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09 DECEMBER 2010


fosterroster STATEWIDE UPDATE in this issue

Utah Foster Care Foundation Offices

Announcing... P.1 What is a Family P.2

Murray 5296 S. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107 Phone: 801.994.5205 Fax: 801.994.5206 Toll Free: 877.505.KIDS Ogden 3340 S. Harrison Blvd. #200 Ogden, UT 84403 Phone: 801.392.1114 Orem 252 N. Orem Blvd. Orem, UT 84057 Phone: 801.373.3006 Price 475 W. Price River Dr. #152 Price, UT 84501 Phone: 435.636.0210 Roosevelt Phone: 435.724.0959 Vernal 1052 W. Market Dr. Vernal, UT 84078 Phone: 435.781.4224 Moab 180 S. 300 E., Ste. C Moab, UT 84532 Phone: 435.259.3345 St. George 321 N. Mall Dr. #B102 St. George, UT 84790 Phone: 435.656.8065 Richfield 201 E. 500 N. Richfield, UT 84701 Phone: 435.896.1232

Happy Holidays P.3 UFAFA Update P.4 Eastern Region Update Begins P.5

Announcing‌ Changes to the Foster Roster By: Nikki Mackay Director of Foster Family Retention Utah Foster Care Foundation Another new year is upon us and your foster family retention team is excited about upcoming improvements to this valuable newsletter you are now reading. Beginning in February 2011, the Foster Roster will be printed in glossy full color, thanks to Newslink Professional Publishing Services, LLC and foster mom Marcy Heidelberger. Each Roster will cover two months of in-service training schedules, tips, upcoming events and other information you are used to seeing in the Foster Roster, plus more content

you have not seen in the newsletter. It will be delivered by mail every other month, with updates available at www. We look forward to working with Newslink on the Foster Roster and appreciate the donation of layout and printing services provided to the foster parents of Utah. We would like to express our deep appreciation to Presto Print for the wonderful job they have done printing and mailing the Foster Roster in 2010. We look forward to working with them in the future on other projects.

DI Vouchers If you have a child in foster care in your home who has not yet received DI vouchers, there are still some available. Please e-mail: or call 877.505.KIDS. Please note that all DI Vouchers expire December 31, 2010 and no exceptions are made.

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What is a Family? By Kelly Peterson, Utah Foster Care Foundation CEO

Dakota Birthday: 02/1999 Grade in School: 6th Heritage: Caucasian This energetic, outgoing young boy is Dakota. He can often be found fishing, four wheeling, camping, swimming, and playing soccer. Boy Scouts is also a favorite activity of his, as well as taking some time out to read a great book. Dakota dreams of someday being a fireman. He excels in science, social studies and reading, which he loves. If your family can provide Dakota with the love and support he needs, we urge you to inquire. For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444

This letter appears in the Utah Foster Care Foundation’s FY2010 annual report. The report was mailed to 800 supporters, legislators, and members of the media throughout the state. The entire annual report is available on the Foundation’s website at Mom, dad, brothers and sisters, grandma, grandpa, foster mom, foster dad, foster grandma, foster grandpa, stepgrandpa, siblings, aunts & uncles, cousins, second cousins, friends. “Families” are not always people descended from a common ancestor. “Family,” “kinfolk,” “clan,” “neighborhood,” or “community” means belonging, protection, love, support, wellbeing, pride, encouragement, safety. Families can also bring heartache, loss, grief and loneliness. Sometimes families are separated by drug abuse, poverty, neglect or illness. Sometimes children are left to themselves. Neglected and abused children usually end up in the foster care system. Sometimes people step up and volunteer to enlarge their “family” and provide protection and safety for those less fortunate. In FY 2010, 702 families stepped up. THESE ARE UTAH’S FOSTER PARENTS. They are as diverse as the children they serve. They are people who care - deeply. They are people who see the suffering of children and make a decision to take them in, to nurture them, to give them a chance to become whole.

