vanderbilt with special interest in oncology. As of August 1st, Dr. Laura Findeiss who began her training here at UTMC began her tenure as the 5th Chair of Radiology. We also “welcome home” Dr. Amanda “Mandy” Ingram, who completed her fellowship training in Breast Imaging at the University of Cincinnati after her residency, graduating in 2012. Please also join us in welcoming six great new residents to our program and thanking Drs. Kabalka and Balius for their service. Thank you, Kathy Hudson, MD

New Radiology Faculty

Meet Our New Radiology Chair


TMC’s Department of Radiology proudly welcomes Dr. Laura K. Findeiss as the new Chair of Radiology. Dr. Findeiss comes to UTMC from Orange, California where she was Division Chief of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the University of California at Irvine Medical Center and also served as the co-director of UCI’s Ablative Oncology Center. Our “welcome” is also a “welcome home!” as Dr. Findeiss began her career here at UTMC as a Surgery resident after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1997. But after two years, she entered Diagnostic Radiology residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle and graduated in 2004. She followed this with a Vascular and Interventional Radiology fellowship at the University of Washington Medical Center, completed in 2005. Prior to her position in California, Dr. Findeiss also practiced in the Vascular Center of Excellence at Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia and as the Chief of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. In 2012, Dr. Findeiss was named one of “America’s Top Doctors” for Southern California by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. for her expertise in treating Aortic Aneurysm, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Vascular Malformation. Prior to this honor, she had co-authored a “2011 ACCF/AHA Guideline for Management of Peripheral Artery Disease”1 that has been re-published in four journals and a 2010 Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology article2 on P.A.D. management, as well as authoring a 2010 JAMA article3 on aortic aneurysm repair. Dr. Findeiss lectures nationally on a range of Vascular/ Endovascular topics, image-guided treatment of vascular

Graduation Awards 2   Welcome New Residents 3

anomalies, and minimally invasive cancer interventions, including tumor ablation. Dr. Findeiss holds national leadership roles as a member of the Executive Council of the Society of Interventional Radiology, and as a member of the SIR Foundation Board of Directors. She also participates as a member of the Leadership Committee of the American Laura Findeiss, MD New Radiology Chair Heart Association’s Cardiovascular Radiology and Intervention Council. Besides certifications in Diagnostic Radiology and Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Dr. Findeiss is certified by the American Board of Vascular Medicine in Endovascular Medicine and is a Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation. She has been honored as a Fellow in the Society of Interventional Radiology (FSIR), as well as obtaining Fellow status in the American Heart Association. UTMC Radiology is excited to have such an accomplished physician join our team. 12011 ACCF/AHA focused update of the guideline for the management of patients with peripheral artery disease (Updating the 2005 guideline): A Report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guideline. Rooke, T. W.; Hirsch, A. T.; Misra, S.; Sidawy, A. N.; Beckman, J. A.; Findeiss, L. K.; Golzarian, J.; Gornik, H. L.; Halperin, J. L.; Jaff, M. R.; Moneta, G. L.; Olin, J.W.; J. Vasc. Surg. 2011-11-01 2Medical management in peripheral arterial disease: a systematic approach to medical therapy. Goei, A.D.; Findeiss, L.K.; Slim, A.M.; J. Vasc. Interv. Radiol. 2010-05-01 3Comparing endovascular and open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm. Findeiss, L.K.; JAMA. 2010-02-10

Research 4-5 and Academics

Staff Spotlight & Notes 6-7 Graduation Scenes 8

UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Resident Graduation & Awards

Congratulations Graduates!

Radiology Residency Graduates

All five graduating senior radiology residents passed the American Board of Radiology Oral Examination.

