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09 JUNE 2010


fosterroster STATEWIDE UPDATE in this issue

Utah Foster Care Foundation Offices

Chalk Art Festival P.1 Successful Symposium P.2

Murray 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107 Phone: 801.994.5205 Fax: 801.994.5206 Toll Free: 877.505.KIDS Ogden 3340 S. Harrison Blvd. #200 Ogden, UT 84403 Phone: 801.392.1114 Orem 252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT 84057 Phone: 801.373.3006 Price 475 W. Price River Dr. #152 Price, UT 84501 Phone: 435.636.0210 Roosevelt Phone: 435.724.0959 Vernal 1052 W. Market Dr. Vernal, UT 84078 Phone: 435.781.4224 Moab 180 S. 300 E., Ste. C Moab, UT 84532 Phone: 435.259.3345 St. George 321 N. Mall Dr. #B102 St. George, UT 84790 Phone: 435.656.8065 Richfield 201 E. 500 N. Richfield, UT 84701 Phone: 435.896.1232

Fostering Healthy Children P.3 UFAFA Update P.4 Western Region Update Begins P.5

Don’t miss it! ster Care F Utah Fo oun dat io n ’s

June 18-19 The Gateway Visit the Kids’ Korner and join in on the fun! Watch as artists create beautiful, temporary works of art. We are still looking for general and foster parent volunteers. If you are interested, please visit the Chalk Art Festival web site to register.

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Successful Symposium

Greetings! We wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our very 1st Annual Utah Foster Care Foundation Symposium held April 21st and 22nd in Midway. We had a great turnout and enjoyed several presenters’ views on trauma and attachment. Foster parents attending were eligible for three hours on Wednesday afternoon and six hours on Thursday to be credited towards licensure renewal. Clinicians were also able to obtain 9 CEU’s toward their licensure renewals.

speaker. His presentation, “Attachment in Perspective: Keeping the Big Picture in View,” included case studies as well as grounded ideas of how to help families struggling with attachment and trauma issues. We want to thank him for his time and expertise and received numerous evaluations thanking him for all he shared. Foundation trainers Liz Rivera, MS, Les Harris, LCSW, Mick Woolsey, LCSW, and Nancy Zelenak, MSC explored other areas of attachment. Topics included Discipline with Traumatized Children, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Secondary Trauma & Foster Parents and Matters of the Heart from Children in Care.

Dr. Doug Goldsmith from the Children’s Center was the keynote

We look forward to next year’s Symposium and hope you can join us!

By Mick Woolsey, LCSW Director of Education Utah Foster Care Foundation

Joseph V. Birthday: 10/2000 Grade in School: 3rd Heritage: Native American ALL BOY, is the best way to describe this friendly kid. Joseph is a very athletic child who loves football but enjoys anything played with a ball. He would do very well and is looking forward to someday playing on a sports team. An intelligent guy, Joseph likes to tinker, draw, figure things out, learn new things, and play with LEGOS. When Joseph feels relaxed and comfortable in a situation, his silly side seems to come out. When this happens Joseph very much enjoys this “hang-out” time. He is a very observant kid who happens to notice little details in things. Some of Joseph’s current interests are animals and Transformers.

For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444

Dr. Goldsmith presenting at the Symposium.

Special thanks to: 2

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Jasmine M.

Fostering Healthy Children By Chris Chytraus, R.N., BSN, CPM Program Manager Fostering Healthy Children Program As a foster parent, you should have received a letter from the Utah Dept. of Heath about the national recall of many “over the counter” medications. Below is a list of the brand names of the medicines on the recall list. If you have any of these medications, you should check the NDC code on the packaging. A complete listing of these codes can be found at https:// If you have any of the medications with the NDC code listed, you should return it to the pharmacy where you purchased it.

If you have been giving a child any of the medications listed and they have nausea, vomiting or diarrhea PLEASE CONTACT THE CHILD’S MEDICAL PROVIDER and let them know.