A chance to belong, to have their own family someday. In this report, you will meet single parents, families with biological and adopted children from foster care, families who came to this country with a dream and ended up as foster/adoptive parents. The Utah Foster Care Foundation serves every type of family. Every family is guided through the initial process of finding out if foster parenting is a good “fit” for them. Each family goes through the same thorough 32 hours of training. Each family is offered support through foster family community groups. And each family is offered ongoing training on a variety of subjects, whether they live in Sandy or Brigham City or Blanding. This is our vision: to improve the lives of vulnerable children placed in foster care by providing compassionate, nurturing and qualified foster and adoptive families. It’s rewarding, challenging, fun - and sometimes it’s heartbreaking. It isn’t for everyone. Our Foundation community includes those who have never been foster parents. They contribute, instead, through volunteer efforts and financial support. You can make a difference in the lives of Utah’s foster families. Become a part of our community…and if you’re already contributing, thank you!

Kelly Peterson, CEO, Utah Foster Care Foundation Special p thanks to:


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Utah Foster Care Foundation would like to

wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

Lloyd Birthday: 05/1998 Grade in School: 7th Heritage: Caucasian Meet Lloyd, who has a big heart and loves to give hugs! Chutes and Ladders and Uno are two of his favorite games to play. Always ready for an adventure, Lloyd loves to ride his bike, ride his scooter, jump on the trampoline and color. Intrigued by many things, Lloyd enjoys toys that light up or make sounds; they can captivate him for hours! One of Lloyd’s favorite meals consists of hot dogs and chips, although he likes to eat almost any food. Those who know Lloyd say he does best in a structured environment and that he responds well to positive reinforcement. If your family can provide Lloyd with the love and support he needs, we urge you to inquire. For more information, please contact: The Adoption Exchange 801.265.0444

Special thanks to: 3

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Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Association Update UFAFA Executive Committee President: Renee Calkins 1st VP: Michelle Ostmark 2nd VP: Beth Hardman Secretary: TBD Treasurer: TBD

UFAFA Announces Some Changes By Renee Calkins, President Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Assn. (UFAFA) We are sad to say goodbye to our president, Jennifer Gardner, and our 2nd Vice President Cayce Thill. Family responsibilities have called them away. Please try to be patient with us as we get our executive committee back up to speed! We will be focusing on filling the secretary and treasurer positions, as well as familiarizing ourselves with our new positions. Renee Calkins will become the president, Michelle Ostmark will be our 1st vice president, and Beth Hardman will be our 2nd vice president. Thank you to all of our website members who participated in our


survey!! According to those results, we can see that it is important that we continue to focus on allegation support, advocacy training, advocacy at the legislature, advocacy with DCFS, locating community resources, and emergency preparedness. It is exciting to note that Cayce will be heading up the mentoring aspect in partnership with the Foster Care Foundation! Please feel free to call any of us with questions! or

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in this issue A Gift of Thanks P.5 Eastern Region Office Attitude of Gratitude P.6

475 W. Price River Dr. #152 Price, UT 84501 Phone: 435.636.0210 Fax: 435. 637.9702 Toll Free: 877.636.0210

Partners in Parenting P.7 Training Updates P.8

Area Representative

A Gift of Thanks By: Faith Spencer Eastern Region Retention Specialist, Utah Foster Care Foundation Dear Families, I heard recently the expression, “feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” With that in mind, I want to offer to each family in our area my heartfelt appreciation for all you do. Although this expression of thanks may be too infrequent, the work you do matters so very much to each

precious child you touch. You are in the business of mending lives and hearts, even when that means opening your own to pain and uncertainty. Thank you for your willingness to love, to try, to extend your family circle to those in need. Even if the full impact of your efforts is never known or acknowledged, please accept this gift of gratitude—even if it isn’t expertly wrapped. May the joy of the holiday season be with you and those you love and care for. Faith