Ted Chang, MD

Medical School: University of Virginia at Charlottesville Fellowship: Interventional Fellowship at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville

Brian Dupree, MD

Medical School: Louisiana State University Medical Center COM Fellowship: Neuroradiology Fellowship at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Christine Ormsby, MD

Medical School: University of Missouri Kansas City SOM Private Practice: University Radiologists, Knoxville, TN

Josue “Josh” Medina, MD

Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Science Center Fellowship: Neuroradiology Fellowship at the University of Birmingham, Alabama

2013 UTMC Radiology Residency Graduates [L-R] Ted Chang, Samuel Porter, Christine Ormsby, Josh Medina, and Brian Dupree

Samuel Porter, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee COM, Memphis Fellowship: Neuroradiology Fellowship at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Resident Award Recipients Professionalism Award: Darrell Benton, MD; Matthew Layman, MD; and Austin Bourgeois, MD (Photo at right with all three) • This award is in recognition of excellence in demonstrating a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles. Gould Award: Samuel Porter, MD (Photo at right, Samuel with his wife Susan and his parents) • This award recognizes the upper year resident that best demonstrated dedication to the ideals of clinical radiology as exemplified by Howard R. Gould, MD. Academic Excellence Award: Samuel Porter, MD (Photo at right, same as above awardee) • This award is given in recognition of outstanding academic performance in radiology. Samuel scored 100% on the ACR Diagnostic In-training Examination (DXIT). RSNA Research Award: Ted Chang, MD (Photos at right; Ted receiving award from Dr. Kathy Hudson and Ted with his guest, Ms. Annie Tang) • This award recognizes residents who have played an active role in radiology research in the past year.

See Residents’ Faculty Awards on Page 7 and More Graduation Photos on Page 8. 2

Summer 2013, Issue 7

W 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Radiology Residency Program

Welcome New Residents!

e are excited to welcome our first-year Radiology class. To get to know them better, we asked each of them: What do you like to do in your free time? Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life and why? What one place would you like to visit? What’s the best thing (besides radiology) that’s happened to you? What else would you like us to know about you?

Austin Faulkner University of Mississippi School of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Spending time with my wife Laura and my daughter Nora. I also enjoy working on my house, spending time with friends, reading, and video gaming when time allows.” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “My mother, who raised three children as a single parent. She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, and I have immense respect for her.” 3. (Travel place?) “The British Isles. I love the medieval architecture.” 4. (Best thing besides Radiology?) “The birth of our daughter.” 5. (What else?) “My wife and I are both from Knoxville. We are excited to be home!”

[L-R] Drs. Austin Faulkner, Christopher Kolze, Craig Robinson, Mumtaz Syed, Jonathan Suther, and Andrew Vincent

Jonathan Suther University of South Carolina School of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Guitar.” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “Ronald Reagan, because he knew what was going on and could relate to almost anyone.” 3. (Travel place?) “Spain.” 4. (Best thing?) “Family.” 5. (What else?) “I am a compendium of knowledge on Disney Princessess!” Andrew Vincent University of South Alabama College of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Swim. Build furniture. Restored a 40 year old motorcycle. Built a boat.” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “My father. He told me he treats each of his patients as if they were his mother.” 3. (Travel place?) “Bora Bora.” 4. (Best thing besides Radiology?) “Only time will tell. “ 5. (What else?) “I’m the oldest of 7 kids.”

Christopher Kolze Texas Tech University School of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Exercise, Golf, Bowl, Ski” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “Parents and sister. Support and great examples of hard work and determination.” 3. (Travel place?) “Australia.” 4. (Best thing?) “When the engine fired up on my seven year Corvette restoration project!” 5. (What else?) “I skied the 14th scariest ski slope in the world (according to Travel and Leisure magazine).”

More Resident News

Craig Robinson Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Helping my kids with their school work, walks with my wife and home improvement projects.” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “My mother. Kept her sanity even after raising me.” 3. (Travel place?) “Australia.” 4. (Best thing?) “My wife and kids, what else?” 5. (What else?) “This is my 3rd career - former navy submariner and sold pacemakers.”