Medications recalled May 3, 2010: • Tylenol Infants’ Drops • Children’s Tylenol Suspensions • Children’s Tylenol Plus Suspensions • Motrin Infants’ Drops • Childrens’ Motrin Suspensions • Childrens’ Motrin Cold Suspensions • Childrens’ Zyrtec Liquids in Bottles • Childrens’ Benadryl Allergy

Birthday: 10/97 Grade in School: 5th Heritage: Caucasian

This bright young lady enjoys singing, acting, sewing, drawing, reading, and gymnastics. Jasmine likes animals. She relishes in being physically active and busy. Like many other girls her age, Jasmine is interested in cosmetology, especially make-up and hairstyling. As a fifth grader, Jasmine is above grade level, has higher than average intelligence, and loves to learn!

Recall on Children’s OTC Medications If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the nurse assigned to the child’s case or the Fostering Healthy Children Program at 801.584.8598 or toll-free 800.829.2900 ext. #4.

For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444

Visit our web site for the whole list

Special thanks to: 3

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Announcing Foster/Adoptive Dads of the Year 2010 Utah Foster Care Foundation would like to announce the five Foster/ Adoptive Dads of the Year for 2010: Eastern Region: Jeff Edwards Northern Region: Chris Erickson SLV Region: Mike Millgate Southwest Region: Gerardo Reyes Western Region: Mark Broderick If you know these dads and would like to support them, an awards ceremony will be held in their honor on Saturday, June 19th at noon. The ceremony will be held at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Come join the fun!

U F A F A Executive Committee President: Jennifer Gardner 1st VP: Renee Calkins 2nd VP: Cayce Thill Secretary: Michelle Ostmark Treasurer: Beth Hardman


Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Association Update UFAFA is coming to a region near you! Correction: UFAFA is coming to YOUR region! We want all regions of the state to feel that they are represented by Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Association (UFAFA) and their needs are addressed. We felt that creating regional committees that are modeled after and report to the executive committee would be the best way to accomplish this goal. These committees would coordinate various endeavors in each region that would help fulfill the purposes of UFAFA. We need volunteers to staff these regional committees! We are also looking for volunteers to create and staff “resource centers” throughout the state! Northern Region has a great one that is supervised by the Utah Foster Care Foundation. It has been such a success that we would like to spread it to all other regions. Basically, it is a place

where donated clothes and other items are sorted, stored and distributed (by appointment) to foster/adoptive families in need of the items. Please check out our website (www. to get more details on these Volunteer Opportunities. ALSO – we have emailed questionnaires about child welfare to all candidates that are running for state legislative positions. To see how the candidates in YOUR district responded, please email Jenn @ with your voting district (found on your voter registration card – there will be two, a house and a senate) as the subject line. Thanks for all you do every day to make the world a better place! Jennifer Gardner UFAFA President

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in this issue Foster Mother of the Year P.5 Western Region Office Medication Disbursement P.6

252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT Phone: 801.373.3006 Fax: 801.373.3004 Toll Free: 877.373.3006

Partners in Parenting P.7 Training Updates P.9

Area Representative

Western Region Foster Mother of the Year Cheryl Brown was awarded the western region foster mother of the year award for 2010. Cheryl has been a foster parent for 8 years, and between her and her other half Les, they have cared for over 60 kids, primarily boys between 12-18 years of age. Cheryl decided that she wasn’t done “mothering” after her last biological child was raised. Now loneliness is hard to come by, between taking the boys camping, fishing, and swimming, and helping them to get jobs and teaching them to cook. Cheryl is even going head-to-head with

one of them in a WII fit weight-loss contest this summer. Cheryl says, “It keeps you alive, I talk to other people my age and say, ‘That is all you have in your life?’ Not to put down prize rose bushes or anything, but kids are our future.”

Wendy Bunnell Foster/Adoptive Family Recruiter John Thill Trainer Nancy Zelenak Retention Specialist

Cheryl was awarded this prestigious title by Mayor John R. Curtis of Provo City in front of the city hall on Tuesday May 4, 2010. The mayor congratulated Cheryl on her tireless effort in making a difference in the lives of so many others.

