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Army Contracting Command Office of Small Business Programs 2009 National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit Theresa Elliott-Brown Senior Small Business Specialist Women-Owned Small Business Specialist

6 Aug 2009

Army Materiel Command Mission M

Provide superior technology, acquisition support and logistics to ensure dominant land force capability for Soldiers, the United States and our Allies

If a Soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it, eats it, or communicates it, Army Materiel Command provides it 2

2008 Fortune 100 Companies Company Names

Revenues ($Millions)





Sears Holdings



United Parcel Service








Army Materiel Command

Over 47,000.0


Time Warner






Medco Health Solutions



Archer Daniels Midland



Fannie Mae



Freddie Mac






Our place among the Nation’s Top Companies 3

Gansler Commission

General Order # 6 Establishment of Army Contracting Agency (ACA) June 2002

Gansler Report Oct 2007

Realignment of ACA / Establishment of ACC and ECC Jan 2008

Electronic copies of this report can be found at: Gansler_Commission_Report_Final_071031.pdf

Stood Up 1 Oct 2008

AMC Enterprise Family Services

Army Contracting Command

Provide global contracting support to warfighters in garrison and through the full spectrum of military operations

Army Sustainment Command

AMC face to the field. Provide combat service support capability to Warfighters in the Continental U.S. and Combatant Commands; assure expeditionary war-fighting readiness; leverage national logistics to a transforming Army at war. Embedded personnel in every Brigade Combat Team and Combat Aviation Brigade.

U.S. Army Security Assistance Command

Manage, administer, and implement the Army Material Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

U.S. Army Contracting Agency

Chemical Materials Agency

Eliminate the risk and expense of continued storage of the chemical stockpile and related materials in a safe, environmentally sound and cost efficient manner and to enhance national security by providing specialized chemical and biological destruction and defense capability

Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

Provide global surface deployment command & control and distribution operations via Ship, rail and track to meet National Security objectives in peace and war.

Research, Development, and Engineering Command

Get the right integrated technologies into the hands of the Warfighter quicker. Manage 8 labs and Research, Development and Engineering Centers, Army Material Systems Analysis Activity, and Capability & Technology Integrated Process Teams. Over 18,000 scientists and engineers.

ACC Organizational Chart

I’m Here in the HQ ACC Office of Small Business Programs!

Army Contracting Command (ACC) (Fort Belvoir, VA)

National Capital Region Contracting Center (Alexandria, VA)

AMCOM Contracting Center (Huntsville, AL)

Expeditionary Contracting Command (ECC) Fort Belvoir, VA 408th CSB SWA Fort McPherson, GA

CECOM Contracting Center (Fort Monmouth, NJ)

TACOM Contracting Center (Warren, MI)

Rock Island Contracting Center (Rock Island, IL)

RDECOM Contracting Center (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)

409th CSB Europe Seckenheim, GE 410th CSB USARSO Ft Sam Houston, TX 411th CSB Yongsan, ROK

LOGCAP Program Directorate (Rock Island, IL)

412th CSB USARNO Ft Sam Houston, TX 413th CSB USARPAC Fort Shafter, HI

E-Date 10/09


E-Date 10/11

SDDC Contracting Center (Scott AFB, IL)

Mission & Installation Contracting Command (MICC) (Ft Sam Houston, TX)

6 Regional Contracting Centers 36 Directorates of Contracting

JM&L Contracting Center (Picatinny, NJ)

HCA Only

OPM-SANG Contracting Center (Riyadh, SA)

Authorized End State MIL: 854 CIV: 4928 6

ACC Office of Small Business Programs

ACC Small Business Program Vision A premier group of forward thinking acquisition professionals that provides quality customer service to the small business community and promotes teaming between internal and external customers. Mission Develop and implement strategies that provide maximum procurement opportunities to small businesses while supporting the ACC in executing the Army’s contracting mission that supports the warfighter.

Special Outreach Efforts        

Procurement Networking Sessions Pre-Solicitation Conferences Pre-Proposal Conferences Individual SB Counseling Workshops & Seminars Roundtable Discussions Expos & Trade Fairs Focus Groups

ACC Small Business Training  Monthly  3rd Wednesday of Month  Next Workshop Aug 19th (1pm – 3pm)  Register by E-Mail   Subject Line: “Register for Workshop”  Limited Seating  Location: Ft Belvoir, VA

Survival Tips              

Understand government business and how your products / services relate Work closely with the Contracting Officer and be Respectful Accept Credit Cards to Prevent Missed Opportunities Follow Instructions (page limits & # of copies) Find your Niche & Market Accordingly Seek & Accept Micro-Purchases (under $3000) Obtain a Mentor (Large or Small Business) Consider Partner & Teaming Arrangements Develop a “Government” Capability Statement & Business Card (with applicable federal codes) Understand the Contracting Officer’s Authority Be Responsive and Responsible (deadlines) Keep Database Record with Passwords Keep Information Up-to-Date (i.e. Area Codes) Always Request a Debriefing (Win or Lose)

Survival Tips  Sign Proposal (only by Company Official with Proper Authority)  Negotiations (only send Person w/ Proper Authority to Legally Bind Company)  Telephonically – be Mindful of Speakerphone “MUTE” button

 Be prepared for Delays Entering Installation to Ensure Proposal / Bid is Timely  Attend Pre-Proposal Conferences & Site Visits  Discover your competitors, listen to off-line discussions & follow-up for clarifications

 Turn off Cell Phones & No Texting during Meetings!  File a Protest (When Appropriate – Not Always)  Track Government Sales Data  Track GSA Schedule Sales Separately

 Request Incumbent’s Pricing (Schedule B)  Assists in Preparing Your RFP, RFQ or IFB

 Take Advantage of Training Opportunities (No-Cost)  Know who your Speaking to  Government Employee or Government Contractor

Office of Small Business Programs

Army Contracting Command Ft Belvoir, Virginia Email:

8.6.09 Theresa Elliott-Brown USAMC  

US Army Material Command, Army Contracting Command

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