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Foreign Rights Guide 2013

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English translations by Ruth Feuchtwanger

Dear Colleagues, Let’s meet with some ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances: Leon is the only child without special powers in a family of superheroes, and he is quite happy with keeping things as they are. Little Luzi is keen to be first person to be bit by fledgling vampire Monty, but then she accidentally turns the little vampire into an ordinary human being! And Jan is trying to tide over his boring, ordinary hospital stay with an iPhone that does not belong to him and leads him to impersonate a stock-broker. For young adults, we have expanded our list of captivating reads with cases of kidnapping and cyberstalking as well as suspicious deaths, so don’t miss the dtv thrillers. One of our highlights is the story of Hannes, about two best friends on the verge of starting their own lives – this book is both heart-rending and up-lifting and will have you in tears and laughter at the same time.

As always, we wish you fun looking through our catalogue and hope to hear from you on any titles you may wish to examine more closely. Our agents will likewise be happy to help you with any question or book requests.

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Highlight Heiko Wolz

Heiko Wolz was born in 1977 and worked as a bookseller and a support-worker in a home for people with learning disabilities – until his wife and four children re-classified him as a house-husband. He writes his whimsical, witty novels and short stories between stove and doll’s house, ironing board and knights’ castle.

Alone Amongst Superheroes Capes fluttering in the breeze, arms akimbo, a fanfare playing, a twinkle glinting from brilliant white incisors – that’s the order of the day in Mega City’s superhero quarter where Leon lives with his family. Leon’s dad, Ray, can scare away supervillains with a single glare from his x-ray laser eyes. His mother, the Icewoman, is the supreme ruler of the world of ice and snow and his sister Laura can leap from place to place in the blink of an eye. Leon is the only normal one in the family, and in order to change that he is sent to Dr Schröder’s new school for superheroes without so much as a by-your-leave! But Schröder is only pretending to be a superhero and has evil schemes of his own. He’s fed up to the back teeth with all these superhero showoffs, and he’s planning to rob them of their powers once and for all. But he can’t do it without Leon’s help… A funny, imaginative and wonderfully offbeat superhero sensation! The second volume in the series, The Revenge of the Superheroes will be published hed in September 2013. With t b/w b/ illustrations ust at ons n by Ankee Kuhl u 160 pages Age 9 and up

Highlight Rita Falk

Rita Falk was born in 1964 in Oberammergau, Bavaria. She now lives in Munich. She is the mother of three children.

Hannes Two young men, friends since early child-hood, speed away on their trip into life. Until the accident. Uli believes fiercely that Hannes will awake from his coma, soon. He visits him daily, at the same time, he has this hunger for life, for love and sex as well as for a deep friendship – and the hope that everything will soon be back the way it was before the accident. And in his own way, he tries to bring Hannes back to life: Every day, Uli writes him letters so that Hannes will be up to date later on, when he is back with him… With Hannes, bestselling author Rita Falk is gifting us with a genuine, universal story about unconditional friendship and loss, about love and death, but also about the splendor and beauty of life. This is an outstanding novel which will find and touch its readers everywhere. Bestseller: Over 35.000 copies sold of the hardcover edition (April 2012) Rights sold: Israel, The Netherlands, Korea, Italy 208 pages Young adult/All Y d lt/All A Age

Age 6 and up Anu Stohner

Greta Says Sorry My mum and dad say excuses don’t count unless you tell the whole truth and really regret what you’ve done from the bottom of your heart, so that’s why I’m being completely honest and totally regretful – even though none of it was my fault. Here’s how it all happened…  It started with a length of string and ended with all lessons at Greta’s school being temporarily cancelled. And now, because she is anything but innocent, her parents insist that she apologises in full and in writing. This is how Greta Says Sorry comes about. The whole story unfolds letter by letter – telling us how despite the fact that it wasn’t her fault, she’s nevertheless ready to take full responsibility… nsibility… A cheerful novel in letter form for small children – and the big adults who read it to them!