Jessica Hanneman


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Wishing Well Funds Utah Foster Care Foundation has funds available to meet the special needs of children in foster care when DCFS is unable to meet these needs for any reason. Funds are limited. Requests MUST include the following: • Child’s first name, last initial and age • Foster parent’s name and home address • Caseworker’s name and contact information • The item being requested and the associated costs • Brief description of how the child will benefit Request should come in writing by a foster parent, the child in care or the caseworker. PLEASE NOTE: • Dispersal of funds can take up to 4 weeks. • Checks are mailed to the foster parent’s home address. • Funds are for children in foster care ONLY. • Items covered by the foster care reimbursement or by Medicaid are not eligible. • Only requests previously denied by DCFS are eligible. VACATIONS: • A child in care can receive vacation funds only ONCE in their lifetime. • Vacations are restricted monetarily & may not cover all costs. SUBMIT REQUESTS TO: Jessica Hannemann Utah Foster Care Foundation 252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT 84057 OR jessica.hannemann


Medication Disbursement By Ron Cromar, supervisor health care team DCFS Western Region In your daily life as a Resource Family (foster family) the process of disbursing medication may seem like a simple, logical, no-brainer. The medication is taken out, given to the person it is prescribed for and life goes on. Caring for children in foster care adds a completely different dimension regarding medication. A simple mistake has the potential to lead to a much larger consequence. It is important to keep up with the most recent rules and/or regulations and ask questions if you aren’t sure about something. Here are some helpful reminders: 1. Foster parents administer prescribed medications according to written directions of a licensed prescriber. Medicine is only given to the child for whom it is prescribed. 2. Medications are not to be discontinued without the approval of the licensed prescriber. When the youth is taken off a medication – the medication needs to be disposed of properly. Best practice is to contact the child’s health care team member on how to do this. Don’t forget to fill out a medication Disposal Record. 3. Non-prescriptive medications are administered by a foster parent according to manufacturer’s instructions. Please remember to lock these up also. 4. Medications are not to be administered by another child in foster care. 5. Medication is not used for

behavior management or restraint unless prescribed by a licensed prescriber with notification to the Health Care team. 6. When administering medication, have one youth come up at a time while you are disbursing. Keep the medication in front of you and don’t let a youth distract you during this process. 7. When a youth is on respite, home visit, or moving to another home the medication must be in the container that it came in. Violation of this is illegal. *In the home you may use plastic weekly pill containers but the prescription bottle must be in the plastic bag with the weekly pill container. 8. Please fax the completed health care report to the health care team member before leaving the doctor’s or dentist office. This will save you time and will ensure it is turned in. * Forms may be found in the child’s home to home book, or you may obtain one from the Health care team member. 9. When a new youth comes into your home try to find out if they have a dentist or doctor that the child has seen. Ask the caseworker, biological parent, or foster family for information. If the dentist or doctor needs to change please contact the health care team member assigned to that child prior to doing so. 10. It is wise to keep a medication log for each youth in care. Please contact your health care team member with any questions. If you need to find out the name of your team member, please contact me at 801.492.3343 or email

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Western Region Partners in Parenting

Envision Lending Group

$500.00 off closing costs

Pampered Chef

Free cooking classes for children

Gingerbread Bakery

15% off all items

Cutting Cottage Full Service Salon

20% off services & products

Evans Hair Styling College

$3.50 hair cuts call for days

All Fibers Carpet Care

10% off services

Heavenly Touch Massage

$10.00 off one hour massage

Family Legacy Dental Massage Therapy The Dance & Fitness Zone Scott Hancock Salon in P.G. Borders Book Stores

Call for offer $30.00 per hour $10.00 per month adults & children 20% off hair services 20% off excluding specials

Let’s Play Music

Call for Discounts

Green with Envy

10% off lawn care

Taco Time

10% off

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems, Inc.