Dr. Kevin Liaw Goes to Capitol Hill to Meet Legislators While in Washington, DC for the American College of Radiology’s Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference, April 26-30, Dr. Kevin Liaw, met with Tennessee representatives U.S. Congressman John “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr., and U.S. Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander to discuss issues important to radiologists. Part of AMCLC includes a presentation on issues effecting the radiology profession along with the opportunity to meet Members of Congress as advocates for the profession and for patients. Dr. Kevin Liaw (left) with

Mumtaz Syed Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine 1. (Free time?) “Like to play with my girls Aafreen (6y) and Zahra (3y). And cooking Indian food.” 2. (Biggest inspiration?) “My parents. They have always encouraged me to dream big and to work hard to realize my dreams.” 3. (Travel place?) “France, Italy, Dubai, London, and Hawaii are a few of the big list of places I would love to visit. “ 4. (Best thing besides Radiology?) “Marrying my husband, Kabir Basha. He is my best friend and I cherish every moment I spend with him.” 5. (What else?) “Excited to be part of this program!!!!!!”

New Chief Residents Elected

Congressman Duncan

Seniors Kevin Liaw & Lance Warren and Junior Austin Bourgeois were elected as new Co-Chief Residents, replacing graduating Drs. Ted Chang and Brian Dupree who we thank for their diligent service this past year.

See More News Photos on Page 8. 3

UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Research & Academics Conference Activities and Awards Earned

Presentations can be viewed in their entirety online at the Graduate School of Medicine’s Radiology website:


TMC Radiology Residents finished the 2012-13 academic year as productively as they started, also earning multiple awards, and thus continuing an active research presence. Since our Spring issue, residents gave nine oral and poster presentations, as well as three other posters given by our staff. Congratulations to our award winners, and thanks for your hard work! American Society of Spinal Radiology (ASSR 2013) Annual Meeting Scottsdale, AZ, February 21-24 Dr. Austin C. Bourgeois won the First Place award for his oral presentation: “Increased Accuracy in Lumbar Pedicle Screw Placement Using Three-Dimensional Image Guidance.” Dr. Bourgeois also won the Second Place award for his oral presentation: “Insight on the Clinical Significance of Baastrup’s Disease: From Kissing Spine to Interspinous Bursitis.” Both of these and two more presentations given at ASSR were noted in the Spring 2013 issue of The Reading Room. (Photo at top right) Tennessee Radiological Society Annual Resident & Fellow Research Symposium Nashville, TN, March 23 Dr. Lindsay Luttrell won the Second Place award for her oral presentation: “P1 Segment Blister Aneurysm: A Novel Treatment using Telescoping Stents.” Co-authors: Ted Chang, MD and Peter Kvamme, MD (Photo at top right)

Dr. Austin Bourgeois (left) and Dr. Lindsay Luttrell (right) with their presentation awards.

Dr. Matthew Layman gave an oral presentation: “Hallucal Sesamoid Trauma.” Association of University Radiologists (AUR) Annual Meeting Los Angeles, CA, April 9-12 Dr. Kate Frederick-Dyer won First Place Scientific Trainee Prize for her oral presentation: “The Effect on Patient Radiation Dose of a Formal Fluoroscopy Privileging Program in First Fluoroscopy Rotations.” Co-authors: Austin Faulkner, MD; Ted Chang, MD; Steven Knight, MD and Alex S. Pasciak, PhD. (Two photos at right) Course, Seminar, and Elections: Also attending the 2013 AUR Meeting were Senior Dr. Ted Chang and Junior Drs. Kevin Liaw and Lance Warren. Dr. Chang gave a “SAM” (Self-Assessment Module) course on “PACS Simulation: Liver MRI” and also moderated a “Business of Radiology” seminar in his role as Treasurer of the A3CR2 (American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology). At the conference, Dr. Liaw was elected as the ACR Representative and Dr. Warren was elected as Vice President for the A3CR2. Society of Interventional Radiologists (SIR) 2013 Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA, April 13-18 Poster Presentations “Creating a Standardized Method of Evaluating Supplemental Radiation Protection Products and Its Use in Evaluating Disposable Radiation-Reduction Drapes” (Presented by Dr. Scott Embry) First author: Austin C. Bourgeois, MD Co-authors: Scott Embry, MD; Ted Chang, MD; John Snidow, MD; J. Mark McKinney, MD and Alexander S. Pasciak, PhD “CT-Guided Percutaneous Drainage of Pancreatic Fluid Collections: Imaging Characteristics and Predictors of Success” (Poster at right) First author: Jerome Kao, MD; Co-authors: Ted Chang, MD and Peter Petruzzi, MD