With b/w illustrations by Hildegard Müller 104 pages Age 6 and up

By the same author: t5IFBig Advent nt Calendar Book series (Rights sold to:: Estonia) t5IFRobert and nd the Knights series

Age 6 and up Grit Poppe

Monty the Vampire What a mess! Monty the little vampire is supposed to attack his ďŹ rst victim during a lunar eclipse – all on his own! Not easy – especially if you’re more partial to grape-juice than you are to blood! It’s just as g well that he bumps into the adventurous Luzi, who would like nothing better than to become a vampire. When the moon disappears at long last, Luzi is waiting impatiently forr Monty to bite her – but he just can’t seem to muster the courage. To o show him how it’s done, Luzi bites Monty instead – but that proves to be a very bad idea, because the little vampire instantly turns human! tGVOmMMFEFBSMZSFBEJOHGPSDIJMESFO tUIFmSTUJOBTFSJFTPGCPPLTGFBUVSJOH.POUZUIF7BNQJSF t4FDPOEWPMVNFJOUIJTTFSJFTUPCFQVCMJTIFEJO4FQUFNCFS ďššMonty the Vampire – Danger at Full Moon Rights sold: Turkey By the same author: The Secret of Dinosaur Island

With four-c four-colour fou o illustrations by Regina Ke KKehn 112 pages Age 7 and up

Activity Book Atelier Petit-4

First Day Fun! Patterns, doodles and crafts for the first day at school Your first day at school is a very special event – so it needs to be celebrated in style and recorded for posterity! This book is sure to make this significant milestone unforgettable. What did you do? Who did you meet and what did you eat? What’s more, there are loads of activities in this book to keep the proud first-grader entertained. Here’s a paint-by-numbers picture! Can you find the numbers hidden in this drawing? Which two kittens are identical? Join up the dots to find the animals and paste cut-out letters together to form your very own name tag!

64 pages es May 2013 13 Age 6 and nd up


Age 6 and up Dagmar Geisler

Wanda's First School Outing Seven-year-old Wanda is smart, sassy and sometimes a bit on the cheeky side. In her uniquely charming way, she tells us all about herr colourful schooldays and her class’s first excursion. During their visitt to a wildlife park Frau Lange, their teacher, has her hands full keeping track of her charges amongst all the raccoons, pot-bellied pigss and new-born lambs. It’s just as well Wanda and her best friend Katti ti are full of great ideas – and everyone gets home safely in the end. The perfect present for fledgling readers!

By the same author: Wanda's Secret Notebook (6 titles) Wanda's First School Stories

Rights sold: Thailand, Latvia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Dutch language, PR China, Poland, Spain (cast., cat.), France, Turkey, Hungary

With four-colour illustrations W by the author b 1112 pages May 2013 M Age 6 and up A

Age 8 and up Irina Korschunow

Irina Korschunow is of German-Russian origins and was born in Stendal. She studied German in Göttingen and has been living in Munich for many years. She has written numerous books for children and teenagers as well as novels for adults and is a well-known and bestselling author with well over 4 million copies sold. Many of her titles were short-listed for the German Youthbook Prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis).

That's Why They Call Me Strong Bear It all depends on you, Strong Bear! Martin wants to go hiking in the mountains with his father – it’ll be a real adventure! At long last the shy boy will have a chance to prove his worth; he’ll finally be able to show his father and his friends that he can live up to the Native American name he’s previously only used in play. But what starts out as a cheerful father-and-son outing soon turns into a nightmare: a storm comes up and Martin’s father has an accident. Now there’s only one person in the mountain wilderness who can get help: Martin – the Strong Bear!

A children’s literature classic – a straight-talking boys’ adventure! With illustrations by Peter Knorr 80 pages Age 8 and up

Age 8 and up Meike Haas

Lotte, Motte and Me Tinka is almost nine when she moves from the country to the city. She’s really excited at the prospect of making a new start, although at ďŹ rst she misses her best friend Amelie badly. But Tinka soon discovers that there’ss a girl the same age living just across the road. Tinka and Lotte get on like a house on ďŹ re right from the start and soon become inseparable. Then Lotte’s real best friend Motte gets back from her holidays, and suddenly Tinka ďŹ nds herself dropped like a hot potato. Angry and desperately upset, et, she resorts to underhand trickery in the hope of winning back Lotte’s friendship. But her scheme hem me backďŹ res, and in the end all three girls fall outt with each another. Willl they th hey be able to salvage their friendship?