Kobi Marchello Moab Office 180 S. 300 E. Suite C Moab, Utah 84532 Phone: 435.259.3345 Fax: 435.259.2691 Foster/Adoptive Family Recruiter & Retention Specialist Geri Winkler Vernal Office 1052 W. Market Drive Vernal, Utah 84078 Phone: 435.790.4225 Fax: 435.781.1539 Trainer Les Harris Roosevelt Office RR 3 Box 8008 Roosevelt, Utah 84066 Phone: 435.724.0959 Retention Specialist Faith Spencer


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Wishing Well Funds Utah Foster Care Foundation has funds available to meet the special needs of children in foster care when DCFS is unable to meet these needs for any reason. Funds are limited. Requests MUST include the following: • Child’s first name, last initial and age • Foster parent’s name and home address • Caseworker’s name and contact information • The item being requested and the associated costs • Brief description of how the child will benefit Request should come in writing by a foster parent, the child in care or the caseworker. PLEASE NOTE: • Dispersal of funds can take up to 4 weeks. • Checks are mailed to the foster parent’s home address. • Funds are for children in foster care ONLY. • Items covered by the foster care reimbursement or by Medicaid are not eligible. • Only requests previously denied by DCFS are eligible. VACATIONS: • A child in care can receive vacation funds only ONCE in their lifetime. • Vacations are restricted monetarily & may not cover all costs. SUBMIT REQUESTS TO: Faith Spencer Utah Foster Care Foundation RR Box 8008 Roosevelt, UT 84066 OR faith.spencer


Teaching Children an Attitude of Gratitude By Deborah Spaide From We often receive calls from parents who want their children to visit a homeless shelter to learn to be thankful for what they have. Children learn gratitude by visiting shelters, but it is not for possessions. Consider these reactions from kids who visited a homeless shelter: Phillip, age 9, “WOW! That was so cool. You mean all those kids live together and play together all the time? I bet they never get lonely.” Rachel, age 13, “The kids were all so happy there. They don’t have anything, but they are still happy. Maybe they know more than I do.” Gratitude is a perception — a way of looking at things. We often learn true gratitude from the ones we pity. A homeless child can teach us to be grateful for friends and laughter. A bed-ridden and ill person can teach us to be grateful for seasons and sunsets. In Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, Morrie is a college professor who is dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Although the disease had claimed control of his body, Morrie described how he manages his spirit: He nodded toward the window with the sunshine streaming in. “You see that? You can go out there, outside, anytime. You can run up and down the block and go crazy. I can’t do that. I can’t go out. I can’t run. I can’t be out there without fear of getting sick. But you know what? I appreciate that window more than you do…I look out that window every day. I notice the change in the trees, how strong the wind is blowing…I am drawn to nature like I’m seeing it for the

first time.” Like Morrie, children can be trained to search for a silver lining in any situation and to appreciate the windows in their lives. Those little (or maybe big) obstacles, which seem to block the way, may be golden gateways. Our busy lives are not conducive to time spent on appreciating obstacles. Americans have come to use critical logic the way a child uses his “blankee.” We are trained to notice what is broken, what still needs to be done, what we want but don’t yet have. The rhythm of our lives, for both adults and children, has for many of us, reached tachycardia. Gratitude is grown in the pauses, the exhales of life. A musician, Arthur Schnabel once said, “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, that is where the art resides.” Check your life-rhythm. If the beat is irregular and ineffective, try to slow down. Apply some pauses. Here are some ideas for teaching children an attitude of gratitude: • Play a game with your kids to find the hidden blessing in a situation • Keep a “Gratitude Attitude Calendar” in the kitchen and ask your kids to contribute one thing they are grateful for each day • Offer “Silver Lining” awards to any child who can turn a bad situation into a blessing • Encourage older kids to keep “Perspective Journals” where they explore a situation from several points of view • Read Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell together • Let each child be “Tude” for a day and let him know why you are grateful for his life

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Eastern Region Partners in Parenting

All Scrapped Up Cold Stone Creamery Personal Reflections Photography KFC/A&W Restaurants RC Fencing Northeastern Utah Office Supply

10% discount & free scrapbook class 10% off 10% off 10% off $1 off per foot materials and labor 10% off - see store for details