10% off all cleaning

3 Jen-eration Catering

10% off all cleaning

Room Mural Painting

Scott Stringham 866.413.8976 Jana King 801.375.6818 17 S. Payson 801.465.0367 Caryl Ward 801.754.1041 801.224.6034 Orem 801.319.4066 Utah/Wasatch Co. Gail Fletcher 801.592.4503 801.277.5080 Orem Julia Knaphus 801.796.5969 Stephanie 801.404.1574 Rebecca Erickson 801.368.3262

20% off

Modbe Clothing

10% off 3 items or more

Pampered Chef

Provides food for parties

Simply Signs by Jan Hilton

30% off

Midtown Mortgage

1% origination fee

Waste Can Washers

20% off all services

Cathy Eliason 801.380.0202 Alpine: 801.280.1000 Highland: 801.916.5000 American Fork Provo Towne Center Troy 801.319.4364 Shiray 801.229.6381 Shiray 801.229.6381 Franchesca 801.367.4451 Joyce 801.380.0188 Jan 801.434.7004 Tifiny Rose 801.789.8726 Anthony Platts 801.473.7095

Partners in Parenting are local businesses that want to show their appreciation for all you do by offering discounts and specials to foster families. Just present your Resource Parent ID Card to take advantage of these offers, and be sure to let these businesses know that you appreciate their support! While the Utah Foster Care Foundation is sincerely grateful to our Partners in Parenting, we cannot endorse any of the services or products offered. A statewide list and description of all Partners in Parenting is available at our website: The Resource Parent ID Card identifies you as one of our valued foster care providers and allows you to enjoy the benefits and savings from local merchants. You MUST have your Resource Parent ID Card to access discounts from these businesses. Please do not ask for exceptions. If you do not have a Resource Parent ID Card, please call Darcey at 877.505.KIDS. If you are aware of any business that would like to become a Partner in Parenting, please call Jessica at 801.373.3006. 7

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e r a at s? h W er t s Clu Clusters are groups of foster, adoptive and kinship families that meet together on a monthly basis. Clusters can help you: • Obtain In-service training hours • Meet other foster, adoptive and kinship families • Get support • Arrange respite care • Attend fun family activities Call the Cluster facilitator nearest you or contact Jessica at 801.373.3006 for more information. For more information on upcoming Cluster trainings, see “Upcoming In-service Trainings.”

Western Region Cluster Concepts Monthly Cluster announcements for currently licensed foster parents For in-service training details, see the training pages.

South Cluster Facilitator: Jilean 435.623.4049

Facilitator: Jilean 435.623.4049

What’s the CASA Program? See training pages for details.


Central Cluster

Facilitator: Cayce 801.426.4880

Facilitator: Beth 801.426.8782

No meeting scheduled for June Please attend another meeting for in-service training hours.

No meeting scheduled for June Please attend another meeting for in-service training hours.

Level III


Facilitator: Cindy 801.785.1014

Facilitator: Jennie 801.756.1845

No meeting scheduled for June Please attend another meeting for in-service training hours.

Addictions, part 2 See training pages for details. North Star

Facilitator: Shanna 801.360.2011

Facilitator: Amanda 801.319.3678

Ghosts and Angels See training pages for details.




Facilitator: Stephanie 801.789.7753

Facilitator: No facilitator call Utah Foster Care Foundation @ 801.373.3006

Summer Activities for Kids See training pages for details.

No meeting scheduled for June Please attend another meeting for in-service training hours.

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To Register For Classes:

Western Region Training Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Phone: 801.373.3006

Your First Placement

Email: nancy.zelenak

Date: July 30, 2010 Time: 10am-2pm Location: Utah Foster Care Foundation 252 N. Orem Blvd. Presented by: Nancy Zelenak This is a highly recommended class if you have not yet had your first placement, or if you are within your first year of licensure. We’ll discuss how to share your concerns with DCFS; how to communicate effectively with the birth family and how to prepare your family for foster care.

Toll Free:

Addictions, part 2 Date: June 15, 2010 Time: 6:30-8:30pm Location: American Fork DCFS; 861 E. 900 N. Tonight is class 2 of a 4 part series. Each section has important information about how the brain handles addictions; and how you can work more effectively with those struggling with addictions.