A funny and exciting ing book about the things that matterr m most ost to eight-year-olds: friendship, family y and and fresh starts. By the same author: TTTPME t1BVMJOFhT4PMP 3JHIUTTPME The Netherlands, Czech ech h Republic, Slovak Republic) t$PYJ'MFEFSXJTDI

With four-colour four colour llustrations by Angela GlĂśkler 160 pages Age 8 and up

Age 8 and up A Anu Stohner

The Tournament T Robert and the Knights 4 R

With b/w-illustrations by Jörg Mühle dtv Reihe Hanser 160 pages Age 8 and up

T They call him the Ghost Knight: the mysterious visitor who never ever opens his visor and shows up only for tournaments – which he wins without fail. But h tthe Wackerburg tournament looks like the perfect setting for the Black Knight tto take his revenge on the silent stranger. The castle’s damsels are in a fluster; tthey’ve all taken sides and are holding a torch for one knight or the other. So o of course young boys like Robert and Tom don’t stand a chance, despite being brave time-travellers equipped with a magic sword. But then Robert has a b b brainwave. He promises the beautiful Ingrid a feather from the Ghost Knight’s h helmet so she’ll see him in a more favourable light, but it puts him in a tight sspot – because now he has to keep his word… P Press acclaim for the first volume of Robert and the Knights: This is a wild adventure full of fun and noise, action-packed to the brim! Let’s hope we get another instalment soon. bjl - Bulletin Jugend & Literatur The Magic Sword Robert Robe Ro bert be rt and and the the Knights Kni nigh g ts 1

The Dragonwoods Robert Robe Ro bert be rt and and the the Knights Kni nigh g ts 2

The Castle Poltergeist Robert Rob Ro bert be b rt and and the the Knights Kni nigh g ts 3

Age 8 and up Meike Haas

Playground Witchcraft Coxi Flederwisch 2 Another wild adventure featuring Coxi the little witch, who turns the school topsy-turvy once again. After her most recent visit to the world of humans, she told her family there’s loads of conjuring props stored in the school cellar, so several members of the Flederwisch family decide to shape-shift into the guise of caretakers and dash off to the Tannhaus primary school. It’s just as well that Coxi’s friend Liselotte – ten years old, zealous, cheerful and a tad precocious – is there to prevent the worst from happening! Press acclaim for Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School: Quick-witted humour, tongue-in-cheek charm and a spark of magic guarantee readers great entertainment sure to put a smile on their faces. They’ll enjoy Coxi Flederwisch’s company for hours on end.

Coxi Flederwisch and the Totally Jinxed Day at School ol

Wi h four-colour With f l illustrations ill by Günther Jakobs 120 pages Age 8 and up

Age 8 and up Cornelia Franz

The Flip-Flop Gang With illustrations by Nina Dulleck 176 pages Age 9 and up

You can’t beat the Flip-Flop Gang. We ip, we op, we can’t be stopped ... Lotte and her best friend Fritzi go to an after school club along with Hanan and Liev – and they all share a secret. They have started up a gang complete with all the standard accessories – a headquarters, insignia, initiation tests and gang pledges. But then they get caught up in a ďŹ ght with the Wild Wolves, another gang from the same centre, of which Lotte’s lifelong friend Memoli is a member. Once the gangs have ďŹ nished trading blows, Lotte secretly meets Memoli in an ice cream parlour and is late for the gang meeting. The ip-op girls are hopping mad; they feel betrayed by Lotte and want to kick her out of the gang. And then, to make things worse, the Wolves storm their headquarters ...