Rod’s Mini Lube

10% discount

Gravel Pit Lanes

2-for-1 bowling

Slick Rock Cinema K & A Chuck Wagon Blanding City Pool San Juan Theatre

Discount passes - call Geri Free dinner 1x per month w/reservation Free family pass— contact city offices $4.00/adult & $3.00/child tickets

150 S. 700 E. #B in Price 1191 E. Main in Price Jennifer 801.518.6368 130 N. Carbonville Road in Price Rhett 435-790-7681 11 N. 200 E. Roosevelt only 290 E. 200 S. in Roosevelt 1078 Millcreek Dr. in Moab 580 Kane Creek Blvd. in Moab 496 N. Main in Monticello 50 W. 100 S. in Blanding 120 W. Center Street in Blanding

Partners in Parenting are local businesses that want to show their appreciation for all you do by offering discounts and specials to foster families. Just present your Foster Care License to take advantage of these offers, and be sure to let these businesses know that you appreciate their support! While the Utah Foster Care Foundation is sincerely grateful to our Partners in Parenting, we cannot endorse any of the services or products offered. A statewide list and description of all Partners in Parenting is available at our website: Your Foster Care License identifies you as one of our valued foster care providers and allows you to enjoy the benefits and savings from local merchants. You MUST have your Foster Care License to access discounts from these businesses. Please do not ask for exceptions. If you are aware of any business that would like to become a Partner in Parenting, please call Faith at 435.724.0959.


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Grand/San Juan Cluster & Training Information Monthly Cluster announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Cluster Facilitator Contact Information

Christmas Party

Meet the Judge

FFY Class 1

For the Family

Presented by Judge Manley

Presented by Les Harris, LCSW

Foster parents will be given an opportunity to learn child welfare practices from the perspective of the juvenile judge.

Foster and adoptive parents are essential to helping youth in their care achieve success. This training will provide caregivers with strategies to assist youth making a transition to adulthood.

Come join us for an evening of food, festivities and fun! Details below. December 11th

Date TBA Time TBA Moab DCFS 1165 S. Hwy 191

Kim @ 435.210.4223

“I have 3 wonderful children and I have been a foster parent for 5 years. Call me anytime!”

Your RFC is Al Young 435.678.1490 8

5:30pm - 9:30pm Monticello Library 80 N. Main St.

“I have been a foster parent for a little over 2 years and have fostered children between the ages of 8 and 18 years. I am currently fostering 3 teenage girls.”

Jackie 435.678.3019

February 2nd

Merry Christmas everyone! We look forward to seeing you and your family at our annual Christmas party on December 11th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Senior Center in Moab. We will play games with prizes, provide pizza and salads for everyone, and Santa will be there to visit each child. Please bring a dessert or appetizer to share. See you there!

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Carbon/Emery/Adoption Cluster & Training Information Monthly Cluster announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Christmas Party


Early Intervention

For the Family

The Juvenile Justice System

& Child Development

Join us on December 9th. Details are listed below.

Presented by JJS Staff When youth need placement in the local detention facilities foster parents can learn what to expect from the Juvenile Justice System. January 11th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Price DCFS 475 W. Price River Dr.

Join us for our annual family Christmas party on December 9 at 6:00 p.m. at the Fairgrounds. Santa will be there, and we’ll provide dinner for your family. There will even be cookies to frost! Please contact Kobi ASAP if you would like to come but have not yet given your RSVP. Also, if you are in need of additional help this holiday season with providing gifts for your kids, please cotact kobi.

Presented by TBA

Cluster Facilitator Contact Information

Understanding developmental milestones can help caregivers readily recognize when children have deficits that need to be addressed. February 9th 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Castle Dale DCFS 1060 N. Desbee Dove Rd.

Glenna 435.748.2626 “Leland & I have been foster parents for 15 1/2 years. We have four married children and 13 grandchildren. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions by phone or email.”

Your RFC is Tammy Ardohain 435.636.0212

See you on the 9th!