Foundations for Youth FFY #1: Building Trusting Relationships July 7th; 5:30pm FFY #2: Adolescent Behavior July 14th; 5:30pm FFY #3: Assessing, Planning & Teaming July 21st; 5:30pm FFY #4: The Goals of Transition to Adult Living July 28th; 5:30pm

Presented by: Les Harris

Contact: Nancy Zelenak Western Region Trainer

DCFS has asked that all families who have or plan to have youth in their home, age 14+, to take this training. This is a 4-part series. To be considered ‘graduated’, both spouses need to take all 4 classes. *July classes will be held at the Spanish Fork DCFS office: 607 E. Kirby Lane.

Parenting Tip of the Month When using website to obtain up to 2 hrs of in-service training, please remember to put your trainers email as a second email (after you take the quiz)!

877.373.3006 Please be ready with your name, phone number & the title of the class you would like to be registered for. Notes on In-service Trainings: • Classes are for licensed foster parents ONLY • Training hours will be applied to re-licensing requirements • Primary caregivers are required to attend 12+ hours of in-service training per year • Secondary caregivers are required to attend 4+ hours of in-service training per year • ADULTS ONLY otherwise specified


• Classes start on time • You must attend the entire class to receive credit Director of Education Mick Woolsey, LCSW Phone: 435.229.8808 Email: mick.woolsey 9

(1,1) -3- Western June 2010 Foster Roster.indd 5/26/2010 10:40:53 AM

Training Tips: • Approved TrainingsIn-service trainings provided and approved by Utah Foster Care Foundation. • Foundations for YouthFFY is required for families caring for youth 14 and up.

Western Region Training Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Upcoming In-service Trainings

June 9th

June 9th

June 15th

• Community & Partner Trainings- Call your regional trainer (found on page 4) for approval prior to attending a class or conference that is held within the community and is not a pre-approved training.

6:30 pm - 8:30pm Spanish Fork DCFS; 607 E. Kirby Lane

6:30 pm - 8:30pm American Fork DCFS, 861 E. 900 N.

What is the CASA Program?

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Eagle Mountain Fire Station #2, 3785 E. Pony Express Pkwy.

Ghosts and Angels

Summer Activities for Kids Presented by Cayce Thill


The CASA program is built around volunteers who work with the GAL’s in Utah. Tonight you will meet the CASA director and hear about this awesome program. Does your child in foster care need (or qualify for) a CASA? Come find out! Sponsored by the South Cluster

Presented by Bert Peterson GHOSTS are the burdens children bring with them into foster care, the ANGELS are their strengths and uniqueness! Do not miss this one!

This class will give you so many fun ideas that work with children AND youth while they are out of school. You will be amazed what you can do in Utah for little or no money (okay, maybe gas money!).

Sponsored by the North Star Cluster

Sponsored by the Crossroads Cluster

June 15th

July 13th

July 20th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm American Fork DCFS 861 E. 900 N.

6:30pm - 8:30pm American Fork DCFS 861 E. 900 N.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Eagle Mountain Fire Station #2, 3785 E. Ranches Parkway

Addictions (Part 2)

Addictions (Part 3)

Presented by Martin Roundy

Presented by Martin Roundy

This four-part training will teach you what you never knewor understood about addiction. Your attendance is highly encouraged.

This four-part training will teach you what you never knewor understood about addiction. Your attendance is highly encouraged.

Sponsored by the Timpanogos Cluster

Sponsored by the Timpanogos Cluster

• Approved On-line TrainingFamilies may visit the web site: for up to 2 hours of online training per year. • Peer Parent Training and Resource Family Consultant (RFC) Training- 6 hours each per year may be used toward licensure. RFC Training must be provided by DCFS RFCs.

REMINDER: Family team meetings do not count toward In-service training hours.


Presented by Dee Knell

Medication Disbursement Presented by Dr. Cisneros Learn about the role of medications, importance of following the prescription, and the vital role foster parents play in giving doctors accurate information on a child’s progress, etc. Sponsored by the Crossroads Cluster

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Western Region Training Monthly training announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Hot Summer Events!