Best friends, gang life, endless fun and adventure! By the same author: t5IF3FE,OJHIUhT4FDSFU 3JHIUTTPME,PSFB (SFFDF $[FDI3FQVCMJD



Age 10 and up Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus

Totally Sick! Bad luck comes in threes; instead of being pampered by his Aunt Astrid, Jan falls off his bike, breaks his leg and fetches up on the overcrowded children's wing of Munster University Hospital. To make matters worse, they put him in a girl’s ward where Agneta the matron refers to him as little mouse! Meanwhile, the paramedics hand Jan an iPhone they think is his – some-one must have left it in the ambulance that brought him in. Jan decides to pretend the phone really does belong to him – a disastrous error of judgment with catastrophic consequences. Suddenly, he finds himself cast in the role of a stock-market speculator, ad-man and faithless lover ...

Wild, witty and out of this world! The new adventures of Jan, hero of the offbeat graphic novel Totally Spaced-Out! utt! Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus Ha H Totally Spaced-Out! To T o Ri R Rights sold: Turkey, Lithuania

W b/w-illustrations With by the author 240 pages October 2013 Age 11 and up

Age 10 and up Beate DĂślling B

D Dr Snore, Period Six S School can be pretty boring, unless you’re Alex and Emily. The two girls may be like chalk and cheese, but they manage to communicate across the classb rroom in a way that slips beneath the radar – most of the time at least! – by passing a secret journal under their desks. Emily talks about boys; Alex b discusses the courtship rituals of bowerbirds. Emily talks about boys some d more; Alex ponders on the love-life of the edible snail. Emily chats about m ffashion while Alex expounds on the feeding behaviour of the male fruit y. And then of course there’s teachers, pranks, girlfriends and siblings. A

M More than just a girls’ book, Dr Snore, Period Six features the hilarious observations of two young friends – complete with h ttheir cartoons and drawings!

With two-colour-illustrations by Katja Spitzer and Bianca Schaalburg 200 pages May 2013 Age 10 and up



Age 10 and up Christian Tielmann

Emergency Landing On 17a Milky Way Two aliens, Winston and Ibu, are on the run from their teacher. When they’re forced to make an emergency landing, they find themselves on the stupidest planet in the entire universe – Planet Earth! To make matters worse, they crash-land on 17a Milky Way – slap bang in the middle of a housing estate! The brothers’ humanoid disguise isn’t entirely convincing and their plight isn’t helped when they attempt to hide their spaceship between two of the semi-detached houses without stopping to think things through properly. There’s only one person who’s really happy in the ensuing mayhem – Linus from next door. For this reserved and reclusive boy, meeting offbeat Winston marks the start of a beautiful friendship that means he finally finds his rightful home on Milky Way.

Imaginative, packed with hilarious scenes – extraterrestrially funny! By the same author: t5SFBTVSF)VOUJOHJOUIF$BSJCCFBO (Rights sold: Latvia, Korea, Poland, PR China)

W b/w-illustrations With by Markus Spang b 1192 pages Age 9 and up A

Christmas Franziska Gehm

24 Fabulous Christmas Fables The adventures Jola has when she goes up to the attic looking for Santa Claus are way beyond her wildest dreams. The minute she opens the door she ďŹ nds herself passing from one magic realm to another. She helps the elves out of a tight spot during the nativity play; she prevents the goblins from decking the Christmas tree with toilet paper and decorating the gingerbread with mustard; she helps the angels to hit the perfect note that will open the gates of heaven, and she celebrates Christmas with the mermaids. When her journey ďŹ nally comes to and end, will Santa be waiting for her? t$ISJTUNBTJTUIFUJNFGPSTUPSJFTIFSFBSFTIPSU TFMGDPOUBJOFE TFMG DPOUBJOFE tales ideal for reading aloud at bedtime. tBSJDIBOEMVYVSJPVTMBZPVUGFBUVSJOHDPMPVSGVM  detailed illustrations with loads to discover

With four-colour illustrations by Helmut Dohle 160 pages Age 5 and up

By the same author: t0OUIF5SBJMPGUIF.BNNPUI (Rights sold: Korea, Greece, Czech Republic, PR China) na) t5IF8JUDIhT1PUJPO t"OHFMPG5FBST 3JHIUTTPME$[FDI3FQVCMJD 4MPWBL3FQVCMJD