(L-R) Drs Ted Chang, Kate Frederick-Dyer with her AUR award, and Kathy Hudson.

Dr. Kate Frederick-Dyer giving her “First Place Trainee” presentation at the 2013 AUR Conference.

SIR Poster - Kao, Chang & Petruzzi

Summer 2013, Issue 7 American College of Radiology’s Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference (AMCLC) Washington, DC, April 26-30 Dr. Kevin Liaw met with Tennessee US Congressman John “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr. and representatives for Tennessee US Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander to discuss issues important to Radiologists. (Photo on page 3) University Health Systems Board of Directors Meeting UT Medical Center, Knoxville, May 22 Poster Presentation: Dr. Kate Frederick-Dyer gave a presentation of her 2013 AUR First Place Scientific Trainee award winning project, “Specialized Training Can Positively Impact Patient Dose During Resident Fluoroscopy Rotations.” Co-authors: Austin Faulkner, MD; Ted Chang, MD and Alex S. Pasciak, PhD

(L-R) Co-author Alex Pasciak, PhD; Director Kathy Hudson, MD; awardee Ted Chang, MD and Research Day organizer William Metheny, PhD.

The Graduate School of Medicine’s Resident & Fellows Research Day UT Medical Center, Knoxville, May 25 Oral Presentations: Dr. Ted Chang won the First Place Case Report award (Two photos at right) for his presentation: “Results of the First Intraprocedural 90Y PET/CT Performed to Optimize Treatment Efficacy of Radioembolization for Hepatic Malignancy.” Co-authors: Austin Bourgeois, MD; John Snidow, MD and Alex S. Pasciak, PhD “18F-FDG PET/CT Provides Accurate Gross Tumor Volume Definition for 90Y Radioembolization” Ted Chang, MD; Co-authors: Yong C. Bradley, MD and Alex S. Pasciak, PhD

Dr. Ted Chang giving one of his two presentations at the 2013 Resident’s Research Day.

Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Vancouver, British Columbia, June 8-12 Poster Presentations: “Can BRAF V600E Mutation Alter F-18 FDG Uptake?” (Poster at right) Lindsay G. Luttrell, MD; Co-authors: Yong C. Bradley, MD, Laurentia Nodit, MD; James M. Lewis, MD and Karla J. Matteson, PhD “Comparison of TOF/PSF Modeling vs. OSEM in Clinical Diagnosis of F-18 Florbetapir Brain Imaging” Yong C. Bradley, MD Co-authors: Karen Wells, MD and Josh Schaefferkoetter, PhD

SNMMI Poster - Luttrell, Bradley, et al.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine 55th Meeting (AAPM) Indianapolis, IN, August 4-8 Poster Presentations: “Impact of C-arm Rotation on the Peak Skin Dose During Cardiac Catheterization” Alexander S. Pasciak, PhD and A. Kyle Jones, PhD (MD Anderson Cancer Ctr, Houston, TX) “Simulation of the Scatter Energy Spectrum for Multiple C-arm/Patient Thickness Configurations Using MCNPX” (Poster at right) Stephen M. Handley, MS and Alexander S. Pasciak, PhD