Upcoming In-service Trainings, cont.

Summer is finally here! School is out, the warm weather is here, what is going on? There are a variety of trainings happening throughout the valley. If you are in need of training hours or perhaps a subject just piques your interest, please check the Roster training pages for more information. On the odd months when a newsletter is not mailed home, you may find an updated online version at In addition, there are some fun summer activities sponsored by your Clusters throughout the season. In August, the Utah Foster Care Foundation will be hosting a family event at Raging Waters in Salt Lake City for foster families. Watch future Rosters for details!

July 21st

July 30th

August 10th

6:30pm - 8:30pm Utah Foster Care Foundation 252 N. Orem Blvd.

10:00am - Noon Utah Foster Care Foundation 252 N. Orem Blvd.

6:30pm - 8:30pm American Fork DCFS 861 E. 900 N.

Drugs and Gangs 101

Your First Placement

Presented by UT County Major Crimes Task Force

Presented by Nancy Zelenak

The Cycle of Abuse Presented by TBD

Are there really gangs in Utah County? Come learn from a local Gang Task Force agent how to recognize drug use, gang tags and more!

Today’s training will focus on reviewing basic information with your RFC or the child’s caseworker. Informative handouts provided!

Sponsored by the Central Cluster

Sponsored by the Crossroads Cluster

Sponsored by the Timpanogos Cluster

August 11th

August 17th

August 17th

6:30pm - 8:30pm American Fork DCFS 861 E. 900 N.

6:30pm - 8:30pm Eagle Mountain Fire Station #2, 3785 E. Pony Express Pkwy.

7:00pm - 9:00pm Heber City DCFS 69 N. 600 W.

Fetal Alcohol Effect Presented by Lynn Tanner What can I expect from a child diagnosed with FAE? What are the current trends in caring for a child with FAE? The trainer will answer these questions and more! Sponsored by the North Star Cluster

How can you help children and teens stop the cycle of abuse they’ve been a victim of, or witnessed? This expert trainer will give you great information!

Meal Planning

Safety Custody Issues for Youth in Custody

Presented by Angie Adams

Presented by Dr. Jenny Arm

Learn how to make scrumptious and nutritious meals when you’re short on time.

All children deserve to be safe in foster care. This presentation is to help you to care for youth who are gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual.

Sponsored by the Crossroads Cluster

Sponosored by the Wasatch/Summit Cluster

Utah Foster Care Foundation’s Western Region team is partnering with the Christmas Box Club of Utah Valley to sponsor two events for foster families in June. The first event is the Picnic in the Park on June 17th, and the next one is the Princess Festival on June 22nd. Please continue to check your email or mailboxes for more information regarding these events. The Christmas Box Club is made up of amazing volunteers who are excited about helping children in foster care. Looking forward to a great summer!


(1,1) -1- Western June 2010 Foster Roster.indd 5/26/2010 10:40:36 AM


a private, non-profit organization 5296 So. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107

In partnership with the Division of Child and Family Services

Utah Foster Care Foundation Board of Directors

Follow Us Online For Regular Updates:


Utah Foster Care Foundation


Katy Andrews Community Volunteer

Gary Ogden Fred A. Moreton & Co.

LeRoy Franke Division of Child & Family Services

Fred Riley, Past Chair LDS Church

Steve Goodrich, Vice Chair UPS

Lori Steele McCann Erickson

Kevin LaRue KSL Radio

Jeff Tesch, LMFT Foster/Adoptive Parent

Hank Liese, MSW, Ph.D., Chair University of Utah

Kate Toomey 3rd District Court

Mayor Dan McArthur City of St. George

Gloria Talley Wilkinson Zions Bank

Salvador Mendez, MSW Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Jayne Wolfe, Ph.D. Psychologist

Jean Nielsen, Secretary Human Services, Salt Lake County

Bruce Olson, Board Attorney Ray, Quinney & Nebeker

Western June 2010 Foster Roster  

Western Region June 2010 Foster Roster, mailed to families.

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