Young Adults Lotte Kinskofer

A Leap in the Sky The two girls are like chalk and cheese. You’d expect Yamina’s shy and retiring nature to clash with Zip’s maladjusted eccentricity – yet they become best friends more or less overnight. Yamina is over the moon: at long last there’s something going on in her boring life. But Zip is completely unpredictable and seems to reinvent her past on a daily basis. And what does she see in Yamina anyway? By the time Yamina ďŹ gures that out, it’s almost too late. Zip spends the night at her house more and more frequently, charms her parents and steals her boyfriend – in short she takes over Yamina’s whole life, until there’s nothing left ‌

A riveting psychodrama By the same author: t4.44BSBI.FFUT4BN 3JHIUTTPME5IF/FUIFSMBOET



288 pages 288 Age Ag g 14 and up

Young Adults Keto von Waberer

Mingus Some see the creature as a miracle, others as the new messiah. Still more view him as a thug, a lethal weapon. Either way, they all want a piece of him. Mingus the Lion Man: he’s emerged from the woods with no idea of his uniqueness. And he’s brought a girl with him – Nin, who disappeared from the city many years ago – but no one believes her when she insists that Mingus is her rescuer, not her kidnapper. With everyone on his tail, he finds supporters – but they all seem out to exploit him for their own ends. In the final analysis Mingus and Nin want only one thing – to find each other again and go back to the place where they were both happy. In a sinister world surrounded by enemies, they can’t afford to give up hope ...

A highly atmospheric dystopian thriller: intricate, complex, and crafted with stylistic aplomb.

300 pages _ Reihe Hanser Age 14 and up

Press acclaim for Mingus: Mingus is a character reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren’s Mio, living in a world evocative of a Philip K Dick novel. Keto von Waberer has a keen sense of the dangers we face as well as our means of redemption… a superb novel. Georg Oswald

A modernist fairytale: sinister, seductive and deeply moving. Friedrich Ani

Young Adults Cornelia Franz

Facing Northern Lights Greenland in 2020: the eternal ice has loosened its grip and the island is beginning to live up to its name. Budding young sculptor Jonathan Querido has left Germany to return to the land of his birth, where he is forced to confront the dark secret hidden in his past. The things that happened seven years ago – events which forced him to abandon his previous life – are still a source of great anxiety. What has become of his father, his old friends and Maalia, his ďŹ rst love, after Jonathan was pronounced missing and presumed dead? What really happened all those years ago on the cruise-ship MS Alaska as it sailed from Greenland to Hamburg?

A moving and densely atmospheric novel that explores the timeless issues of guilt, fate and personal responsibility. By the same author: t5IF3FE,OJHIUhT4FDSFU 3JHIUTTPME,PSFB (SFFDF $[FDI3FQVCMJD



280 pages Age 15 and up


Heiko Wolz was born in 1977 and worked as a bookseller and a 320 pages support-worker in a Age 14for and up with home people learning disabilities – until his wife and four children re-classified him as a house-husband. He writes his whimsical, witty novels and short stories between stove and doll’s house, ironing board and knights’ castle.

Beate Dölling, Didier Laget

Fatal Lies Josi is meant to be looking after her beloved half-brother Lou. But when her back is turned for a moment, Lou is kidnapped. Josi, her father, and her stepmother Marian are desperate, but instead of finding Lou, the police discover the corpse of a young woman. Josi’s father initially denies having known her, until the police find out that she was one of his students – and there’s worse to come: she had an affair with him. Now he’s under suspicion – and Lou is still missing. Could there be a link between the murder and the kidnapping?