AAPM Poster - Handley & Pasciak

UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter our National Laboratories. Now consider that when we say “Dr. Kabalka Retires (Sort of…),” the reality is that he’s not really done working with us. Dr. Kabalka says he has “sort of entered an Emeritus status” where he continues to work, but he just doesn’t get paid anymore. (It should be noted that Dr. Kabalka remains a full-time Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemistry on the Knoxville campus where he continues to teach organic chemistry to future physicians, dentists, and pharmacists.) UTMC Radiology is [From Left] Drs. Will Pflanze and George W. Kabalka lucky indeed to be associated with such a talented and dedicated individual. “Thanks again, Dr. Kabalka.”

Radiology Faculty Spotlight Dr. Kabalka Retires (“Sort of...”)


eorge Kabalka, PhD has officially retired after 29 years of service with UTMC Radiology. At our recent Graduation and Awards banquet, long-time Attending Will Pflanze, MD had the honor of thanking Dr. Kabalka by presenting him with an engraved service plaque and the challenge of trying to summarize his long career with us in medical research chemistry in an all too brief Dr. George Kabalka amount of time. The best he could do was to at 2013 Graduation show some of Dr. Kabalka’s historic photos and recount a few of the major milestones accomplished during his three decade long tenure that began in 1984. Dr. Kabalka was the solo researcher to join Radiology Chair Dr. Ed Buonocore’s team of six Radiologists to form “The Biomedical Imaging Center.” Dr. Kabalka was brought in from main campus and serves as the Robert H. Cole Neuroscience Professor with the goal to develop cutting-edge imaging techniques and compounds, beginning with MR and evolving to Nuclear Medicine. During Dr. Kabalka’s tenure, he was awarded more than 9,000,000 dollars of research money for his Radiology research program from many grant agencies including NIH and the DOE. In the brief time available, Dr. Pflanze showed some truly historic images, like the arrival of UTMC’s first 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner. The photo shows Drs. Buonocore and Kabalka humorously trying to lift the huge scanner gantry that was sitting in the parking lot, as if attempting a “manual” install of the massive machine without use of a crane (previously shown on page 7 in our Spring 2011 issue of The Reading Room). Other images included the first MR imaging of boron containing compounds in mice that could hopefully be developed for future “Boron-Neutron Capture Therapy” cancer treatment. The image at the end of the slideshow (at left), made several years later in 1997, was that of an early PET scan of a patient’s large glioblastoma multiformé brain tumor. It shows striking uptake of an F-18 boron-containing BPA compound developed here at UTMC in Dr. Kabalka’s chemistry labs, located near the current MRI area. Some other memorable photos shown included the first MR images of a two-headed snake brought in from the Veterinary School of Medicine in attempt to understand the unusual neuroanatomy of the fully developed and functional snake (at right). Dr. Pflanze impressed upon the participants how remarkable is the breadth of Dr. Kabalka’s service with UTMC Radiology. In our Spring 2011 newsletter, we noted his receiving a Graduate School of Medicine “Excellence and Leadership in Basic Science Research” award from Dean James Neutens. At that time, Dr. Kabalka had over 400 articles published, including 14 in just that year. His research group had been expanded from an initial solo role to a team of 16 (including PhD students). He serves on a number of editorial and advisory boards and has been a consultant at three of