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Uintah Basin Cluster Information Monthly Cluster announcements for currently licensed foster parents

Cluster Facilitator Contact Information


Getting the Most

Insight Training

Presented by Les Harris, LCSW

Out of Therapy

Presented by Faith Spencer

Foster and adoptive parents are essential to helping youth in their care achieve success. This training will provide caregivers with strategies to assist youth making a transition into adulthood. December 1st & 15th 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Shanna 435.722.6885

Debbie 435.724.6746

Your RFC is Jacina Barrett 435.722.6559


Presented by Joel Wendle, LCSW Foster parents can learn how to support children through the therapeutic process. January 27th 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Vernal DCFS Office 1052 W. Market Dr.

Vernal DCFS Office 1052 W. Market Dr.

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful resource families. Thank you for submitting your Wish List requests. Gift pickup of donated items will be on Thursday, December 16 from 5 – 7:00 p.m. at the Roosevelt DCFS office. Please contact Faith at 435.724.0959 if you have any questions or are unable to pick up your child’s items at that time. Also, please call if you have received a placement after the deadline for wish list requests. Please enjoy a safe and joyous holiday season with your family!

This session will allow foster parents and DCFS caseworkers to explore the strengths of their work and discuss ways to improve service delivery. February 28th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm UBET Building 211 E. 200 N.

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e r a at s? h W r e t s Clu

In the Know... Information and terms for currently licensed foster parents

To register for classes contact your Cluster Facilitator.

Notes on In-Service Trainings:

If you have questions about trainings, you may contact UFCF Trainer:

• Classes are for licensed foster parents ONLY • Training hours will be applied to re-licensing requirements

Les Harris Eastern Region Trainer

• Primary caregivers are required to attend 12+ hours of in-service training per year

Phone: 435.781.4224

• Secondary caregivers are required to attend 4+ hours of in-service training per year

Email: Toll Free:

• ADULTS specified





• Classes start on time

Please be ready with your name, phone number & a brief message so that you may recive prompt attention.

• You must attend the entire class to receive credit

Terms to Know •

Approved TrainingsIn-service trainings provided and approved by Utah Foster Care Foundation.

• Approved On-line TrainingFamilies may visit the web site: for up to 2 hours of online training per year.

• Foundations for FFY is required for caring for youth 14 and up.

• Peer Parent Training and Resource Family Consultant (RFC) Training6 hours each per year may be used toward licensure. RFC Training must be provided by DCFS RFCs.


• Community & Partner Trainings- Call your regional trainer for approval prior to attending a class or conference that is held within the community and is not a pre-approved training.

Clusters are groups of foster, adoptive and kinship families that meet together on a monthly basis. Clusters can help you: • Obtain in-service training hours • Meet other foster, adoptive and kinship families • Get support • Arrange respite care • Attend fun family activities Call the Cluster facilitator nearest you or contact Faith Spencer at 435.724.0959 for more information. For more information on upcoming Cluster trainings, see pages 8-10.


REMINDER: Family team meetings do not count toward in-service


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a private, non-profit organization 5296 So. Commerce Dr. #400 Murray, UT 84107

In partnership with the Division of Child and Family Services

Utah Foster Care Foundation Board of Directors

Follow Us Online For Regular Updates:


Utah Foster Care Foundation


Katy Andrews Community Volunteer

Gary Ogden Fred A. Moreton & Co.

LeRoy Franke Division of Child & Family Services

Fred Riley, Past Chair LDS Church

Steve Goodrich, Vice Chair UPS

Lori Steele McCann Erickson

Kevin LaRue KSL Radio

Jeff Tesch, LMFT Foster/Adoptive Parent

Hank Liese, MSW, Ph.D., Chair University of Utah

Kate Toomey 3rd District Court

Mayor Dan McArthur City of St. George

Gloria Talley Wilkinson Zions Bank

Jean Nielsen, Secretary Human Services, Salt Lake County

Jayne Wolfe, Ph.D. Psychologist Bruce Olson, Board Attorney Ray, Quinney & Nebeker

Foster Roster Eastern Region December 2010  

December 2010 Eastern Region Foster Roster