Ulrike Rylance ce e

The Ice-Cold Heart rt Lena and Leander have been a couple ple for several months… until the beautiful ful Vanessa appears on the scene. Although gh Lena guards her boyfriend like a jealous hawk, there’s nothing she can an July 2013 do to prevent him dumping her and taking up with Vanessa. Lenaa is 224 pages raging with jealousy and doesn’t bother trying to hide it – so it goes without out Age 14 and up saying she’s the prime suspect when Vanessa is found dead in the aftermath ath of o a party. Lena can’t remember anything, but when she discovers Vanessa’s eararring in her handbag she begins to wonder if she really does have something to do with her death. Surprisingly, the only one who’s convinced of her innocence is Leander… r…

Thoroughly researched psychological thrillers peopled with utterly convincing ng g characters – books that’s guaranteed to send shivers down your spine ne e

Thriller Petra Schwarz

The Swan's Grave After her mother dies, 15-year-old Samantha moves from California with her father to make a fresh start in Trier. But the pupils at her new school take against her right from the start for no apparent reason, with the exception of Mike and Christoph. Perhaps they can throw some light on the situation. It turns out that Samantha is the spitting image of a former classmate – a girl who was killed under suspicious circumstances during a class outing last year. Samantha tries to get to the bottom of what really happend, but comes up against barriers of silence and mistrust every step of the way.

August 2013 304 pages Age 14 and up

Katrin Stehle K

Password to your Life P David is Sofie’s first real love. But then her D friend Julia pinches him during a table ffr tennis weekend that Sofie can’t take part tte in. The first photos of the new couple are posted on Facebook before David iin aand Sofie have even had a chance to talk. Hurt and humiliated, Sofie retaliates by inventing Mario. She sets up an account under his name and has him post b aamorous messages to her. But one day she can’t access the fictional Mario’s aaccount any more – instead she finds a message from him in her own inbox. It’s aas if Mario had suddenly sprung to life! And then he starts to undermine Sofie by b bombarding her with nasty messages that isolate her from her friends… b

A gripping psycho-thriller on the red-hot subject of social networks and cyber-stalking. n

June 2013 224 pages Age 14 and up

Thriller Ulrike Rylance

The Villa of Silence

240 pages Age 14 and up

Nina has a funny feeling from the very start when she moves into her new shared apartment in an old villa. She organises a party so she can get to know her new housemates better and lighten up the mood a little – but instead, it ends in death. Lauren, the girlfriend of Nina’s housemate Stefan, is found dead on the stairway. The police initially assume it is suicide, but Nina suspects there’s more behind it. Before long, emails are deleted from her laptop and she ďŹ nds her favourite clothes torn to shreds on her doorstep. Nina realises that her own life is in danger. She wants to move out as soon as possible, but by then it’s almost too late... Rights sold: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic Press acclaim for The Villa of Silence: With this book Ulrike Rylance has succeeded in producing a gripping tale th l ffrom a tteenage story t thatt d develops to a gory crime thriller that keeps the reader hooked over 240 suspenseful pages.ďšś Märkische Allgemeine

All dtv thriller titles for young adults: t-PUUF,JOTLPGFS#MBDL4OPX 3JHIUTTPME$[FDI3FQVCMJD 4MPWBL3FQVCMJD




Klett Kinderbuch

Birte Müller was born in 1973. She studied creative arts and book illustration in Mexico and Hamburg, and has been giving readings and running children’s workshops since she graduated. Her picture books have been translated into fourteen languages to date. Birte Müller lives in Hamburg with her husband, her son Willi and daughter Olivia. Read more on

Birte Müller B

W Willi’s World T picture book is bristling with energy – just like Willi! Willi’s This world is a strange and alien place, a planet that’s very different w ffrom our own. He shows us what really matters to him, the tthings he loves and the things he really doesn’t like one bit! We ssee our supposedly normal existence through Willi’s eyes and ffeel it through his senses, with all his zest for life. It’s quite clear tthat his is a colourful, wild and exuberant life!

Wi h four-colour With f l illustrations by the author 32 pages Age 4 and up

U Unrestrained, up-front and loveable: with a combination of clear llanguage and vivid imagery, Birte Müller shows us how her son Willi manages to conquer his disabilities. W

A remarkably open and humorous approach to coping with Down syndrome.

Klett Kinderbuch Moni Port

The Book of Courage Fear can show us the way‌ Fear is important. Fear is part of life – no one knows that better from ďŹ rst–hand experience than a child. And it’s good to know how to make certain it never gets the upper hand. Fear is a profound and exciting subject, and in this book it is explored with a riot of imagination. Moni Port’s compilation of associations, photos and collages, well-known and unusual impressions is not a chamber of horrors but instead a bracing and aďŹƒrmative foray through our emotional landscape. And precisely because she avoids banal reassurances like ďššthere’s no need to be scared, the Book of Courage has an immensely uplifting and liberating eect.