Welcome Dr. McElmurray


n July, we welcomed James H. McElmurray, MD to the Interventional Radiology Section. Dr. McElmurray was Director of Interventional Oncology at the Heart and Vascular Institute at Vanderbilt University Medical Center from 2010-13. He completed a fellowship in Vascular and Dr. James McElmurray Interventional Radiology at Vanderbilt in 2009 and completed his radiology residency at Vanderbilt in 2008. Dr. McElmurray graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine in Charleston in 2003. As Director of Interventional Oncology, Dr. McElmurray was responsible for the development and growth of a very busy chemoembolization and Y-90 radioembolization practice. In this role, he also served as the Director of Clinical Education for the Interventional Radiology fellowship, teaching the clinical aspects of IR to fellows and residents. Last summer, Dr. McElmurray lectured at the World Conference of Interventional Oncology with an extended follow-up on a Phase II Clinical Trial of “Yttrium-90 Radioembolization for Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor.” Dr. McElmurray also recently co-authored a paper in the journal Clinical Nuclear Medicine* on the impact of using FDG PET/CT for radiation planning in patients with NSC lung cancer. In medical school, Dr. McElmurray also authored and co-authored a number of articles related to Cardiology. UTMC Radiology looks forward to having Dr. McElmurray on our team. * Spratt DE, Diaz R, McElmurray J, Csiki I, Duggan D, Lu B, Delbeke D. Impact of FDG PET/CT on delineation of the gross tumor volume for radiation planning in non-small cell lung cancer. Clin Nucl Med 2010 Apr; 35 (4): 237-43.

Drs. Kvamme and Ferrell in Latest Frontiers UTMC’s Frontiers Summer 2013 issue is a Special Stroke Edition and features our neurointerventional Drs. Peter Kvamme and Andrew Ferrell. The issue also recounts the remarkable story of a high school coach’s near death event from a stroke caused by a severe clot that was succesfully treated by our team in the nick of time. Read the story here:


Summer 2013, Issue 7

Radiology Staff Notes

Residents’ 2013 Faculty Awardees: These are given by the Senior Residents at Graduation. Faculty Teaching Award: Peter T. Petruzzi, MD (below left) Faculty Service Awards: Anton M. Allen, MD & James W. Boyd, MD (below center)

Dr. Hudson Inducted into Academy of Scholars In June, Kathleen B. Hudson, MD was one of ten faculty members inducted into the Graduate School of Medicine’s new Academy of Scholars described in the June issue of The Scope newsletter as “an internal fellowship of faculty physicians who have demonstrated excellence in medical education and who will develop activities and methods to strengthen Dr. Kathy Hudson the academic mission of the institution.” The full article about all ten inaugural members can be read here:

Dean’s Faculty Award:

Volunteer Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award: Alexander S. Pasciak, PhD (below right)

Also in June, Dr. Hudson served as a Board Examiner on the last ABR Oral Board Exams, given in Louisville, KY.

Welcome Back Dr. Ingram

Dr. DeWitt Publishes Article

Amanda “Mandy” Ingram, MD joined our faculty in August. Dr. Ingram completed her radiology residency at UTMC in 2012 and her fellowship training in Breast Imaging at the University of Cincinnati. During residency, Dr. Ingram served as co-chief resident. Her honors include the 2012 Dr. Mandy Ingram RSNA Resident Research award and the resident “Professionalism Award.” She is co-author of a 2-part article with fellow graduate Cheryl DeWitt, MD (See article at right).

2012 grad Cheryl D. DeWitt, MD will have a two-part article published in Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology on “Imaging of Extranodal, Solid-Organ Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma” in the September 30th and October 15th Dr. Cheryl Dewitt issues (numbers 20 & 21). Dr. DeWitt first presented this as a poster abstract with fellow 2012 grad Amanda Ingram, MD (now on staff) and our attendings, Drs. Geoffrey Laing, Peter Petruzzi, and Kathy Hudson at the 2011 RSNA conference where it won a “Certificate of Merit.” In July, Dr. DeWitt completed her Abdominal Imaging Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center and “decided to start my career in another country.” She has taken a position at Rotorura Hospital in New Zealand. View of Lake Okareka from Cheryl’s house Congratulations Cheryl!

Dr. Ingram says, “My fellowship was wonderful, learning new techniques and refining the foundation I received at UTMC. The experience helped reinforce my passion for breast imaging, women’s health, and academics. I am excited to return and employ what I’ve learned, join colleagues I respect and help continue to build an excellent center to serve patients in our area.”