A wonderful exploration of an important part of the soul. By the same author: t*,OPX5IBU 3JHIUTTPME5IF/FUIFSMBOET 'SBODF %FONBSL #SB[JM

With four-colour illustrations and collages by the author 112 pages Age 5 and up

Klett Kinderbuch Alexandra Maxeiner

We are Family! With four-colour illustrations by Anke Kuhl 32 pages Age 5 and up

All about dad's ex-wife's brother's new girlfriend's child and other relatives Winner of the German Children's Book Award/ Non-Fiction 2011 The so-called picturebook family consisting of mum, dad and children – it still exists of course, but we all know that there are many other forms of family life. And nowadays, these different types are just as normal: single parent families, patchwork families, same-sex parenting, step-families, rainbow families and adoptive families. All these and more are covered here, as well as blood relationships and elective affinities – and the likelihood of inheriting granddad’s nose. Reading through this entertaining book with its humorous illustrations, you’ll inevitably find yourself telling stories about your own family and wondering what makes it so unique. Because in the end, we are all part of a family that only exists once in the whole wide world.

Lively, cheerful, and full of factual information – at long last, here is a book about the many new and diverse family forms. Rights Rig ghts sold: Denmark, Slovenia, Sloven Spain (cast., cat.), Poland, Brazil, Korea

Klett Kinderbuch Alexandra Maxeiner

Alexandra Maxeiner was born in 1971, studied in Paris and Mainz, and went on to work as an ad writer for various agencies and as an editor at the Hessian state radio. She has been a full-time scriptwriter since 2002. She lives in Frankfurt, where she works with the studio community laborproben.

All So Delicious! Chomp, munch, gulp, slurp! Yum-Yum! When do we eat, where and why, what – and whom?! Which yucky foods do we hate? How do our surroundings affect what we eat, and why is it thatt kids the world over love sweets? Where do table manners come from and why do they vary so much from one country to another? Here’s something to whet the appetite and inspire all manner of table talk: a bright and lively little book about the pleasures of eating, packed with riveting facts, stories and pictures. Read yourself hungry!

Cheeky, funny and stimulating – delectable fun for kids and adults alike. Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.)

With ffour-colour illustrations by Anke Kuhl 32 pages Age 5 and up

Anke Kuhl, born in 1970, studied illustration and has been a freelance illustrator since 1998. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and two children.

Klett Kinderbuch FFranziska Gehm

B Behave Yourself – Not! W What sense is there in all those dull and dreary rituals of behaviour and manners that kids are supposed to follow these b d days? None whatsoever!

With four-colour illustrations by Horst Klein 32 pages Age 5 and up

B Behave Yourself – Not! brings a relaxed and enlightened aattitude to a subject fraught with pitfalls. Let’s face it, it’s much m more enjoyable, creative and fun to do the opposite of what yyou’re supposed to. From farting with relish to the advantages of procrastination and fabrication; from fibbing, doodling and dawdling to refusing to brush your teeth – this book makes a convincing case for banishing good conduct and doing away with all the hassle involved in toeing the line just for the sake of it.

The high art of bad manners –breaking the rules of good conduct

Klett Kinderbuch Doreen Beilke

How are You? I'm Fine! Fourteen secrets, fourteen letters... What happens when you post a letter in the mailbox on the corner? Does it just lie there all alone? Of course not. There’s lots and lots of other letters there to keep it company, and they all hold confidential secrets sealed away inside their envelopes. Doreen Beilke has put together a compendium of letters – real and invented; the sort you’d be likely to find in any postbox. Among others we can read a love letter, a blackmail threat and some fan mail alongside a piece of sad news. A collection of snapshots from everyday life, by local children and grownups.

Letters bearing personal secrets – unveiled with great warmth and illustrated with affection.

W four-colour illustrations With byy Le Lena Ellermann 440 pa pages Age 5 and up A

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