Guest Lectures by Drs. Reddy & McKinney Two guest lecturers reviewed oral board cases with our residents in May to assist in preparation for the final ABR oral exams in June. On May 8th, a familiar face, J. Mark McKinney, MD (former UTMC Radiology Chair) delayed his return to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to present Interventional Radiology cases to the 4th Years. Dr. McKinney was returning from the ACR conference in Washington, DC. On May 24th, Gautham P. Reddy, MD who is Director of Thoracic Imaging and Professor at Dr. J. Mark McKinney the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle presented cardiovascular cases. Dr. Reddy is renowned for his research in cardiovascular radiology and MRI assessment of physiology. He has coauthored over 100 scientific articles, reviews and book chapters, editor of two textbooks, including a volume in the Case Review Series, “Cardiac Imaging.” Dr. Reddy has presented over 450 lectures nationally and internationally. Our co-chief resident Kevin Liaw, MD arranged the visit after learning that Dr. Reddy would be in town with his children who were attending Knoxville’s nationally recognized “Destination Imagination” creative workshop that boasts 10,000 participants! Our program is grateful to these experts for their generous time and [L-R] Drs. Steven Knight, guest Gautham Reddy, and Kevin Liaw energy given to our residents.

Dr. Balius Moves Out to ‘Big Sky’ Country Stacey (Anastasia) Balius, MD and her family relocated to Great Falls, Montana at the end of May. UTMC Radiology extends our “thanks” for her service with our department as an Interventional & Vascular Radiologist. Her tenure with us began in July 2009 and included co-authorship of 4 journal articles and 12 resident research abstract presentations. In 2011, Dr. Balius and Alexander Pasciak, PhD designed and implemented one of the first Y-90 PET imaging research programs in the nation. Drs. Balius & Bourgeois We wish her well in her future endeavors. at 2012 Research Day

Stacey Balius carrying Sophia (left) on a hike with the kids Georgia, Wyatt, Sophia, & Quincy (center); Dad Jason and dog Duke at home (right).


Summer 2013, Issue 7

UTMC Radiology’s Alumni Newsletter

Radiology Events

Residents at the 2013 “Man Run”

Some scenes from our 2013 Graduation Banquet at Cherokee Country Club

Knoxville’s 6th annual Run/Walk for Prostate Cancer outreach, education & research, sponsored by Regal Entertainment and UTMC was on August 24th. [Above L-R] Drs. Lindsay Luttrell (& Parker), Kate Frederick-Dyer, Jerome Kao, Matt Layman, Chris Kolze, and Scott Embry [At left, L-R] Drs. Andrew Vincent, Kate Frederick-Dyer, Jerome Kao, and Christopher Kolze

Radiology Call A “Call” for Alumni News!


lease share with us your news: where you are, what you are doing, news about your family, honors, etc. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Kathy Hudson Please “Give us a Shout!” Shannon K. Campbell (865) 305-9693 or Debbie Jarvis (865) 305-8685

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adiology research and scholarly activity are vital components of better residency training and future progress. UTMC Radiology needs your support and gifts to help us empower our residents to continue to build upon our academic legacy. We have two funds that both support this crucial mission.

Edward Buonocore, MD Radiology Endowment Fund This fund was established by faculty, friends, patients, alumni and family members to promote excellence in the radiology residency program. The Buonocore endowment honors Dr. Buonocore for his many years of dedicated patient care, devotion to teaching and desire for new knowledge through advanced technology and cutting-edge research.

Please make your donation today to either fund: Dept. of Radiology Research & Education Gift Fund This fund was established by interested friends of the Department of Radiology to provide the Chairman and faculty with additional resources to ensure continued excellence in programs of patient care, education, and research.

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The Reading Room - Summer 2013  

A newsletter for the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine's Department of Radiology

The Reading Room - Summer 2013  

A newsletter for the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine's Department of Radiology